We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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"From what I have read, even the strongest of humans cannot match but one third the strength of any Demon. I will have to see proof to believe otherwise." Rozalin replied to Ryu derisively.
She looked at Val and Fenrich's makeshift shelter and sighed. "It is a far cry from my room at my mansion, but I suppose anything is better than sleeping outside on this sand." She said aloud to herself.
Scoffing at Baltheir's obviously sarcastic remark, she turned away and walked off to the other side of the tree. Holding out her hand, she conjured up a circular glyph, filled with strange patterns and symbols. She gazed longingly at the glyph, seeming to get lost in the patterns. Father...I wonder, does he yet realize that I am gone?

"'Our betters'? You mean them?" Ryu replies motioning towards the Demons. "Don't let them get to you. They're nothing to worry about. Besides, it makes more sense to sleep here where there is no concern for the storm than to risk getting lost in it looking for some ship. Hopefully the storm will pass and we can get moving in the morning. And I'm perfectly comfortable sleeping outside."
He looks back to Rozalin. "You act tough and proud, but you're more like a lonely little child, are you not? You should embrace the people around you and try to become friends. Here's one thing you may not have read. A group of friends are stronger than any lone Demon or anyone else. If you want proof, well, I'm still alive aren't I?"

"Letting them get to me? Oh no, this is nothing but mild irritation. Mostly comming from the fact that I have no clue as to where I am save for a vague description and a set of coordinates that mean nothing to me." Balthier explained with a small shrug. "They merely amplify said irritation. As for sleeping outside... I would disagree, were it not for that fact that the sun has set, making navigating next to imposible at this point. Though I do wish we had a tent or the like, but I suppose one must make due."

Rozalin was startled out of her musing and dismissed her glyph as Ryu addressed her. "Tch, who are you to speak of me in such a way? I have my father and my servants, and that is more than enough. I must focus my efforts on returning to them as soon as possible, not making friends." She said, irritation filling her voice.

"I can't disagree that not knowing where we are is frustrating. I had hoped to learn that much..." Ryu responds.
"As for the sleeping arrangements, I can't help you with that. I didn't realize I would need be needing camping equipment. I'm lucky to have my equipment at all. I suggest you make yourself as comfortable as you can, and try to get some sleep. I'll be doing the same." He says walking to lie down under the tree. He leans up against it and places his sword so that it leans against the tree trunk and the end of the scabbard is at his feet.
"You just seem lonely is all. You don't have to be. And who knows how long you'll be here? Or what awaits us in this environment. Who knows... Maybe a Dragon or Chimera will gobble you up. I'm sure you could use a hand from friends in that situation." He says closing his eyes.

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Not like I have much choice at this point. Balthier thought as he sat down on the ground near the tree, hoping the shade it would cast would protect him at least a little from the sun when it would rise. He placed his hands under his head and pulled up one leg while the other was stretched out. I do so hate the desert.

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Rozalin simply scoffed at Ryu as she walked past him and towards Val and Fenrich's make-shift shelter. After stumbling for what she was determined to be the last time, she simply took off her high-heels and tucked them into the folds of her dress, then continued on into the shelter. Sitting down in a corner away from Val and Fenrich, she pondered to herself for a while. That human is a fool. Almost no one here has shown themselves worthy of my attention, much less any signs of friendship Going back over what Ryu had said, she produced a book that looked like an owner's manual for something and began to read from it. ...Though perhaps he is not entirely foolish. I may very well have to resort to defending myself from something other than the invasive tendencies of sand.

"Princess." Balthier called with a somewhat hushed tone. "This father of yours. Would he be willing offer a reward for your safe return?" He added, sounding rather casual about it.

Rozalin looked from her reading after hearing Balthier address her. "Why of course he would. My father, Overlord Zenon, cares for me more than anything else in existence. If someone were to aid me in my return to him, they would surely be greatly rewarded in a manner befitting one who helps the ruler of an entire world." She replied in as casual a manner as she could manage.

Hearing Rozalin's reply, Balthier cracked a roguish smile. Suddenly, any personal diferences felt far less important. He wasn't quite sure what she meant with "ruler of an entire world", having never heard of a Zenon. Regardless, Rozelin's attire suggested a wealthy lineage, making escorting her worthwile if there indeed was a reward to be had. "A appealing prospect, to be sure. I'll be sure to keep that in mind." he then replied, yawning slightly near the end. After a while of staring at the rather peculiar sky, Balthier closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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A man ,brave and strong, walks in the harsh desert. His sword is the stuff of legends, being almost at his size. Some say it's not a sword at all, but a giant piece of iron! The same thing could be said about his shield. His armour looks heavy, yet he does not have a problem in movement. The strange man is named.......

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Rozalin simply went back to her reading without replying to Balthier again. She wasn't about to admit any need for assistance, but she wasn't in any position to turn anything away at this point either. She went back to focusing on her reading, intent on prying the secrets from the tome she held in her hands before she might actually have dire need of them. She fell asleep a short while later, her book open in her lap as she sat against the wall of Valvatorez and Fenrich's make-shift shelter.

