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RP set in the world of Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG. If you wish to join PM either me or 3quency, alternatively join this group and we can accept/talk there


The sun was just peeking its first rays over the horizon of the great deciduous forest that stretched for hundreds of miles in every direction. But for those aboard the large Airship known as The Deterrent the day had begun quite some time ago. The deck lit by flickering lamps, providing just enough light to work by. Floating a couple hundred feet above the forest, well out of reach of the many beasts that lived below, The Deterrent was stuck. Broken down, a prime target for the Imperial Army to come take them out without a challenge. It was of the utmost importance that the ship be repaired post hast so that they could continue their voyage. This is where our story starts. Aboard the broken ship, the dawn of a new day, the start of a new adventure.




"Come on, buddy, come on, work with me here..."

A petite green-haired woman with goggles on her grease-stained face was half-hidden inside one of The Deterrent's main engines, muttering to herself while clanks and clicks sounded where she was. The rest of her was covered in grease as well, but somehow that just made her cuter.

"Ugh, where'd that bolt go... there it is..."

She'd been up for most of the night, ever since she heard a chugging coming from one of the engines. Such sounds were rarely good, especially at night. Speaking of which, the darkness certainly wasn't helping, and she had to keep any and all gas lamps a minimum safe distance away from the engines, lest a spark ignite the oil while she was down there, so she was forced to work with less light than most.

"Almooooost... coooome oooooooon... There!"

Gidgit (now covered in even more grease) stood up and tried to start the engine again. "Come on, buddy... you can do this..."

Leo pressed back deeper into the mass of pipes and tubes coming from the engine. Since stowing away on the ship no one had found him, his plan of hiding in the engine room worked fairly well. He figured no one would come in there unless there was a problem. And even then it was dark enough to easily hide.

So it had worked fairly well up until now. He had accidentally bumped one of the pipes lose from the engine last night and now he had been trying to stay as still as possible in a dark corner as the goggle wearing girl worked to fix what he broke. It had been quite awhile since she came in and even for his mechanical self it was getting difficult to stay hidden. He was focused so much on staying quiet that he jumped in surprise when the room suddenly filled with noise as the engine roared, coming back into working order.

As he jumped he knocked a few things off of a crate that was nearby and the clattered to the ground. Just audible over the engine.

"Oh bugger..."

Gidgit relaxed considerably when the engine roared back to life. "Good job, buddy," she said, patting it.

She immediately tensed again when she heard another noise, her sensitive ears picking it up over the din of the engine.

That wasn't the engine, she thought to herself, drawing and half-cocking her pistol. Probably nothing, but can't be too careful...

She slowly made her way toward the source of the noise, where she spotted some of her tools had fallen onto the floor, including her favorite monkey wrench. Fortunately, there didn't seem to be anything broken on it, but that wasn't surprising. Even so, she'd never just leave it on the floor, if only to prevent people tripping on it.

"Okay, you," she shouted over the engine, aiming her gun at the crates. "Come out with your hands up! I don't wanna have to use this, but I will!"

Isaac marched through the below decks, hands shoved firmly in his pockets. Today had not been his day.
He'd woken up feeling like hell after one of those nightmares he thought he'd forgotten. By the time he was up and about it turned out that there weren't quite enough rations left for everyone to have breakfast, so he'd volunteered to go without, the weather wasn't looking great and they were still trapped in this hellish forest.

That he'd been sent below decks to check on Patty's progress was a blessing in a way, it meant he didn't have to be out there seeing the fact that they were all doomed.

"Patricia?" he called as he stepped into the engine room. This place felt so goddamn claustrophobic at times, he didn't know how she managed it.

"Patricia, where are you? Patty?"
And finally, he sighed. Why did people insist on nicknames?


Zachariah stood on the deck of the ship, scanning the sky for other ships, hopefully Patty, er, Gidgit, could get their engines running before they either needed rescue or were happened upon by an imperial ship, but he wasn't one to pin everything on hopes. Besides the cold morning air felt good on his face.

"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst," he muttered to himself. He heard a noise from the engines, though he wasn't sure if it was the sound of them working again or breaking down further, sighing he turned and walked back below deck, heading for the engine room, but not before instructing one of the crew to keep a lookout until he got back.

