Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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@Mortis: I'm just excited to get started. >.>

The round has started!

Roll for initiative!

@sky: Right, right. Of cou-

*sees about the rolling*


I forgot to bring dice...


Oh noes! I'm not ready for this!

I didn't bring dice either...

@Mortis: @Terra:

....... Fiiiiiiiiine, you can use mine. I brought enough for everyone.

*scatters dice over the table*

I brought a sword, I feel like I'm in the wrong place.

I'm actually here to pick up the package? But locked the door when I entered so...Let's play?

@MortifiedPenguin Nope. *Plants dagger on the table* I call Rogue by the way.

@Yokillernick: Uh...*picks up sword* Have at you!

@MortifiedPenguin Well good sir, prepare for you hell of a skirmish!

*picks up dagger*

Your move!

*Sits on side, eating potato chips*

Sweet. Entertainment!

@Yokillernick: *Spins sword* I only think it's fair that you go first, seeing you've got the smaller weapon.

Mind if I sit along with you NeoAC? I've got some popcorn.

@MortifiedPenguin Oh popcorn! *Grabs some of Segadroid's popcorn* Nomnomnom. Well, ehmehm, I won't even use of dagger! I will beat you bare handed! *Goes for a low blow*

I missed the sign up! 3 damn months of waiting and I'm a day late...
I've been a regular for along time now, is there ANY way I can squeeze in?

I missed the sign up! 3 damn months of waiting and I'm a day late...
I've been a regular for along time now, is there ANY way I can squeeze in?


Well since the roles have already been handed out, it'd be really unfair to change them. On the other hand it'd be really obvious that you don't have a role. Plus you'd make us an odd number again. D:

I'm really sorry! It was my impatience that made you miss out. :/ Though I did remove the Regulars list to avoid that long wait in the first place. (It should be back next round).

If you can think of another way to participate, that'd be awesome, but I'm kinda stuck otherwise. ;_; Sorry again!

I understand, I can't really think of any other way to participate right now, but I'd be grateful if you kept a position open. If you ever need an assistant though, you know who to call!

@Jak: Sure thing! You can always stick around and talk anyway. :D

@Sky: Thanks, I wonder how I'm going to explain that I'm unkillable... I've got it! I can be a reporter that offers a third-party perspective on murders and lynchings, akin to Mortis' mortician series!
Grabs popcorn and watches Yokiller punch Mpenguin's crotch.

@Sega: I never turn down free popcorn.

@Jak: You can run the JIB while the rest of us are all fleshy and earth-bound. A warning though; make sure an angel is sane before you starting doing things with her. Still paying for that one.

@Nick: You know that's not going to work, right?

@Neo: I suppose I can do that as well. Perhaps she appreciates a more forward approach. *Gropes angel*
@Nick: *Yells from stands* SHE'S GOT NO BALLS!!!

@Jak: That last post had no class.

On a class scale of 1-10, you would be rude as Hell.

@Neo/Jak: Hey now. Still holding the key over here. Metaphorically speaking.

@Neo/Jak: Don't spoil it. The look on his face when he realizes how bad an idea that was will be priceless.

I'm making up a sheet now!

Nevermind this is literally the closest I've ever been to D&D... <.<

@Red: I know what you mean...

Someone rolled a natural 20!

In an awe-inspiring act, both Medic rush to the aid of the same victim, saving him from death not once, but twice!

However, the killers have settled on their targets now. Who will the two victims be?

Check your PM boxes! There's been a double murder!

@sky: Wait, wait, wait, wait...

So you mean a killer chose the same guy whom the other killer chose, only to be doubly-thwarted by a medic that hapened to choose the same guy that not only his fellow medic chose, but the killers- *head explodes in a squishy, fiery ball of improbability*

@Mortis: My guess would be that the Medics had at least one identical save on their independent save lists, and both killers chose that same person. The latter is probably not the case, but meh. Ignore me.

But the resurrection spell has such a big XP cost, IIRC.

Still no one died, so yay?

Obvious first timer death for me, serves me right for trying to hide by not posting anything in the thread.

So all in all, not a newb friendly game is this :P Hope the writing isn't too terrible

It seems I too, have become a victim to the cycles. This may've been the first time I've died this early on. Hm. 'Cuse me for a sec...

*turns away, buries face into pillow, angrily yells into pillow. The pillow is now on fire.*

...Okay. As it turns out, I've yet to come up with an idea for my death. So i'll put a placeholder down so I can come back to it, and not slow the game down.

@Sanguine: Dunno. I am adamant that I died when I did last round because I started flapping my yap; so, I'm interpreting a knife in the back around here as affection.

@Jak: That last post had no class.

On a class scale of 1-10, you would be rude as Hell.

I meant because he punched her crotch... XD

What did you think? I tried to keep myself out of the story and only report facts like a real reporter, but I think I failed...

@Jak: Failed in the fact area or the keeping out of the story area?

'Cause I rather liked it.

Of course I was reading the entire thing as if it were in a 1940's-style news broadcaster voice...

@Mortis: Both, real reporters don't report their own opinions or suspicions.
Strangely enough I was reading it in a woman's voice, even though I wrote it...

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