The Darkest Corners: A Modern Fantasy RP (Interest Thread - Closed)

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"Well that's different" Lucia said as she watched the events unfold, though she was kinda stuck where she was so would be taking part in the chase just yet

Theon had distracted him enough that he wasn't able to to fire when Mrs. Crim transformed and flew at him.

John just stared at the creature, flabbergasted at the thing before it disappeared.

"Lich's, dragons, vampires, fairies, ascended mages, and now ALIENS?" John screamed, "What the !@&( is wrong with this flight?"

John picked himself up, turning to Theon, "Why the $#^* did you do that? I wasn't pointing my gun at Rogue, I was pointing it at the second corpse!"

John ran after the "alien," hoping to stop it from escaping/blasting a hole in the side of the air plane.

Roland managed to fly away when the thing, whatever it was, tackled John to the ground but was pulled back by the handcuff around his leg. John was quickly back on his feet again but the bird had more trouble, dangled up in the rope and hanging upside down.

The agent ran after the thing (did he say it was an alien? Neat.) before Roland managed to completely untangle himself.

"H-hey!" he called, still trying to untangle himself.

Dwight's Other Half woke and took over Dwight's body as the whole exchange happened. As the people watched the thing run he ran to Lord Crim. He inspected him his red eyes searching hard over it. The Other woke Dwight and gave control over to Dwight to see what had happened. Dwight took one look his eyes bulging in surprise and said "Oh f*** all kinds of duck!" Dwight looked towards the back of the plane. His other half spoke inside his head "Well Dwight look likes I'll have to do all the dirty work." Dwight wanted to object but was cut off as the Other Half took full control. Dwight's skin turned pale as black markings appeared over his body, two small horns grew on his forehead and both of his eyes turned red.

Other Dwight pulled a .45 pistol of his suit coat and smiled "This trip is going to be a blast" as said as he rushed to the back.

Zaheer had seen enough. Whatever it was, it wasn't going to be so happy in half a second. Zaheer teleported in front of the hawk and grabbed its beak. He rapidly discharged large amounts of electricity into the bird's body, causing it to come crashing to the ground, seemingly paralyzed. Zaheer brushed his hoodie off and looked around. All seemed calm now. Good. Zaheer picked up the hawk and put it close to his face, still shrouded in darkness.

"You will tell me everything I want to know, or I will kill you. Do you understand creature?"

Richard came to the ground behind the bird, staring it down. His eyes began to shimmer as he looked at the bird. "William, do you have any idea what this thing is? Zaheer. I think we should put it into a ward before we start talking to the random shapeshifting murdercreature."

John ran up behind the "alien," as Zaheer managed to pointing his gun at the thing as well.

"First things first, what the #@^& are you, ET? How were you able to hide from all the telepathic beings that seem to be infesting this flight-" John started.

"This trip is going to be a blast!"

John turned around, only to see a half crazed teenager charging at him waving a Colt .45 with utter murder in his eyes. John turned around, reaching for his taser, and fired the electrical bolt at the insane kid.

Lucia looked at Crim's corpse "What I don't get is, why till after being air born to kill him. 'Why' I can easily figure, his 'sparkling personality' and all" she said to pretty much every one in ear shot

His powers and mobility are so much reduced up here." Richard half-yelled over to the inquiring creature "Terra, Love, what do you think about this... ah... whatever it is?"

"William, do you have any idea what this thing is? Richard asked his escort and ally. William was more then a little shocked by the events that had transpired; and was forced to admit he'd never seen anything quite like it himself. He had however heard of many creatures over the years, and had a couple of ideas what it COULD be. "I'm not sure... I mean, it LOOKS like an alien out of a fifties science fiction film, but... I mean, why would an alien be on an airplane?" It sounded so bizarre; ET arrives on earth to get on a jumbojet? William shook his head of the thought and continued. "but maybe it has a more terrestrial origin. It can transform right? Maybe its a skin-walker or a mimic or something of the like; a creature we don't normally see in a natural form?" William said, before returning to a more silent state. At this point, what it was was all conjecture and speculation; he was more of a hard facts kind of person.

