The Darkest Corners: A Modern Fantasy RP (Interest Thread - Closed)

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"We were meeting here last night, though clearly you missed that. The next meeting starts in about twenty minutes. Demon, we're not planning on blowing anything up, though it could be useful to send you as a vanguard, with that attitude - how many minor undead can you kill?" and Zaheer, Fiona, Zaheer's pet."

Zaheer was the first to speak up. "Indeed, I often miss these sorts of things. Not my favorite, kind of unnecessary considering who we are against but still, I suppose the humans must have their formalities." The ascended walked over to a table and sat. "I didn't expect you dead, though I can tell John is almost as hard set against you as Fromanzio, surprisingly a resourceful one at that, not to be taken lightly if I were you...or Fromanzio for that matter."

The Samsarian reached out her hand but Fromanzio immediately began ranting and raving in response so Zaheer shrugged and began doing what he did to many other mortals of lower power and promptly ignored her, along with everyone else that streamed in. He was less than thrilled to have been dragged to this and was ready to have it be done and over with. That was when Fromanzio replied to Lucius in a way that almost made the deranged demon seem offended at what the Lich implied.

"Pet?" Fromanzio teleported in front of Lucius and turned a dark crimson. "Minor undead?" Now he was a dark violet. "FROMANZIO IS NOT A PET, NOR IS HE TROUBLED BY OTHER DEMONS!" Any and all respect he might have shown to the Lich was clearly gone for the time being as he began a new rant. "FROMANZIO IS A DEMON OF THE HIGHEST CALIBER AND HE WILL NOT SIT AROUND AND BE TAKEN LIGHTLY! WHAT DOES A SMALL LITTLE LICH THING THINK HE CAN DO AGAINST THE UNENDING POWER OF WORLDS NEVER SEEN BY IT'S TINY MIND HUH? HUH?"

And then John broke in.


Fromanzio turned his head and changed back to what could only be described as his normal look, though it was still highly outlandish and he slowly floated over to the human. "Johnny boy! You wiped off Fromanzio's art. How sad! We called it our own masterpiece and it was marvelous! You really shouldn't sleep on the job. Fromanzio set up this whole elaborate set for you and well..." Fromanzio shrugged. "It doesn't really matter now."

Zaheer could sense a few runes on John, probably designed to exact revenge on Fromanzio. Not that it wasn't deserved by now. He sat back and tapped Lucius on the shoulder. "This will be good, I don't know which of the two will win here. Fromanzio's powerful, but that human...well like I said."

Zaheer cast a spell undetectable to most. In the corner of the room a black dot no larger than the tip of a pencil appeared and began moving down towards John and Fromanzio. Zaheer sent a message to it saying "I need Fromanzio in fighting shape. Keep this bloodless."

John stared down at the demon jester. Before he got to the cafe', John had done all the basics. Runes of saints drawn on his body, holy water injected in blood, bottle of holy water in John's hands. John expected that Fromanzio would get around that easily, the defenses were there to slow down his counter attack.

"You called THAT art?" John said, rage barely contained, "Let's see how YOU like it."

What was important, however, was the pen, who's ink was made with holy water, and the Iphone in John's hands. John quickly snapped a picture of the demon, muttering the phantom drawing spell, and switched to drawing mode for the photo.

Phantom drawing is a quite simple spell. It allows you to write on things that are afar with what you have on hand. Of course, you need a very accurate painting or picture of the object in question, some kind of medium to be transported, and some means to draw.

All which the Iphone and the holy water made ink vile made trivial. John started to draw immature images all over Fromanzio's face.

Of course, this was just the primary plan. John was really hoping Fromanzio would take the Iphone. With some bootleg programing and spell work by John (powered by the Iphone's battery, so undetectable my magical sensory), the phone is booby trapped. If anyone besides John holds the phone without his expressed verbal permission, a lot of runes would start forming on the screen, from extreme stickiness to anti-teleporation to itchiness to iron touch to loss of bowl control, leaving anything with a nervous system and a pulse a twitching mass on the ground for about 30 minutes.


Fromanzio saw what John was doing and hovered over him, noticing the drawings, he was curious to see what the human was doing...when he felt the same drawings ending up on him. They didn't hurt at all like he thought they would, instead they simply stayed there...

"Oh." Fromanzio began. "That...Just...Simply will not do." Fromanzio came crashing behind John and began shouting again.


Fromnzio ignored the phone and began charging an impressively sized energy blob about the size of a regular exercise yoga ball. It was clearly chaotic in nature and was twisting with a kind of hate and spite that could only come from something as immature as Fromanzio.

Zaheer's eyes grew a bit wide as he realized that this could end up with one of them dead way too early. John was way too subtle with Fromanzio and this could easily be the end of one of them. Zaheer commanded the dot to end this fast, it raced toward John.


