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Dåre 25, 2

The feeling of familiarity inside the portal was one that had its origin in two things. One, despite the rather colorless appearance, it was looking very like the world they were used to. The second one was an odd one, but far from unexpected. The madness in him had longed for this place. Dåre flew up, towards the sky, hoping to see more. Now that he was there, he didn't want to leave. Frikk could always deal with Ilea, and through the ages, Dåre had explored the world they already lived in over and over. Even if this was the same, it was also definitely not the same. He flew further up, trying to spot something interesting.

Melanthios 30AP, 2MP

Melanthios saw the beasts coming through the portal and froze. He studied them as some of the other gods fought with them and was ready to step in if needed. Still it didn't seem necessary and soon all the creatures were all dead, most of the gods decided to step through the portal. He decided to join them, his children knew what they had to do after all. "This will be interesting." He thought to himself, as he stepped through the portal. Perhaps he would finally find the answers, to the questions he had.

Zareth 30AP 2MP

Densly packed trees, buzzing insects and an orchestra of birdsongs. Through the thick green, Zareth could see great lumbering creatures in the distance. Most of them adorned with scales and spikes, their roars and howls rumbling through the canopy. The humid heat circled and clawed at Zareth's physical form, his body's instics cried out for it to sweat and for that sweat to soak into his suit, ruining the fabric and making it cling to his slender frame. He quickly overcame the shock of traversing the portal and silenced any natural effects the world might have on him. Afterall it wasn't as if he was some mortal changeling, despite appearences.

The place had certainly changed since his last trip. If he hadn't seen the scuttling creatures it had vomited forth on the other side Zareth might have sworn he had taken a wrong turn and ended up on... On Eld... but it couldn't be.

He made his way through the jungle, now more shadow than flesh and blood. The others were gone and he didn't want to get caught unaware or alone by whatever was lurking in wait. For now he went towards the nearest signs of life in hope of finding some answers there.

Petal - 8

Buying the ship had been the simplest part of Petal's journey, it was easy enough for her to summon the necessary credits out of thin air when the craft dealer's eyes were turned elsewhere. It was a small craft with just two rooms, an accelerated nuclear core and a basic AI command system but it was perfect for the game she wanted to play. Soon enough the little demigod was piloting the ship out from the high spires of Neor into outer space. Or not so little really, since Petal had quickly found it was most practical to disguise herself as an adult woman on her space faring trips, it garnered far less questions than the alternative. She preferred her natural child form of course, but even so she thought the dark Rowan woman with an eye patch staring back at her in the dashboard reflection was rather beautiful.

"Having boobies is fun," the young girl told Woof, who sat loyally beside her chair in his usual canine form, "they wiggle if you shake them, look!" She demonstrated to the dog, who barked appreciatively. "I wonder if Roe would like them..." Suddenly a flashing light appeared in front of her.

"You are entering Quadringa state airspace, please identify yourself," an automated voice droned out of the speakers.

"Wha... I'm eh... pilot Crimson Cedar!" Petal said quickly, blurting out the first name that came into her head. "My ship is number 720 JAS and we are carrying food aid for the Kinderven,"

"Welcome Ms Crimson to the Children's Republic of Quadringa, the thirteenth state of the United Republic of Evalon. Please land in docking port C for inspection."

A small portal appeared in the great bubble which surrounded the city and the ship flew through hastily, the hole closing as soon as they passed through so no mischievous winged Kinderven could take advantage. Petal saluted the Quadringa flag as the ship descended past the metropolis's highest structure, the Old City monument.

From up high, the ends of the giant protective shield that kept the Kinderven apart from the rest of Coelus could clearly be seen meeting the great wall that surrounded the lower half of the city. Not only was this wall patrolled by Republic guardsmen and women but it also well walked by human tourists, who gaped through binoculars at the chaotic metropolis below before moving on to the other sights of the Grigori planet. Quadringa itself was restricted to those who were specially licensed to be there, mainly traders and missionaries, to preserve the immortal children's lifestyle as they wished.

"This trip is going to be fun," Petal told her pet happily as their ship landed gently in the docking station.