"Terra, Love, what do you think about this... ah... whatever it is?" Richard asked as she arrived. She honestly was in a similar state to William on the matter; she didn't know what it was at all, but she had a few facts to add. "I don't know... If it did kill Crim, then it did it without making a lot of mental noise. I can understand why I didn't hear Crim - vampires are resistant t mind reading-" she said, glancing at Seras; another person she couldn't read passively."It must have some kind of mental power as well if I couldn't read it." she finished, not really sure what else to add. "I can try actively reading its mind if that would help?" she added hesitantly; she didn't like doing it, but it was something she could do - she was a powerful telepath after all.

The creature, still in the form of a falcon flew to one of the exits, intent on opening it and escaping. What it didn't know was a telekinetic barrier - crafted by Richard - now blocked his way. The creature slammed into the invisible wall with far more force then it was built to handle, falling back into the electric embrace of Zaheer. The blast was more then enough to stun the creature; almost causing it to black out.

Before long; Zaheer was holding the creature to his face, saying "You will tell me everything I want to know, or I will kill you. Do you understand creature?". Seconds later, much of the bothersome group arrived, asking their own questions. "First things first, what the #@^& are you, ET? How were you able to hide from all the telepathic beings that seem to be infesting this flight-" and "What I don't get is, why wait till after being air born to kill him. the Dragon Lucia said from across the plane.

With the power of the lightning-magical blast, the creature was unable to maintain its form and began to revert to its natural, grey-humanoid form, still with Zaheer's hands holding it in place. The monster of indeterminate gender reached up with its hands trying to push the Zaheer away to no avail, screaming out in a foreign tongue as it struggled. Now, in its natural form and holding as such, a symbol on its upper left shoulder became apparent.


Fortuitously for it, the arrival of Dwight, screaming how fun it would be, and his subsequent stunning, was a perfect distraction. Taking the opportunity, it began to transform into a creature much better suited for mages and dragons.


"Let me go!"
Lucius heard the creature cry out in a language he hadn't heard in a *very* long time. Not since well before he'd moved to the New World, at least - and it brought back powerful memories of Arzhela - powerful, hateful memories, and not at all helped by the presence of her symbol on his foe's shoulder - did she know he was after her? Losing his cool, if only for a few seconds, he began to channel his magical, ice-infused energy at the creature, as it transformed into what appeared to be... could it be - a Kirin? Fuck, he didn't need that in a goddamned metal tube. Still, if he remembered correctly, the cursed things didn't like ice. At least, he hoped it was that - it'd been ages since he read that old tome. Ah well, too late to turn back now - he'd committed to the attack. Channeling the end into a fine point, he aimed the beam of magical ice at the Kirin's neck.

"If we can keep that fucking thing alive, I have *so* many questions to ask it!", he shouted, to no-one in particular, "Then i'll kill the damn thing myself!"

John turned around to see the "alien bird" had transformed into a dragon thing, looking for more "eastern" and it didn't have wings. This mission was turning into a complete disaster, but a fight forced all the emotions, all the unsure feeling from his mind. The shivering FBI agent Joseph was gone, the determined PIA agent John came forward.

John pulled out his knife, quickly cutting the rope tying him to Roland. "Distract it! Go for the eyes!" He said to both the golems and the bird. John started looking through his pockets, trying to find things to use (he assumed his bullets would just shatter on that creatures hide). He found it, a handful of 9-volt batteries.

"If we can keep that fucking thing alive, I have *so* many questions to ask it! Then i'll kill the damn thing myself!"

John turned back, and saw the Lich was aiming some kind of spell, then he threw himself on the ground so the Lich had a clean shot.

Lucia, since deciding to stay out of this for every ones good really, turned to Pegs "Well hope they wrap this up soon, I was sleeping and I'd like them to stop being noisy so I can get back to that."

