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Zareth 30 , 2

Aen and M'endaxius

Aen had been brooding on it for awhile, but it was time. He still had not restored his honor, and the one responsible still had to pay. He would need help though, for a fitting vengeance. And he knew the perfect god for the job. It was amongst the Verr that Aen found M'endar, and he drew up behind him. "Hello once again. I'm here to ask for your help, though the last time I asked you not to give it. In fact, that's what it's about."

M'endar turned around and saw the honourable god. Even after all these years he still held that against Seith? Then again it had its own grievances against that silver god that dared to call himself M'endar's brother. For M'endar its only brothers now were Melanthios and Zareth. Seith had rejected M'endar in all notions, and that was the punishment he got for that. M'endar brushed away thoughs of hatred, calmness was needed now. It placed a finger on Aen's lips and being talking telepathically, "We are being watched and I dare to think what the observatory can do now. State your terms, I am willing to listen, but do not desire that others do as well."

Aen nodded. Did the god of light have no boundaries? 'Thank you for the warning. When I asked you to stay your hand in the battle against Olek, you listened. However, Seith gave me his unwanted aid, and so he made me break my promise. I'd like to return him the favor. If he enjoys uneven fights, let us give him one.'

M'endar had to stop its smile from escaping its face. Once again whispers entered Aen's mind, "I believe it is time I visited my 'younger brother', if he can still be called that after all he has done." A hand turned into a fist at the memory of all the slights throughout the millennia. "I am more than happy to help you with this Aen, after all, I have some scores to settle with him as well."

Aen grinned. He was glad some of the gods were trustworthy. 'Lead the way, friend.'

M'endar chuckled, "If you insist..." The god of lies then focused on Seith's location, put an arm over Aen's shoulder and teleported them to its brother.

"Hello, Seith. I've come to return the favor. After all what was bought must be paid for." Aen drew his sword and struck at him in one motion, without even a glance back to see if M'endar would back him up.

Of course, M'endar would back him up. To assist, M'endar created illusionary copies of itself and Aen, then charged up Aen's sword with chaotic and corruptive energy. Greetings, brother." It spat.



Seith shook his head when he saw Aen speaking with M'endariux about attacking him. He decided that perhaps now would be a good time to call upon his allies, several messages were immediately sent out to Zareth, Ailish, Pentar and even Roe. This attack would be the doom of both M'endar and Aen as far as Seith was concerned. The message was simple. "Aen and M'endar are attacking me. I would appreciate it if you came to the observatory to stop them."

That done, Seith called over Lennonous to help with the defense. His demigods and the staff combined to create a force almost equal to M'endar's own power. He stood his ground and got ready to defend. First was M'endar who made copies of all of them, which was honestly hilarious considering who Seith was. He instantly figured out who the real duo were and kept tabs on them as they drew nearer, his demigods all ready to help with the attack.

First, M'endar had to be removed. With him gone, Aen might be reasoned with. All the assets Seith had been gaining were for this. He and his group made an all out attack against the real M'endar. Finishing this quickly was the key after all.

Aen 30, 2

Seith had brought others to fight for him. The lesson would not be learned this way, but so be it. Aen called for Grix, who was with him in a moment. The dragon was attacking as he appeared, a divine wind tearing at his enemies where it didn't belong.

Seith was using an unfinished item of power. It was foolish, to test an used weapon in a fight like this. It seemed he had more than one lesson to learn. He focused on Seith's workings on the weapon and actively fought against them. He altered his swing to strike at the weapon as well as Seith. He was determined the god would not get the help he wanted from it.

Isond: 8

Isond waited in the doorway. His master was hunched over a desk, in the exact same position that he had been in when the war god had left. Vantric was busily writing on a sheet of paper, and every so often would stop and turn about, sifting through several stacks of paper that had accumulated on the desk before ripping a piece out and writing on it, forgetting about the previous one. It was all very tiring for Isond, especially since the activity seemed to be an exercise in pointlessness. Every sheet of paper was covered in esoteric scrawlings about the most random things. The price of dwarven iron. The location of the most northern human settlements. Weather conditions in lainiri colonies across Evalon.

None of it made any sense, and he sometimes wondered whether Vantric actually had any plans, or was simply trying to throw off everyone else by collecting piles of useless information. Knowing his master, Isond doubted that it would be anything so simple. In all likelihood there was some angle that was only apparent to someone as twisted and deranged as Vantric. Unfortunately, that was a short list, and most of the names on it couldn't be bothered with trying to decipher the ambitious god's erratic actions. Almost all were occupied with their own moronic actions.

Isond waited. Vantric hadn't noticed his presence yet, and he was too happy that he seemed to have gotten the drop on his mentor for once to draw attention to himself. "Are you going to just stand there or are you going to come in?" Vantric said, not pausing from his work. The war god let out a slight hiss. He knew it was too good to be true.

"I was waiting to be called in, sir." Isond said. It was a joke, something to get under his master's skin, calling him 'sir'. Isond was determined to be as uncontrollable as possible, and Vantric knew it. Sometimes he suspected that Vantric picked him in part for that quality, much as he disliked it. Over the last age, however, something had settled down between the master and apprentice. There was a degree of peace, and respect, if no less loathing between the two.

"Where have you been?"

Isond shrugged. "You were so preoccupied that I decided to take a brief leave of absence."

"And just how long was this 'leave of absence?'"

"It's tough to say, and I can't say I've been keeping close track. Time moves very strangely when you're immortal, have you ever noticed that? It has no consistent flow. It could have been a month, possibly a year, maybe a century. It's been a while though. Long enough that I'm surprised you haven't moved from this place."

"Are you done making observations that are both inane and obvious to anyone who's been with us for any brief length of time?"

"Well I thought it was interesting."

Vantric turned to face his apprentice. "I have a feeling that I'll regret this. Why were you on short leave?"

"This job is exceptionally stressful. I took a much needed break."

"Virtually everything I tell you to do is what you do yourself anyway in your spare time. It's just somewhat more directed."

"I wasn't talking about the tasks you give me, I was talking about dealing with you. You make me sad, sir."

"I'm sorry for that." Vantric rose up, pushing his papers in a cluttered pile. "I however, have no need for you currently." Isond raised an eyebrow. He'd thought for certain that Vantric would have some trivial task for him. Not that he was complaining.

"Something I should be concerned about?"

Vantric flashed a smile. "Not yet." With that, he vanished. Isond walked up to the desk a began sifting through the papers. Something told him that this wouldn't end well.


Vantric: 29, 1

He had been looking toward the dwarven lands more often recently. It was a long time before he found exactly what he was looking for, but it was worth it. He appeared in one of the dwarven underground cities, keeping his form from the sight of mortals. His business was too delicate to be handled with a corporeal form. Along the streets were crowds of dwarven people pressing past each other trying to go in a hundred different directions. Vantric drifted by them. He had a specific target he needed to find.

It wasn't long before he arrived at a small stone house. It was squat, built in solid brown rock, though carved might be the better word. The house was virtually indistinguishable from any of the others built on this street, or several dozen other streets nearby. Vantric moved silently in, and began searching the house for his target.

He found Kalin in the bedroom, quietly sleeping. The dwarf was alone in the house, Vantric knew. He had spent much time studying Kalin, and was certain he would work for the task he had prepared. Kalin was exceptionally uninteresting. He was a knight of moderate prowess and moderate standing. He had served several of the dwarven noble houses, and had left employment with honors. He had no interest in politics, and little interest in rising above his station. He was happy enough to consign himself to the hand fate had dealt him. Let's fix that. Vantric thought.

"Kalin." He whispered, just at the edge of the sleeping dwarf's hearing, a sound more in the mind of Kalin than in a literal sense, "There is much for you to do. You know this." The dwarf stirred slightly, but did not wake. "The dwarven kingdom needs change to come. They are a people tied to tradition and obedience. They are slaves to their way of being. This must change. You know this. These people need a champion. I have decided that you, Kalin, will be my instrument. You will be the change of being that drives peoples to rise, and empires to crumble. Begin my work."

With that, Vantric left, disappearing once more into the shadows just as Kalin awoke.

M'endaxius - 24/30 AP, 2/2 MP

M'endar laughed at Seith. He would call on his allies, but M'endar had more. It also wondered if it could get the others gods to attack if a prize was offered. Aen had already called on his ally, the demigod Grix, so M'endar thought about inviting other people to the party. First a message was sent to Melanthios and Vantric while in the mist of battle.

