The Darkest Corners: A Modern Fantasy RP (Interest Thread - Closed)

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"What deal did she make with you Fromanzio, Why did she stay behind with that human waste?!"

Fomanzio was in bliss right now. The anticipation was about to kill him. He hadn't gone all out in years now, but soon he would have an absolute playground to go wild in. Everyone would bleed! Oh? Lucia wanted something? What was it now? Oh right her mother. "Your Mother sold her soul to Fromanzio. The price of his work when one isn't capable of summoning him via magic. A simple ordeal. He turned her into a demon and the rest was history. Such a mad good time!"

Fromanzio still laughed at how the old master died. Fromanzio made a deal with the master that he would never attack him. That was the contract after all. The girl however, she never made such a promise. Fromanzio still remembers that day fondly. She had stuck around a while, she was technically in his service after all. How did she end up dying again? Something to do with the bloodlust Fromanzio forced in her.

Lucia was confused "And why would she do that? She always hated you, maybe not as mu..." Lucia stopped mid sentence, her expression changing "You telling me she stayed behind, sold her soul to you for revenge? For who? The tribe? Her self? Me?" she said, almost laughing the last bit.

"Human, I never made any contract..."

"Really now?" John said, trying to ignore the crippling fear of standing before a being that was orders of magnitude more power by becoming angrier, "Memoria."

John struggled a bit, normally he would plug this into a screen to be less power intensive. Still, it was just the audio that was important, so he blasted a nearby pipe to make the needed vibrations.

"He isn't the only one interested in the archives. We are both looking for them and if he tries to destroy the Earth or something horrible, he has me to contend with. I need his full cooperation and as his ally, I have it. At this moment you are just making things worse, we need to work together. I have power, you have resources and he has information. I think the others might be interested in helping as well."

"Did you hear that?" John said, "You declared Lucius your ally and stated interest in those archives. Even if you didn't get contracted directly, which you did, remember the vans, you declared Lucius a partner in getting Arzela and showed interest in the same reward, his deal applies to you as well. Unless between then and now you have terminated your business partnership with him, YOU. ARE. UNDER. CONTRACT."

"Of course," John said, looking at his finger nails in a mocking way, "Your alliance with Lucius even had a termination clause or any limitations besides your verbal declaration in front of multiple witnesses. Even your @#$^er of a demon who treats rules a jump ropes must know the magical laws of partnership and servitude, or shall I summon a goblin lawyer I know to just bring you before the Tribunal now?"

"I am very happy to see you as well, and I am even happier to see you relatively unharmed." Theon said with a relieved smile. Seras responded by wrapping an arm around Theon, and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, before letting go and seeing the in-fighting that was going on between the party. If this group was ever going to have a chance in hell of defeating Arzhela, they would need to work together. She briefly shot out a burst of fire that went straight to the floor, luckily nothing was set alight.

"Oh for God's sake... ENOUGH!" Seras shouted, her voice briefly turning into Mileena's. She then addressed Lucia, Zaheer, Fromanzio, and John.

"Honestly, with the way your four are acting, your behaving more like children that adults, or even professionals in John's case. Every second we waste here with this squabble, is every second that Arzhela grows stronger. If we waste too much time, there may come a point where we won't be able to stop her. If people want to butt heads with one another, do so at such a time where the world isn't at stake. So can we please stick to the matter at hand?" Seras asked rhetorically, her anger slowly setting with each word.

Lucia pointed at John and Zaheer "Tell that to them, I am having a civil discussion, sides, I already know my what part is, it's exactly what I thought it was going to be from the start" Lucia said as she leaned forward in her seat to give Roland a little pet on the head. "It's a rare opportunity to get some answers from him, and since I have every intention of putting my back to him and his new master after this, I'm not going to squander this brief opportunity"

She then turned her attention back to Fromanzio "One more question, answer these and I'll leave you to your fantasy's, does my Mother still live?"


The age-old Lich almost allowed a smile to play across his lips as the arguments raged through his rag-tag little group. The Vampire half-breed impressed him though - She had, quite literally, more fire than he'd expected. Still, probably best having her as support, if possible. As the arguments seemed to subside, for a little, Lucius spoke again, "Until Arzhela's Phylactery is discovered, I think it would be best to leave her in the care of John's little organisation. Zaheer, you were promised two archives. Mine, here, are at your disposal once this affair is over, Hers will be open when she's out of the picture. What's anyone's preference as far as their role in this assault is concerned?" Lucius sat back and waited, once more, for replies.


