We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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Eventually coming across Jensen and Handsome Jack, she frowned. Aww... No fight yet.

Seeing Jensen burying someone made her shift uncomfortably

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Tarkus randomly walks up to Adam and Jack "I ask ye, where am I?" Tarkus said in a stoic way.

Jack gave a sharp chuckle before standing, as he began to follow Adam, brushing the sand off his clothes. "Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week!" He said as he came up behind him. "You're burying your friend, you said? What happened to her?"

Jack turned his gaze to Tarkus upon his appearance. "Jesus! You're a real big guy ain't ya!?"

The man stood and took out his canteen for another small drink.

"Killed in a crash." Jensen said bluntly, continuing to work, Malik's body disappearing beneath the heavy showers of soil. He had laid a torn off piece of engine cowling above her face to protect it from being damaged by the infill. "The sandstorm killed our engines and she mustn't have been able to see a safe landing site." He looked up as a man in armour, even taller than himself approached.
"I don't know. Some desert." He said, brushing the question off and continuing to work.

In the Hazama A place between the Heavens, Earth and Hell.
A Girl with black hair and Bright blue eyes was wondering and walking closer to a broken down castle.

The girl approached the Castle and looked up, she lower her hood.
"So....this is where you've been Hiding....." She muttered to herself as she entered the castle entrance.

as she entered, the door closed right behind her. she looked around as she kept her sword close to her. another girl with black and Green eyes appeared in front of her.
"Well you took your time didn't you Black? and here I thought you were never going to show"

Black took her sword out of her holder and held it to her side.
"Deadmaster....we don't have to do this....just give up and we can return to the real world.....back to our normal....please....I'm begging you..."
Dead Master paused then went from a small chuckle to a chaotic and manic laugh.
"HAHA! I never you were weak Black.....but I never knew you were one to beg...." She said smirking a she teleported two massive skulls to her sides.
"and why would I return to our world now? the power the Hazama gives us....the binding....the death and destruction....THIS PLACE IS PURE BLISS!....and I'm not one for giving that up...."
Black simply sighed at the girls actions and pointed her sword towards Dead Master.
"You've left me no choice.....I was hoping I would get you back home....but It seems you too have been taken over.....and I plan to take you back!" Black said then started rushing towards dead master.
"Fine with me.....JUST DON'T CRY WHEN I HURT YOU!" She replied as she fired the skull towards black.

thus starting another fight in this Dimension, the fight of two friends......that would seem to go on for a life time.....

Jack shrugged, "The storm ended up killing my diamond pony."

Bullet saw Tarkus show up, as she just scanned on ways to take such a big target down. Her armagus was prept and ready for anybody to start something.

Hearing Handsome Jack, she turned to him and frowned. "You had a diamond pony?"

"The men where I come form art even bigger then me" Tarkus said in a stoic way to Jack. "Thanks for the information you have given me" Tarkus said to Adam.

OoC: Tarkus talks in ye old English.http://www.ibequeaththee.com/oldenglish.html

Jack was up for continuing to talk to Tarkus... until he saw Bullet. When he rested his gaze on her, he cocked an eyebrow, and began to ignore Tarkus.

'Why yes, I did have a diamond pony. It wasn't a fake pony either. It was a live pony made of diamonds! I bought it because: "Hey, I'm rich. Why not?"'

OoC: Has to be done in a desert...

"I'm real sorry to hear that." Jensen grunted. His tone didn't chane much but it was obvious that he neither knew what a diamond pony was nor cared enough to find out. Finishing his work, he laid a panel from the crash with SARIF stencilled on it over the grave, then turned to face the group next to him. His shades closed over his eyes again.

Bullet's eyes hardened alittle. "So you had a diamond pony... Just for the hell of it."

"Obviously a man of subtle taste." Jensen muttered derisively. "That doesn't surprise me much somehow."

Jack gave a grin. "Yep, it's what's I do. Trust me honey, when you have the income I have, the world's your oyster!"

Jack then shot Adam a condescending look. "Heh, at least I have taste. You might as well have: 'I'm angsty, watch out for me' tattooed on your forehead. At least I've got some semblance of a personality."

The two continued to fight, Scythe against Blade, chain against Chain.

