The Third Planet(Relaunch) 6 Open Slots

Hey im The_Great_Milenko and im calling out to all you space farers i need 8 people not including myself.

Character Sheets:
Age:(nothing older than 65)
Personality:(how do you act)
Appearance:(what you look like)
Equipment:(be creative just nothing that be considered trench coating or god modding laser guns are fine but you better have a good reason why you have one lasers are only given to high ranging officers in the Federation)
Skills:(Fighting,shooting,sword play,etc.)
Human-Humans first flew into outside of the solar system on December 4th 2123. Due to a discovery on the planet Pluto. What was found was called the Rift Gates the rift gates allowed ships to travel faster than the speed of light by tearing through a dimensional hole. By 2145 humans found that they weren't alone in the universe. Not less than a month later full trade was opened to aliens and Terra-forming began across the universe. In 2345 everything changed with the emergence of the United Human Federation. A dictoral regime seeking the control of the universe by humans. They declared any plant that had a human settlement on it was now owned by the UHF. Then 2 years later the Contraband Laws came into effect. They stated that any particular item whether that it be art, movies, games, clothes, etc. that they felt turned you away from galactic conquest was fully illegal. That when smuggling started and Gold-Arm Jim appeared in 2446. Taking smuggling and piracy to a whole new level. After his death there are numerous organizations seeking to wrest control away from the UHF leaving sadly humans to be the most hated race in all the galaxy.

Bio-Droids-The first full scale A.I. was made in 2237 after the discovery that propelled humanity across the universe. The first droids where very slow and clunky and all around not very useful. Hence why they were where referred to as "clock workers" due to there limited speech and very mechanical look. Until the emergence of the Cromwell Protocol. The Protocol allowed robots to begin mimicking human behaviors. Thus being able to mimic behaviors of more experienced ship men thus upping efficiency. But they where still slow to move and prone to constant repair. And with that the bio-droids were created to held with ship travel and other crew functions. So far the most advanced can almost be considered human due to the ability to eat and drink. But the new bio droids are now coated in a special polymer that looks and feels like human skin.

Malttans-A race of bear like humanoids that stand at most 7 foot tall . They come from the planet Malthusians-9 and tend to walk with those who they consider in their "tribe". Prone to hating humans after the Tribe Wars of 2356 after the Human Federation firebombed their home after a full scale revolt against contraband laws. After the firebombing Malttans are very rare to find due to 90 percent of the population being cooked alive. They mostly make work as merks and mechanics.

Amsuta-Characterized by their six arms Amsuta's come from the planet Hindi. They usually stand at 7 foot tall. Males are usually purple. While females are blue. There eyes are pitch black and very wide. Another interesting thing is they have no visible body hair whats so ever. In the Amsuta culture females are usually sent out in the universe on a pilgrimage to prove themselves worthy of their people. While the males learn about politics and such. Females have a unique ability to read the thoughts of others by touching them with one of the three fingers on their hands.

Name:Jack Wooden
Equipment:A six shot revolver called The Dead Man's Hand that fires specially created rounds that he calls his "Cards", and a set of brass knuckles
Appearance:Medium Length Brown hair,a long scar down his left eye, he wears a black wife beater and black and pink Hawaiian shirt that he got in a smuggling job, and ripped up blue jeans and a pair of black and white converses also gotten in a smuggling job, and dark brown eyes.
Personality:Arrogant loud and a big time smart ass
Skills:Piloting, Gambling,shooting,and being able to get into more trouble than any person should be able to.
Bio:Jack always had an obsession with space. And being an orphan that's all he had was his dream. He would always watch trade ships leave port on Earth. Making it a resolution to get off of Earth. He soon learned how to fight and gamble. At age 17 he made his special revolver the Dead Man's Hand from parts he stole from a UHF out post by sneaking through the vents. At age 18 got into his first smuggling job getting his trademark outfit as a reward. At 20 he won a Sleuth in a crooked poker game by cheating. Naming it the Golden Lady Jack set his eyes out to the stars looking for a crew.


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