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Rozalin glanced over at Nemesis with a perplexed look on her face. "What do you mean by that, 'feeling hungry'? I have no idea what you are talking about." She sighed as she looked around, then looked up at the sky so she wouldn't have to look at all the bodies. "Yes, it truly is tragic. Not even one day I spent here before it was ruined. All it makes me wish to do is leave this planet even more."

As she idly glanced around, Yukimaru noticed Black and DM fighting. She hopped down from her perch and walked over to them. "Hey! Break it up you two, zam."

Hircine re-entered the mortal realm, though just to survey positions to place the Lycanthropes. He roared again, this time willing the mortals to leave a small area so he could place his lycanthropes in it.

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"Oh, I'm sure this place isn't all bad. There's usually a little bit of good in any place. Even if it is hard to find." Nem said casually as she walked along. "Also, I don't really wish to tell you this, but you were eating corpses last night." she added, sounding regretful.

I.Black walked over to D.Master at kicked her in the gut. "Do you think were going to beat her like this? i doubt it..." "Hey...not so rough..." D.Master replied, as she got using her Scythe as a cane. I.Black turned around to Yukimaru. "Stay outta this little girl..." She said, then turned her focus back to D.Master.

Rex yawns and rolls out of the cockpit of the jet he hacked and flops onto the ground. He brushes himself off and walks toward the Warhammer.

Yukino walks out of the ship and starts practicing with her sword a bit away from the others. Hearing Hircine's roar, she smirks a bit. He's already set? Awesome.

After a few minutes of working, his Lycanthropes -- including Ethan -- are now stumbling around, eating any dead flesh they can find. He'd also put a few deer from his plane in the area, to keep them from killing one another.

Ethan laid down and yawned. In the distance Hircine could see a green figure running towards him

Hircine stared at the green figure, holding his spear in a ready-to-throw position.

"I...what?! How can you say such things?! I would never stoop to something so vulgar!" Rozalin shouted at Nemesis, clearly somewhat stunned by what she had been told. She stopped walking, turned her back to Nemesis, and crossed her arms in a huff.

Yukimaru sighed and walked away from Black and DM. "Fine, zam. You aren't worth the effort anymore, zam." She muttered in annoyance and she walked off.

"Good, your interrupting our training anyways..." I.Black replied to Yukimaru, then turned around to D.Master who had disappeared. "Don't play your hide and seek games with me" She said aloud, as she waited for D.Master to re-appear again.

Holly tired to careful move without disturbing Echo.

The green figure was Gallade running towards Hircine. He kicked any incoming werewolves and than his elbow blades started glowing with energy. He threw the psychic energy in a bright white circle towards Hircine. The other Pokemon were close by in case Gallade went down in battle
OOC:Gallade used Psycho cut

"Dear, I wouldn't lie. Especially not about something like this." Nem said in a very serious, solemn tone.

Echo continued to sleep soundly.

Rex looks over at Black and D.Master fighting, slightly confused by Black's change in appearance. He waves at Yukimaru as she walks off. "What's up with those two?"

I.Black transfromed her sword to her cannon and waited, when a black fog appeared behind her D.Master was about to strike at her but noticed I.Black's cannon was poking her in the stomach. "How did you?..." "Please, your attack was signal so long ago....it was obvious...." She replied, then fired a shot at D.Master. which sent her flying a bit backwards. "God...dammit..." D.Master said as she got back once more, I.Black just switched to her sword and slowly walked over. "You fool, you need to up your game..." She said, her left eye continued to blaze away in a purplish flame.

Holly slowly and carefully started to move Echo's arms as she tired to get up.

Echo didn't offer any resistance to Holly moving her arms.

"Y-You are serious? You are not trying to play some sort of cruel joke on me?" Rozalin uneasily asked Nemesis as she turned her head back to look at her.

"Just another pointless conflict, zam." Yukimaru replied to Rex as she walked past him. She jumped back up on top of the building she was previously perched on and resumed her post of keeping an eye out for trouble approaching the Warhammer.

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He grunted in pain as the cut hit him.
"You all will make a fine meal for my Lycanthropes." Hircine mumbled, and a Wereboar charged out at the Gallade.

Holly moved Echo's arms until she was free to stand up and stretch, she yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"I swear I speak only the truth. Ask the others and they will say the same thing." Nem assured Roz, still being completely serious.

"I...suppose this gives me yet another thing that I must think about. I think I would like to be alone for the time being." Rozalin replied to Nemesis as she resumed her stroll.

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"Very well." Nem said as she let Roz go off on her own.

Echo suddenly opened her eyes and saw Holly standing before her. She gave a mischievous grin as she slowly and carefully got into a sitting position. After a second or two of final prep, she lashed out and grabbed Holly up in a sudden and tight hug.

Gallade was doing an intricate dance around some psychic swords he summoned. He looked stronger after he was done
OOC: Gallade used sword dance

The Wereboar rammed into the Gallade, slashing at it with one of the lycanthropes tusks.
OoC: Wereboar used get pissed off and attempt to rip the Gallade apart

Holly was slightly surprised by the sudden hug, but gave a smile to Echo. "Morning Echo!" She said happily, then gave her a big hug.

Nemesis, already growing bored, walked over to a relatively clear spot and stood there. She seemed to be concentrating as purpleish smoke formed on the ground around her.

"Morning Echo." Echo repeated as she lifted Holly off the ground and spun around with her.

Gallade had got hit by one of the tusks on his arm before he jumped on it's back and started to stab it several times with it's elbow blades
OOC: Gallade used close combat it's defenses were lowered

Holly giggled as she was spun around by Echo. "Weeeee!"

D.Master swiped a shock wave at I.Black and caused a small explosion, I.Black continued to walk threw the dust that was created by the explosion. "Was that it?" She asked mockingly.

OoC: hey guys, whats going on?

@Furioso A Wereboar is attempting to murder a Pokemon and there are explosions happening
A werecrocodile thunders up to the Gallade and starts snapping at it, while the Wereboar growls, trying to shake the Gallade off.

Echo just giggled and put Holly onto her feet after a few spins.

Nemesis made a dark purple piano rise up from the smoke covering the ground. She sat down at the small bench and ran her hands over the keys.

Gallade tried to lead the boar into the crocodile. He than had ice starting to coat his hand before punching the boar in the small of the back but it doesn't freeze it

The wereboar squeals in pain, before charging backwards into a ruined building to hit the Gallade with it.

"That wasss fun!" Holly said then hugged Echo and smiled.

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