[PDQ] The Grand Mythos Game Thread

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Olek; 30AP, 2MP

He was born fully formed, like an echo back from the greatness he was to forge. Thus his shape was that of Man, though no man had yet lived.

He was born, too, in a time of war. In his first moments he reacted on instinct, forging himself a great suit of armor. And when the time came to fight his attackers, he called up a great mace, that would in future times serve as the scepter of his rule over his nations.

With the mace in his right hand, he fought free of his attackers. It was not till then that he felt the contents of his left; a tiny homunculus that seemed tied to his very heart. He longed to flee and set the minuscule creature to seed, but there was a battle to be fought, and he knew that he was not one to flee.

As he swung round to the attack, he noticed others who fought back. One was struck down, and as he sprung to the rescue, he cried out the only word he knew.

"Olek!" he boomed, as he smote Hatred with his mace.

Vantric: 30, 2

"Well it was nice of you to visit me. And well more help is always appreciated, but first we would like to now your goal. If we have different goals then we can't work together."

It was a reasonable request. Vantric turned to face Melanthios again. "I have no great agenda, at the moment I only wish to begin creation of Life. Seith mentioned starting a project on that earlier. However, unlike him, I am interested in what every party intends to do. If we are to oversee creation, we could at least try to approach it in a somewhat concordant manner." It was all true as far as it went, Vantric thought. True, he did have plans for later, but those were irrelevant at the current moment. Perhaps if they could be turned allies, he could trust them with some of his plots.

He eased back into his chair. "But that's enough of my plans. What are yours? It goes without saying that I hope there is no conflict of interest."

Maskelyne. 30 - 2

Maskelyne heard cries of great catastrophe echoing from the distant gardens of Eldwaren. Giddy was his countenance as a slight jump threw him bounding toward the side of whatever might cause such stir. And it was to his marvel that the trees and verdant shrubberies descended to glistening yellow and palest black as his pursuit of the cacophony drew him deeper into the forest.

A gate of unfathomable design presented itself above the abutting hills and Maskelyne spotted his brother god and many others, beset by beasts of wild and speculative anatomy.

"My fellows," Maskelyne's whisper soared between the combating forms, commanding attention from all as quiet fear accompanies the night. "We have a most glorious scene presented, but our actors hide from speculation. Surely this would be -" Silence froze Maskelyne's words as a shivering shadow played across the God's mind, a foreign finger playfully caressing folds of psyche distinctly personal and maddeningly elegant. His vision was stolen, his canvas filled, by colors and form before unimaginable. A mind unlike his own whispered beautiful, impossible things with a quivering breath Maskelyne felt behind his eyes and voice that smelled of sulpher and honey.

The god blinked confounded, and felt the rhythm of his heartbeat. "What can this be? Who are you?" He said in amorous delight, a child before the intruder's majesty.

"Aweio'[/b]Lkkd." A voice like numerous symphonies played together responded, teasingly.

Maskelyne looked at his fellow gods and saw the purpose of their assault clearly; their stunning carelessness shocked him.

"Are you in danger, my fair Aweio'Lkkd?"

The voice only laughed.

Maskelyne clenched his fists and brought his voice to bare against the war that waged. "My fellows! Brother Nivix!" Maskelyne shouted past the storm. "These creatures of the void hold danger! They are vast and mighty! They must be countered, now, decisively, lest our world be ruined. But I claim Aweio'Lkkd! Do you hear me?! No harm shall come to Madness! She and her beauty are under my protection!"

The frigid shadow in Maskelyne's mind curled cat-like and a tongue of indescribable form wetly sampled a darkened corner of Maskelyne's soul. Aweio'Lkkd purred.

"You will have my help against her brothers of the void! But I declare Madness my ward! And I will accept no challenge."

Eldarwen - 18 AP, 1 MP

She quickly raised a barrier, only to see her garden corrupted by the eight beings that stepped through the portal. Three of them were as powerful as her, and they attacked them, but her shield protected her from their attacks. At first she thought that the first one was one of them, but it jumped in to aid Roe when he got attacked, shouting his name and she was glad to see that they weren't all enemies. That thought faded way too soon, as she felt the repulsive powers the new god possessed.

What have I done...

The portal was clearly a mistake, the garden had been corrupted by one of the new beings and brought a new god, which powers made her feel sick. The memory of something, the memory of her vision and war returned.

Maskelyne announced that he would protect one of her new enemies, which was just great. There was only two of the beings that had stepped through the portal which she wanted to kill. The others appeared harmless to her. And now the dramatist thought it was a good idea to take one of them under his protection.

Eldarwen felt like she was surrounded by too many enemies at one time, and retreated. Seith had wanted to speak with her, and so she teleported from the corrupted garden area to his observatory. Pentar was there as well.

"I think we made a grave mistake with that portal..." She told them, then turned to Seith. "Why did you call me here?"

Melanthios 23AP, 2MP

"I have no great agenda, at the moment I only wish to begin creation of Life. Seith mentioned starting a project on that earlier. However, unlike him, I am interested in what every party intends to do. If we are to oversee creation, we could at least try to approach it in a somewhat concordant manner." Melanthios was surprised by Vantric's goal. Though something made him suspicious about him. He wasn't sure what though. Vantric eased back into his chair. "But that's enough of my plans. What are yours? It goes without saying that I hope there is no conflict of interest."

Melanthios nodded. "No I don't have any trouble with you trying to maintain order among the gods. I was planning to expand the library with more knowledge, though first I was thinking of creating my own race." Melanthios was interrupted by a strange feeling. He felt new beings entering the realm, They felt hostile. Melanthios stood up, he had to find out who these new creatures were and what their goals were. He created a staff then he grabbed it and span it around in his hands. "Let's go outside and find out who these new creatures are." Melanthios looked at the 3 gods, he then turned around and headed for the door. He wondered which ones would follow him outside.

