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Jensen glanced up at Ryu.
"Yeah... yeah, she was a colleague of mine. What do you mean you might be able to revive her? She's gone. No pulse, no electrical impulses, no brainwave activity. Flatlining across the board." As he spoke, he heard Daniel start questioning her flight credentials and twisted around to stare at him indredulously.
"You've got to be kidding me..."

"Um, yeah." Bryce said, reaching into his duster, pulling the coat open to reveal an absolute ton of pockets, almost all of them filled. He pulls out a small folded paper. "This says that as a former Breaker, I'm licensed to carry one pistol, one semi automatic 2 handed weapon, and one 'specialty weapon'." he then pulls out the weapons in question, placing multiple small parts of a collapsible rifle, a pistol, and tapping at his armcomp. He then guzzles more of the soda. "Now that, is some tasty goddamn soda. Hang on a second." Bryce then waves over the engineer.

Ryu holds up his right hand and a green orb appeared in the palm of his hand. "I am quite skilled with healing magic. There's a small chance I could revive her. But if she is as far gone as you suggest, I doubt I could." He explained and then closed his hand, extinguishing the green orb.

"No I am not kidding you. Now will the pilot of that ship please show his license" He said just a bit threateningly to the man

Balthier looked up at the woman adressing and smiled slightly. "A place called "the Expance", appearantly. Besides the name however. No. I do not know where we are, having only just found myself in this bizzare locale myself."

"somethin' ya need pardner?" the engineer asked as came up to Bryce

Rozalin gave Eve the same look of contempt as before. "I understand that you must be an uneducated commoner, but surely even one such as yourself cannot possibly be so ignorant as to not even know royalty when you see and hear it. I am a Princess, daughter to the Overlord of this planet. My mansion is where I live. It is a very large house, and very nice as well. I seek to return there as I find this place appalling. I am certainly not aiming to sell anything, and I most certainly am not a scientist."
She looked over at the black haired man with the strange cape as he addressed her, her gaze seeming to carry slightly less contempt. "Yes, I am indeed a demon. Though I have no intention in going to any moon." Unless...could my mansion be up there? No, Of course not, that is utterly preposterous. She said as she looked up at the sky for a moment.

Zer0 turned to face Daniel. The red question mark had returned.
"Might I see your credentials? Or something which places this unidentified desert within your jurisdiction?"

The woman sighed again, scratching her head. "Great. Ripped away from home and tossed into some large desert. Fantastic..."

"Yeah." Bryce said to The engineer. "Do you happen to know anything about nanos? Nanobots, you might know them as?"

Healing magic? Jensen wondered to himself, but simply nodded.
"Right. Well, uh, thanks for the offer." As Daniel continued to press the issue, Jensen gritted his teeth and stood up. Marching towards the man, he stopped short just a few feet away, glaring down menacingly at him.
"That's the pilot right there." He growled, gesturing sharply at the woman's body with one prosthetic arm. "Her name was Faridah Malik. She was a class three pilot for Sarif Industries. Is that good enough for you, or would you like to search her for her documents as well?" With his coat off, Jensen's personal sidearm, a silenced Beretta M-92F with a laser sight and extended mag was clearly visible, as were his obviously military spec prostheticcs. They made for an intimidating sight.

Daniel took off his badge and showed it to Zer0 "This badge lets me keep peace. As a member of the hero Corps. I have jurisdiction if there is no other law officer in the area"

"This seems to be the case for almost all of us." Balthier remarked as he stood up and dusted off his trousers. "Might I ask your name?"
Upon hearing Rozalin, Balthier snickered almost silently. A princess? I go from being around one princess with a attitude to another. Curious, that. Though I do wonder if there is a reward to be had for returning her from whence she came.

"nanowhats? no i don't believe i do,sorry"said the Engineer,scratching his head

"In that case, can you please tell us where we are?"

"Bullet. And your's?" she said. She continued to look around and saw Rozalin and her pimped out dress. "How impractical." she said, turning back to Balthier

Daniel turned to Jensen "Please refrain from using firearms. And if may I ask where your permit for that weapon is"

"As you wish. I doubt it would work, so probably best that you don't get your hopes up anyway..." Ryu replied to Jensen.
He looked to Daniel. "I need no license to carry my blade." He said motioning to his sword and then looked back to Eve and the storm, hoping to make some progress as to where they were and what they were supposed to do.

"Eh, I guessed as much. Well, do you have any scrap metal I could borrow then? Just a shotgun shell would do it." He began tapping at his arm compute, pulling the sleeve of the duster back as far as it would go to allow full access.

Eve had her head tilted in confusion the entire time that Rozalin had been talking and barely any recognition had show on her face. "I don't know what commoners are or what this thing called 'royalty' is." She sucked on her lip as she thought. "Though I may have heard the word 'Overlord' somewhere before but it was used in plural rather than singular. The only very large houses I know of are usually called 'Workshops' but that's slang for them. Oh and those Sky Crawler places but they usually have more than one person living in. Ummm... If you're not a Scientist or Well-known merchant or part of such a family then I won't really know you. What's wrong with The Expanse? It's nicer than some other places I've been." She then pouts at Rozalin's snobbish nature.