Roe - 30, 2

Roe and Cassiel

Roe gazed sadly down at the body of the other Petal, in own twisted way she'd been so much like the girl he knew and loved. As her body slowly melted into the ground as void creatures often did, he noticed broken and bent duplicates of the items he carried with him... a cracked crown, a bent whistle, a dulled blade. They too faded as other Petal returned to the earth beneath her. The young god stood up and then felt something tugging at him in the distance, a powerful action by Aen. He wondered if his friend might need help and started to skip in the elder god's direction, each small step taking him hundreds of miles across the surface of Evalon.

As Cassiel raced down towards Evalon, he noticed Roe was gaining speed. Honestly not knowing the exact location of Aen, it was best to start gathering everyone immediately. He rushed up to Roe and yelled. "Roe, good to see you are still doing well. Even I couldn't imagine how terrible this place truly is. Have you been hurt at all?"

"Hey Cassiel," Roe shouted back and slowed down to a halt, leaving great tracks through the earth. "I fought an evil dog and a mad Petal but I'm not hurt at-all... have you met anything mean?"

Cassiel laughed. "Well, an evil version of myself was interesting. Oh and then I met my father so that was fun." Cassiel sighed. "Ready to put an end to this?"

"Yeah, this place is weird," Roe replied with a shudder, "There's something I've got to tell you first though, otherwise I'll keep forgetting. Back in the garden, one of the children called Snow told Petal that the Grigori called Zabekiel did something really bad, that he invited some Kinderven and priests to meet him and then tried to kill them to make it look like they had attacked him instead! I think he did kill most of them, except Snow and his friend..." Roe trailed off awkwardly, wondering if this had been the right time to bring up the issue.

Cassiel looked down and sighed. "I figured he wasn't entirely innocent. I have an agent watching him closely so I doubt he will be able to do that anymore, but I'm not entirely sure what to do about that. Give me some time to think about it. I should be the one to deal with Zabekiel I think. He is my brother after all." Cassiel looked around, nobody else had shown up yet. "What did you learn about the god here?"

"I haven't met any gods here, unless you mean the other Petal..." Roe replied with a confused shrug.

Cassiel shook his head. "No, I mean the one controlling them. The one who did all of this."

Roe searched his memories, "I think Petal mentioned someone called 'the Great One', that's I can remember though," he admitted.

Cassiel shrugged. "Well, maybe the others got more information on it. I don't know very much myself despite talking to it a few times."

"Are you going to meet Aen too?" the young god asked, "I could feel his action all the way from Chama,"

"I am. I think this is where we will finish this."

"Yeah, I hope there's another fight!" Roe enthused and the pair set off towards their fellow god. In less than a minute they came across the great mountainous peaks of the centre of Almia, as ever with the other world though tinged with grey. Roe glanced around and spotted Aen sitting quietly on a pillar. "There he is!" the boy pointed out to Cassiel.

Cassiel smiled and looked out. "Then I guess we should say hello!" Cassiel led him and Roe over to Aen with the intention of gathering the rest of the group.

Hardy Sharulk

Hardy strode out of the gym and tossed his bag in the back seat of his hover car, before settling down comfortably besides it. Unfortunately, being immortal didn't prevent him becoming overweight and so the ex-president had a habit of dropping in every Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday too if the wife was in a bad mood. It had been almost five centuries since he had accepted the gift of the Vigil strain and it was a choice he didn't regret, why put your faith in the Lords Roe or Aen as the priests claimed when you could have immortality here, on Evalon, and with barely any strings attached?

"Where do you want to go, sir?" the autochaffeur asked in a smooth, Dracian accent.


Something rumbled in his pocket. He glanced at his cellphone, one text from his wife.

hey dear, u goin 2 shops lter? can u get more tates? sophia xx

With a sigh he texted an affirmative.

"Looks like I don't get any say in the matter Auto, take me to the Islands hypermarket, the one of the other side of the new forest."

"Certainly, sir," The car slowly levitated itself and then glided silently over the trees. Hardy took a touchpad out of one of the car's many pockets and began flicking idly through the day's news.

"Pfffh, President Ram again," he muttered to himself as he read an article, "that woman is hopeless, if she gets elected for more terms than I did I'll eat my dragonscale hat."

Suddenly the car lurched and spluttered in midair, as if something was caught in the engine. Hardy barely had time to gasp as the vehicle began plummeting towards the trees below, their green branches rushing towards his windscreen. The manufacturers bold advertising claim 'less than a one in a million lifetime chance of a midair hover failure!' was the last thought that ran through his head before the car smashed through the foliage and everything went black.


