Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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@CA: Lesson learned. Add */teasing* at the end of every sentence.

@RaNDM: I meant, "...the best RaNDM G lynch..." :P

Since you didn't sign any T&Cs, I null your claim to the sandvich. /notteasing


When I die this round I'll write an epilogue.

@RandmG: Nice piece. Only problem I see is that now everyone will kill you to hear the end of it, you're doomed

@Sanguine: As long as I can stick it to Schizzy, it's worth it.

The Victim has been chosen!

@RaNDM: Since no one else is competing, I declare you winner... but I withhold the sandvich from you until you finish the story.

@Schizzy: Pssh, I ain't dead yet.

@RaNDM: No sandvich for you... nom nom nom...

In unrelated news, the election is over so now I can watch the news and not hear about the campaign. Yay! Canadian media reporting Canadian things!

@Redlin: Trust me, I'm just as happy as you are about the election being over. Especially after listening to my drunken uncle cry the end of western civilization for the last two hours. >.<

Get your politics out of my forum games!

But seriously, thank God it's over

Dead now.

*floats up to the JIB*

Any popcorn left?

@Social: This isn't forum games anymore.

@Mortified Penguin *Floats in JIB* Ahha so we meet again! *Twirls moustache*

@Yokillernick: *Tips top hat* Oh, it's you

@Mortified Penguin Aha, of course. Now I shall finish what I started. *Throws dagger at Mortified Penguin which floats through her* Damn I forgot about that.

@Yokillernick: What you started? I think you'll find I'm the one that started this. And I came prepared. *Lifts up sword that can harm ghosts* Have at you!

Just a second. *floats down back to Earth* Hey have any of you guys have a proton pack around here somewhere ? We seem to have a ghost problem up in JIB. Ahh nevermind... *takes RaNDmG's proton pack and floats back up to JIB* Alright let's go then!!

Still a newbie. Still alive.


@Yokillernick: Hey, that cheating

Hey, killer, if you're reading this your esteemed (dead) butler has a suggestion *points in the direction of Terratina*

@MortifiedPenguin Hey leave Terratina alone! *Zaps MortPeng with Proton Pack and traps her* Now you're going to stay in there until you realise that pointing out newbies is bad and you should feel bad.

*floats down from JIB* @Terratina Don't worry about it. Everything is going to be fine. *Sticks a GET HER note on Terratina's back and floats back up to JIB*

@Redlin: I'll call it a forum game if I want to! This is America!

Although SK kinda straddles the line between an RP and a forum game in any case...

@MortPeng: Interesting death concept there. Cool idea.

Sorry, was kinda busy.

That's right! MortifiedPenguin was the next victim! Send your vote now

It's been ages since I popped my head in here. Hmm might join in next round.

@Zero_ctr: Thanks, I just hope I pulled it off :)

@Yokillernick: Hey let me out of this thing *bangs on the top of the proton pack*

@MortifiedPenguin Say please and I'll do it.

@Liz: *poke* *poke*

Are you real?

MortPen: I'm not really the best critic of writing, but I couldn't find any problems.
I guess could count as a yes.

@Schizzy: Uhh...why are you poking my lamp? O_o

@Kitty man Schizzy Yes I'm real. *Eats waffle house* Yep still taste good.

All the votes are in! The Executed has been PMed!

@RaNDM G: So I have no clue how many times you punned since I could be bothered to fully read it. I'm going to settle with at least three with an ending that allows for subsequent deaths if your story contained more.

*Floats down from the JIB and picks up your spawn points. Twirls it around and sharpens the edge before throwing it at you; slicing you in half. Sprints after your spawn point and throws it so that you spawn and are crushed in between it and the fourth wall. Grabs your spawn point and throws it into an active volcano, killing you instantly as you spawn, and continuing to do so until the volcano erupts and launches the spawn point somewhere else.*

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