Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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@Skye: @Link: Yeah, I think he either made a deal with a Medic, or one of them was determined to keep him alive, 'cause I remember seeing him on their saved list a lot after he voiced himself. xD

@sky: Erm..depending on what medic it was, I might have perhaps had something to do with that. Maybe. The odds are about 50/50. >.<

@Link: Whoever it was, I'm sure he'd be glad to rub it in everyone's face.

I'm pretty certain Berenzen was always on my list for medic saves. He was one of the few who I knew had a role.
(even if he didn't know I knew)

Yeah, I knew that you were the Medic. Link was about as subtle as a sledgehammer in telling me your role.

Also, if Skye doesn't want to run this next game, I can run it if need be.

@Skye: Please GM the next game. You might be a killer but at least you're not a monster. :P

Ha ha no I'm GMing :P

It... It's over? It's over! Hallelujah, it's over! I'm alive! Oh, it's so great to be alive again! The air is fresh! The grass is green! The birds are chirping! Life is beauti-

*SkyeNeko Is GM*

Oh, dear god, no.


@War: I can tell the next round is going to be a lot of fun. Wouldn't you agree?

@War: I can tell the next round is going to be a lot of fun. Wouldn't you agree?

Cool avatar bro...

I have nothing else to say but that I'm waiting for the next game. :)

What do we want!

A new round!

When do we want it!

Preferably in a week or so!

@Sky: I know that other Skye is trying to get the theme for what she wants to do next round worked out, then she's going to be posting it up. But yes, I too am anxious for a new round.

@NeoAC:... Why am I seeing that avatar everywhere.......

@Sky: I honestly didn't know someone else in Pub Club had it until after I switched to it, and I had been waiting like three months to use it while Ratings War was going on, and then I finally got it up, and I saw that other one moving faster, and then I was like "Noooooo way." But now I am stuck with it until I find a better sarcastic congratulations gif.

@sky: it's only been, what, 4 days? AND it was over the black friday weekend. chill woman, im getting to it :P

@NeoAC: For a moment, I was thinking, "When did Neo get a video of me?"

@Sky: Your sense of urgency is somewhat... relaxed.

@Skye: Get to starting the round, woman! We people need to slake our bloodthirst! [... said the unwise old man to the future GM who will have the power to turn his skin inside out.]

@Mortis: Alas, the busy mortician had to make work for himself. I never thought I would see he day.

Good piece. Hopefully the darkness doesn't torture you too much in the future. >.>

@Skye: Well it's not like I'm sending PMs bothering you.


Nah, I'm fine waiting till the weekend.

Hmm you know what, I think I'll jamp back in to SK for this next round. It's been a while.

First off...

@Lizmichi: Holy shit! :0

Secondly, who else is thinking of good themes for future rounds? Because once someone threw that idea out there, a couple of good ones came to my mind. One that better fits our original theme is that we're all cops looking for the killer. Obviously, one of us is the killer, but some of us have taken liberties to hire the local gangsters or rallied the town's mob to take out any of the people who they think are the killer.

Another one, and my personal favorite, is where we all just robbed a bank. However, one of us wants all the money for themselves and (s)he's slowly taking out each and everyone of us, one by one. We all get paranoid and kill anyone who we think is the traitor.

Just ideas for themes. Posted them 'cause I'm bored. Don't care if any of ya'll use them or not. :P

@WarP: Hmm... I haven't been thinking of themes, myself. Been too busy with other projects and games and such.

@WarP: That's more creative then the ones I've been thinking of. Now I hope you GM soon. =P

Cool avatar bro...

Thanks bro.

@war Yes yes I know it's been almost 20 rounds since I've been gone.

@Sky: That would mean that I'd have to be the killer first, and believe me, I most certainly want to be that! :P

@Lizmichi: I thought I killed you! CounterAttack killed you! NeoAC killed you! I mean! Good seeing you again... <_<

@CA: Goddammit! I was hoping that some more people (that means you) would be thinking of themes! Dx

Speaking of writing... I need the opinions of any writers of Serial Killer, if you don't mind. I have a very ambitious idea for a project that I'm not sure whether or not I should follow through on. It both deals with the premise of the project and how the actual project itself works. Just want to know if anyone is interested. I just want to hear opinions and criticisms.

@WarP: Well, I'd have to hear details about the project itself before I can pass judgement... =P

@WarP: I'd be happy to provide destructive opinions and criticisms :P

But seriously, I'd be interested to see what your project is about.

@CA: Of course! Just wanted to know if you wanted to judge rather than give you a surprise about it without warning! :P

@Schizzy: You remind me of my buddy from high school. This has nothing to do with the project, I just felt the need to say that. :P

@Both of you (or anyone else who's interested): Good to see that you might be interested. That said, if you don't mind, I'd rather talk about it via PMs. I'm not trying to make it seem like a big deal, I just have some emotional investment in the premise and I don't want anyone stealing it! <_<

@WarP: No no no, you are mistaken my friend. I couldn't have killed Lizmichi. I was way too busy killing Dragice.

@Neo: I thought Element was killing Dragice. 'Cause, y'know... that's what Element does. :P

@WarP: No element kills everybody, but they regenerate. Let's just say I permaban people from the Earth.

@Neo: I thought Sky did that! :P

@WarP No Neo does it all. He even runs the beer table int he BFG.

@Michi: I mainly do it for the access to free beer.

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