My Little Pony: Record of the Equestrian Civil War (Closed/Started)

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Welcome to my new RP, "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Record of the Equestrian Civil War"!

This is basically set in the future of Equestria... though I apologize for any OOCness in canon characters. There's somewhat of a reason... but hopefully we'll get to that point...

The Players:

CrazyGirl17 (My own character, though the sheet has been edited)

Matt S. Hoimyr


Not G. Ivingname







Anyway, this is only the first part, the actual opening post is coming soon! (And by soon, I mean tomorrow, due to some circumstances.)

Equestria, Ponyville

As the town bordering on the edge of the Everfree Forest, and in turn, Arcadia, Ponyville had grow into a sort of trading hub for both countries.

But while peace had reigned for some time that didn't mean there was tension under the surface...

On this day, Fluttershy was going into town to pick up more supplies for her animal friends, when she saw Rarity pass by.

"Oh hello, Fluttershy!"

"Hello Rarity. Where are you off to?"

"The Post Office. I have a few things I want to look into..."

But before she could say any more, there was a loud explosion off in the distance, sending a pillar of smoke into the air and making both of them jump.

"Goodness gracious, what was that?!" Rarity yelped.

Right on cue, Appplejack came running down the street towards them. "Did ya'll see that?" She asked.

"Y-yes. Wonder what happened?" Fluttershy stammered out.

"Well, whatever it was, she oughta go see what's goin' down!"

And with that, she continued on her way. The other two traded looks before following after her.


Arcadia, Arcadia City

Across the border, Arcadia city was a bustling metropolis, full of not only Ponies, but creatures like Zebras, Griffons, Diamond Dogs, and others.

The inhabitants of Arcadia liked to think of themselves as more open-minded than Equestria was... but they took it a bit too far at times...


In a small book shop in the middle of Arcadia City, a young Pegasus mare was busy restocking the shelves, carrying a stack of books... but when she tried to place a book, she lost her grip and ended up dropping them all to the floor. "Woah, woah, WOAH!"

In response to all the noise, an older Unicorn stallion entered, shaking his head with a sigh. "I see you've tried do too much by yourself again, Loose Leaf."

The Pegasus quickly landed, stammering out, "S-sorry Mister Book Worm!"

Her boss just shook his head again. "Forget it, why don't you take a break? I can handle things here."

Loose Leaf blinked. "T-thanks!" She exclaimed and happily trotted out the door into the bright sunshine, hearing the sounds of the bustling city around her, almost there was like a celebration going on.

It seemed like a normal day in Arcadia City, but that was soon to change...


(Ok, interesting thus far...

Just to get this out of the way now, when I talk in these brackets I am talking out of character.

Anything that isn't in a bracket is IN character, for example....)

"Princess Magiwho? Aren't Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and the other one the only rulers of our land?"

(Note, just an example, not actual knowledge my character posecess.)

Aireal soared through the skies above Arcadia as fast as her wings could carry her. Which, all told, was pretty darn fast. She was a black streak leaving holes in the clouds, deftly dodging around birds, pegasi, and other things that might get in her way. She liked her job as a Sargent in the Shadowbolts, but she loved her days off even more.

She was starting to get tired though. Flapping your wings for several hours nonstop'll do that to ya. She found a nice landing strip not too far from this little bookshop in the city. She'd never been in it, but she knew some people who had, and they liked it. She wasn't terribly interested in going in today, either, but it wasn't a bad-looking place. Maybe someday...

Her thoughts were interrupted when a little pegasus pony (little to Aireal, anyway) burst through the door, looking rather excited. "Easy there, kid!" she said, grinning. "Where's the fire?"

Lettucehead filled his chart with the last head of lettuce. First time he's been in Ponyville in two months. He filled with extra lettuce, since last time he made his delivery, the town was bussiling and booming with new merchants, shops, and restruants. Didn't care much why, heard chat about Arcod or something, which he swear he heard talked about before, but didn't pay much attention to it.

Pulling the very large chart, he headed off towards the town. "First stop, the market square," Lettucehead mentally remembered.

Somewhere in Arcadia City...

...a white unicorn was working inside a crammed workshop.

There wasn't much space in there. One of the reasons why was because said workshop also doubled as the unicorn's bedroom, kitchen...his entire living and working space was contained within one small room.

The workshop was taking up a rather big chunk of space dedicated just for it right next to a window, which was unusually big for a room this small. There was a small table underneath it, most of it's surface covered in gems of all colors and shards thereof. some gems were also hanging from the ceiling, most of them on strings, but one or two had somewhat more refined ways of attaching to the ceiling. There was even one yellow gem on a piece of silver chain hanging off the corner of the table.