The Queen must have been expecting something to happen soon. She paced up and down her ranks of minions - She'd never really gotten to grips with the whole levitation thing - a frown almost etched on her visage. The zombie realised, more than ever, that their chances in this fight would be decided on Lucius' support, and his Queen's own magic. Without warning, the young (by their own standards) Lich walked up to her podium, and began to address her army.

"The force which has eluded us for so long is on the march. We don't know when or where he'll strike, or even how, but we can be damn sure of one thing. He will, and it will hurt. I have given briefings to my lieutenants - we have four key goals. Firstly, if possible, prevent him from accessing the compound. My wards will hold against direct teleport, but force could still prevail. Secondly, kill as many of his allies as possible - He might not die permanently, but they might. Thirdly, He is to be captured if at all possible. If he dies, we lose him again, and we shall have to live in fear for even longer. Fourthly, and so very importantly - noone is to be allowed access to the sanctum. Not my forces, not his. But now, you must take your positions, keep your senses clear, and prepare for war!!!"

John turned to Sera, noting the sudden change in voice. Another thing to make a mental note on. Atleast the Lich laid out the law in this respect.

"What's anyone's preference as far as their role in this assault is concerned?"

"I can easily cause all kinds of mayhem, deactivating a spell here, wrestling control of the power systems them, turn random objects into golems, blowing up the ammunition in the weapons of the corpses, and other things. I will not be as good in a straight firefight as the rest of you. I can hold my own, sure, but I am not bullet proof nor immortal like some of you. I can also set all kinds of annoyances to frustrate and break the concentration of Arzhela."

John walked close and locked eye contact with Lucius, and muttered a thought transfer spell.

"Take one of my high explosive grenades," John said though the link, "They are the small kind of pear shaped weapon your spell took from me, the one with yellow on it. If we have a critical mission failure, pull the pin, the little round piece, let the lever fall from the grenade. It should destroy your body so you can escape. Go to Nuts Pub Crawl 18th bear street, a few blocks from the Ritz in London, talk to the bartender that works between 9PM and 4AM, tell them everything you known. The PIA will know what to do."

John broke eye contact.

"I will also be able to get a massive power increase if her base is connected to the power lines or us using a generator," John considered, "And I could start blasting her with spells directly. By the way, you never explained how your teleportation works."

"What's anyone's preference as far as their role in this assault is concerned?"

"I'm fine with mine, still haven't decided how close I wanna be, thinking about firing from my maximum range though, that could be fun from the perspective of 'where is that fire coming from'" Lucia said to Lucius with a playful grin, granted, her max range would put her in literal orbit, but still, it was a rare opportunity to really go all out and not have some one breathing down her neck about the damages.

After all, why should Fromanzio have all the fun


Lucius received John's message, as clear as if he'd spoken. He kind of thought it could be a trap, but the insurance policy would be useful at least - going to the bar would be optional, he decided. Lucius nodded to John, his suggestion on his role pretty well fit Lucius' ideas. First though, he turned to Lucia, "Maximum range? Can you guarantee your accuracy at that kind of range?". Back to the agent again, Lucius spoke once more, "Sounds like a plan, you ought to teleport inside with the rest of us, a little after the Vanguard. Speaking of which, Zaheer, can your pet be trusted alone? I'd like to send him in and out a few times before we attack, keep them on their toes."

"What's anyone's preference as far as their role in this assault is concerned?"

Fiona thought the question over for a few minutes before answering. "It would depend on the environment of the area. If there's a variety of life there, perhaps I can support the ground assault team. Alternatively, if you give me a head start, I could make the weather favorable to the mission - fog or heavy rain for cover for instance." she offered, still in her make-shift chair. "Otherwise, wherever you need me I suppose."

"Maximum range? Can you guarantee your accuracy at that kind of range?"

"I'm mildly curious if you even have a clue as to what my max range is" Lucia commented, doubting the Litch understood the distances involved "Anyway, yes, I'm an excellent shot with my Spell Rays."