It took hours of flying and scanning th horizon to even come close to finding anything. Ironically it was how familiar this world was that made it so difficult to navigate. Just when Zareth thought that he'd found his way or was on a familiar course something new would pop up... or a twisted version of something old.

He may have circled the globe two or three times but eventually the others made themselves known and he was able to hone in on Aen like a beacon. Roe and Cassiel had already arrived it seemed as Zareth swooped down for a landing, taking on his usual humanoid form as he went.

"So this is quite the mess we've gotten ourselves into, isn't it?"

He quipped to the assembly.

Dåre 25, 2

It took a while until he noticed their presences. Other gods, from the other world. His world? More like their world. Neither was his worlds, after all, both were. It was still refreshing to feel someone who was from the world beyond the portal, at least for now, and Dåre had his carpet head for the direction. From what he could tell, it was Roe, and a few other gods he hadn't interacted too much with. He had been wondering if anyone were out there, this answered his question.

His arm felt numb, was it the weight of the glove that made if feel this dull? No matter, he didn't think it would be necessary to check. The glove didn't make him feel much stronger, not at all. And what had happened during the amount of time he had lost memories of?

Dåre jumped of his carpet when he was close enough to the ground, and greeted the others. "Hi," he said. With the glove on his hand, and blood still on his clothes, it was obvious that something had gone down. However, the mad god didn't really think about that, he didn't draw the connection.

"I'm glad I found you. This isn't a very nice place, is it?"

Melanthios 28AP, 2MP

It had taken quite a lot of time and flying, but eventually Melanthios spotted something which caught his attention. He saw what seemed to be the gods from his side of the portal and quickly flew over to them as he began counting heads. He soon landed besides them and looked around the group, his shadow form hiding any emotion his face might have shown. Normally he would have spoken a few words in greeting, but he didn't know how people reacted if he didn't. So he simply nodded to all of them as he looked around the group of gods, wondering how they would react and curious to the answer of his question

As Cassiel saw more gods approach, he smirked and said "Good, looks like everyone else felt Aen's action too. So, what have you all learned? If we are going to survive this, we need all the information we can gather."

Melanthios looked at the gods gathered here and couldn't help but be a bit sad that Cassiel had to be the one to speak up. He looked at him and a question formed inside his head, he opened what could be classified as a mouth and asked "Why don't you share what you have learned first? Then I won't share useless information." His voice sounded old and he sounded tired.

Cassiel shrugged. "It seems we are in a parallel universe, where something aside from us managed to imprison mirrors of everyone. It also seems that this happened fairly early as I had a nice chat with my father not too long ago. Aside from that, I fought a few demigods and not much else. Oh, and the mortals got twisted too. Wonderful little vacation home Ailish opened up."

Daare frowned. "It's not a vacation home, it's as much of a world as the one we came from. But I do agree with it's not one of mercy. I---" He went silent. Daare had no desire to share what he had seen and done, partly because he didn't remember most of it. "I don't have anything fun to share," he said, and glanced at the gloved arm again. It was starting to feel heavier.

Roe gave Melanthios a curious glance, his elder brother seemed to be acting odd... more than he usually did. "Everyone here wants to fight, at-least all the things I've met," the young god piped up, "We should stay together so if we get attacked we don't get killed or anything, if this world is even real," he shuddered, "it reminds me of the bad dreams I had after the monsters came through the portal the first time,"

Cassiel sighed. "I suppose I might as well ask this as well. When I scried the portal a while back, something tried to force me out. I couldn't make out what it was saying, but then when I fought Lennonous here I got a nice confirmation of its existence. Anybody learn anything about that thing?"

Melanthios nodded and spoke not wanting to waste anymore words then necessary around Cassiel. "Yes.. This thing had been made in the first age here, during the first volley.. The gods feared it and it hid itself from them, it then made the demigods turn on their former parents... And it waged war on anything on this side of the portal and then corrupted it." He said sounding distant.

Daare sat back on his carpet, and turned it upside down, his head on the level of the rest of the gods. "Corrupted, evil. What do we do with that? Do we do anything? Nothing? Everything? If we are, why are we just standing around now?"

nodded in agreement. "The other Petal said that something she called 'the Great One' made her see that being alive was the worsest type of hurt or whatever, I bet that was it." He turned eagerly to Daare and raised his sword in the air, "We're heroes, our only choice to fight the thing and kill for being so evil! Who's with me?"

