We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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"Ryu... Let me tell you one thing... Don't hold back. If you don't fight with all you've got, I'll kill you."
"Did you hear that, Ladies and Gentlemen? The Champion gives no quarter. Even against a mere child! This is going to be a show-stopper of a fight folks. Without further ado, allow me to present to you, the final match of the Contest of Champions! Readyyyyyy... FIGHT!"

Ryu wakes up still leaning against the tree and rubs his eyes. Standing up he places his sword at his hip and rubs his eyes. "I wonder if we're ready to move yet..."

the mech kept coming and attacking at Black relentless, as she continued to get cut and jab by the fast mechanical of the machine. Black stopped for a moment and let it charge at her.
"I really don't want to use this in another world....but..." as the mech came within crushing distance, black jumped up high and over it in mid air, as materialized her arm cannon and took aim.

"I almost feel sorry that you were built...." She muttered, then launched a powerful shot right into the middle of the mech, destroying and making it burst into flames. Black landed on her feet and shook her cannon of her arm, she looked around the desert.
"Hmm....were to begin...." She wondered around a little and looked at the people who were staring at the now broken mech.
I really don't want to fight again....

Jensen quickly removed his trench coat and let it fall to the sand, revealing his black shelled prosthetic arms and carapace like body armour. Drawing his pistol, he pulled back the slide and disengaged the safety in preparation. As he did so however, he saw the powerful artillery shot that appeared to emanate from point blank range and take down the mech, and he holstered the pistol again slowly.

"Fascinating." Bullet said, raising one of her gauntlets. Her fists started erupting flames as she said. "Releasing Armagus! HEAT UP!" As an minor air depression vibrated around, giving her alittle red-ish glow.

Seeing the mech destroyed she frowned, "Tch. And there goes our entertainment." She still keep the red glow around her though.

The man saw Black getting attacked and hurt and instinctively headed toward her, keeping a wary eye on the mech.

Just as Black was about to relax a little, 2 more mechs came threw a teleport.
"You've got to be kidding me..." She muttered as she prepared her sword.
One of the mech's went for Black, but the other seemed more interested in the new people and rolled with it's spikes to greet them.

OOC: A little fight perhaps?
just attack if you want to join.

OoC: Hi @Salty! You missed a berserk reference I made. (Take a shot)

Then Tarkus comes closer to one of the mechs.

The man quickly readied a shotgun as he saw the other mechs and took aim.

Upon hearing Black destroy the mech, Ryu looked into the distance. "What was that? A fight? Perhaps I should investigate..." He said as he began to walk towards the sound of conflict.

OoC: Should I assume that the sandstorm is not that bad and that Black is close by?

OoC: @Salty, yeah I would assume that.

OOC: Yeah, sure.

As the two other mechs appeared, Jensen began to walk towards the woman with the sword, eyes fixed on the machines. His retinal prostheses scanned through their armour, searching fo structural weaknesses.

@Hatchy: Yay!

"Hell yeah!" Bullet grinned. Dashing up jumped into the air, did was seemed to be an air dash and punched the robot the robot in its 'face'. All while still carrying that red glow of her's but while she was moving it seemed to have traced an outline of her body, mimicking her movements if only a second late.

"All right! The fun's still going!" Jack aimed the rocket launcher, and fired it's full payload of 6 Jakobs rockets, straight into the mechs face.

After hearing the initial mech explode, Rex jolted awake severely annoyed. The ship didn't have anything all that useful and he couldn't use his seals in the storm to build something. Brushing off the sand on his pants, he dashes over toward the mechs and charges his arms up. Needed some stress relief...

Jensen picked up his speed and began to sprint at the second mech. Leaping 9 feet into the air he made contact with one of the legs just where it attached to the body. Grabbing on with mechanical strength, he pulled himself up and began to climb up to the hinge of the leg.

Jensen would find the Mech's weakness were on the joints of there spider like legs.

Bullets' and Jack's combined facial attacks, gave the mech quite a few cracks.

The mech responded by firing Drill like projectiles at the group, then continued to roll and went up to ram them, it also tried to shake Jansen of it's leg.

Black was busying holding of the other mech, but could a glimpse of the group fighting the first mech.
"What the....HEY WATCH OUT!" she shouted out to them, then rolled out the way to avoid being crushed.

OoC: Group....everyone Go!

The man, being worried about the girls safety at this point with all the explosions and whatnot, took Black by the hand and started pulling her away from the fight, firing back at the mech she had been fighting with his shotgun as best as he could.

Tarkus moved to one of the mechs. He did a diagonal slash to rip off most of its parts.

OoC: Tarkus is insanely strong, so that might cause high damage .

Black would find that her injuries began to mend themselves and her strength returned to her.

Ryu having spotted the mech that she was fighting had cast a healing spell on her while he moved in and slashed at what would be the machines ankle hoping to cut any connections or mechanical parts.