Roe - 26, 1

Roe cried out when the things burst out of the portal, he tried to run but his foot snagged on a root and he tumbled to the earthy ground. He looked around desperately for the other gods to help him but they were occupied fighting their own battles against the seven intruders. One of the beings, red eyed and pointed teeth dripping with malevolent shadow, rose above Roe and leapt upon him, tearing at the young god's arm with his razor sharp claws.

"Help me!" Roe shouted as he tried to wriggle out of Hatred's grip. Suddenly the creature was batted away by a terrible blow and it fled into the trees, howling in pain. The child gaped up at the dark figure standing before him, tears running down his fiery cheeks. The newcomer looked a little like Ailish, but had traded grace for immense size and was covered in black armour.

"Tha... thank you," Roe stuttered, staring admiringly at his saviour.

Vantric: 23, 2

Melanthios seemed somewhat surprised by his response, for what reason, he couldn't imagine. They would need to meet up more often, Vantric decided. There was definitely something here to work with.

"No I don't have any trouble with you trying to maintain order among the gods. I was planning to expand the library with more knowledge, though first I was thinking of creating my own race." It seems everyone is, Vantric thought. Still that only made the idea of working together more appealing. He couldn't say why, but something about creating sentient life was exhilarating.

Immediately, he tensed up. There was a shift in the air. Something had happened, something big, something bad. He shook his head slightly, this only proved his earlier assumption that some of his fellow gods couldn't be trusted to do anything right.

"Let's go outside and find out who these new creatures are."

Vantric nodded. Creatures? Perhaps some more late arrivals? Regardless he agreed with Melanthios that something hostile had come. He got up and started following the other god to the door, watching him will a staff into existence. A weapon would be needed, he decided, and felt a blade form in his right hand, and a dagger in his left. "I assume the others will need our help." He said.

Zareth - 30 AP, 2 MP

What followed felt like a crack of lightning breaking through Zareth's soul. Suddenly he could sense presences and power equal to his own. Melanthios was already arming himself. "Let's go outside and find out who these new creatures are."

"Agreed" Zareth replied.

He had a bad feeling about it even before he had reached the doors of the library as the sounds of panic and chaos soaked through the walls. As Melanthios opened the doors the sight that greeted them was horrifying. A dark hole in reality had broken open and from it poured forth a wave of dark, menacing creatures. They were like nightmares given flesh. They tore at the nearest gods with fang, claw and darkness. They were little more than animals given power beyond their understanding but then hadn't they all. Luckily the others seemed to be holding their own, all but Roe who had been knocked to the ground. Zareth was about to spring to the little god's aid when one of the new beings batted the dark beast off of him. The aura it gave off felt similar to that of the other deities. A late arrival? Well the more help the better.

"I assume the others will need our help." Vantric chimed in, radying himself for battle.

Rather than stopping to talk Zareth let his form flow out into the wind like an angry wraith. One of the dark beings had broken off from the pack and lunged at Eldarwen, the forest queen disappeared before it could make contact leaving the beast thrashing at thin air. Zareth took the chance to take advantage of its disorientation and slammed into its side. The two of them took to the air, flowing around creation and crashing into each other in flurries of action. Slowly but surely the two of them made their way away from the main group and away from the interference of the other intruders. The two of them continued to clash, altering their forms to rip into each other with talons and blades. Bit by bit Zareth shrunk himself down until to the great form of the creature he was little bigger than a fly pestering it and driving it into deeper fits of rage and shrunk itself down so that it could follow him. Just as Zareth had planned, this creature wasn't very bright.

Finally they fell to the surface of the world Roe had made. Their impact dug a deep gouge in the earth and ripped the ground asunder until they finally came to a stop. When the dust had cleared the two of them had left a deep canyon in their wake. Their powers raged on, each one trying to end the other. The shock-wave of their attacks blasting them away from each other. Taking advantage of the distance the two of them took a chance to catch their breath and stare down their adversary.

His mist form did not pack much of a punch and over the course of their flight Zareth had taken on a new shape. One of flesh and bone with night black hair and fiery blur eyes. He had taken a leaf from his opponent's book and given himself a pair of curved horns sprouting from his head. His slender fingers ended in wicked talons. The rest of his corporeal form was covered in a grey tunic.

He looked across the distance into the beast's glowing yellow eyes. They were sickly looking things, poking out from its ink black form like stars in the night sky. Something about it unnerved him. Words crept from its slavering maw like smoke. "We are the same you and I. Our purpose is clear. We are nothing but destruction, look upon me and see your future. Look upon me and despair." It opened its mouth and its cackling filled Zareth's ears, driving him into a rage at the thought that he could become such a sick perversion of creation.

He lashed out, sending forth all of his fury to destroy the abomination. "DIE!"

Eldarwen - 18 AP, 1 MP.

Eldarwen could hear Zareth screaming, with the intent to kill one of them. Instead of waiting for an answer to her question from Seith, she teleported back to the garden, ready to help the god who had aided her before. She couldn't see Zareth anywhere, but it seemed like one of them had been removed from her garden as she could only feel six now.

She searched for Zareth and saw him on the planet Roe had created, the only one who didn't have trees yet. He must have taken it there and she was thankful that they weren't tearing her garden up. Well, if Roe lacked trees that could always be fixed. Eldarwen increased her size, then took one of the trees from her garden in her right hand. Uprooting trees wasn't something she liked to do, but she'd make an exception now, and put it back somewhere else later.

Zareth may have gone crashing down into the planet, but Eldarwen descended slowly, her size creating quite the shadow on the surface of the new planet. She landed next to them and smiled, before swinging the tree like a club at Despair, who went flying again, but towards one of the forest populated planets where she'd be able to use her powers fully.

Eldarwen put the tree down in the ground in the canyon and hoped it would take root. She looked at Zareth, who appeared small now. "Let us tear him apart then."

