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Pentar 29AP 2MP

Pentar stood behind Erik's chair, invisible. As he had expected, the other Dwarves in the chamber, each the Head of their respective clan, were being difficult. The chamber in which they stood was the conference room of the old Royal Palace. Pentar remembered when this building had been rich and lavish, but now it only stood as a bare and broken monument of an age long past. In the court yard outside, several hundred of Erik's Disciples milled around, eagerly awaiting the outcome of the meeting.

In the room, Erik's only concern was whether or not he would live another day. The Head of the Gante, Furan, was in support of him, but all the other Heads detested the idea of unity. Neither Erik nor Pentar would put it past them to kill Erik here and now. "This is non-sense." said Devden of the Minakr for the hundredth time. "The current system has worked for millennium. I see no reason to change it now." The others nodded their agreement.

"But that's just it." Erik said, the motion of his hands expressing his enthusiasm. "It work's, but unity would work better. Think about our ancestors, how they carved out this city and raised Dwarfkind out of primitiveness. And all of it was under a single ruler."

"You've made this argument a thousand times." said Relvar, Head of the Intende. "Unless you have anything else to say, this counsel is done with."

"Fine then." Erik fumed. "If you won't listen to me, maybe you'll listen to your people." He got up and stormed to the balcony that overlooked the court yard. After a worrying glance at each other, the Heads of the Houses followed him. The crowd outside hushed as they saw their leaders approach. Erik faced the crowd. "Tell me Loth Ringard, do you want unity, or separatism!?"

"UNITY!!!" the crowd bellowed, nearly loud enough to shake the masonry beneath Erik's feet.

Relvar's face was contorted in anger. "Enough of this!" he shouted. He drew his sword and placed the tip against Erik's throat. "Let this child serve as an example for all of you." he said, addressing the crowd which now starred in horror. "Any last words, boy?" he spat in Erik's face.

"Put the sword down, mortal." said a calm but forceful voice from behind the Heads.

The seven Dwarves on the balcony turned to see the form of Pentar, in full armor, striding towards them. Although he wore an expression of calm indifference, anger radiated off of him. He approached Relvar, who still held the sword to Erik. "I said, put it down."

Relvar's face seemed to switch between several different emotions before finally settling on angry exasperation. "And just who in Evermoor are you?"

Pentar smiled. "I'm glad you asked." He marched past Relvar and Erik to look out at the crowd. "Relvar has asked me who I am!" he announced. "Your people know me by many names. To some I am the Mountain Father, to others, the Great Judge. Some believe I am real, but many more think I am but a myth. Let this, then, be a message to all Dwarves." He turned back to Relvar. "I am Pentar, God of Order, Justice, and the Creator of the Dwarves, and the 'boy' you now hold a sword to is my chosen prophet! So I beseech thy once more, lower the damn sword!"

Even as Relvar complied with his jaw agape, another Head spoke up. "Just how do you intend to prove this, 'Pentar'?"

Pentar raised an eyebrow at the Head in question. He was certainly a brave one. Pentar lifted his head to the ceiling of the great cavern. In one swift movement, he shot out his hand and send a lightning bolt towards the ceiling. It lit up the court yard brilliantly before dissipating harmlessly into the stone. He turned again to the Heads. "Can any Dwarf do that?"

The Heads only stared at the spot on the ceiling where the lightning hit. Pentar turned back to the crowd. "As I was saying." he began again. "Erik is not only my prophet, but the rightful king as well. He will lead your people to unity and prosperity!" The court yard erupted in applause. "And to cement his legitimacy, I give to him my hammer." With that, Pentar, with all his might and almighty power, knelled before King Erik with his outstretched palms holding a steel warhammer. Erik, in his awe, could only stare at Pentar for a moment before regaining his wits. He took the hammer with both hands and lifted it above his head. It was surprisingly light for it's size. Pentar raised himself again and stuck a fist into the air. "All hail King Erik the Strong!" he shouted, and the crowd burst into cheering and applause.

"Did you enchant them somehow?" Erik asked as he looked out on his followers.

Pentar placed a hand on his shoulder. "I didn't need to."

Eldarwen 20

She entered the dining hall, after making sure that most of the Battle born had flown of to do battle. She found Sonitus sitting with her feet on the table, eating out of a jar, though she couldn't remember them serving any such food. Eldarwen wondered where she had left Auctor, when she saw her seated in a chair with her head on the table. Auctor had not regained consciouness yet.

Eldarwen took a seat herself, on the far side of the table. Sonitus urges and affection for her mother made her slightly uncomfortable. The singer was licking her fingers clean of the black treacle that looked familiar, as Ailish had been eating the same stuff hours ago.

"Did you steal it?"

Sonitus shook her head, and put the jar down. "I did no such act and am shamed you would think so low of me. It was merely here when I showed up with my sister." She gestured to Auctor next to her.

Eldarwen picked up a green round fruit and ate it. She didn't know what Ailish's jar was supposed to do anyway, but it could be used to get the godess to aid them again. Was that blackmailing? Perhaps, but if she really wanted it back she would probably be willing to do whatever she asked of her. Was it wrong of her to do that to a friend? Were they allies then?