Outside of the working area, there was a small bed, which was about as soft as a block of dry wood, and a bookshelf stuffed with books, most of them dealing with illusions and other types of magic, but there were also some scientyfic books in there. While the unicorn felt science was a rather underapreciated research subject (at least in comparsion to magic), especially among unicorns, there were alwasy some ponies who would try to figure out how does the world work if you take the magic out of the equation.

These books were mostly about the nature of the light. Light always fascinated this particular unicorn. It was almost magical in itself, making the plants grow, giving warmth to all the lands, letting creatures percieve the world...and most ponies don't even notice it until it's gone.

The unicorn closed his eyes, focusing on a small gem sitting on the table in front of him. His horn sparked for a moment, the gem glowing briefly with yellow magical aura.

He examined the gem and scribbed a few lines in a small notebook, putting the gem away onto the clean part of the table with telekinesis. Looking around the room, he sighed. After a short while, he sighed again and cleaned the room a little bit before putting on a pair of saddlebags standing next to the door and leaving, locking the door behind him.

He did that more out of the routine than to actually stop anyone from getting inside. Both the door and the lock were so cheap, that if any pony even marginally stronger than him bucked it, it would propably fall apart completely. So would the big window. Even the walls weren't too much of an obstacle for anything.

But the unicorn didn't really worry about ponies or other creatures breaking in...mostly because he barely had anything that was worth stealing, maybe besides the books. The gems, even after being enchanted, weren't all that valuable, and the only other thing he had was the furniture, which was pretty much firewood already.

Leaving his workshop behind, the unicorn slowly walked out onto the street and started to wander around, his mind wandering off in another direction entirely.

He was thinking about why did he stay here. He was thinking about it from time to time and forgetting it, but recently, his mind was returning to this question more and more often for some reason.

He remembered that it was about Twilight Sparkle, who, at least for some time, was Ponyville's librarian. The white unicorn was a somewhat frequent visitor of the library, at least when compared to most other residents of Ponyville, which meant that he met the lavender mare and her baby dragon asistant on more than one ocasion. She was somewhat kind to him, and even though he felt like she wouldn't notice if he disappeared, he started to consider her as kind of a friend.

And then she was banished.

The white unicorn couldn't believe it. He knew she couldn't have done anything THIS bad...she wouldn't have.

But all the other ponies turned their backs on her. Her closest friends, her family...this hurt the white unicorn; seeing how all her closest friends started to sudenly treat her as a criminal, starting to hate her...he knew there couldn't have been anything she would have done that would justify hurting her so much.

So, after a few weeks passed, he ran away. He left everyone he knew, everything he had, hoping that he can somehow make the pain smaller for her.

He kept looking until he found the castle in a forrest, which has trees in it, tall trees with leaves and bark, and eat light and water, and are made out of wood, and they have birds in them, which fly around on their feathery wings just like the ones of Princess Magicka the alicorn princess, ruler of the Arcadia, his new home.

This was propably what got the unicorn to keep thinking about the subject. Every time he tried to think about anything between him leaving to find Twilight and him already living in the city, his mind was starting to just...slip over it. He KNEW there was a reason why he'd stay in the city, but he couldn't even attempt to explain it, even if his life would depend on it. He felt like he knew where Twilight is, but no matter what he did, his mind refused to produce anything regarding said subject that wasn't a mental equivalent of incoherent babble. He felt like there is some obvious conneciton, something so incredibly, stupily simple, that even a foal would put such a puzzle together...yet the answer was about as easy to grasp as a fluffy feather in a tornado.

Completely lost in his thoughts, the unicorn kept wandering while trying to grasp what his mind was trying to tell no success.

The train slowed to a stop at the Arcadia City trainstation. The doors opened and the passengers started piling out. Most simply trotted on, going about their business, but some were wearing a big smile on their face and continued to glance back at the train, not really in a rush to leave the platform. Some ponies noticed this and looked at the open doors, wondering what they were looking for.

Then he appeared. And many jaws dropped.

Even in the unlikely event that there was another pony in Arcadia with the same build and looks as him, there was no mistaking the hat. A dusty hat with a still perfect darkpink rose in it. Everypony knew that hat. And everypony knew that it belonged to Hurley.

Hurley had to lower his head as he walked through the open doors. He saw the stunned looks on the ponies faces and gave them a gentle smile as he gave his hat a small nudge with his hoof.

