Regeneration: A Transformers RP (Started/Open)

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Here he was. Earth. The greatest battlefield in the Civil War. The turning point in the battle against the Decepticons.

Convoy was going to hate it.

Not that there was anything wrong with Earth. Some of the holo's of the place had been absolutely breathtaking.

No, what bothered Convoy was what was why he was here. He would have died on Garrus Nine, High Command extracting his spark for a crime he refused to apologize for. That was fine. Convoy would die to defend his actions against that piece of rust Macrbe. Prowl, on the other hand, wouldn't have let one of the last Knights of Cybertron waste his Spark in such a manner. So, after much arguing and broken limbs, Convoy was to be put onto a shuttle to Earth.

The official reason was to remain "Diplomatic and positive relations with the civilization that hosted us," or so said Tyrest. Convoy knew the truth. This was a ship for the useless, the ones who had to be off world to maintain the integrity of society. There were no battles to be fought on Earth, no enemies to slay. Just sit, and look pretty.

Knight Convoy marched himself to the main deck. His sword was drawn, deactive but still glowing in the light. His footsteps were heavy, each step sending slow *fwoom*. When he reached the deck, the scowl on his face gave the mood a sudden drop.

"You seem to be very happy..." Ninety said opening her eyes. She gave convoy a quick look over and decided that she'd best try to calm him down before they got to earth. "Listen, i know the humans don't seem like much, but they're fairly kind to us once you get to know them. And they have lots of tech down there as well." The fembot said getting off of the wall. She walked over to him and found herself a bit taller than the knight.

"The name is 90. Lived on earth for close to a hundred years before joining the autobots." She said to him.

Dimentio's missmatched coloured eyes sparked to life. It was a startled waking "What year is it"! He recognized the strange surroundings for the ship taking him to earth. "Ohh thank Megatron's spark, only nothing. Except me". Dimentio pulled himself upwards. He worked out his servos to make sure everything was moving as it should.
Jetfire announced through the ships comm system that they were about an hours earth time from the planet. "An hour earth time, but that could be forever for all I know" the bot grinned, though he always had the same smiley grin on.

Distracting him from his own ramblings was two bots nearby talking to one another, prehaps this was to be investigated. Dimentio silently crept out of the room he was in and to the corner of the corridoor. The voices were just around the edge. 'Wait, I'm of their side'. He brought himself to full height, no need to crouch around. Dimentio stepped around from the corner. Looking at Ninety and Cargo. "Ciao".

"This isn't about the humans and their dirtball." Convoy replies, "This is about what we are to do here. Nothing." He manages to calm down in the least, slamming his sword into the deck. The sword stays still, not causing any important damage. "My name... Convoy. Convoy of the Knights of Cybertron. At least, that's what-"


By the time the word is finished, Dimentio has a boradsword to his neck and a very angry bot in his face.


90 had reacted to Convoy just as quickly as he had moved upon Dimentio. He was faced with a blazing hot great sword of her own creation at his neck. "Well convoy. This blade has met many foes, both Auto-bots and Deceptions that have tried to kill me before. Each claiming that i worked for the other and threatened the lives of humans that cared for me." she said flatly, a look of no doubt in her appearance.

"Now so help me, you hurt a single wire on this innocent bot's frame, i shall have dismembered you before you could have defended yourself; Knight." she said, knowing full well that odds are he never killed a bot as a member of that ridiculous religion. "Now, let me ask you this, have you ever killed a bot and ripped their core out with your hands? Because i have." The fembot said coldly, any of her previous emotions draining from her.

"And he was speaking Italian, i assume he either watched allot of earth programs or lived there before." Ninety added, not dropping the sword.

"And he was speaking Italian, i assume he either watched allot of earth programs or lived there before." Ninety added, not dropping the sword.

Convoy snaps his head back at 90. If looks were ion blasters, there would be a hole in the star system.