Froamnzio chucked the ball at a speed almost impossible to comprehend, but as it neared John an eagle looking humanoid shadow creature intercepted and consumed the ball of chaos. It spoke in a really bored sounding slacker way and was beginning to show its true form.

"Hey Fro, that's not cool. Master told ya not to kill things remember? I am just going to have to let the two of you settle this like Zaheer promised." Fromanzio's eyes grew wide and before he could protest, both him and John were gone.

Fromanzio woke up in a cold dark room, he was bound by his hands and feet, unable to move. John was in front of him with an iron pipe. Not cold iron, but Fromanzio was less than thrilled to see that, although the phone was now gone. "Ha! Funny joke Zaheer! Realllll funny, now kindly let Fromanzio out of these bindings!"

Zaheer's voice rang out in the room. "I told you to play nice with the humans Fromanzio. John, you have five minutes in here though everyone else will see it as a few milliseconds. Make it count."

John was dissapointed when Fromanzio did not take the bait.

John nearly peed himself when he saw the giant death ball of chaos magic. John started to dive under a table, throwing up a magical shield that would not hold against such raw power, John being reduced down to his training.

Then John was extremely confused, as he saw the jester chained to he ground.

"I told you to play nice with the humans Fromanzio. John, you have five minutes in here though everyone else will see it as a few milliseconds. Make it count."

John then noticed the iron pipe in his hand, and the lack of his cold iron knife or bullets. Wouldn't kill the demon within five minutes, but would cause a lot of pain.

To make up for all the pain John received on the plane.

Ideas started to instantly go through John's mind. Knock out every one of the demon's teeth, break each of the toes, stick it into...

Then what?

Come down to his level? Petty revenge?

Make this creature want to straggle John that much more.


John put his knee forward, put the pipe an inch from the demon's face and rested his hand on it, getting down to eye level with the creature.

"You know what I could do with this thing?" John asked, shaking the pipe as he did, "I could break every bone in your demon body, use one end to slowly rip your skin from your flesh, stick it so far up your @$$ that it comes out your mouth."

"You deserve every little thing I could do to you," John said, "But you know what? Your not worth it. You are vindictive. You are immature. You are selfish. You are a moron. You are PATHETIC."

"What you are not," John said, still staring into those demon eyes, "Is some master of evil. You are not threatening. You are not a monster for the ages. You are not stubble. You. Are. Not. Funny."

"You are a lap dog for an ascended mage, because you cannot pick on anybody in Hell. All I did was draw on your face, and you tried to murder me. When somebody threatened to be your equal, you threw a temper tantrum and nearly blasted half a coffee into dust."

"I am not going to cause you pain, not going to take an iron beating revenge that I deserve. No," John put his finger to the demon's forehead, "I am just going to show you the pain your "jokes" cause. Memoria."

John fired the memories into the demon's skull, of what happened back on the plane, the pain of the knives, the horrors of skin being removed from muscle, and finally, the laughing.

Laughing at the weakness in school, laughing as something else explodes around "the nerd freak," laughing at having no friends.



"Ha. Ha. Ha." John said, as he stood up, looking down at the demon.


Lucius leaned back, observing the spectacle that was unfolding before him. Within mere seconds, the demon had gone though ranting at him, greeting the PIA, and attacking the PIA, before... Lucius wasn't entirely sure, but he assumed Zaheer had intervened in some sort of way. The seconds drew on in the makeshift briefing room, and Lucius' patience wore thin - he had plans to enact, and it seemed as though the whole crowd were here. Lucius looked around, before muttering "Ferrum Pugnus", and slamming a now hard-as-rock fist into the table.

"Order", Lucius spoke, his voice barely raised, "This strategy meeting is now in session, all involved will stand down unless they want me to intervene"


The central terminal in Lucius' base fired itself back up, in expectation of receiving visitors - the first in almost a Millennium. Security protocols popped up on the terminal's main interface, unseen, setting up magical versions of firewalls - against telepathy, psychic attack, radio communication - the whole works. When the Master brought his group here, they would be utterly isolated, both from the world, and from each other, until the Master decided it was unnecessary.


Lucia just sat down and kicked back in the chair, pleasantly surprised to find it both reclines and spins, simple pleasures and all. Lucius said something that sound like a threat but ignored it, she highly doubted she'd be doing anything other then acting as a highly mobile long range artillery platform, humans rarely knew how to use a dragon as anything other then a big stompy thing after all, humans that focused solely on pursuing power where less likely to do anything really worth while with one, and this Litch seemed to be both.

So she sat and waited, though she was admittedly bored already.

---Italian Alps; Wagner's Seal---

A-Lucia appeared before her seal and was greeted with a voice echoing through the cavern "Well well, the slave comes to 'rebuild' the prison she built" he said with a snort "Your seal will not hold me forever, I will be free and I will tear down everything you've built" Wagner growled, and image of Wagner appearing in the center of the seal.