The godess pursued Despair to her planet and found him, after putting her roots in the soil and searching for him. She teleported next to him, and her staff began glowing. The god was soon entangled with roots, just like Eldarwen, which she used to drain his energy into herself.

Maskelyne, 30 - 2

Maskelyne heard the crash. Everyone in creation heard the crash. It boomed discourteously across the vastness of everywhere, shouting disquiet horror.

Maskelyne turned and saw the cloud of dust, silhouetted from the light of Niv, sprouting like a funeral pyre from the hardened earth of Roe. And something bloomed in Maskelyne he'd never before acknowledged. Cultures far in the future would call this feeling "rage". In Maskelyne, it was something much more primal.

Maskelyne knew not what he intended. He saw his arms raise like a stranger's and watched his fists open in delicate stratagem. Strings of something invisible, unimaginable, laced between his open fingers streaming forth toward his first creation. His doves flocked and flapped and pecked, but their claws rang hollow against the doom these eldritch creatures summoned. That would be changed.

Never again would any interloper challenge Roe. Never would Niv be beset by assailants. Maskelyne swore on his eternal life and boundless powers that the creations of the gods would be held sacred, and protected from harm. And as the words passed from his, so did the lace.

And in the distance, a countless sea of doves grew sharp and dangerous. Their pristine white was preserved. But never again would an enemy think them simple folly, or easy prey. They would be carriers of plague. All plagues. And they would fly eternal watch around the God's most precious creations.

"My storm." Maskelyne whispered to the sea of avians. "Give no quarter."

Vantric: 23, 2

Vantric ran outside and immediately saw that something had gone horribly wrong. Eldarwen's garden had become darker, the trees had a sickly look to them, even the ground seemed rotted with some horrible affliction. Deeper in, he could make out something glowing and pulsating like a heart, he heard screams both those of the other gods and those of whatever else seemed to have come forth. Zareth tore ahead, blazing the way forward, staff held high. Vantric decided on a more subtle approach.

He ducked into the corrupted garden, darting from tree to tree, careful to keep an eye out for whatever seemed to be attacking. After several moments of darting and weaving around the trees he finally got to the center of the garden where he could see what had gone wrong. The other gods were surrounding a gate of some kind, he could only guess that Ailish had convinced the others to build her "gate to heaven" and that things had ended badly. Very badly. From where he was, Vantric saw Zareth blast onto the scene and throw back one of the creatures that was attacking the small one, Roe. He paused for a moment before darting further into the fray.

Vantric saw the creature begin to right itself, it was far from finished. He decided to get the drop on it before it could put up a fair fight. Moving quickly, Vantric dashed toward the creature, blade and dagger ready to land the first blow. The creature turned just in time to see Vantric rake the first strike across its body. It lashed out, but he was already backing off as the creature stood once more, clutching its side as a dark ichor began flowing out. Vantric smiled, What secrets do you hold, I wonder... He focused his powers and attacked the beast's mind, hoping to uncover what secrets it held.

M'endaxius - 27/30 AP, 2/2 MP

It simply watched as the other ran towards the apparent threat. It simply walked towards the corrupted section of the garden. M'endar similed. This time it wasn't itself that had wilted the flowers but some beings that had burst forth some sort of portal. At least the tree woman wouldn't get mad at it again. M'endar wondered why the other gods were taking steel to the creatures, or even why they had been unleashed here in the first place. Melanthios was nearby and was wielding a staff, he possibly was deciding what to do need. Well, M'endar had the answer. After all, the beings had been sealed in the void since the recent beginning of the universe, they could be sealed again. Maybe a petting zoo this time?

It strolled towards Melanthios, hopefully he would be open to the idea and said, "Why not seal inside of slaughter? Surely it is simpler?"

Melanthios 23AP, 2MP

Melanthios walked out of the library followed by the 3 other gods. He began to head to the place of the strange magic. The closer he got the filthier the magic felt, he saw a large portal like thing. And the world around it was corrupted. He then spotted the strange beings and the people fighting with them. He then saw M'endar walking over to him. "Why not seal inside of slaughter? Surely it is simpler?" M'endar said.

Melanthios looked at the creatures he felt their power. They could be locked up to be used again later. "Sounds good to me. Which one will be our first target?" Melanthios asked looking at M'endar. He began to charge his staff, he knew that locking one up would be hard. But the payoff would be worth more then the risk.

Pentar 22AP 2MP
Pentar turned to face Eldarwen as she appeared in the center of the room. "I think we made a grave mistake with that portal..." she said. Then, a shriek pierced the air and Eldarwen vanished, leaving Pentar and Seith looking at each other, baffled.

The sounds of battle woke Pentar from his surprise. "We should get down there." he said. "I sense a disturbance." That wasn't really the right word for it, but there was certainly something in their realm that didn't belong. Without waiting for Seith's response, Pentar teleported to the gardens.

As soon as he materialized, Pentar's senses were assaulted. The portal creatures each gave off an aura of a given trait, each more horrible than the last. But sticking out from this mess of hedonism and debauchery was one in particular. Pentar made to explore it's mind, but recoiled as soon as he did so. Not only was this thing of equal complexity to the other Gods, but it's mind was contorted beyond what Pentar ever imagined possible. Thoughts of Madness flew around in random patterns in a way that could only be described as insane. Pentar was revolted, disgusted beyond mere words. How dare a such twisted being exist in the same plane as the God of Order. It would compromise all that they have and will build if it was allowed to live.

"This will not do." Pentar said through clenched teeth. "This will not do at all."

With that, he marched into the battle, creating a war hammer in his hand as he did so. One of the other void creatures charged at him, but a swing of Pentar's hammer knocked it away. The God didn't even break stride. The clang of the hammer got the attention of Madness. It turned it's head to face Pentar, saliva dripping from it's disfigured mouth and claws shinning in Niv's light. It roared and ran at him, swinging those claws like weapons. Pentar shouted a battle cry of his own and sent a bolt of lightning at the foe through his outstretched palm.

