The Darkest Corners: A Modern Fantasy RP (Interest Thread - Closed)

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"Wait, 15 THOUSAND miles an hour? Why did you even need to use the plane?"

Lucia giggled "Cause .... you humans didn't have jet liners last time I was on Earth, you still just had propeller drive aircraft. So it's a 'new thing' I wanted to try out"

"Anyway, I we need you to be able to go out, catch the Lich and the... other thing, and fly a little faster than this plane.That grey creature was working for somebody, and I do not think that Lich is going to leave alive for much longer"

"Well, IF SOME ONE, had listened" Motioning to Zaheer "I would already be doing that."

Richard scratched his head "We could probably pull it off, but Will is the resident expert."

"Do we have to bring the Litch back?" Lucia asked "He seems rather unstable"

"Do we have to bring the Litch back? He seems rather unstable."

"I agree with Lucia on this," Roland chirped in, "She could just grab the Doppelgänger and come back."

"As much as I hate it, we have to," John said, sighing, "Letting him go after committing a kidnapping, torture, and possibly murder is against everything I stand for, particularly. if he is unstable. While he is slower than the plane, I still think the Lich could reach the islands and kill many innocents in what ever mad quest he has. If the Lich killed the creature, or it died from the poison and/or shock, the Lich is the only source of info we have on the other murderer. We MUST bring him back, if he wants to or not."

John turned to Lucia, "I am sorry I have to ask you to do this, I know how much it hurts to touch a Lich." John subconsciously grabbed his side, where he experienced that feeling first hand, "But that Lich now is just as a much of a criminal as the grey creature, he HAS to be taken down."

Lucia shrugged "I'm not to worried about it, anyway, lets do this" Stretching a bit "I could use the room to 'stretch out' anyway"

"I suppose your right my dear, though given all that has happened, it might be a little difficult; but I'm sure we'll find a way." Seras said with a smile, she then nuzzled herself against him. Theon was happy that they could go back to sleep, he ignored the other things that were happening on the plane.

Theon grabbed the blanket he had placed on the ground earlier. He covered Seras and himself with the blanket, he then kissed Seras on her forehead and said. "Goodnight Seras." He smiled at her.

A lot of stuff had happened. Pegs just folded her arms and huffed, "Just when are we going to get to London anyway?" At least Lucia got to have some fun flying out to catch the 'doppelgänger'. Whatever the thoughts of the group in the plane, one them, the self-proclaimed FBI agent had got spelling wrong. She was quick to correct him, "And what this 'doppelgänger' is, I doubt it's one of the Fair Folk. Otherwise it'll would be a lot less friendly than it has been." At the end of the sentence she sighed, knowing the stories of how her kind tortured humans over millennia and the temptation within herself to do the same.

"And what this 'doppelgänger' is, I doubt it's one of the Fair Folk. Otherwise it'll would be a lot less friendly than it has been." At the end of the sentence she sighed, knowing the stories of how her kind tortured humans over millennia and the temptation within herself to do the same.

John was actually surprised that the Fairy said that. He knew fairies were nasty creatures, sure (when you have dodged as much machine gun fire from Leperchauns as John had, it is hard to think otherwise) although he had no idea how to respond without sounding speceist or anger Lucia.

"Thanks," John decided to say, giving Pegs a smile, but feeling uncomfortable with saying anything else.

Waiting for the creature to form a reply, Lucius looked out through the clouds over the stormy Atlantic, seeing the plane become an increasingly minute speck. He suddenly thought to himself, "Fuck. Fucking... Fuck. I'm never gonna catch that damn thing". Ah well, at least he had the privacy to deal with this doppel... thing. Ah well, time to get some answers.

Lucius looked down at the creature, the pitiful little fucker, and muttered "novanguis" - turning one of the extraneous cables into a viper - and sent the creature slithering slowly up to the creature's neck.

"And you may as well tell me your damned name, when you finally decide to fucking answer!!"