"That's nice" A-Lucia said as she set to re-enforcing her seal "All I have to say to that, is 'good luck'." she said locking eyes with the image "Humanity and Dragon kind are on the verge of becoming allies, you attack one, you attack both, and given you couldn't even handle ME at my weakest in my youth, yeah, good luck with that."

Wagner scoffed "I fear no army, especially not an army of worthless humans" A-Lucia laughed "Yeah, nether did the rest of the dragons from our Earth, and look where that got them, dead, you and I are all that's left, assuming you never get free, cause if you do, I'LL be the only surviving dragon from our Earth" She said before leaving, Wagner growling at her as she vanished "I will see you dead" he said as she vanished from sight.

---Italian Alps; Inquisition main base---

A-Lucia reappeared and looked at Bowl and Zal'Teer "Wagner is awake, so 'be careful' is an understatement, any mistakes and the chance is high he'll get free" she said, the prior humor gone from her voice "So, Do. Not. Fuck. This. Up."

"Order. This strategy meeting is now in session, all involved will stand down unless they want me to intervene" Lucius said as Richard and Terra appeared in the lobby - the result of some arcane spell of the former's design. Slightly disorientated, they stared around the lobby for a moment before they spotted the group from the plane - made evident by several familiar faces.

The two made there way over, taking a seat wordlessly - mostly so as not to interrupt the already in progress meeting.

Fiona meanwhile, stared at the ascended wizard as he refused the shake and rolled her eyes "Another of those stuck up would-be demigods I see." she thought to herself as she returned to her coffee, ready to get the meeting going

"Fiona Dubois, though you may call me Fiona. It's a pleasure to make you're acquaintance." The woman said responding to his introduction. He smiled at her but before he could say anything else Seras interjected. "And its a pleasure....though I don't remember seeing anyone like you on board though." He took a good look at her, and he had to admit he hadn't seen her before. Her smell wasn't familiar either, but then again there had been many new smells. Suddenly the dragon lady appeared and started talking to Seras."Rouge?....Figured you'd be off doing, what ever Vampire do"

Seras responded with "Well, first off, I'm not a full blood Vampire Miss Lucia....So, what did they offer you in return for your services then?" He decided to remain quiet for now, he took a good whiff of the air. He made sure to memorize all of their smells, it could be handy later on. Fiona then spoke again in response to Seras inquiry "I'm not surprised.....Everybody wins." He looked at Lucia, he wondered what they offered someone like her for help. "Nothing of real value...Whom will eventually 'come home'" He looked at Lucia.

The dragon form he had seen her use was nothing like his own, it was much stronger and faster. He could transform into the weakest dragon kind himself, but he could only do that about once a week and it wasn't a easy transformation. The conversation moved along with Seras once again speaking up. "So, if I understand what your trying to say Miss Lucia...It'll be an honor to fight alongside you." John then burst through the door and had another one of his episodes. Lucia and Seras had begun to move towards Lucius table, though he didn't like the prospect of sitting that close to him.

The alternative the demon clown and John sounded much worse, so he joined them at the table and ignored the fight between Fromanzio and John. He took a seat besides Seras, he then noticed he had began to dislike John more and more, how could he behave so rash and immaturely he wondered. Lucius suddenly slammed his hand into the table, and said "Order. This strategy meeting is now in session, all involved will stand down unless they want me to intervene" He remained quiet. He wondered what would happen next, as he looked at Seras. He smiled at her and gently grabbed her hand under the table, he then looked back at Lucius and waited for the meeting to start

"Order." Lucius spoke, as he slammed his fist onto the table, which caused many people to turn to his direction. "This strategy meeting is now in session, all involved will stand down unless they want me to intervene." Without hesitation, and not wanting to get involved with the argument between Fromanzio and John, who both looked as though they were about to kill each other, Seras quickly took a seat at the table next to Lucia, with Theon sitting beside her.

Seras could soon feel a hand grab her hand, and realised it was Theon when he turned to smile at her; Seras gave Theon a quick kiss on the cheek. She then saw Terra and Richard arrive, as both took seats opposite from her, and gave both of them a smile, feeling glad to see they were here.

"So Lucia, care to tell me what Jade is like? Sounds like an interesting place?"

"So Lucia, care to tell me what Jade is like?" Seras asked

"Lots of mountains and plains, and a few forests cause we need them." Lucia started "Instead of several land masses its only got one surrounded by water, though that hardly matters, there are several sky bound city's that kinda drift, basically, it's what you could imagine Earth would be like if ever facet of life was built around everybody having magical ability's roughly that of an expert mage on average, and flight."

Lucia said "I find Earth prettier though"

"I find Earth prettier though." Lucia said as she gave her description of what Jade looked like. To Seras, it sounded as though it was quite a serene place which was full of wonder; what made Seras confused though, was that Lucia found Earth to be prettier.