"And here I was hoping I'd get to watch the sun rise," he said to himself, whatever was going on in the engine room probably wasn't a problem, but he wanted to know about it regardless.

"Well, fuck me this ship is a shit hole" Mario said. More to himself then anyone else.he was in the crew quarters, he looked around his bunk trying to find some secret stash of porn, because "all pirate ships have secret stashes of everything" Mario would say to himself.

After coming up empty, he dejectedly started wandering the ship with a bottle of his own homebrew "sky shit" the best name he could come up with for an admittedly terrible brew.

(You have just read the first post for my first Forum RP it's probably crap so constructive and above all *polite* ways you could tel me to improve it are welcome.)


Gidgit glanced behind her for a split second, then back at the crates, keeping her pistol leveled at them.

"Isaac? That you? I think I found a stowaway!"

Leo slowly stood up as Issac entered, not being much taller than the crate itself, his arms raised in the air. With the crate blocking from mid chest down and the low light he looked just as if he was a child.

"H-hi there. Please d-don't kill me."

Zachariah turned a corner and nearly ran right into Mario, who was drinking something, Zach had heard him talking about it earlier, and was of the opinion that it smelled rather foul.

"Excuse me, uh, Mario was it?" he said, "Hope I didn't spill, er, whatever that is."

He started trying to walk past Mario in the narrow hallway without touching him, he didn't really care for Mario, the man swore constantly, smelled of the swill he was always drinking (or at least always drinking when Zach saw him), and generally seemed highly disreputable. Back when he was in the IAN any man under his command who acted like Mario would have to shape up rather quickly. But he was on a pirate ship now, he reminded himself, things are different here, and Mario seemed to do his job, whatever that was, well enough.

Zachariah thought for a moment and then said "I'm heading to the engine room to investigate a disturbance, care to join me?"

No sense in burning bridges before you even build them, and he may prove useful.

"arsehole!" Mario shouted to the git that spilled his "sky shit" moving to walk off. Mario suddenly thought to himself that he was more then a little tipsy. considering he just drank and then spilled stuff that even he didn't know the exact effects of. Still. He was at least of a sound (or stupid) enough mind to reply with a "Fine, fuck it, maybe i can find some booze and women on this shithole if i follow you. So um, yeah lead on"

"Isaac? That you? I think I found a stowaway!"

Isaac rounded the corner and saw Patty, pistol raised. She was looking hard at one of the crates of equipment they'd left down here after resupplying last. And as she did, he saw a tiny figure emerge. He frowned, eyeing its porcelain features.

"...An automaton?

Zachariah arrived at the engine room, Mario following close behind, to see Patty and Isaac, holding up an automaton that he did not recognize.

"Whats going on here? Do we have a stowaway?" He said, placing his right hand on his revolver.

"H-hi there. Please d-don't kill me."

"I won't, if you don't do anything dumb."

"...An automaton?"

"Wait... He's a...?"

After retrieving her nearby lamp, she stepped a bit closer to get a better look and saw the light glinting off of Leo's metal.

And then she hops up and down like a schoolgirl.

"Oh my goshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomiGOOOOOOSH~!"

"Man, I'm drunker then i thought. Am i really seeing a midget robot lads? Oh and lasses" Mario said the last word while slicking back his clean shaven hair.

Leo's eyes quickly darted back and forth between the crowd of people that had suddenly appeared. Starting to panic a little as the situation got worse and worse for him. His eyes going even wider as Zachariah walked in. The Imperial uniform frightening him.

Did I sneak onto an Imperial ship?! The rest don't look like Imperials though.

Slowly walking from behind the crate he paused in confusion as Gidgit started jumping up and down.

"I'm really sorry I am on your ship, I had nowhere else to go and needed to get out of there."

"Whats going on here? Do we have a stowaway?"

Isaac turned his head and saw Zachariah and Mario enter. Mario was looking rough as always. Somebody really needed to talk to him about that stuff he brewed, it couldn't be doing him any good.

"Looks like." Isaac replied, turning again to watch the robot child. At which point Patty politely reminded everyone that she was Patty, and therefore Automata were kind of a big deal.

"Oh my goshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomiGOOOOOOSH~!"

Isaac pinched the bridge of his nose. He did not want to deal with this first thing.
He looked at Patty.

"Patricia. Please." he said in the most authoritative voice he could manage. He looked at the Automaton.

