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Pentar 30AP 2MP

"Unfortunately for him I'm needed more elsewhere."

Pentar didn't bother responding; it sounded like he was busy; but he smiled all the same. As far as Pentar was concerned, a helpless Seith was a victory. Without aid, the self-proclaimed God of Enlightenment would fall quickly to the wicked trio and Aen. But now, the booms of battle had fallen quite to be replaced by a new aura. Pentar could sense great power at work, and it took his only a moment to realize that they were trying to imprison Seith on another plane. He could also vaguely sense a telepathic back-and-forth between the belligerents, though he had no idea what they were saying. Not wanting to be left in the dark about such important events, Pentar appeared before the sea and summoned an image of the observatory. "Now." he mumbled to himself. "Just what are they doing up there?"

Aen 30,2

Everyone was clamoring for his attention, inside of his head and out, and then nothing. All waited on his answer. Seith said one thing, M'endar another, and Eldarwen was trying to pressure him too. And still he didn't know what was truth, what was right. To them, was he only a pawn in their individual games? Aen roared in anger and struck the nearest observatory wall with power, tearing a hole in it. His breathing heavy, hands clenching and unclenching, his shoulders shaking in rage, he turned back to Seith "I offered you all the mercy I can, and you've made your choice. I'm sorry for what happened to you, but it seems you had it coming."

Aen turned away, then with a second thought sent a message to Eldarwen. "If your faith in me is so small, then perhaps our alliance means little after all." With that, he took off through the hole he'd created, off into the further edges of the universe where he could release his anger without restriction.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller blew mournfully on his pipe, the smoke mixing with that of the fire and causing a couple of nearby children to cough.

"Thus it came to pass that with the combined efforts of Melanthios, Eldarwen and Vantric, even with Nivix's atttempt to hinder them, the process begun to forever trap Seith within the shards of his own mirrors, fated never to be freed again. With this there were but ten gods left in the universe."

His tone perked up again once he had finished recounting Seith's end and he carried on in a more jovial tone.

"Significant as it was, the imprisonment of Seith was not the only thing that happened in this time however. Pentar arrived on the scene of the battle and scryed the area to find out for himself what had occurred there.

Down deep in Evermoor, with the help of Zareth and Carnivox, Roe found his friend Petal and raised her up to be a new demigod: Petal, Child of Compassion.

Meanwhile, Eldarwen and her progeny were not idle either, Eldarwen herself created an item of great power: the Mask of the Gryphon, which embodies the power of hope. Sonitus inspired a group of five hundred Ekiruru to form the order of Wisteria whilst with the help of the synthetics, Auctor successfully restored Alectra's strength."

Eldarwen 22,1

She knew they had succeeded with imprisoning Seith, and heard Aen at the back of her head, but what lay in front of her on the table was more interesting. Her ally probably needed time to calm down either way. She wasn't above apologizing and what was said in the heat of a moment, was not always thought through.

Eldarwen removed her crown from her head, which was a mere accessory to what she had created. She threw it away and it could be heard bouncing against the floor, before it came to a halt. She picked up the mask and felt its power resounding, then she put it on, but felt sad when she remembered how Nivix had destroyed all the mirrors.

"How do I look?" She asked Sonitus, who was still patiently waiting for her own belongings. Well, Eldarwen wouldn't need them now.

"Fearsome and lovely. Though that is the answer I would have given before as well. The mask does have its charm." Sonitus answered, and got Amour and the armor of hatred back. She appeared to have gained a better understanding of the armor, just by watching Eldarwen since she got dressed in it faster than she removed it. "Mother, we have not yet spoken about the mission you sent me on. I wish to tell you everything I learned."

Eldarwen dissolved her staff into the aether again and moved for one of the hallways. "That would be appropriate. Come with me, but not a word about how you presumably seduced Ailish. Where is the woman anyway?"

Sonitus couldn't answer, it was a good question. She had forgotten about Ailish, and the price she wanted from her daughter. Now that Alectra had died, she would never get the reward anyway, but surely Auctor had need of her for something. "I do not know, we may want to find her before she ends up hurt."

The queen wouldn't be that surprised if she already had, though Sonitus' concern made it sound like her assumption about the two had been right. "Very well."

Auctor 7

Alectra remained motionless for hours, and they had said that even if she woke up she would never walk again. Auctor remained on her knees in front of the altar, hoping that their combined powers had brought back her strength.

She no longer looked like any other ekiruru. Her skin was tainted black by her own blood, her jaw had a large metal piece attached to it and she lacked an arm. The damage she had taken to her back and legs was the reason she'd never walk again, even if they had managed to restore her legs.

Eventually she heard the woman coughing, and Auctor got up on her feet to make sure she wasn't dying on her. The look in her eyes told her that she was still in pain.

"I am Auctor, the lady of Minas Kei." She said, and wanted to explain where they were, but maybe that was too much to take in. The massive labyrinth below her city had shocked the demigod after all.

"I know. Who you. Are." Alectra answered, her voice had changed and now had a speech impediment. It couldn't be easy to talk with a piece of metal in your mouth.

Auctor nodded and smiled, most did know her. She took Alectra's hand in her own. "The synthetics brought you back."

The inventor didn't seem that pleased about it, rather she showed an expression of pained regret. "What happens. When our benevolent queen. Finds me?" Alectra closed her eyes, and went back to sleep.

Nivix - 26, 1

Nivix lapsed into silence as he stared, shell-shocked, at the reflective shards that were scattered across the observatory's ruined floor. They still gleamed and pulsed with traces of arcane power, signs of Melanthios' unbreakable, irreversible seal. There was no doubt about it. Seith was locked away, now and forever. There was no way to bring him back, no way to return him to the world. He was simply... gone.

Slowly, Nivix took a step forward, wordlessly approaching the pieces that formed Seith's prison. He had never liked Seith. If anything, he had hated the god of order and light, despised the way he had tried to constrain the rest of the universe to abide by his laws and ideals. Seith had been a mistake, a stain upon the world, there was no doubt about that.

But, in his own little way, he had served to make it a less boring place.

Unintentionally or not, he had done some things that were truly fascinating, even occasionally performing acts that had managed to hold Nivix's attention for a time. It all may have been with dark, self-serving intents in mind, but it had been entertaining nonetheless. Regardless of Seith's goals and schemes, he had made the world interesting. And now he was gone.


Nivix's words were scarcely audible, barely more than a whisper. But the weight they carried as they fell from his lips was truly tremendous.

"This is wrong. This... I stopped it. I stopped it."

It was true, wasn't it? He had resisted, fought back against Melanthios' attempt to seal away Seith. He had used all of his might, all of his power to hinder the action. He had struggled with all of his strength to ensure the trickster's freedom. He knew that he had!

So... why had it happened, regardless of his attempts to stop it?

The god's mind raced along at an incomprehensible speed, frantically trying to find a way to answer the question. How was this possible!? What had gone wrong!? Why, why, why, why, why!?

And then, like a thunderbolt from on high, the answer struck Nivix. His eyes spreading wide in horrified realization and his hands reflexively grasping at his head, the god fell to his knees, unmindful of the glass shards he fell upon. It was so, so obvious, yet he didn't want to acknowledge it. He couldn't acknowledge it.

But, in the end, he didn't have much of a choice. Knowledge is sometimes a terrible, terrible gift.

"I... I couldn't stop it."

The answer was as short as it was simple. His power hadn't mattered a bit in the end. Not when he was opposed by all the other gods. Before their collective will, he was impotent, pointless, useless.

He was weak.

Nivix's mournful howl could be heard throughout the universe, a cry of sorrow and fear that traveled from the Hollowed Court to the stars that glittered at the farthest ends of creation. "NOOOOOOOO! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!"

As he ranted and raved, the madman slammed his head against the floor, mindless of the mirror shards he was crushing into dust. Golden streams of ichor, flowing from dozens of cuts, stained his face and hands, but Nivix either couldn't feel the pain or he chose to ignore it. He had to unleash the maelstrom of rage and terror that was building up within his soul, and his divine tantrum was the best way of doing so for now. So he raged. He cried and shouted, roared and screamed until his throat bled, smashed and shattered anything and everything around him. The ruins of Seith's laboratory were consumed by the fires of his fury and sorrow, and the sounds of his anger echoed far and wide.

And then, with one last angry howl directed towards the heavens themselves, Nivix left. His body little more than a humanoid frame soaked in blood and flame, the chemister fled, tossing himself into the vast oblivion. He would need time to calm and recover, silence to think and plan. He needed to be alone, away from the others, away from his experiments, away from his stars.

For the first time in his life, he needed the darkness.

Zareth 27 , 2

Zareth waved the two children goodbye, wishing them the best of luck. "That was love right there, beautiful, honest love."

"Sickly and stupid if you ask me." Carnivox huffed.

"Oh when did you become such a cynic, Car?"

"Never been one for cubs." The Hunter shrugged before he stalked off into the underworld depths.


Zareth took another walk outside of Evermoor. He looked up into the sky, it seems whatever business there was with Seith had been resolved. The whole thing had come out of no where as far as he could tell. Although with his strange obsession with spying mirrors it's was bound to happen some time.

Still between that and this new city springing up one thing was clear. He was slipping out of the loop.

But Evermoor takes up so much of my time and I couldn't even get twenty-four hours off before the living butted in.

It looked lie he wouldn't be able to make himself available for he politics of other gods at all, or the affairs of mortals. Who knows how many other matters of importance had slipped by without him noticing? Then he saw one of the moonlight Phoenixes perched on an outcrop of rocks on the canyon wall.

"Hey you!" He yelled out. "Yeah you, get over here! I have a job for you!"

"Myeeeah!" The phoenix squawked back. Seemingly thinking that Zareth was trying to move in on its territory.

"I am your creator and I command you to come here!" He bellowed, putting on his godliest voice. The animal seemed to respond to that and flew to his outstretched arm. "How would you like to become the servant of a god highest and most regarded among all your kind?"

"buck-buh-bah?" The bird clucked back at him, tilting its head quizzically.

"Yes of curse you can still eat squirrels, you can have all the squirrels you want. All I need from you is to keep flying through the worlds of mortals, with my help you'll be able to fly across worlds and never tire. All I ask in return is that you bring me news from he outside world, politics, international affairs, show business. You know the usual.

The bird bobbed its head along with him, it was a bright little creature he had to give it that. "cirp. cirp-cirp."

"Glad to hear you agree! And you'll always have a place to nest in Evermoor." With a flick of his wrist Zareth began to form a collar out of the ether and threaded it around the chirpy phoenixes neck. "Car!" He yelled, turning his head back towards Evermoor. "Car, I'm getting us a pet! Come stroke her, her feathers are silky soft!" At that moment an arrow came shooting out of nowhere, right towards the innocent bird. Luckily Zareth had finished with the collar and caught it with his free hand. "Oh you're a spoil sport." He turned the arrow tip on the collar's name disk. "Now what should we call you?"

"CaaaAAaaww!" It shrieked in his face.

"That's an excellent suggestion... Flight."

Vantric: 23, 2

It was over. Vantric couldn't help but smile. Seith, the enemy, had been defeated. In spite of all his professed knowledge, he had miscalculated. Miscalculated the unity of his allies, miscalculated the mercy of his enemies. And now he would pay. His attempts to reshape the universe and bend it to his will were over.

At the end there were only himself and his two allies left, watching Seith slowly drift away, being drawn out of the universe. "I think that went quite well, brothers." Vantric announced.

It was a grand moment, but not without some last bits of trouble. Aen had gotten into an argument with Melanthios. Tensions had broken out, and Vantric was concerned that Aen himself might need to be removed. Fortunately, the battle god had been calmed, somewhat. He made no effort to interfere with Seith's imprisonment, though Vantric could plainly see he opposed it. Regardless, he had proven to be a useful tool, perhaps even a worthwhile ally. Emotionally temperamental, but with proper handling he could be made quite useful.

He though back to Eldarwen. Her aid had been unexpected. Welcome, but unexpected. The nature goddess was an ardent isolationist, why did she care so much about Seith? Vantric mulled over that for a moment. Perhaps that was the reason, her isolationism. Seith's need to poke his nose where it didn't belong had grated many of the gods, one who asked for nothing other than to be left alone would take considerably less kindly to this behavior. However, she was far too dangerous to be a pawn, and too unpredictable to be a close ally. She wanted to tend to her garden, and Vantric was more than happy to let her.