"Really? You think Earth is prettier. How so? Reason why I am asking is that, judging from the way you've described it, Jade sounds like it quite a serene and magical place, full of grace and elegance; compared to Earth in some places, it sounds like a paradise."

"Really? You think Earth is prettier. How so? Reason why I am asking is that, judging from the way you've described it, Jade sounds like it quite a serene and magical place, full of grace and elegance; compared to Earth in some places, it sounds like a paradise." Seras replied, confused by her preference.

Lucia giggled, "It's simple really, I prefer 'things with a history', this is my preference for what I have in my hoard, but it apply's to every thing else to, like the comparatively cheap hotel I stayed at over the staying here on the Litch's dime, as well as my travel rout and so on, or in short, I find Earth more attractive because it has a story to tell, while Jade does not, not yet anyway." Lucia concluded.

"...I find Earth more attractive because it has a story to tell, while Jade does not, not yet anyway." Lucia said as she explained her reasons why, and in a way, that made some sort of sense to Seras; it wasn't perfect, but she could at least understand it.

"I guess when you say it like that Lucia; Earth does sound more like an attractive place to live. Everything in this world has its own story to tell, from the most simplistic to the more complex and grandiose. We each have our own story, and whilst it may be ours, we are not the only ones to write it; for each person we meet has a go at being the author. Still, I think that Jade sounds beautiful." Seras said with a smile towards Lucia.

"Seeing as how I've asked a question, is there anything you'd like to ask me?"

"Still, I think that Jade sounds beautiful."

Lucia nodded "You'd probably like it, and you'll probably get to see it, I'd keep a lid on your Vampiric heritage though, Vampire aren't exactly 'liked' on Jade, not after the war anyway"

"Seeing as how I've asked a question, is there anything you'd like to ask me?"

Lucia pondered a minute "Only thing that springs to mind is your old man. I don't under stand how a vampire lord would favor humans so much"

"Ha. Ha. Ha."

Fromanzio was ready to get hit, hoping for it, wanting it even. His master had betrayed him and fed him to some human. Fromanzio was going to kill the human no matter what now. It didn't matter what Zaheer said. It didn't matter if it would kill him because Fromanzio would find a way, he always did. Death couldn't kill him so what chance did that pipe, Zaheer, John or anyone have? No. Wait, what is he doing?

In fact, John gave him a verbal beatdown. Fromanzio had heard this before. "Oh Fromanzio, you aren't scary! You just are a crazy killer thing with some knives and OH GOD WHERE DID THOSE KNIVES COME FROM AHHHHH!" Something like that. Really, Fromanzio could hardly hear what John was saying. He began looking in various locations for a way to get out but Zaheer had this place locked up airtight. Then, John cast a spell. Fromanzio's mind was back...home?

A thousand magi surrounded him. They were preparing some kind of spell, Fromanzio didn't know what it was. They were shouting but he was groggy, none of it made sense, he remembered running, but this time his feet were bound. His inhuman agility reduced to nothing. His hands weren't gloved, in fact, he was human again. Looking in a nearby mirror, Fromanzio could see he was fifteen again. The voices became clear. No.

He...could think clearly again. His mother's corpse, his father's sister's brother's all of their corpses were laid out and in heaps. "NO!" Fromanzio shouted out as loud as he could. "GIVE ME BACK MY LIFE! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT! IT'S MINE!" The figures couldn't hear him. They brought out a rusty looking shiv and Fromanzio's eyes got wide. He remembered that shiv, his first kill for food. Was John...he couldn't. "Is this his spell?" In seconds, one of the men rushed over and quickly buried the rusty shiv in Fromanzio's stomach. Blood dripped down to the floor as he reached at his chest. He hadn't remembered how long the man lived. All was black.

Fromanzio woke up in a dark room. Bells were ringing and the voice all too familiar to him was doing nothing but laughing. Laughing, that sickening consuming laugh that had claimed him so long ago. It spoke of fear, terror, massacres burning pillaging destruction and desecration. Fromanzio remembered none of it, it was all a blur to him.

"You. You're inside me did all this. Why?"

The laughter took the form of the demon Fromanzio. It stood over the human with a knife. Laughing and blurted out "You mean we? Fromanzio has done all of this! You are Fromanzio as much as the one in front of you!"

"No!" The human yelled. "You are a demon!"

"Made by the mages, made to destroy them, burn them and we did! You were there and it was glorious. We have done so much together!"

"It wasn't what I wanted."

"It's what you did."

"It didn't have to be this way!"

"Of course it did! Fromanzio can't remember any of it, why he is here just that he is! We have always been here since the massacre even if it took a little time."

"You are lying!"

The clown laughed and took a small spherical device out. It was a bright pink and he held it with care. "You remember this? We invented it! Our first legacy right here. Glorious."

