We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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"I'm going now" Ethan made his way to the warhammer with Gallade following him

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"Ok then" Holly said to Nem. "I'm not great at music tho..."

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D.Master's eyes widen with surprise more then anything as the spear was thrown, she dived to the left as the spear managed to catch her leg. "How the hell does that even work? you must have some deep pockets..." D.master said to Valvatorez as she stood up, a little tired.

"I'll see you when the hunger sets in, mortal."

"Oh don't worry, honey. It's quite easy. Here," Nem said as she placed Holly in her lap. She arranged the girls hands on the piano keys, then started playing a short, simple tune, using Holly like a puppet to play the music. "Now, try to play that again." she said to Holly when the song was done.

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Valvatorez shrugged "Not sure myself, never really thought about it." The spear flew back to his hand. He waited for D. Master to make a move

Holly slowly tried to copy Nem's hand movements, getting half wrong and half right. "That didn't sssound to great....ssorry..." She said to Nem.

D.master raised an eyebrow at Valvatorez. "Really? well...ok then...." She replied, then started running towards Valvatorez, she swung her scythe causing two more shockwaves and the chain around her blade tired to hook onto his spear.

Ethan who was still in his wolf form watched the fight between Valvatorez and D.Master. He was wagging his tail

"That was a good start. Just watch very closely." Nem said to Holly. Purple smoke radiated from Nemesis and wrapped around Holly's fingers. After small tendrils had formed around her fingers, the smoke seemed to guide her through the song as if she were the one playing it.

Valvatorez leaped into the air to avoid D. Masters attacks, once in the air he began stabbing at the ground with his spear,which magically extended with each strike to stab at a large area around D. Master. None of the strikes were aimed anywhere fatal.

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Holly played the song better then last time, although she looked a bit worried. "What'sss with the purple sssmoke Misss Nemesissss?" She asked Nem, trying to hide the fact that she was a little scared.

D.Master took several hits from that spear, once Valvatorez had finished she stood there, covered in multiple cuts. She was just about standing, trying to resist the pain she fell as blood trickled from her cuts. "Is....that...all....you got..." She said, as she sluggishly started to walk forward.

"No, but I'm not trying to kill you. I suggest you stand down, for your own sake." said Valvatorez.

"Don't be afraid, honey. It's just a...teaching technique. It's how I taught Echo." Nem said to Holly as she patted the girl on the head. She smiled at her niece, who just turned away with a "huff."

D.Master continued to walk towards Valvatorez. "I bet you would like that wouldn't you? for me to give up when I've got you...just where I want you..." She said, she managed to wrap a chain around Valvatorez's arm before collapsing to the ground.
"Well...she didn't do to badly..." I.Black muttered as she walked over to D.Master and checked if she was fine.

"Oh...*yawns* okay then..." Holly said to Nem, yawning a little. "I've never ssseen sssomeone.....teach like that before..."

Valvatorez took the chain off his arm "Indeed, especially right after training with you."

Ethan went up to Fenrich and barked at him while in his wolf form

"I find that it works." Nem said as she piano started to melt back into the ground. "Feeling tired?" she then asked Holly.

"Yeah...a little...." Holly said to Nem, as she rubbed her eyes a little.

I.Black checked over her to see some cuts but nothing to series, she picked D.Master up in her arms and turned to Valvatorez. "Thanks for that Valvatorez, I think she will be more ready to face her when the time comes..." I.Black said with a small smirk.

Valvatorez gave Black a quizzical look "Who is "her?"

Fenrich looked Ethan up and down "...What in the hell is this?"

Nem looked at Echo and the two nodded. Echo picked Holly and started carrying her to the WH.

Holly yawned and held onto Echo. "Nighty....night...Echo...Missss...nemesisss..." She said in a drowsy tone, before falling asleep on Echo.

"Oh it's someone we know.....I'll explain it to you tomorrow..." I.Black replied to Valvatrez, then carried D.Master to the WH and set her down on a crate to rest, I.Black sat down next to her smiling then fell asleep herself.

How much longer till you can wake up?
I don't know....I've been trying for days...I will not let my own insanity get the better of me...

OoC: off for the night, G'Night all!

Ethan scratched at the floor before whining with puppy dog eyes at Fenrich

"Nighty night" Echo and Nemesis both said. Echo put Holly in the WH and sat next to her.

Nem laid back on the bench that seemed to morph into a sort of puffy lounge chair.

Valvatorez gave Ethan a disgusted look "I don't know what the hell you turned into, but I have the urge to put you out of your misery."

Ethan shook his head and held up one 'finger', Made the word "of" in the air, and than pointed at Fenrich

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Fenrich shuddered at the thought of Ethan being one of him. "Your very existence is a sick joke, a perversion of the natural order. Well, you aren't a true werewolf... what should I call you..."

Ethan opened his mouth as if to speak but no sound came out. He than pointed toward the moon and made a downward gesture
OOC: @Slenn Well Ethan was turned into a werewolf by the daedric lord Hircine

Fenrich stared at Ethan for a few moments before replying "I think I'll just go simple with this, pleased to meet you Filthy Mutt."

The girls came back from Gensokyo to find the transformed Ethan. Yet they did not know it was Ethan just yet. They walked over to Ethan along with Fenrich.

"Hey there fella! You look like a new face. Where ya' from?" Marisa said smiling. But Reimu could feel something odd about this wolf.
"Is he an Inu youkai?" She said, giving a quizzical look on her face.
"Why do you say that?"
"Because it doesn't feel... wolf like. I feel the soul of a person inside."

Ethan started biting at Fenrich's ankles. He didn't pay attention to Marisa and Reimu coming

Fenrich kicked Filthy Mutt away "Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to "Filthy Mutt" he claims to be a werewolf like me, but that couldn't be true, you need to be born a werewolf."

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