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Captcha:"6 feet of snow" Captcha, you dumbass! We're in a desert! Damn it!

A desert offered few places to hide. No shadows, no vantage points. Behind a fearsome mask, haggard eyes blinked and the world shifted. As he trudged forward, the former Royal protector could barely see in the blinding sun but he could make out the outlines that his Dark Vision highlighted.

Corvo Atano, like he'd be hunted here. He doubted anyone had even hear of him here.

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@Berk Adam Jensen and Corvo Atano. Its amazing how similair both games are.

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"OW, FUCK!" Followed by several gunshots. "You cockfucking skag! I'll set your dick on fire! How dare you bite me!" The group would hear this loud man over the hill, and would see him as he chased his prey down. "You killed Butt-Stallion, you bastard!"

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A bright light flashes across the desert and fiery pillar shoots from beneath the earth. As the pillar died down, a massive hulking, twisted figure stood on the glassy sand, observing it's surrounding.

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OoC: Hey guys. The new thread is up, I see. Where are we anyway... oh. Someone else is allready playing a Vault Hunter. Dammit, I just got those bios together...

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As Jack killed the primo-badass skag he tripped and slid down the hill of sand, towards the groups location. He barely had time to shield his eyes from pillar of flame.

@Gear: You can still play as one of the hunters, just not Zer0.

"FUCK! DAMN IT!" Jack exclaimed as he took shelter from the flames.

@Dirty: If by "change," you mean: "have the character violently murdered by the one and only Handsome Jack," then he will indeed: "change his character."

@trty Actually, I was planning to play as all five of them at once. I made character sheets and everything!
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Jensen came back towards the clearing where he had left Faridah carrying a length of plastic sheeting normally used to protect sensitive equipment while cleaning the VTOL's interior. The sandstorm was still raging and blocked out most of the light, making it impossible to tell what time it was. His HUD timer suggested that it was late in the mornin, but without knowing exactly where on the globe he was, he wasn't sure he could trust it.
When he reached the clearing he ignored the sleeping people and headed straight to where the pilot lay.. Laying out the plastic he lifted her body and gently placed her on top of it, before foldingthe edges over and stapling them together, encasing her in a semi-opaque cucoon. Getting to his feet, he lifted the wrapped body and dropped into the hole, laying her gently down. It was the best he could do.
Malik... Faridah. I'm sorry I can't take you back to Detroit." He said quietly, awkwardly, not sure why he was speaking to his dead colleague, but doing so nonetheless. "I don't even know where we are now. Best I can do is give you a decent burial, keep scavengers away. Dunno if that'd be enough for you but, well, that's just how it is." Bending his legs slightly he sprang right out of the 6 foot deep hole, and began to kick the sand and torn up rock back in.

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In the ensuing confusion, Jack failed to notice he was in the middle of a sand-storm. It wasn't a lethal one, but it was still hectic. He stumbled around, covering his eyes the whole way, until he came to a clearing. He was still utterly disorientated, and unable to get any bearings, so he bumped into, the then unknown to him, Adam Jensen.

"Watch where you're going, you idiot!" Jack said as they both lay on the ground.

@All: Back...

Bullet woke up again after falling asleep in the sand, hopping to her feet, in another fighting stance. Growling, she gripped her head.

Nightmares.... she thought, before kicking the sand in frustation.

OOC: @trty Adam is out of the sandstorm. He's in a small area protected from it by magic or something. Most of the others are asleep there.

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OOC: @trty Adam is out of the sandstorm. He's in a small area protected from it by magic or something. Most of the others are asleep there.

I edited it, so it makes more sense now.

Adam felt someone slam into his back as he was about to kick another pile of sand in and stumbled, almost tripping and falling in on top of the half-covered body. He just managed to catch himself on the edge of the hole and scrambled back to his feet, dusting off the trench coat that he had retrieved at the crash site. Straightening up his face twisted in a snarl of rage and his shades retracted as he turned to face the man who was now impudently barking at him.
"You're going to want to check your attitude, right now." He snapped, stepping over the sand pile closer to the man.

OOC: Hi everybody.

The man (I am playing, obviously) started to stir from where he was, at the very furthest away from the group in the oasis area.

@Outis Heya man.

Bullet, hearing the voices, and hoping for alittle brawl before breakfast, started to walk towards Handsome Jack and Jensen.

"Or what? You're going to smack me around with those shades? You were in my way, as such, I bumped into you, and you made me trip!" Jack took a minute to size up the man, and snickered. "Where did you get that coat? The fucking Matrix? HA!" Handsome Jack called out loud: "Hey everybody! I think someone's compensating for something!" He gave Adam a sly grin, "I wonder what?" He said with a air of superiority.

Jensen took another step forward, one hand going into his coat, then he stopped and looked back at the hole. After a few seconds he looked at the bastard that was taunting him again, with murder in his eyes.
"You should consider yourself lucky that I'm in the middle of burying a friend." He growled, lowering his habd without drawing his sidearm. "You might not be up for it, but I still mean to show her some respect." With that Jensen turned his back on the man, and began pushing large piles of dirt back in.

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