Cassiel smiled. "Yeah, I think it's time we finished this. How do you guys suggest we find it?"

Melanthios looked around. "This won't be easy... I have never seen someone able to influece demigods before, especialy not so many at once.. I would suggest finding each and every demigod first and putting them to rest.. If we don't, they will surely rush to his aid and swarm us."

Cassiel nodded. "Funny enough. Seith has been watching this and told me we killed most of the demigods here. They seem to be our demigods, perhaps we should make a count? Or we could simply scry everything in the plane, that could work too."

The demigods? Who had Daare killed? He had killed Ven, and... who else? Who had fallen victim to him, under his ruse? He tried to think about it. Putting the glove on... and darkness. Wait... that wasn't completely true. Not completely darkness. That person had been locked up... it was... someone he knew, yet had never met. The one they called Maskelyne, it was that person he had killed, gruesomly. But why would he? "Is... only the demi-gods evil?" he muttered. Had he killed his father, without the other being evil?

That...was a good question. "As a matter of fact, who else managed to contact the gods here? I think Seith was trustworthy, but I have little proof for it...Melanthios, did you meet your double?"

"I met Melanthios... We shared memories and he decided he would like to live on, even if that meant living behind bars." He simply said, not being surprised that Seith had watched everything from within his cell.

"Did he seem trustworthy? That is the main issue here."

Melanthios glared at Cassiel. "Yes he was. He had been tortured for a long time, but he was still a lot like me.. I dare to bet my life on him being trust worthy."

"Ven killed Nivix, to stea his power." Daare remembered aloud. Three gods so far, that hadn't been evil. "If... Nivix had been alive, he wouldn't be evil, would he?" It was getting more apparant, his memories were returning more and more. "And... Maskelyne didn't... resist. When I... killed him."

After thinking for a while, Cassiel came to a conclusion. "Why not bait them? We do something that the Great One or whatever it is would never allow and force it to attack us. That could at least be worth trying."

"That might work.. And Daare don't worry, if he didn't resist then he probably didn't care anymore.. Torture can break a man, so you set him free and saved him from the pain he must have felt for thousands of years." Melanthios said trying to sound sympathetic.

"Yeah, we should force it to come out and then the cowardly thing will have no choice but to fight us!" Roe said excitedly in reply to Cassiel, "How should we do it? Call it bad names? Sing really loud? Make a joke about it's mama?" he chortled to himself.

Daare apreciated what Melanthios said, and smiled, as the carpet turned the normal way. The uncreative way. Thinking about what they would have to do was more important than who he had killed. Him? Or... something else?

Either way, he had to think of something. Anything. As the idea formed in his mind, he smirked more and more, until he started laughing, madly. It was all so clear! The glove was speaking to him, wasn't it?! Perfect! "I know what to do! We ask this!" He lifted his arm. "The glove! It's evil! It's... evil... very evil... it's under her control!" he looked at them with wild eyes, breathing heavily from all the laughing and yelling.

Cassiel's eyes got wide. "Did you take something from one of the demigods!? You fool! We don't know what they do! What if it..." No, now wasn't the time to panic. "Can it...talk?"

Daare nodded, frantically. "It talks to me all the time! It started when I got over here! It tells me to kill you! And slaughter you! And get rid of you! All for the great one!" He then added. "Not that I would listen to it, I---" his hand went up to his mouth. Obviously, it was the evil one. And it wasn't he who had done it. He pointed at it, jumping up and down on the carpet, trying to tell them to grab it or cut it off.

Melantios looked shocked at this turn of events and quickly grabbed the glove and pulled it off of Daare's arm. He quickly dissolved the piece of his shadows with which he had touched the glove with and it fell on the ground in between the gods. "Daare.. Never again touch an artifact, that we find on this side of the portal.. They are very dangerous." He said looking worried, he then glanced down at the glove. "I am sure you heard all of this.. Dark one. Come out and face us, or we will hunt you down and put you to the sword." He said sounding furious.

Daare could speak, as the arm was out of his face. "It's--- not just the glove... my arm is numb..." He conjured up a dagger. "It's not mine anymore." The mad god stabbed it. "I can't feel that..." He proceeded to hack off his arm, turning away so the others wouldn't have to witness it. He then laughed, turning around his arm was no longer connected. He held it in his other hand. "It's gone... Dark one! You wanted my arm?! Come down here so I can throw it at you!" It was clear he had lost what sanity he had.