Sonitus moaned loudly, and stopped her from continuing her line of thought. "It just tastes so good, mother. You should try some." She climbed onto the table, and walked towards Eldarwen. The food fell onto the floor to make room for her. The servants would be pissed, but they were mortals, unable to do harm to the demigod. The singer tripped and fell, sending the jar of honey flying through the room. It didn't break, but some honey was spilled on the floor. A clear laugh resounded through the room, then Sonitus crawled the distance between them on her knees and hands.

"Mother, what are we going to do next? Your plans excite me. Can I fight the hunter again?" She stopped right in front of her and she could feel her breath against her face. Sonitus had honey on her lips and some on her fingers.

"I have ideas..." Her next action would require more power than she could bring forth on her own though. She did have the two demigods to help her, but Ailish and Zareth would probably be willing to aid her if she asked for it. "I may need to leave you in charge for a short while." It was hard to think that Sonitus would make a competent leader, but she shouldn't be gone for long. She wanted to see what had happened on the other planets and what the other gods had been doing, before chosing a course of action.

"I was hoping we had time for some love before that..." Sonitus put her fingers on her lips, leaving some of the honey before pulling away. She had no time for that, maybe the queen had been able to relax and engage in her beauty, but the godess did not.

"I am afraid not."

The singer pouted, but it soon turned into another smile. "Just a kiss before you leave?"

"To show our simple skill, that is the true beginning of our end."

They both turned to look at Auctor, who spoke and then raised her head from the table. She blinked in the darkness and yawned. The last time she had been awake the sun had been shining on her. Now, she had been awakened to a new existence, in the faint light of wisps. Her powers made themselves heard as she spoke.

Eldarwen wiped the honey from her own lips and got up on her feet. "If that is the price you ask of me, Auctor might be more suited for ruling in my absence."

She was younger, but appeared wiser.

"It is the price I'll ask of you until you pay it." Sonitus was faster than her, and before she could respond their lips met, like they had done so many times before. Eldarwen hadn't expected her to steal a kiss, but she teleported as soon as she noticed that she had.

Sonitus sighed, and got down from the table to sit in her mother's chair.

"You'll live a barren sister all your life, chanting faint hymns to the cold fruitless moon." Auctor said.

A large purple fruit was thrown at Auctor in response.


Eldarwen spent the following days examining the planets, especially the one they called Evalon. The old Roe, which now had forests, even if they were weak in comparison with those on Eld. She would not bestow them with her blessing. There were too many mortals around here, and it was a threat to nature. The trees were already doomed, it was just a question of time.

She was pleased to see that someone had created flying beasts, which reminded her of the dinosaurs on Eld. No doubt they were a great asset to keeping the mortal population down. The whales that flew through space bothered her, and with this many mortals around it seemed apparent what she must do.

After she had returned to her palace to collect the jar of honey, she headed to the hallowed court to walk the first great forest again. She stayed away from the portal, as it was in the mourning garden. Both of her great gardens were tainted, one was filled with dead mortals and the other had been corrupted.

Eld had been a peaceful place for her to live for so long, then the machines had shown up. It was a nuisance. She found the ones she was looking for together. Eldarwen entered the Hall of Joy, with the jar of honey in her hands. She could give it back, but she could also use it to her advantage. There was a third god there, one she had not met before. He might be of use or he might be a problem, it was hard to decide by simply looking at him.

"So you have returned, Zareth. What madness drove you to go alone, I can not fathom." She turned to Ailish and made sure that she could see the jar she held. "And you left with haste, even though I offered you to rest in my home. What we forget can be of more importance to us than what we remember."

Eldarwen smiled slyly, it felt like a great day suddenly. "We've not met, thus I must ask who you are?" She said to the new god. If he was an enemy, she did not wish to speak of her business in his presence.

M'endaxius - 20/30 AP, 1/2 MP

The moon was a place of dark beauty, yes, but there was boredom to the found in the isolated rock. The same stream of starwhales and maturing Verr, the same patch of rock... M'endar groaned. There was naught to do. The Verr was its Patron Race, what more was left to done? The grand project was completed. A cloud of uncertainty hovered about M'endar. There was the matter of Vantric. He had left that question unanswered. Why go after the dwarves? There was no hostility between the races at present. Maybe it was just to spite Pentar. While M'endar understood, as Pentar, together with Seith, was the antithesis of itself, bringing order were it was not welcome and shackling those with the burden of government and laws.

M'endar scoffed at such foolishness and quickly banished any thoughts of the two, then preceded to teleport elsewhere. A change of scene was needed. It had been too long before it had visited the Hallowed Court. It had been at least an age since it had walked the garden and scooped up that lump of mud. Since it had took part in the battle against the Seven and imprisoned Darkness in its web of lies. With a thought, the same feet were on the same ground. M'endar walked around the building of the gods, Melanthios's library, Vantric's fortress, and even Seith's observatory. Then it stumbled upon another building. Its eye was drawn to the glow from inside the building. There were also voices. Now M'endar was interested.

