We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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OoC: @Rosh, :D

mech 1 shook of the bullets the Man, Jack and Black fired like they were nothing.
"I can only agree with that term...." Black muttered to the Man, then launched a chain from her her sleeve and wrapped up one of the mech 1's legs.

when Ryu stabbed mech 1 in the face it gave a electrical screech, then shook it's body in a attempt to shake him off.

Jack and Tarkus's efforts managed to blow another 2 legs of mech 2, as it slumped more to the ground.

Jensen's typhoon bomblet's did enjoy a great fest of wires and metal, which seemed to paralyze mech 1.

Bulet's punch smashed mech 2, giving it a massive crack as it was flipped over and hit the ground hard.
A few red lights came off the mech as it started to smoke, it twitched a few times before blowing up.


OoC: Mech 1 is paralyzed and chained up, FINISH HIM!

Ryu pulls his blade up and through the mechs face, jumping off the mech as he does.

OoC: "Bullet. Jack. You're both in the wrong."

The man looked at Black curiously as she shot a chain from her shirt. "Uh...don't take this the wrong way or anything, but you're...y-you're not normal, a-a-are you?" he asked as he finished reloading and moved to stand in front of Black.

Jack fired one more shot. He lined it up perfectly, and shot directly into the mechs hub, destroying its systems. "AND BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!" He yelled.

OOC: Shouldn't Jack be using Hyperion weapons?

Tarkus runs to mech one and jumps. He then stabbed it in it's face in midair......

OoC: And ninja'd by @trty! Does my post still count?

@Jack: "What part of 'fighting game' do you not understand? Secondly, her guns are an Ars Armagus: Nox Nyctores. They are magic by themselves and all but a few of her attacks are actually used for medium to long range. You are master at knowing your own universe. Not ours."
@Ryu: "Who the hell are you?

Bullet quickly dashed away from the robot, only to be caught in the concussive explosion, and made her fly a good yards away, as she tumble and turned to the last mech. Gritting her teeth, she fired another fireball at the mech, as her fiery after-image disappeared.

Jensen threw himself backwards off of the mech as the bomblets exploded, landing in a three point crouch. He straightened up and watched as the mech shuddered and sparked, attempting to move but unable to control its limbs. He himself felt momentarily drained by the power it had taken to trigger the Typhoon system, on top of the energy consumed by punching through the joint of the other mechs leg, but he did not allow himself to show any sign of fatigue as the others went to finish off the crippled machine.

OoC: @Gear, haha yes that's perfect!

OoC: @Outis: He's in charge of Hyperion, but I don't see anything wrong with him using other brands.

@Bullet: "It doesn't matter if they're magic, they're still guns, and she still uses them. And I'll have you know that my knowledge of fighting games is rather extensive, not that that has anything to do with the argument."

@Ryu: "All I'm saying to @Bullet, is that guns exist in the Blazblue universe, which they do."

OoC: @Outis: He's in charge of Hyperion, but I don't see anything wrong with him using other brands.

I would just think he would want to promote his own products...even if Hyperion sucks...

"Normal? who are we to question what is normal in this world or the next?" Black replied to the Man, as she yanked on the chain making the mech stumble forward.

Tarkus's face jab made the mech cry out once more and gave it a beautiful face crack, as parts of the metal started to crumble off.

Bullet's fireball smashed into the leg Black had pinned down, burning right threw the metal and making it crack in the process.

Jensen's relentless attacks makes the mech stumble a bit more, as it tries to balance it's self.

With the mech's holes and cracks, smoke started to show from all around it's body, as it manages to lit one of it's claws and give a last ditch effort into a slam attack, jack's bullet hit dead center into it's coredrive and then explodes it from the inside.
As scrap and metal fly, the now dead mech falls to the ground with a thud.

OoC: SUCCESS! the group gain 215 Exp,
the group obtained scrap metal
300 platinum dollars
the robotic expert perk, now the group can do 20% more damage towards robots and mechs!

OoC: @Outis: "Hey! Hyperion does not suck! When you want to actually hit your targets, we're the place you need to buy from!"

Once the final mech had fallen, Jack stood on top of his cover of rocks, and began to pelvic thrust in the direction of his latest victim. "Oh, you like that!? You like that, you dirty robo-whore! You must like it, because you keep letting me fuck you up the bum!"