"You dare talk to me of killing? Do you know why I am here? Are in liege with Prowl has well? Tell your master that I made that choice, and that I have no regrets."

This comes out in a low snarl, as if said by a crazed petro-rabbit.


"You didn't answer my question." she said ignoring his statement. Soon next to his head was her flamethrower, humming with life and ready to melt him. "Have you? or have you not killed another bot. Because i have killed others, and have only done so in the defense of humans or myself. When negotiating fails, i tear my opponents limb from limb. SO if you are a soldier, you will stand down, NOW." She said loudly, making her point clear and known. She was ready to die here and now, regardless of either of their alignments or histories. The flamethrower began to hum louder, preparing itself as her sword glowed brighter. "Is. That. Understood?" she said.

Dimentio, still grinning, stood all to close to the warpath these two were about to embark on. Self preservation protocal demanded he either kill them both, run like hell or difuse the situation. And the first two seemed like a lot more running.

Rising to the occassion of the lesser of work, he stepped inbetween the firing line of Ninety and Convoy. "I've never been much a voice of reason, but wouldn't destroying each other be a detrimant to ones self. Even if one was to be victoriouse over the other you'd be hunted down like energon. Why don't we keep the nicities going and forget this happened, hmm". A look, yes the only look, the only one he really has was given to the two bots. In this situation it was either one of cool collectiveness or one of a crazed phycopath. "I'm Dimentio, master of all the space I currently stand in, so far as I know? Now lower your pointy and flamy things that we may talk in a civilized manner". It was certainly bold, bold and daring for standing in between them. 'I hope I won't regret this'.

Notice : Unless anyone has any objections, I'll be posting links to notable characters, just there are a LOT of transformers, some you might know, some you won't.
But if it grows annoying, please let me know.
Just keep in mind that I won't be playing everyone perfectly part for part and I may make some mistakes, only so much TFWiki can do, Any Issues, PM me

As the group got closer and closer to a fun blown fire-fight, Jetfire stepped in to inform the group on their landing
"Alright everyone, lets get ready for......" He trailed off as he watched the stand off between 90 and Convoy.
"....Landing....*Sigh* Primus, What is this? Haven't even reached the planet and you are already at each other's throats?" The Seeker type said as he stepped in and gently pushed the business ends of both 90's and Convoy's weapons towards the floor.
"Look, We are entrusting all of you and several others with Earth's protection, not to point blasters at each other! Sure, It may not be the most exciting of positions, but keep in mind who sent each of you. And I'm certain he expected far better from all of you..." He lectured the group, bringing up Optimus himself.
"Anything to say for yourselves?"

"What do i have to say for myself? that i'm willing to die before letting some decoration of an old and forgotten religion hurt another bot or endanger the humans on this planet. I enjoyed living on this planet, no my home planet and working for the humans, and to let some scrap bucket such as this knight step on the ground with no desire to protect the inteligent beings is a disgrace to this planet, our race and those people." The fembot said, her energon powered function winding down to her steam power. Coming from her chest, a green beam scanned convoy's sword. "Just as i thought, that ornament couldn't cut through sheet metal, much less myself." She said and began to walk away. "I plan on visiting the humans that cared for me in the time i lived here not too long from this day." Ninety said and went off to the otherside of the main bay to check her weapons.

"Tell Prowl the spies he sent to keep an eye on me have been found." he says glaringly. "And for your information, Domestic, this sword has cut down more Cons then you have ever seen with your optics.

"Ha. Lets see the memories then." She said and the entire room's space fell away as the Strasbourg railroad reconstructed around them. The first one was an autobot, having jumped on her back. She transformed and grabbed the small bot, throwing him around like a ragdoll. He got up but was quickly pinned by her.
"All I want is to be left alone." She said, getting off of him.

