We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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"bee cave, Texas i was working on a teleporter for Mann co. and wound up here" the Engineer was genuinely confused at the motley crew of individuals that were gathered here.

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"Wait, you guys got the teleporter tech working? Last time I stopped there, they said it would take decades! Great news!" Bryce was grinning ear to ear at this, but turned at the strange noise. "Ah damn, INCOMING HORDE!" He yelled, tapping at his armcomp a bit. A small tube with an open end ejected itself from the end, and he pulled a grenade round out of his duster and loaded it. "Get your weapons hot boys and gals, we got incoming!"

Bullet, upon hearing Rozalin saying "Planet... It is full of this sand." She shook her head in a 'You don't say' fashion. Overhearing Jensen, she walked back to him.

"Bury it. Anything you could do for a landmarker perhaps?" she was started to feel slightly uneasy.

Rex puts his hand to his chin and nods. "Yeah...that'll kill the engines..." As Jensen picks up the pilot, Rex walks a distance away from the group and pulls out a small blue pen. Rex sighs as he focuses and his right arm begins to give off sparks. The blue pen lights up and Rex draws a seal on the sand. Putting the pen down, Rex punches the seal with his sparking hand and a loud pop is heard. A large amount of sand is displaced all around him and a 6-foot hole about Malik's size is in front of Rex. Rex solemnly turns to Jensen and calls out. "If you find this adequate, you can bury her here..." Hearing Bryce's call to arms, Rex cracks his neck as his other arm begins to spark up.

Daniel brought out his sword hearing Bryce and Ild had produced fireballs over his head. They stood wanting to see their enemy first

Jensen came over to where Rex was standing, and looked down into the hole.
"How did you... never mind. Yeah, this will do. Thanks." He laid Malik down gently beside the hole, crossing her arms over her chest, then paused for a few moments.
"I need to go back to the crash site, to get a few things." He muttered, to Rex and the woman that had walked with them. "I'm not just going to dump her in a hole. With that he turned and walked off into the storm.

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Upon hearing Eve, Balthier figured he would not find out where exactly he was unless he started to ask the questions he wanted answered. He was about to walked over to her and Rozalin when he heard Bryce shout about incoming enemies. Placing his left hand on the stock of the rifle, he looked around but saw nothing but the horde of peg-legged birds. They had made no move to attack as of yet, so Balthier assumed whatever creatures Bryce was refering to hid themselves in the sandstorm.

The black haired man turned to Ryu "We are demons of the Netherworld of course! Have you never encountered us before?" He turned back to Rozalin "I am Valvatorez, the demon who was once known as "Tyrant," I can't say I've ever heard of your lineage though, perhaps you are from another Netherworld? That idiot, Axel, always said he could travel to different ones."

Fenrich simply stated "And I am Fenrich, Lord Valvatorez' loyal servent"

Night ppl.

Daniel turned towards Ryu "If it is such a prized artifact you may keep the sword"

Eve had been raising the helmet to put back over her head when Rozalin spoke to her. She stopped and lowered it into her lap before saying "That's just what I overheard. Know any? I've never been to their city, I've only ever read or listened to logs about stuff out here. I guess you could say this is my first time being away from home... But I'll probably try and go to their city at one point." She then pulled a face at Rozalin as she turned away and raised her helmet onto her head covering her right eye. She adjusted it's position slightly before letting it settle, as she did so her right iris grew slightly brighter. "Hmm... 78903345 8029348" she muttered with her gaze fixed on the sandstorm.

"My name is Ryu. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. And the only Demons I ever met were the ones I killed. Though the Guardians had a very Demon like quality to them." He explains.

Bryce watched the indistinct shapes of what he had perceived as walkers turn into the strange penguin pirates. "Oh. Uh, false alarm. " He then clears his throat, and says more loudly. "False alarm. Sorry guys." He shakes his head, and looks down at the soda, before tossing it aside and plucking his canteen from his belt, drinking from that to clear his mouth. "I'll just uh... just find a place to take a nap. Sorry about that again."

"I think I'm going to go to sleep guys" He buried himself up to his neck in the sand in case it got really cold later. Ild did the same

Upon hearing Bryce declare there wasn't a threat nearby, Balthier sighed and moved his hand away from the stock of the rifle. He then went to do what he wanted to do beforehand and walked over to Eve, saying, "Pardon the intrusion, but there you've still hardly explained where we are exactly . So, this place is called "the Expanse". That's all well and good, but what is this country called?"

Once Bryce calls false alarm, Rex sighs as his arms slowly return to their signifcantly less sparky state. He starts filling the grave in with the sand around him. After he finishes, Rex yawns then looks at the figure of Jensen walking back in the storm. Might as well check his ship out. Could find something useful in there... Rex zips his hoodie up again and pulls his hood over his face again as he follows Jensen's footsteps.

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Eve turned her attention from the Sandstorm to the man called Balthier who had addressed her again. She blinked at him once before saying "7583 Echo343. 254 543 435524324." She then shrugged and turned back to looking at the Sandstorm.

Rozalin said to Valvatorez in reply, "I suppose that is a possibility. My father settled on Veldime a while ago. Though I am truly surprised that you have not heard of him, the God of All Overlords, before. Regardless, it is nice to be among civilized demon-folk instead of only having these common humans to be around."
She turned back to Eve and said, "'Know any?'? I just said that my father is an Overlord. Perhaps the strongest that has ever existed. Of course I know an Overlord! Though you say that there is an entire city of Overlords? I've never read about anything like that before. I honestly can't even imagine the sight of an entire city of Overlords living together without trying to tear each other apart. Say, what is this planet called? I had assumed it was my homeworld of Veldime...but now I am forced to think that that might not be the case."
She started to seem uneasy around Ryu, hearing that he had killed Demons before. She stepped away from him ever-so-slightly.

the Engineer began to walk into the distance toward the crashed jet. perhaps he could find some spare parts to build something there (goodnight ppl)

"I asked for a name. Not a set of coordinates." Balthier remarked as he crossed his arms. Truly, does this woman suffer from a sunstroke, or is she truly this clueless?
Upon hearing Rosalin, Balthier scoffed softly.