"What's anyone's preference as far as their role in this assault is concerned?" Lucia asked the group as the arguing began to slow down, which resulted in the flames that Seras was controlling to slowly die down. She then began to think on what possible use she could be in the upcoming battle.

"I'd recommend putting me amongst the fighters of our group Lucius; as I am a dab hand with a sword, but I can also be useful in dealing damage with magic, specifically the elemental kind, as my little fire display earlier has shown. But, in the event we need something held down, I'm sure my element chains could do the trick, after all, they kept you in place for a brief moment Lucius on board the plane."


The half breed, a fighter? That was a surprise, though he hadn't the time to test her. That only left birdman for base-support, he realised. Lucius clicked his fingers and summoned one of his automatons to his side. As it arrived, he looked at it, and spoke, "bring me a Nexus access, now". Looking back around, he addressed some of the group, "Lucia, i wouldn't know your maximum range, but the phrase 'maximum range' tends to imply lower accuracy. And Seras, that sounds workable, if you wanna be in the main group. Have you tried using a sword as a spell focus? And will you need a sword?", He paused for a second, and looked at the bird, "Roland, you want to be human again? I'm not sure about a permanent change, but my Nexus ought to be able to let you change back at will. Would you be willing to stay here and provide back-end support? And Fiona. If she hasn't cut it down, the whole area around her base is forested, which ought to give you plenty to work with. If I send you in just after the van, will you be able to set up, and give us some distractions? Just don't block Lucia's shot".

"Lucia, I wouldn't know your maximum range, but the phrase 'maximum range' tends to imply lower accuracy.

"Only thing that might hamper my aim is a passing cloud, anyway, when do we start this party" Lucia said, rather chipper, not that any of them would know, but she was looking forward to a thinly veiled excuse to crater a building. "Oh!! about these archives of hers, will you be moving them or leaving them?""Move them, move them, move them, move them, move them."she asked aloud and thought at the same time.

John turned to Lucius in shock.

"You can teleport without a trace, give legions of magitech robots, and overcome a curse of the @#%^ing FAIR FOLKS, something most ascended mages wouldn't even try, to allow Roland to become human again?" John was having a hard time believing a word of this, "What is powering this Nexus? Were did you get a magical power source to do all of this? You not a god level entity, finding an omega class object that can do this is hard enough, making it follow your command."

John started to look at the place with utter horror.

"Are you even sure this place is under your control?"

"What's this about being able to change me back?" Roland asked, perking up. He didn't quite dare to start hoping yet. But still, even a temporary change back to being a human would be welcome.

"I'm fine with playing support," he added, "Just tell me what I need to do. Or I could go and scout ahead and let the others know what to expect. I'm small enough to easily fit into vents and such and I'm not that easy to spot," he suggested.


Lucius smirked at John's so-typical overreaction. Feeling he ought to answer a few questions, at least, if he wanted any chance of joining this organisation, he spoke, "Breaking the curse? Not that I know of, but it's not so difficult to give someone limited shape-shifting abilities. So long as Roland remembers who he was, he'll be able to take the form indefinitely - it still wouldn't be his natural form though. In theory, at least, I couldn't guarantee there'd be no side effects. Do you want to take the risk, birdman?", Lucius looked back to the agent, "And John, the automatons are basic, and very limited. They can't leave the premises - which answers a question you asked earlier, doesn't it? And my control is absolute. And what are we doing with the archives? As soon as Zaheer and myself have read them and duplicated anything we want, I'm happy for your PIA to have them."

Looking around the room, Lucius could see the group was still far from united, but he thought they were making progress. At this rate, they may even be able to move by the end of the day.

"And Seras, that sounds workable, if you wanna be in the main group. Have you tried using a sword as a spell focus? And will you need a sword?" Lucius asked, which came as a little bit of a shock, since it was one of the first times that the Lich responded to her by name. Perhaps the fire from earlier made her a bit more noticeable in what she could do? It made sense, seeing as she had been not using her powers all that much in public up until this point.

"No, I haven't really used anything to act as a focus for my magic before, it just happens. Sure there are words that I need to say in order for me to use them though, but I do not require anything to bring it all together. As for a sword, I happen to already possess one; one which has been in my family for generations, whilst I don't have it on me at the moment, I can use a charm that my father inscribed on it in order to summon it. Plus recent events have provided me with a few new tricks which should be useful." Seras briefly looked at Theon, since he would know what she was referring to by 'recent events'.

