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"Shh, shh darling. No reason to cry." Nem said to Roz in a surprisingly soft and gentle tone as she place her hands on her shoulders.

"Think what you will. I won't waste my breath on naive people and animals any further. Hope I never have cause you cross blades with you. You won't survive." Majeh replies.

He addresses Marisa, once more. "Mysterious? I wouldn't say that. Most of these people can be summed up pretty quickly. People are far simpler than they like to think. And most like to fool themselves into believing that they know what is right, and that everyone else is wrong. They rarely learn the truth until they die and go to be judged."

I.Black and D.Master followed into the WH, both keeping quiet. "You didn't strike me as a caring person..." I.Black commented to Nem, D.Master just crossed her arms and grinned.

Holly gave a nod ot Echo, rubbing her eyes a little.


"Maybe. But people are complex things. Yeah, sure you could say that Reimu's a girl who's had an occasional temper and doesn't like boredom. But in one's own head there could be many thoughts that define a person. I mean, I'm about 17 years old, and yet I don't feel like my whole life could be summed up in a blurb."

Reimu was scratching her head idly.

Rozalin turned herself so that her back was facing Nemesis. "What would you know? There are plenty of reasons." She replied to Nemesis. She payed little attention to the other people that began showing up next to where she had been laid in the Warhammer.

Yukimaru continued to sit on her perch atop the Warhammer. She sighed as she ran over what had happened to previous day, only having her thoughts to keep her company for the moment.

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Yukino/Skye continues to shake and convulse even in Caesar's hands, the two voices still bickering back and forth between each other. A static silhouette starts to split from Yukino, clearly visible to anyone outside.

Rex walks up to a small jet-like ship and starts to look it over, holding the PDA out in his hand.

Bryce walked over to Roz, and sat down next to her. "Hold it together, littleun."

"Why I ought to throw you into a moon! I am not an animal. I am an intelligent and sentient life form known as Espeon. I can predict the weather with my fur. Use telekinesis and even cause pain with my mind!"

"And why is that?" Nem asked Black, not sounding particularly concerned.

"Such as?" she asked Roz.

"And perhaps you shouldn't be here." she said to Bryce in a sort of monotone.

Echo carefully laid down with Holly, planning to go to sleep with her.

"Tell us what troubles you Rozalin."

Looking at Bryce he said "Ah, would you believe there was an imposter of you here earlier?"

Hircine tapped his foot impatiently. No prey yet. They are elusive. Far too elusive.

I.Black started to walk away with D.Master. "Why is that? because you asked me if we were going to finish her off while she was unconscious, that is why..." I.Black replied to Nem, loud enough for her to hear. The two then found a spot to sleep in.

Holly hugged Echo. "Nighty Night Echo..." She said yawning, then quickly fell asleep next to her.

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G'Night all!

"Most often that is untrue. Take this idiot." Majeh says jabbing his thumb at the Pokemon trainer. "I guarantee you he thinks he's going to become the very best at what he is. That's a pipe-dream. A delusion. Those who are the best, aren't the best simply due to hard work, or training. No, more often it is necessity that drives them. They need to be the best. It's beyond a desire. Far more than that. And that is why most people like him, fall on their faces, never even coming close to that goal. And even those that attain those height soon find themselves falling from those same heights even harder than those that failed. Do you think any of them realized that going in?"

Rozalin shrunk away from Bryce, half-expecting something horrible to happen after the ordeal that had occurred earlier in the day. "...Everything I knew before was a lie. I...I do not even know who I am anymore." Rozalin replied to Nemesis and Valvatorez, sounding like she was on the verge of breaking out into tears once again.

Hircine roared again, louder, more violently, and this time out of pure rage. His hunt was going along with no luck. He had to hunt and to find and to kill. And he would.
"Alright...perhaps my roar was more useful than I thought...perhaps it would send them scuttling around..."

"There, there, Princess." Nem said in the same soft tone as she patted Roz's shoulder.

Echo repeated what Holly said and fell asleep.

"That is not true! Red one of the greatest Pokemon trainers ever got there because of a sense of duty to destroy team Rocket. He never needed to be best nor did he fall on his face! He was the champion of the Pokemon league and now lives a life meditation on top of Mt.Silver" practically yelling at Majeh

"I think I can agree with that. Something inside you that pulls you into something else. Kind of like a calling, a need to be something better. I may not have been with many fighters or scholars when I was growing up. But I'm sure that there's a point at which some handful of people out of a group really do realize what they're in for when they grow up. They'll realize it'll take a lot more than working hard to get what you want."

