Serial Killer Round 44 - Dungeons & Doubles! Started! Killer is Dead! Round Over!

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@Zero: I dunno, I think you were trying too hard with that one. Kinda fizzled out for me.

@Zero: I'm with Link. I'm not even sure that one is worth element killing you.

@Zero: I guess you struck out on that one.

@Link: Subtlety never was my speciality. Don't worry, I'll be gone in a flash.

Meh, all of puns were starting to get overdone anyways.

@RaNDM G: You really shouldn't have bothered pointing out that pun. Honestly it's hardly a pun and not even funny by the standards of people who actually like them. *Picks up a bag of lightning bolts and dumps it on top of RaNDM G. Watches intently as RaNDM G is turned into a burnt crisp.

This is all positively enlightning, and I can think of ample reasons why you would think that pun was a waste of time.

A ghost of a chance.

*blasts element with proton pack and traps him*

Let's stop with the puns and unnecessary cycles of respawning now.

@xTwinkiesx: What are you kidding? That was pretty awesome.

Well, not the dying part. I'm sure that must have sucked.

@Twinky: That was a really clever death. Props to you!
Definitely one of the better deaths of this round.


@Twinkie: At least it'll be a clean cut, literally and figuratively speaking.


@Diablo: I have ad-block...


Hey guys.

Just doing a little bit of advertising here, since a friend's RP isn't getting all that much attention and I figured why not help spread the word. With that in mind, have a link to The Children of Erebus, a role-play involving political revolutions, cyberpunk technology and zombies to an extent.

The lynchees have been decided!

And I am still alive! :D

@Sky: I... I'm sorry, but I'm still hung up about this. I just want to go into your avatar with a tissue and wipe all that blood off! :P

@WarP: It will bug you all Halloween! Wuhahhahahaha!

@sky Phew I'm still alive. I guess I can come out of hiding now. *looks at post above and then at sky's avatar* WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU SKY?

@Sky: *Shudders* Only till wednesday, only till wednesday... o_o

The trail of advertising has only be succeeded by the trail of blood...

Alright, any alive arbiters should be attacking soon before I ask my third and final question. Go boom against element's list please, let's knock down who's on that list for faster tracking down the killer- your sacrifice will be honoured with lots and lots of drinking.

So yeah, I got executed. The joke's on you, though: I had no role.

@CounterAttack: Sucks, doesn't it? /Krillin voice

@Redlin: Eh. Just the way the game is played, I suppose. *shrug*

@CA: So you're the Emperor arcana, huh? Guess who else is the Emperor.

I really need to stop making Persona references. >.<

@Link: I named people after tarot cards that more or less reflected their personality. No point in naming names, 'cause, well, that'll just ruin everything. =D

@CA: But I wanna know who you think I am... *whine* *whine*

@Advertising: I approve of advertising, 'cause I have to... on account of being in the industry.

Okay, I'll just announce it.

Yes that's right, CounterAttack has been executed! And so has SomeLameStuff! Neither of them had any roles though, so it's back to the supposed lists for you!

Kaboom! The Arbiter Yokillernick has destroyed War Penguin! But has he been successful in catching a killer?

There now both me and WarPenguin are nothing more than ashes. I'm off to the JIB but don't worry I'll still be floating around.

Good try, but I ain't no killer. Unless you count that farm couple from last year What. <_<

@Yokillernick: Ha, I knew it! You weren't the killer, but you killed someone.

@WarPenguin: ...

@YoKillernick: I think you missed the killer.

I would have done this sooner, but I've been busy with other shit.

*Uses master key to unlock the ghost trap.* Why don't people every look into who makes these things now a day.

*picks up ghost trap and beats RaNDM G to death with it* Now stay out of the JIB. Murdered and executed people only.

Okay I'm good now. *Hears boos come from the crowd and raises his hands in triumph.* Apparently not.

*Drops the ghost trap on Zero_ctrl and watches as it crushes his body. Yawns and appears behind RaNDM G and rips out his skull and spine Predator style. Fashions the spine into a spear and impales Schizzy through a tank of honey and into a hornets' nest with it. Uses a pair of nail clippers to slowly clips into RaNDM G's jugular, causing him to bleed out. Teleports back to the JIB with RaNDM G's corpse and pile drivers it into him from the scrambled eggs table.*

@elementsoul Hey! I was eating those scrambled eggs! Now you got RaNDM G's blood on them. *Mouth Waters Homer Simpson style* Hmmm, scrambled eggs with RaNDM G's blood. *Takes a huge bite* Yum.

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