Bullet sighed, and sat on the ground as she silently and stoically started to remove the shrapnel from her body.

@Jack: I have to agree though. Hyperion's weapons are rather... Meh.

Black put her sword back in it's holster and re-tracted the chain from the mech. "Thanks goodness that's over.....I loth fighting...." She muttered to herself.

OoC: I hope that was ok for you lot, the fight and my intro :)

OOC: Hyperion sniper rifles are the worst pieces of crap imaginable, as is just about every other gun type. (Hyperion is the one that gets more accurate as you fire, right?)

"Y-yeah, I guess." The man said as he rubbed his hands together. "Oh, hey, are you hurt at all?" he asked Black, crouching next to her.

Ryu lands and sheathes his sword. He turns and begins to walk back towards the clearing.

Ryu gained a level!
Hp rose 4 points.
Ap rose 3 points.
Power rose 3 points.
Defense rose 1 point.
Intelligence rose 2 points.
Agility rose 1 point.

OoC: @Bullet: "I'm right."
@Jack: "All I'm saying is you're both wrong about who is at fault."

OoC: Hyperion's pretty good in Fight For Your life, but other than that... eh.

Rex starts walking around picking up pieces of the busted mech and dumping them near the tree.

OoC: "Okay, so maybe we cheat the suckers a bit, but... where else are they gonna go? I, and by extension, Hyperion, own everything. Besides, it's all for the greater good."

@Ryu: "Whatever bro. The fights over, and I've proceeded to stop caring."

Jensen turned away from the wrecked mech and glanced over at Bullet.
"Hey, are you ok?" He asked, coming over to her and brushing dust from his arms.

"No.....I'm fine...." Black replied to the Man, she rasied an eyebrow at him rubbing his hands together. "the question is how are you.....you seemed shaken up...."

OoC: @Salt, lol :D

and Ill take all your silence as a 'Yes hatchy that was fine'

OoC: "Okay, so maybe we cheat the suckers a bit, but... where else are they gonna go? I, and by extension, Hyperion, own everything. Besides, it's all for the greater good."

...Making poor quality weapons is good for preventing people from dying that way I guess...

Then Tarkus lands on his feet, then turns his back on the exploding mech and walks away slowly.

"I have told thou that thine armour is useless. *Sigh* Want some help with healing thine wounds? Tarkus asked Bullet.

OoC: Damn, 9 pages in, and I'm already in hot water with the characters?

@Outis: "Trust me, if you knew the situation, I bet you'd be inclined to agree that I have to do whatever it takes to ensure my goal. Consider yourself lucky that you get even that bit of info free of charge."

"Scratches. I'm fine." Bullet replied to Jensen, though her injuries did tell something slightly different.

She continued to remove the shrapnel pieces from herself. She turned to Tarkus and said. "I've suffered worse."

"Heh, yeah. I don't like fighting much either." The man said, which would be rather strange considering he was clearly wearing an olive-drab uniform. "I'm...M-my name is Royce. Royce Maine." he said.

"They look a bit worse than that. Here. This should help." Jensen reached into his pocket and drew out a small white bottle of painkillers.

Ryu returns to the clearing and pulls his scarf down from his face. He sees the man who pulled Black away. "What were you thinking? Why would you take that girl away from the fight? She was obviously in no danger."

OoC: @Hatch: Yeah, it was fine.

OoC: @Gear: You should jump in as one of the vault hunters. It would make for an interesting dynamic.

OoC: Damn, 9 pages in, and I'm already in hot water with the characters?

Given that you're RPing Handsome Jack, I'd say that means you're doing it right.

"W-well I wasn't expecting a little girl to be able to take on a big robot like that." Royce said, still rubbing his hands together.

Strange outfit....made it's normal in this world? She thought to herself. "well mister Royce.....mind tell me where this dust bowl is located?" She asked as she looked around the dessert, then turned to Ryu. "A small amount of Danger is still dangerous....although your involvement was slightly foolish I appreciate the help...." She said, as she put one hand in her pocket.

OoC: @Salty, good to know and Ill see how Black plays out here first, but Ill most likely use her in your thread too

"Take the Estus flask, it heals all wounds" Tarkus then gives Bullet his Estus flask.

OoC: http://darksouls.wikidot.com/estus-flask

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