Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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You guys think an MIA thread might be a nice thing to have?

e: Made one either way.

This is a very long wait.

@RaNDM: It is taking a while, yeah, but last I checked Skye was working on her theme. Originally she wanted to design a theme that played a large part in the game itself, so if she still wants to take that route it'll take a while to properly implement.

it'll be up this weekend, before i leave for a con. by the way, ill be at a con this weekend. hopefully that wont affect this though.

@Skye: Don't worry about it, it'll give more people a chance to sign up. =P

@Sky: In the meantime we can start a discussion about your voice and how it was very recently featured. Anime voice FTW!!! XD

@Redlin: Oh shit, I didnt think people would listen that far in. xD


@Red: Wait what now?

@Will: Redlin would be referring to this.

It's a podcast started by members of the community that Sky featured on.

@Neo: Ah, right.
That makes sense.

@NeoAC: Ah ha...

*listens for five minutes*

Bored now.

@MortPenguin: That's the same reaction someone else had. xD You guys are so mean.

@sky14kemea: I'm being mean in a nice, not serious way :P

@MP: Nice to see the oxymoronic approach to social interactions is still alive and well.

@Avatar: Why won't you work damn it! Mary Poppins needs to be sarcasticlapping to make my title more effective!

@NeoAC: It keeps people on their toes, am I being nice? Am I complimenting them? Or am I being an arrogant arsehole with nothing better to do?

You'll never know...


@MP: I guess not.

@People: OK, if anyone can figure out why the Escapist is making a static image out of this:


Please let me know.

@Neo: Avatars need to be 115x115 pixels or smaller. That's 125x125.

@CA: I resized it (or at least I thought I did, the site was very ambiguous on the rules) and still got nothing though. What size is yours?

@Neo: All of the static images in mine are 115x104 (or smaller in the case of Rochelle, since I scaled them to match Alix's image size).

So who's doing next round? just struck me that I'm filling out direct deposit forms while watching Sgt. Frog.

And people said that I couldn't pretend to be both a kid and and an adult at the same time. >.>


it'll be up this weekend, before i leave for a con. by the way, ill be at a con this weekend. hopefully that wont affect this though.

It was posted on this exact page.

@CommuniCast: How the hell did I not know of this earlier?! D:

And how the hell do I get on?!

@Sky: Firstly, I know I've said it plenty of times before, but goddamn your accent throws me off! xD

Secondly... Oh balls the sock puppet! I forgot about that! xD

@Neo: I never knew Marry Poppins could be such a bitch. And that I'd like her so much more that way.

@WarP: What accent? 8D



Wha...what is happening with your avatars?

It's confusing me, it's not like I read your usernames to tell who you are.

@Link: What are you talking about? This is the same avatar I've had since 2010.

@Red: Either you are an evil mastermind or you cannot see the unmitigated horror that now laughs in my face.

Or perhaps I'm just losing my mind. That would explain the increasing frequency of my nightmares... >.<

@Sky: That's what you get for watching too many of our American cartoons! >:D

@Red: Yay! Now to join and download all of the stuff that's necessary! :P

@Both of you: Dafuq is up with your avatars? 0_o

@WarP: I don't understand...? My avatar looks normal to me. :/

@Sky: @Red: ... Man, fuck you guys. Seriously, though, you can't fool me. Not to be a buzz kill, but I saw the thread. |:P

Unless I am really being trolled.

In which case...hah I guess?

@WarP: I know, right? Makes her perfect to express the sarcastic distaste that my title should convey.

@Avatars: Due to the lockout, my regular avatar, the fabled Phaneufail, is in lockout with it. Until the NHL gets their collective heads out of their asses and finally settles this retarded debate, Mary will continue to be displeased in its place.

Also, of all the avatars to become the new plague, why this one?


@Link: Is that really what you're seeing? 'Cause I'm not. D: Maybe it's a problem with the forum code on your end.

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