M'endaxius - 27/30 AP, 2/2 MP

Its smile grew as Melanthios agreed to the idea. But which one would have the honour of going first? The one that most close to M'endar had gone, but its corruptive taint still remained. Another one had gone as well, but that was one M'endar considered trivial and a new god was bashing one that hissed in hatred as it recoiled from the blow. Three were somewhat occupied and four remained. It stared at those four, and thought about the choice, not that it would matter anyway, since all would join the lucky one in a prison made just for them. It eyed one and found a name: Ldaluk'ALukdj'Kjkd.

"Sounds good to me. Which one will be our first target?" Melanthios asked looking at M'endar.

"If it matters, then we take Ldaluk'ALukdj'Kjkd, or Darkness, first." M'endar replied with a grin, the name rolling off its tongue.

After all, these were distant cousins, no, distant ancestors of M'endar, remnants from a universe filled with hunger, madness, darkness, hatred, despair, disease and horror. Pandora's Box had truly been opened, but the matter of who and why would have to wait for another time. M'endar had chosen. Darkness would be its target and it would be first to suffer the Deceiver's wrath. But then, a god that reeked of order charged on ahead through the swarm of the void creatures, knocking aside. No matter, they were distracted now, now was the opportune moment.

M'endar stood with its hands and arms outstretched and concentrated on the job at hand. First M'endar would have to deceive Ldaluk'ALukdj'Kjkd with illusionary copies of itself, then a flurry of chaos, then a portal that would corrupt the land like the first would transport the creature to a special little plane of its own. No, it would be a vortex of chaos and corrpution, ready to suck Ldaluk'ALukdj'Kjkd in. M'endar began to carry its plan out, but then had another idea. It conjured a shield, just in case the worst happened. It writhed into existence, a black shield for a black heart.

Melanthios 23AP, 2MP

"If it matters, then we take Ldaluk'ALukdj'Kjkd, or Darkness, first." M'endar responded. Melanthios was curious about how M'endar knew his name. But it didn't matter right now, they would have time to talk later. Melanthios charged magic into his staff, as he waited for M'endar to attack. M'endar began by deploying copies of himself, then he called forth a giant vortex to suck Darkness in.

Melanthios focused. He used his knowledge of vortexes, combined with his magic to make the vortex larger and stronger. He also focused his magic into a second spell. He made a strong wind spell and shot it towards Darkness. Attempting to use the spell to push Darkness in. He didn't know if they would succeeded, but it was worth a try.

Olek, 30AP, 2MP

"Tha... thank you," the victim stuttered, gazing up at Olek. The being seemed young and innocent, out of place on the battlefield. Reaching out a hand, Olek hauled the other being upright; more, however, seemed necessary. He opened his mouth, learning the sounds even as he spoke them.

"It was... my pleasure" he said carefully, and was about to experiment further when Hatred reared up once more, bellowing rage. It reared up and roared, as if in challenge; Olek did not bother to respond with words, instead catching the beast off guard with a second blow.

Nivix - 19, 1

They came like a storm of chaos, pouring forth from the portal with no regard for sense or sanity. Their screeches and roars tore through Nivix's ears like needles, and their flailing limbs (if the perverted appendages could even be called such) lashed out at him with every bit of strength they could muster. It was only instinct that saved the god from the assault; he called out to the metal contraptions bound to his arms and they responded in kind, warping and shifting into shields for their master.

However, surviving the first clash would not be enough. Nivix could already see that some of his compatriots had not been so lucky; even with their new ally, they would be hard pressed to drive back this threat.

But then again, did they really need to? Even as the other gods roared out their battle plans and threw themselves into the fray, Nivix found himself scanning the monstrosities with a curious eye. Who were they to destroy beings such as these? Had they themselves not just been born into this empty world, only to bend and alter it as they saw fit? Maybe it would be best to allow these new creatures such freedom, to see what they would create or change. It would certainly be interesting, in any case.

"My fellows! Brother Nivix!" At Maskelyne's call, Nivix turned towards his fellow. "These creatures of the void hold danger! They are vast and mighty! They must be countered, now, decisively, lest our world be ruined. But I claim Aweio'Lkkd! Do you hear me?! No harm shall come to Madness! She and her beauty are under my protection! You will have my help against her brothers of the void! But I declare Madness my ward! And I will accept no challenge."

Nivix couldn't help but grin at the childish request. So, his brother wanted to collect one of these new creatures? Heh, then so be it.

But of course, there was more to it then that. Like the others, Maskelyne called for the destruction of these monstrosities, to destroy them before they could further corrupt this world. Hmmph. Well, in the end, who was he to go against the majority? If they wanted destruction, then destruction they would get!

"So, you want to kill these entities, do you? To slaughter them without mercy or pity, to reduce them to utter and absolute nothingness?" As he spoke, his voice little more than a whisper, Nivix reformed his equipment yet again. The metal bent and shifted, flowing like liquid until it encased both his hands in solid, yet flexible, gauntlets. "Ha!" he continued, roaring out with laughter as his armaments were set alight, blazing with all the power of Niv's heart. "Then so be it! My fires will burn them until they are naught but ash! Come brother, friends, fellows! Let us destroy these interlopers until they hinder us no further!"

As Nivix's voice grew louder and louder, the flames spread from his gloves until they encased his entire form. Heat poured from the god in waves, reducing the already corrupted plants around him to dust. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Nivix charged forward and latched onto the one they called Madness, ignoring her pained cries as his gauntlets burned her flesh. "Brother!" he cried as he leaped skyward, dragging his unwilling passenger behind him. "Here is your prize! Take her and do as you will!"

Seith 23, 2

Seith was watching from above as his allies were mercilessly attacked by these creatures from beyond the portal. Eldarwen had quickly flashed in and out of his observatory but Seith was beyond noticing her. He wasn't just mad at them, he was furious. He wanted to destroy them, no, no that would be a waste. He would make them his, his and his alone. They would fix what they have done, right their wrongs if they wanted to or not. This was unacceptable, justice had to be done. It would be done!