"Seith has served himself on a sliver platter. I suggest you help me with finishing off the main course."

Bringing in other gods, those who hadn't met the god of lies was risky, but M'endar hoped some would rise to the bait. After all, the demigod of Seith's would lie in ruins after the chaos was over. It was strange to see the demigod with the independent streak, the ascended Grigori, came to Seith's aid. But, there wasn't time to think about that now, the message had be sent.

"I offer a prize for those who aid in me getting Seith's head. Join me and Aen in this great battle!"

Ailish - 2, 30

She stared. She stared in a mix of awe and fear - not of the city but the area itself. As incredible as this city within Eldarwen's palace was, the land echoed memories of some anguish. It was as if some violence or anger had transpired; worse still it was anger that resonated within her. But Why? Why do these emotions stir?

Little by little, her feet took her deeper into this new city. Some of the people stopped and stared at the strange creature she resembled; each face was barely hiding their baffled responses, before leaving at a faster pace. Ailish was unsure if they were going to run away or summon help to oust her, yet the people continued their business with only an uncertain stare to distract them. It was only when the goddess walked to the palace did the people start to panic. With blades and magic in hand, they proceeded to bind and harm Ailish. She could only express confusion to the resistance.

Melanthios 24AP,2MP

Melanthios returned home after having a day out with Zareth. It had been a very interesting, and fun day. He was happy that he got to see his brother again and his orb was still busy with gathering power. Suddenly a message ripped through his mind "Seith has served himself on a sliver platter. I suggest you help me with finishing off the main course." The war had started? Damnit M'endar! He needed to learn some patience. Melanthios focused and called his two sons, who both appeared momentarily.

Maeglin stepped forward, "What happened father? Why did you call us?" Melanthios looked up, it seemed his sons had felt his concern. "The war has started, and I need your help." Akladai and Maeglin both looked shocked. Maeglin recovered first, he nodded and said, "My sword is yours father, as it has always been." Akladai looked a bit pained. "Is there no other way?" he asked, looking at his father.

Melanthios walked towards him and opened his arms, he hugged his son tightly and placed his hand on his head. "I am sorry my son, I know you don't want to fight her." Maeglin looked saddened as his father hugged him. "But sometime life makes us do things we don't want." Akladai slowly nodded. Melanthios let go of his eldest son "If you really don't want, you don't have to help." Akladai shook his head "No.. I will help, father. You made me the man I am today, I haven't forgotten that."

Akladai grabbed his staff and Maeglin put on his armor. "Then we march to war, but make sure that you don't fall. If either of you two die I would never forgive myself." Both the demigods nodded. Akladai spoke, "We know father. But you made and trained us, it will take more than one deranged god to take us down." Melanthios smiled as he placed his hand on both his sons. "Then let's go, we need to help our allies." Melanthios, Maeglin and Akladai teleported into the observatory.

Melanthios and his sons appeared in a flash. Melanthios aimed at Seith and shot off a purple beam of pure destruction, strong enough to drill an hole straight through an planet. Akladai shot a beam along with his father, his spell was a death curse spell, his strongest one so far. He saw Sephariel fighting for her life, he looked away. He deeply regretted what he was about to do, but he couldn't let his father down. Maeglin grabbed a strange weapon and fired at Seith, his magic was shot through the weapon, focusing into a red beam.

Vantric: 29, 2

Isond: 8

He returned to the fortress. Things were already beginning to be put in motion. Those seeds would bear fruit, eventually. He would just have to cultivate them carefully. He let a smile slip when he entered back to his study. Isond was poring over the papers. "I don't recall giving you permission to look through my things." He announced as he entered.

Isond looked over his shoulder. "I needed some information." He replied.

Vantric was about to reprimand his apprentice before he received a message. "Seith has served himself on a sliver platter. I suggest you help me with finishing off the main course."

It was M'endar. Seith? In trouble? He smiled. "It seems you're lucky, Isond." Vantric said, drawing his weapons. "I have some work for you. Prepare for battle."

The war god looked surprised for a moment, but complied readily enough. "What's happening?" He asked.

"We're going to kill a god."

Vantric left in a wave of shadow departed, with Isond close on his heels.

The pair arrived in Seith's observatory. It resembled a battlefield now, though. The energies of three gods were clashing, with several demigods thrown into the mix. "It seems the party has started without us. Quite rude, wouldn't you say?"

"Quite rude."

"Would you teach our hosts a lesson?"

Isond smiled, "I'd be happy to sir." The war god dashed forward. He followed the dragon, Grix, striking down one of Seith's proteges.

Vantric turned to M'endar. "I got your message." He then turned toward Aen and Seith. "I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't looking forward to this." He sent his own power out to M'endar, shielding him and hiding him from Seith's vision temporarily. This was going to be a good fight.

Nivix - 30, 2

Nivix toiled away in his lab, alone for the first time in who knew how long. He had spent the past few centuries upon Evalon, leaving his various projects and experiments unattended for far, far too long; he had a lot of work to do if he ever wanted to get this place sorted out.

But the silence and isolation felt... odd. Unsettling, in a way. The chemister couldn't understand why he was acting this way; he had never had problems with being alone before. Hell, he had accomplished some of his greatest feats up here in his lab, away from the prying eyes of others. He didn't need companionship to function, he didn't need to have someone to talk to or to bounce ideas off of. He could take care of everything by himself, without any outside aid or interference! He was a god; there was no limit to his drive or abilities!

...So why did he feel so lonely?

"I offer a prize for those who aid in me getting Seith's head. Join me and Aen in this great battle!"

It took Nivix a few moments to notice that the strange thought was not one of his own making, but a message from one of the other gods. M'ender, or whatever he... she... it called itself.

Thinking back, Nivix couldn't recall a time when he had ever interacted much with M'ender. If memory served right, the last time they had seen each other had been when Aen sought to create the Changelings all those years ago, and even then they hadn't exactly spoken to each other. So why would it seek him out now?

Then again, did it really matter? If M'ender was to be believed, then social interaction awaited! Why was he bothering to sit here and contemplate other gods' motivations, when he could be out there finding them out for himself!?

With a single burst of energy, Nivix willed himself away from his laboratory, shifting his consciousness across the infinite space that separated him from Seith's observatory. Accompanied by a thunderous peal, Nivix abruptly resumed his physical form, a delighted grin nearly splitting his face in two. "Well, well, well!" he shouted as he observed the various battles that raged all around him. "What do we have here, eh!?"

Pentar 30AP 2MP

Amongst the Dwarves, there is an old tale of a corrupt ruler, Duke Fesh II. According to the story, Duke Fesh inherited power of Loth Flori and other associated towns from his father. Crime was rampant in Loth Flori at the time, and Fesh wanted to take measures to stop it. Weaving around corrupt and unjust politicians, the Duke was able to expand his own powers over the police, banks, and city militia. Resisting many bribes and assassination attempts, Fesh had thousands of criminals and corrupt nobles arrested. When the city was purged of crime, the King asked Fesh to reduce his power. However, the Duke claimed that the threat of crime was ever present and that he had to be constantly ready to defend against it. The King was convinced and allowed Fesh to retain his power. Although the crime was stopped, the arrests continued. People who spoke out against the Duke's extravagant powers where at first arrested, then made to disappear all together. As his power increased, execution rates climbed and the militia, now reorganized into a standing army, became more of a tool of Fesh's will than protectors of the people. Eventually, a team of Knights was sent in to terminate the ruthless Duke. Today, Fesh's rule stands out as a prime example of the corrupting effect of absolute power.

Knowing of Seith's modification to the observatory reminded Pentar of that tale more than he was comfortable with. Seith might be his ally, but Pentar couldn't possibly support such a move. Is Seith even really my ally? Pentar wasn't sure. He needed help if he was to combat the more wicked Gods, but he wouldn't do so with a tyrant. No, this proved that Seith had an agenda of his own, one that lacked freedom for the other Gods. As soon as Pentar came to this conclusion, Seith's voice shot through his mind.

Aen and M'endar are attacking me. I would appreciate it if you came to the observatory to stop them.

Yes, Seith, I'm sure you would appreciate that. Pentar replied, and glared in the direction where he knew Seith's damn mirrors would see it. The idea of helping Aen and M'endar crossed his mind, but Pentar decided it would be best to stay out of it. Speaking of help, Seith likely called on Zareth as well; he had said that they had spoken. Pentar sent a message out to the God of Death, where ever he might be. Has Seith called on you as well?