"I'm not to worried about it, anyway, lets do this. I could use the room to 'stretch out' anyway"

"Good, thank you. Ok, so, Zaheer, will you please..." John turned to the ascended mage, only to see that he had walked away and was currently looking through a window.

"HEY!" John yelled at him, "We need you! Hello?"

It was scary how stiff Zaheer was, just staring out the window. Maybe he was angry at being dragged by a mere mage? Who knows.

"Alright," John said, "Anyone, ELSE on this plane capable of reliably teleporting a dragon both out of and back INTO a plane?"

John looked around, only to meet inhumanly large grin of Fromanzio.




Fromanzio cackled as it seemed he was the only one willing to help. Richard was seeming the strict non-interventionalist, though also not the kind of person Fromanzio liked. Had Richard not been an ascended, Fromanzio would have screwed all of the rules and leaped on him. Right now though, he would wait and hope for a time to inflict a bit of pain back at the self-righteous Ascended freak.

Carefully floating up and stretching his arms, Fromanzio suddenly moved in very close to John saying "Ohhhh, the human needs Fromanzio's help now since Master is preoccupied?" He teleported to the side of John, leaning on the magus's shoulder. "Fromanzio can help iffffff..." Fromanzio teleported between Lucia and John and said in a high pitched and yelly voice "She asks nicely!"

He laughed knowing how hard it would be for Lucia to do that. Although, the prospect of seeing what kind of dragon she had become was almost enticing enough for Fromanzio to just let her out on his own. From the sounds of it, the Lich was a lot more fun to be around and Fromanzio would get a lot more fights that way. Shame the creature failed to gather him earlier.

"Anyone, ELSE on this plane capable of reliably teleporting a dragon both out of and back INTO a plane?"John asked only to be met by Fromanzio's grinning face

"Fromanzio can help iffffff...She asks nicely!"

Lucia sighed "I suppose ...." shooting John a 'you owe me' look "Fromanzio, will you kindly teleport me outside the aircraft?" she asked even smiling, her tone was equally 'friendly' even if it was a lie

John's eyes were twitching, a hand right on the holster for his gun while the other was holding both his knife and the cross, mind racing through every spell he knew, trying to find one that would inflict as much pain as possible on that demon. Anyone who looked at John would see utter hatred for what the creature did to him.

It took every ounce of John's will power to not kill (or try, at very least) that horrid jester, but John didn't move or say a word. As much that John loathed the thought, right now he needed this demon.


"Fromanzio, will you kindly teleport me outside the aircraft?"

Fromanzio laughed maniacally as he grabbed Lucia's arm. His voice echoed through the plane even after he had been absent for a few seconds, having teleported out with Lucia. The plane was away from the two fairly quickly and Fromanzio yelled "Alright, let's see what you can do dragon lady!"

"Alright, let's see what you can do dragon lady!"

Lucia smirked, crossed her arms and let her self free fall through the clouds, purely for dramatic effect. As she passed through the clouds she dropped her human disguise, returning to her true, and more 'magnificent' form, that of an adult Platinum Dragon.

She burst back through the clouds and hovered a moment in front of Fromanzio, the Eather Vents the dot her body glowing in the night like the lights on a plane "I remember you being ... bigger ... in my Dragon form"

Looking back through the storm clouds over the ocean, Lucius could have sworn he saw another speck appearing just underneath the ever-smaller speck that was the aeroplane. "what the..." he thought, as it dawned on him that this could quite easily be someone coming back for him. Or more likely for the creature. Clearly, evasion was the order of the day, as quite a few of the... things on that plane could even have almost have matched Lucius in combat. He glanced down at the creature, and shouted, over the gale,

"We'll finish this later", Lucius quieted down, and muttered a few quick incantations - "Centum Formus... Volitus... Versantus".

It took a lot of concentration without the standard gestures, but within seconds of noticing the newer speck, an observer would see 100 identical liches, all dangling equally identical creatures from cables, flickering and racing through the stormclouds above the atlantic, darting among each other in all directions.