"But I don't think that people can be simplified so easily. Yes there are some things like personality traits and desires. But our own thoughts are our own and no one else's. I've read it somewhere that that's why we die always die alone. Because know one ever knows what your thoughts are."

After calming down, Hircine began to move silently on the hunt again. Now to find some prey.

Hearing something roar, Yukimaru forced herself out of her slump and quickly stood back up. She reached behind her back and drew one of her knives as she scanned her surroundings, looking for whatever had made the noise. It's always one thing after the other here, isn't it?

Rozalin glared at Nemesis for a moment. "D-Do not refer to me as that!" She shouted. "I do not even know if that is true or not." She added, sounding small once again.

Majeh looks at the Pokemon trainer. "And what did you say that disproves my statement. This Red got "strong" due to necessity. And what fate awaits him now? To be challenged by every upstart and wannabe that wants to prove themselves. One day, one will beat him. Or they won't. Either way, he will die and fade from memory, all but forgotten. And someone else will take his place at the top."

He looks back to Marisa. "The individual mind maybe their own, but, on the whole, people aren't too difficult to understand. That's one reason they can be predicted. If we were all that complex that wouldn't be possible. And experienced fighter can see what an opponent will do even before they go to act."

Hearing the roar, Rex looked around a bit before shrugging and finding a port for the PDA to jack into. He slowly begins the process of hacking it.

Yukino lets out a yell and suddenly a clone of her appears out of nowhere. Unlike most of the others, this one had short black hair, a plain t-shirt and blue jeans on. The clone's green eyes shimmered a bit as it shook itself out of its stupor. The two girls look at each other in shock before switching to a look of sheer contempt.

"Don't know who you are? What a silly thing to say. You are the Rozalin who healed us after the fall, who's had our backs through countless adventures and conflicts, and a true comrade!"

After a long bit of walking, he found Majeh and locked on, growling quietly.

"I apologize, Rozalin. I am sorry." Nem said softly.

"He became the best out of his determination to defeat Team Rocket, his loyalty to his Pokemon ,his hard work, and his smarts. He never needed to defeat Team Rocket, He could have gone on with his life and never have interfered with Team Rocket at all. And nobody can beat Red he's captured and trained the strongest Pokemon there is and he will always be remembered as he took down the single biggest crime organization there is"

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"Yeah, I suppose. If you were to have a duel with someone, you could probably tell what your opponent is like just from looking at his or her posture and how he or she looks. But a person's mind is what shapes your own behavior. Yes the external appearance may be simple, but where it comes from is inside. And that's more complex. Say you had two people and both were beggars on the street. But they could both be beggars for completely different reasons. The mind is what shapes us and the world around it."

Reimu had a pair of half lid eyes as she laid on the ground stacking her spirit cards in a tower, very bored.

"I trust you. I will always trust you." Bryce murmured not moving. "Want to talk about it?" Bryce glared at Valvatorez. "That was me, dumbass. I was sedating her."

@FPS Val said something to you

As Yukimaru was looking around outside, she noticed Yukino form a clone that looked quite a bit different from her. "I have to ask, what's the point of making the clone look different, zam?" She shouted down at Yukino from her perch on top of the Warhammer.

Rozalin tightened the hug she had on her legs before replying to Valvatorez. "T-That is just it. I do not even know if that is my real name. Who gave me that name, 'Rozalin'? Was it that woman, or..." She softly replied, trailing off as she shuddered while remembering what The Disciple had brought up in her head. "Do you think it would help? I-I do not want to revisit those memories unless you think it will help." She uneasily replied to Bryce.

"Nothing but ignorance. You only further prove my point." Majeh scoffs at the Pokemon trainer.
"That's not what I mean. You can plan around how people will act as a group. Major conflicts are largely based on that. Experienced fighters can read their opponents movements based on that experience, but strategists can predict the patterns of people at large. Which is possible due to people's less than distinct nature. An individual maybe unique, a group is not. And few are truly special. If all were special than the word would lose all meaning."

He walks back to the Warhammer. "Anyway, I need to rest. Dying takes it out of a person." He says returning to the ship for the night.

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"Which woman? Perhaps we should talk about this." Nem said to Roz.

He kept his eyes trained on Majeh, before taking a cautious and slow step forward, bringing the spear up.
"Yes...stay unawares, stay bickering, it'll make this far easier..." he mumbled to himself.

Hircine growled again, and trained his eyes on the trainer.
"Hold still, boy."
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