Zareth 27 , 2

Zareth was busying himself wit scooping out a mold riddles eye from its socket. There had been a sickness here, not big enough to call a plague but it had hit the animal population hard. The wolves had suffered most of all it seemed. The other animals in the forest seemed fine, healthy. But what ever this pack had eaten had killed them, the meat in their stomachs was... wrong. They must have eaten the carriers.

"Unwitting martyrs." He muttered to himself. Still they would make good stock for what he had in mind.

Has Seith called on you as well? It was Pentar.

"He has." Zareth replied. So had everyone else it seemed. The others were finally airing their feelings in a good old fashioned punch up. Well he wasn't going to get involved in it, not yet anyway. "Unfortunately for him I'm needed more elsewhere." The wolf bodies were almost purified, if he hurried they'd be ready by the time the Pack got here. "If I had to hazard a guess I'd this had something to do with those mirrors of his." When was the last time he even spoke to Pentar? Zareth found himself thinking absent mindedly.

That was when a call went out to him. Evermoor had been breached, fully. Apparently whoever this person was they were like nothing the wardens had seen before. "Everything always happens on one day." He hissed. If he stayed his home would be in danger, if he left the two clans would go back to fighting.

He wouldn't be much longer. he had to put his faith in the Wardens and Evermoor itself. The afterworld was strong, it would hold. Still he could lend them some help. He sent out a call across the stars, asking a specific person for their help, someone he could trust and who would act quickly.

It had been too long since Carnivox had had a task to keep himself busy. Zareth smiled to himself. "And make sure you aren't too rough on them." He called out to his son.

Nivix - 26, 1

The chemister found himself unable to hold back his laughter as he began to charge a spell. It was hard to imagine that this solution had eluded him for so long, when it was so damn simple!

Heh. Well, he supposed he was entitled to a few excuses. It had been millions of years since he had been in the observatory; it only made sense that he would forget about its construction and weaknesses.

"Oi, Seith!" Nivix roared at the top of his lungs. "I thought I'd take the chance to say I really, REALLY don't like your mirrors!"

With that, Nivix unleashed the blast. A sphere of crackling fire, charged with divine power, that would rebound across the entire universe, shattering every single mirror it came into contact with! An act of destruction so widespread and so precise; it would be glorious!

The Storyteller

The Storyteller coughed a few times and then continued his tale in a low foreboding voice.

"It was at the dawn of the Third Age that yet again war broke out amongst the gods, but first I will speak of what happened before that fateful attack. Eldarwen successfully granted a strain of immortality onto a number of Ekiruru who would serve in her army as elite troops. This was not the only act to effect the Ekiruru, Ailish gifted fifty wildlings with clarity and inner-peace at the expense of a sense of guilt using her Honey of Sin. As a mark of this change, the wildlings would be speckled in red and black splotches on their faces forever more."

The children listened patiently as the Storyteller spoke, they had heard about so much creation that they couldn't help wanting to hear about more exciting battles.

"High up in the Hallowed Court, Roe created a small house and then set off on his personal quest to rescue his lost friend. He was not the only god to create something, Melanthios created the orb of infinity, a magical item, and Zareth created the Direwolves, bond mates particular only to the Pack clan of the Changelings.

Meanwhile in the land of Eva Lothi, Vantric convinced the dwarf Kalin to become a revolutionary amongst his native race. M'endar too changed a mortal's life forever, it raised one of the Verr up to become a demigod."

The Storyteller paused and then returned to his more melancholy tone.

"Now, up in the observatory Seith was attacked by Aen and M'endar, I will tell you the result of this great conflict in good time. It came to pass however that Seith was attempting to create the Spark of Change at that very moment and the distracting hinderance from Aen was all it took for his concentration to be broken. The item melted before his eyes. Not only that but Nivix's last minute action caused every mirror in the universe to break, including all of Seith's."

Eldarwen. 26, 2
Sonitus 5
Auctor 8

The machines lit up and it seemed as though the synthetics inside would survive the experiment, but Eldarwen would have none of that. She made a small gesture with her hand, and they blew up in a mixture of black and green, smearing the cockpits with their blood and skin. They would need to understand the price of making machines such as these, and so she bound their souls to them as well. Enough synthetics had been sent to Evermoor already.

Alectra turned her head away, at first everything had looked to be going alright, then even more synthetics had died. Twenty five felt like nothing in the big picture. She was saddened that she thought of it like that. It was true though. Twenty five was not much compared to ten thousand. It was amazing that there were still so many more left in the city. She'd have thought they'd want to leave and abandon their home, their faith. However, they had stayed and only grown more determined.

"I believe that our arrangement has come to an end. Now that you have done what you craved so badly." She looked up at the face of her queen. The synthetics were back up on their feet, busying themselves with taking notes and studying the machines who were walking around the room.

Alectra had been afraid before, fearing that the queen would send them after her as well. The inquisitors knew how to break their sisters and take away their pride, before killing them. They were few in numbers, but sanctioned by the queen. However, when she met the eyes of her queen, she understood that she had probably always wanted to deal with Alectra herself.

"I.." She wished she hadn't fallen into her trap, when the fist hit her with a sickening crunch, likely breaking Alectra's jaw and sending her head down against the cold, hard floor.

Eldarwen smiled, after all this waiting she would finally get Alectra. She took a firm grip of her hair and shouted. "I did not give you permission to speak!" The synthetics tried to ignore them, it was hardly the first time they had seen one of their own beaten into the ground.

The queen wanted their attention, but they were too few in the room, so she teleported the both of them to the town square where the blood sacrifice had taken place ten years ago.

Sonitus continued reading the diary of Alectra, most of it shocked her. Other than what Alectra must have written herself, there were drawings and ideas for numerous inventions. They were simple and undeveloped, but as the writer explained herself, the synthetics and their technology had given her a chance to make reality out of them.

There were some parts that Sonitus couldn't read, as the language was too formal and advanced for her. She could understand about half of it, but a majority of the words were new or she hadn't known what they meant to begin with. She did like seeing a lot of words from the language of amour either way. Each of those passages ended with Auctor's signature.

There were two things that Alectra and Auctor both wrote about more than once. The blood sacrifice, and the machina faust. Sonitus went back to the first entry about the former, which she had only skimmed before and felt sickened.

It's peculiar how you can feel on top of the world one day, and in purgatory the very next morning. I did not know they had stolen the armor, nor did I expect this kind of reaction from her majesty. I watched a hundred of my friends cut open like if they were cattle, and had it not been for our lady, the queen would surely have done the same to me as well. I thought it a weak argument that I was not like them. Are we not all sisters made by the one true godess? However, the queen stayed her hand from killing me, where I sat in the blood of my synthetic friends. While they were hard to tell apart in life, I will remember them as if they all had been individuals. Not what the queen called them. Auctor was forced to watch us lined up in the street. I saw the tears in her eyes. I have her to thank for my life and that the research was not destroyed. I do not know what she had to promise to give the queen, to stop her from destroying what information we had gathered. The armor have been taken from us, but I think we can still make use of it one day.

Sonitus didn't want to believe that Eldarwen had killed them, but the amount of dead just increased the more she read in Alectra's diary. She went to the page where the machina faust was first mentioned.

I used to study, and later teach the art of war at the university in Ayamine. We, as a race, have not fought many wars at all. There has been a surprising amount of knowledge and inventions made in the area, when you take that into account.

The scouting parties that travels Evalon has brought back interesting knowledge about the other races. We are without a doubt the best warriors, according to those reports. If that is arrogance or truth, I can not know. Though they do mention the others use of magic. I am glad that the study of the armor has given me and my sisters, a way to counter that. If we supposedly take away their magic, what good are they? How easy would it be to conquer them all?

The machina faust are merely a theory as of now, but we intend to make them reality. They will be our shield against magi.

Alectra didn't seem to share her mother's hatred for mortals, from what she could tell after reading the diary. She did want to see them conquered though, and considering how a half of the drawings in her diary were of weapons, Sonitus guessed that it was because of her pride as a scholar.

She put the book back down. It was clear that Eldarwen had found out about these synthetics and not taken kindly to them. It wasn't that strange after they had stolen the armor of hatred from her mother. Sonitus assumed that they had been made by Auctor, since they lived in her city. Alectra had been left alive, because Auctor had convinced Eldarwen that she was an asset. At least, that's what Sonitus could make out from her sister's last notes.