Nivix had gone in his own manner, which was to say loud and gaudy. Though this exit wasn't the manic destructive capacity he had come to expect from the scientist. Rather it was morose, still loud, but sorrowful. One thing was certain, Nivix was unpredictable and dangerous, whether manic or depressed. Vantric had written the mad scientist off long ago, he was too unstable to deal with on more than a sporadic basis. Still, Nivix wasn't the type to hold a grudge, he hoped. Likely the god would mope about until he found a needlessly complex and dangerous way to do something simple and mundane. Maybe making a bread oven that harnesses the power of the sun, or something equally moronic.

Vantric looked about the ruins of the observatory. It had been Seith's center of power. Now it was a ruined shell, blackened by the release of so much power. He bent down and plucked one of the mirror shards up, holding it up to the starlight over head. These mirrors had once reflected the furthest reaches of the universe. Like the rest of the facility, it was now marred by Seith's influence and destroyed in retribution of the light god's failed ambitions.

Perhaps something could be salvaged from this all. He channeled his power into the shard, altering and bending its form, infusing with a new power. I think it's time I did more to stack the odds in my favor. He thought.


Yet another day... Gods I'm getting bored of this place. Kerac - armed with another ream of paper - peddled his articles to the public, seeing if people would take one. Sometimes you get the Rowan or other changeling who wanted it to wipe his ass, or the token minorities who look upon it and laugh to themselves. But today was a bad day for news. Maybe people got put off by the dead whale resting on the trees while doves were picking away at it. But it didn't bother Kerac; instead he proceeded to do the most sensible thing to do with a headful of his own 'Fire & Ice' milk: Fling these papers right through whatever crevasses and openings that teemed with life. Some would say it's a waste of paper and a mess - and they'd be right - but what was important to the Pom'grn was that people got that story. Whether they wanted to or not.

The sun was setting and he returned to his flat; his Lainir roommate splayed out on the floor, chewing on rocks and waving his bone-sword-arm around. Kerac saw an emptied red sack, and his skin turned white.

"You didn't just swallow all that did ya??" His voice grew with concern. "You at least save some for me??"

The black Lainir could only laugh uncontrollably and scratch away at the makeshift furniture. "Sucks." was the only thing he said before his manic fit continued.... Until Kerac promptly shoved him off the couch. The bone poked a hole in the floor, and all of a sudden whole Dwarves were digging beneath them like gold was in them trees.

"Fuck you." the Lainir hissed out between nursing his sides.

"Always knew you were trouble. Never did trust a Shadow." The Pom'grn said, back turned to find another drug. Times like this he wondered why he even had that Shadow bastard around; while he welcomed the booze and dope Kerac collected, the Lainir was a total lightweight, and keeps eating all the Darkroot ale.

"Didja' least get more crap?" The Lainir asked in between covering his nose.

"Someone has to. Gobi nuts, acid, and a gourd-ful of Make-it-stop."

"Gimme some."

"Should've thought about saving some of that copper."

"Shoulda' thought about yer daddy-man!" He felt something cold, alien and sharp sliding past his body - like an ex-paramour with a knife and poetic justice. Fortunately that broad was blind as Kerac was; the implement barely grazed the side of his butt. A big thump came on the floor, and then quiet moaning. Guy had too much...

"Good night, Blackie."

"Fuck you too."

Eldarwen 16,1

She had her doubts about Zareth, because he had displayed both cowardice and an allegiance to the trio. Then again, she had helped them very recently and perhaps they weren't that bad. Seith had proven himself more evil than them. However, what Sonitus told her about the previous death god made her question Zareth even more than before. That someone he had helped to bring back from death told her this, was reason to worry as well. She didn't think Sonitus had that much against him. After all, why would she?

Eldarwen knew Ailish had been on Eld, it wasn't hard to detect her influence, but she didn't seem to have stayed.

"Maybe, you should go talk with Zareth yourself, so he can assuage your fears about him." She said hesitantly, and kept looking at the city from the gate of her palace.

"...Me?" It may be her imagination, but it seemed as though Sonitus was glad to hear the suggestion.

"Yes, I trust you. I'm sure he won't object to talking with you."

Sonitus had only fought Eldarwen before, and lost then, now she needed to get the death god to attack her. Her mother would listen to her after that, but she feared what would happen in such a battle. She didn't know how low Zareth was willing to lower himself to win. She would have prefered fighting one of the arena champions, since some of them at least prided themself on being honourable in battle. She sighed.

Ave Venator!

She was pulled from a tree, like so many of her sisters. It didn't take more than a day before she got into a fight and killed her first. After that, she found her way to the arena where they accepted her with open arms, in which hands they held weapons to fight her with.

She spent years fighting and killing. In her spare time, she would drink and boast about her accomplishments. She took what she wanted, anyone who resisted or objected got beaten until they couldn't resist anymore. She was hardly a saint, and even demons might have frowned upon her actions.

At the age of twenty, she was made Venator, an honour which was only bestowed upon the fiercest. The venators were the ones who caught the dinosaurs, such as the tyrannousaurus. They brought them to the arena for the games, and kept them under control until the gladiator teams could get a chance to fight them.

Many venators died doing their duty, but she survived for many years. She only prayed to one god and that was Carnivox, to assure that her hunt for a new beastie was succesful and fun. Eventually she started using fire in her hunt, which was hard to keep under control, but it was more effective than anything else.

She asked the alchemists if they could help her with the fire, and they presented her with the artificial flames. She could now set her own body on fire, without taking too much damage. That was what she had been doing the last years, setting herself on fire and hunting dinosaurs. Now, she was walking up to the palace where she saw the queen and her demigod standing. If the scholars had been right, then the queen was Eldarwen. Hardly surprising, considering how long she had been around.

The Venator stopped in front of them.

"I want to become a demigod."


Eldarwen was stunned. The individual in front of her had fire licking her body and was more cocky than anyone she had met before. Her bravery alone could be rewarded. "She looks a bit like a demon with that tail."

The venator didn't back down at the queen's taunting words.

"She sure does." Sonitus said.

Eldarwen turned to look at her, and saw the singer biting her lip and looking at the woman from top to bottom, taking in her whole body with her eyes. She would have shook her head, if she had actually been surprised, but she wasn't. Sonitus acted like usual. It was nice to be able to think that she knew her.

She turned back to the venator. "Why?"

"I deserve it."

Eldarwen raised her hand, to strike the woman down, but gave it a second thought. "Why do you deserve it?" Maybe she could actually give her a valid reason, before she had her head crushed against the pavement. It would be fun to see her try.

The venator didn't flinch when the queen raised her hand. "I have killed more people in the arena than anyone else. I have caught a hundred dinosaurs, and killed several as well. You need demigods that are not only strong of mind, as your lovely daugther here and the one in Minas Kei, but one that is strong of body as well."

"Oh, you flirt!" Sonitus cooed.

Eldarwen gestured for Sonitus to give her Amour again, and placed her hand on the singer's armor. "That is a good argument. I hope you prove true to your word, otherwise you will wish I had struck you down." She channeled her magic, into the venator, making sure that the transformation would hurt like hell.

The woman dropped to her knees, but didn't show any signs of pain.

She figured she could use some help, and informing Zareth of Sonitus intention to visit him was good too. Noticing that he was trying to do the same as her, she sent both her power and her voice.

"Zareth, we have not spoken in years again. I hope you've been well. However, my daughter wants to have a word with her supposed father and I could use some help ascending another of my mortals."

She sent a message to Ailish too, since searching for her was pointless when she could just ask the woman where she was.

"Ailish, welcome back. I could use your aid with ascending a mortal, if you could send it. I am also curious to where you are, as of this moment?"

Melanthios 14AP,1MP
Melanthios smiled as the glass prison was completed. It had been done, Seith was gone. Feeling satisfied, he moved his hand and his two sons joined him. He placed his hands on them both and smiled, "I am very proud of you my sons. This day will be known as the day Seith was imprisoned and we will all be remembered forever." They both nodded, shortly after Melanthios and his two sons left.

Melanthios did a step back looking at Valerie. "That is quite some power you have there," he said, rubbing his head. Valerie responded with "Well I learned it from you." He smiled, "That you did. So, Valerie how would you like to be a demigod?" She laughed, "I would love to be one." He smiled, "Well you will be my third. I am sure you will like Akladai and Maeglin."
Melanthios placed his hand on her forehead. Magic began to gather inside his hand, every ounce of magic and knowledge he had was used in the ritual. The orb began shinning as he used its power to help him with his ritual.

Zareth 21 , 2

"Zareth, we have not spoken in years again. I hope you've been well. However, my daughter wants to have a word with her supposed father and I could use some help ascending another of my mortals."

"Her what?!"


"When did I get a... when did we?" Once again Eldarwen had managed to pull a fresh piece of crazy out of her organic canvas bag.

He walked back to Evermoor with Flight perched on his arm. "Car! Get over here!"

Carnivox jumped out of nowhere, as he so often did. "What, what we doin'?"

"I have a daughter."

"You dog." The Hunter smirked.

"This is serious, Car. I don't remember ever having any kind of intercourse with her. At least I don't think I did. It's weird with our kind I'm not sure what counts." They never even touched each other to make Carnivox but then logically speaking Car was probably adopted... working off of human standards anyway.

Carnivox shrugged.

"You've been a great help." Zareth said flatly.

"Whatever, All I know is the others were having a cool fight and I missed it, all 'cus you wanna play neutral and worry about what you might have had sex with, that's a stupid thing to worry about."


"Shut up!" Carnivox barked at Flight.

The bird took off and circled over their heads. This was pointless. Zareth sent off some help to Eldarwen and pushed this talk of daughters to the back of his mind. If something came of it then so be it but for now he had work to do. Evermoor was growing by the minute and the areas the various cultures called home needed tending to. He returned to his library in The Charnal Palace, he had a few ideas of how of how to handle the situation but all of them would take power to put them in place.

M'endaxius - 0/30 AP, 2/2 MP

While other gods just left after the show was over, M'endar stayed for the encore. While Nivix and Aen screamed with a mixture of sadness and despair; M'endar just stayed there, feeling... nothing? It was puzzling. All this energy had been poured into dark thoughts of hatred and brought into an act of violence and now... nothing. No joy, no happiness, no nothing. M'endar put it down to the fact all its energy had been stripped from it, like Seith's, and his freedom. It rose up and stood in the centre of the ruins. It stayed silent as Vantric remarked on the success of the gambit and picked up one of the shards from the shattered mirror. Mirroring Vantric, M'endar began to gather the rest from the scorched remains.

For one moment, it stopped and looked up to the sky. The stars were flickering, 'The stars must be in shock.' M'endar thought, then resumed the task. The Observatory had fallen and so would Eldarwen's garden, if not for the halting of the corruption. Would all of the Hallowed Court fall in time? Would the gods themselves fall? Was the invasion of the void creatures only the prelude? M'endar wasn't sure. Right now, it wasn't sure of anything but that it had to stay to watch the reminder of the imprisonment process, to the very end. Finished, M'endar turned around to the other gods there in silence. It shivered, and M'endar suddenly felt very vulnerable. But it clenched its fists and continued to watch.

Zs'Wua'Itzala - 5/8 AP

Meanwhile, the Lady of Shadows found herself in a cave, in the strangely comforting shadows. She was puzzled, she should have been dead! But power burned inside her, giving her a vague understanding of what had happened. She stroked her chin, perhaps the powers could use a little test, but that would require... She hushed the thought and walked further into the cave, becoming one with the shadow. Not afraid even with all the mysterious shrieking. Further and further in, she found the sound of the shrieking - a Shadowshriek mother trying to warn off those that would try to devour her babies. Zs'Wua was in a curious mood, so she grabbed the mother with a lightening fast swipe and stroked her. Zs'Wua decided to pour her power into the Shadowshriek - unknowingly into the species itself - while she stroked it. Altering the beast in mysterious ways.

Sonitus 3

She took her sword back, after the Venator had collapsed. It was comforting to know that she wasn't able to resist the power of the transformation any more than Auctor, despite her words about how strong she was. If she did wake up again, they could have some fun, but in the meantime she needed to provoke the death god to attack her.

"I think I know what her first task will be when she wakes up." Eldarwen stated coldly. "Someone needs to deal with Seith's filth. It will be a good way to test her loyalty and skill."

Sonitus remembered the angel they had struck down. Did they really need to kill the rest too? She knew Eldarwen wouldn't stop, and the ekiruru would jump at the chance to kill and get killed in battle.

"I'll see you later." She said and left, heading through the portal to Minas Kei.