Lucia shook her head, and darted after the closest clone and just flew beside it "Jumpy aren't you? I already know I'm talking into to one of the fakes, but what I want to know is can the real one hear me? I wish to talk, not play hide and seek" She said, then waited for a reply, assuming she was guessing right and the real one can hear her

"Where did you see Arzhela? How did she contact you? You've got about 2 minutes before you drop out of these cables, now ANSWER MY FUCKING QUESTIONS!!" the Lich called out, getting angry. One of the wires slithered down the the doppelganger's side, moving toward its neck, squeezing and making it harder to breath, much less speak - why did the Lich hate him so? "And you may as well tell me your damned name, when you finally decide to fucking answer!!" he finished. The Lich looked away, distracted, then made innumerable copies of itself.

Finally, with the Lich distracted, the cord loosened enough that it could speak. "For my name; I don't have one. Doppelganger's names are who they look like. Right now-" it said, opening its arms to try and indicate itself "-I'm me... that's it." it said, answering another of the Lichs questions as best it could; explaining doppelganger naming was hardly easy.

it then continued, to answer the earlier questions. "She contacted me how most do: through a a go-between; an old friend o mine with a clean report. I don't know how she'd heard of me, but she had. She wanted me to do a job, and offered to pay with the tattoo. I only meet her once; when she gave me the mark." it said, trying to explain that hiring and assassin was hardly a job people liked to involve themselves in personally. "She had me kill the old vampire woman; back in New York and take her place so I could watch the old man. She, Arzhela, seemed to think someone in New York was out to get her." it said, trying to finish his explanation.

"As for where I met her-" it said, looking up. "-that's where I'm based out of. Car-" he started to say, before something strange happened; it started screaming. Its screams were torturous, labored, and deep, as though the creature were being torn limb from limb by some unknown force. As it did, the tattoo glowed a bright red, and its magic expanded greatly. A moment later, the monster went deadly silent; the tattoo still glowing a deep, crimson red.

Then, in perfect, proper, queen's English, the monster spoke. "Good day, Imperious. It has been some time." The voice was feminine yet to Imperious it was as cold as ice. The creature began to transform slowly, the tattoo still glowing.


Twisting in place, she pushed the metal wires away from her the way only a Lich (or a creature pretending to be one). The magical Tattoo glowed a little brighter and the wires twisted into a much more convenient shape; a much more royal appearing throne. Smiling cruelly, 'Arzhela' said. "Surprised to see me?"

John watched as Lucia quickly transformed into a dragon. He actually had never seen a living dragon before, only photos of one and a piece of a Silver Dragon that had been shot down over New Mexico. It was actually beautiful to see her fly.

John went back to his seat to get as wide of a view as possible.

"Aquila Oculus," John said to increase the range of his vision, then pulled out some binoculars to increase his vision range further. He saw a rather blurry image of two humanish shapes moving around ("@!#*ing airplane windows"). As he watched, with horror, there were dozens of these things, either some kind of cloning spell or illusions.

Then, all the illusions started to convulse at the bottom, was the dropple... thing changing? The thing detached itself from the "line" that it was tied to the Lich with.

"What is going on out there?" John said as the plane continued it's turn.

Before Lucia could let enough time pass to get a reply, she caught a bright red light out of the corner of her eye and stopped to look, then broke off from the fake towards the light.

"Surprised to see me?" Lucia heard as she got close enough to hear them, she stayed with in ear shot, and also kept her self between the Litches and the plane, circling around them in the same slow arc, though this was not intentional

"Surprised to see me?"

Lucius pondered the question for a second. Technically, he decided, he was surprise to see her *here*, but he had entirely expected to see her somewhere, sometime soon. In the back of his mind, of course, he knew this wasn't the real Arzhela, but it was still way closer than he'd wanted anytime soon. That being said, it gave him an opportunity too.

"A little surprised you'd appear here of all places - nice use of the Tattoo, though", Lucius paused for a second, "What did the vampire do to piss you off then, sweetie". Anyone with even an iota of knowledge of linguistics would have *felt* the sarcasm dripping off the sweetie. At this point, what appeared to be a... fuck, a Dragon, flew up to one of his illusions,

"Jumpy aren't you? I already know I'm talking into to one of the fakes, but what I want to know is can the real one hear me? I wish to talk, not play hide and seek"

Well this was... interesting. The dragon was a good few hundred meters away, but Lucius' magically enhanced voice would reach with no problem.