Now Pegs just wished that they could just get to London already, in contrast to her attitude before. Sure it was a little too near to home, but near was a little too close to... whatever that thing was. Well, the more Pegs saw of it, the more she wanted to know what exactly was going on. First that Vampire Lord is murdered, alongside his wife, then his wife turns out to this... thing and now it screams vaguely Welsh-sounding words. And then there would be the awkward questions afterwards from both the police and the press if this ever got out. Which it would, if the plane got to its intended destination. From the words she could gather over the sound of the chaos, the others might want to ask the creature some awkward questions as well.

Another voice rose forth from the pandemonium, "Well hope the wrap this up soon, I was sleeping and I'd like them to stop being noisy so I can get back to that."

Pegs turned around to find Lucia nearby and responded, "Heh, same. I guess even the service on Ryanair than this mess."

"Heh, same. I guess even the service on Ryanair is better than this mess."

Lucia giggled "Jade to." she said sitting back down normal while the mages dealt with what ever that thing was. "So,any good spots in London worth hitting?" Lucia said, figuring the 'uber mage brigade' was gonna be noisy a bit longer, she'd go back to talking with Pegs

Things were going alright...until the creature shapeshifted again while demanding Zaheer let it go. He was a tiny bit proud to have gathered the bits and pieces of translation magic he had, but he was more concerned with capturing the creature again. Unfortunately Lucius thought now would be a good time to brutalize the creature. Zaheer did not want anybody using their powers outside of melee range in this confined space. He could look around and see that passengers were so terrified by the proceedings that they were simply glued to their seats wide eyed and shocked.

"If we can keep that fucking thing alive, I have *so* many questions to ask it!", he shouted, to no-one in particular, "Then i'll kill the damn thing myself!"

Zaheer's head was pounding now. Things were out of control and he couldn't use his stronger powers without killing everything on the plane. Time began to slow down until it hit a standstill. The arch-magus instantly knew what was going on, his familiar wanted out. An eerie and high pitched voice began ringing through Zaheer's ears.

"Good showing! Good good showing friend! A little more power and you will blow the whole plane up! Wouldn't that be fun? Tell ya what, release me and I will capture the creature for you! The demon realm is so dull, not like the human realm. Think of all the fun we had last time!"

Zaheer remembered. It wasn't fun. The last thing he needed was for this demon to be bound to him for another year.

"The last time I unleashed you, you went on a rampage annoying everyone and everything."

The voice laughed in his head again.

"Yes yes, but...master you should keep in mind that while you can't control your powers to their fullest...Fromanzio can. Hehehehehe. This one can catch the creature without murdering everyone around him. It's easy for you to bring Fromanzio into your world again!"

Zaheer paused for a moment and sighed. What was another year with Fromanzio anyway?

"Fine. Don't make me regret this."

The laughter in his head became maniacal.

Zaheer let his embrace of the creature go, sending out a blinding but not dangerous light out in the plane. The creature took this opportunity to make its exit as Richard had issues maintaining the barrier while unable to see. Zaheer went to intercept the Lich's ice beam but before doing so, gave the Kirin a guest on its back. While nobody could see it due to the light from Zaheer, some heard laughter as the Kirin made its exit.


John looked forward at the source of laughter, only to see blinding light where Zaheer was.

"No, no, NO!" John screamed, as he saw the ascended mage release his patron demon, "ARE YOU INSANE!?!"

However, the "dragon alien" was just as shocked as everybody else (although wasn't screaming), giving John a chance.

Wizards normally have to spend a lot of the magical energy summoning elemental powers for an attack, not even counting the energy needed to control it's direction and not fry the user instead. Power John did not have. However, using preexisting forms of energy allowed for much more power to be directed in the spell itself.

For example, the three 9 volt batteries in John's hands.

"Luminatione!" John shouted as he blasted the beast with electricity.


Lucius heard the manaical laughter emanating from what was now a would-be-blinding light - and that did not sound like Zaheer's laughter - fuck, could he have done it? Was that the only way he felt he could win?
"FOR FUCKS SAKE, ZAHEER, YOU'D BETTER BE ABLE TO CONTROL THAT FUCKING THING!", He yelled, furiously at the light-source. Realising, less than a second later, that his ice spell was still aimed at the spot now occupied by his semi-ally. he shifted it as much to the side as he could, aiming the beam narrowly off to the side of the Mage's head - trying to redirect it back around to the Kirin again.