Sonitus didn't go straight for the gate to the underworld. She turned her eyes towards the sky, when she got out of Auctor's palace. There was no telling where Auctor had gone, and she wanted to learn how to teleport herself. She was a god for crying out loud! Not as powerful as the original ones, but a god nonetheless.

She raised Amour and pointed it at the planet she wanted to go too. "I want to go there!" She sang and waited, with no result. That would have been too easy. "Amour amour, am Ende gefangen zwischen deinen Zähnen!?" Nothing happened at the second attempt either.

Sonitus remained motionless, with her sword pointed at the sky. She had no songs about teleportation, and it wasn't easy to think of one either. It needed to be appealing and soothing to the ears.

"Sag mir, fühlst du die Kraft..." It revealed itself slowly to her, as most of them did, before she had all the words. When she had been a mortal it had taken her weeks, even months to write a song, but now it was what she was. She was the music and the lyrics. "Die deine Seele durchdringt. Halt dich gut fest."

The singer stopped pointing Amour at the planet, and took it in her hands, to play it like a guitar. "Sag mir, fühlst du die Macht. Die uns vom Boden erhebt." She felt the surge pull her away.

When she arrived, she saw the grigori before they saw her. She could only save some, or her mother would object and even then she needed too give them to the ekiruru. The prettier they were the easier they would have it, and only females. If Eldarwen did raise her voice about it, and she probably would, Sonitus could always play it off as if they were sex slaves. That may be the end result either way. It wasn't such a bad idea.

She sent her voice to them telepathically, and also to a star whale nearby. They came, as few could resist her siren song. When they had climbed aboard the star whale, she urged it on to fly them back to Minas Kei.

"Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein."

Nivix - 20, 1

He had never liked the dark. Never. It was empty, quiet, still, and a thousand other words that he hated with every fiber of his being. He had been born into the darkness at the beginning, the very beginning, and he had loathed it.

Now he welcomed it.

Nivix floated in the most distant corner of creation, an impossibly wide distance between himself and the last vestiges of light. Evalon, Eld, the Oculi, Coelus, Salustutis, Niv and all his other precious stars, he had left them far, far behind in his desperate flight. He couldn't stand them for a moment longer, shining with all of their light and life. He needed the dark, he wanted it more than anything else in the world. He wanted to drown in the blackness, to fling himself into the endless emptiness and fade away until there was nothing left of his shame and weakness. He didn't deserve the light, not anymore. He had proven himself unworthy.

If he wasn't even able to stop the other gods, then how could he ever think he could master the light?! Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! He was wrong, he had always been wrong!

...If he had possessed the strength to do so, Nivix would have unleashed another roar, another cry of despair. But he couldn't. Not now, not when he was so utterly spent. His anger and rage was gone; the only thing he had now was the overwhelming weight of his grief. He was useless. Pointless. A mistake. An error. It would be best if he could just end it all, simply... stop. Yes. To erase himself from this reality, to remove every last trace of his existence. That was the answer that made sense.

So why couldn't he do it?

It wouldn't be too hard, not for a being with his power. To simply end himself should be well within his abilities. Yet, he was unable to. Why? Why couldn't he perform even this last task? He was a god of destruction! So why couldn't he destroy himself?!

...Because he didn't destroy.

"Destruction is not the end," he whispered to the void. "To destroy something is not to erase it, but to change it. To shift its form into something else, something different. Something better."

He was not a destroyer. He never was. His entire existence, his entire being, was defined by creation. Niv, his countless experiments, Ven and the Mizzen... These were the things that made him who he was. The beauty and beings that he had forged, pouring every last bit of his soul into them as he made them.

He was not a destroyer. He created.

...And if he was weak, then he would create a way to be stronger.

A smile slowly stretched across Nivix's lips as he began to awaken his power. The familiar sense of ecstasy began to flow through his thoughts and veins, filling his entire being with utter euphoria. This was what he was meant to do, after all. Creation was always his greatest skill, his most fantastic ability. That was his purpose, his destiny. To create and build and forge until not a speck of darkness remained. Because that was who he was. The one to banish the darkness.

But first he need materials. A planet of iron and fire, ready to serve as his fuel and forge all at once. He would show the light that he was still worthy, that he could still create and build. He would not fail it. Not now.

Not ever.

Roe - 20, 1 and Petal - 8

Roe and Petal broke apart as the raising ended, both children a little breathless from the effort of demigod creation. Petal looked no different to how she had before except for a pair of white wings which blossomed out of her back but now her form was different from her former ghostly countenance, more solid now, even radiant. She was wearing Roe's whistle around her neck once again.

"Come on!" Petal said eagerly and jumped up towards the sky, soaring upwards with a swirl on her new wings.

Roe blinked and then quickly sent a message to Zareth as he tailed his friend out of Evermoor.

"Thanks Zareth, if you want help sometime send me a message,"

Petal leapt through space in awe of her new powers, Roe followed on closely behind. They flew up to the Hallowed Court and landed outside the small house that Roe had built.

"Wow, it's great!" Petal squeaked. The two children then looked over to the Observatory nearby, Roe noticing with surprise that it seemed to have fallen apart since he past it that morning. They crept up behind a pile of rubble and watched from a distance as Seith was sealed away forever.

"They're trapping that poor god!" whispered Petal, "Is there anything we can do?"

"Eh, there's too many of them," Roe replied before adding hastily "I bet he must have done something really bad for them to do that to him, like Olek when he tried to attack everyone,"

"It's still mean..." Petal mumbled in reply and she pouted in thought. Roe sighed and tried to think of a way to cheer her up.

"I know!" he cried out suddenly and taking Petal's hand, they descended back towards the mortal realm.

Five minutes later, the pair floated far above Coelus. A millennia has past since they had last visited but little had changed.

"You're really sure I can have some angels?" Petal asked, her eye wide with joy.

"Yeah," Roe replied, "Now Seith is gone, there won't be anyone to complain, even if you break one. You don't want too many though, just a town or city. Looking after people is hard work." She still looked uncertain so he added, "I'll do the converting for you, just go down there,"

"Okay," the young girl replied happily and floated down towards one of the town's near the city of Quad. Roe watched from above, ready to provide the power.


It begun like any other day in the sleepy town of Grega, it's residents blissfully unaware of the great battle taking place in the observatory far above the mortal domain. Above the central square a shining light descended, the market buyers and sellers alike gathered round in wonder at it's ethereal beauty. From the light emerged a tiny angelic child sitting on a white flower, her hands raised in a gesture of friendship. All who saw this sight fell to their knees instantly, gazing with awe as she spoke.

"Hello little angels, my name is Petal and I'm going to have so much fun playing with you!"

Ailish - 2, 30

"Ailish, welcome back. I could use your aid with ascending a mortal, if you could send it. I am also curious to where you are, as of this moment?"

The words shook the goddess from her hiding; figure if she stood still, people wouldn't pay any heed to her appearance. With the green goddess' grettings she shook herself from her statue-esque posturing and moved to where she heard Eldarwen from.

It took some time, but she had found her, and the woman who laid unconscious on the bed. Was this was she requested? She looked deep into the woman's eyes, and found ambition burning with some... other feeling. Anger? Superiority? A thirst for more power?

She saw these feelings and others take more form as Eldarwen changed her - the gaze growing sharper and more alert - and at first Ailish sought to snuff these influences. What was the point of an existence of quenchless rage? Then she thought about it, how her fellow god requested her aid, and how she would take to her actions.

The goddess would grant this quenchless fire within the woman, but she held her mouth open. There was only a smidgen of the honey left, and it would be spent on the green woman before her. TWo fingers dipped into the jar, and fed the black treacle of sin to the woman, smearing it in every corner of her mouth.

Pentar 29AP 2MP

Pentar looked at the scry and chuckled with amusement. So the other Gods were fighting each other while he could sit back and watch. The God of Order certainly had no qualms about that. This anti-Seith alliance was most curious though; the trio had been expected, but what had made Aen so aggressive all of a sudden? He had probably been manipulated by M'ender and the others, the poor soul. The appearance of Eldarwen had been unexpected as well. She seemed almost unpredictable, and may have to be dealt with later. But she did not seem to pose a threat now, so Pentar banished the thought. He waved the scry away and took off to the skies of Evalon.

As Pentar took in the terrain below, he thought of the implications of the recent battle. Clearly his enemies were putting their unholy plans into action, becoming more outspoken. He very well might find himself on the receiving end of their next assault, and he had no intention of being caught with his godly pants down. He would need new allies and, maybe even more importantly, the tools necessary to defend himself and enforce order in the universe. Pentar returned his focus the the earth below and realized that he had drifted to Gawmforj, an active volcano and home to one of the great Dwarven cities. "Perfect." he said to himself, and descended to the peak of the volcano.

"Gawmforj" meant "Forge of God" in the Dwarf's language, and today it would earn it's name. Pentar raised his hands and the magma rose with them, his divine will shaping the molten rock into it's destined shape. From the lava he built the figure of a massive warhammer, proportional only to a God. Below, the citizens of the city watched in awe. They knew they were watching the expression of great power, just as the bird knows to fly south at winter. The figure complete, Pentar released his power into the hammer. The volcano erupted, spewing hot rock and flaming magma all around. But, thanks to the mercy and mindfulness of their God, none of the Dwarves below were harmed. When the dust had settled, many could swear they saw Pentar standing atop the mountain just before a flash of lightning whisked him away to the heavens.

Aen 24/30,2/2

Aen felt drained, and not because of all the power he'd been blasting off in an attempt to calm down. In the end, his actions had hurt M'endar and sealed Seith away forever. It may not have been his intention, but it had been the result. He'd been angry at the other gods at first, then at himself, and now he didn't feel anything at all. It was fitting then that he be surrounded by nothingness again. Alone, just as he had been at first. He curled up again, into himself, shutting out the world while simultaneously locking away himself. After that, time slipped away.

When he came to, nothing had changed without. But inside, he had changed. He was done whining about the problems he'd caused. If he was to be a slayer of his brothers, he would do it on his own terms, and only when he must. But before even that, he must do a little more to right the wrongs he'd created.

Coelus wasn't really his favorite place in the universe, and after what he'd done, he wasn't sure it'd ever like him much either. Still, there was someone on it he needed, and hopefully, needed him. He moved swiftly and invisibly among the mortals, seeking only one in particular. He was sloppy, and a few noticed some disturbance; a rush of air, a glimpse out of the corner of the eye, and the slap of boots on diamond. Aen spared not a moment on these people: they would never know what had truly happened, let them wonder til the end of their days. It was only once he'd found what he was looking for that he paused at all. In fact, so caught up in the search was he, that when he found her, he passed right by. There she was. Not so pretty as when she was divine, but it had rubbed off on her, and that little spark shone through. That wasn't all that was different, however.

His time spent with Zareth in Evermoor made him accustomed to death, familiar even. This... wasn't like that. Twice dead, or close enough, and twisted twice to boot, not to mention having a part of her very being torn out of her; Sephariel, or whatever she was now, was a mess inside. Looking into it like this almost hurt, and he wasn't sure he wanted to twist it again. But perhaps... that wasn't necessary. The divinity was still there, and so was the monster. As it was, the mortal shell was hurting her more than helping. And that, perhaps, is where he'd come in.

He prodded her along softly, invisibly, a slight push on the back, a whisper in the ear, a tugging on her hand in the right direction. It wasn't hard, since she was little more than a husk now. When she faltered, it only made him more determined to fix her. Soon, she was away from the others, where no one would bother them. He materialized before her, but she kept staring on blankly. "Not much longer," he promised, but couldn't stand to look into the cold, lifeless eyes. He shuddered and got to work. He tugged at the soul, pulling it out as painlessly as possible, unsure if she would even cry out if he did. At the same time, he crafted something to house her, a set of armor meant to hold the ethereal. As he pulled out the soul, he weaved it into the armor, runes lighting up as more set in. He could feel the soul's will now, half urging him on, half screaming at him to stop, yet he did not hesitate. Finally, as the last bit left the mortal shell and moved into the now full (in a sense, at least) armor. Small cracks and leaks broke through the armor as the soul began to settle in. He stepped back and hoped he'd bound the soul correctly.

Melanthios 14AP,1MP
Akladai 6AP, Maeglin 6AP

Melanthios was very surprised to see that his niece left before the ritual was done. She had always been impatient, but this was a whole new level. Still he was very glad to see how she was doing, he had been frightened that she might be angry or sad. Melanthios took a seat again, he looked up to see two confused looking demigods. "Ah there you are my sons, come on over here." Akladai and Maeglin looked very confused, they eventual both walked towards him.

