Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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@Link: I had been holding off on reading all that until I was actually in mood to read so that it wouldn't feel like a chore. I've gone back through some of the other games and I know that your writing deserves at least that much.

Now that I have read it...I have no words. Not an easy feat, I assure you. Standing ovation.

@Berenzen & Twinkie: Thanks guys. I put quite a few hours into that piece and I'm glad to see that you liked it.

@Berenzen: Yeah, I don't have time to play it but I'm going to be watching carefully. I love the concept and I'm curious to see how your game pans out.

@Everyone: Geez, it's quiet in here. Is everyone else playing AC3 too? O_o

@Votes: oh whoops

@Link: I'm not. Can't afford new games these days, plus I'm not sure if I want AC3 anyway. So these days, I play Mari0 and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (picked up the latter during the Steam Halloween sale).

Oh, and I work on the two character sheets I need to finish up before I can launch Demigods 3.0, the third version of my previously popular role-play. Many mistakes were made in the first two versions: third time's the charm, right?

@CA: I had a great time with Bloodlines up until the point where I hit a bug that didn't allow me to talk to a plot relevant NPC to finish a quest. I've been meaning to go back and try it again but I haven't been able to muster the motivation.

AC3 has been pretty fun so far. Free running through the forest is a nice change of pace and the combat has been tweaked to slightly raise the stakes while retaining the feel from the earlier games. If you've liked Assassin's Creed up to this point, you'll love AC3. If not...well, then you already know not to touch it.

@Link: Bloodlines has been entertaining thus far. Haven't seen many bugs thanks to patches provided by Void. As for Assassin's Creed... well, I enjoyed 1, 2 and Brotherhood, but Revelations was a step backwards in my opinion, gameplay-wise. I don't feel it was as intuitive as AC2 and ACBro were.

As for the story of it... honestly, with Revelations they seemed to be getting close to beating the metaphorical dead horse. In terms of Desmond's story, I mean. I don't really see how they'll pull this one back from Revelations's 'synch nexus' mediocrity. To me, Desmond's always been very bland. Not much life to him.

@CA: Look, you really don't want to get me on a Revelations rant. Revelations was frankly a betrayal to the spirits of all the characters and a bog of stupid mechanical decisions. It painted Ezio as an unforgivable sociopath (let's murder an entire city for paper thin reasons/let's use the loss of a prominent figure to manipulate the order into saving my girlfriend) and introduced gameplay features that were vestigial at best and absolutely unsavory at worst.

In contrast, AC3 has a lot more going for it. I'm not very far in it yet but already there was a character twist that surprised me and really set up for an interesting conflict to drive the rest of the game. The game is back to the more traditional Animus system and so far Desmond has played a minimal part in the story. Granted, I already know that this is the game the wraps up the current plotline regarding 2012 so Desmond will play a bigger part here. However, I have only been pulled out of the Animus once so far and the designers seem to be focusing more on building Revolutionary era America.

Basically, what I'm saying is that Revelations was nothing but a mindless cash grab. As long as you realize that Desmond ended up in New York at the end of it, you literally missed nothing.

@Link: I see... And yeah, I gathered the whole New York thing at the end of Rev. I guess that's all that you really needed to know from the game. If only they had moved straight to AC3 after Brotherhood.

One thing that bugs me about the Assassin's Creed games, though, is that you have no choice but to sit through the credits at the end of each game. Seriously, they took a good fifteen minutes to complete, and while I appreciate the effort that went into the games, I don't need to know the names of everyone involved with the project in its multiple languages.

@Counter: I think you're just trying to find something to complain about if you have to bash a game's credits. Come on, man.
Revelations sucked, nobody liked it, and AC III is a much better game. Give the series another chance.

Unless, you know, you can't stand those credits.

@Link: Nah, I've been playing Dark Souls. Made a new character for the DLC and I've been powering through it. Which is a pain since a lot of the areas are very dark, and well, it's been unexpectedly sunny here so I can't see a damn thing.

@Link: I have not played one AC game yet.

@Zero: I really can't stand having to sit through all of them, to be honest. Continuing the trend of honesty, I'd rather wait and see some recommendations from some more of my Skype friends before picking up AC3.

I liked Revelations...



Sure, there were things they really could've done without (the tower defense thing was really unnecessary), there were some things hat could've been added, but overall, I enjoyed it. Really loved to play around with bombs that didn't just create smoke and allow me to make ribbons of blood flow from my sleeves while everyone else was blinded.


@sky: Glad to see your avatar is less... creepy.

@sky: I miss your old avatar already.

@Link: You think that's bad? I just finished AC:Liberation, and you're NEVER out of the animus...

That's right, Mortis Nuncius and Segadroid are now dead! You've caught one killer, but there's still one left!

But I ain't gonna tell you which one, you'll have to read their deaths to find out!

Also, this now means you only get one vote after the murder. Please try and remember =]

*pokes last killer's shoulder*

Don't screw this up! I want to invite them into the afterlife with this gang of-

I want to welcome them into the afterlife like welcomed guests.



I'm thinking that any level of suspense that could be had in waiting to find which one is the killer is completely diffused by the kitten pictures.

I approve.

Phew, quite the heavy piece if I say so myself! I hope it's up to par with what I've seen here >_>

@everyone: I'm still coming to terms to how amazing the writing is here, but these last two deaths have been exquisite. All I can say is amazing.

@Sanguine: Serial Killer often gets some of the best writers on the forum putting up pieces to read. ^_^

@counter: I'm not surprised. Really happy I got a chance to look and learn, even if I did get killed in the first round

@segadroid: Wow. That was great. And not too long to pose a daunting task for the reader.

Link, you can learn a lot from this guy.

@RaN: Honestly, was that really necessary?

@RaN: That was pretty crude of you. It's a different style, that's all.

Frankly, I prefer short, punchy pieces, but that's just me.

Long exposition is something I can enjoy occasionally, but has to be done exceptionally well. For that reason I find it a little bit of a struggle to read some of the longer pieces, 'cause I'm a snob like that.

@Link/RaNDM: I too would like to know why that particular comment was made.

Make fun of or attempt to provoke (a person or animal) in a playful way: "he teased Jill about her dress"; "she was just teasing".

@everyone: Didn't mean to hurt anyone with that. Sorry.

@RaN: If that's all it was then I'll just leave it at that. Sorry for overreacting. :/

@RaN: Well, somebody did.

And from where I come from, we sometimes say, "Sorry, no cure." :P

Speaking of which, I say we lynch RaNDM G for teh chuckles then. Sub-challenge; anyone who writes the best RaNDM G (insert: lynch) wins a virtual sandwich.

Sub-challenge; anyone who writes the best RaNDM G wins a virtual sandwich.

the best RaNDM G

I win. Where's my prize?


Make fun of or attempt to provoke (a person or animal) in a playful way: "he teased Jill about her dress"; "she was just teasing".

@everyone: Didn't mean to hurt anyone with that. Sorry.

The thing about comments on the internet is that there is next to no way to tell if someone is joking, unless it is explicitly specified.

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