"Do you not know it is wrong to snoop?" Auctor's voice came from the door.

Sonitus turned around on her heel, and smiled. "I can't be the only one, sister. My crime isn't even as severe as yours. Writing in someone else's journal." Auctor looked down, so that Sonitus was unable to see her face, though the reaction could be one of shame. She stepped over to her white sister, put her hand on her waist and leaned in to whisper in her ear. "Did you miss my touch so much that you turned naughty?" Auctor shook her head, but her shivering body told Sonitus a different story. The singer laughed and let go off her sister. "It can wait. I need to speak to mother, where is she?"

"Eldarwen is busy and has no time for you. I told you that." Sonitus frowned, but went for Auctor again with her hands. "I mean, sh.. she.. she's probably dealing with Alectra now that I can't protect her anymore."

Auctor stammered, and her words stopped Sonitus right before she was about to kiss her.

"Did you really not miss me? I thought we were closer than this." Sonitus said heavyhearted.

The writer hesitated, but would rather keep Sonitus on her side, so she closed the small gap between them and pecked her. A small price to pay, she figured.

Sonitus closed her eyes, but the face that appeared in her mind did not belong to Auctor. She thought of Ailish, exposed and in her arms again. Strange perhaps, but she was not one to deny her urges.

Auctor regretted kissing her, as Sonitus soon got frisky and more forceful than she had ever been. If this was her sister's way of showing that she had missed her, she was curious as to how she showed someone she loved them. She was pushed out of the treasury and up against a wall in the corridor outside, where the servants stared at her. Auctor had no way of telling Sonitus to stop, what with her lips being occupied, but eventually the singer stopped by her own accord.

"Oh, sweet mercy. You remind me of both of them. Did you always taste this paradisaical?" Sonitus wasn't sure if it was her smell, her taste or her creation that was the source. Furthermore, it felt recent and possibly because she had not experienced Ailish as she truly was before entering the portal. "What do I need to do for you to share your bed with me?" She punched a hole in the wall next to Auctor's head, and startled her sister, when she realized what she needed to do.

Sonitus drew her sword, and left Auctor, who watched her walk away with heavy steps.

Eldarwen had managed to attract quite the crowd. Well, the arena was still popular in Ayamine and the ekiruru had always had a penchant for violence. Alectra had not put up a fight though, but watching the queen break her might still have its charm. She wouldn't survive much longer.

She stomped on Alectra's leg, and broke it, blood sputtered onto the street and the dark wooden bones were bared. The traitor didn't scream in pain, as she could not even speak to begin with anymore. She groaned, before Eldarwen dropped her back into her own blood.

"Let this be a lesson for everyone who thinks they can escape my wrath!"

The words echoed through the street, and she knew where she needed to go. Her body shook and she wanted to turn around, turn away from this path she had chosen carelessly, but her feet didn't listen to her fears. She made her way through the gathered ekiruru, and saw Eldarwen tower above them.

"Any last words?"

Her mother was on a powertrip and Sonitus finally got through the crowd. She saw Eldarwen raise her foot above the mess on the ground. Alectra had changed colour from all the blood she was laying in. One of her arms had been torn off her body, and thrown to the side. Both of her legs were broken and her breathing was strained.

"As no one else." Her voice failed her, and the words didn't come out very loud. It was short of a whisper. Sonitus understood why no one objected, but she couldn't be like everyone else, not now. "As no one else is going to tell you this, I will; This is wrong!"

All those times she had acted, because she was afraid of Eldarwen's scornful glare, went through her head as the queen turned to look at her with that expression. She gulped, but held onto her sword. The killing had to stop. Why couldn't she lead armies away from their own to fight the other races? Sonitus liked those too, but she could at least overlook such an act.

"You greet me like this, after a thousand years?"

Sonitus thought it was obvious, but maybe Eldarwen wanted to give her a chance to back down and retract her statement. She couldn't, and instead she nodded.

Eldarwen was angered by her insolence, and let her foot come down on Alectra's back, likely shattering her spine. She pulled her staff out of the aether, and prepared herself to beat some sense into another defiant individual.

Sonitus got down on one knee, when she saw Alectra stomped on again. She didn't want to feel like she had caused her death. It would make her as bad as Eldarwen, who had fallen low if she had killed ten thousand for stealing an armor.

"Bück dich, befehl ich dir." She sang, and put her hand on her helmet. Amour rose from the ground before she did. "Wende dein Antlitz ab von mir. Dein Gesicht ist mir egal." She took a deep breath, and wished that she had someone to pray to, but the only god she had acknowledged in her lifetime was standing in front of her. She didn't want to bother Ailish, and there was really no other god worth praying to. "Bück dich!"

Eldarwen blocked the sword she had given to the demigod, as Sonitus rushed towards her. She had grown considerably, and actually put up a good fight. When she was forced out of the town square, because of the sword's attacks, she knew it wasn't the same woman that had been brought back from the dead.

Auctor watched Sonitus and Eldarwen clash. She dared approach Alectra, when Sonitus had driven her mother away. The daughter of nature was holding onto life by a thread, but she was alive. Auctor summoned a scroll, and wrote down a spell to prolong her death until she may be able to find someone to heal her. It felt hopeless though, who would want to heal someone the queen hated? Alectra was the most brilliant mind in this age among her people, and now she was on the verge of death.

"We want to help, she got hurt because she protected us." She heard three voices saying in synch, and looked up at them. "Come with us."

Auctor had no other choice, and picked up what remained of Alectra. She left the arm though, and followed the synthetics to the library. She knew they had taken up residence in it, but not that they had a way of healing someone this badly injured.

They entered the library and lead her down countless of stairs, until they stopped in the middle of an empty room. She wondered how this was supposed to help, and was about to scream at them in despair, when the floor began to shake and sink. It moved slowly downwards. How much further could they even go?

That's when the walls around them disappeared, and they descended into an enormous cavern complex. She could see unfinished towers and buildings, surrounded by numerous pathways and synthetics below.

"Mother of Eldarwen." She swore, which she didn't like doing, but the magnitude of what she witnessed was aweinspiring. How could they have done all this? The cavern may be natural, but the city wasn't.

"Welcome to our humble dwelling." The synthetics said, as the lift stopped. There was five paths to take from where she was standing, and she didn't know which one to take, but the synthetics gestured for her to follow them into the one on the left. "Du bist im Labyrinth."

Sonitus was bleeding, and while she had managed to hit Eldarwen a couple of times. She had been thrown through the ceiling of a house shortly after. She didn't want to get up and fight her mother again. It was not her wish for them to become enemies and if she did move, she feared she might find out she had crushed someone with her landing.

"Do you surrender?" She heard a voice she loved.

"Do you?" Sonitus replied, and Eldarwen laughed.

I didn't think so.

"I suppose so. The price has been paid with Alectra's life, and since those freaks of your sister has proven themselves competent; There is no reason for us to continue fighting." Eldarwen entered the house through the door, and reached her hand out to Sonitus, to help her up on her feet. "Blind loyalty does not equal true loyalty. Even I know I am wrong at times."

Zareth 27 , 2

The little pup nuzzled against the Hunt Master's neck, his eyes were still closed to the world. Blind, deaf and covered in a mixture of puppy fat and baby fur the freshly born little soul reached out for the nearest source of warmth and safety. The hunter held the pup out in front of him, its button nose twitched as it sniffed at him. Everything about it was so small, it was light as a feather.

The strange, blindfold wearing man made his way around the entire pack. He had a pup for each of them. "You look after them now, they'll need protecting until they're fully grown. Right now the top of the skull is the softest part." He tickled a pup under the chin as he walked past. The Hunt Master seemed to take that literally and scooped up a discarded wolf skull from off the ground and placed it over his pups head like an over sized helmet.

"He'll grow into it." He said defensively to his pack. After that the others followed his lead.

Finally the horned stranger stood face to face with him, the blindfold seemed to look straight through him. The Grey Tide clansmen looked on is disbelief. They were as shocked as anyone when they came across the dark stranger sitting on a fallen tree surrounded by a freshly born litter.

"Will you look after them?" He asked the pack.

"Yes." Their leader barked out excitedly. He was like a child holding it.

"And you wont be hunting phoenixes anymore?"

"Why would I? Look at him." he stroked the thick black and white coat of his pup. "He's so much better!"

The Grey Tide looked askance at each other. The pack were thrilled with their new bond mates, it was clear to anyone watching they would treasure the animals for the rest of their days. But they had no history of caring for things. So the stranger suggested they seek the help of The Grey Tide who had practiced the art of animal husbandry for generations.