"Is that it then? Our legacy is of death?"


"Our legacy has caused nothing but suffering!"


The clown lit the bomb and threw it below Fromanzio. He knew all too well what was about to happen. 3..2..1..Boom. A flash of light and Fromanzio was cast ablaze in a heat so powerful that the skin was seared off his bones in seconds and instantly after Fromanzio could feel the pain and deaths of at least a million more. He was torn apart, dismembered, destroyed in every way imaginable and then, blackness again.

John was staring at his work. Fromanzio was looking down and had been screaming for quite some time. Then, the clown looked up. "Ha...HaahahahahahahahahahahaAHHAHAHAHAHH!"

Fromanzio was in a hysterical fit of laughter. It was too much, he couldn't cry, laughter was all that was left. It was always there for him, never leaving. Everyone had left him but the laughter and it was here to stay. Fromanzio looked John in the face and said between chuckles "Millions. Millions dead and Fromanzio remembers them all! It's grand John, really is. Thank you."

Soon, they were both back in the cafeteria. John beside Fromanzio both sprawled across the floor as if they had fallen a few feet. Zaheer was watching and dismissed his Jinn who disappeared in the corner. Fromazio got up slowly and teleported next to Zaheer. "That, was an interesting experience, Master."

Zaheer shook his head and whispered "The meeting is starting, we have to get through it and then I have something to tell you. It's pretty big."

Zaheer nodded at Lucius's call to order and said plainly "I know a way we can be rid of her without killing her. It's easier that way."

John was staring down as Fromanzio screamed, a smile on his face. Then it turned to laughter.

John sat dumbfounded as Fromanzio barely held back the tears.

"Millions. Millions dead and Fromanzio remembers them all! It's grand John, really is. Thank you."

...What? This doesn't make any sense, why would... That spell was meant for humans, what effect did it have on a demon? Oh no...

John felt himself being taken away, the land on the floor back in the cafe'. John climbed into a chair next to Lucia, grabbed his head with both of his hands.

"What have I done?" John whispered, horrified by the implications of an even insaner jester that is going to be out for his blood. Maybe he should of just beat him with the pipe.

"You'd probably like it, and you'll probably get to see it, I'd keep a lid on your Vampiric heritage though, Vampires aren't exactly 'liked' on Jade, not after the war anyway." Lucia said in a cautious and concerned tone. Seras remembered Edward Crim and his wife make mention of a war between Vampires and Dragons back when they was in the Kennedy International Airport in New York. The dragon then pondered for a moment as to what to ask.

"Only thing that springs to mind is your old man. I don't understand how a vampire lord would favor humans so much."

"That is a question I've been asking myself a few times. However, whenever I've asked my father, he's says that he has always seen humanity as equals rather than a source of food. That they have as much claim to the world as anyone else, and that they shouldn't be treated as a plaything. He finds the diversity in human culture to be an interesting subject to talk about, and that they have been able to spread to call corners of the world, even beyond if the Moon is to be counted." Seras then paused for a moment, thinking about the specifics of the relationship between her mother and father.

"But, when it comes to my mother, he found her to be both beautiful and intelligent, and saw her talent in artwork; I guess you could call it a textbook case of love at first sight. My mother on the other hand, saw him as a kind and loving gentleman, a breath of fresh air."

Lucia listened to Seras talk about here father view point on humans, and smirked a little.

"He sounds like the High Counsel, though they don't see humans as 'equals', no dragon does. But like you father they recognize them as worthy of respect and potentially a very dangerous enemy should we be so foolish as to make them such."

Seras then went into what drew her mother and father together "I think I'd like a proper meeting with them when this nonsense is sorted out." Lucia said when Seras finished, now interested in this vampire lord and his mortal wife.

"He sounds like the High Counsel, though they don't see humans as 'equals', no dragon does. But like your father they recognize them as worthy of respect and potentially a very dangerous enemy should we be so foolish as to make them such." Lucia said with a slight smirk. Seras began to think on these words whilst Lucia continued to talk. "I think I'd like a proper meeting with them when this nonsense is sorted out." This brought Seras out of her little daydream.

"I guess humanity can be stubborn at times. Though there is some similarity in what you say when you mentioned that my father sounded like your High Counsel, seeing as though he is a member of the Council of Tepes. I guess a meeting with my parents after this Lich fiasco is possible; no doubt they would be interested in speaking with a dragon like yourself, it may even be the start of positive relations between Vampires and Dragons and Humans, seeing as though there are three races involved. Though of course, its all a matter of how quickly we get this whole Arzhela business sorted."

"How have you been enjoying London by the way?"