Pentar grabbed his hammer feeling the disturbance but Seith motioned towards him and said "Noble Pentar, that will not be nessecary. I have something prepared for just this occasion. All I request is your aid and possibly a few of the other's."

Seith could imagine them all, the stars were created by another, but their power was his. His to command and his to use. Their purpose would serve to further his. They were symbiotic and they were the same. Through that, they gave him purpose, the purpose to save, to purify, to lead. The creatures of the dark would rue the day they stood against Seith. He would make sure of it.

Turning around, Seith entered the middle of his observatory, all of the mirrors on the outer edge were pointed towards the stars, each one. All of them, his light, his gift, his power. They began reflecting off other mirrors into three in the center. All it would take was one last adjustment. He spoke to the other gods.

"Friends, allies. This attack on us can not be allowed to go unpunished. I can see the most powerful of them, I am targeting it, I need aid for this, forget alliances, forget domains and barriers and help me preserve us all!"

With that, Seith prepared his most powerful weapon. The mirrors were uncovered and light from every star shined into one concentrated location, engulfing horror. It wasn't enough though, Seith contributed his own essence to this attack, his own light. The ray was blinding before, but now even the darkest pit of the galaxy could see what Seith was doing. The beam was pulsating and shined with the glow of trillions of stars. He yelled at his maximum volume. "REPENT, FOUL CREATURE!"

Roe - 26, 1

The newcomer helped Roe up, he was evidently still learning how to control his own movements as he pulled Roe a few inches off the ground before letting him drop lightly onto his feet.

"It was... my pleasure," he said slowly, but before Roe could reply Hatred emerged from the shadows of the trees again and leapt upon the new god, claws flashing. The dark being was struck down by a mace blow but didn't retreat this time, apparently enraged by it's humiliating retreat a few moments before.

Roe dived back and sheltered behind a small boulder, watching the duel unfold with wide eyes. He willed his saviour to win but there was little he could do to help except... the young god remembered when just a few minutes earlier he'd helped Eldarwen create the forest planets by thought alone, perhaps he could do the same here? He focused on the fight, not really with chaos but more with something-else, something he couldn't quite put a name on but he felt deep within his soul. He only hoped it would be enough.

Seith 23, 2

As Seith was firing his laser, he noticed that his fellow gods were ignoring his request for help. Shocked, he noticed he was now in actual danger.

There wasn't another option, Seith switched to heat power on the laser and tried to weaken the creature with his own mind attacks too.

Olek; 30AP, 2MP

As he fought, Olek felt a warmth stir within him, filling him with energy and conviction. The source came, he felt, from outside, but also seemed to stem from the tiny being he held in his left hand. Swinging his mace again, he sent Hatred staggering. In the pause gained, he altered his armor, creating a niche in his which he set his tiny child. With the First Man safely hidden away, he turned and saw behind him the other being, who he had saved. Their eyes met, and Olek nodded, acknowledging the aid.

Then Hatred roared, and all his world was battle once more.

Yet in the perfect rhythm of titanic forces, in the ebb and flow of warring gods, Olek found a strange peace. Even as he fought fiercely, a part of him released itself and soared out, through the world and into the places between. He saw the sun and the stars, filled with life that was not his, and he let his vast perception engulf it all and make it know to him.

Then the stars flickered. Once, twice and again, the stars wobbled, and Olek felt a great power pulling at them; someone was stealing the very stars. Incensed with rage, he reached out with what he could to hold it back. He knew not with what, but he fought none the less.

And in the flickering light, he saw also the dovestorm, knew it's beauty, and felt the changes within it. Delighted, he fuled it with his own power; the doves would be more than simple animals. They would be machines of divine conception; perfect in design and function.

Vantric: 23, 2

Vantric gave ground slowly as the creature lashed out once more. He was waiting for another opportunity to strike at the monster another being came up and smashed the beast with a great mace. Vantric backed up more in the presence of the new being. It was attacking the monster, which was good, however what else it wanted was questionable. He kept on his guard.

The creature rose up again, focusing on the armored man, Vantric stayed at the edge of the fight, still uncertain whether to continue fighting or not. After a moment, he caught sight of Roe just behind the armored figure. The young god seemed to be doing something and his eyes were locked on the armored man. Vantric's gaze returned to the fight and he saw the armored man's mace fly more wildly against the monster, and he pieced together what was happening. Roe was using his powers on the armored man, he was trying to get him to win.

Vantric considered the situation for another minute, before circling around the back of the creature. Fortunately, it was too engrossed in its battle with the new arrival to notice as he positioned himself. He got ready, then dashed forward and lunged toward the beast, lashing out with his blades.

The Storyteller

The battle was furious and brutal. Olek, seeing Roe struck by Hatred, created a great mace- striking at Hatred, felling the beast with a single great blow. Whilst Hatred struck at the god, he was unable to get a solid blow in before the hammer carried him away, Vantric tearing into the beast's mind as it fell. Roe, hiding behind Olek, did not see Disease come up from behind, striking the Child God with a devestating blight.

Meanwhile. Zareth grabbed Despair, throwing him to the surface of Roe, the site of the impact becoming the Ghost Father's Crag. While the fall did not kill the beast, Eldarwen trapped Despair, draining his power away, rendering Despair's attack against Zareth ineffective.

Back up at the Hallowed Court, Pentar closed in with the beast of Madness. As he got closer, the deity started to see visions of insanity, perhaps because of this, Pentar's blow was unable to connect properly with the leviathan.

As the gods fought, M'endar faced off against Darkness, trapping it within a web of lies. By the time that Darkness managed to figure out what was happening, it was already being moved to another plane. In a last ditch attempt, it lauched a small gem into the void, it's colour a black darker than the void between stars.

