Hallowed Be Thy Name RP (Interest, Recruiting.)

There are things out there, in the weirder reaches of space-time where reality is an optional extra. Horrible things, usually with tentacles. Al-Hazred glimpsed them, John Dee summoned them, HP Lovecraft wrote about them, and Alan Turing mapped the paths from our universe to theirs. The right calculation can call up entities from other, older universes, or invoke their powers.

That's where the Laundry comes in - it's a branch of the British secret service, tasked to prevent hideous alien gods from wiping out all life on Earth and more particularly, the UK.

This is a roleplay based on The Laundry, another RPG by Cubicle 7, like Airship Pirates. The story will take some dark turns anyway. I'm not looking for that many players, maybe 6-8 active and good ones, including myself, that can at least post once a week.

You've recently been recruited by The Laundry, and as such you do not have as much knowledge about the occult, monsters and magic as someone who's been an employee for years. The important things will be explained to you in the coming training.

Odd occurrences has begun happening more often lately, in the UK and around the world. The public is starting to question what's really going on, as it's become hard to explain these things as freak weather, swamp gas or mass hallucinations.

The Laundry
The Laundry is the British Government's occult countermeasures and counterintelligence section. In terms of official standing, it is somewhere between DI5 and the British Transport Police (with an optional upgrade to 'running the whole show' in the event of CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN); in terms of prestige and political influence, it is right up there with Waste Management. A country's reaction to the implications of the Turing Theorem and applied demonology very much reflects that nation's ethos - the United States are 10 years ahead of everyone else and very paranoid, the French are trying to ignore the whole thing, the Soviets pigheadedly ignored the whole thing because it contradicted their own beliefs and the Germans tried to conquer the world with it. The English? They are embarrassed by it, even though they invented it. Hence, the Laundry.


As this is a roleplay featuring creatures that would fit in HP lovecraft stories, it's prefered to have characters that would freak out, go temporarily or indefinitely insane during the story. Instead of having them all act like badasses, who's seen that kind of shit many times before. The latter will be frowned upon.

Character Sheet


So Call of Cthulu minus Cthulu basically? Sounds fun, let's do it.

I don't know what made you assume that Cthulhu won't be part of it. I don't think there was anything in the OP.

Let me know if anything needs changing! And sorry about the Bio being somewhat short, since I'm not entirely sure what goes into being recruited into The Laundry, exactly.

Please say if I need to improve anything/make it longer.

Nomad of the Stars:

Please say if I need to improve anything/make it longer.

You have some spelling mistakes, but I think it looks alright otherwise.


All characters should have joined recently, which means you can't make him 27 years old and say that he joined at the age of 15. Also, it's better if he joined between the ages of 17 - 29, like I wrote in the sheet.


You have some spelling mistakes, but I think it looks alright otherwise.

They should be fixed now, ran it through spellcheck proper.

(Captcha was "they ate it". Seems appropriate...)

I know it seems late but if this thing is still running I would like to join, I have a special place in my heart for the Cthulhu mythos and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.


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