"Well, I can hear you. But fuck, Ascended, Vampires, Fey, and a fucking Dragon! This is one hell of a flight", Lucius glanced back at the fake Arzhela for a second, before looking back to the Dragon, "I'm a little busy to talk, what do you want?"

"Well, I can hear you. But fuck, Ascended, Vampires, Fey, and a fucking Dragon! This is one hell of a flight", he went silent for amoment "I'm a little busy to talk, what do you want?"

Lucia giggles at the first comment "I know right? Are Flights always this ... Interesting? Anyway, since I'm the only one on the plane that can catch up to it, John has asked me to recover you and the doppelganger, also, look to your left" Lucia waved at him, now considerably closer, just by a different clone "I assume your lady friend is the reason for your rather rash actions on the plane?"

"I assume your lady friend is the reason for your rather rash actions on the plane?"

Lucius frowned a little at the lack of seriousness the Dragon was showing, before replying.

"I wouldn't know - I usually fly by my own powers - I was only on the damned plane to see Crim", Lucius turned back to the rival Lich's image, and muttered another small Latin incantation - "Murus Igna Pila" - causing a sphere of fire to materialise around Arzhela, then looked back to the Dragon, "And yes, I was looking for her, and needed to talk to the creature alone. What's your move now?"

"A little surprised you'd appear here of all places - nice use of the Tattoo, though" Lucius said, then paused for a moment before adding "What did the vampire do to piss you off then, sweetie." Then he was off to some other topic, looking at a dragon circling their little meeting. Arzhela continued to smile; almost like a mother would at a child, though inside she was particularly annoyed at the Lich. It had been centuries since that had last spoken in person - so to speak - and to be upstaged by the dragon was a touch annoying; she suspected that was part of Imperious's ploy however, so she ignored it.

Up until he cast the sphere of flames around her. Muttering a phrase beneath her breath, she dismissed the flames. "I never knew you were so interested in Dragons; is this a new hobby of yours then, Lucius old friend?" she added showing off her cruel smile once more, her teeth jagged and bared. "But tell me Lucius, why should I tell you my reasons for dealing with the simple vampire lord; what's in it for me?" she finished, her smile now leaning toward lopsided, a display of utter contempt.

Oh how she missed their little exchanges.

Lucia looked around the two Litches, she didn't see the Doppelganger."No idea. All I was sent for was you and the Doppelganger, which I don't see, your friend showing up kinda puts a kibosh on all that." Lucia thought for a few moments. "You have fun with your girlfriend" she said, looking around for the the plane, finding it behind her, then took off toward it.

Lucia cruised along side it looking for John, after finding him, she relayed a message in Morse Code using the Eather Vents on her neck.

'one target MIA, second target speaking to a female Litch'

"...what's in it for me?"

Almost chucking as 'Arzhela' almost instantly dismissed the wall of fire, Lucius pondered his next move. Angrily, he yelled in Latin - "CISTAM ICTUS!" - As he swiped a hand across in front of himself, aiming to slice into the fake lich's abdomen.

"I've no standing interest in Dragons, honey, you should remember that", Lucius' rage began to flare again, "Though a platinum always shows potential, does it not?"

Lucius span in the air, thrusting his hands forwards as not-Arzhela came back into view - "Trabem Lux", he muttered, firing a powerful light beam to envelop his adversary.

"What could you possibly want anyways, Dear?"

John saw Lucia fly up to the plane and started to open her vents. For a few second he had no idea what she was doing, but then figured out she was speaking in Morse code ("How does a dragon who hasn't been on this planet in decades still remember morse code?", thankfully she repeated the message.

"one target MIA, second target speaking to a female Lich"

John grabbed a flashlight, and started to relay a message back, hoping his code is still up to snuff.