Richard frowned. That FBI mage was smart, using pre-existing power for a controlled offensive charm, it'd hit like a watered down minor Evocation, but cost virtually nothing and with very little entropy to screw up local reality or something.

Unfortunately, Richard's problem was opposite. The only offensive spells he could actually use within the confines of the plane was his telekinetic abilities and charms or hexes. Curses would be great if we were aiming to hurt the thing real bad after awhile.

Maybe if he created an air pocket...

Lucia heard the insane laughter and tensed up "No, Fucking, Way...". It was a Laugh she hadn't heard in century's, one that used to fill her with dread, now it was just a bad reminder of a life she'd buried.

Lucia got up "I'll be right back" she told Pegs and made her way to the isle, the headed toward the laughter, there she saw what looked to be a watered down Kirin, and the source of the laughter "Alright, who moved the rock" Lucia said, her tone skipping right past annoyed and head long into pissed

Roland had stopped trying to untangle himself and gawked as the alien bird turned into something that looked an awful lot like an oriental dragon. Then suddenly the rope he was dangling from was cut and the woodpecker fell on the floor.

"Distract it! Go for the eyes!" he heard John yell as he was getting up.

Everything was in chaos. People were yelling (or laughing), spells were being cast and a bright light flash somewhere nearby. Roland didn't waste a moment and went straight for the dragon's eyes, clawing and pecking and hitting it with his wings. He had managed to stab it in the eye with his beak when he heard John shout something that sounded a bit like Latin. He backed away from the Kirin only moments before it was hit with a bolt of electricity, followed by a beam of ice.

"Woah! How about a warning next time? You almost hit me!"

"Woah! How about a warning next time? You almost hit me!"

Lucius rolled his eyes at the complaint from birdman, remembering some of the chaos in the battles of the Empire. Ah well, they didn't breed them like they used to... At the Kirin's apparent lack of reaction to his attack, he went for a new strategy - With that, he muttered 'Ferrofunen', and fired high-tensile steel cables snaking towards the foe, aiming to tie it into a bundle.

"Keep your eyes open, Birdman!", he yelled into the fray, "And try and keep that fucker's eyes shut!"

The creature believed for a moment it had the advantage. The Kirin was the most powerful creature it knew of, so it gave him many advantages. Sure it was all but impossible to maintain, but all it needed to do was escape into the sky and it would be free of the interlopers. With mostly magical enemies, it appeared this might be the case. It started to laugh inside as it saw the electric blast from the PIA agent begin to form, and - while more annoying - the ice blast it could take.

It was shocked when the enemy stepped in to try and stop the ice blast; it never got the chance to think about why as it felt a weight upon its back and heard laughter. "Oh dear" it managed to think beforeas it started to pivot, in a desperate attempt to block the ice beam and electric attack using the infernal laughing monstrosity on its back, when there was a tiny prick of pain in its eyes and everything became pain and suffering. The lightning hit it; though failed to do much; the Kirin body absorbed the power thankfully. The Ice beam was more effective, but still resisted.

All of this ended however with what appeared to be poison rushing though its veins. The creature could no longer maintain the form, falling back into its natural grey form=. Crawling on the ground in pain, with its body turning against it, the creature felt the cold wrappings of metal around it - though could not tell what it was from the pain and blindness.

It called out in Old-Welsh - the only language it knew - screaming "I surrender! I SURRENDER!"


John looked down at the "alien," speaking in some odd language but obviously surrendering. The thing eye was all kinds of @#%&ed up, puffing up in one part, deflated in another, discolored, and utterly disgusting. Just poking it out should not of done that. John looked over to Roland. Maybe there is more to this curse than just a forced transformation.