---Lucius's compound---
Lucia frowned "Doesn't help ... I wanna blow the place up ... oh well, probably better this way". Lucia thought. "Well, if all he gets are the cramps I get on occasion, he'll be fine." Lucia added, mostly to reassure Roland

---Italian Alps---

Another Gold Dragon, a female entered the command tent "Elder, the seal operation at Dr'az's seal is completed. No unexpected complications." Zal'Teer nodded and dismissed her. A short time later an Iron entered "Wagner's seal has been reenforced." He started "But I don't trust it to hold, I could feel the demon watching, analyzing our every move. I don't think we're going to be able to keep a lid on this one."

A-Lucia nodded"Tell every one to pull out, and recommend the PIA do the same. He'll make a move soon, and the only being's a want around when he does, are on my level or higher." A-Lucia said, then vanished. Zal'Teer shook his head "You really think Wagner will get free so soon? Hate to have had the PIA waste time and resources like this." the Iron commented after A-Lucia left. "The Ancient One know her foe better then all of us, and we know what happens when the being seal is awake, chances are he's biding his time, for what I do not know"

---Wagner's seal---

A-Lucia reappeared on an adjacent mountain top, and settled in to wait, and watched silently as the PIA agents began to remove boxes who's contents where no longer needed. A-Lucia hoped Director Bowl would heed her warning and pull her people out.


A young man sat and watched the news recap of the nights events. He was very surprised to see a Platinum plastered all over the news, both for her part in saving a plane from going down, and her little curse through town later. As the Pundits started into the political debate of Jades potential entry into the UN as a member he just shook his head and turned the TV off and finished his breakfast.

As he was stuffing the last of his meal into his mouth, the phone rang a total of three times before he got it "Hello, Cichol speaking"


Bowl moved her people and equipment out through the portal. The seal was reinforced, but it would not be enough to hold for long. Four of the five packages were also left, including the two nukes, leaving only a single package on a simple laser.

Bowl walked into the tent of Zal'Teer at the base camp, having made sure to set everyone to pack everything up. Ground forces would most likely cause more problems in a fight like this. None of the magic users were capable of long term flight, and were orders of magnitude, at least, than wagner. Human intervention in the fight without the deployment of nukes would just fairly pointless and make EU countries ask to many questions.

"Time for operation damage control," Bowl said grimly as she walked in, "Thankfully we prepared for this outcome. If the UN vote is going to be through, you must follow this story to the letter. The Inquisition of Christ, a group of religions zealots in the most literal term possible, discovered the seal to this ancient dragon and decided to try to slay it in the name of God and the Church. The Inquisitions attempts to slay the dragon failed horribly, every one of them was killed. I ask once we get all important equipment removed from our camp, that one of you burn it to a crisp, leaving on the tiniest hints of human occupation."

"This is the most important part," Bowl said slowly, making sure to record the entire story, "Your species did not know of the existence of the seal. It was so ancient, from a dark part of your history, records lost to memory and time. The seal breaking alerted you, and you took immediate action to stop the ancient monster. Clear this base out, leave not a trace of any dragons in this area. After that, go to any nearby cities, towns, and villages, get as many humans away from the battle as possible. Do not engage with human military or police forces, turn to your human forms and surrender or accept arrest if they demand it. DO. NOT. ENGAGE. THE MILITARY. Even if fired upon, attempt surrender first. Italian forces in particular are going to be trouble, we will apply pressure so they don't attack, but I can't give any promises."

Bowl turned to A-Lucia, "Since only the PIA and a few select human mages know you exist, you will say your actually Queen T'mat in some higher powered form, used in emergencies to deal with extreme threats. You and your kind need to be seen as protectors. As soon as Wagner is defeated, have all your dragons help clean up the damages and save any caught in the blast. Do this right, and we may win more votes than we currently have, maybe get a vote for full member status."


That still didn't answer all his questions, and John doubted the stability of this place, but there were other things needing to be attended to.

"Yes, the C.I.A. and MI6 will be very happy to look through those records," John said, as if he was correcting a simple mistake.