"MIA target is the other Lich, saw it transform. Most likely some kind of forced transformation via a curse if the creature spilled the beans. I doubt the creature is still "alive." Still, try to defeat it, and bring back both Liches, dead or undead. He still has information and we can still get info from a corpse."

John hoped Lucia got the message.

Richard closed his eyes and used his abilities to scry the battle. "Hm." opening them again he walked up to Terra and hugged her tightly "Be back in a minute, Love." Looking over to the FBI guy "Seems like it's getting rather out of hand over there. I'm gonna go try to see if I can help the Dragon."

"Seems like it's getting rather out of hand over there. I'm gonna go try to see if I can help the Dragon."

"Thank you," John said as he turned to Richard, "The Droppogang... dropplo... grey creature has turned into another Lich, and it looks like a fight is breaking out. I rather have at least one of them alive to question, although I doubt the new one is going to be very co-operative. I am going to see if I can assist from the plane."

Imperious threw a number of magical attacks at her, to which she responded with dismissals. She allowed the first of the two new blasts to graze her; if only to make a point. "You know Imperious; I cannot "feel" your attacks, nor do they harm me. All you're doing is hurting the doppelganger who, I might add, is begging for you to stop." she said, taking a bored expression. "I'd hoped you'd become more civilized since our last encounter, but I see you still like to resort to your silly old magic tricks before we can even begin to have a real conversation." she finished, shaking her head. "What's worse, I don't think you've learned any new spells since I last saw you; your still doing only those dusty old Latin ones. It's a new millennium darling, you should catch up on the times."

Having grown bored of the throne of metal wires, she stood up and began to float on her own power; much like Imperious. She muttered a spattering of modern Welsh and from the aether a small metal box came into existence. To Imperious, the device was alien, but to most born in this century, it was an obvious musical device. It began to play a simple melody; a light classical piece that Imperious couldn't recognize.

"Much better" she said as the music began. She swayed to the music for a moment, enjoying the simple sensory pleasure. Eventually, she adjusted the song so that it would play quietly in the background, not disturbing her message. "I'm here for one thing Lucius; stay out of Europe. You keep hiding in your little hole in America and I frankly don't care what you do; you're not my concern. You set foot in the old world though, and I'll see to it mother nature finally catches up to you." she said, the warning in her voice perfectly obvious. She smiled as she made the deal available; firm in her own sense of superiority.


Zaheer watched with interest as the Lich girl had taken presence in the doppelganger's body. No answer yet as to why the vampire was targeted, though Zaheer figured that it was probably just money issues. That, or an attempt to lure Lucius in one of the most convoluted ways possible. All the Arch-Magus knew was that he had seen enough. This creature was going to be removed.

There was a very old ritual Zaheer had discovered on his way to America. It came from Japan of all places and while he had never gotten a chance to use it, he figured it would be fun to test out on a Lich. The requirement was normally a human sacrifice, but that was always just a way to circumvent the power necessary commit a summoning on this level for those who lacked magical talent. Needless to say, Zaheer hardly required blood to make this work, he could simply will the little guys out of their holes.

Zaheer began rapidly chanting his spell, eyes and arms cast towards where he wanted them to come. Five portals surrounded the Doppleganger's body, even as he moved the portals simply followed. They began glowing brightly, the heat radiating off their maw spoke of what was soon to come.


Ritual finished, the maws ripped open and dozens of little flame imps came rushing out at the Doppleganger, they were humanoid in shape, no more than three feet tall and burning a dark maroon color. Zaheer wasn't sure what they would do, but he figured it would at the very least be amusing.


The thrill of riding a dragon at supersonic speeds was marvelous. If his clothes were actually made of cloth, they would probably be swinging in the wind but they are not. Instead, Fromanzio was simply hollered and hooted cries of joy, oblivious to the Lich rapidly approaching. Eventually Lucia came to a rapid halt, sending Fromanzio flying out in the air, though rapidly stopping himself.

"Hey watch it! Fromanzio could have been sent really far if he wasn't so great in the air!"