"Sorry, heat of battle," John said to him as his golems moved to a predatory formation and surrounded the grey creature. The demon was jumping with utter joy next to the alien (it's constant smile creeped John out a bit).

John then noticed he still was holding the batteries. And Richard glanced at his hand.

"@#%&!" John thought. Wizards of the ancient schools of magic and the councils of sorcery considered "experimentation" with "their ancient art" one of the highest of crimes, second only to combing it with craft of "sapiens." The Council of Magi already is out searching for the "Technoheretic," and any wizard who follows the Council's orders would kill John on sight. He deeply hoped the ascended wizards didn't follow the council, although the only ascended that did tend to be high ranking members.

In either case, John hoped to redirect their intention and make them forget about it.

"Anyone understands what this thing says?" He said, looking behind him, "Can we also get a mind reader?"

Normally, minding reading was considered an unlawful search without a warrant (Cole v. NYPD), but this would be easy to rebrand as an act of terrorism, and the rules were more "lenient" in that case.


"I surrender! I SURRENDER!"

Zaheer calmed down a tiny bit, though still on edge in case of trickery. He ordered Fromanzio to disengage and moved to investigate. The arch-magus was amazed that a small creature such as the woodpecker had managed to beat such a dangerous monster. He telepathically said to it "Very impressive. You pack quite a punch there.

The more serious matter however, was the creature on the floor. It needed to be addressed and Zaheer had taken note that magic had little effect, while conventional weaponry was pretty useful. He grabbed a large shard of broken glass, ignoring the deep cuts it was making in his hands and held it up to the creature's neck. He spoke in a normal but forceful tone.

"Beth ydych chi? Byddwch yn dweud wrthyf bopeth yr wyf yn dymuno ei wybod neu farw iawn yma. Ydych chi'n deall?"


As the dust clouds and bright lights faded from view, many saw the creature now floating above the alien as clear as day. He was wearing a fancy Jester's hat, bells on the three extending ends on the top. His whole attire consisted of a rainbow mismatching of various colors in seemingly no order. The clown's shoes curled into a spiral and his nose extended well beyond most. Those that could see his eyes noticed that his irises were a sickly green and his pupils resembled pentagrams. His teeth were white as can be, though each tooth was sharpened to a point.

Fromanzio had been ordered to hop off of the creature. The jester had so been looking foward to a fight, but it ended before he could even do anything! He looked saddened and yelled "But Fromanzio wanted to play more!" He sighed and threw his arms down, before hearing a familiar voice. It resonated of a previous master, one who had spent more time dead than Fromanzio could remember, which meant she was old. He had a hard time remembering but then it sprung to him! Her name was Maeva, the dragon girl thing who was a slave for a while...before deciding not to be! He ran up to her and waved.

"Maeva!" He then teleported to her face. "Long time no see!" Fromanzio then teleported so that he was upside down and his face was right up to hers. "How's the scales treatin ya?" He then teleported so he was standing on her head. "Old master was mighty pissed when you left!" He then teleported behind her, hands extended like a zombie. "He made it so hard on the others!" He then teleported next to her ear and whispered "Especially your mother."

Fromanzio then jumped back, floating and laughing like a maniac before abruptly stopping and asking. "Ahhhh, but seriously, Fromanzio is glad to see an old face again!"

"Maeva!" Fromanzio teleported to right to Lucia's face."Long time no see!" Fromanzio then teleported so that he was upside down and his face was right up to hers. "How's the scales treatin ya?" He then teleported so he was standing on her head. "Old master was mighty pissed when you left!" He then teleported behind her, hands extended like a zombie. "He made it so hard on the others!" He then teleported next to her ear and whispered "Especially your mother."

"IT NOT LIKE I DIDN'T OFFER HER THE CHANCE TO COME WITH ME!!" Lucia Shouted, Fromanzio seeming to have reopened a centurys old wound "She could have Ascended beyond what was forced on her but choose to stay at the MONSTERS side, she side with the one the destroyed her life over the one offering her a new start" she said, trying to distance her self from what had happened, though anyone that knew what happen would know she regretted leaving her mother behind

Fromanzio then jumped back, floating and laughing like a maniac before abruptly stopping and asking. "Ahhhh, but seriously, Fromanzio is glad to see an old face again!"