"Hi there." he said casually. There were mumbled responses until a young blue colt could be heard yelling.

"Daddy daddy, it's Hurley!"

This completely changed the situation. Insted of ponies being shy and hesitant, they almost ran up to Hurley to shake his hoof and ask for autographs. "Welcome to Arcadia City!" could be heard from different directions.

Hurley was a little surprised by this reception, but he merrily started signing autographs for the ponies that wanted them. Eventually the young colt that had been heard earlier came up to Hurley. His eyes were big as he looked up at the giant pony in front of him. Hurley smiled gently at the colt.

"Hi there kiddo. What's yer name?" The colt stumbled on his words a little. "Um, it's Strange Si- NO, I mean Strong Side." "That's a nice name," Hurley replied. "Ya wanna be a hoofball player when ya grow up?" Strong Side grinned widely. "Yeah! I wanna play for the Arcadia City Capitals!" The colt made a pause, thinking about something. Then he broke out into another big smile. "Is that why you're here Hurley? Are you going to start playing for the Capitals?"

The platform almost fell dead silent as everypony held their breath. Could it be that Hurley had decided to start playing for Arcadia City instead of retiring? But Hurley shook his head at the colt. "Sorry, lil' buddy." A collective 'aaaawwww' was heard.

Hurley left a few minutes later after everypony that had wanted an autograph had gotten one. He looked at a note that he had written down an adress on and started walking towards the center of Arcadia City.

Windy skies had wrapped themselves around the busy town of Fillydelphia, where plenty of ponies went about with their day between the tall buildings that littered the skyline. But where some chose to hold to the street, others did not: a brown pony soared in through the air, sending ripples through the water just inches below his hooves while the wind ruffled its way through his hair and the streets rocketed by him just to the side. Tree after tree wooshed right by like blotches of green and brown, in between clusters of blurry ponies on the sidewalk while the young pegasus swayed from side to side down the lake, before finally he dug his hooves down through the water surface and took to the skies with a splash.

Something about today just felt right, and made the pegasus feel just great. Then again, he usually did feel great! After all, he was Coral Chase; spreading both words and goods as fast as the wind wherever it had to go, and right now he was flying in to do just that.

The pegasus continued his ascent until he could see rooftops beneath him, then slalomed his way between the remaining towering buildings with his course set straight for a red building just blocks away. It was split in two parts, the building, with one half going four stories up to a flat landing zone and the other six stories up to a sloped roof turned in toward the landing area. On the side of the building there was a big sign that read "Fillydelphia Flight Express - First class airborne delivery", though a lot of people just referred to it as either the Fillydelphia Express or just FilEx. One of the best ways to get a package from one place to another, and Coral Chase was right there in the middle of it!

His hooves kicked down against the painted surface of the landing zone and the pegasus trotted his way down along a marked out strip of arrows with his wings gently flapping, past a few groups of other pegasi, mares and colts alike, engaged in casual conversation with one another, and up toward the doors leading into the building. The Fillydelphia Express was a pretty social business like that, even though it could be pretty split between the desk-workers handling the actual business part and the sizeable roster of pegasi handling the deliveries. But it was still nice with it, especially with the various faculties provided to keep all those fliers in tip-top shape so that the company could live up to the name.

"Clash! Hey, Clash!" Chimed an accented voice just off to the side. Coral turned his head to catch sight of a cream-coated and blue-maned unicorn with a red tie fitted around his neck and a gold-glowing document floating in the air next to him; the unicorn in question was Checkers, division manager, logistics expert and a one-stop place for delivery assignments. "Hey Checks! What's-" Coral called back, unable to finish his sentence before hurriedly chimed in again. "Good, good! All good, yeah. Listen, you just came in, right? Haven't gotten any assignments for the day, right?"

The pegasus hesitated for a moment, already knowing where this conversation was headed, but still took to raise a brow while he let out a curious "Yeeeah...?" Again there was barely much pause before the unicorn shot right back at him, "Ohh good! Great... listen. How about this package? Think you could deliver that? I need someone who can go fast, and you're one of the fastest fliers in this department!"

Coral let a little smirk run across his face. Fastest in the department? More like fastest in the company! "Well, okay then. What is it?" He asked, which was replied with the unicorn presenting his document. The piece of paper listed numerous details concerning a delivery job, which Coral quickly skimmed through line after line before coming to a sudden halt at the delivery location. "Waait, wait. Wait! Hold up." He raised his head up from the paper, his face plastered with a confused look. "... This is an Arcadia delivery. Checks! you know I don't do Arcadia deliveries!"

