Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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@element: .... Did you just use a smiley?



Repent, for the end is nigh! Turn away from your lives of filth and sin before it is too late!

@sky: Uh... what?

@TrilbyWill: element can be a bit... serious.

@Sky: I guess this is an instance when we've caught him...
... out of his element.

Also, first time posting in the thread. Huh. :P

@War P: That was brilliant xD. Excellent introduction to this thread I must say.

@War P: *lassos fishing line around your neck, attaches the other end to the back of a dune buggy and drags you along the rocky, sandy beaches of Lake Huron.*

@element: Why do you have to be such a drag?

@RaNDM G: *Slices open your abdomen and pulls out your intestines. Starts to strangle you with them, while removing one of your eyes, carefully keeping the optical never intact. Forces you to watch yourself as you die.*

@elementsoul: I didn't think you'd have the guts.

@RaNDM G: *breaks glass of orange juice across you face. Pulls out a lacrosse stick and used it to break your legs. I then spend the next four hours practicing my aim by throwing lacrosse balls at your face until your skull is a puddle of mush.*

@element: What's the matter, can't get your point lacrosse?

@element: Y'know, element, humor...
... is the heart of the soul.

@j1-2 and War: *Smashes J1-2's head in with a sledgehammer. Grabs his spawn point and places it above a wood chipper. Grabs War Penguin and nails his mouth open to the exit chute. Sips Manhattan as The flesh from J1-2's corpses fill War Penguin until he explodes.*

@element: I think it's safe to say you've got quite the chip on your shoulder.

@element, it's safe to say you've hammered in your point.

@Mortis Nuncius: @Berenzen: Yeah, we just let him do his thing. He'll tire himself out eventually.

*still eating potato chips* See, now this is entertainment right here!

@element: The glass must have been half empty.

I can't stand to be without my legs.

Your backswing is off.

Who got blood on my popcorn?!

Oh well...

*Grabs a bucket of blood-encrusted popcorn.*

*Sits next to Neo*

Who's winnin'?

@Scizzy: Are you sure that's safe to eat? With the blood and probable guts splattered all over it. Wouldn't you rather have some liquorice?

@Other Mort: The only liquorice we have left is red.

...which used to be black.

@Other Mort: Don't be silly, liquorice can't magically change colour...

*looks into the liquorice packet*


@Other Mort: was pretty magical.

*bites into liquorice whip*

@Other Mort: *whips out a fresh packet of liquorice*

Good thing I've got this packet of non-magical liquorice.

You all mad.

*Gets some ramen*

Liquorice is disgusting.

@Terratina.: *Looks over your shoulder*

What are those red bits in the soup?

@Mort: The blood of her enemies. Mixed in with some of my guts.

@RaNDM G: That's just sweet and sour sauce! Don't look at me like that!

*eats a panini*

This is getting intense. o_O

@Terratina: If that's sweet and sour sauce, then I'm a liquorice pancake.

@Schizzy: *bites off a chunk of your shoulder*

Oh wow...

He really is a liquorice pancake!

@Mort: The blood of her enemies. Mixed in with some of my guts.

I still need a vote from you, btw.

@Mortis: Does that count as assault?

@Terra: Nope, he's food, you can't assault food.

@Terry: Naw, it''s totally different probably.

@Other Mort: But, but...what if I want assaulty snack?

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