Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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@element: You're having fun this round aren't you?

Alas, I am dead!

A chronicle of my untimely demise shall be posted soon.

@socialtangent: Oh no! A chronicle?

*Locks self in nuclear bunker*

Tell me when it's all over everyone.


Are...are you the killer?

@Berenzen: Can't know for sure until he posts.

@element: I know you want me to make a pun. You're just waiting for it.

I'm not gonna give it to you.

I know you want me to make a pun. You're just waiting for it.

I'm not gonna give it to you.

Good. 'Cause to be honest, it's getting quite annoying watching people snipe at one another in the form of puns and pun-deaths.

@CA: For once, I agree.

@socialtangent: Hurry up! I can't wait forever! I'm only mortal!

@Yokillernick: Fine *sighs* Please

Happy now?

@MortiPeng There you go. *presses release button, releasing MP out of the proton pack* Now please don't kill, again, OK?

@Yokillernick: I haven't killed anyone, any way, look who's talking

@Lynching Victims: Stop being innocent.
It's making us look bad.

@Trilby At least we got one.

@Berenzen: One out of ten(or twelve?), I've seen better odds.

but then again I'm probably just bitter someone killed me in round one

@Berenzen: Totally unrelated to anything, but I sent you a small PM earlier today concerning Demigods. (totally not bugging you to check your PMs, lol)

@CA Yeah, just going through draft 2.5 right now, and doing some editing. My anxiety has been giving me a bit of writers block is all, I should be able to get up the sheet tomorrow.

*sips on Ghost Beer*

Been dead for a while now... Any progress Mr. Killer?

There's been another Murder!

Ah, yes. Well done, well done. Very messy. Was fun watching through the walls.

@Red: I'll take your word for it.

Alright, not me. Back to Gunnerkrigg Court.




*foams at the mouth*


Ok... I'm missing some context here.

@Berry: The latest arc of Gunnerkrigg Court was a timeline, in reverse.
Therefore, weeks of going back in time.


Ah, I'm not quite to the present, I've been archive binging after finding it a few days ago. Almost done now (I'm about 2 chapters away at this point).

You know, I've been meaning to look into Gunnerkrigg Court for a while now. If it was able to beat Goblins, Order of the Stick, and Homestuck in a large-scale webcomic popularity contest on Comicmix, it must be something special. Or at least have crazier fans than Homestuck (somehow). >.>

Neil Motherfucking Gaiman:

A really enjoyable webcomic...Lots of different flavours in there -- it's a semi-gothic funny-sweet school story with mysteries and robots and so forth -- but I kept finding myself reminded of the early days of reading Bone. Nice stuff.

The first little bit isn't as good, but it picks up really quickly to awesome. Also, my new Avatar is from GC.

Also, laser cows.

@Link_to_Future: Bit of a newb question, wtf is Homestuck?

@Terratina: It's a thing.
You can read it here.
It's kinda long.

@Terratina: Homestuck is a really long webcomic with a bit of a barrier to entry. The story is deceptively intricate and can be difficult to follow on first reading. If you're able to stick through that, it's totally worth it.

In case you were still wondering, my avatar is loosely based on one of the side characters. Loosely.

I totally don't hate Homestuck <_< >_> No wait, yes I do.

Terratina was the latest victim! Send yer votes, ye scallywags!

@Terratina Well I could say you've been tempting fate, telling everyone you were... new. *shudders*

@Yokillernick: I lasted longer that most newbies though? Right?

And yes, the story is based on a nice short story by Neil Gaiman.

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