Jensen continued pulling himself up along the mech's leg, until he reached the mechanism where it joined with the main body. Clinging on with his left hand, he drew the right back, and a two foot long, black, chisel shaped blade extended from his wrist. He thrust forward and jammed this blade through the joint, severing wires and hydraulic tubes as it wedged between the metal components.

Thanks to Jack's idiotic idea of firing at the Mech's head, Bullet was blasted away from the mech's head, enduring the pieces of shrapnel and scrapes on her body. She growled, though the blast did help her evade the drills.

"Watch the friendly-fucking-fire!" she yelled, raising her left arm to chest level. The gauntlet's blade, shifted to the front and fired an explosive fireball at the mech's legs; a leg away from Jensen.

OoC: Yes, this is one of her moves as seen during a mirror match.

OoC: @Dirty: It's fine to have really strong characters, but don't get carried away. We don't want any demi-gods.

Jack took cover from the mech and its drill projectiles. He switched over to a Maliwan machine gun that fired corrosive rounds, and had an unusually high clip for a Maliwan, and began to fire at the mechs joints hoping to melt them. Jack also set up a turret to provide suppressing fire for the group.

He yelled to Bullet. "You're the one that decided to charge the thing head on! You take your chances when you do shit like that!"

OoC: @Bullet: 'My "idiotic idea," or your recklessness?'

OoC: @Dirty: It's fine to have really strong characters, but don't get carried away. We don't want any demi-gods.

OoC: Tarkus is far from a Demigod, the only thing he has is physical strength.

I can show a video about his abilities.

@Jack: "Melee fighter. Blazblue is a fighting game, not a shooter. Learn you moron."

The man's firing seemed to annoy the mech 1 without causing much damage.
Black was a bit more surprising when she felt being dragged away by a stranger. "Hey....I don't know who you are but you might want to let me destroy these things before they destroy us...." She said as she was being pulled away, she materialized a pistol and took pot shots at mech 1.

Tarkus's slash ripped a leg clean off of mech 2, as wires and sparks flew from the point it had been cut.

Ryu managed to cut a foot off of mech 1, but it seemed to respond by firing spikes at him.

Jensen managed to also take another leg off mech 2, it gave a metal screech and flicked Jensen off it's body.

Rex also managed to servilely wreck another leg.

Bullet's Hadouken Fire ball managed to burn up the exposed parts of machinery in mech 2.

and Jack's acid like bullets ripped right threw the mech 2, the machine staggered for a moment, then replied by jabbing at the group with the remains of its legs.

OoC: Mech 2 is on it's last legs (hehe get it?) so you can kill it this turn.

Rex dashes in toward the group's mech and sees Jensen tearing apart a joint. Following suit on the other side of the mech, Rex takes a chareged up arm and shoves his sparking fist through one of the frontal legs of the mech.

OoC: @Dotslash, ill add yours to the damage caused to Mech 2.

"I really don't think you should be around here." The man said as he pulled the girl behind him faster. He reached the clearing with her and reloaded his gun with slightly shaking hands.

Ryu rolled out of the way of the spikes, but took a few cuts and scratches in the process. He then jumped on the foot that he had cut off and leaped at the mechs face, stabbing at it with his blade.

OoC: @Bullet: "Jeez, you're touchy aren't you? Besides, Blazblue does have characters that use guns, just in case you forgot."

Jacks turret let out a large rocket, hitting the mech directly.

After seeing the carnage the group caused on the first mech, Rex runs over to the second one and hops of one of its legs and drives another hard punch into its face before recovery rolling as he lands.

Jensen was thrown into the air and plummeted towards the ground. Getting his fall under control, he activated the Icarus landing system, and his fall slowed substantially as his body braced itself against the planet's magnetic field. Landing on his feet, he straightened up and looked back at the mech which was ready to collapse. Dismissing it as a threat, he turned to the other mech and ran at it as he had the first one, leaping high into the air again. Grabbing onto its side, he drew himself close and sent an impulse to his chest cavity. A series of small holes opened in his body armour, and he braced himself against the backthrust as a shower of Typhoon bomblets disgorged themselves onto the surface of the mech.

Tarkus Tried to cut off the other leg. This time doing a horizontal slash.

@Hatchy: LOL.
@Jack: "One. Congratulations, everybody uses their fists or melee weapons, and even her, its primarily melee as well. Guns... Practically don't exist with Argus Magus floating around."

Bullet manifested a strange symbol before her, guarding against the mech's leg attacks. "Nice. My turn." Raising her gauntlets again, a large flame came out with a similar air decompression as her red outline glow was stronger.

She charged into the mech, taking a few scraps and cuts from the mech's drills and legs as she uppercutted into the mech's body with her left arm. Piercing through was an explosive flame eruption. It seemed connected to Bullet's punch.

OoC: Ending of her Drive ability: Lock On.

OoC: @Bullet: "For your consideration.."

With the first mech down, Jack turned his attention to the second, switching to a Jakobs sniper rifle, and taking precise shots.

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