"Nobody's planning on killing you. Name and function, please." he hadn't ordered an automaton around in a good long while, but hopefully if he did it would save some time now when trying to find out about it.

"Nobody's planning on killing you. Name and function, please."

Leo immediately stood up straight, a bit of his old programming coming though. "Leo-01" He stated his name, pronouncing 01 more as Owen. "I am a doll and servant. Was a doll and servant rather."

Mario was about as lucid as he could be having drunk his "sky shit" so he knew the best way to check out if what this midget robot was true or not.
He threw one of his full "sky shit" bottles at Leo
He knew he was being clever and in his drink addled mind this would of course solve the problem
It hit the bot with a rather disapointing pa-ting sound.

"Patricia. Please."

She couldn't hide her excitement, but at the very least, she stopped hopping and managed to suppress a squee. She also remembered to put her uncock her gun and put it back on the table.

"Sorry! It's just I've never met a really real Automaton before! And then I just bump into one! In my engine room! What're the odds of that?!"

"Leo-01. I am a doll and servant. Was a doll and servant rather."

Isaac nodded thoughtfully. Some upper-class child's cast-off perhaps. Or a gift for a noble woman that never arrived. It didn't matter really, he was just curious as to where it had come from. It didn't seem to be too old, must have been a recent escapee. How on earth it got aboard the ship was anyone's guess. Isaac wondered what the captain would have to say about it.

"Sorry! It's just I've never met a really real Automaton before! And then I just bump into one! In my engine room! What're the odds of that?!" Patty said excitedly, and Isaac winced again. He was in no way prepared for all this noise. Still he did his best to look calm, and replied.
"I get it Pat, I do. But you'll end up scaring the poor thing. Try to be a little calmer? Please?"
The look in his eye clearly translated as "for the sake of my headache for the very least."

At which point Mario's bottle collided with Leo.

Isaac twisted around, glaring at him.


"I get it Pat, I do. But you'll end up scaring the poor thing. Try to be a little calmer? Please?"

"Sorry," Gidgit whispered, still wringing her hands and biting her lip in excitement. Her brain certainly wouldn't shut up, though.

Omigosh, an actual, living, thinking robot. I gotta ask him where he's from. No, Isaac told me to be quiet, and I might have to sleep outside again if I don't listen and DON'T THROW LIQUID AT THE ROBOT, YOU FOOL!

She silently glares daggers at Mario.

"Leo-01. I am a doll and servant. Was a doll and servant rather."

"Well I'm not normally one to speculate on the fetishes of my fellow, er former fellow, upper class, but, uh, ew." He said, he'd heard of some of the bizarre tastes other nobles had automatons crafted for, but this thing resembled a child, though he supposed it could have other functions, it had identified itself as a doll, and sex was what dolls were generally built for.

"Sorry! It's just I've never met a really real Automaton before! And then I just bump into one! In my engine room! What're the odds of that?!"

"Really? They're everywhere in Old Borealis, my family owned at least three servants," he said proudly, before remembering his situation, he was going to follow up with some apologetic, self-deprecating remark when Mario's bottle struck the machine.

He turned to face Mario, "I would prefer you didn't throw things in the engine room, especially not when the engine is under repair, now why don't you make yourself useful and fetch the captain, its up to him what we do with this," he said, glaring at him.

One thing you should be aware of LordDPS is in most RPs you should never explicitly state something happens to another character. Say what you intend to happen, then either the GM or the character's owner will react to it. Not too big of a deal this time since it is just a bottle.

Leo tried his hardest to not smile at Gidgit's antics, he wasn't used to most people obsessing over him. He was about to open his mouth to respond to the multitude of comments the crew was throwing his way, when the other thing that was thrown his way collided with his chest, shattering against him and soaking his suit.

Stumbling back a few steps from the unexpected impact, he reflexively rotated his arm around so that a blade was sticking from his sleeve. Trying to figure out where the attack came from. Quickly calming down though as the rest of them all chastised Mario.