"I don't have the 'pull' to get any talks between Dragons and Vampires going. Kinda of a 'low ranking noble' if you will." Lucia said "I just wanna met him cause he sounds interesting, is all. London has been ok so far, not really had the time to take enough of it in, can't really get into full 'tourist' mode when I'm going to being going into a battle ya know." she followed with, then stretched. "What exactly is he waiting on? we do have humans and beings with short life spans at the table, we should get this going before they're to old to be helpfully" Lucia cracked at the Litch's expense

"I don't have the 'pull' to get any talks between Dragons and Vampires going. Kinda of a 'low ranking noble' if you will." Lucia said. "I just wanna met him cause he sounds interesting, is all. London has been ok so far... when I'm going to being going into a battle ya know." She then followed with before stretching out in her chair.

"What exactly is he waiting on? We do have humans and beings with short life spans at the table, we should get this going before they're to old to be helpfully." Lucia then asked, no doubt taking a shot at Lucius. The remark actually caused Seras to openly chuckle.

"Beats me Lucia, perhaps his age has finally caught up with him, if you know what I'm saying. With regards to a meeting with my parents, I'll send them a message once the meeting is over, see if something can be arranged." Seras then noticed John suddenly reappearing, and taking a seat on the opposite side of Lucia, holding his head in both his hands, from the looks of it, his business with Fromanzio, who looked more upbeat than usual, had gone wrong.

"Something the matter John?" Seras asked in a deeply concerned voice.

John looked up to Seras. John decided to just say the truth.

"I was sent to some room," John said, "Fromanzio was chained to the ground, a Iron pipe was in my hand. It wasn't cold, I could tell it as forged, still it would of hurt the demon. While it was tempting, I decided that beating the jester for five minutes would just make the monster want to murder me more, I went with a different track..."

John had to break eye contact, "I gave him the memories of what happened to me on the plane, what he did to me, partly to cause him more pain then any broken bone could, partly as part of some vain to teach him a lesson. I think I just made him crazier... and I think he still wants to kill me..."

"Better pick your number and get in line, @$%^head," John grimly thought, reflecting on the fact of how many things wanted him dead.

-Italian Alps-

Bowl frowned at that news, and glad she wasn't directly answerable to A-Lucia. Still, she had picked out 30 normal staff with no personal conflicts to help the five make their seal, and set up non-magical defenses (Bowl only had told A-Lucia of the most basic of the PIA could set up).

"We are ready to move the moment we are cleared to," Bowl said flatly, before turning to Zal'Teer, "Are you?"

Lucia rolled her eyes and patted John on the back "John, lemme let you in on a little 'secret'" Lucia started "Fromanzio wanting to kill you really only means your still breathing, he'd kill every one in London if he had the chance, and for no other reason then he can, so, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, I don't and I'm pretty sure he wants to kill me to"

---Italian Alps---

A-Lucia noticed Bowls frown "Just let your team know the he's watching and looking for any weaknesses to exploit, and be quick with what ever extra measures your going to use, if he's awake, then he's already looking for 'chinks in the armor' if you will, at this point, I'd rather have me stepping in and destroying him in battle as a last resort, anyway, if your people are ready, then give the order move out, time is not on our side"

Zal'Teer opened a magic window to the dragon who was leading the team to Wagner's Seal "Is your team ready?" "We are, but what of The Ancient One's seal?" "It has been dealt with by The Ancient One her self, if your ready, then move out, the PIA team will be joining you shortly. Be wary though, Wagner is awake, and will be watching your teams work, and looking for any flaws to exploit" the dragon nodded "It shall be done" he said and left as Zal'Teer closed the window.

A-Lucia nodded "I'm sticking around, just in case things go bad"

"Well, that isn't that concerning, Fromanzio is just one of many people who want me dead..." John said, having long accept that people always will have him in their sights, "But, Fromanzio started laugh after a long while of just screaming, saying how he remembers killing millions, as he just started to laugh."

John looked over his shoulder at the demon.

"What is he?" John said, considering that that is a body count Arch Demon Dukes do not even begin to reach.

-Italian Alps-

Bowl led 14 normal human agents, 5 goblins (all in in their mech suits), and the five chosen magic users (Sally, Bai Zhi, Astryd, Berhanu, and Joseph) filed through the portal. Bowl decided to cut down the number of agents she would bring, since prime numbers seemed to be "cleaner" for magic (the alchemists had figured out why, but could not explain it to regular people without spreading the number addiction).

The agents pulled out measuring tape and protractors, creating a pentagon with five meter long sides, with each of the magic users standing on each side. Five high powered lamps were set behind each user, but only the one behind Joseph was turned on, to maximize his shadow powers. Each goblin mech stood behind the magic user, weapons ready. Most of the rest of the agents had weapons raised (some had assault rifles, some were using mounted machine guns, a few had grenade launchers) standing behind sandbags, two parallel to each side of the pentagon. No one had any illusion that these small arms would do anything against the scales of such an Ancient dragon. They were their to buy a few seconds for the PIA's true trump cards.

