Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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@Twinkies: In that case I feel nothing but love and acceptance as now being part of the group, really do wish that my initiation would have left my spine slightly more intact though

@Jak: Pfffft, what?!

So, by your clearly unreachable standards, you're saying there's no way Fox News reporters are really even...oh.
Disclaimer: I really have never believed Fox News reporters to be real reporters any more than I believe the Easter Bunny puts coins under my pillow every Christmas Eve.

@Mortis: Wait...if it isn't the Easter Bunny who keeps putting those coins under my pillow, then who is it? O_o

@Link: *sigh*

I knew the time had to come, but I guess I knew I'd never be prepared to tell you...

But coins aren't real. They're just stories parents tell their children to make them believe the balls of lint collecting beneath their pillows are something of value.

Wow, one busy day and I'm already missing out on the next round. I mean, I can understand wanting to go fast after that last round, but I think you're taking it a little far in the other direction.


Welcome to the club.

@Mortis: You know at first I was planning on blaming video games and comic books for creating the killer, to seem more realistic.

@MortifiedPenguin Really ?! A girl ? But that beard says otherwise! Alright.. *stops halfway through the punch* I guess I won't fight you you bearded girl. Now can someone give me some more of that popcorn ?

@Yokillernick: It a fake beard *whips off the fake beard*. Oh, looks like there's some liquorice allsorts so I'll help myself to those. You sounded disappointed that I'm a girl though....

@MortifiedPenguin Well, not really. Those people would have seen my like a monster for trying to beat up a girl. I'm not a monster! *steals some of Neo's potato chips*

@Yokillernick: I don't know about that,*puts tin foil hat on* there's a killer going around killing people in monstrous ways, I doubt the killer would differentiate between killing me and killing you, everything fair game, so that must mean you're the killer, since you're going out of your way to as un-monstrous as possible, not hurting me, pretending to be a top-notch guy, so you can lull us into liking you, then bam! we're all dead.I know what you're up to, 'killer' is even in your name.

*Continues to calmly eat liquorice*

@J1-2: Don't worry man. We'll nail down these killers and you'll be back in before you know it.

@Nick: Oi! *uses shuriken/lightning gun on Nick* Get your own potato chips damn it!

@MP: Why is your penguin dead?

@NeoAC: It's not dead, it just fainted with jealously as soon it saw my awesome avater.

Also, liquorice allsorts and liquorice in general suck, imo.

That's right! Pm0n3y and Sanguine are our first victims! Send you votes now please!

Being all ghostly has removed a lot of the stress from this game, its really quite relaxing now

@Terratina: Blasphemer. At the very least appreciate red liquorice. That's some good stuff right there.

@Sky: Votes incoming.

@Neo Ouch! Come on! I am hungry!

@MortifiedPenguin Ahh! I seem to have been found! *Jumps through the window and into the bush outside* I will just stay here until you realise am innocent, no really!

@CounterAttack: Clearly all those who like liquorice are the suspects, as I've heard the love of it will drive you to kill.

@NeoAC: Can I haz potato chip?

@Nick: Well so am I! This is my supper dang it! At least until I'm off work.

@Terra: I I said, these have to hold me for another couple hours...but I guess one can't hurt.

Oh dear, didn't check in for a day and already there's blood spilled D:

Also, don't start fighting! I still have some popcorn right here which you can have, I lost my appetite :I

@Sega: *takes popcorn*

And now you don't.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

@Yokillernick: *nonchalantly throws his knife out of the window he jumped out of* And don't come back!

So where were we, I got distracted?

@sky Damn it Sky! *dodges flying knife* If you want to fight that man-lady with the big sword be my guest!

@MortifiedPenguin If I come inside do you promise not to chop me up ? Please...

@Yokillernick: I'm not a man-lady, I'm just a plain lady with a penchant for fake beards. You can only come in if you can prove you're not the killer, killer.

@CounterAttack: I know right? Who doesn't love sweets that are slightly poisonous if eaten in excessive quantities?

@Terratina.: Get out of here blasphemer!

@MortifiedPenguin If I was the killer, you would not be breathing now... *dramatic tension/suspense* In fact how do we know you're not the Killer, wearing fake beards and all that, hmm?

I don't know what's going on...

...but I find it rather entertaining.

Carry on!

@Yokillernick: Because beard stroking looks especially thoughtful, plus if I was the killer I wouldn't need this sword. That guy can kill with his mind.

@Other Mort: That's rather frightening to imagine...

No one is safe!!

Panic! Panic like you've never panicked before!!

@Mortis: I think that needs a sign...

Oh, last time I checked, @MortifiedPenguin was a woman, but that might just be on the surface...

I'm scared. Stop fighting! D:

@Terry: Ah, a man incognito.


Also, *ahem*

The King is dead! Long live the King!!

@Other Mort: I'm just a woman, not a man incognito. I think I have a better grasp on what I might be, then the person who is related to me in such a way that she is my evil counterpart - thus making her the killer.

I also have a penchant for making wild accusations, did I mention that?

@Other Mort: I don't believe you have...

Though it's a good thing you did just now, otherwise I'd have never noticed.

Seems like the most reasonable thing I've heard since someone told me bacon is a miracle cure-all.

Okay guys, seriously....

You get two votes in a Doubles round. xDD

If I keep getting single votes, I'm just gonna count it twice against the person.

I find this entire conversation to be completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.


Is Kellogg's Crunchy Nut really super delicious?

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