At the observatory, Hunger struck out at Seith trying to bite into him, but was turned by the god's aura of enlightenment. Undetterred. Horror raced towards Seith, tearing into the god's mind with visions of utter terror. However, Maskelyne sent his doves, their talons and beaks ripping into the void beasts' flesh, overwhelming it. Managing to reach a small amount of sanity, Seith concentrated the vast power of the stars into a single beam, striking the falling Horror, rendering it into a state similar to unconsciousness.

Outcomes so far:

Void Beasties: Hatred is out, Despair is out, Darkness is imprisioned, Horror is out. Hunger is unharmed, Madness is unharmed, Disease is unharmed

Gods: Pentar Loses 2 Ranks from getting mentally ripped a new one by Madness, Roe loses 3 ranks from being blighted, Seith loses 7 ranks from being reduced to a gibbering mess by Horror. Sorry mate, he rolled 23, you rolled 16.

Olek; 30, 2

A crushing blow laid Hatred low, and it lay motionless upon the ground as its foul blood stained the earth of the Garden. But it still lived, just about, its eyes still glaring its contempt; this changed as Olek strode towards it. As he placed the head of his mace under its jaw, there was only fear in the beasts eyes.

Driving the mace upwards toward the base of Hatred's skull, Olek willed the power of the fallen god to become his own. The beast screamed as sheer force of will peeled back it's flesh, and it's skull became one with the mace.

Olek admired his mace, gloating over the skull of his fallen enemy as he felt the newly taken power stir within his artifact. He was shocked out of his reverie by a scream; turning, he saw his erstwhile ally writhing under the attacks of Disease.

Rising, he hefted his mace. As he strode forth with thoughts of violence in his mind, he felt strength pour outwards from the mace. Disease was given no warning; the Mace of Strife smote it with all the rage that Hatred once held.

Melanthios 23AP, 2MP

Melanthios smiled as Darkness was absorbed into the void, he turned to M'endar. He spotted one of the beings, being knocked back on the observatory. He could feel the unending hunger coming from it. He decided that he would take down 'Hunger', he had bigger plans for him. Melanthios send a message to M'endar and Zareth. "Brothers I request your aid in defeating Hunger. I would be indebted to you, if you would be so kind as to help me." With the message sent Melanthios flew up.

He stopped in front of hunger, and prepared an spell. He looked for the weakest point on Hunger's body. And once he had seen where it was, he pointed his staff at Hunger's weak point. And a beam of pure arcane energy shot from his staff. The beam was completely black and it was fired at Hunger, it was meant to disable him.

Vantric: 23, 2

It was over in a few moments. The creature fell, its mind rent apart by his power, and its body crushed by the warrior. Vantric inspected the fallen beast. It was alien, even more so than any of the other gods. What was it exactly, he wondered, Where did it come from? Are there more? Questions, questions. This creature posed an interesting puzzle. One he'd love to figure out at some later point.

He'd had some access to the beast's mind before it died, though that had told him little. It was a monster driven almost entirely by raw hatred, and apparently only focused on what it hated and destroying what it hated, which constituted almost everything. His quiet contemplation was interrupted when the warrior combined his mace with Hatred's skull and an ear-splitting scream tore through the air, as he forged some odd new monstrosity of a weapon.

When it was done, another scream began, this one from behind them. A scream coming from the child, Roe. The warrior strode forth, mace raised high. Vantric shrugged and followed at a distance. As the warrior engaged the monster, he crept around the beast's flank. He waited for an opportunity. It appeared as the beast reared back to slam down on the warrior, and Vantric rushed in on it, driving his blade into it before backing away.

Ailish 1, 26

She felt the moorings of purgatory loosen as their magic too hold. From the corner of her eye she saw the garden's creator with the concern painted on her face. That concern... was not unjustified. Somewhere Ailish understood that if they reached the heavens, it would be in desperate need of repair, and the garden itself may suffer its repercussions. But she did not expect what would come next.

The goddess was on her knees at the horrors that emerged, not because of the malevolent passions she felt or their intent. She saw faces in the seven. Each curled into a pitying glare. Somewhere in her soul she knew them, but her mind could not remember the names. It was not the sheer amounts of data that hid their identity, they just did not exist; they were unknowns in all but memory. Possibly the omission may be an enchantment placed to hide their true forms, but this lapse implied something happened in the heavens. Something unspeakable...

'Help us!'

By the time Ailish returned to the present she saw that the seven had already attacked, and her fellow gods and goddesses have retaliated. Voices shouted over what could or could not be done. And then many had left the garden to take the fight beyond. Something had to be done with these seven things, and she agreed. The goddess left the garden feeling empty inside.

Outside the garden, she looked for the one called Horror; between the seven old strangers it was this one that drew the goddess' attention. Fragmented as it were the creature was the bridge between love and wisdom - corrupted as it was. What was supposed to be the moment of discovery, of truth, of actualization, was now anxiety over the future.

'If the heavens are to be fixed, Oiudls'Llu must remember.'

The trail of fear took her to the tower where Seith resided; its unspeakable form lay motionless before the master, with the aura of directionless fear cloying the room. She could only imagine the fight that happened, but they were far from finished. Something needed to be done to make Horror let go of his own fears. And it was that sentiment that gave Ailish an idea.

First she turned to the indisposed god. She would need his support, much like he needed hers.

"I'm sorry for what happened..." The goddess admitted, a look of pitying sorrow plastered on her face. "These strangers are broken, but there may be a chance to fix them. And this one is the key to putting them back together. I need your help. Whatever wisdom they can share will be yours in return, but I must know if they remember... I'll let you think about it."

With those words she turned back to the eldritch one. Her face as red as a ruby as her idea played though before acting on it. Ailish kissed the lips of Oiudls'Llu... Or at least she believed they were lips...

