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Why is this place unaffected? It makes sense if this tree is Yggdrasil...
The blue haired man suddenly heard a voice and looked at the new figure. "My name is Ryu. As far as I can tell, this is the Desert of Death... Who are you?"

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OoC @Berk I was mostly thinking about how he just watched you punch through solid steel, or something like it, and then lob the screen over your head like it was nothing. That, plus the weird eye slats on his head, would point to cyborg.

"You su..." he then finds no pulse. Shrugging, he hoists the corpse out of the wreck. "Well, I think I saw a person or two moving to that weird blob thing over there." He then points to the tree. "I'll take the body over there, picking up anyone I. Hang on." He grips his fingers and reinserts them into their sockets, each one cracking. He swore viciously. "Okay, that fixes that. I'll pick up people on the way, you try and swing around the outside and find anyone who was walking away. think I say some guy walking away, offered him a bandanna. You want one yourself, before you head out?"

The girl felt the sand beside her shift as someone passed by and ceased bobbing her head and lazily opened her eyes to look around. "Huh?" she murmured as she noticed that one of her eyes were obstructed before remembering that she had a helmet on. Puffing out some air, she raised her hands and removed the helmet that obscured half her face which let her orange and red hair hang slightly looser in it's short ponytail. She blinked once so that her eyes got accustomed to the light before looking around again and seeing that a guy with a hood had sat nearby her and that a guy with blue hair and scarf standing a short distance away. She raised a hand to her face and yawned before brushing off some leaves that fallen on her brown and purple sleeveless jacket and black trousers. She then stretched slightly before turning to the guy sat nearby her and simply saying "Hey."

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Zer0 approached the helicopter wreck silently. He sized up the two figures: the man in black was obviously enhanced, and would be a dangerous opponent; the other man did not seem to be as strong, possibly just a normal human. However, neither one seemed to be a threat, nor a target. Killing them would be of no use.
Zer0 rose, and lowered his gun slightly.
"Identify yourselves." he ordered calmly.

as he sighed in relief he arrived at the tree, he gave the people currently there a cheerful "howdy" and sat down

The girl then noticed that someone else had begun approaching the tree and even had called out something. She heard his question and raised a finger to her chin in a moment of mock thought. "Ummm... Nowhere would be my best guess." She said with a smile before giggling a little at her joke.

The man, being completely lost, accidentally stumbled into the clearing and started coughing and rubbing his eyes.

@FPS Plexiglas. Its the same stuff that modern aircraft canopies are made from, as far as I know.

The cyborg glared suspiciously at Bryce.
"I'm not sure I..." He trailed off for a moment. Behind his shades, overlaid over his own vision, what had been an indistinct fuzz of distortion since he hit his head in the crash was now resolving itself back into a HUD display, and on the local rangefinder he could see that there was indeed a congregation gathering in the direction that the man had indicated. More people were milling about in the storm. He squinted at Bryce for a moment longer, then nodded.
"Alright. Get her to that gathering. I'll see what I can do for the others."

Ryu was suddenly aware of many others in the clearing. He nodded at the new arrivals and looked at the girl. "Who are you? Why are you sitting at Yggdrasil? And what do you mean nowhere? Is this not the Desert of Death?"

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The "Desert of Death"? What was this blue-haired man talking about? The man wondered. Sandstorms were not oncommen in the region he thought he was in afterall.
"Why, I am the leading man. Who else?" He replied whilst trying to get the sand out of his ears. "Balthier is the name." When the woman spoke, he cocked an eyebrow in mild annoyance. Being lost was irritating enough, but to be mocked by a stranger? "Nowhere? Curious. I have never heard of such a place. Perhaps that is because "nowhere" isn't a place at all. Nor in fact a propper answer." He then looked at the others who had gathered around the tree and resolved to hang back for the moment and hear what they had to say.

The man shakily stood and looked around. Seeing other people around, he was almost tempted to run back into the storm, but decided against it. Instead he just tried to get as far away from them as he could without being in the storm. Having done this, he took out his canteen and took a small swig of water from it.

The guy gives a little wave and a smile to the girl before turning to Ryu. He spoke with a soft voice. "Calm down, man. You won't get answers getting all worked up like that." The guy turns back towards the girl. "Could you tell us where we are exactly? Oh... forgot to introduce myself. He sticks out his hand, a little bit of sand still on it. "I'm Rex. Nice to meet ya, miss."

Bryce nodded. "Okay I'll-" He shuts up as the ninja appeared before him, and requested Identification. "Ahh, you're part of the Koga clan right? Don't worry, I think I still carry you guys' identification..." he pats himself down with his free hand, before pulling out a drivers licence with Japanese written on it. If someone could read the japanese, it would say 'carrier'. Underneath the penned in writing, there was a picture of a much younger Bryce, acne faced, with a bright smile on his face. It listed his name as 'Bryce Logan'. "Now, either help or move. I need to get this lady to the tree."

As the gunman called out, the cyborg didn't give any indication of being startled. The man had registered on his rangefinder just like all the others. He did, however, turn around slowly and keep his hands out from his sides.
"Adam Jensen, Sarif Industries." He replied calmly. "Who's asking?"

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Ryu cocked an eye at Balthier. Leading man? Quite arrogant streak that man has. "Well met, I suppose Balthier.
He then looked at Rex. "Worked up? I was merely asking questions. It is strange that we are here. Especially considering that I was nowhere near the Desert of Death or wherever we are, for that matter."