She then returned the bottle back to her bag and turned her attention to the helmet that she had place next to herself. She began brushing out some sand that made its way inside.

Fenrich spoke up before the black haired man could respond to Rozalin "My Lord... I don't think us being taken here had anything to do with the moon." He looked at Rozalin "I'm glad to see a demon with some class here, as apposed to the rest of this filth."

As Fenrich spoke the black haired man remembered something "That reminds me, the Prinny's should have been here ages ago!" He raised his hand to his mouth and whistled.

At the sound of the whistle, the mass of creatures stopped fighting each other, and appeared to quickly form into well organized columns side by side before swiftly running towards the group

Jensen sneered as Daniel promptly forgot about Malik's flying credentials, and produced his own company ID. Along with his name and photo, it listed him as head of security at Sarif, with Top level clearance.
"I'm permitted to carry a concealed firearm, both as Sarif Industries head of security, and as a former officer of the Detroit City Police Department." He said.

"You may keep your sword sir but please fill out some paper work for me later" He than turned to Zer0 "Well uh we are definitely somewhere in the universe"

As Rex listens in to everyone, he simply stays stone-faced and still. As Rozalin berates Eve, he makes a barely audible "Tch." . Can't stand those self-righteous royalty pricks... He starts thinking back to how he used to be as a kid and finally gets up, his expression hiding his annoyance. As Jensen mentions the dead pilot, Rex walks up toward him. "Sorry to hear your pilot died, man. Guessing your ship crashed somewhere in the storm, right?"

"sure thing" says the Engineer, pulling a small gear from his side pocket and tossing it to Bryce.

"thanks!" He then pulls out a small slot, inserting the gear into it. He closed the slot, and waited a few seconds, before opening the slot to see the gear removed. "Ah, that hit the spot." His eyes looked into the engineers goggles. His eyes were no longer yellow tinted, instead a pure white, with green and gold iris. "So, where'd you pop up from? Looks like you're ready to start building a shed or something." He then tilted his head, able to just barely hear something from outside the calm center of the vortex.

"I think I'll pass on the paperwork. I have no need of your authority to wield my blade. The blood of my clan gives me that right." Ryu replies to Daniel.
He then walks over to the trio of demons. "You keep referring to us as humans. Just who are you lot?"

OoC: @Furi: I had hoped you were setting up a fight with them. But they're prinnies.

"Bullet? Is that a alias?" Almost imediately after asking, Balthier shrugged. He then tilted his head up slightly and added, "Ah, no matter. That is no concern of mine. It's Balthier." Upon seeing hundreds of peg-legged bird-like creatures emerge from the storm, Balthier frowned. "As if this scenario could not become any more strange..."

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Over hearing Daniel, Bullet frowned again. Fighting is all I know. They're aren't taking the one thing from me....

Turning her attention back to Balthier, she said. "Good to meet you then." seeing that something was happening to exit the storm, she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. "This is goddamn annoying. No clue where we are. No clue why we are here. And no way to get back. This is fan-fucking-tastic..."

Daniel looked at the ID "Yes I do believe that would be adequate." He than turned to Ryu "Which clan might that be"

OoC: @Demon: Typo. Blood of my clan. I fixed it now.

"That is none of your concern." Ryu calls back to Daniel. "But this blade is an treasure of my clan. Only those with their blood have the right to wield it."

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Hearing Bullet, Rozalin turned her head to look at who was addressing her. Then she quickly turned her head back. Is that what women consider to be proper attire in the outside world? Do they have no sense of shame? I will show them all what true class is.
She looked back at Eve, her gaze having been directed at the tree while she was talking. "Plural? That cannot possibly be correct. Planets only ever have one Overlord reigning over them at a time. But if you know of them, then take me to one." She said, her last sentence sounding more like an order than a request. "This 'Expanse' place, It is full of this...sand. And if this place is nicer than others, I would truly wish to avoid those places more than almost anything else."
She turned to Fenrich and replied, "I must say that the feeling is mutual. I am Princess Rozalin, Overlord Zenon's one and only daughter. Who might you two be?" She had seen Prinnies before, so she hardly batted an eyelash at the sight of them approaching the clearing.

Jensen pocketed his ID again.
"Glad to hear it." Turning away from Daniel, he looked at the teenager with the headphones and dogtags.
"Yeah, the sand must have gotten into the air intakes. Clogged them up and blown the jets." He replied. "I just wish I knew why the hell we were over a desert in the first place. We shouldn't have been anywhere near a place like this." Walking back to where Malik's body lay, he picked her up, as gently and effortlessly as if she had been a child.
"I... I should do something about her body. Bury it or something, I don't know."

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