The two clashed in the middle, neither one was about to back down.
"This place has changed you....your blinded by evil and now can't not see...."
The two broke off each other and charged at each other once more.
"There is nothing to fear in the dark apart from the dark itself.....can't you see black I'm not the only one who has changed....."
Black countered Dead master's blow and fired her chain and her wrapping her up, Dead master tried to struggled out of it as Black walked over and put the tip of her blade near Dead master's throat.
"Well....what are you waiting for? Kill me! attack me while I'm down and spill my blood...."
Black said nothing and withdrew her blade.
"I want you back home....I have no desire to kill you....."
She said as she went to pick up dead master, but stopped when she heard what sounded like a engine.
"what is that...."
"Hehe...it's called....Backup!"
at that moment a giant mech like spider crashed threw the wall and knocked Black away.
"Well now this is a treat! you've been very naughty Miss black, using your chains to tie people up....never though you were into that sort of thing...."
Black stumbled back up. "Chariot...why the hell are you helping Dead Master...."
the girl named Chariot laughed.
"For the same reason Strength helps you....for revenge!"
Dead master flicked her hand and what looked like a teleport hole opened up.
"What the-" Black started to mutter as she was knocked threw the teleport by the mech.
Landing in a dessert like environment. (This is now happening not to far away from the group)

Then Tarkus looks at Bullet."Why art thou dressed like that?" Tarkus asked Bullet.

The man looked around and nervously observed the members of the group.

Bullet raised an eyebrow at Jensen, but nodded as well. Turning back to Jack, she her eyes gazed over in a 'how boring' way.

"Unless that pony was meant for something, your investment seems like a waste of time." She crossed her arms. Turning to Tarkus she said.

"Because this is my clothing."

Jensen shook his head slightly, before looking past the man that he was growing to despise and focused on the woman,and the armoured figure.
"I don't think we had the time for proper introductions before. What's your name?" As he spoke he turned his head slightly, looking in the direction of the man who had appeared on his rangefinder, moving slowly closer.

The man started getting sand out of places and making sure his equipment still worked.

"Well, you obviously haven't learned to enjoy the fun things in life." He said to Bullet.

He then addressed all of them. "I'm Jack. Handsome Jack."

"Bullet." she said to Jensen. Bullet blinked at Jack's comment.

"Define 'fun'."

"Tis impractical armour. It serves no protection to thee." Tarkus said in a stoic way to Bullet.

"Bullet? Why Bullet? That sounds like something some street thug would call themselves."

Black got back up and looked around.
"A dessert? are we no longer....in the hazama?" She muttered, as the mech came threw the teleport.
Dead master and Chariot both waved goodbye to Black.
"Well it's been fun and all, but were going to have some fun in this world..."
"Shame you won't be alive to see anything, Goodbye! Miss Black Rock Shooter"
Chariot commanded her mech to attack black, as the 2 girls disappeared.

Black prepared her sword as the Mech charged at her.
"I promised to get you home....and I will do that..." she muttered to herself, as she put her hood back up and narrowly dodged the Mech's giant spikes.

"And you're virtually a walking statue." Bullet said to Tarkus. "You can't hurt, what you can't catch."

Turning back to Jensen she said. "It's the only name I have."

Jack cocked his eyebrow again at Bullet. This time, not out of attraction, but out of slight disbelief. "Uh... 'fun?' Are you... fucking with me right now? 'Fun' as in, just doing stuff for the enjoyment of it! As I said, I'm rich, and seeing as I've already invested billions into my well-being, and trained my body and mind to perfection, I think I can indulge a little from time to time. Okay, honey?" It began to dawn on Jack that, despite her physical beauty, Bullet was dense, and zero fun. He abandoned the thought of actually getting with her. He'd just jerk off to her until he grew bored.

"Huh..." Jensen shrugged.
"Name's Jensen. Adam Jensen. I'm head of security at Sarif Industries." As he spoke, his HUD dsiplay suddenly flashed a large blip on the rangefinder, and he turned to see the giant mech in the distance.
"Heads up, we've got company." He said to the others.

Jack stepped back when he saw the mech. 'Holy fuck! That's almost as big as mine!'

The man started looking around for cover when he saw the mech.

"That doesn't sound like fun at all. 'Fun' would be wrestling each other in the dirt to see who's stronger, faster and smarter. And claiming victory of course." Bullet said in a dismissive manner to Jack.

"Pleased to meet you then Adam." she said, then turning her attention to the mech. "Oh, finally something to do." she smiled, getting into a ready stance. Her orange/yellow gauntlets started glowing alittle.

"How foolish of thee.... Thou talk like thee did not got hit once." Tarkus said in a stoic way to Bullet.

Then saw the mech. He sighed in a bored way.

Jack got into a ready stance, and all of a sudden a rather large rocket launcher materialized in his arm. He brought it up to fire, all without breaking conversation with Bullet. "That does help to relieve stress sometimes, but occasionally, a little hedonism doesn't hurt. Sometimes I like to prove physical superiority, and sometimes I like to screw 3 different men and women at the same time. Everything in moderation, right?"

Jack then addressed Tarkus. "Hey, fattie? Shut up. Can't you see that there are more pressing issues than clothing? I mean, it's undeniable that I'm easily the best dressed here, but still!"

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