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A young woman wearing a lavishly decorated dress stumbled out of the sandstorm and into the relatively calm clearing around the tree. After regaining her footing she began to brush sand out of her hair and clothes as she pondered to herself. This must be 'sand'. I don't think I care for it very much. Her incredibly frilly attire and almost excessive amount of jewelry would imply she had likely 'found' herself in the desert, as opposed to having even so much as considered arriving at her current destination by choice. The rather large bat-like wings coming out of her shoulder-blades might also possibly peg her as someone who wasn't exactly from 'around here', wherever here was.

She stayed near the edge of the sandstorm, moving only a few feet further into the clearing to avoid getting pelted with more sand. She busied herself with trying to remove sand from her clothing, as her dress providing many cozy little niches for the coarse grains to lodge themselves in.

@Random, the storm surrounds the tree area, but doesn't affect it

As the two men approached the tree they were able to see the people there through the storm.
"...Are those... humans? We must be on earth!"

The second man replied "Tch, of course this wasteland is on earth. What kind of human would live here anyways? I know they're stupid, but I thought they had at least a little more sense then that." he said with malice in his voice

"You raise a good point, let's ask them!" said the first man as he made his way to the forming group

"Ah! No my Lord, wait!"

The first man approached the group and asked them all "Excuse me, humans, who are you, why are you here, and what have you done with the moon?"

Meanwhile, in the spot where the two men had first appeared, a large number of small creatures fell out of the air and imbedded themselves in the sand, where they struggled to get out

Zer0 glanced at the driver's license and nodded in acceptance, then turned his attention to Adam.
"Please, call me Zero." he said, lowering his gun further. A red question mark appeared in front of Zer0's visor. "I have not heard of Sarif. What do you deal in?"

The woman dropped slightly from the skies above into a conveniently large and soft pile of sand.

The girl cocked her to the side as the blue haired man addressed her. "Yggdrasil? What's that? And I've never heard of this place being called 'the Desert of Death'. Sure people have probably died here but not many..." She paused in thought for a bit before realising the guy who had called out before was talking again. She heard that his name was Balthier and noticed he had cottoned onto her joke. She gave a slight smile and leaned back before saying "In truth, this exact location is could be called nowhere as it's not named. But the desert itself has a name. In fact..." She sat up slightly as she began counting on her fingers and muttering on her breath before showing a full hand to the man and stating "There are five names for here but two of those names are mostly numbers for some reason. People tend not to use them." She then noticed some movement from beside her and saw the guy with the hood waving at her. She waved back before he introduced himself and stuck out his hand. She shook it before saying "Strange. First time someone's greeted me like that in a long time. A pleasure to meet you Rex. I'm..." The girl looked confused for a moment before shaking her head and saying "Eve, My name is Eve. And you're... Hmmm... which name should I use?" She began musing.

A purple-black portal opens within a sandstorm just above a dune, giving off sparks of lightning. It dissipates as a young guy faceplants into the sand. Getting up and shaking off the sand, he pulls the hood of his jacket up and zips it up. "Tch. Ness could've made that a little less painful..." He grunts as he pulls his beanie down to almost cover his eyes as he struggles through the sandstorm. A large black chain on his right arm rustles like a prisoner's handcuffs as he trudges through toward the tree in the clearing.

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Hey guys

Rex lets out a sigh as the two awkward looking guys question the group. His chain seems to rattle in response to being called human "None of us really know any of us and no one knows why we're here. Calm yourselves, please." He leans over a bit, looking at the lavishly dressed female in the distance and yells out. "YOOOOooo! JOIN THE PARTY, MISS!"

Rex tilts his head a bit as Eve muses, then nods. "So you're a bit forgetful, eh..."

He sighs again. Man... I didn't volunteer for this...

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[coor=orange]"Sarif deals in top of the line augmentations."[/color] Jensen replied impatiently. "Does this seem like the best place to discuss corporate business models to you?"

The man decided he would just sleep off whatever was happening and laid down in the sand.

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Balthier shrugged in responce to Ryu with a rogueish grin, then looked at those who had just arived at the clearing. He cocked an eyebrow at the woman dressed in lavish barb. Bat-like wings sprouting from her back? No species he knew of had that. His gaze then drifted to the two equally odd-looking men. Did they refer to the others as human? This would imply they themselves were not. Where, oh where have I ended up? Upon hearing the explaination of the peculiar woman, Balthier shook his head. This is insanity. Am I not in Ivalice?
Continuing with his plan to pick up on the explaination as it was given to others, Balthier sat down and began the arduous process of ridding his gun of sand.

"The Desert of Death is an unforgiving expanse of desert on the Lost Shore. One could argue that it is the best protection that... some have. It doesn't matter, though. Can you tell use anything about this place, Eve? I'm curious as to where we are and why so many people seem to be showing up here." Ryu replied to the girl.

The woman slowly got up, growling. Seeing a completely new landscape, she frowned, brushing the sand off her.

"The hell is this place?" she checked her person. Dogtags; check. Armagus; check. Tent bag; check.

She saw some others off in the distance. "Maybe they know what's going on..." she mumbled, started to walk towards the group.

"No, it does not." Zer0 replies, his voice emotionless. "We should find safety."

"Adam's got a point. I'm pulling poor old missy here to the clearing. Care to join?" He asks. Without another glance back, he begins walking to the clearing, the girl carried on his shoulder.

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the engineer looked into the distance"speakin of folks poppin up here,there seems to be more headed this way

"Its a start." Jensen agreed, before setting off in the same direction as Bryce. "Do either of you have any idea what this place is? It doesn't make sense. We were headed from Detroit to Hengsha Province in China when the VTOL lost control. How the hell can we be in a sandy desert?"

The woman walked over the Jensen, over hearing his little talk to Bryce. "Great. None of us know exactly where the hell we are?"

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