"I'll bet, less so for me, since I do seem to remember that son of a bitch using you to torture me, MID transformation. Though I'm sure all my extra suffering on top of the pain of constant bones breaking, flesh tearing and what felt like my soul burning, helped you sleep better" Lucia's tone was a mix of out right rage and sarcasm. "Anyway, why are you here? Who summoned you this time, or you acting on your own now?" She didn't want to think about what he'd do if he was free of his bonds, but you never could tell with him.

"And it's Lucia now"


"And it's Lucia now"

Fromanzio laughed at the series of questions, she seemed to remember all of it and Fromanzio was starting to remember a bit more of it as well. Yeah, he was bound to that mage for a while, fun times indeed. He almost missed the geezer, almost. Zaheer was more stoic, but he also traveled and that was fun, Fromanzio was more concerned with traveling and seeing anyway. Too much formalities with the old guy. Maeva seemed more than a little mad about what happened back then, oh well, Fromanzio guessed that not all wounds healed in time.

"So the dragon-girl has a new name does she? How fun, so be it!" He laughed and twirled a bit before landing near Zaheer. Fromanzio spoke in a dramatic and building voice, "Fromanzio now works with the one...the only...prodigal wizard guy who ascended way too young and takes him places!" He then lowered his voice a little and continued "Oootherwise known as Zaheer." He pointed his hand at Zaheer and a bit of confetti shot out of the jester's pointer finger, landing on top of Zaheer's hood.

He started flying around Lucia slowly and said in a mocking tone "He seems a bit busy now though, may want to keep your distance lest he ends up doing what Fromanzio's old master could not."

John watched in utter horror as the little demon jester started to annoy Lucia.

Interrogating the murderer of his mark was very important. Fighting a pissed of member of the highest order of Dragon in the confines of a plane took priority.

Also, he was finding this "Fromanzio" ungodly annoying and there was that headache again.

"He seems a bit busy now though, may want to keep your distance lest he ends up doing what Fromanzio's old master could not."

As the demon floated around Lucia's head, John walked forward when the demon was facing away from him, grabbed it's neck with as much force as John could, and put his combat knife (which had Iron in it) right against the creature's back.

"SHUT UP!" John said, oh so tempted to just drive his blade through the thing's heart, head pounding with a migrane.



Fromanzio was a little shocked someone tried to attack him in this environment, but with Zaheer busy and not focused on him, perhaps there was a little room to stray from the normal agreement of non-violence. He turned his head around one hundred and eighty and watched closely for any muscle movements. John wasn't trying to kill him yet, but Fromanzio didn't want to get stuck because of a nervous nellie. He was ready to teleport if need be.

"Now now, what do you intend to do with that? If you stick that in further, you might kill poor Fromanzio! If that happened, master might not like it to much and then..." Fromanzio made a slow movement with his hands imitating an explosion and said "Booosh". The jester quickly changed his tone however. "The human is trifling with powers far beyond your comprehension boy, take your hands off Fromanzio before he takes them from you."

"Now now, what do you intend to do with that? If you stick that in further, you might kill poor Fromanzio! If that happened, master might not like it to much and then...ooosh. The human is trifling with powers far beyond your comprehension boy, take your hands off Fromanzio before he takes them from you."

John just glared at the thing. In a better mood and a skull not feeling like it will explode, he would find this creature kind of funny. Now, however, it was a distraction, an annoyance, and most importantly, pissing of the most dangerous creature on this flight.

"What is there to comprehend about an imp court jester?" John said staring right into the creatures eyes, "We both know death is a slap on the wrist for a demon like you, I would just be doing him a favor sending you back for him. With the danger gone, he has little use for you know."

John really hoped the demon was wrong and he was right about that, he wasn't sure he could take Zaheer on without more of his equipment.

"Now if you would kindly, stop annoying the dragon."


