We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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Gallade jumps off the boar before turning to it to see if it died

Valvatorez and Fenrich walk out of the ship

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"I give in already..." D.Master said to I.Black. "And do you think by 'giving in' that we shall beat her? do you?" I.Black asked as she grabbed D.Master's collar. "Well...no..." "Exactly" I.Black said, then threw D.Master aside. "Now brush up and try again....and this time....hit me with some damage would you/"

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The boar shakes its head before collapsing onto the floor, squirming and disorientated, and while the Gallade is distracted, the werecrocodile grabs the Gallade's leg with its teeth.
"Ha! Hold it still, my hunter! I'll be there to finish the job!"

OoC: @Fur, Holly and Echo are in the WH, I.Black and D.Master are outside of the WH.

Gallade's blades light up with the psychic energy before he stabs both them into the crocodiles head

The werecrododile roars in pain as Hircine lands in front of him.
"I presume you are with the boy?"

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"That was fun." Echo said as she giggled.

Nem started playing a song on the piano she had summoned.


The Gallade started to talk. He talked in a regal tone and showed little difficulty in speaking "He is my lord and master. Now change him back into a human"

Valvatorez and Fenrich approached D. Master and I. Black "Hm? What are you two up to?"

"As mentioned, I cannot. He'd have to leave his current lycanthropic state and battle his lycanthrope form in order to do so. If he's lucky, he's not feral by now. And I have a test to see if he is... to battle you."

"Is there any other way so that he could be in human form. Even if only for a short time"

"Training...preparing...how ever you want to put it..." I.Black said to Valvatorez, D.Master run up to her and swiped with her scythe, I.Black blocked it with her sword and kicked her away. "What does it take to get hit around here?" "I'm trying...my best.." "Then try harder!" I.Black said, then shot D.Master away with her arm cannon.

"Echo? can we go outside please?" Holly asked politely.

"Good! It is always best to be prepared and in tip top shape!"

Fenrich laughed at D. Master "Ha! It seems your best is nowhere near good enough."

Echo was still nervous about letting Holly go outside. She found she couldn't say no, however. "Go outside." Echo she said with a nervous smile and a nod. She tightly gripped Holly's hand and led her outside.

"If he stopped feeding on corpses, yes, he could temporarily go into human form."

Holly looked around and stuck close to Echo. "Hey look, isn't that your auntie?" Holly asked Echo, pointing over to the piano.

D.Master gets back up and grits her teeth. "Says the one who got his arse kicked by me the last time we fought" D.Master replied to Fenrich, disappeared, then reappeared behind Fenrich and kicked him in the back. "So quiet down mutt!" She said before disappearing once more and clashing blades with I.Black.

Fenrich leaned forward, but had been bracing himself anyways so he didn't move too much "You surprised me with the first hit I'll give you that, all of the rest I was simply blocking my Lord from your attacks, so that he could put you in your place."

"Hey, look..." Echo said to Holly without enthusiasm. She decided to bring her over there. Nem was still playing the same song.

"For how long would his human form last"

"Until nighttime. Then his wolf-form comes back."
(OoC: Now I'm following the Morrowind train of logic where lycanthropy strikes nightly.)

D.Master just seemed to grit her teeth harder as her attacks became faster and faster, some of which hit I.Black. "It was hardly a fair fight! Two on One and I still gave you a run for your money!" She said as she managed to push I.Black off her a little bit. "Hmm...that part was true..." I.Black muttered.

"Hey missss Nemesissss, whatcha doing?" Holly asked Nem, keeping close and still holding onto Echo's hand.

"Just relaxing with some music, honey." Nem said to Holly, looking back at her and smiling. She finished the song she had been playing and started a new one.

Echo pulled up some boxes and sat on one, appreciating the music.


"Now you listen here-"

Valvatorez stopped Fenrich "Now now Fenrich, she speaks the truth. However, you must understand that I had to stop you from killing Black. If you would like a fair, one on one fight I would be happy to oblige you."

Fenrich frowned, but said "...Of course, my Lord."

"I will be taking him than. He will not be in this fight"

"That seems like a fair proposition..." "Fine by me!" D.master replied, holding her scythe ready. "This will be good test....to see if your ready for her..." I.Black said, as she walked to the side a little.

Holly sat on the box next to Echo and listened to the music quietly, she gave a little clap when Nem was finished with her tune.

"That seems like a fair prostitution..."

OOC: I had no idea Valvatorez was a pimp

Nem stood and smiled, bowing to Holly. "Thank you, thank you." she said, flashing her white teeth.

Echo didn't bother clapping, since she knew it wouldn't make any noise anyway.

"That seems like a fair prostitution..."

Oh my...

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Valvatorez drew his sword "Right now? If you insist. I warn you, I've begun to drink human blood again... I'm much stronger."

"I'm afraid he will be. This is an affair of a Daedric Prince, and you should not meddle in such."

@Hatch: It's canon.
@All: What's going on?

"No he will not. As this is not a Daedric world so you have no authority here. I shall be taking him now" Gallade going over towards Ethan

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"Oh really? that's interesting..." I.Black muttered as she crossed her arms. "I don't care If you've drunk the blood of a unicorn, I am the Dead Master....and I shall show you the true power of the undead!" D.Master said, then charged at Valvatorez with her scythe. "I give it five minutes..."

"Your welcome!" Holly said to Nem. "Did you take the piano from that building we use to sleep in?" She asked, confused how a piano seemed to appear out of no where.

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