Zaheer hadn't told him to do anything yet, and taking Lucia to the Lich was already stepping over most boundaries so Fromanzio figured he would sit this one out, let others have the fun. Though, he did not think that the kind of fun his master had involved so many others. He instantly knew the incantation from miles away and got giddy from it. He began floating around and chanting "Master's gonna get ya! Master's gonna get ya! Fromanzio wonders what barbecue doppleganger tastes like. He supposes he can find out soon! Ehehhehehehehehe"

Lucia got johns message, but hesitated, in all honesty this wasn't her fight, and even from the plane any one watching her would have seen her sigh before breaking off to rejoin the fight in progress.

her short trip back was greeted by classical music, which she traced to the box, which she assumed the female Litch was using to prove a point. She was also greeted by portals opening up around the female Litch, small Imps emerging. In what can only be called an act of purest arrogance, if only to make her own point, Lucia obliterated the box in a hail of Spell Rays, some of which struck the Imps coming out of the portals, she replaced the box with a sphere, which she used encased her iPod in to play something more befitting her entrance.

Lucia dove in behind the female Litch, viewing her as a higher priority target then Lucius "Your taste in music needs adjusting, course, give your OTHER, poor life choice I find it understandable" Lucia taunted with a smirk, wasting no time attempting to imprison the female Litch in a magic sphere, she would ether claim the female Litch, or the Doppelganger, one was as good as the other to her. "Besides, your stupid quarrel is RUINING MY VACATION!" she snapped, dropping her previously 'playful' tone for a more openly hostile one, after all this wasn't her fight.

John was shocked as about a dozen more demons were summoned to the battle. John thought they might be summons from the Lich, except all their portals were facing directly away from the plane, suggesting something on the plane summoned them.

Richard looked like he already teleported away, which left the possibility to Zaheer. "Is he insane?" John thought. Controlling large number of demons required an increasingly large amount of power per demon to make sure they don't simply go Rouge. Control John didn't think the mage had.

Knowing his options were limited for dealing with those creatures from the plane (even shooting Zaheer, which should be easy given how distracted he currently is wouldn't send those demons back and just allow to ravage the plane), so John continued to look through his spells that could help deal with the Lich without damaging the plane. John found one.

The one general medical spell John can cast is "healing light." While normally a good percentage of the power would go into creating the light itself, and the light would be to weak to do much good after a few feet. However, focusing magic through his gun's target laser increases the power and range substantially. The undead do not like being hit with healing magic.

At this range and through the airplane window, John didn't expect to do much make the enemy Lich have a really bad itch, but it would be very distracting in battle. John pointed his laser at the lower Lich.

Richard ran to the back of the plane.

Blinking, is a very minor scale version of instant translocation-teleportation.

Usually, inertia is not maintained from start and stop of the blink, and it's very short range. However, if Richard decided to skip the part that canceled inertia or momentum in the spell, the range would be heightened considerably, and by the time he got to the other end of the blink, he'd be going ludicrously fast already. It was a handy trick for those who wanted to accelerate quickly.

'I've seen you fly love, and you were magnificent, now it's time to return the favor.

Activating the spell he newly calculated in his head, he phased out and appeared roughly a mile behind the plane, instantly breaking the sound barrier as he flew behind it towards the battle. Clouds twisted behind him as he created a vacuum tunnel behind him. A large column of fire emerged from the compressed air in front of him exploded from the pressure, creating a meteor of fire and twisted clouds going towards the two liches. Richard again closed his eyes to scry where precisely the liches were, and begun to mutter incantations for a gravity-based Evocation that would knock them out of the sky with a sudden fit of... 'turbulence' in the gravitational fields around them. Not very lethal, but very painful. He made sure to fly to the optimal angle to hit the liches that didn't involve blasting the allied dragon before stopping suddenly, and letting loose a ray of what would look like space was being bent over a table and butchered for a second, before a large thunder clap rang out of the air within the ray newly going back to normal laws of physics, and colliding with the air that wasn't yet sucked in.

He may or may not have also hit Fromanzio.

He really didn't check.

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