This was bad, he was losing Daare. He couldn't afford to lose any more gods like this. Cassiel had to organize them now. "If you don't...I will destroy your plane of existence!" Cassiel didn't think it would let such a thing happen. The creature worked so hard for this plane...it had to work.

Cassiel lifted Stardust in the air and began focusing his energy into it. Flames to wipe out everything the creature had twisted, flames to cleanse the plane and let it start anew. Flames he hoped would be put out by the plane's god. He then turned to everyone else, seemingly asking for help.

"Yeah, come out of hiding evil thing or we'll catch you and chop you into a million billion pieces!" Roe shouted into the distance as loud as he could, before turning to Daare. "Hey, can I have that?" he asked, pointing to the dismembered limb, "It might come in handy," he added with a mischievous grin.

Melanthios looked at Cassiel and sighed. "So impulsive and so young... Still he isn't as bad as Seith." He focused as he stretched out his hand. "You took the children away from my brother... I will take everything away from you!" He shouted loudly as a spell because to focus in his hand, he poured all the magic he had into it and then fused it with Cassiel's sword.

The clouds began to split as a timid voice broke through. It seemed sickly and broken, as if that was the way it had always been. It coughed and gagged as it pleaded "No! Please! So much death today! No more!"

Cassiel smiled, his plan had worked. He brought down Stardust and canceled his apocalyptic action. He had won. "You ask for mercy, yet you have shown none today! Who are you?"

"Why did you stop Cassiel? We have to purify this wretched place and you... You deserve nothing but death or eternal suffering." He said his voice filled with anger and contempt.

Daare chuckled more. "There's no reason to ask who they are. They never answer! Now, get down here right now! Else I won't be nice, not at all." He looked over at Mel. "And if you want to purify, you purify! If you don't, you don't. But I belong here, and if you purify this place, I will be in need of "purifying". But hey, it might be fun!" He wayved around the arm some more.

Cassiel turned to Melanthios and whispered "We don't need to take this out on the mortals here, don't you think they can be saved? It was just a diversion, I never intended to kill anybody." Cassiel turned to it. "I ask again, speak or be destroyed."

The voice coughed again. "Disease! Disease is what you called me. You create then destroy me and my kin! Exile and attempt to kill again! I don't want to die! Just defending myself, just defending. Please!"

"Just defending yourself?" Melanthios burst out in laugher. "What a sickening thing you are, if you just defend yourself then why did you impression the gods and made everyone here suffer.. You will pay for your actions.. And Daare." He said as he turned to him. "He has corrupted a part of your mind... I can still help you restore your old mind.. You always had an unique way of seeing things, a way I could never dream off, a way which intrigued me.. Do not let him take your mind away from you and twist it so that you think like that filthy creature." He said as he looked back up at the sky.

Yeah, he's lying!" Roe exclaimed angrily in agreement with Melanthios, "He's the one that turned all of the other demigods evil, he's just pretending now so we don't kill him. Let's not show him any mercy!"

Daare looked towards Mel. "I'm... corrupted? I'm not! I'm... he is... my uncle. And I want to destroy him. It would be... a mercy, wouldn't it?" He then looked towards the voice. "DON'T YOU WANT TO DIE, UNCLE?!"

Akld'dali, Aweio'Lkkd, Ldaluk'ALukdj'Kjkd, Oiudls'Llu, KLUduci, KLAu...Just like last time." It began chanting and raving to itself. Cassiel thought something was clearly wrong here, but he couldn't just help the creature either. Those names though...

"It's a part of the Seven...the one who escaped death or imprisonment and took Tsuranote...it all makes sense now."

Melanthios turned white in anger and his dark shadows turned into white flames. "DON'T YOU DARE SAY THE NAME AKLADAI, OR ANYTHING CLOSE TO IT! YOU TOOK MY BROTHERS SON AND YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR LIFE!" He shouted as he began to focus energy into his staff and looking how it reacted. "Show your true face.. You bastard!"

"It has already been done then." The voice seemed calm now, almost resentful. The world around the gods began to transform and undulate. A pestilence was spreading and the entirety of Evalon became consumed in cancerous tumors. The entity was incomprehensible to a mortal, but the gods were able to see its true form, unadulterated pestilence.