Zareth: 28 AP, 1 MP

Arriving on Eldarwen's forest world, Zareth found the forest queen standing over the defeated creature, now tangled and bound in the roots of a tree. "Well that went well." He said striding up to the green goddess. The two of them stood triumphant before the fallen beast. Its yellow eyes dimming in the forest twilight.

Zareth knelt down to get a better look at it. All the anger he felt towards it had left him, with the fight done he had time to calm himself. Now all he felt was pity for the poor creature. All the sorrow it had tried to corrupt him with had turned inwards. It was broken. Like an animal it had been beaten, chained and now without hope of escape... waited numbly for death.

It looked up at him. The effort it took to move its head seemed to drain it. "Do it." It coughed. "This is what we exist for." The way it accepted, embraced, this fate was enough to make Zareth hesitate. How could he have been so ready to kill this poor soul? Looking at it now he knew what it said was true. They were the same. He reached out and touched its scaled face.

"You opened my eyes and for that I thank you. You and I may have been made with great destructive power but that will not define us. We will find our purpose in this world and achieve great things together, you and I."

Despair's eye's lit up with disbelief. "What are you rambling about? Finish what you started death god!"

Zareth couldn't deny that part stung him a little. "I'd rather start something else. You don't want to die anyone can see that, you fought too hard to live. But why does everything die? To make way for new life. Your life here is over, if not by my hand then by hers." He said nodding to Eldarwen. "So what will it be?"

The void creature sighed, its life slowly ebbing away, it knew it was only a matter of time before the end came and the horned god was the only way out he could see. He reached out to the death god.

"Good." Zareth said and plunged his hand deep into Despair's chest, taking its heart in his taloned fingers. The death god's power surged into the dark figure, purging it of all its darkness and sorrow and bit by bit began to craft him into a new form. As the power coursed through their veins Zareth let out a long breath and brought the full force of his will to bear.

Eldarwen - 14 AP, 0 MP

The power she had just absorbed was dirty and it took a couple of minutes for her to purify it. Zareth arrived on the forest planet and began talking with the beast, at first she was surprised it could talk, but it had been rather powerful before she had absorbed its power. That wasn't neccessarily a sign of intelligence though. It surrendered itself to the death god. Eldarwen felt like she should have known what he was the god of, but before Despair had said it, she hadn't thought of him as death. Now that she knew, she felt safer. Maybe it was because he could have been anything, and knowing that he was just the end of life was reassuring.

She chose to help him turn the beast into something else, something good. Not that she cared much, it didn't have the ability to hurt her domain anymore and might as well have been killed. She did it because she hoped to forge a stronger alliance with death. It was an important part of nature, which could be brutal.

If they both combined their powers they could turn it into a child of death and nature. It could be the first step to ensure peace between them. Eldarwen used the connection she had with the creature, to infuse it with her own powers.

She could feel Zareth through her roots. After she had poured the same amount of her powers into it as the death god, she removed her roots from it and took a look around. The forest was dense and warm, the very definition of a jungle. It was too quiet though, even if she heard something large walking through it, not that far away. It was a walking tree, Seith had created something interesting no doubt. There were no birds, no animals and no kami though. The latter would never exist, not after their betrayal, but here she felt that she could create a stronger race.

Eldarwen felt hesitant at first, but then she spoke.

"I know you can hear me. My daughters, I can feel you. The sun is shining and the universe has just begun, but this is the time to awaken if there ever was one." After she had spoken, she tapped her staff against the ground. At first nothing happened, and she thought she had failed, or that they didn't want to listen to her. Then a couple of hands reached up from the ground, completely green and covered with the plants that had been there. She watched them slowly rise from the ground, naked and most of them were green, even if some had different flowers in their hair.

She felt fear, as they seemed so fragile to the new world and the creatures that would exist within it, so she turned to Zareth.

"Will you aid me? These women are no fighters, but that does not mean they could not be deadly. They are as mortal as anything else, but that does not mean they should need to fear you. Lend me your power over death, to make them poisonous and chase the fear of death from their minds."

Eldarwen would name them the Ekiruru, the women of nature, of which she would be the queen. They would be sorceresses, and capable of more than killing or destroying, which she already doubted the other mortals would be. They didn't need males, instead they would pull each other from the ground or the trees.

M'endaxius - 27/30 AP, 2/2 MP

Darkness was consumed by the web of lies the Deceiver wove and M'endar smiled. Only a few of the void creatures remained now. He turned to face Melanthios, who returned the smile and was turning to face him and requested aid with the capture of Hunger. But, an ebony gem blacker than the void the creature came from was expelled by Darkness as the creature realised it was being captured. M'endar had to restraint itself from flying over the gem and hissed as another god threw her staff after it in a vain attempt to... Well, M'endar didn't exactly know what that would accomplish, if anything at all.

"Brothers I request your aid in defeating Hunger. I would be indebted to you, if you would be so kind as to help me."

In reply, M'endar said with a chuckle, "Not sealing, not slaughtering, but stunning!"

M'endar unleashed more of its real form, the figure now half a humanoid blob with arms outstretched as it could feel the birth of something new occur. Oh yes, M'endar will help with both Melanthios' endeavor and the birth of this new race. It flew up after Melanthios and split the beam into a chaotic whirlpool, using it's powers of deception to cloak Melanthios and its presence and gave the beam a corruptive bite. Then M'endar infused the new race with the essence of chaos. As this race would have to be wild to survive the wild world it was born on. Hopefully the assistance would be welcomed.

Zareth AP 22, MP 1

As Zareth pulled his hand out of Despair's chest the dark creature's form began to fluctuate and spasm. He had done all he could for the fallen form, now he would have to wait and see whether his work would take hold or not. Eldarwen had crafted a bow for him from the ether of the forest. Zareth took it in hand and placed it by the hunter to be. He was sure Despair would like his new purpose and the life it gave him. He would would have to think of a new name for his new servant.