"Melanthios?" Akladai asked looking at him. He stood up, "This is what I used to look like before the rebirth. Also I am sure you have already felt it, I made a new demigod. She used to be my niece." Maeglin nodded as he walked around him, "So this is what you used to look like father..." He nodded and watched both his sons. Akladai grabbed his fathers hand and looked at it, "I see... Well I believe you." Maeglin nodded, "I believe you too Melanthios." He smiled as he hugged both his sons. "I am very happy to hear that." He then let go and walked off. "We have much work to do." The two brothers looked at each other, they nodded and followed their father.

"During my short time away I learned something. We have to keep people in line, or else they will turn on us." He stopped and turned around. "And that is why you two are going to make something to keep them in line." "Like what?" Maeglin asked. "Two new guilds. One to hunt people down who are against us, and one to keep the evil magic in check. They will both function as peace keepers, though they will be different." Melanthios looked into both his sons' eyes.

Akladai nodded first, "I will make one to hunt our enemies down. They will be questioned and we will eliminate any threats." Maeglin then spoke, "I will create an order to keep the magic in check. They will watch the mages and make sure they stay away from forbidden magic." Melanthios smiled. "That sounds like an excellent plan. Use the orb of creation of aid you both," He said as he handed the orb to them. "I must now leave, we will regroup on Oculus Obscuritatis alright?" all three nodded before they teleported.

Melanthios appeared on Oculus Obscuritatis. It was time to do something he had been wanting to do for a long time. He headed into the secret base.

Akladai appeared inside a camp with 50 Dues Filli in it, all of them extremist who hunted betrayers of Melanthios. "Greetings everyone, I am Akladai." They all looked dumbfound, they fell to the ground and prayed to him. He lifted his hands and said, "There is no need for this. Please stand up, so we can talk as equals." The men all stood up, staring at their god. "You are all special, and that is why I chose you. You will be my divine agents, and you will pass judgment on any non believers you can find. And for that I will reward you in the afterlife!"

They yelled and shouted, they all seemed very excited. Akladai made 50 ghost full of knowledge and power. "If you can absorb these ghosts, everything will become clear." The prisoners touched the ghost, not even hesitating for a moment. They all fell to the ground, knocked out by a giant amount of knowledge. Akladai teleported once more to his younger brother, leaving his new disciples to absorb the new knowledge.

Maeglin appeared in front of 50 strong Dues Filli. They were all known for hating dark magic and had their own reasons for doing so. "Greetings men." All the Dues Filli took a military stance and said, "Greetings mighty king!" then they all bowed. Maeglin looked at the men, they were perfect. "Alright men, I have a new mission for you. I want you to start a new guild, and hunt down mages who use forbidden arts.

The men all grinned as they answered. "Sir, yes sir!" Maeglin then felt someone appear, he saw his brother who handed him the orb. "Alright then men, I will make spirits of knowledge now. Absorb them, learn from them and use their power to make the strongest guild there is!" "Sir, yes sir!" The men answered, all saluting. Maeglin made 50 spirits who flew into the Deus Filli, who were once again knocked out.

"That went quite well, don't you think?" Akladai nodded, "That went well indeed little brother. Now let us depart, our father needs us." Maeglin nodded, both men focused and they teleported again. This time to Oculus Obscuritatis, to meet up with their father.

She felt the young woman shift and move under her touch; the erikuru was chaging, but Ailish hoped that she would emerge with that wildfire within directed.

"Aen and M'endar are attacking me. I would appreciate it if you came to the observatory to stop them."

Her neck snapped back at where she heard the voice from. While she had no want for Seith, it was the other creature she was afraid for: The reconfigured Horror.

"I must be going." the goddess said quickly, a tear dropping from her eyes. "Someone very close to me may be dying if I do not come to her aid. I would be happy if you would help me."

She could not linger for long in this world; if her familiar is dead, all hopes of seeing them again would be lost forever.

From the corner of her eye she saw one of her fellow gods. The look on his face in deep focus, as if something momentous was being made. The goddess would send him her aid - whether he asked for it or not. Saving the amethyst tear from before, she dropped it from above the object in question. The volcanic heat made the droplet shrink, but not vanish; if anything the fire forged it into a crystal. Until the tear struck the hammer; it fragmented and scattered throughout the surface, dotting it in dark purple speckles and charging it further with all she knew of the weaponsmiths of the heaven.


Finally she arrived in the observatory, the entire realm a distorted wreck. Something had happened to the land certainly, but what?

"Are you still here??" She cried out to the changed Horror. "Hello!?"

Eldarwen 16, 1

Eldarwen was happy to see Ailish unscathed, and embraced the woman in a hug. She put her head against her shoulder, and whispered in her ear. "I wish to thank you, for keeping Sonitus safe and everything you've done for us, so far." She chuckled. "I hope she was able to please you, if you know what I mean. As a mortal, she was irresistible. Too cute for her own good, so I had to step in to protect her from those who could not take no for an answer. Unfortunately, one time is enough and I was too late."

The woman seemed distracted however, and soon excused herself. "I must be going. Someone very close to me may be dying if I do not come to her aid. I would be happy if you would help me."

It was no wonder that Sonitus greatest phobia was getting strangled, though somewhat surprising how she had become so promiscuous as a demigod. She stopped thinking about her own child, and wondered what Ailish meant.

She needed to keep her close too, but let go off her for now, the godess had been careless and surely brought the anger of some of the other gods upon her when she opened the portal. She didn't think she had meant any harm, she had done too much good since. At least for Eldarwen, maybe she could convince the others of the same. Who was it that had been close to Ailish though? She had no idea.

She also had to make sure to apologize to Aen when she got the chance and he had calmed down. Seith was gone, but that was only one problem taken care off. They would come after the rest of them now, she had little doubt about that. The god of enlightenment had been the only one to oppose them, and he had not been wrong in doing so. Vermin should not go unopposed, but his need to spy on everything she did had been a nuisance and his pacifist nature would never have solved the problem.

Eldarwen remembered what she had told him, that she would come to his aid. Yet she had not. In fact, she had struck someone down to get ahead. She hadn't even considered why, just that she needed to do it if she wanted to become stronger. Did the end justify the means then?

She looked at her palm, in which she had held her staff and attacked someone who had not put up a fight. It didn't feel wrong, it just felt different, but from what? It wasn't the only time she had killed someone who hadn't put up a fight. Was that who she was now then? A murderer.

She turned her eyes away from her palm, to look up at her city. While she was certainly a killer, it wasn't quite that simple. She had done much more, it could be seen by turning her eyes away from herself for a moment. The planets, the garden in the hallowed court and her own people. She had brought back those who had killed her, despite that a lust for revenge had burned in her at the time. Though recently she had imprisoned someone who she had given her word to protect and killed many. When had she strayed from her old path?

As a queen, she needed to control her people and kingdom. Those who got in the way needed to be put down. That was it, wasn't it? She was a godess and not a ruler. Thousands of years she had ruled them and controlled their development in the direction she wanted them to go, but was that really her intended role to begin with? Those she had killed had opposed the queen, but had they really opposed her? No, she didn't honestly believe so.

She had listened to a ghost of a mortal. As a godess, she should have known better and yet, she had wronged. There was little denying that, when the reality of her actions came crashing down on her. She should have guided them and let them find their own way. She had ruled them instead, which might not have been wrong, had it not been for the fact that she felt an urge to destroy anyone who got in her way.

Eldarwen changed her avatar, from the disguise of a tyrant to that of the godess, but then she remembered the avatar that had felt natural to her the first time she had entered this universe. She had thrown it away, because it was a painful reminder to her of what had happened. It was a part of her past though, of who she was, and it was the best one to use if she wanted to make amends.

The mirrors were gone and she could not look upon her own visage, but the first thing she did was raise her hands to touch her face and her ears. They belonged to the mortal elf who had been raised by the Kami to save them from exctinction, and they brought memory back to her of when she had been nothing else than a weak mortal.

Why did she hate them? They had killed her people and harmed her domain, but that had been in a different universe. No one had done that much harm here, in this one. It could be argued that it was because she hadn't given them a chance, but if she was powerful enough to prevent it from ever happening then she should be strong enough to stop them if it did happen.

She recollected being a pacifist in life, and now she had more blood on her hands than most mortals could get in a lifetime. Someone else would have to take over, she couldn't be their queen and their godess. She may be strong, but she wasn't that strong. Her ideals would clash with that of the queen's. They already had. How many more would have to die for her to remain in control? What would happen if they ever had enough of her and rebelled?

"I am who I am and I can't change what I have done, but I was never meant to be a queen of mortals. I see that now. I will not let myself be corrupted by power, by mortals and their wills anymore. I shall watch over you, as I always have, but you are on your own now." She felt a couple of tears trickling down behind her mask, as she let her voice ring out across Eld. "I hope that, there was at least something I did right..."

One time in a different universe she had tried to unite the animals and the spirits, to make them fight for their own survival. She had failed then, but someone needed to step up and try to bring unity to the universe. If Seith's imprisonment had shown them anything, it was who the enemy was and even if Aen had lead the attack, she did not think he was evil.

They didn't need them. Eldarwen was the strongest, and they were likely to go after her next and then anyone else who got in their way. So be it, let those who could not attack a lone god without the brave Aen to lead the charge come. She grinned and shook her head at the silly thought.

She sent messages to her demigods. Sonitus, I need to borrow some of your power again. Auctor, I need you to create a gift and visit the god of order on my behalf.

Sonitus appeared a while later. "What is it you need me for, mother?" She had made sure that the space whale had gotten to Minas Kei, before she left the angels. It had been a fast trip, but her powers had helped speed it up.

"To show that there is still good alive in this world? To bring about our end? I must try and unite what seems as though it will always remain broken. Though I may fail and suffer for it, we will all die at some point, but I will be waiting for you on the other side. In the end, it is as if the cosmos itself encourages me to set the loss of another god straight. A new world order." She placed her hand on the mask, to hide her smile. Or at least, show that they will not have their way. "Lend me your sword."

"I love you." Sonitus said and wiped a tear making it way down Eldarwen's cheek, knowing that she couldn't dissuade her from this course of action and gave her the sword.

Eldarwen took Amour and placed her hand on Sonitus' armor, but before she used them, she also sent a message to Roe. The child god might be just that, a child, but he had power much like the rest of them. "Hello Roe, I wish to play a game with you. Why don't we meet somewhere?"

She felt Aen trying to use his power as well, and sent both her voice and help. "I am deeply sorry if I offended you with my words. However, you must realize that they would have come after you if you had tried to interfere. Seith was not worth getting imprisoned over. Maybe no one is, but I would have missed you."

She sent her power to the god of order as well, before she turned to demonstrate that those who had imprisoned Seith would not get their way just because he was gone.

The queen threw the sword back to Sonitus and she catched it. "Get out of here, and bring her with you." She pointed at Venator on the ground. "I don't care where you go, just listen when I call."

Sonitus picked Venator up, the air reverberated with her music and they disappeared.

Auctor 7

She had been spending a few hours talking with Alectra, about her inventions and confessed that she had produced a copy of her journal, lest her knowledge be lost to their people. That's when Eldarwen's voice broke in on them and she almost fainted at the thought of the godess finding them together. Luckily, she wasn't anywhere close.

She wants me to bring a gift to the god of order?

It seemed strange, but her mother's plans were erratic at times. She did understand why Eldarwen couldn't do it herself. Auctor was better suited for trying to forge an alliance with him, as she did respect order and fairness. She had not been idle for a thousand years. She had tried to get as much knowledge about the gods and the universe as she could. Perhaps, it would pay off.

She summoned a scroll and wrote down another one of her spells.

The quality of mercy is not strain'd,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

Melanthios 14AP,1MP

Something was fighting his niece's creation, he could feel it was Eldarwen. THAT BITCH! He would pay her back equally, he called upon the orb of infinity and hindered her daughter from being born. He then send a message "Brothers Eldarwen has just declared war upon me, without a reason. I request your aid with slay this warmongering menace."

He then thought about the other gods, what if they were to back her up? "Greetings fellow gods. You might not know me, but my name is Melanthios. Eldarwen just attacked me, without any kind of reason. I beg you not to aid this woman. And any help against this mad woman, would be appreciated and rewarded." He then remembered Vantric and his item creation. He send his power to help him, hoping he would do the same.

Zareth 21 , 2

Zareth waved goodbye to the two as they went on their way, it seemed the young sorceress had made an impact on both him and Carnivox. Goodbye Valarie, may I never have to see you placed in my kingdom.