Two agents brought in tactical nuclear weapons in cases. Less than a kilo a piece, same nukes that would of been fired from the David Crockett, (Yanks sometimes are good for something) but would hopefully hurt Wagner to make A-Lucia's fight with him easier. Bowl and two others brought into three other cases, only Bowl knew what was actually be unleashed. She had Sally place every single mind protection spell she had, and had put her mind into full fortress mode.

Sally raised her cell phone, channelling her magic, speaking in ancient Scandinavian as she started to weave sealing spells. Joseph sent out his shadow tendrils, weaving dark energies very carefully with Sally's spells. Bai Zhi eyes were covered, ears blocked, fully concentrating on the life energies on those around him, layering his Qi on top of Sally's framework. Finally Berhanu pushed out the screams of the mountains, moving the spirits of the mountain, reinforcing Bai Zhi's use of the life his life force.

Seras gave him a kiss on the cheek, in response to him grabbing her hand. He looked around the room, these kind of things weren't really his thing. Seras started to talk to Lucia, he was listing a bit while looking around the room. Fromanzio and John were shouting at each other, and then both vanished. He looked away uninterested in the spectacle, he dislikes them both.. Though he liked John more. Seras then asked John if he was okay, and Theon also turned to him. "I was sent to some room....a different track. He turned his head back, as he chucked to himself. John doing something, and accidentally screwing up? That never had never happend before.


"Crazy, and full of it far as I'm concerned" Lucia said dismissively "I just know I'll be glad when this is over and I can go back to forgetting he exists, sides, I have things to do, people to talk to, and so on." Lucia added.

---Italian Alps: Wagner---

As the PIA agents started to work the unshakeable feeling they where being watched hung over the area like a thick blanket. As the PIA set up their seals the team sent by Zal'Teer where putting the finishing touches on their own seal, while the few not actively working on the seal went to tell the PIA what would need to be done to make their seal compatible.

A low chuckle followed by 'pathetic' was heard through the cave as the dragons helped the humans.

---Italian Alps: Cichol---

About the same time the other teams set out to the seals they where assigned to. As the teams began the preliminary set up for their seals, the seal holding Cichol began to crack, the leaders of both teams ordered some one to report what was happening to their respective heads and form a defensive line as the cracks spread across the seal before it just shattered like glass, the shards dissolving as the hit the ground.

Then, nothing, Cichol did not come charging out of the hole he'd been sealed in, in fact there was no immediate sign of life at all. It took a few minutes of silence before some one sent a remote drone in to have a look, it was entirely possible Cichol was encased in stone, since that was one of his ability's but the images the drone sent back told a different story. The area where Cichol was supposed to be had left an indentation in the soil from century's of being in one spot, but Cichol him self was gone.

"What do you mean were "missing a dragon"?" Bowl said over the radio in frustration to a now terrified agent, "I want immediate dating of the rock, we need to find out when he got out."

Bowl walked out of the cave Wagner was in, (having another agent walking in as she walked out of the portal), but still carrying her crate (she was handcuffed to it with Titanium handcuffs), then walked up to A-Lucia.

"How could Cichol get out of his seal?" Bowl said as she nearly ran to the Dragon God, "How can we tell when he escaped? How do we know the other two seals still hold their Dragons? Where would Cichol go and why haven't we spotted a Platinum since your people went to jade?"

Zal'Teer was already ordering a scan of the area to find out how long Cichol has been free when Bowl came back through a portal.

A-Lucia, who had returned to her Platinum Dragon form as to be ready in case Wagner broke free "Clearly he hasn't wanted to be found, that's why no ones seen him." she said as read Cichol's file "As to your second question, if you have anyone in your group that can communicate with that lands they should be able to tell if anything is sealed or not. It's not a magic I'm familiar with in the sense of what I actively use, but if there's another seal that's a lid on an empty jar the spirits in the land wont be happy about guarding nothing, that's the best thing I can think of short of cracking Dr'az seal open an checking. As for Wagner, he's there, I could still feel his presence behind the seal when I reenforced it."

It was at this point Zal'Teer interjected "When should know how long he's been free shortly, five minutes at most he said "It is fortunate there haven't been any attacks relating to any Platinum's. A-Lucia nodded as she diss missed the file she was reading "Indeed, but some one ether let him out, or the seal broke down on its own sooner then expected, and we need to find out which, if some one let him out, they will need to be dealt with" A-Lucia said, not sounding very concerned that Cichol was free.


"Crazy, and full of it far as I'm concerned. I just know I'll be glad when this is over and I can go back to forgetting he exists, sides, I have things to do, people to talk to, and so on."

"True," John reflected, although he knew when this was over, it be right back into the fire for the technomage...

John heard Theon chuckle. John turned to the werewolf.

"What's so funny?" John said flatly, "Does my continued suffering by forces out of my control amuse you?"

-Italian Alps-

Bowl grabbed the bridge of her nose.