"Yeah- yeah, I know. I know you do." The unicorn hurriedly responded, trying to overlook Coral's sudden frustration. "But you gotta do this one! Just quick in, quick out, no biggie! What have you got against the place, anyway? It's not like the city is gonna eat you up and spit you back out again, you know!"

"But it's... gah, come on! Arcadia? Don't you have anything else?" Coral tried to retort. "Manehattan? Seaddle? Cloudsdale? Flankorage?!" A moment of silence followed, with the two ponies just staring at one another. Neither said anything, not a word, they just stared.

"Arcadia." Checkers said one last time. Coral threw his head down to the side and flapped his wings, let out a lengthy snort through a disgruntled face, then mumbled back. "Fine."

A few moments later, the pegasus was back outside at the landing zone with a a closed satchel hung down on his right side. He set off into a quick sprint down the marked stripes leading away from the building, spread his wings and set off to the skies for Arcadia.

(Yeah, an entire block of background fluff. Bite me. :b Anyone want to be the lucky recipient of the package, by the way? I could just turn it to an NPC and just leave it a plot excuse for me to be in the city, or it could tie in further if it's a delivery for one of the other characters!)

Hurley took his time as he walked down the streets of Arcadia City. He had been here before a couple of times when he played against the Capitals, but he had never seen all that much of the city. Also, there was no need to hurry. He wasn't supposed to meet the ponies from the Arcadian Hoofball League until tomorrow, but he still wanted to make sure that he had the right adress.

Hurley looked around him as he walked down the street. He was kinda impressed with all the different races that lived here. Sure, there were diamond dogs, donkeys and all kind of other races in Bastion, but they weren't that common. Here he could see at least 10 gryphons and 5 zebras at any given time just by looking around. Hay, he could even see a couple of hippogriffs.

Hurley also noticed the glances he received from the Arcadians. Many of them whispered among themselves and nodding, most likely confirming with their friends that it was actually Hurley walking down the street. Hurley didn't ignore them, but he was still kinda shy after all these years and didn't go out of his way to talk to somepony. Instead he gave quick 'hellos' to the one that seemed to recoqnize him.

"Boy" he thought to himself, "after all these years I'm still havin' trouble with all the attention. Then again, it went kinda well at the trainstation." Hurley thought about this and didn't really notice his surroundings. That was until there was something huge in front of him and he almost walked into it. He made a quick stop and a small jump back. He raised his head to get a look at what it was. "Oh, I'm here." In front of him was the AHL headquarters. He looked at the big white building for a while.

Then he got bored. "Well, what now?" He looked around him. "I 'spose I could look for a hotel or somethin'..."


Not G. Ivingname:


Not G. Ivingname:

--Meanwhile, outside of Ponyville--

"Miss? Miss?"

"Guhh... huh?" Eos Dawn drowsily rolled over in her seat, opening her eyes to the sight of a red unicorn, a sight that was unfamiliar at first due to her hazy memory.

"Miss, we'll be arriving in Ponyville soon," the calm voice replied, "You were asleep and the little slip above your seat says 'Ponyville' on it. Didn't want you to miss your stop."

Blinking a few times in order to clear her vision, the mare finally realized it was the conductor standing before her. She was on a train bound for Ponyville.

"Oh, uhm..." Eos nodded to the fellow unicorn, "Thank you."

Giving the bluish mare a smile and a nod right back, the conductor then continued on, checking other passengers within the carriage. Eos, meanwhile, shook her head a little bit, trying to wake up fully. The long train ride from Whinneapolis seemed like a decent place for her to just contemplate her future, hoping the job offer she received from a trading company wouldn't be a dead end. Instead, she passed out the moment she plopped down into her seat, snoozing the whole way away. Now it wasn't long before the unicorn mare was in the town that would either redefine her future or just be another bump in the road.

Reaching over to one of her saddle-bags, Eos undid the latch and levitated a sheet of paper in front of her, looking over it for the hundredth time...

Dear Eos,

I managed to convince Noteworthy to let you stay in that extra room in his house I mentioned the last time we talked. He said you can stay as long as you need and he won't charge you rent or anything unless you get that job you were offered. He also promised not to hit on you. Just thought I'd mention that, not that I think he would anyway, he just likes to joke around like that. Note's a good guy, you'll get along with him well, I'm sure of it.

Anywho, his address is 3582 Sparkler Lane. It's a pretty easy house to recognize, it's the large cream-colored one. Hope you can find it without problem, and I wish you luck with that job offer. I hear helping out with the trade between Arcadia and Equestria really rakes in the cash and can be a very interesting job indeed, so maybe you've finally found your calling.