His moment of pleasant peace was broken though as he felt several other tremors throughout creation. Something was happening... powers were growing. He wasn't sure what was going on but he felt down to his core that none of it was good.

Zareth made his way to the surface of the mortal world and looked out to the sky. A storm was coming. Then he felt it, a wave of energy as the gods showed their power and fury as creation and destruction washed over each other.

"Brothers Eldarwen has just declared war upon me, without a reason. I request your aid with slay this warmongering menace."

Just once I'd like to be wrong.

Vantric: 23, 2

Damn her. He thought, she had crossed a line. This was unwarranted, unacceptable. If Eldarwen wanted enemies, then she had made one. He scowled.

Brothers Eldarwen has just declared war upon me, without a reason. I request your aid with slay this warmongering menace." It was Melanthios.

She truly had lost her mind. I will come soon. He replied to Melanthios, to others he thought might be useful he sent a message. I am being hindered by Eldarwen. Any aid in countering her power would be welcome. To Melanthios he sent his own power. He spent a special package to Eldarwen.

Lennonous/Seith/Cassiel 30/2

What? Seith had teleported him away, but why? Lennonous was ready to defend his father to the death! It wasn't like teleporting would help him anyway, after all, it wouldn't be long before he was followed. Lennonous was on Evalon, the same place he had died to become a demi-god. He prepared himself for what might be his last fight. Isond stepped out of a portal.

"So, you came. I hope you are proud of yourself. So much death...well I'm not afraid. Come at me if you must!"

Isond emerged. The trail was fresh here. He was close. He sped forward, finally emerging at the end. He recognized Evalon. It was a meaningless gesture to teleport Lennonous away. Now, he could finish the job.

Lennonous still bore the scars of their last battle. The angel would be an easy kill. He hefted his ax. "Big words from one so wounded. This won't take long. You weren't a match for me when we first fought, you're even less of one now." He readied his weaon. "Now stay still and die."

The storm clouds moved in unnaturally fast. With a clap of thunder, or perhaps the roar of an angry dragon, Grix was there, fast as the wind. A few flaps of his wings and he had placed himself between Lennonous and Isond. With a snort he reached out to the both of them telepathically and spoke. 'No. No more death today.'

Lennonous saw Aen's dragon. He had helped in taking down Seith, and now he calls for peace? It had to be a trick to lower his guard down. That was the only explanation. "I know what you did, you helped harm my father. Why now would you seek to help me? Speak, damn you!"

Isond glared at the dragon. This was not going to plan. "I don't take orders from you." He called, holding his ground. This complicated matters immensely. He looked past the dragon to Lennonous, still defiant to the last, and stupidly calling out the only thing that might save his miserable life. Even wounded as he was, Isond didn't fancy trying to push the dragon and risk a two on one-or one and a half on one rather-fight with Lennonous.

'You are angry that I came to help my creator, yet you did the same for your own.' Grix laughed at the angel. 'I come in peace for the same reason I came in violence before. It is what Aen asked of me.'

The dragon turned it's head back to the Lainir, though it mattered little who he faced when he spoke. 'It was not an order, but I think you'll find enough reason to obey all the same.'

Lennonous looked at the sky, the dragon was most certainly arrogant, but it had yet to attack. Lennonous figured at this point, if the dragon was lying, resistance would be pointless. Might as well trust him for now. "So the god of war wishes to stop the violence now when my sister lays dead at the hands of his alliance, my father...being sealed...and myself wounded?"

The angel spat on the ground, blood soaking the grass. He turned to Isond, hands glowing with light magic. "You heard him assassin, leave now."

Isond kept his stance, ax forward. "I'm not going anywhere." He said. Though his position had just gotten more dangerous. He was supposed to clean up the remains of Seith's ruined rule. Instead, he was facing down some less than favorable odds. "Grix. Leave." He ordered, hoping that the dragon would listen to reason. "This is between the corpse-to-be and myself."

From the way the dragon was looking, it didn't seem like he would listen to that. He needed a new approach. He cursed, wishing Vantric were here, then cursed again for wishing that. The smug bastard would be just what he needed to compound matters. Then an idea hit. "Aen is a god of combat." He said, "I was engaged in a duel with Lennonous. He fled. I'm just finishing up our battle. Please don't interfere. I believe that your own master wouldn't like it."

Grix laughed, not a mocking laugh like before but deep and throaty, the way only a dragon could. 'That was not a duel, nor was it your fight. This entire thing has been one disaster after another, and what Aen wants above all else is for no one else to come to harm from this battle.'

"Ah, you see." Isond said, "I disagree with that. I fought Lennonous. His wounds came from me. My ax has drawn his blood. It's a matter of professional integrity that I finish the job."

He gritted his teeth. He didn't know what he'd do if the dragon refused to leave, but he would see the end of Lennonous, one way or another. "This disaster will end when I have his head. If you'd like to conclude this affair with as little bloodshed as possible, then stand aside, or aid me. It only ends with his death." He pointed to Lennonous.

'Then I suppose it will never end,' said the dragon, his voice beginning to lose its calm undertones and taking on an angry edge.


Seith was watching this standoff unfold from his observatory. Aen had left him, Pentar had doomed the universe to a fate controlled by the monsters surrounding him. Seith's own light was fading at this point. He could see the future of those around him. One of darkness. Coelus burned, the Dwarves slaughtered, the Humans enslaved, the Girigori corrupted. It all seemed so bleak, the god of light raged at his vision and fought it. He was a planner, this wasn't how it had to end! He could fight the future, but how?

"Lennonous..." the god whispered, glass coming ever closer. His son could be the answer. Seith wasn't sure if such an action was even possible, but he had to try. The universe couldn't end like this. He wouldn't let it. His sacrifice would not be in vein. His son could do it, his son could help unite the gods against evil and against tyranny. The time of peace had ended, Lennonous would not fail as Seith had.

Seith's prison was now building itself, shards slowly covering the area around him. Seith took a last look around, a look at all he and his fellow gods had created. What he tried to protect. A singular tear fell and pooled around the glass at his feet. It was time.

The god began transferring all of his light into one finger, his essence, what made him a god. There was only one piece left to fill his prison, but Seith had all the time he needed and let his essence eep out and sneak away past the trio's view, into space and straight to change the bleak future predicted. The last action seemed to drain Seith past what even he could stand. He laid down in his coffin, sparks of light jolting off his body one after another, slowly becoming less and less.

The last piece melded and the prison began to leave, carrying but an empty husk of the god of light. Hope however, had escaped and not all was lost.


The ball of light traveled the universe, zipping around to its destination of Evalon. The posturing still continued, it hoped to put an end to that. It raced toward its target, Lennonous. Before anyone knew what happened, the ball fused into the body of the angel.

The energy hit Lennonous like a truck. The angel soared fifty feet in the air and before he knew what was going on, he was surrounded by light, fire, water and everything else he could imagine. The information flowing through his head was gigantic, endless even. The unending cluster sounds formed one phrase, clear as crystal, "Save Coelus, protect the Girigori." Then, darkness.

Lennonous fell to the ground and hit with a thud, but his form was changing. His golden hair grew out to his back, his robes replaced with shimmering armor and in his left arm he now held a shield. He slowly rose and witnessed the cataclysm before him. A dragon was staring down some creature holding an ax.

There was a burst of light engulfing the target. Isond squinted against the light, but kept his eyes firmly on Lennonous. He hadn't come this far just to fail. To his surprise, what emerged from the blast wasn't Lennonous, or perhaps it was. He wasn't really sure.

He was tempted to get a closer look, but the ton of scales and muscle blocking his path dissuaded him from that approach. Still, it resembled Lennonous, even had the same wound on his side from where he had struck him. The new form, however, did give him some pause. It wouldn't do well to engage with new complications arising. "This isn't going to plan." Isond muttered, taking a half step back.

Grix fell into the temptation to look at the burst of light behind him. He didn't see it start, but where Lennonous once was, there was now... well, not quite Lennonous. It was close enough though, so Grix figured Aen's request still stood. He turned back to Isond, who seemed to have also fallen subject to distraction. "I agree."

The creature on the ground was still pointing his ax at him. Lennonous knew not of what he was, but he figured he should address it. "What are you doing with that? Are you threatening me?" He rose his sheild up, it seemed natural to him.

Lennonous rose up, shield forward. He certainly didn't look quite as dead as he had a moment before, Isond had to admit. He might have tried fight him regardless, but the dragon still kept him at distance. Even when the demigod was half-dead Isond hadn't wanted to push the fight, the odds were out of his favor, now it seemed they had drifted even moreso.

"I'll admit, you're looking a bit...well Lennonous." He said, "But your parlour tricks won't work."

Grix snorted. 'Parlor trick? I think we both know you're in denial about that. Wounded he may be, but we can both feel that new power radiating off of him.'

Isond was grateful for his face plate as he scowled. The lizard was right. Something had changed. Something important. Pick your battles wisely, He thought, pulling his ax back.

"This is not over, Lennonous." He said before teleporting away. Vantric wouldnt' be happy, and neither was he.

The creature with an ax was talking, but Lennonous could hardly hear. The voices were still raging through his head. Save Coelus, protect the Girigori. Save Coelus...Girigori...Coelus...Giri...then they ended just as the light had. The angel shook his head and watched as the creature teleported away. Now there was just a dragon calming down, storm ending its rage.

"I'm sorry, but what was that? I...what are you?"

'Grix,' he projected. 'A dragon. Mortal once, and no longer. A minor deity, like you. Or rather... like you used to be.' He titled his head and regarded the angel with curiosity. 'I'd ask what you are, but I feel it would lead us nowhere.' Grix lazily glided down to land on the ground near him, then stalked around him, sizing him up.

The dragon, as it claimed, was a deity...whatever that was. Lennonous knew he wasn't comfortable with it right now. He had questions and the term minor meant the dragon probably knew very little that would be useful. It spoke in a mighty voice that resonated through his ears. Lennonous looked down and saw a gaping wound in his side, he quickly willed it healed, though felt the wound might take some time to truly heal. He had no idea where it was from. The lizard landed and began to circle him, he was even more confused.

"What are you doing? I'm sorry, but I think I am going to leave. I have questions that need answering and I am not looking for a fight right now."

Grix looked directly into the new god's eyes before answering. 'If it weren't for me, a fight would have ended you already.' Then he flapped his wings and rose into the air. 'Be careful, fresh one. You have more enemies in this world than you know.' With that, Grix was gone, lost again among the gray clouds.

"I...the ax guy?" Lennonous looked down, answer-less and alone. This world he was on, it felt familiar but only vaguely. Was he the only one on it? The creature hardly even knew. The mountains went seemingly endlessly, but as he gazed he saw what looked like a village, hidden among the mountains. He began the long walk over, a new beginning was in order. Maybe they would know what a Coelus was.

"The lord of this planet? Why that would be Roe of course!" The man responded without hesitating, he seemed convinced and this spread to Lennonous. He shook the mortal's hand and smiled. "Thank you. Wonderful story by the way. You should make a habit of telling it." He then flapped his wings and flew off to the highest nearby mountain and stood. His hair flowing in the cold air.

Now that he thought about it, he didn't even know what Roe was. Perhaps asking for this creature's help wouldn't be the best idea. Then again, Lennonous thought of how the humans treated him, kind and with respect and a bit of admiration, without even knowing of his powers. This Roe creature would have to be good. He yelled seemingly nowhere, but had a feeling the right person would hear.

"Roe! I hear you are the owner of these lands! Come down, I have questions for you!"

Roe floated somewhere above Coelus, a smile on his face as he watched Petal playing with the Grigori. They seemed to love her. He heard a voice in his head suddenly

It seemed to be coming from Evalon, but he didn't recognise the god. Leaving Petal to her game, he flew over to the source of voice: northern Chama

Roe plunged down towards the mountain, thudding down in front of Lennonous,

"Hello? Who are you?" he said with a grin once he picked himself up off the ground

Lennonous was surprised to see the lord of this land to be so small...he believed the humans called them children. "You...are Roe? Well, I honestly don't have a name. I was hoping you would have an idea. The humans say you are the lord of this planet."

Lennonous was starting to think he was being tricked. However, this world had already shown itself to be more than simply black and white. The protector would give this god a chance to explain itself a bit. "Oh, could you explain what a Girigori and a Coelus are? All I know is that I am supposed to protect them."

A glint appeared in Roe's eyes when he heard Lennonous' questions, he nodded eagerly.

"I'm Roe, Lord of the Rowan and the Kinderven and the most important King on this planet! You really don't know who you are?" Roe recognised the ascended demigod but he looked... different.