Zal'Teer nodded and began to give the orders to clean up and clear out, while A-Lucia, who had been listening via magical means also left her perch, she also after some thought, regenerated all her millennium old wounds to least match the Queens silhouette, while yet another dragon was briefing the Princess so she could relay orders to those that would need it as well as brief her mother to what her role would be.


The voice on the other end of the line spoke to Cichol for a few moments before hanging up. Cichol walked into his bed room and got ready to leave and by 10 am was at his destination. He walked into a crowded room, and positioned him self at the head of it and had a look around the room "My name is Cichol, I'll be taking over as your Math Teacher due to your normal instructor having to leave to take his wife to the hospital. Lets wish the both a health baby and begin shall we?" He said as he started writing up a problem on the black board for the high school aged students to solve.

If I send you in just after the van, will you be able to set up, and give us some distractions? Just don't block Lucia's shot". Lucius said, giving his "orders"

Fiona merely nodded in reply, then started thinking about what to do. It wouldn't be hard to provide some kind of cover and twist nature against the building, but keeping the result out of Lucia's way would be the trick. In the end, the best idea she could come up with was a rolling fog that would close in on the complex from all directions as the group moved into position. Lucia wouldn't be able to see the building at the end, but at that point they'd already be at the building and any devastating dragon attacks would hurt their forces as much as help them.

After working it through, she looked up at Lucius and said "Understood." There after, she reached out into the world, hoping to get the natural beings around the enemy liches compound primed and ready to move.


The automaton rolled back into the room, and handed what appeared to be a glowing orb to Lucius. The lich looked at his access terminal, and muttered the words to activate it. "Right, several tasks for you Nexus. Firstly, the bird on the table wants to be able to take human form. He'll focus on the form as you transmit the power. Secondly, the dragon lady is to be teleported to the northern border of France, half a mile into the air. And revert her to dragon form. The Ascended and his pet are to be dropped, at the same time, just outside our dear old friend's base. Re-equip everyone when they teleport, but leave John with the robes - they suit him. Finally, a couple of minutes later, you're to transfer the samsarian to a mile from the Ascended's position. Go."

Lucius turned back to the group, in time to watch Lucia, Zaheer, and the demon pet flicker from view. It had started, no turning back now. He looked to the bird on the table as green energy flowed from the Nexus Orb (tm) into his small form. As the flow stopped, he spoke, "Roland, can you transform now?"

"HOLD ON A MINUTE!" John yelled, "What ever fashionability these robes had 2000 years ago does not translate into good ARMOR. What you took included my kevlar armor suit, which I have both made more resistance to spells and can better absorb gunfire than cloth."

"This thing is so hot and heavy," John said, holding a large piece of the robes, "That even my jeans and trench coat would be more agile in a battle."


The PIA was working fast, taking the most expensive of the equipment back into the choppers, leaving the tents (and several small relics indicative of the Inquistion) at the base camp behind. The A-10's had already headed back to the carriers, they didn't want to have to explain what American jets are doing in Italy, while the Eurofighters headed back to base.

Bowl was the last to get into her chopper, which took off and headed back to base, hoping A-Lucia and their little "present" would be enough to stop Wagner.

"Why not? What's the worst that could happen?" Roland answered when the lich asked if he wanted to risk being changed back into a human. "Don't...answer that," he added after a moment.

Soon a clanking automation brought a glowing orb and Lucius gave it various orders after which green light started to flow into Roland. It felt odd. Like being dipped into icy water but without actually feeling cold.

"Roland, can you transform now?" Lucius asked after the flow of light had stopped.

"I just need to remember who I was, right?" the bird asked and closed his eyes to concentrate better. Even though he had been a bird for over four years now he could remember being human easily enough. Actually changing back into one was another matter entirely. Roland was pleased to discover that when he willed his body to change size or shape it obeyed. To a certain extent at least. But when he tried to get rid of the feather or turn his wings into arm his body refused to obey no matter how hard he tried.

He gave up after a few minutes. His head was hurting, his body felt raw and sore and every movement sent a small jolt of pain through him. Still, it hadn't been a complete waste of time. Where, just few minutes ago, a small woodpecker had been sitting on the table, not stood a much larger owl.

