Big Blue (Role-play Enlistment)

Black Falls County, what would seem like a Warm and happy County on the Western Seaboard, is home to some of the Most Infamous Crime on the eastern sea board. Ranging from Petty Street Racing to Extreme Gang Activity this place is not for the Faint of heart. This Gangs Torment those Unsuspecting and Disrupting the peace that should be so Easily Obtained.

But there is a Force Standing in the way of this Evil, the Black Falls Police department, a police department on the brink of losing control of the city, but times are changing and now thanks to Government Grants and Reinforcements of Better Equipment that they have the first step of cracking down on the Crime in the city.

But the Next step requires the very life blood of the Police, the Officers and the BFDP are undermanned. Will you the people answer the call to Crack down on the crime? Sign up Today.

Typical Character Sheet.

Occupation Within Forces: I.e K9 Unit, S.W.A.T or Rapid Response Unit.

Here is My Character Sheet.

Name:Jonathan Huntley


Appearance:Tanned Skin, Long Grey Hair, Blue eyes, Height 6'2", Broad Build, Muscular, Scar Across Nose Area, Soul Patch.

Personality:Understanding,Grim,Tempered,Calm, Tactical and Resolute.

Occupation Within forces: Chief of Police

Bio: Coming from a rough background within downtown Black Falls City, Johnathan had been affected by crime in his life, mainly gang violence which gradually lead to his brothers death at the hands of the gang who ruled the streets where he lived. In his Younger Years he watched as good people turned bad and bad people turned worst, a Violent and Viscous Cycle.

he joined the Police first chance he could enlisting at the age of 23, throughout his years on the job he seen things that would break any other man Mentally and Physically, but he had a Strange Sense of Resolve and Never gave up in his goal for peace on the streets, even if it meant peace by Fire.

He quickly rose through the ranks and upon the previous Chiefs Retirement Thomas Becket,he was given the rank after proving himself out on the streets many times over, now seeing that crime is ripping apart his city he realizes he must strike at crime in all it's forms.

I Hope this Rp goes well, it's my first attempt at starting a role-play on this site and I hope you enjoy Partaking in this. Thanks very much.


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