"Hey, i thought he was an evil midget clown bot. It made perfect sense in context. And i might add i lost a perfectly good bottle of booze."
Mario looked at everyone assuredly. Before procuring another bottle of "Sky Shit" and taking a big gulp. "anyways he seems legit-like" Mario said looking at the knife protruding from Leo's arm painful memories flashing past which he tried to repress. with a grimace he said " Anyone notice the big mess on the floor? Someone better clean that up otherwise i might slip you see" pointing to the remnants of his previous bottle "anyway, you lot keep fondling midget-bot, i'ma go get drunk enough to brew some more of my shit oh and the Captain thing as well. Anyone care to join me?" .

(Sorry. Not trying to be difficult. Just trying to act how my char would act, hopefully won't happen again.)

"anyway, you lot keep fondling midget-bot, i'ma go get drunk enough to brew some more of my shit oh and the Captain thing as well. Anyone care to join me?"

Zachariah sighed, "I'll come with, if only to make sure you don't pass out before delivering the message."

He turned to the others, "Keep an eye on it, I don't like the look of that knife in its arm."

"Really? They're everywhere in Old Borealis, my family owned at least three servants."

"Not in New Phoenix. You'd see one, maybe two every few months aboard a ship, and they'd never come off, and I wasn't allowed on one as a kid, so I never got to actually see one up close, let alone talk to one. It's like... like a... I dunno, something really awesome!"

"Keep an eye on it, I don't like the look of that knife in its arm."

"Oh, it's fine. Even if he did decide to attack we all have--oops," Gidgit said, patting the part of her belt she usually kept her pistol in. Finding it vacant, she picked it up off the table again and holstered it. "There we go. See? All safe now."

Vlad was singing some ancient song as he steered his crappy Guppy through the air. Operation 'Remove the stinky ass bodies' was only about 20% completed, and the smell was starting to get very ripe. He hoped to find a city of some sort before night fall, but it didn't look that good.

The loud, mechanical squawking of Polly tore him from his thoughts. A pleasant, feminine voice erupted from the mechanical parrot, saying,
"Ship off the starboard side." He turned and looked, shaking a spyscope out of a dead imperials hand.

"I'll be damned. Think it's Imperial?" The birds response was to stare at him with it's cold neon blue eyes. He turned the wheel towards it, at full speed. He could feel the ship groaning at the effort, but it still made it quickly.

He grabbed a megaphone off another body, calling out to the ship. The first ones out were an Imperial and some kid, followed by a crowd.
"Excuse me, is there any booze aboard this ship or am I wasting my time? Wait, Polly no!" His yell was futile as She was already starting to land on the green haired one.

"Excuse me, is there any booze aboard this ship or am I wasting my time? Wait, Polly no!"

Gidgit couldn't help but smile as the mechanical bird landed on her outstretched arm. "Hi again, Polly! Ain't seen you in a while. Is your wing doin' better?" she says, scratching under the bird's metal beak.

"Good morning, Captain!" she yelled up to the Guppy, waving with her non-bird-carrying hand. "I think there's still some rum in the stores."

Vlad let loose a small smile,
"Gidgit, good to see you're making a living. So, this isn't an Imperial ship?" He asked, glancing about the crowd.

"Gidgit, good to see you're making a living. So, this isn't an Imperial ship?"

"Not exactly, nope," Gidgit replied, smiling at her nickname being said. She never understood Isaac's insistence on calling her by her full first name so much, especially when nobody else did. It's not that she didn't like her name, it's just it seems much too formal for her tastes, and pirates are anything but formal, right?

Besides, her nickname reminded her of her grandmother, and who doesn't like their gramama?

Vlad decided to jump down, before anyone else had the chance to react. His hand was on his machete at his side, but otherwise he didn't seem hostile. His massive grin was a bit disconcerting, though.

"Good enough for me. Polly!" He whistled, and it flew to his shoulder.
"I fixed the wings, the hydraulic tube was leaking. Duct tape fixed that. The plasma conduit was shot as well, so I had to get a new one. Now she can be a flashlight!" as soon as he said the word, its' eyes shone brilliantly, the two circles becoming spotlights.
"Thanks for teaching me how to fix her, by the way. She'd be dead if it weren't for that bit of foresight. Flashlight." Pollies' eyes turned off.

Ya you sorta did by having everyone come up.

Leo was ushered along with the others out onto the deck as they went to find out what the noise was. During the walk he swapped his arm around again, once more being just his hand. Well that was kinda lucky, took the focus off me at least. Still have to deal with the captain though.

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