If not, well, my offer still stands. I could always use an extra companion in my travels.

Best of luck to you,
Penn Wright

Eos glanced over the address a few times, making sure to memorize it. She wasn't sure where it was in town, but she figured directions would be easy enough to obtain. There was surely going to be a map of Ponyville at the train station, or someone who could help guide her. It would be easy.

At least, she hoped it would be easy.

And with a soft sigh, the unicorn slumped over in her chair, staring out the window, watching the countryside pass by as the train came ever-closer to its destination...

Town square had all sorts of new faces today, with several new businesses having been set up, several new buildings under construction, and many ponies taking their businesses to stands in places where there isn't rooms for new shops. Many non-pony folk as well. It was very disorienting for poor Lettucehead, who old routes were quickly messed up and forced to meet so many new business owners. Many of them just were confused as he just walked in and tried to sell his product.

"Don't nopony know how things are done around here?" angrily thought Lettucehead as he left another dining establishment that had thrown him out for 'disturbing the customers.' "I won'er if them Apples have to deal with this?"

Still, he was able to sell his stuff at the bushall and got quite a few bits for it. He noted he would have to rethink his routes for next time, not even thinking that "next time" would most likely come with even more new businesses that he would have to keep track of.

Lettucehead pulled his much emptier chart up to the Ponyville train station, ready to sell some more Lettuce to the station manager. He never did like trains, always making a racket as they passed by his farm, making pony's sit around when they had four perfectly functioning legs they can use, and who needs to leave their hometown anyway. However, customers are customers, and with the trains having so much traffic (and keeping him up a night) Lettucehead helps feed the many passengers coming in and out of Ponyville.

When walking into the office, he only briefly turned his head and noticed a smoke cloud indicating a train was on the horizon and would be in the station soon.

Loose Leaf peered up at the gryphon standing over her, blinking nervously. "Oh, sorry, I was just going out to lunch." She said cheerfully. "I guess I didn't see where I was going!"

She felt weird telling a complete stranger about her day, but before she could come up with an excuse to leave, her ears pricked up at the sound of numerous voices coming from down the street.

"What's that?"

Aireal turned to where Loose Leaf was looking, suddenly quite focused. "I dunno. Let's check it out!" she said as she took off in the direction of the noises, a blur of black feathers.

"Woa, woa woa... TEN bits on ONE Goddamn cherry?", frowned Uron. "That's WAY too overpriced!"

The pony behind the counter snorted. "If you want it that much... Ten and not a bit less." Uron's eyes squinted. "There are literally dozens of other places where I can buy that for two bits. And I just saw you sell it by THREE." The pony squinted his eyes as well. "My stand. My rules. ELEVEN BITS. Or scram."

Uron threw his bits at the table. Four. The pony chuckled. "Are you deaf, Stripey? I said-"

"What you SAID was a violation of the Equestrian Law, which states clearly that extortion is PROHIBITED in all of Equestria. Who you just SAID that to was a grade-A Canterlot lawyer who would love to bring you down to court, which means that two things happen. You either lose your business because I will win or you lose your business because I'm pretty damn sure no one will watch over it. And what's more, from your rags, I doubt you can afford a good lawayer to make sure that you actually get some DECENCY out of the process, so how about you take the goddamn bits, whose value I'm already STRETCHING to get your shit together, and give me the goddamn cherry? Or try your goddamn luck. It's your choice."

...the pony shoved the cherry to the zebra and pulled the four bits to himself with a blank face. Uron smiled.

"Have a nice day, sir.", the law graduate chuckled as he gobbled the cherry. It was a sweet, sweet cherry. Much more sweeter than those on Canterlot, for sure. Maybe that's Ponyville's charm. Everything is much more sweeter and simpler. Uron envied a bit its residents, even if the small-town charm was a bit less obvious thanks to the recent transformation of Ponyville into a trade center.

His monologue was, however, interrupted by the loud sound of an explosion and the commotion that it had caused. Uron looked over to the panicking crowd.

"You're not seriously thinkin' of checking it out, are you, you crazy zebra?", the cherry stand pony grinned. Uron grinned back as he lifted himself off his rump and got ready to gallop towards the commotion.

"Uron. Uron Jalim. And you're damn right I am."

Lettuceleaf had walked out of the train station with a lighter chart than he had walked in with. Thankfully, the officials stationed there weren't in much mood to haggle, just desperate to prepare food for the train that would soon be leaving after it drops off it's cargo and passengers.