Lennonous shook his head and planted his shield in the ground to move about more freely. "I honestly don't. All I remember is waking up, a strange man with a large ax backing off...and a giant lizard thing the humans call a dragon flying away....what am I?"

It was the most Roe could do to suppress his widening grin, he couldn't believe his luck. This was going to be fun. "You're a god," he started truthfully, "Demigod really... I created you!"

Lennonous cocked his head. The god didn't seem to know who he was yet...now he did? Lennonous was now only more confused. "That's strange...then why did you ask who I was?"

"Eh... I forgot?" Roe looked crestfallen, it looked like he had been caught out before the game even had a chance to begin, "Okay, that was joke," he admitted, "It was Seith who made you but he's been trapped away forever,"

Lennonous had heard of Seith. He actually jumped and looked excited. "You mean the god that took on the leader of the Seven alone and won!?" If he had come from such a creature, then it would make sense he would be assigned a protector's role. But then it struck him. "If...I am Seith's demi-god, then why do I feel more powerful than the ones that I was born near?"

Lennonous paced a bit and stopped himself. "Wait, did he also create the Girigori?"

"Pfffh," Roe snorted, "Seith wasn't the only one to take on the Seven, there was Olek and Tsuranote and..." he quickly listed off over ten gods names before returning to Lennonous' other question. "Yeah, he created the angels too, they're sort of fun to play with,"

Lennonous looked up and pointed to the diamond planet. It radiated a calming green atmosphere and seemed to almost call to him. It was his home, he could almost feel it. "Oh, I am aware. The storyteller was eager to speak forever about the battle." The angel pointed up at the shining gem in the sky. "That's Coelus then?"

"Yeah, that's the planet," Roe replied, "my friend Petal is there right now, you want to go see it?"

"Before we go, what's my name?" Lennonous wanted to know.

Roe was very tempted to lie but he didn't think "Buttface" would be a believable name so he settled for the truth.

"Lennonous" he answered, stumbling slightly over the multiple n's.

"Lennonous?" That...wasn't what he was expecting. He began pacing for a while and responded, "You said my father won't be coming back for a while right? In that case, I am taking a new name." The god looked deep inside himself for inspiration and with a flash of light he smiled and said " From now on, I shall be called Cassiel. Let's go."

"He's never coming back," Roe said with a shake of his head and then leapt up into the sky, beckoning for Cassiel to follow.

"Race you!"

The winged guardian grabbed his shield, Roe began hurrying over but Cassiel had a plan. "Works for me, I think I can win." He said with a smirk. Roe was using the air to launch himself, he figured he could get an edge if he jumped, so he did, kicking snow miles out and into the ocean as he did, he raced through the void and to Coelus.

The race was a dead heat but Cassiel edged ahead slightly as the pair dived towards the diamond planet's surface, the demigod landed just before Roe with a crash on the shining rocks.

"Huh, I only let you win," the young god said sulkily before changing the subject abruptly with a bounce, "Let's go see Petal!"

Cassiel made a hearty laugh. "It was a good race! I am sure you will beat me next time. Lead the way." Cassiel was more than curious about meeting Petal. He was also curious about the sounds far off in the distance. He picked up his shield, embedded in the crystal after the impact and followed.

Roe took Cassiel by the hand and lead him up to the walls of Grega, jumping over into the central square. There they saw a young girl of about six bearing a lustrous pair of white wings sitting cross-legged on a flower, ordering a group of confused-looking Grigori about.

"No, that's not what I asked for... why do you angels never listen?" she exclaimed at the poor mortals, before noticing Roe and Cassiel. She jumped up to give the young god a hug "Hey Roe, where were you?" she asked

"Just meeting someone, his name is eh... Cassette... Cossette... Cosseil?" Roe thought aloud, unable to remember the god's new name.

"Cassiel." The god spoke with a mighty tone. "I assume then," he continued, "that your name is Petal? Roe has mentioned you." Cassiel watched as the Girigori moved in disarray and tried to look deeper. He was shocked, they looked exactly alike. Perhaps he was one of them at some point. Had he been hand picked by his father? Questions and more questions, this universe was full of questions with few answers. "What are you doing with them? They look distressed."

"I'm playing with them but they're being annoying," Petal replied with a frown, "they keep on running away when I try to pick them up. I'm not trying to hurt them, I just want to see what their wings feel like,"

Cassiel laughed. "I assume she was a human child then Roe?" She acted similarly, with little care for details. "Follow me, they might listen better if you talk to them." Honestly, he thought that there was something else. He could see in their eyes a terror that was unlike the first humans he had met.

He hopped down and gestured for Petal to follow. "You are more than welcome to join us Roe."

"Okay," Petal replied and the two children followed Cassiel, unsure of what he intended to do next.

The first Girigori Cassiel met was a woman. She was unlike the others, sporting a fancy looking green hat, but little else. Her robes were plain and she carried little valuables. She was pretty like any other Girigori, graceful even, but she seemed nervous. Cassiel made introductions.

"Do not worry, my name is Cassiel. What is your name?"

The girl quickly answered. "Fatina. Are...are you like the other one?"

Cassiel's brow furrowed. "The other one? You mean Petal?" He pointed to the demi-god behind him.

"No, the other one. The one enslaving us. Has Seith truly abandoned us? Some are saying he has."

"No. He sent me. No harm will come upon you, or any other Girigori tody or any other day. Where is the village?"

The Girl pointed out directions in a way that Cassiel would easily understand. He smiled and bowed. "Also, my friend would like to touch your wings. She is a huge fan of you!"

She blushed a little and shrugged. "Is that what she was trying to do to us? Guess that makes sense. I suppose." She put her wings forward.

Petal stepped forward shyly and felt the feathery layers of the wings, it didn't feel that dissimilar from the tips of her own wings which she could just about reach if she really stretched her arms back. It was nice, like Roe when he was in his fox form.

"Eh... thanks Miss Fantina... and Cassiel" she said in a quiet voice and then hopped back to Roe's side

The Grigori woman seemed somehow familiar to Roe but he couldn't quite remember where from, he hadn't been to Coelus for a long time.

Cassiel turned to Roe with an urgent fire in his eyes. "You heard her. Someone is doing actual damage to them. I don't know who and I have a vague idea as to where, but I am going. I am their protector! I might need help, will you and Petal aid me?"

"Uh, I suppose..." Roe said half-heartedly, he turned to his friend, "What do you think Pets?"

"We can't let anyone hurt them!" Petal said with a horrified look.

"Okay, we're in," Roe replied with a sigh to Cassiel.

Cassiel lowered his head. "I am in your debt then." He saw Roe wasn't too invested, he didn't want to have his new friend put off, he thought and found that Roe liked games. Perhaps this should be one too? "Think of it like this Roe, it's a game. We keep the Girigori safe and win applause! Whoever they applaud most, wins the game."

Roe perked up as he listened to the other god's suggestion. "Is there a prize?" he asked eagerly.

Cassiel at the girigori shops, most were transparent and had amazingly ornate trinkets, cut off of diamonds impossibly rare on other planets. It seemed they could do almost anything with the rock.

"Tell you what, whoever wins will ask the greatest artisan in the town to make whatever they want. It could be a cup, a horse, anything!"

"Yes!" Roe shouted enthusiastically, "You're going to play aren't you Petal?"

"Yes..." she smiled nervously but worry didn't leave her face for a moment, "Let's go there, I really don't want to see any cute angels being hurt,"

"Quick!" Roe called and he bounced around impatiently for instructions from Cassiel

Cassiel smiled and turned to the west, where Fatina mentioned he could find them. "This way!"

The angel flew up in the air, passing countless cities on his way until the sounds of mourning and screaming began to permeate the air. He could begin to see it, sense a power nearby. Something wicked truly was happening. As they neared, the trio could see that a green creature was fooling others into following her, being slaves.

At this point, ten or so had left their loved ones, some even children, pushing and kicking their parents away in order to be bound in chains with his new master. Cassiel whispered to Roe "We need to be careful, I think it's the song. Follow me."

Cassiel landed down on the ground and saw the Green creature above, she was the source of this madness. He called her out. "Hey! Over here!" She looked down and seemed confused. "Are you a demon?" Before an answer could be called, Cassiel continued. "A Demon, is what the humans call the creatures of Elditch. Horrible nasty creatures that seek to consume and destroy. I don't know what one of them would be doing here, but you are acting a lot like them. It seems that you are lost then, allow me to tell you where to go. Away. Now." Cassiel slammed his shield into the ground creating a rift before the starwhale. The rift jetisonned light from it, weakening the spell for Roe to finish.

The two children followed Cassiel, Roe found himself disgusted by what the green woman was doing. He supposed some small amount of order could be good sometimes, like rules that make a game more fun, but he couldn't think of a worse type of order than enslaving people against their will. He remembered his earlier promise to Petal and intended to stick to it.

Roe watched intently as Cassiel rolled off his spiel and then finished with a mighty slam of his shield into the ground, he would have to find something to top the other god. With a gesture at Petal to be sure she closed her eyes, he changed his form into that of a terrible monster with gaping wounds and more eyes than could be counted, then leapt from his hiding places and swooped over the green woman and her captives. Even with her spell, the poor Grigori were terrified of the abomination above their heads and ran in all directions,

He had...done it? Yes. The song faded and the green creature left, seemingly afraid of them. The crowd was, as expected, applauding the efforts of the trio. Cassiel turned to Roe, who had by now turned back to normal, grabbed his hand and raised it in the air.

"You have won, friend. An impressive display. I think I know who you might want to go to, but the furor here won't be dying down any time soon. Let's head over to what the humans called a Capital."

Roe smiled widely, enjoying the cheers of the crowd, it felt good.

"Ha ha," he laughed, then remembered to tell Petal to open her eyes again. "Where is the capital?" he asked
[12:51:00 PM] Kyle: Cassiel looked around at the question. He honestly had no idea, but he did have another idea. The capitals in the storybooks tended to have large ridiculous buildings. He shrugged and pointed to the largest building he could see. "Eh, over there! Let's go."

He then flapped his wings and flew to the city, careful not to break anything this time, as there was a chance he could hurt something now, or worse. The capital was literally buzzing with Clankers working non stop to make bigger and more impressive architecture and machines. Mizzen were walking around as well along with the Girigori. They didn't even seem to notice the gods walking around, too consumed by their own work.

Cassiel found a nearby store marked "Trinkets and Carvings", he figured it would do. He knocked on the door and opened it and motioned for Roe to follow.

Roe and Petal followed Cassiel into the shop, admiring the sparkling jewels and statues which lined the sheleves

"So many gems..." Petal muttered under her breath in amazement

"Why are we here?" Roe asked Cassiel

"Your prize! Remember? You can have this man craft you anything you want." The lone Girigori in the shop raised an eyebrow. "And...how do you expect to pay for this? I don't deal in armor boy." He seemed a bit more grumpy than most, but Cassiel could tell he had a good heart.

"If you do this, you can tell people you have crafted an object for a god." He smiled and put a bit of power in his hands to show he was serious. "I will make it widely known even! Think of the attention you will get."

The angel seemed dumbfounded. The gods had picked his store? This was amazing! "Why me then?" Not that I am complaining, this is amazing after all."

"Well, Roe won a contest and I owe him it. You seem like someone who could do the job." Cassiel turned to Roe. "Now, what do you want him to craft?"

"Hmmmmm.,,," Roe said aloud, considering the possibilities. He already had a sword but it was a simple metal blade, barely more than an average mortal weapon.

"I would like a new sword that's really sharp and has a proper name and everything!" he exclaimed before adding, "Please!

The angel pondered for a moment. "Under most circumstances I would say no. A sword made of diamond would usually break after a hit due to how brittle the stuff is in combat. However, with a god...it could work. Give me a moment."

The man retreated into his store and pulled out a cart containing dozens of colors of diamond, they glistened in the light. "Which color you want?"

"I would like... light blue," Roe replied confidently, imaging a sparkling blade in his mind's eye.

The angel smirked. "Excellent choice. Come back in a few hours and it will be ready." He then pushed the cart behind a curtain and the trio could hear rapid clinks and clanks being made. Whatever he was making, it had to be good.

Cassiel turned to Roe and started wondering about a sword of his own. He turned to the stars, they seemed they missed something, something he could give them again. A sacrifice might be in order, but it would be in defense of all the bright burning balls.

"I think I want a sword too. Not made by him though, I am sure yours will be fantastic but I don't have one either. I want to make my own. While we wait for yours to be done, follow me. This might be cool to watch."