So with a little push, the two clans made peace and The Packs that roamed Evermoor became forces to be reckoned with. The direwolves grew to a great size, large enough to be ridden once they reached maturity. The bond they shared made them loyal steeds and ferocious predators. As the pack culture grew and splinter packs formed and spread out some of them would hire themselves out as mercenaries. It was foolish leader who underestimated the charge of a direwolf cavalry regiment.

Zareth may have made a race of ruthless killing machines but at least they brought someone comfort. As tough and as violent as they were, when a pack member bonded with their pup and found someone to care for a part of them softened and opened up with warmth. It never ceased to amaze him the effect animals could have on people.

His work done there Zareth could turn his gaze to his own home and set off for Evermoor. "No rest for the wicked."

Eldarwen and Sonitus

She waited for Sonitus to take her hand, as Eldarwen had agreed to put their disagreement behind them. If anyone was true to her, it was the singer and standing up to her for her own beliefs was something she could overlook. Auctor had done the same, and she hadn't shunned her, for that long.

"I offer a prize for those who aid in me getting Seith's head. Join me and Aen in this great battle!"

Eldarwen wasn't sure whose voice it was, and shortly after the mirrors which Seith had created to spy on her shattered. Sonitus took her hand, and Eldarwen teleported both of them. She knew what price she could take. They soared through the battle as a bunch of leaves, merely observing at first, until she found someone on Seith's side who had been left alone.

Eldarwen and Sonitus took their real forms inside the observatory.

"I figure hope would make a good addition." She said, still holding Sonitus' hand. "Follow my lead."

Sonitus saw the cute woman in front of them, but as she had recently disobeyed her mother she didn't object when Eldarwen hit her over the head with her glowing staff. Instead, she closed her eyes and let the armor influence her action, planting seeds of hatred in her towards the woman. She struck her with Amour.

The Storyteller

"Now I come to the terrible events of the Seith War. It was inevitable after alienating and hindering so many other gods that eventually they would turn on the god of enlightenment and change. Seith was attacked by Aen, M'endar, Grix, Melanthios, Maeglin and Akladai, the combination of all these assualts was too much and threw Seith into the floor of the observatory, all of his ranks lost."

The children were enthralled, this was the sort of story they had come to listen to.

"Before this happened however Seith and his demigods managed to hit M'endar with their combined power and despite Vantric's spirited defence, the god of deception also lost every single one of it's ranks.

Isond swung himself at Lennonous and scored a riveting blow, reducing the demigod from two ranks to one. Sephariel however was less lucky, being struck with Eldarwen's staff and Sonitus's Amour overwhelmed her completely and all of her ranks were extinguished in a moment."

Eldarwen and Sonitus

She felt Eldarwen clutching her hand tightly and heard her laughter. She opened her eyes, and saw that their combined powers had proved too much for the demigod.

"I think we can achieve greatness, if we work together, my child." She wasn't used to having Eldarwen acknowledge that she was her mother. It felt good, albeit unfamiliar. "Maybe that goes for more than us two."

Eldarwen knew the battle had gone in their favour, it didn't take more than a look around to see that. She bent down to the angel, and broke something off her body. "I'll keep this, until we can use it."

Sonitus didn't enjoy the sight of the angel on the floor in front of them. "Gott, weiß ich will kein Engel sein." She mumbled to herself, and turned away. She wanted to return home, so much of her recent time had been fights in one way or another.

Eldarwen lead her out into the garden of the hallowed court.

Melanthios 24AP,2MP

Melanthios smiled as Seith hit the floor. The combined attack had destroyed him, but he also saw M'endar go down. But unlike Seith, M'endar was not in danger of being locked forever. Melanthios walked towards Seith and grabbed him up of the floor. "This is your end god of 'enlightenment'" Melanthios said sounding satisfied, the alliance had finally defeated their biggest threat. Melanthios pushed his hands into Seith, he pulled his had back out holding a piece of Seith's power. "Don't worry I will put this to better use then you ever have." Melanthios said smiling.

Maeglin joined his father, swinging his newest weapon around. Akladai didn't join his father, instead he helped M'endar up. And he asked him "Are you okay?" Akladai sounded worried. Melanthios meanwhile turned around to his fallen ally "Well the attack worked M'endar. What do you want to do with him now?" Melanthios asked M'endar.

M'endaxius - 0/30 AP, 2/2 MP

It was an epic collision. Both brothers were stripped of their power, but that was just the blood price that had to be paid. The eldritch creature laughed through black bile, creating a sound almost like a bubbling brook. The others would deal with Seith, and M'endar was happy to just watch. The concern was welcome though, it would take an age to repair the damage Seith and his lackeys had inflicted on it. M'endar stood with a stoop after Akladai helped it up and simply responded, "Yesss... Nothing that time won't be able to fix." The taste of the bile was bittersweet, and so was the victory. M'endar curtly replied to Melanthios and his demigods, "Finish him; imprison him within the shattered glass, bound forever to look upon nothing but broken reflections of himself. Then cast them into another realm, like with Ldaluk'ALukdj'Kjkd. 'Twould be a joyous day indeed if you would do a fellow brother a favour..."


Things...did not go so well. As expected damage was taken, but what the others did was entirely insane. The mirrors were broken, Sephariel was killed by Eldarwen of all people, Zareth had broken his word and Pentar had betrayed him. First was first, he had to save Lennonous. Seith instantly teleported Lennonous to a location even he wasn't aware of, one that would hide him for a while. After that, Seith approached the broken body of Sephariel. He put his palm on her forehead and raised her back to life as a mortal and cast her back to Coelus, to live among the Girigori. Seith looked at Coelus and smiled, he had managed to free Sephariel of her prison after all. He sent what might be his last message to his daughter. "Go and be free, live the life you never had but always deserved. Be happy."

Seith then turned his gaze to Eld and his mood soured. To think he had actually intended to help keep this sorry lot alive. Seith stood up form changing constantly to the point where anyone looking upon him could see every single possible creature and form of matter at once. And then, light. Seith saw M'endar and Melanthios, they aided each other when needed. Perhaps he was on the wrong side after all? Maybe the real deceivers were in his midst after all. Seith ignored the extracted rank for now. He then reformed, but looked very different, what once was a brilliant light began absorbing the light around it and then spewing it back out. The form turned to M'endar.

"Interesting proposition brother, but hardly needed. I have a better proposition, one that might aid all of us." Seith turned to Melanthios and Vantric. "It seems I have most definitely picked the wrong side. Pentar is a wonderful ally as you can tell by his abandonment, but perhaps it's time for a different pace. See, Pentar actually had talked to me before your attack, I had asked him for help and he basically tossed me to my fate. Funny how some reveal their true colors. Anyway, as far as I see it, there are two clear and present options. Others obviously are existent, but the two obvious ones are as follows. You could seal me, costing energy and not helping you all that much, or I could join you. The choice is yours. Oh, and M'endar, if it's any consolation, I apologies for not talking to you about your race first all those years ago."

M'endaxius - 0/30 AP, 2/2 MP

Seith slithered over and offered a deal. M'endar would accept if it was foolish enough to harbour such a snake in its mist. Its so-called 'brother' had done naught in proving that he was so. His anger seemed to be directed toward Pentar than anyone else... Interesting, so the loyal dog was running with another pack now. Seith had condemned Pentar with an unsettling ease, what if the broken god did so with the band of brothers? M'endar only hoped that Melanthios and Vantric would choose the right option. A turncoat like this snivelling Seith could easily turn on them once he got enough power. Outwardly, M'endar just laughed again, spewing black bile everywhere, replying with, "Too little, too late." Inwardly, M'endar sent a message to Vantric and Melanthios telepathically.

"See how easily he forsakes those who go against his desires! He has a plan... I am sure of it. Seith will recover from this if you accept him, then he will just attack when he has become strong enough. Or maybe, he seeks to divide us against each other. Either way, let this be finished here and here alone."

Melanthios 20AP,1MP

"Yesss... Nothing that time won't be able to fix. Finish him; imprison him within the shattered glass...it would be a joyous day indeed if you would do a fellow brother a favour..." Melanthios smiled, he sent a telepathic message back. "Of course I will brother, we made an alliance. That alliance has bound us forever, and besides I hold no love for Seith. Today will be the last day of his insanity and the first day of a new age, one in which we will be free of this menace. Still, I hope that when Seith is defeated, you will also help me with my opponent..Ailish."