"I guess...ouch...this won't be as easy as I had hoped."

---50km north of Cardiff---
Lucia faded from Lucius's lair and faded back in, in the sky somewhere, she presumed where Lucius had wanted her to be, though she was getting a little annoyed with the forced transformations. She floated there a few moments looking around a bit before spotted a group of undead a ways in distance, she pondered a moment how to go about dealing with them, she could snipe them from where she was, easily.

Then again she could also easily cover the distance and situate her self directly above them, several miles up and just rain death on them. That had the benefit of bringing some of her more potent, but shorter ranged options into play. After a few minutes Lucia decided the best, and most fun option was a combination of the two.

She moved a little ways in and began to scatter energy orbs, one for each Aether Vent (36) and each orb only being worth two shots before evaporating. those she had spread out over about 100 yards squared, then moved her self into a position high enough they wouldn't notice her with out binoculars and behind the group, then gave the command for the first volley of 15 or so Rays from her 'drones'

---Italy; Wagner's Seal---

A-Lucia's seal began to crack and flicker as Wagner began to work through it's defenses.


The zombie lieutenant paced up and down his ranks. He'd been given five platoons of zombies to command by the Queen - almost a quarter of her strength. And he still hadn't decided which side he was going to fall down on, in the end. He looked over his troops, with their mismatched equipment, from full plate to Kevlar, longbows and dirks to assault rifles and pistols. The Queen's supplies were a mess. He looked around to his radio, sat on a convenient rock behind him, for word from any of the other commanders. As he turned, he felt a powerful surge of energy catch him from behind, sending him flying into the bushes beside the rock.

As he looked up, he saw a series of small, smoking craters where his troops had been - only half a handful had survived. 15, at most that he could see. All around were ashes and severed body parts - he'd been lucky to not be caught in a blast. He reached for his radio to see it must have flown a ways away. And he still didn't know where the attack had come from.


The Nexus flickered back to life, transporting Fiona to the battleground, a small distance from where any fighting should be yet. Lucius turned to the terminal, and spoke, "I'll have my staff now, please". Into the Lich's hand flickered his 'staff', more of a spear than a staff in design. It stood a foot taller than its owner, and the head held a smaller orb, glowing with Nexus energies. He smiled, and addressed the Owl on the table. "Well that didn't go as planned, though its better than nothing. The nexus will give you a control screen - you'll be able to see through the eyes of any of our group - I'd advise Lucia for the most part. Give a command and the Nexus will do it - Teleports back, sending equipment, and all that. You'll also be able to communicate telepathically, so you'll need to keep everything co-ordinated. Can you do that?", the roman looked to the rest of the group, "Ok, as soon as we're ready to go, we'll use Zaheer's view to hit the front of the base. Be ready for a fight right when we arrive. Rhingyll should join us at the sanctum, if he can get there."

A wide grin opened up on Fromanzio's face. He was ready for this, whatever came his way, he could kill it now! It was so rare he could cut back and do what he wanted, but this was one of those times. They would probably see him coming, but what fun was there in killing people silently? It was always best when they screamed.

In his immediate view, Fromanio saw a large group of zombies led by a minor demon. They hadn't seen the duo yet but soon they would and a fight would happen. Fromanzio was starting to shake with excitement. Zaheer smirked a bit disappointed. This wasn't a fight, it was just going to be a slaughter. Zombies had the effectiveness of toothpicks against a monster truck when flight was an option and the demon was minor. Fromanzio was ancient as they come and Zaheer didn't feel like wasting his time on these. "Fromanzio, kill all of them."

In that moment, the loudest, shrillest scream of glee echoed out of Fromanzio as he pointed at one of the Zombies and shouted, "BANG!" A small glowing pellet came out of Fromanzio's gloved finger, slow at first but soon it raced at the poor creature's location, burrowed its way past its eye and into its skull before exploding, turning the zombie's head into a fine pink mist. The demon was obscured by the zombies still but Fromanzio wasn't interested in them. He wanted to play with the big guy.