All around him the forest world of Eld was coming to life as Eldarwen let her voice ring out throughout the leafy canopy. It was so thick Zareth could barely see the sky beyond the leaves. he had to admit this world of summer twilight was a beautiful sight to behold. Out of nowhere a small green hand sprouted from the ground and began to clutch at his tunic. Eldarwen turned to him, her emerald eyes aglow with energy.

"Will you aid me? These women are no fighters, but that does not mean they could not be deadly. They are as mortal as anything else, but that does not mean they should need to fear you. Lend me your power over death, to make them poisonous and chase the fear of death from their minds."

He smiled weakly at her. "I suppose there's no denying it now. To myself or others." He took a deep breath, he would not be proven a hypocrite so early on in creation, he would use his power to help better the lives of these creatures of Eldarwen's. He ran the talons on his left hand across the palm of his right hand. slicing it open and letting a few drops of blood, the colour of the sky at dusk, flow freely and drop into the outstretched green hand at his feet.

A symbolic gesture more than anything but the seed had been planted. At least that seemed like the most fitting expression to him at the time. He turned to Eldarwen. "Let this seal our bond forever. May your daughter grow and prosper knowing that their mother fought for them and that the death god shed his blood for them. And would do so again without hesitation. Others will say that poison flows through their veins, let them hold their heads high and know it is the strength of their parent gods." With that he gave a flourish and bowed before Eldarwen, stepping closer to her as he rose so that the two of them were as close as dancing partners. "And I'll tell you now every predator will think twice before taking a bight out of them." He whispered in her ear.

With that he spun on his heel, laughing to himself as he strode through the forest. It felt good to finally embrace his power.

Suddenly a voice rang through his ears. "Brothers I request your aid in defeating Hunger. I would be indebted to you, if you would be so kind as to help me."

It was Melanthios, engaged in battle. Apparently the creatures from the gate were not done yet. Zareth would not risk his physical interference leading the beast back to eld and the sapling mortals. Instead he let his essence drift out into the ether until he found Melanthios, locked in combat. Concentrating on the beam shooting from his staff, Zareth concentrated his power into Melantios' staff. Giving his attack the kick it needed.

Give him hell, brother.

Roe 20, 1

Roe silently cheered on Olek from his hiding place as the new god smashed Hatred into the ground, he was so focused on the battle in front of him that he didn't notice Disease crawling up behind him. The grinning void creature grabbed him from behind and the young god screamed in horror, biting the thing's claw until it dropped him. He kicked it in the groin but this seemed to have little effect on the creature, it leapt back and then onto him again, pinning him to the ground this time. Disease's long nails dug into Roe's skin, pain shooting up his arms. He cried out even as he saw Olek coming to his aid and a fresh wave of tears ran down his face, dripping in their multitude into the void.

His tears fell downwards and flew towards the solar system; many of them eventually freezing over time and became dirty blocks of ice, only visible to the mortals who dwelt upon the inner planets when they flew too closer to Niv. One tear had a different destiny however. This giant mass of water shot through the darkness, as straight as a bullet, towards the planet Roe. The celestial doves circling the planet dived out of the way at the last moment when they saw the tear drop emerging from the inky blackness, squawking in panic. With a gigantic crash the water smashed upon the centre of Roe, carving out great basins and cliffs from it's bare rocks. All around the planet aack fled from the crashing waves, some managing to crawl their way to safety on high ground, others being swept away to their deaths by the rising tide.

In time the new ocean would settle down, leaving a planet with three great continents and numerous smaller islands dotted around, it would always retain it's saltiness however to remind mortals of it's origin. The drowned aack sunk to the sea bed and in time their bodies decayed to become the slimy creatures which first swam in the virgin oceans: the sea slugs, anemones, worms and plankton which would form the basis of future food chains.

Seith 23, 2

Seith was in his observatory after the...mess. Horror was a powerful opponent and while the beam had annihilated it, the creature still managed to do an insane amount of damage to Seith. He felt drained, as if a great amount of his power was gone. It was in his intention now to do what he could and to avoid letting the others onto his secret. The good news was that Ailish seemed to be less concerned about how it happened, and more concerned about her own goals. Selfishness was something Seith could rely on for more than one task.

First came first however, the god got up from the floor of his observatory and cast his light everywhere. Drowning out the stench of horror that invaded his sanctuary. The day he let his home become the breeding ground for evil was the day he trusted Vantric more than a little bit. He smiled at the thought but began thinking. He had an idea to add to his form, perhaps as a bit of solace in losing his powers. Something told him they would return, slowly.

Seith had gotten assistance from the doves in defeating horror, so in return he figured he could take on a bit of their likeness. The god of light sprouted wings from his back, growing out several meters before becoming like the rest of his body, translucent and with ever changing lights. He admitted the change in appearance was quite stylish.

Now onto the matter at hand. He was mad at Ailish, she had unwittingly unleashed those things upon him and his fellow gods, but she seemed mildly sorry about it so Seith was going to move on to more important things, like Horror. Before Ailish could touch it, Seith figured he would initiate the process and touched the top of Horror's head.

"I have defeated you, but know I am not a creature of violence, you are broken now but faith can heal you. Just do everything I tell you to do."

Pentar 22AP 2MP
As soon as the lightning left his finger tips, Pentar felt a blow to his mind. He staggered, and the lightning bolt missed by several feet. The God fell to one knee, clutching his head as Madness pounded him with wave after wave of insanity. Only through focus and sheer willpower was Pentar able to break the attack, but the damage had been done. He felt at least partially drained, as if his power had been sapped from his being. But there was no time to ponder this; the twisted form of Madness was advancing on Pentar, slowly walking towards the downed God. Pentar let it get closer until it stood only a few paces away. Madness raised its wicked claws to strike a killing blow...


Pentar's hammer was raised to block the attack, locked with the creature's claws. He raised his head to look Madness in the eyes. "I will not be bested in my own realm, beast." said Pentar, and sent a great wave of electricity through the hammer.

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