Seith sent his children away while changing form. He eventually changed into a new shape, Melanthios wondered if he would plead for his life. "Interesting proposition brother, but hardly needed. I have a better proposition, one that might aid all of us....Oh, and M'endar, if it's any consolation, I apologies for not talking to you about your race first all those years ago." It seems he did beg for his life, this only amused Melanthios. He had sealed his fate long ago, and it was imprisonment.

M'endar laughed again, spewing black bile everywhere "Too little, too late." He said and then Melanthios felt a message from M'endar."See how easily he forsakes those who go against his desires! He has a plan... I am sure of it. Seith will recover from this if you accept him, then he will just attack when he has become strong enough. Or maybe, he seeks to divide us against each other. Either way, let this be finished here and here alone." Melanthios nodded. He sent a message to Vantric, Nivix, Zareth, Eldarwen, Aen, and M'endar. All gods he trusted or that hated Seith. Greetings brothers and sisters. We might not all see eye to eye, but we all agree that Seith is our enemy. He does not deserve to get another chance to spy on us and interfere with our plans. So that is why I ask your help to lock him up for good, making sure he can never hurt anyone ever again." Melanthios summoned his orb of infinity into his hand.

"Seith, you have chosen your path long ago. This is where it ends." Melanthios began to gather all of the shards of the mirrors of Seith, they began to move around Seith forming something like a prison. The magic he used was on a never before seen scale, it would lock him up forever. There was no way to ever break the cage.


A god who she had never talked with before requested her aid, with imprisoning Seith. She believed his name was Melanthios. Eldarwen had heard and seen enough of Seith, for now and forever. She would gladly get rid off him, and perhaps with the snake gone, the universe would be more pleasant. At least they would be one less.

"I would be glad if we could all agree on one thing for once. If it is the imprisoning of Seith, all the better." She said, and stepped up next to Melanthios.

Eldarwen channeled her magic through her staff, to bind Seith and the mirrors together with roots and brambles. "There may be evil in this world, but nothing can be dangerous as that which hides behind a false veil of good. Seith's own words has proven him a snake and traitor to his ideals, if the coward sides with his brother when he has lost. Someone who he has done his best to stop up until now."

The scorn which she normally looked at her unruly children with, was nothing compared to the hatred she felt as she aided Melanthios.

"If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values; They're hobbies."

She turned to Sonitus, and reached out her hand. "Lend me your sword and your armor, just for a moment."

The demigod stripped and gave her the items. Eldarwen moved into the armor, and took Amour in her other hand. The sword didn't sing as brilliantly as it did in the hands of Sonitus, but the armor burned brighter than before.

Nivix - 26, 1

"Ha. Hahaha. HahahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

What had started out as a subdued chuckle soon grew into a all encompassing roar of laughter, as Nivix observed the aftermath of his spell. Even after all these years, all those projects and experiments and creations, he was still capable of surprising even himself! Today was truly a glorious day indeed; with his mirrors gone, Seith was no longer a threat, no longer an annoyance! All was solved, and it was all thanks to him!

So enamored with his own success, Nivix only noted the results of battle as an afterthought. He barely spotted the death of the demigod, and Seith's and M'ender's loss of power were unimportant details. It didn't matter to the chemister if other gods were going to try to harvest ranks from the fallen god(s); why would he need to pay attention to their schemes? It wasn't like it mattered to him or anything.

Nivix couldn't remain in his delighted reverie for long, however. Melanthios' message soon forced its way into his thoughts, forcing the madman to come a bit closer to reality. "Greetings brothers and sisters. We might not all see eye to eye, but we all agree that Seith is our enemy. He does not deserve to get another chance to spy on us and interfere with our plans. So that is why I ask your help to lock him up for good, making sure he can never hurt anyone ever again."

"Eh? What?"

The chemister stood stock still for a moment, as he tried to get a handle on what his lab partner was suggesting. Mel wanted to... imprison Seith? For good? Forever? That was... That was a tall order.

Locking Seith away would, in the long run, probably be the best idea. The self-proclaimed god of light and order, he had only served to infuriate Nivix and the others with his meddling ways. Hindering others' acts of creation, twisting and bending other gods to suit his own end, Seith had proven himself to be one of the greatest scoundrels and deceivers among the pantheon's ranks; surely, no one would miss him were he to be trapped elsewhere for all eternity.

But, then again, when had Nivix ever cared about the long run!?

"You ask me, Melanthios," Nivix began, placing emphasis upon his partner's full name, "to help you seal away the spy and traitor? To help you place him somewhere where he can do no harm to any of us ever again? You ask me to help you with this great, and irreversible, act?"

There was no small amount of fury blazing in the madman's gaze as he turned to glare at Melanthios, his words oozing venom and rage. "You would ask me to imprison one of the few things in this world capable of HOLDING MY INTEREST?! Seith may be a cheater, a liar, and a trickster above all others, but I will NOT tolerate such insanity!"

The very air around Nivix began to warp and shift as he began to charge his divine power, building it into an all-encompassing aura of fire and might. "Unforgivable!" he roared for all to hear. "Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivableunforgivableunforgivableunforgivable!"

Vantric: 29, 2

Isond: 8

It was over in a flash. Seith collapsed on the ground, bested by his betters and abandoned by his allies. His apprentice, Sephariel, was no more. She was destroyed by the sudden arrival of Eldarwen and her own coterie. Lennonous, Seith's warrior, found that bravery and valor were no match to cunning and discipline as he met Isond in a duel. Sword met Ax, but Isond's patience and careful striking slowly whittled away at the angel's defenses. Powerful, wild blows were carefully blocked, as Lennonous slowly wore himself out, Isond lashed back, taking his advantage. It was still close, the demigods of equal power, but Lennonous lost his footing, and Isond's ax crashed down on him. The angel's body was breaking, but it wasn't destroyed, yet. Before the killing blow could be landed, Seith sent Lennonous away, where, he didn't know.

Isond took his position behind Seith, war ax at his side, as though preparing for an execution. "Isond," Vantric called. The war god looked up. "Find Lennonous. I don't want him to escape."

"With pleasure sir." Isond flashed out of the room.

That left only Seith. The god was thoroughly bested, drained of all his power. The assembled allies now looked over the enemy. In a last ditch attempt to save himself, Seith tried to appeal to their sense of mercy. "It seems I have most definitely picked the wrong side. Pentar is a wonderful ally as you can tell by his abandonment, but perhaps it's time for a different pace. See, Pentar actually had talked to me before your attack, I had asked him for help and he basically tossed me to my fate. Funny how some reveal their true colors. Anyway, as far as I see it, there are two clear and present options. Others obviously are existent, but the two obvious ones are as follows. You could seal me, costing energy and not helping you all that much, or I could join you. The choice is yours. Oh, and M'endar, if it's any consolation, I apologies for not talking to you about your race first all those years ago."

"It seems more than one has shown their true colors this day." Vantric said, as Seith finished. M'endar sent a telepathic message.

'See how easily he forsakes those who go against his desires! He has a plan... I am sure of it. Seith will recover from this if you accept him, then he will just attack when he has become strong enough. Or maybe, he seeks to divide us against each other. Either way, let this be finished here and here alone.'

Vantric nodded at the telepathic call. 'We have come too far to back down now. Who knows when another chance like this will come. Finish it. Let us be rid of him.' He sent back to M'endar and Melanthios.

"Grovelling is the last weapon of the weak." Vantric said, contempt thick in his voice. He couldn't help but think of Seith in their own position, were it them asking for mercy. He knew what Seith's response would be. "The lainir have a saying, 'when you reach for the sun, be prepared to be burned.' You have reached very far Seith, and the sun is very...very...hot." This was the end. Seith's reign had come to an end. With that, he joined his power to Melanthios's as the gods began to exile Seith from this realm for all time.

Things were unexpectedly interrupted by the sudden arrival of Nivix. As usual, the scientist was speaking in a very rapid, animated manner. Vantric wasn't focused on him, he was too busy preparing to defeat Seith, but he did catch that Nivix was trying to hinder their actions. "This is none of your concern Nivix." Vantric said, "I ask that you leave. Our business is with Seith." But he knew it was no use. The mad god couldn't be dissuaded from anything.