"Hey, did you come to play now?" Daare asked, with a childlike innocence, mixed with raw madness. "Do you think you scare us? Or that anything can happen like you want it to?! Hah!" He gathered madness, and threw it towards the creature. A creature, like him. The madness was overwhelming him now, something had happened to disrupt the former balance. But he had more than enough madness.

Cassiel was ready for this. It had to end this way. The creature, even if it hadn't asked for this, even if it wasn't even evil, had to be destroyed. It had just gone too far now. There was no other option. Cassiel raised stardust and put the hopes and dreams of the mortals he had taken free will from into a massive ball of righteousness and flames. Cassiel hurled it at disease, the dark one, his target.
[6/16/13 2:33:22 PM] Floris: Melanthios focused as started the same spell as before, only this time much more focused.. Instead of destroying everything it would only take out one target. "Die creature of shadow!" He said as he pointed his staff at it and a bright beam of gold light flew towards the creature, which exploded into golden flames as soon as it hit it.

"Ah!" Roe cried as the ground under his feet swayed and bucked as if it was living flesh, the influence of the creature was growing. He saw Cassiel's attack and brought out Skye, converting the sword into a pistol in his hands. He brought up the gun and aimed it squarely at the Dark One. "Make my day, thing," he quipped and pulled the trigger.

Melanthios 28AP, 2MP

Melanthios could see that the attacks of the gods worked, the dark one was dead and his golden flames were now burning what was left of him. But he then suddenly he felt the earth shift around him, he instantly knew that he would be the one to pay the price for this victory. Before he could cast a spell, the disease had already taken a hold of his body. His dark form was instantly twisted by millions of boils as his skin, bones and flesh began to melt. He tried desperately to fight it back, but it was useless as he could feel his very core being corrupted. Just before it reached his mind he managed to complete his spell as he fell apart and rematerialized a few meters away from his rotting corpse.

This Dues Filli form suffered the same fate though and he could feel that he couldn't stop it in his severely weakened form. He focused and tried to save his body, but he was forced to once again abandon a now lump of rotting meat. He was now in his liquid form and the black goo began to form a new form. He managed to transform back into his shadow form, this one didn't seem to be poisoned.. Still his power was gone, it was clear that if he had been less then a second later with his spell he would have been gone himself as well. "You all fought well.." His voice barely a whisper now, his mind was less cheerful. "And once again I am the one that pays the price.. Just as when I killed Alish the void beast, I will be the one to bear the scar.. But it was worth it for this victory and I am glad that it was me and not Roe or Daare."



Disease collapsed into a puddle, his body dissolving into the blackened soil. All the gods, from Aen to Zareth and everyone in between, gathered in a circle around their deceased foe.

"It's done," Roe said simply aloud and all nodded in agreement. There was nothing left to do in the strange world of the portal but to find the way out and then perhaps form a pantheon, no-one knew what the future would hold but it seemed that all were weary of fighting after so many years. Roe made his way back across the desolate land of the other Almia and soon found the portal leading back to the Hallowed Court. He stepped through and gasped at what he saw on the other side. Woof lay in a pool of blood in front of him, Akladai slouched nearby in a similarly lifeless pose and pieces of scrap metal that clearly resembled Ven were scattered before him. The grass had been burned to charcoal and he looked at his feet at what seemed to be Pentar's dismembered leg.

"No!" Roe thought and then suddenly he realised something was wrong. He had seen Pentar's flesh completely devoured, and yet here his leg was, right at the young god's feet. "It's a trap!" he exclaimed aloud. He put his hands up and pushed against the illusion surrounding him, the last cruel trick of Disease. The image of desolation surrounding him retreated and was soon replaced by the beauty of the Hallowed Court. His young bride stood before him, a wide smile across her face.

"Roe!" Petal cried out and ran to give the god a hug, "You've been gone years and years, it's been so boring. We should take a long holiday together now. Away from all the mortals and politics, and fighting gods too!"

"We should," Roe replied with a contented smile, "there's just one thing I have to do first though..."