"Now if you would kindly, stop annoying the dragon."

Fromanzio chuckled, avoiding going any further into the knife. At this point, he was getting close to killing the human, but Zaheer still hadn't given a go-ahead. Oh well, might as well egg on the mortal more, always fun there.

"She and I have a history together! Fromanzio was simply catching up with an old...friend." He became more menacing with each word, as if about to simply eat John whole. "Ah, but then the human has obviously never heard of my kind has he? We, the forlorn Jesters of time are forever bound to this realm! Killing Fromanzio now would leave us gone for good and we can't have that now can we?"

Fromanzio was really hoping the human's muscles would contract in a manner similar to stabbing. Perhaps then he could still have the fun he was promised.

The urge to kill this demon was becoming almost unbearable for John. So smug, so spiteful, and completely correct.

John closed his eyes, and breathed heavily, forcing himself to calm down.

"Murdering this thing is just not worth the paper work," John reasoned in his mind, "I cannot do what it wants."

John, slowly put his knife in it's holster on his belt, the demon looked almost disappointed at that, and looked like it would start taunting him.

Before he could get anything meaningful out, John pulled out a Pectoral Cross (made from Cold Iron) and circling it's string around the creatures arm.

"Alligaveritis," John said, fusing the string together so it couldn't simply be untied before dropping the demon.



"Okay, no."

As the spell was being uttered, Fromanzio teleported behind John, the cross dropping to the floor as he left. This human had an idea as to how to stop him, Fromanzio wasn't a fan and this guy wasn't going to escape unharmed. If Fromanzio couldn't kill him, he would at least wound the mage. The clown grabbed both of the human's arms with surprising strength and whispered softly. "Fromanzio hopes you like friends, you are going to have a few now."

Fromanzio made his fingernails as sharp as a razor blade and made two small one inch cuts in John's arms before flying back and laughing.

"Now...what was that spell again? Oh yes! Chinui."

The cuts made in his arms were small, he almost didn't feel them at first, but then they began to burn, soon feeling like they were on fire. John began to look down and saw maggots chewing at the cuts. The wounds were getting bigger and bigger, chunks of flesh falling off, he felt each drop of blood falling out. Soon, everyone in the plane was laughing at him more and more until...silence.

The whole process lasted less than a minute, but it seemed to be a taste of what the Jester could bring. The cuts on his arms had healed all the way, disappearing as if they never existed at all.

"Fromanzio hopes you would quit attempting to harm him...human."

Fromanzio floated away, seemingly forgetting he had even talked to John.

When not John saw the maggots, all plans, all attempts to just keep the demon in one place, all thoughts left him, replaced by the pain.

John was just on the ground, withering, screaming his lungs out, trying to dig out the horrible creatures with his finger nails, only to watch in utter horror as the wounds just got bigger and bigger.

And then there was the laughing. Everyone, pointing, laughing, opening open wounds deep in his mind, fears of embarressment, being put in the social spot-light, and being thought of as pathetic by every single person around.

Even when the maggots vanished, the wounds healed, and the people were no longer cursed to laugh at his plight, the damage to John's mind was not undone.

On the floor, no longer stood John Hardin, the PIA agent who fought horrors daily, but John, the small child, alone in his room, wondering why nobody wants to be his friend.

"I surrender! I SURRENDER!"

Well, that wasn't too difficult, for having being a sort-of-Kirin - Still, now Lucius had a... thing to interrogate!

"Zaheer, get the hell out of my way!", he yelled, hovering briskly towards the creature, "NOW!"

Lucius felt malice rising inside himself, and found it increasingly difficult to not just kill the creature now. Instead, he clenched his fist a little, tightening the bonds around his foe. He levitated next to the twisted, grey creature, clenched his fist a little tighter, his eyes flaring with shear hatred, and started talking to the creature, in its native old welsh.

"Where the fuck is Arzhela?!", he demanded, eyes flaring again, "Why did she send you here? Tell me! NOW!!", Lucius' voice raised as the sentence progressed, and he began slowly clenching his fist again.

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