Aen 30, 2

No... Nonononononono! This wasn't what was supposed to happen! This was all wrong! This wasn't what he wanted at all. Aen watched the world around him, numb. Seith had been utterly defeated, but so had M'endar. One of Seith's demi-gods lay dead, and the other had been wounded and fled. One of the demi-gods had been sent after him, and Aen sent Grix after the both of them. He wanted no more death.

There was some kind of commotion up ahead. Melanthios was trying to seal away Seith, and he was holding a part of his power. No! Whatever longstanding problems the two might have, this was his attack and his enemy! It was not up to the god to decide what should happen. However, he couldn't just attack the god again. Every time he resorted to violence, things went wrong. So much for being a god of battle. With a troubled heart, he walked over to Melanthios.

It had been another odd day for Kerac. He got fired again from his job at the newspaper over him writing another of his letters. Got high again during work, but that wasn't what did it for him. They kept saying they wanted facts and not any of his stories, and threatened to dock his pay. Then Kerac said something off comment and found himself face first on the ground. It's just another day...There was no bothering to look for a new job; he knew that he was never leaving them until the Pom'grn got pissed off enough to leave.

He still had has ream of messages, and proceeded his burden of nailing his musings on the notice boards of Minas Kei. Took him about half a day to get every single area covered, but he did it - albeit with enough booze and drugs to keep himself from monologuing his own work.

To his surprise he found something he didn't notice in one terrace. It looked like a dressmaker's dummy that was modeled by the Verr. Seemed to be plastered by the look of its body splayed out on the ground; either that or people really hated the new aesthetic. Wanting to know more of it, Kerac walked to the humanoid.

"Hey." He called out to it. After a few seconds it began to move from under Kerac's feet. "Did that thunder brew hit you hard?"

All that came from its mouth was a rasp. "Thunder brew?"

"Well I know that you're breathing." Kerac said aside. "You must not be from around here are you?"

"No I'm not."

"Lemme guess, you got attacked by plants."

"What do you mean?"

"The plants. The plant women of this glorious city."

"How did you know?"

"Some people are just more equal than others here.... Do you need some help getting up?"

"I'll be fine."

Sure enough, the big marionette got back on its feet, but Kerac wasn't too satisfied with it.

"Want some water? Some mead?" The humanoid nodded. 'Want some raw faith?"

"What??" It eyed him intently after that, wanting some answer. The tension finally returned, and he wanted no part of it.

"... Never mind." He said before making his way.

"Wait." It said. Changed your mind already?

"Do you know where the palace is?" it finally asked. Kerac raised a red eyebrow.

"Yeah. Do you want me to guide you there?"

"Yes please."

During the trip a question came to mind. "Are you a god?"

The creature turned his gaze to Kerac again. "How do you know?" it asked.

"Most people don't walk with the conviction and certainty you do, especially staring out into the skies. Everyone else would be so defensive or coiled up ready to strike, but not you. You just... endure it." He said matter-of-factly, and the golem could only widened its eyes. "That and you kinda told me." That made the eyes fell out of her face and turned into his grandma.

We must be in bad shape if gods are fleeing here...


The trip took three more Shen drop buzzes till the palace was in reach. In that time Kerac's assumption of a humanoid was dead wrong. It looked like a plant had fucked one of those doves and dropped the newborn on something. Certainly wasn't a savory thought to have, but it was better than taking in this city or spouting his mind in public; the changeling believed that higher-ups don't care about scripted bile until someone gives it a voice. Then it becomes an uprising to them.

"Buddy of mine told me of a secret passage in the wet docks. Also said that making love to a plant was the best thing that ever happened to him." He muttered to the... thing. It was getting harder to focus on the god as it was slowly reminding him of the prostitutes back in Rowan. Then without any more word, Kerac left the god.


That strange person was right. At first she was worried that the guards would've found her crossing the large moat, but as she got closer it seemed like they were in some deep trance. In the corner of her eye she saw what seemed like two guards going at one another with passion, fervor, but not bloodlust. Her mind returned to the heavens with Sonitunes underneath her touch, her cry echoing like rhapsody... There was no secret passage she found. The closest she got was what looked like sleeping quarters. And then she had an idea.

She stood against a wall absolutely motionless...

Roe 28, 2

Roe pushed on through Evermoor, the ghosts following him as he walked. Suddenly a voice boomed out of nowhere, making the young god jump.

"Aen and M'endar are attacking me. I would appreciate it if you came to the observatory to stop them."

He realised it must be a message from another god, from the tone it sounded like Seith. He felt bad for the god of change but he couldn't abandon his quest to rescue Petal could he? He carried on, heading vaguely in the direction of the great palace. Somewhere ahead he saw a figure standing in the mist, wispy and with long black hair, it couldn't be...

"Petal?" he called happily and ran up to the figure.

"You," the voice was hard and her back remained turned. Roe stopped dead in his tracks, a look of confusion upon his face.

"Pets?" he asked more cautiously, reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder.

"You didn't come for me when I blew your whistle... you let them kill me," she replied coldly and shook off his hand.

"But... I..." Roe stammered but he couldn't deny what she said, it was absolutely true. "Sorry," he added quietly.

"Say that to the others," she snorted.

"What others?" Roe asked.

"These," she waved her hand in a circle around the pair. The grey mist around them began to materialise and countless figures appeared, as far as Roe could see. All were staring accusingly at him. "Remember the Aask, lots of them were killed by your huge tear and you didn't even try to save them. Or the Xin, on the night when I died thousands of their children were killed because of you were angry and they weren't even any different from me! You're a bad god Roe."

"No... that's impossible!" Roe fell to his knees, unable to take in the number of ghosts surrounding him. There were so many children among them, their sad wide eyes boring into him. "What can I do?" he managed to splutter out.

"Give me your godhood," she said simply.

Tearfully, Roe reached inside his body, resting his stubby fingers across his beating heart, feelings it's pulse in his palm. As he did so, he heard a voice whisper in his ear, no louder than a light breeze.


He looked up at the cold figure, her back was still turned to him. The young god raised his hand and focused it on her body. As he did so, the girl melted away and in her place was left a gooey being. It tried to slouch away when it realised it's deception had been revealed but Roe was too fast and his gripped the being with his mind, squeezing the thing between a huge ethereal fist. He ignored it's high pitched screams.

"What are you?" he shouted angrily, "Why were you pretending to be Petal?"

Roe and Zareth

Roe's fury was interrupted as an arrow flew down from above him, burying itself in the earth at his feet.

"Put. Them. Down." Carnivox snarled, jumping down from a nearby tree and aiming a second shot at Roe's head.

Roe drew out his sword, pointing it at Carnivox. The Verr Warden remained suspended above the god's head. "Who are you?" he shouted.

"I'm the wolf that's going to put an arrow through your skull if you don't stop what you're doing." The hunter edged closer to the young god. He showed no signs of backing down.

"Tell me where Petal is and I'll let it go!" Roe replied forcefully, though his face was still tear-streaked from earlier.

Carnivox roared back at him and let his arrow fly. "What is going on here?!" Zareth bellowed. The death god had appeared, as if from nowhere, catching the arrow and whipping the Verr from Roe's grasp. The look he gave them both would have turned a mortal man to stone.

"Zareth?" Roe exclaimed in recognition, though it had been a long time since he'd last seen the other god "They started it," he added sulkily.

"I don't care who started it, I'm ending it!" He exclaimed. "Off with you, the pair of you." He shooed away his son and acolyte. "And you." You turned on Roe. "What are you doing breaking into my home?"

"I'm here to find my friend Petal, I know she's somewhere down here," Roe replied, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

Brilliant, another one. "Then you haven't come to see her, you've come to try and take her away with you."

"Yes," Roe said simply, "I really miss her, I want to take her to live with me. Can you show me where she is?"

And here was history repeating itself. Zareth had let himself act rashly the last tie another god had come to him with this request, but he had changed a lot since then. Mortals were not allowed to play with the balance unchecked and he would hold his peers by a different rule set, not anymore.

"Sit down Roe." Zareth said taking a seat on the grass. "Tell me about Petal, tell me everything about her."

Roe sat down next to Zareth and began to recount everything that came to mind about his friend. "Her full name is Fallen Petal, she's six and she's human and she's got long black hair but part of her face is sort of... weird, she's only one eye. She's really nice and kind though and I... I..."

His voice caught in his throat when he tried to speak about how she died, one thousand years was a long time but the deceptive creature had reopened old wounds that had never fully closed.

