We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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"Yeah the growl doesn't really scare me. I have half of ton of sentient metal that is telekinetic in my pocket" He turned towards Yukino "I like it quiet. We could read some good books, watch some TV. Battle gigantic monsters that can shoot lasers out their mouth with other monsters of equal power."

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Hircine let out a quiet laugh. "If it is...boring...then I can make it more exciting. More adjusted to hunting. More animals...more people...more of my children, the Lycanthropes. Yes...it would be quite a show to see you all go up against the Wild Hunt..."

"Well, we're tired. We need to get some bed rest. Goodnight all." Marisa said. She opened the portal to Gensokyo and both of them entered. It closed.
And that Halitosis character, or whatever, doesn't seem like much of a threat anyway.

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"Granddaughter, zam? It's pretty fascinating how similarly beings that are so different from each other can act, zam." Yukimaru said in reply to Skye. Hearing Hircine, she tightened her grip on her knife. "There's already quite enough conflict that goes on around here already, zam."

"Maybe you are right. I certainly do need to think on it some more. It is just...the implications..." Rozalin replied to Nemesis, shuddering as she trailed off, not wishing to vocally continue on that train of thought for the moment. "Transformed? I certainly do not remember...oh, yes...that." She said, feeling guilty at the parts of the earlier day that she remembered.

"Hmm? Oh, just a little misunderstanding between the two of us." Bryce explained.

While everyone was leaving, Hircine kept a cruel grin under his mask/helmet/skull, and walked away.
"Yes... I'll be seeing you all very soon."

Skye giggles a bit at Yuki. "Yes... I suppose so." Turning to Hircine, Skye nods in agreement with the ninja. "I'd advise against that, Sir Hircine. You don't want to test the abilities of this group."

Yukino just tilts her head and smiles wildly toward Hircine's proposal. "How many bodies are you planning on bringing out here, stag head? I could use the warm-up."

Nemesis just lightly hugged Roz, hopping she wasn't stepping over some line.

"Ah... well met then, hunter. I'll be bringing out quite a few, perhaps two Werewolves and a few other dotted were-beasts here and there..."

Valvatorez nodded "Ones first transformation never goes perfectly."

Yukino rubs her hands a bit as she listens to Hircine. "Bring in more. A lot more." She seemed to be almost drooling at the mouth.

Skye frowns a bit. Please don't encourage her more...

"Ha-ha! Alright! Ten wereboars, five weresharks, sixteen werevultures, eight werelions, twelve werebears, two werecrocodiles, and twenty werewolves. Sounds good, yes?"

"Sounds more than good, stag. I'll be looking forward to it." She wipes her drool off her chin and smiles at Hircine.

Hircine adjusts the skull again.
"And if you manage to survive, you'll be hunted by me. If you can defeat me then, I'll give you my blessing, and Lycanthropy if you wish."

"Don't do that! Do you know what kind of chaos it will cause. I can't let you even change a single person into a were-anything. And I will kill if you try it! You too Fox girl"

Rozalin had mixed feelings about Nemesis hugging her. On the one hand, she was acting uncomfortably familiar with Rozalin for how well she knew her, yet on the other hand, Rozalin felt comforted by her gesture. She decided to not press anything about it and allowed Nemesis to continue. "From what little I remember, I certainly do not plan on ever losing myself like that again." She replied to Valvatorez.

"What you and Miss Yukino do on your own is none of my business, I suppose, zam." Yukimaru started in response to Hircine. "But I have to say, it likely won't end well if you try to include any of the others in this 'escapade', zam."

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Okay, now it's just fucking with us.

Hircine turned to the trainer, and the trainer suddenly felt himself growing taller, and something forcing him to slouch down.
"You'll be the first of twenty werewolves, boy. I'm in a good mood, so I won't set the Hunt on you...instead, you'll be part of it!"

"That would be for the best, I think. You certainly were not very personable while in that different frame of mind." Nem said as she continued to hug Roz.

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Valvatorez nodded at Rozalin

@Dclass: Yeah, don't do that...

Yukino promptly flips Ethan off. "Stay out of the way and there'll be 73 were...thing corpses lying around in no time flat. No need for you to piss your pants at the thought of becoming a werething." Yukino looks over at Hircine and laughs. "I see, I see. I do hope you're worth the effort or at least, your little group is worth it."

Skye nods toward Yukimaru. "I'd like to keep it that way as well. No one else should have to deal with... her." She simply sighs at Hircine.

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"Very well. I'll see you soon, after I've gathered enough of the Hunt)

Ethan stared around in his new form and tried to say "What just happened"
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@demon, you realize Yukimaru will kill him now right?

"Boy, you are now blessed with Lycanthropy. I'll have you kept away for safekeeping until I can aquire the others. Get well aquainted with your Hunting Party soon enough."

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@D-Class I forget can werewolves in Skyrim talk while in wolf form

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"That is not the main thing I am worried about." Rozalin replied to Nemesis. She shifted in her seat a little, finding Nemesis' hug to be less and less uncomfortable as time passed.

Yukimaru took an aggressive stance upon seeing what Hircine did to Ethan. "Undo what you just did, zam. Now, zam." She practically demanded.

Yukino gives a blank stare to Werewolf Ethan before shrugging and turning back to Hircine. "I get to have fur in more annoying places if I beat you? That's... such a buzzkill.."

Skye looks at Ethan in shock before racking her brain for something that might undo what just happened.

@demon Sinding spoke during the Hircine quest, but Aela during the quest to become a Lycanthrope does not speak. So I don't know :L
He turned to Yukimaru.
"I cannot. If he survives the Hunt then he'll need to spar with his beast-form and win in order to remove his Lycanthropy."

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Except I don't know what to do with Yukimaru right now...

OOC: @D-Class Well Sindig became a werewolf through the ring(If I remember correctly) so my guessing is no
Ethan roared and slashed at Hircine with his claws.

Hircine grunted from the feeling, a small amount of blood coming off of his chest, before he grabbed Ethan's shoulder and dissapeared with him, going to his plane of Oblivion to store him there.

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