The Storyteller

"Now, this is where I come back into the tale," the Storyteller smiled, "It was ten years ago, just at the beginning of the fourth millennium. I had crashed my hover car in a terrible accident that would had left any mortal man broken and maimed. I however had accepted the Vigil strain many centuries ago, and so I instead woke alive and unharmed, though half naked and surrounded by bent and burning wreckage in the middle of Chama's densest forest. I was deeply afraid. Then suddenly he appeared before me, like a burning flame in the dark. His face was young and mischievous, his hair shining gold and he was dressed all in white."

"Who was he?" a small boy asked from the back.

"Haven't you been listening carefully, my boy?" the Storyteller chided gently, "Well, I had the same question in fact,"

"'Who are you?' I cried at the apparition, to which he replied in a booming voice, 'I am your Lord Roe, Hardy Sharulk! I have a great task for you,'"

I was taken aback by this revelation. 'Why me?' I spluttered.

'You are immortal, but unlike the Kinderven you are not a child. Despite your lack of belief in me, you have been loyal to the Rowan and Changeling peoples and respected the other races too. You alone prevented what could have been the bloodiest war in history and tamed Zabekiel. You are the greatest among the peacemakers.'

I was stunned by such praise from the holiest of gods, whose existence just five minutes ago I'd doubted. He then took me by the hand and showed me so many tales, from the very beginning of creation, to wars and races and old gods whose names have almost lost to time by this age. He took me through every story I have told you over these last four days and more, as if I was there watching as they actually happened. Finally after what felt like countless years, we returned to the empty forest in Chama alongside the wreckage of my car.

'Me and Petal shall be absent from this place for a time, your task is travel around Evalon and all the other worlds which honour us and to remind of them of all the gods' tales so they do not forget.' he commanded to me, I could do not more than nod 'First however there is one more story I must show you Hardy Sharulk,'

Again he took me and this time I saw an Evalon where our machines had failed us, a vast desert of ash spread from the mountains of Chama to Eva Lothi. The United Republic had fragmented into many nations, squabbling amongst themselves, the other worlds barely heard from. Poisonous dust surrounded the planet, choking offspring so they were often born terribly malformed and with little hope. Eld was similarly divided and in Quadringa, though more Kinderven lived there than any time before that, they lived under constant fear and few supplies since the cord binding them to Evalon had been cut. The peoples of these worlds were crying out but it seemed no-one was there to answer their prayers.

I then saw a great star flying down from the east over Evalon, descending like a lightning bolt towards Manor. It was the Lord Roe and his Lady Petal, who came down riding upon the loyal Woof brandishing between them the sword of love and the mandate of the bride. As they landed all those who did not have faith in the Lord Roe, whose hearts were filled with malice and selfish desires, whose childhood innocence had been all but extinguished, were blown by an incredible wind off Evalon into space and then burned up by the light of Niv until their body and souls were no more than dust.

I watched then as the planet and it's two moons were lifted upwards together, where they were met by the holy city Quadringa, plucked like a ripened fruit from Coelus. In the city's place a pit of unquenchable fire was left upon the diamond planet, which would burn forever more in memories of the fallen of past ages. Like Quadringa, those of other worlds who were loyal above all to the Lord Roe were also taken in an instant to join their brethren upon Evalon.

Together, the four bodies rose to meet the Garden of the Hallowed Court and from them a new Evalon came to be, for the first Evalon and first Gardens had passed away. There the Lord Roe sat upon a great golden throne alongside Lady Petal and they were crowned King and Queen of New Evalon. Their first degree was that all laws were to be abolished but no suffering was to take place for the divine children's presence forbade the very existence of evil in their realm. Finally, death itself was abolished and after that, there was no way to tell apart Rowan from Changeling, Ekiruru from Kinderven, adult from child. Pure blissful chaos would rule forever more in the garden of our Lord and Lady: Roe and Petal,"

"When is this going to happen?" a wide-eyed young girl asked quietly.

"Soon," Storyteller Hardy replied, "No mortal shall know the day but the Lord Roe promised that I and many who hear this tale today will still be alive to see it's final chapters come to pass. Now children, it's getting quite late and so you best go back to your homes for tonight. Never forget the stories I have told you, for I swear upon every drop of blood in my body that every word I have spoken to you is nothing but the truth. May the great pantheon of not only the Lord Roe but also the Lords Aen, Daare, M'endar, Melanthios, Nivix and Zareth, and the noble demigods and Cassiel, protect you and watch over you, forever and ever. Goodnight and sweet dreams, my children."

The End

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