Bryce went out towards the center of the clearing, found a patch of sand, tuck all his weapons into various pockets and holsters, and pulled his cowboy hat down over his eyes. He tried fitfully to go to sleep.

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Rozalin's wings twitched slightly as she heard Balthier scoff. She turned her head just enough to put him in her peripheral vision and asked, "And what was that? Have you a thought to express?"

Balthier frowned and turned his head to look at Rozelin. "My thoughts are my own." he replied curtly and with a less-then interested tone.

Ryu looked at Rozelin. "No need to be concerned. Nothing here seems dangerous at the moment."

Valvatorez chuckled at Ryu "A demon hunter? I feasted on the blood of many of your kind back in my day. I am a vampire, you see. But fear not, I no longer require human blood to sustain myself." as Valvatorez said this a group of about 30 small, penguin like creatures with small demon wings showed up, all marching in file

One of the creatures detatched himself from the company and nervously walked up to Valvatorez
"Sorry we're late, Lord Valvatorez, dood!" A group of the creatures walked up to Valvatorez carrying a large, cold looking cooler, and placed it at his feet.

Fenrich bent down to look the creature in the eye "Prinny rule #6, a Prinny must never make his master wait. You know the punishment, confess your most embarrassing experience!"

"Y-Yes Master Fenrich, dood! I-I was once tied naked to my bed and was pulled out into the street as a prank dood!" tearfully replied the first Prinny, while the rest of them began to all speak their punishments at once, forming an unintelligible racket
"These humans worry me, they show little to no fear of us, they must be reprimanded soon."
"Indeed, this filth must learn to fear us."

Eve lazily shifted her gaze between Rozalin and Balthier before spouting off a long series of numbers at the both of them in an educated manner. She finished her spiel with the word "Okay?" and a smirk before making herself comfortable and falling instantly asleep.

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"I never claimed to be a demon hunter. I've merely crossed paths with a few in my travels." Ryu replied to Valvatorez, shaking his head. "There are things far more dangerous than demons."

Overhearing Valvatorez and Fenrich, Balthier scoffed once more. Demon or no, none shall place shackles on me. Proverbial or otherwise. His irritation increased when Eve completely disregarded his question and even fell asleep on the spot. "Surely this is a jest..."

Rozalin seemed to lose all interest in Balthier as he proved to be tight-lipped, looking away from him and back at the others around her. She seemed moderately insulted by Ryu's claim. Who is this human to claim there is nothing dangerous when he stands in the presence of three demons?
She turned back to Val and Fenrich and replied, "Yes, it is indeed quite strange that they do not fear us. Perhaps they do not know that they are in the presence of their betters? This one here does not seem to even know what a Princess is." She motioned over at Eve without looking at her. I've read that humans are supposed to be afraid of demons, could that possibly not be the case?
She raised an eyebrow at Eve quizzically as she said nothing Rozalin could find useful, as she'd already forgotten nearly every number that Eve had stated. "Is this how humans normally act? They are quite strange creatures if that is the case. Far different from anything I have read before." She pondered aloud to herself.

"I have had my fill of self-righteousness for the day." Balthier remarked as he turned towards Ryu. "You. Ryu, was it? It is clear we shan't be finding any useful information remaining here. What say you we depart from this place, hmm?"

"I, for one, have a friend that is a Princess. But she wouldn't refer to herself as anyone's better." Ryu said to Rozalin. "And you maybe surprised what we 'humans' are capable of."
He turned to Balthier. "I'm not sure where we would go... That sandstorm still rages. And I've traveled through a desert before. If you don't have a plan, water, and supplies, you won't make it anywhere but your grave."

Fenrich scowled at Ryu "Fool, nothing is more dangerous than a demon!"
Valvatorez spoke up "Calm yourself Fenrich, he does not appear to be an enemy. In fact, I admire his fearlessness, it is a quality the rest of his kind seem to lack. Anyways, I think we should get some rest for now."

Fenrich bowed to Valvatorez "Of course, all is for my Lord." he raised his fist into the air and 3 shockingly stealthy Prinnies appeared out of nowhere. He issued some commands to them, who then turned and began to communicate a message to the other Prinnies. Soon they had begun to fashion a makeshift shelter out of the wreckage of the plane crash site. Some of the other Prinnies reached into their pouches and pulled out some parts for some sort of ice maker and portable generator, and set them up to the cooler, keeping whatever was inside cold.

Valvatorez turned to Rozalin "No, this is highly unusual behavior for humans. They are mostly a pathetic and spineless species. Feel free to use this shelter if you so desire, it isn't much but it will do for now." With that Valvatorez headed inside to sleep.
"To think that my Lord must be confined to such a disgusting shelter..." said Fenrich as he followed his Lord inside.

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"Oh, I am well aware of the peril the sands can pose. But unless my ears decieved me, several others spoke of a airship that crashed nearby. Taking refuge in there until the storm passes would be prefferable to spending the night here, would it not?" Balthier remarked as he turned to face the direction Adam and several others walked towards. "Ontop of that, I wouldn't dream of stinking up the air of our "betters". Perish the though." he added, sounding sarcastically near the end.

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