"You shall perish under my blade decepticon!" He shouted charging her.
Ninety spun around and grabbed him by his arm again, tearing it off and proceeding to beat him till his spark had faded.
This repeated a total of 12 times, both deceptions and autobots being killed by her. Each time she was a bit older and destroyed them with more skill. The times they had threatened her humans, she attacked and destroyed them with a rage unmatched by those who attacked her directly.

The room faded back into the bay. "Each one of the memories I carry with me as a burden. Killing is a skill I developed out of need, begrudgedly. Though, I will not hesitate to kill those threatening innocents."

Jetfire shook his head, 90's and Convoy's Egos was going to re-ignite the conflict.
"Both of you, Cut it out. We are all aware of your skills, It's why your here. You think we'd leave a bunch of rookie's in charge of The Entire Planet." He said as he walked between before 90 and Convoy in the case they felt the need to point blasters again.
"Now, are you going to calm down now or shall I turn this ship around? Because if you can't be trusted to make a simple trip to Earth, why would we let you defend it?"

"Fine by me. I'll be in my quarters, spies. Tell Prowl of my behavior. Who knows he might decide to grow a spinal column and finally decide to execute me."

He takes his sword away from Dimentio's neck.

"If you excuse me, Captain.

New Character Inbound! Herzog Wyrmsyn:

Jetfire sighed as Convoy stormed off.
"Alright, I don't care who started what, I'm finishing it, Get your act together...I have a Transport to land..." He grumbled before leaving.
On his way back to the bridge, He knocked on the door of Bear Bite's quarters.
"Bear Bite, We're getting ready to land, Thought you'd like to know." He briefly said before making his way to his post.

Bear Bite stopped tinkering with a grenade to take in Jetfire's message. He grabbed the sphere in his hand and held it up to an optic.

"Hmm...hope I get to test this out soon."

Herzog Wyrmsyn:
Should we assume their quarters are right next to each other?

Bear Bite hears a loud crashing from right next to his room. Some sounds like metal on metal, but others sound like pure rage. Decipherable are the words, "Prowl... just damn kill... him... perfectly reasonable."

Bear Bite leans over in his seat. "Hm?" he said. Taking a high tech listening device, he pressed it against his (technically non existent) ears and switched it on, pointing it in the direction of the sounds.

Dimentio rubbed his neck column. "Well thank me I had this entire situation under control. Someone could of lost an arm". Dimentio snapped his figures and pointed to Ninety. "Hey, now that the one with corrupted memory is gone. Prehaps I can make a real introduction to you madam"? Looking over his shoulders to check that Convoy was gone for sure... the coast was clear. He stuck his right leg forward, resting on the heel and pointed slightly upwards. His arms to the left and took a bow. "Ciao, I am Dimentio. And you my lovely steam-bot are Ninety if I accuratly recall"? What was he to expect next, polite conversation. A downward punch to the back of the head. Who knows!?

Bear Bite walked outside.

"I'd best get ready."

Soon the Ship began to enter the Earth's Atmosphere, the outside of the ship beginning to glow bright red as it neared the planet below.
The surface grew nearer as it began to slow down, though the light of re-entry, the passagers could make out that they were nearing a Desert Location, Nevada to be exact.
They were reaching their home for their time on earth.
Non-biological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty (NEST), Formerly Sector Seven, were kind enough to lend the Autobots a Base of Operations for their stay on earth.
Only one snag, the Base was chosen by the General of the US Army and he was....Less then trilled about letting giant "killer" Robots on American soil.
So he gave them a base.
Some Assembly Required.
The Ship landed outside the base and the Support Crew rolled out to stretch their sevos after the trip as well as examine the outside of the ship for any damage.
Jetfire looked on in dismay at the Base they've been given.
"*THIS* is the best they could do?....By the Matrix..."

A grenade whizes by Jetfire and floats in front of his face. Bear Bite walks out from behind him.

"Is this our base?"

Convoy has finally stopped sulking, just long enough for the ship to land. He walks out behind the others.