"That is what Berhanu felt," Bowl shook her head. Still, Cichol was low priority. If he went into hiding, knowing that Dragons and A-Lucia is back on this planet would not encourage him to come out of hiding. If Cichol was still on this planet at all, "We do, but he is currently in the midst of sealing Wagner, and breaking the sealing spells early to ask his opinion is suicidal."

"There are a many groups that could of let the dragon out," Bowl thought, just even thinking through human groups that would want the dragon to be freed, "Anything from trying to seek power to those wanting to 'slaughter the beast in the name of God,' but it could be any of them till we get more evidence to narrow the choices down. I suggest we focus on containment of Wagner above anything else."

---Italian Alps---

"There is a third option as to why Cichol has remained silent." Zal'Teer started as one of the dragons reported in "The Queen whom ordered him sealed, Grendal, was not our best ruler, and was fond of the practice of 'political prisoners' mostly early in her reign, but it's widely believed she is the root cause of the Silver Broods animosity toward the current queen. If you got out of prison to find out the daughter of the one who locked you away unjustly was in charge, would you be want 'rejoin society'? According to the report I received he has been free for one-hundred and fifty years, good timing for him I suppose." he added at the end before telling another dragon to inform the Princess of this turn of events.

I wonder how my friends are doing right now? I think their vacation is less interesting then mine has been so far.
"What's so funny?" John asked looking at him, he just managed to contain a sigh as John continued "Does my continued suffering by forces out of my control amuse you?" His face betrayed his annoyance quite clearly.
"No it does not, frankly I see you as horrible incompetent and annoying. But that was not the reason I was laughing just now, I remembered something funny I had seen the other day. You know not everything revolves around you John, even though that might be very shocking to you." Theon was clearly annoyed, and didn't regret a single word he has just said.

"Horribly incompetent and annoying?" John said, getting more annoyed by the second, "Of us, who figured out the corpse was guilty, and who thought the other was arresting a different person? Who stopped the plane from being blasted apart when the droppolganger self destructed by willingly stabbing their arm into the plane's electrical system? Who's been hunted by other mages for living beyond the fifth century, and dodged everything they thrown at me? Yes, you heard right, I am a called a heretic for my own kind."

"So, you really were not laughing at me? Deprehendero Dormi." John said as he casted the lie detection spell.

John was clearly annoyed as he responded with "Horribly incompetent and annoying?....Yes, you heard right, I am a called a heretic for my own kind." "I never thought you wanted to arrest him, but you were waiving your gun around like it was a toy. Something which I believe not many 'law enforcers' do during a questioning. And I am glad you are so good at your job, that you not only let your suspect get away but even blew a plane up along with it. And you are hunted by your own kind? You think that is bad? I don't even know my own kind!" Theon said getting very annoyed and angry.

"So, you really were not laughing at me? Deprehendero Dormi." John said as he casted a spell of some sorts. Cerebrum alterantia alica deprehendi primo obice. Theon froze for a second wondering where that voice came from, then there was a ear deafening screeching sound within his head. He grabbed his head with both his hands, and leaned on the table trying to fight back the sound. His brain was screaming in pain, and he could feel himself losing control of his body. At the height of the pain, it suddenly stopped and everything went back to normal.

When he looked back up at John, his face looked much angrier and colder. "That right there was the last time you pull anything like that. If you ever cast a spell on me again for your own personal gain.. I will rip you in pieces myself. I might not be good in magic like you, but you overestimate your own abilities mage." His face slowly began to change back, but the same look filled with disgust and hated stayed. "Still you really show your true colors, when you are using spells on people below 18, John." He said with a grin, which clearly showed how little he thought of John.

Seras let go of Theon's hand as he began to argue with John, this is exactly the sort of thing she didn't want to happen, especially given the reason for why they were all here; to put an end to the machinations of some mad Lich, not to fight amongst one another. But she couldn't help but feel concern for Theon when he suddenly grabbed his head with both is hands, as if in pain, then proceeded to lean across the table.

Suddenly though, it stopped, and everything went back to normal. The words that John spoke most have been some sort of spell. Right then and there she wanted to threaten, even hurt John for what he did, but realized she would be doing the same thing that Theon did earlier, so stayed her hand for the time being. She would have to have words with him later. Though she had to admit, that spell was a rather stupid choice.

Pushing that little incident aside, she turned back to Lucia, wanting to ask another question.

"Pardon me for asking Lucia, but just how old are you?"

Lucia just rolled her eye's as John and Seras's boyfriend went back and forth, she was all ready with a snide comment but things seemed to have settled.

"Pardon me for asking Lucia, but just how old are you?"

Lucia turned back toward Seras, and thought about weather or not she wanted to answer that, she was young by dragon standards to be sure, but still pretty old by every one else's. "I turned 250 before setting out on this little outing, why do you ask?"

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