The name was unique for sure... and one eye. Yes that stirred a memory. Learning all the names was a pain at times but Zareth knew it would pay off someday. "And she died the day the humans went to war." Now this was beginning to make sense.

"That's right," Roe said mournfully, "I... I was too late to save her, I promised her I would come for her,"

"What kept you?"

Roe looked down at the ground in shame, "I was angry at her, we had a fight," he said quietly.

"Ah." Zareth whispered and placed a hand on Roe's shoulder in an attempt to offer comfort.

"If I rescue her, maybe she'll forgive me" Roe said uncertainly, the rejection of psuedo-Petal still fresh in his mind.

"And what would you be rescuing her from? Here she has peace, has her family. She's met people and seen things she might never have been able to in life. She's happy here" He kept his voice as calm and level as he could, Roe was delicate at the moment. "Sounds to me like you're trying to bring her back for yourself, not for here."

"She was scared," Roe replied indignantly, "she didn't want to die and she is my best friend, she'll be even happier with me,"

"And why is that, do you plan on taking all her family and friends with you?"

"She didn't have any other friends, people thought she was weird because of her missing eye. She had a mama and papa but I just know she liked me better... I don't care anyway, I just want her back!"

"You'll find people aren't so shallow here Roe. There are plenty of children in Evermoor who are always happy to make new friends and dwarfs, you'd be amazed how friendly dwarfs are if you give them the chance."

Idon't care, I just want her back. That was a troubling choice of words.

"Please Zareth, I'll do anything to see her again," Roe pleaded, putting his hand on the other god's knee, "Let me do something for you, and then once I've done it you can show me where she is!"

"I don't trade in people Roe." He said sternly. You were welcome to come and see her at any point you simply didn't." He chided Roe. "But in the end this decision isn't up to you or me, not anymore." This was going to get rough before it got better. "I hope you don't mind but I sent out a mental call while we were talking. We're ready for you now!"

Carnivox emerged from the forest. There was something wrapped around his neck, and something else was bobbing up and down behind his head. As they got closer it became more apparent that he was carrying someone. It looked as if he was giving someone a piggy back, a little girl who was playing with the fur on his head. He let her down and led her to the two gods.

"Fallen Petal." Zaretrh smiled and nodded at her, ushering the girl to join them. "I think Roe has something to say to you."

"Pets!" Roe gasped and threw his arms around her, holding her tight. "I'm so sorry for not coming in time and killing all the other people and I love you and I want to live with you forever..." he blurted out, unable to restrain himself.

"Roe... it's been ages," Petal beamed, returning his hug warmly. "Are you really here to rescue me?"

"Yes!" Roe replied, before adding "you do want that don't you?"

"Oh yes!" Petal cooed, jumping up and down in excitement "but why me? I've met lots of your friends down here and you've never came for them?"

"Because," Roe said, putting his hand on Petal's scarred cheek, "you're different, you understand me and I need you, I never should have pushed you over " he kissed her gently on the cheek and put out his hand out to hers "Will you come with me?" he asked,

Zareth and Carnivox exchanged a glance over the children's heads.

"Of course!" Petal replied but then added glumly, "What can I do though, you have so much more power than I do, I'm just a ghost,"

"Sometimes, I do bad things," Roe admitted, "I need you to stop me from doing bad things, since you're always so nice and you know what's right and wrong. Let share my godhood with you and then we can go live together in the Hallowed Court."

"Can we live in a wooden house?" Petal asked with excitement.

"I've already built it!" Roe smiled.

"Can we get a pet?"

"Sure, why not,"

"Hmmm, I know," Petal squeaked, "can we get married?!"

"Um what?" Roe said, before quickly adding, "I'm not sure about that one but whatever makes you happy Pets..."

"As king of Evermoor I am certified to marry two people." Zareth grinned.

"Um... but," Roe stammered, his face turning slightly red. He looked at Petal's expectant face, "We'll think about it..." he conceded before quickly changed the subject, "Let me raise you up to become a demigod,"

He took Petal's hand and concentrated his power on sharing his divinity, allowing her to share in the celestial spark that the universe had granted him long ago.

"No longer shall you remain down here, nor shall your name be Fallen Petal" the young god said solemnly, "for you are being risen, you shall be known as just Petal!" He put his glowing hand on her chest and then it began.


"Well, that didn't work."

Seith returned to his original form and walked away from the other gods for a moment. "I didn't think it would, lying to liars is pretty difficult. I don't know how long that masquerade would have lasted anyway, siding with filth such as you Melanthios for more than a small portion of my time would have probably proven unbearable. That said, your lies to Aen about my so called evils are misfounded. Aen, when I helped you slay Olek, it was not out of some wicked desire to ruin your bout, my intention was to save the mortals involved. Killing Olek quickly was the only way to end the war. I don't take chances, I wasn't going to put the fate of the humans in your hands alone. That said, I did not think Eldarwen would come at the humans like she did. She is quite honestly the biggest snake around. Back on topic however, Melanthios, I don't remember actually doing you any harm. The only thing I have ever done to you three includes removing the plague from the Aask when they were formed and stopping Vantric from making an item of power. I lied to them in order to protect Coelus, because some things are worth it. You saw it yourself when talking to him, Melanthios is an opportunist who simply wants me removed from the equation. If I had to pick between the two, sealed is what I would pick, but know this Aen, their next target will be Ailish and Pentar, after that, my guess is you will fall under their attack. Still, it's funny, had it been anyone who had been attacked by them, including you, I would have been right at their side. Hell, I would have even defended M'endar if one of the other gods had gotten too bold."

Seith had very little faith in the other god, but he had a plan still. He began to study each bit of Coelus, each individual and soon, was ready.

"Make your decision Aen. It is well within your power to stop this madness and defeat their deadly alliance, I hold no grudges over your attack, I just wish you would have talked to me first."

M'endaxius - 0/30 AP, 2/2 MP

Seith, beggar and slithering snake to the very end. "A pity brother, that you cannot look into your shattered mirror anymore. But all the same... I would advise it." But why even bother trying to reason with such desperation. It was ironic, the god of enlightenment was trying to cloud Aen's mind. M'endar began to think that this would drag on forever like those Grigori meetings. It sank into a corner.

"The snake reveals himself and sheds all pretence of honour! He did not trust you with the matter of Olek... So why should you trust him and his words now?" His assumptions are only there to attack the trust between us and I can promise you that no other gods will be harmed by either me, Vantric or Melanthios..."

And that was all that could be said. Apart from the few last echoes of Seith's voice, there was deadly silence as all awaited Aen's choice.

Eldarwen 22,1

She shook her head. Seith had given true stupidity a face this day. Eldarwen decided to wage in on their conversation as well. She sent a telepathic message to Aen.

"I will not deny that I hate humans. They ruined my planet, and killed my people in the last universe. I feared that they might do the same under Olek, that is why I sent my troops. However, that is the only agression we have done against them so far. And who can say how many verr, dwarfs, lainir or other humans would have died, if I had not acted? That fleet was large, but thanks to the brave ekiruru who sacrificed themselves that day, few had to die. I lost many great warriors! Aen, if you wish to honour our alliance I want you to either leave now or aid us. Anything else is unacceptable and I will assume you are as much of a snake as Seith proves himself to be with every new word he utters."

She grew tired of their bickering and she did have the wing of the angel, which she could use if she wanted too. No one had succeeded with making an item quite as powerful as the one she intended to make with it.

Eldarwen teleported away from the observatory, bringing Sonitus with her. They reappared at the palace in Ayamine, and the singer looked at her, probably wanting her belongings back. She would give them to her, but first she needed to try something.

She got the wing she had taken from Sephariel, and placed it on the table. Perhaps she should have asked someone for help, but where was the fun in that? She'd fail or succeed on her own this time.

The queen raised the staff and Amour above her head, took a deep breath and struck at the wing, putting all the power she possessed into the strike.

Auctor 7

She watched them remove limbs on Alectra and replace them with their technology. They had told her to place her on an altar in a room in their labyrinth. She could only watch now, and hope that she did not die. A great mind that would still be needed. She had seen her drawings and ideas for inventions. They were not merely weapons. They could be used for more than war. Alectra could help her people. Why couldn't Eldarwen see that? She probably didn't want too.

She placed a scroll next to the body on the altar, and wrote a spell to return her strength.

Just as life and love are sweet
They too have thorns that stick.
But do not fear to live or love,
Life's not exempt from pain -
So pick a rose, you may get hurt,
But you will also gain!

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