"Typical," he mumbles, but not stating his reasons.

He eyes Dimentio and 90 carefully, noting the two that Prowl had sent to look after him.

"...It would appear so...Humans...They are strong in number but more often then not, Pride takes over their reason..." Jetfire answered as he shook his head.
From what the group could make out, there was 3 main buildings:
A Armoury, which was empty.
A Hander for living in, Minus a roof
A Command centre that was unfinished and had Zero of the equipment that they needed (Radar, Communications, Basic Electrics)
While he was somewhat angered by the Human's Foolishness, It was none of his concern, Jetfire's orders where merely to transport the Unit to Earth.
"Primus, the Ship has more faculties then this "Command Center"...." He sighed

Bear Bite observed the area.

"I should be able to set up some radar and communications until we get better stuff. I've been itching to test my gear out."

(People, Longer posts, Please)

"Good. Without it, you'll be flying blind. I'd offer some tech but we need all we got to get back to Cybertron. Still, Human Tech is more advanced then many would care to admit. Just if you do go "Borrowing" some, Keep it quiet, our kind is feared here." Jetfire warned as the Staff began to check out the Base.
Not only was it not compete, it was also badly designed, they went out of their way to make the worst Starting Base ever.
"There'll be more Autobots en route to support you. When they'll get here, I'm not sure."

"I should be able to set something up in a few hours. I've got enough gear for a basic set up, but if I can use some old terminals that aren't necessary to the ship's functioning, like personal interfaces in our rooms, I'll be able to create a fully operational, albeit still very basic basic, command station that will be able to act as a hub for communications and radar, but until we get some more stuff that's about all it'll be able to do. It'll be damn good at that though. When it's up, I'll encrypt it the best I can, but let the rest of you be able to modify it to your leisure to serve what ever other purposes you'll need a high end computer station for."

Jetfire pondered Bear Bite's offer.
"....Fair enough, Get a few of the Crew to help you. We can easily re-kit it back at Autobot HQ. Set it up." He briefly ordered before returning to the bridge to take off again.

Bear Bite walked back inside and accessed a terminal.

"Yo, to anyone with engineering or computer skills, Jetfire has authorized me to canabalize some useless parts here on the ship and combine it with my own gear to rig us up a command station. Meet me in my room to help out."

Dimentio surveyed the 'base' that they were given. It looked as if someone just took a bunch of stuff from planet Junk and glued it togeather. "This base is dumb and those that gave it to us should feel the same way". The bot sighed. "If only we had the Constructicons". Bear Bite seemed enthusiastic about getting equiptment they'd need for basic funtions for a new base. Maybe he should take them to the old Decepticon base on Earth he knew about. It would be full of all kinds of stuff they needed. Or simply using it as their base of operations.

-- Flashback -- Soundwave: "No one is to know of this facility by orders of Lord Megatron". Several dozen large rocks were piled up to seal the entrance. Orders still stood, even if the ordery was dead. But Soundwave was still alive, to his knowledge. He actually gave the command, so... --

'Ohh Soundwave I could never betray you. They musent know'. Dimentio hopped back up the ramp to assist Bear Bite. "I'll help. Destroying things is half the fun of building new things"!

BB called over to Dimentio. "You can start with the command panels here on the ship that we don't need. Come on." he said while walking away to the back of the ship to get to work. It'd be long and hard, but he'd have something to show his superiors by the time this venture was over.

"Alright Everyone, get what you need and move, We're taking off soon. Next time we're over, I'll bring some actual Comm gear for you all. Men, being take off." Jetfire ordered as BB and Dimentio off-loaded some computers.
Soon, Ark-32 was blasting off into space.
The first day of the unit's stay on earth had finally begun.

After things had been set up, Bear Bite wiped his brow and surveyed the set up. Not great, but it would do.
"So, anyone got any energon?" he asked, feeling a bit hungry.

......I think the RP is dead....

We tried.

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