Cassiel exited the store saying "We will be back in a few hours friend, I am sure this will be wonderful!"

Roe followed Cassiel with an excited bounce, wondering what he was going to show him.

"What's wonderful?" he asked curiously

Cassiel pointed to the stars. "They seem...troubled. Can't you tell? I think we should fix them, and I think I know how."

"Okay..." Roe said unsurely, giving Petal a glance. She shook her head, she didn't understand either. "What are you going to do?" Roe asked

Cassiel laughed. "We are going to find the biggest star in the universe, and make it into a sword! It will feed part of its own power into the other stars, hopefully stabilizing them." He honestly had no idea where he was getting his idea from, but it was crazy enough that it might work.

"Wow...." Roe replied, it sounded impressive. "Can I help?" he asked eagerly.

Cassiel smiled. "That's why I brought you. All three of us will pick the biggest star we can find and then compare the three. Whichever is the biggest we use. Ready...set...go!" Cassiel flew into space analyzing each star, remembering which star he had seen as the biggest.

Roe took Petal's hand and the pair leapt after Cassiel, inspecting the many stars dotted around the edge of Niv's system.

"What about this one?" Petal pointed to a large reddish star that hung a little further out than Salustutis.

"I believe the humans call it a Red Giant." Cassiel said. "It doesn't have much time left, that might be a good idea." Cassiel flew circles around it and smirked. "Yeah, this will be fun."

The god put his shield on his back and moved his arms out. "To begin, we need to crush it into something more usable. Mold it into what we need. It's a bit like dough when you think about it." Cassiel condensed it into a neutron star, into neutronium. The three then shaped it into a wave pattern with a hilt.

"Now, we put our power into it and hope for the best!" This was the first time he had done anything akin to a godly action, he hoped it wouldn't break the universe.

"Be careful it doesn't burn you!" Roe quickly added as Cassiel manipulated the star, remembering his own early experience with Niv. The young god put his hands out and let the forces of chaos fuse themselves with Cassiel's new sword, strengthening it and making it whole.

The item was made easily. It cooled a tiny bit and Cassiel raised the hilt, activating it. Bright and intense flames bursted out of it, reaching each star and giving them enough power to continue as normal. The experience drained a bit of its power, but left plenty to use as a weapon.

"I will name you...Stardust."

"That looks cool!" Roe exclaimed at the sight of the flaming blade, he reached out gingerly to touch it's hilt. "I hope my sword is this good,"

Cassiel made a leather strap for the blade and put it in there. "At some point it will need a sheath...Oh, I am sure we will need to enchant it, but this guy has to be great! He is probably almost done by now, we spent a while doing this."

Cassiel teleported to the Capital again and into the shop. "Oi! You almost done? We are excited to see it."

The shopkeeper walked out, smile beaming. "Yeah, it's done. Be careful with it now, diamond isn't great for sword making. You god folk can enchant shit can't ya? I am sure if you did it would be great."

With that, he pulled out a piece of cloth, it was a tan color but inside was a beautiful gleaming short sword. The hilt faded into white diamond to simulate steel and was highly ornate, resembling art more than a sword. The front and back of the sword had fancy engravings and the piece was quite beautiful to say the least. Worth more than most Girigori could ever afford.

"I'm going to tell everyone about this. They won't believe it!" The shopkeeper quickly ran out of the store yelling about how gods bought from him. While most races would dismiss him, the impossibility to lie, or to be lied to as a Girigori began to have the angels clamor to his store. He eventually made a large chain known as Gi Craftwares, making some of the largest art works known to the universe.

The two children clambered into the shop as the Grigori left, Roe in particular eager to see his new blade. He hopped up onto the counter to get a better look.

"Wow, it's beautiful," he exclaimed, his eyes lighting up as he ran his palm down the sword's hilt

"Indeed. These mortals aren't capable of fighting, but they certainly can surpass us in other areas."

"Thank you," Roe replied, taking out his old sword and throwing it on the ground, he then carefully picked up the new weapon and slashed it on his back as if it was made of glass

Cassiel looked out of the diamond roof. There was a ton to explore and the Girigori seemed fine alone for now. "So, what do we do now?"

"Eh, just hang out, I know some games we can play," Roe replied with a shrug.

M'endaxius - 0/30 AP, 2/2 MP

M'endar silently watched its brother become completely encased in crystal-like glass. Then mental message bounced back and forth the Deceiver's mind. It seemed that the tree woman had finally snapped. Nature had tasted violence and death, and wanted more. Shame she would not know what M'endar could do. Shame that she had made a grave mistake, Eldarwen had turned against them. Apparently the imprisonment of Seith would not state the vicious beast that parades as a docile tree. Now, M'endar was finished with its strange vigil. Responses were made and it was back to silence. Back to Umbraculum.

"Looks like the rabid beast has finally shown its claws. She will not rest until all is under her rule. I suggest for the good of the realm that you put this one down quickly."

The Storyteller

The Storyteller let out a deep long sigh, the children leant forward in excitement, by now they understood what this meant.

"Thus it seemed that yet again in this mythos of ours, the gods were on the eve on war. Here is what transpired.

Even though Seith was to be sealed away, at the last moment he sacrificed his godhood and life to give power to his demigod Lennonous. Lennonous was to lose his memory and to start anew under a name he chose for himself: Cassiel.

Zareth successfully created a demigod out of a Moonlight Phoenix with the help of Eldarwen, who herself created the demigod Venator out of a brave mortal who was willing to stand up to her. Melanthios too created Valerie but despite a crippling hinder by Eldarwen, the assists of his allies were enough for him to succeed. Aen managed to find and revive Sephirial, Seith's old demigod turned mortal, into a fresh new demigod.

It seemed that Melanthios was not the only god lucky that day, Vantric was also fortunate. Eldarwen's hinder him hard but with the help of his allies, the shard of mirror was transformed into a magical item anyway. Pentar however managed to create Gawmfust, a great warhammer to serve his cause. Sonitus was also hindered, this time by Roe and the newly ascended Cassiel, and failed in her attempt to enslave a number of Grigori. Zs'Wua'Itzala too was unsuccessful in her goal, to create broodmothers out of the Shadownshrieks, but in this case it was down to the lack of her own powers rather than another god's hinder.

Not every demigod had such bad luck though, Roe converted Grigori of the town of Grega to follow his friend and demigod Petal, and with his assist, Cassiel forged a magical flaming sword from a giant red star. Similarly Melanthios' two demigods created two guilds and though he wasn't a demigod, Nivix also successfully creased a small moon-sized planet to serve as a forge for his creations. "

Aen 24/30, 2/2

What?! No! This... this was madness! Everyone was marshaling for battle, and both sides called for him. Wasn't the last disaster enough? He'd curse the gods for this if he wasn't one. He felt Eldarwen fill the shell with Hope. Strange, to aid the one she killed with the very power she killed her for. He didn't reflect on what it might say about her character, good or bad. He had to stop this from getting out of hand, though he feared it was already too late. With a worried glance at his unfinished work and a quick thought to Grix, he was off. He had considered hiding this from the dragon, but if Aen died then so might he, and it was only fair to let him lean on his strength. It might be all he had.

It felt strange, riding on Grix in space. There was no need, really, by why bond with a dragon if you weren't going to ride it? At least it felt good to feel whole again, his left hand pressed into that hidden spot on the back of Grix's neck, their twin scars connected. Neither spoke, externally or otherwise, only took comfort in the presence of the other. It wasn't long before Salustis was grew large before them, and that was where he stopped. Waiting and watching. If Melanthios was correct, then she would come here. If not... well, he hoped she didn't show at all. 'Stay in your garden, Eldarwen,' he thought to himself absently. 'You've done it for so long, why change now? With you gone, who will tend to it? The weeds will take root, your flowers will die, and all your hard work will have gone to waste.'

He took care not to face in either direction too much. It would imply he had taken a side, when he'd chosen the opposite. He didn't only want no part in this battle, he wanted no battle at all. If that meant putting himself between every single other god, so be it.

Brothers and sisters, we have only recently lost one of own, a very small number to begin with, though some of you may think it too large. Such panic and hatred as there is now can only lead to mistakes, regrets, things that cannot be undone. I've learned this the hard way. If you call for war, so be it, but should we not first meet in peace, and see if there is not another way? Aen sent his message without filter. He knew it would do little, but it could not be said he hadn't tried. There was no way he'd be able to stay neutral throughout the fight. It was against his nature. Still... he could stay that way as long as possible.

Zareth... I'm not sure how we'll end up fighting in this battle, or if you'll even come at all. Just know that I hope to see you alive at the end of it, and regardless of which side I'm on, I'll do my best to see you through it. May luck be with you, friend.

Vantric: 23, 2

He felt the mirror stretch and change, glowing slightly and becoming warm in his hand. A lot of power was concentrating on it, Eldarwen's to hinder, his own and his allies' to insure its success. Fortunately, she had failed, and they had succeeded. Vantric smiled as he saw the mirror shard assume its final form. An oddly reflective coin was left in his hand.

It's the luck of the gods. He thought as he chuckled at its success. Not quite what he had in mind, but an item was an item, especially one like this. He turned the coin over in his hands, inspecting its surface. Oddly enough, he found it was blank. Strange. He thought.

Brothers and sisters, we have only recently lost one of own, a very small number to begin with, though some of you may think it too large. Such panic and hatred as there is now can only lead to mistakes, regrets, things that cannot be undone. I've learned this the hard way. If you call for war, so be it, but should we not first meet in peace, and see if there is not another way? It was Aen. Very useful, very naive. Battle lines were already being drawn, they had been since the dawn of existence. This was only the logical outcome.

Vantric looked up, it seemed everyone else had left the ruined observatory, and decided to follow suit, returning back to his fortress. Now, all he had to do was wait for Isond to return. The familiar sound of boots on marble echoed through the empty hallways. However practical it was to make such a labyrinthine fortress for his constant schemes, even he was somewhat unsettled by the emptiness of the fortress. "I really need some guards." He said, thinking aloud. Something to liven the place up. Soon after, the metallic clang of steel boots, radiated through the fortress. Isond had returned.

The war god had his ax clenched in his fist at his side. Things evidently hadn't gone well. Vantric waited as his apprentice stomped up to him. "You seem upset." Vantric said. There was no problem so immense that he couldn't put aside mocking his apprentice.

"Things...didn't go as planned." He said.

Vantric couldn't help but smile. Even if it wasn't ideal, it was always fun to lord Isond's failures over him. "Dragon troubles?" Even through his face plate, Vantric could feel Isond's scowl. "I must admit Isond, this is unexpected. Usually you're more effective. Losing your touch? Or was the wounded angel too tough for you?"

"There were complications."

"Aside from the dragon?"

Isond stopped for a moment before speaking again. "Something happened. Something happened to Lennonous."

"Yes, he pointedly didn't die. That happened."

"He changed."

That got Vantric's attention. "Into what? How?" He was all business.

Isond began pacing. "I don't know. Power surged into him, from where I just don't know. He became something else. Whatever he became was stronger than Lennonous was previously."

"How much so?"

"Weaker than Seith, if that's your question. Considerably weaker than a full god, but strong enough to be a problem."

Vantric mulled over the report for a moment. "That is...troubling." He said at last, "However, that can wait for a moment."

"But what about Aen?" Isond asked, "That dragon of his cost me a golden opportunity."

Vantric waved that comment off. "Not a problem. Aen is a wild card. It's possible he may need to be dealt with, but not at the moment. He's proven far too useful to be rid of. However, a weed has been sprouting, and we may need to cut it soon."


"Eldarwen. She's proving to be a considerable problem. If unchecked, she could be as much a problem as Seith."

"What should we do about that?"

Vantric rubbed his chin. "Good question." He reached into his pocket, touching the coin he had made. Idly, he took it out and flipped it. He caught it and looked at it, the previously blank surface now showed a raven in flight. He looked up, that reminded him of something. He turned the coin over, the reverse side showing else as well, a dove holding a knife. That also reminded him of something. "We're going to Evermoor." He announced, pocketing the coin once more.

"The realm of the dead?" Isond said, stopping.

Vantric nodded. "We'll need to shore up some loose ends. I'll meet you there soon."

"You aren't coming?"

"There's something I need to see to first. It won't take long. Go on ahead, socialize, make friends. Or else."

Isond took his helmet off and made a point of rolling his eyes as he did so. "Is that all?"

"Yes, I'll see you soon." Vantric said before teleporting away. Isond quickly followed, leaving to Evermoor.

Roe - 20, 1

The voices came thick and fast. First it was a woman's voice, probably Eldarwen, though Roe hadn't seen her since the First Age.