He left before the next train had pulled into the station, walking back through Ponyville market place, heading towards several restraunts closer to the center of town. "I wonder if the Cakes will want any of my lettuce," he thought, making a mental note to check in, although he has only managed to sell them his product once, and it was to the Pink one who needed it for "gumby," or something like that.

He heard the commotion, and some loud bang, ("Darn new inventions, always blowing up, don't you just need a hammer, some plows, seeds, and a quad of four good legs in life?") While he made no change in direction, he was looking at all the Ponys running both away and towards the sounds, not noticing the running Zebra he collided with.

Eos continued simply staring out the window as the train finally pulled into Ponyville station. The familiar sound of the conductor running through the train cars announcing their arrival at another station had returned... yet at the same time, there seemed to be far more murmuring and chatter amongst the passengers as well.

"Everyone, just keep calm!" the conductor spouted as he continued through the carriage, "It's probably nothing serious. All passengers departing here in Ponyville should proceed to do so in a normal, orderly fashion."

Looking over to see what all the commotion was about, the unicorn mare spotted a thick, black cloud of smoke rising in the distance. Everypony else in the train was fixated upon it, and through the windows she could tell it was causing quite a commotion in town as well.

"Huh," Eos sarcastically, yet worriedly mumbled to herself as she got up from her seat, putting on her saddle bags and making sure to check her belongings, "Well that doesn't look ominous at all."

--somewhere in the Everfree forest--

"Perfect, absolutely perfect. Now where am I?" Silver stumbles around forest while talking to himself loud enough for every animal in the forest to hear
"Why didn't I just take the army service, I could what been eating food right now and been sleeping in a warm bed but NNNNOOOOOO! I wanted to be an adventurer, a journalist was to boring for me" bangs his head on a nearby tree and realizes that it was a terrible idea and that he hit too hard and is now losing balance from dizziness. After stumbling to his hooves he continues walking.
"Okay. Have to get back on track" silver shakes his head and continues walking. "Let's see, I left Arcadia City 4 nights ago. Meaning that today is.... definitely not a Saturday.
"Never thought I would say this but I kind of miss other ponies. Even Vanhoover ones" stomach roars in hunger "okay, new plan, find food. Let's see food, food, food , why do I smell roasting?" sits down to smell, when the thought occurs that it was not roasting. It was smoke.
a scream Silver instantly regretted as the sound of cracking flames drowned in the sound of and grrrrs from a timberwolf that just woke up. "oh sweet Celestia" two more timberwolves appear behind the first one "oh sweet Luna, oh sweet Magicka, oh sweet ... Uhm... Discord?"

The wolves take a step forward as silver steps backwards away from them. Then a bright light shines in from the left. As the tiny treeless field the four growling creatures where occupying (the wolves mouths and silver's stomach). A sort moment of terrified panic when the word 'fire' reached Sliver's brain. He was frozen, unable to move from shock. And to his surprise. So where the wolves. A second that felt like an hour passed as Sliver and the wolves looked at each other. Maybe this was because his ears were full of mud from falling all day but Silver thought the fire sounded different. It didn't sound like furious flames burning a forest. More like metal being beaten against a solid objet so fast it sounded like a tumbling noise. It sounded like...

A train appeared in front of silver blocking the view to the wolves. The train past right in front of him, probably just a centimeter from his face. After five seconds the final cart passed and the sound of the train disappeared in to the forest on the right. The wolves were gone. A smile spread across silver's face as the smell of burning coal disappeared "A TRAIN! A train made by ponies, where there are trains there are stations, where there's stations there's a town, where there is a town there are other ponies, where there are other ponies there are companions. And food, and beds" he says almost singing of joy, he takes a step forward and trips over the railroad tracks. "And a house, which I will never ever, ever, ever leave again" he mumbles to himself face down in mud.

--Two hours after walking the tracks after the train--

"I wish I was a Pegasus"

-- one hour of running--

"Ohhhh my, i feel like i am about to faint...say, where am i, come to think of it which town is that. If it is anything Arcadian i can't go there, they'll arrest me" stops and considers staying in the forest then looks up at the stars. "Well, seeing how the skyline over Arcadia city looks like it is over there so i should be about... really far west, i should have paid more attention in school.
"Oohh look that house is a giant cake, a giant cake? Wait...the cake couple's cake shop I AM IN PONYVILE! Ha ha. When in Arc...Equestria did i cross the border?" silver takes a long breath and uses his last strength to run down to the small town.