"Bang! Bang! BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG....BANG" Twenty more pellets flew at the horde and the zombies one by one went from solid to liquid and the demon stood alone. Fromanzio fired a shot at it, but the demon deflected the ball and stared at the Jester. Fromanzio was now able to see it clearly, a large brute who was now grabbing a rather large sword. Head was in the shape of a goat, though it had human skin and was patched in a few areas. The creature reached for his sword and in a flash came to Fromanzio's face. Zaheer by now had conjured up a comfortable looking chair and crossed his glowing legs, this would be entertaining.

The demon swung down his sword at Fromanzio who teleported above where the sword landed and asked "Tell Fromanzio, did the lich imprison you? Fromanzio knows what the mages are like, such a shame your master will be dead soon." The sword came back up and Fromanzio was behind the brute. "So hasty to end a fight, Fromanzio never understands people like you." The Demon turned around and bull rushed Fromanzio who jumped to the left and extended a single claw out to make a small cut all the way down the demon's arm. A tiny bit of blood came from the wound. The demon seemed unphased.

"Is that all you have, little clown?" The demon mocked. "I think you ran out of tricks on my zombeez!" Fromanzio laughed an ear piercing laugh. "Out of tricks? Fromanzio? Oh, this will be funny, hilarious even!" The demon clown conjured up several razor sharp claws that soon split into what looked like fifty. The demon gathered himself and his sword and as the razors flew at him, struck down at least thirty, though the others left similar scratches on him. Now bloody in most places, the demon took this opportunity to run at Fromanzio full speed and swung in a manner more fit to crush a man than slice. Fromanzio disappeared again but this time, came near the handle of the sword and whispered a quick word unintelligible to all. The sword's flames died, then rust overcame it and in less than a second, the once mighty great sword was gone, rusted to nothing. The demon seemed surprised at this, angry. It grabbed Fromanzio who this time, allowed the demon to take a shot at him. The demon yelled "That was a gift! My lady will be mad!"

The demon then smashed the poor clown into the earth who was laughing and laughing and laughing. Once the ground had a small crater in it, the demon looked to examine the remains of what had to be a broken demon. Only, instead of blood, stuffing was everywhere, white and fluffy, and upon examining the clown, it was just a large doll. Zaheer let out a small laugh. "Fromanzio, quit playing with him. We should start killing everything else soon." Fromanzio sighed and agreed "Yes master. But he is so silly and fun! Look at him, so confused, it's like killing a puppy! Not that Fromanzio hasn't, but it always hits a soft spot." Fromanzio snapped his fingers and the Demon started screaming.

What Fromanzio had done to John on the plane was what Fromanzio called a level one illusion. Something where the one afflicted begins seeing things that aren't real, feeling things that would disorient them. Level two illusions make reality look funny, but can be broken easily. Level three illusions, turn nightmares real. Any illusion Fromanzio made that was level three, not only was felt, but was real. So when the demon's blood started flowing out like a fire hose in several varying directions, not only did he feel as if his skin was peeling off with the force, it actually was. When the corpse finally fell down in a heap, it dotted the i, to Fromanzio. Its blood spelling the name in a gruesome display. Fromanzio bowed and yelled "Thank you, thank you, Fromanzio will be here until every other one of these dies. Should be fun."

Zaheer got out of his chair and used the surrounding blood to catalyze his next spell. An army of imps came flowing out of the ground that Fromanzio spilled, dozens, hundreds, a thousand. Some were large, some small, either way Zaheer wasn't going to sit while Fromanzio killed each zombie by hand and with all the blood laying around, imps were almost a free summon. "If it shambles, or works with the shamblers, kill it." Zaheer uttered and the imps flapped their wings and flew at the zombie horde, pitchforks raised. Zaheer pointed to a wall of the fortress and said "Fromanzio, blow that wall open for me."

"With pleasure, master." Fromanzio quickly flung a chaos ball at the wall, if all went well, it would serve as a wonderful distraction and get the bulk of the Lich's army over here. Fromanzio would have so much fun today.

Lucia watched as in the first volley she wiped out the group almost completely. She sighed "Well that's no fun, flimsy creatures ...." she said to her self, utterly annoyed she wasn't gonna get to play with them more, and just started picking off the survivors one by one with 'sniper fire' from above, all of them save Rhingyll, her view of him was obstructed other wise he'd have been slain as well.

Lucia, certain every thing was dead-er just floated there well, fuck, now what.... No one had told her what should should be doing AFTER she dealt with the group.

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