"Hello Roe, I wish to play a game with you. Why don't we meet somewhere?"

She barely had a chance to finish before a barrage of other gods began sending him messages, filling his mind with their booming voices.

"Greetings fellow gods. You might not know me, but my name is Melanthios. Eldarwen just attacked me, without any kind of reason. I beg you not to aid this woman. And any help against this mad woman, would be appreciated and rewarded."

"I am being hindered by Eldarwen. Any aid in countering her power would be welcome."

"Looks like the rabid beast has finally shown its claws. She will not rest until all is under her rule. I suggest for the good of the realm that you put this one quickly."

"Brothers and sisters, we have only recently lost one of own, a very small number to begin with, though some of you may think it too large. Such panic and hatred as there is now can only lead to mistakes, regrets, things that cannot be undone. I've learned this the hard way. If you call for war, so be it, but should we not first meet in peace, and see if there is not another way?"

He gingerly took his hands away from his ears as the voices finally stopped. Petal looked at him in concern.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"I think... I think there's going to be a big battle soon,"

Petal visibly quailed at the news, remembering what had happened last time she had been in a war. Roe put his hands on her shoulders.

"You've got to hide Pets, go somewhere-else until I tell you it's safe to come out,"

"but I want to stay with you..."

"You can't, it isn't safe out here and I've got to find out what's going on. I'll call you once it's over,"



"Okay," she mumbled and gave him a quick hug before disappearing with a snap of her fingers. Even Roe didn't know where she'd gone but he knew that was for the best, he couldn't let her get hurt again. He turned to Cassiel.

"The plant lady is probably going to fight a load of other gods. I'm going to see what's happening."

With that the young god launched himself into space and looked down at the planets, weighing up his options. He thought about accepting Eldarwen's invitation but decided against it, having heard how she had supposedly attacked the other gods he was worried she might do the same to him. He recalled that Melanthios was offering a "reward" for helping him and thought he might as well see what that reward might be. He flew past his own moon and towards Oculus Obscuritatis where he believed the message had come from, landing on the rocky ground with a thud. He sent out a message to anyone also upon the moon at that time.

"Hello, it's me Roe, I'm here to help... maybe,"

Vantric: 20, 1

Isond: 8

Isond hadn't gone to Evermoor before. After selling his soul to Vantric to avoid going there, it wasn't a place that he had any desire to visit personally. He shut his eyes. Sometimes he really hated his boss.

For a death realm, it was surprisingly lively. He appeared in a forested area. Despite its lively appearance, Isond couldn't help but feel as sense of deep melancholy emanating from the region, or perhaps that was just his impression of the place. He kept his ax close. The lord of death was someone Isond knew only by reputation, he had fortunately been spared the need to meet him.

Isond looked around. The liveliness wasn't the only thing that was surprising. It was quite sparse for a realm of the dead. "Where is everyone?" He asked aloud, keeping his ax nearby.

Nivix - 20, 1

"Greetings fellow gods. You might not know me, but my name is Melanthios. Eldarwen just attacked me, without any kind of reason. I beg you not to aid this woman. And any help against this mad woman, would be appreciated and rewarded."

"Looks like the rabid beast has finally shown its claws. She will not rest until all is under her rule. I suggest for the good of the realm that you put this one down quickly."

Brothers and sisters, we have only recently lost one of own, a very small number to begin with, though some of you may think it too large. Such panic and hatred as there is now can only lead to mistakes, regrets, things that cannot be undone. I've learned this the hard way. If you call for war, so be it, but should we not first meet in peace, and see if there is not another way?

The messages, though they all came from different gods and carried different tones, all had the same meaning behind them. War was coming, ready to tear into the heart of the pantheon and rip everything they had done and built to shreds. Mel and M'ender both called for others to stand with them against Eldar, and, despite Aen's attempts to sue for peace, odds were they'd get their wish.

Not that Nivix cared. He was having far too much fun to pay attention to something as painfully dull as politics and alliances.

His creation had succeeded, just as he had hoped. The chunk of rock and fire, set so far apart from the rest of reality, was perfect for his plan, and the god was unable to resist a grin as he alighted on the smoldering surface.

It was a good thing that he hadn't attempted to create other forms of life to reside here; only the most resilient and determined creatures would have been able to survive this hellish landscape. Rivers of liquid fire zig-zagged across the surface, melting rock and ore into a blackened, gooey sludge. The air, already hot and dry enough to cook a man, was choked with noxious fumes and vapors; it was only thanks to his divine lungs that Nivix was able to remain upright. Titanic moans and cracks thundered across the land, the results of earthquakes and constantly shifting plates. If left alone, this world would probably destroy itself in a matter of weeks.

So he'd just have to destroy it a little faster.

With a joyous roar, Nivix flung himself into the closest pool of lava, swimming through the superheated substance with ease. This would probably go faster if he just skipped ahead and traveled straight to the planet's core. From there he would be able to bend the rest of the world to his will, reshaping it as he required. Great chunks of stone and iron, larger than any mortal city, fell subject to his power, folding and collapsing as the god directed. Pools of magma likewise bent to Nivix's whims, flowing into the great cracks and crevices with ease.

The chemister toiled away for hours, lost in the euphoria of reshaping the landscape and giving birth to something new. And this was only the beginning; after he completed this project, the possibilities that spread before him would be endless! He would show existence exactly what it was he could do!

Slowly, Nivix condensed the celestial body, forcing billions of tons of raw matter into a ingot the size of his head. An entire world's worth of fire and steel, hammered and shaped into a single chunk of metal barely a foot across; sometimes being a god was truly fantastic. But he wasn't done yet, not by a long shot. Still... It'd be unwise to move onto the next step by himself, especially when there was somebody who could help.

Grabbing hold on his precious cargo, the god willed himself to the heart of one of Evalon's greatest cities. It was time to call in a favor.


Eldarwen smiled, and knew they would never stand against them as it was now. She understood that the weak minded had claimed it was an attack, even if she couldn't hear them. "You were right about him." She said to no one in particular, but Sonitus appeared next to her anyway. She hadn't expected the girl to go far from her mother. "I know." Eldarwen had stopped crying, she was resolute instead. "He's a coward and is trying to bring down the universe like the rest. A piece of shit, no more, no less."

"I'll miss this universe and everything we did here." Sonitus said, just as firm in her decision as her mother. "If you go down, I'll be a second behind you. Nothing else matters."

She put her hand on Sonitus cheek, and kissed her for the first time in a thousand years. Then she turned and sent a message to all the gods but four.

"What are you talking about, Aen? I have not left my planet. I have not struck against anyone. If you take a look at them, do they even appear harmed? Have they lost anything? No, they have not. They are liars and decievers. Cowards that conspires in the shadows. You are all better than them."

"I will take my punishment for what I helped do against Seith, for I do believe he was as good as most of you. If a bit wrong in his head and his decisions towards the end. Perhaps he should only have spied on the true evil that waits and plans to strike against you, but when would he then have known when they came for one of you? However, the others who attacked him will never willingly take the punishment for doing the same. I will take the blame and the punishment for opening the portal in the garden as well, because I also have memories of a different universe that I come from. You can ask the ghosts of my past that lingers in Evermoor, if you want to know about it. Ailish was not the one who suggested it to begin with. It was I, even if she performed the action, but even then I aided her in doing so."

She wanted to choke on her own words, as the last part was a lie, but if it helped bring unity to the universe and protection for Ailish; She would speak the words again.

"They are trying to turn you against me, despite that I have not moved since I created another demigod. Soon they will be trying to turn you against each other and come after you one by one, until there are no more left than Vantric, Melanthios and M'endar. These are the enemy. If my words does not convince you, I trust that they will prove it in the future through their actions."

Eldarwen took a look around, the city seemed to be on the verge of a rebellion now that there was a pover vacuum. It mattered little to her. Kingdoms rose and fell, mortals lived and died, the universe went on.

"I do not wish harm upon any of you. I have not called for war. Nor will I. I have called for your attention, as I make my final words."

She closed off the other gods for a moment, to speak to the two who had come to be her closest friends in the end.

"Ailish, if you believe you were reborn and will be reborn again as I believe that I will be, then I will be waiting for you on the other side. Aen, take care not to let that honour get to your head. You will need to chose a side. Good is not evil, and good needs real warriors that fights for it. Honour does not equal good."

She opened up to the others again after that. "This universe is big enough for all of you. Though for the crimes I have commited, I will seek penance and to make amends through death. You might think that it is an easy way out, but I have died again and again. The suffering only grows with each new life I have to face."

Eldarwen placed her hand on her mask and took it off, then Sonitus gave her Amour, before hugging her with the armor on. "United you will stand, divided you will fall. This is my farewell and my last action. If you wish to aid me, it would be very much appreciated. My last wish is only for unity."

She sent a last message to Venator, who she knew had recently been raised. She would need to be a protector now, not a leader of armies. She was not to kill anyone, unless they came after the one she were to protect.


She felt the fire burning inside her, as she dropped down onto the street where there were no longer any sign of her sister or her mother. She had seen them kiss each other one final time and then explode in a rain of leaves, which she had taken a strange pleasure in burning. Though it felt fitting that nothing remained. She picked up what she had inherited from her mother, with the one condition that she would use them to protect a woman she had cared a lot for.

Venator used her fires to fling herself off the ground and fly from Eld, to the Hallowed Court, where she seeked out Ailish and bowed down to her.

"My mother and sister is gone, and I have inherited their belongings. On the one condition, that I never leave your side and protect you against any harm others would wish on you. I am yours to command." She would not speak those words to anyone else, nor would she falter and break her promise. Death was preferable and if Eldarwen had been right, death was not such a bad thing as a demigod.


She bent down in the grass outside the largest dwarven city and planted the rose of glass, hoping that it would sprout and give birth to many more. Auctor continued sitting in the grass, meditating on the loss of her mother. Eldarwed had forgotten to tell her farewell, or she had not wished too. She didn't know if the woman was one for teary-eyed farewells either way.

Maybe it wouldn't have been one for Eldarwen, but Auctor was crying softly. She had lost a great friend and a sister in Sonitus, and a mother on the same day.

She waited, not certain of how the god of order would react to her being there, but she wished to explain it to him.

Melanthios 14AP,1MP

Melanthios returned to his own planet after recruiting Roe, he send a message to his allies. "Brothers, I am happy to announce we have another ally. The newest addition to our alliance is Roe, he also wishes to fight Eldarwen." He was certain his brothers would appreciate another ally. He then opened the door of the palace and went in.

He was greeted by someone throwing itself in his arms, the force span him around. He just managed to place his second leg on the ground, stopping the spinning motion. He looked down to see Valerie smiling at him, Melanthios smiled back at her. Neither of them needed to say a word, He could see the gratitude in her eyes. Suddenly Akladai stormed in "Melanthios!" He let go off Valerie and turned around "What is it Akladai?"

Akladai looked panicked "You have to see this!" He said as he ran outside. He had a very bad feeling about this, he followed his son outside. Melanthios saw what he meant, the extreme hatred in the air was clear. "That bitch.. Akladai prepare for war." Melanthios spotted his other son holding a speech before all of the Dues Filli, Maeglin looked confident as he was speaking.

"..Brothers and sisters, today we march to war! Today we march against an foe that is threatening our very way off life! They seek to destroy our homes, destroy our civilization, and massacre us all! Today we fight for our families, we fight for everything we believe in and hold dear. Melanthios will also join the battle, but we will have to do our own part! So everyone prepare for war, for today we will all unite. Today is the day that the Goliath will shine, today we will secure our future by crushing our enemies! And we will show the whole universe, that everyone who stands against us will be crushed!" He smashed both his fist into the table emphasizing the last part of his speech. The Dues Filli lifted their weapons and all began yelling, they knew today would be the day they had to fight.

Melanthios smiled as he looked at his children. "Let's go." He said as he and his children teleported into space. Melanthios knew it was time to test Roe's power, but he didn't want to test him without backup. He send a message to Roe and Zareth. "Brothers I have found an opponent for you, the one they call Venator. You will need to work together since she is very strong, I will send Valerie to assist you both." Melanthios looked at Valerie, she nodded and teleported to Roe.

The planet changed and within seconds It had taken a new shape.

Melanthios and the demigods teleported back inside the Goliath, they were standing inside the control room. Melanthios then said "Prepare the Goliath, we will attack soon." His sons nodded and began preparing the Goliath to fight. Melanthios meanwhile focused all his magic, and using the orb of infinity began destroying Eldarwens' spell.

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