Matt S Hoimyr:
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Y'all wanna meet up with Uron? :D

"Old Equestria..."

Hurley looked across the open land in front of him. He was at the edge of Arcadia City and had a good view from where he was standing. He saw a big mountain and could vaguely see Canterlot.

"The Grand Gallopin' Gala... that sure was a crazy night." Hurley sniggered at the thought of it. It had turned into a complete mess, but princess Celestia had enjoyed it anyway. Rarity had gotten mad, Fluttershy snapped, Applejack had...

"Applejack..." Hurley muttered as he looked at the ground. He looked up at Canterlot again, thinking about the dreams he'd been having for so long. He couldn't really remember them, but he knew that they, at least a little bit, had something to do with Applejack.

Hurley kept gazing at Old Equestria when he suddenly noticed something. "What the hay?" He raised his head and squinted, but he was not mistaken. A pillar of smoke was rising up towards the sky, from the looks of it on the other side of the border.

"Wonder what that is all 'bout?"


Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack ran to Town Hall, which had part of it blown away. Several ponies, including Mayor Mare, had managed to run out, coughing from all the smoke.

"Mayor! Are you alright?" Rarity asked, concerned.

"Yes, I'm alright." The older earth pony answered, coughing. "I don't know what-"

Suddenly the sound of mad laughter rang out, making everypony look up. A gray-feathered gryphon perched on the roof, still laughing.

"Fools! Fear the might of the Arcadian Empire! Soon, your end will come!" And with that, he took off, cackling madly.

"Hey wait!" Applejack started to run after her, but a rainbow streak overhead caught her attention.

Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes, preparing to take down the culprit... only for him to stop in midair, forcing her to come to a screeching halt.

"W-what's the big idea!?" She demanded angrily. The gryphon said nothing, just threw his head back and laughed some more. "And what's so funny!?"

"You'll see soon enough." The gryphon smirked, and tossed something at Rainbow Dash that exploded into a huge cloud of smoke, making her cough. As soon as it cleared, the mysterious gryphon was nowhere in sight.

"Where did he-?!"

Rainbow Dash was distracted when Fluttershy flew up to her. "Are you alright?" She asked.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine!" The other pegasus said, trying to hide her earlier annoyance. "C'mon, we gotta see how the others are doing."

As the two Pegasai flew off, they didn't realize they were being watched by the gryphon, hiding in a nearby cloudbank. Still smiling cruelly, he took off, still keeping to the clouds for cover.


Arcadia City...

"Hey wait!"

Loose Leaf hurried after the gryphon, and shortly, they came to the center of the city, where a large crowd had gathered around a stage. Standing on it was a cruel-looking cobalt unicorn with a gray mane, gold eyes, and a sword cutie mark.

"Fellow Arcadians!" He bellowed. "I have important news: we have found a traitor in our midst!" At this, the crowd broke out into loud murmurs. "Bring out the prisoner!" The unicorn shouted, and a large grey diamond dog and a gray and brown earth pony dragged a bound and gagged red and green earth pony up on the stage.

"Here he is, General Saber Rattle," said the gray earth pony.

The unicorn stepped forward. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" He asked, and pulled down the gag.

"I didn't do anything wrong!" The earth pony protested, tears rolling down his face. "I just wanted to contact my family in Equestria!"

"Too bad," said General Saber Rattle, smiling wickedly. "You, my friend, were just in the wrong place at the wrong time." He took a few steps back, and nodded at the Diamond Dog. "Do it."

The creature nodded in response, and pulled out an axe, as the hapless Earth Pony was held down. Moments later, the hapless earth pony's head was separated from his body. The crowd cheered in excitement... all except for a few individuals.

Loose Leaf put a hoof to her mouth to stifle the scream, before turning and running away, unable to understand what she had seen.

For the longest time, she had believed her country was full of open-minded, enlightened individuals... only for her eyes to be opened.

The question was... now what would she do?

Finally stepping hoof off of the train, Eos made her way through the station, making a beeline for the map of town. She traced her hoof towards the location of Noteworthy's house... or at least, where she assumed his house would be. Getting to Sparkler Lane would be easy, she would just have to go directly south from where she was, cut through town square, and she would be there sooner than later. Unfortunately, Sparkler Lane ran lengthwise of town from east to west, so finding her destination would require a little bit more hunting.

Having plotted her course, the bluish unicorn made her way out of the station and turned southward towards where she needed to go. She kept glancing up at the pillar of smoke every now and then, noticing it appeared to be coming from the middle of town itself.

I suppose I'll be seeing what all the commotion is about soon enough, Eos thought to herself as she trotted along, spotting what appeared to be something or someone flying away from the smoke cloud as she came ever closer...

The black griffon put one claw carefully on Loose Leaf's back, trying to comfort her. Aireal was used to this kind of thing. She regularly broke the wings of pegasi in mid-flight and had to listen to them scream during the long fall to the unforgiving ground below. If she could, she would break their necks too, if only out of a kind of mercy... and to spare herself the nightmares.

It didn't help.

She had a hard time looking at Loose Leaf as these thoughts went through Aireal's mind, but she didn't want to look at the execution, either, so she focused on a funny-shaped rock on the ground.

The unicorn kept wandering around for a while before he noticed a group of creatures of all kind. He managed to find a spot from where he could see what's going on and watched as the pony was dragged to the stage and executed.

He was shocked and horrified by it. Even though he knew that Arcadia wasn't the paradise it claimed to be, he hoped he was wrong...or at least that he'd never have to witness something like this happening.

The question that was bothering him returned: why was he still here? Why would he live in a place where something like this happens?

He couldn't answer usual.

He looked away from the nauseating scene and spotted a distressed-looking pegasus running away, along with a griphon following her.

He quietly followed the two, hoping that he could somehow comfort the pegasus...and that it would somehow comfort him as well.

--Closing in on the ponyville station--

Silver snow walks like a zombie, looks like a hobo but has a smile so wide that if he opened his mouth, it would look like his face was chopped in two. He looks out over the town for the top of the hill he's sitting on.

"Oh i don't believe it, i can't believe it. i have been walking around Ponyville in some stupid forest for the last... who knows? A day? Hey look. There is sugar cube corner again, and sweet apple acres, and town hall! My word the town has changed since i left a year ago". thinks something that makes his heart fall down in his stomach (unfortunately not stopping his hunger). "Do i really want to do this?"

A voice in the back of silver's head screamed "YES!"
He was almost at the station now. Silver walked of the tracks when he could spot a carriage rode that lead down to the town.

"Hello?" silver walks in in to town and looks around. The place has changed too much for him to recognize "does anypony know a place i can sleep tonight? Excuse me miss, could you tell me if there is a hotel around here somewhere, sir? Sir!? Hi, is there an in or bed & breakfast somewhere or a motel maybe?"
All the ponies silver tries to talk to steps slowly away from him. "Did i say something wrong?"
A child unicorn walks by with her unicorn mother. "Look at the funny mudpony[1] mommy" the mother quickly puts her hoof over the daughter's mouth and begins talking really fast "i am so sorry sir, i do not know where she has learned to say that, this is not the way we raise our childr... ohh. What in equestria have you been up to?"

Silver's mood when from offended to confused. He looks down to see the two mud clouds he called hooves. "Oh, it's okay" he says "i understand what she meant, i have been traveling via hoof from Arcadia city, just got out of the Everfree forest"
The unicorn mom looks at him funny "you came from the Everfree forest?" "yes" the unicorn daughter stairs at silver with terror in her eyes" and you're from Arcadia?".
"Well, yes but I was born here in Equestria, only went there for work" "when did you come back?" did the mother say like it was a police interrogation" about three minutes ago, what about it?"
"Then please explain the fire"
"Fire? What fire? Oh, no that was just a train" she points at something behind silver. A large cloud of black rises from the forest. It was too thick too see thought. It seemed to be growing. Smaller clouds was moving inside the big one. There was something strange about them. They looked like they were alive, flying away "that's not the train is it" said the unicorn.


[1] mudpony. a term the internet made up as a racist term against earth ponies in order to make a joke and say: unicorns are the master race and earth ponies are filthy peasants

Uron arrives at the Town Hall, looking it over with a worried face. "That... is not good. It was clearly a terrorist attack... and Arcadia has been on war with Equestria for quite some years now..."

Uron sits and puts his hoof to his mouth. "By the looks of it, this will have a LOT of diplomatic implications..."

He simply sits there, thinking in the middle of the crowd while examining the occurance.

Silver leaps around the corner and arrive by town hall. "What in Arc..Equestria is going" his eye go wide open "on".

He slowly walks up behind Uron with his mouth hanging open and asks, mostly to himself "who?"

Uron turns his head and Notices the Arcadian symbol silvers saddlebag. At the same time as silver remember hearing about Magickas zebra soldiers. For a brief second their eyes meet, and they both lift an eyebrow, almost synchronized



The white unicorn shyly walked over to the pegasus.
"...u...uhm...are you okay...miss...?"

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