It opened the door, ever so slightly and tried to get a glimpse inside or even a snippet of conversation...

Vantric: 21, 1

Halfway across the world from the Lainir Empire, a pleasant day was underway. Overhead the sun cast a bright light, brilliantly illuminating the forests with a deep green. Birds began twittering from branches as a mild breeze picked up. It was difficult to imagine a better day.

A lainir pulled himself through the woods. Dosin collapsed on the ground, panting heavily. After a moment, he marshaled himself and pushed himself back onto his knees. From there, he struggled back to his feet and began walking. After thirty feet he collapsed again. Walking while suffering from dehydration, Dosin reflected, Was not a good idea. It certainly didn't help that he was wearing a full suit of heavy armor and had an open wound at his side. Dosin gave a wry smile. The armor that had saved him in battle after battle before would soon be the thing to kill him. He doubted he could even take it off if he tried, not as he was now.

Struggling to his knees, Dosin wondered whether it was worth it to get back up and try walking back. He stayed on his knees, weighing his options. If he got back up he'd probably die from exhaustion. If he stayed where he was, he'd bleed to death with certainty. Dosin thought back to his blade, he had abandoned it an hour ago, it was unnecessary weight. He should have abandoned it hours before, and he wished he had it now. At least that would open up some options. He could kill himself right then and cut the waiting, for instance.

Dosin was so wrapped up with his own thoughts he didn't notice the approaching figure, not until he opened his mouth to speak. "Now that's quite unfortunate." Dosin's eyes focused on the person before him. It was a lainir in a rich, dark cloak, probably an imperial official, he decided. It had been a while since he had seen one of his own people, they didn't leave the Empire often. Why was this one here? He wondered.

"It's quite sad to see someone like you in this position, Dosin." The figure continued, "To think, you had such a career ahead of you back home." If he had been in a better state, Dosin would have hit the man and marched off. He had spent too many years dealing with politicized underhanded nonsense back in the Empire to have it come back and harass him here. Especially not when he was busy dying.

"You could have been someone great you know? But I can empathize. You're not someone to sit still when you could be out in the field."

"What the hell do you think you know about me?" Dosin growled. It was difficult to sound threatening while suffering severe blood loss, but he thought he managed passably.

"Quite a bit actually." The lainir said, looking rather pleased with himself.

"Listen." Dosin said glaring at, "If you're here to tell me to come back to my old job in the military, you can forget it. If you want to kill me, then do it and get it over with. If you're here to help me then damn it, HELP! But do NOT just stand there and be condescending or I swear I'll kill you." He regretted losing his blade even more. It would have given that threat some teeth.

The other just simply smiled, knowing the threat was hollow. "Wrong on all accounts." He said, "Well, the helping you part was close to right. I'm here to offer you a deal, actually."

Dosin cocked his head to the side. "A deal?" The lainir nodded. "Listen you...What's your name?"


There was a pause as Dosin considered what had just been said. "This is a joke right? You're mocking me because I can't get up and kill you, aren't you?"

"No, not at all." Vantric said, "I am your god, descended to speak. Specifically, speak to you." Dosin opened his mouth but Vantric cut him off, "I'm not proving who I am. I detest it when mortals think they can demand that we prove ourselves just to assuage your skepticism. We created you, you listen to us, not the other way around."

"So, I'm just supposed to believe that a god came down from on high to speak with me?"

"Yes, that's the general idea."

"I don't believe you."

"You don't have to." Vantric said, kneeling down to see eye to eye with Dosin. "You just have to listen to my deal."

Dosin eyed the god warily, "And if you aren't Vantric?"

"Well then I just helped you pass the last few moments of your short mortal life. In either case you should thank me really, most mortals aren't worth my time at all." Dosin said nothing. "Good. Moving on then." Vantric said with signature aplomb, "I find myself in need of skilled help. Someone effective, someone smart, someone who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty when need be. Also, it would be helpful if 'someone' in this case happened to be amenable due to circumstances of impending mortality."

"So you want me to help you?" Dosin asked, "If you want anything, I'll need healing. Fast. If not, I'll probably die before I can be of much use."

"Don't be so hasty Dosin." Vantric countered, "Don't try to play me like that either. I'm your god, remember? I taught your ancestors those tricks. Besides, you're no good to me as you are now. You're too frail and mortal to be of much use."

"Then what are you planning?" Dosin began to wobble a bit. How long was this going to take? How long could it afford to take? Vantric reached out and supported Dosin, keeping him from toppling over.

"The deal is simple. You pledge yourself to me for all time, and in exchange I give you eternity. You will transcend mortality and take your place at my side. You, Dosin, will become my new apprentice. It's quite an honor really. You should be happy."

Dosin took a moment to go over what was said. Vantric was supposed to be notoriously tricky and deceptive. He needed to buy a little time before he made up his mind. "Why come to me now?" He asked.

"You would have said no before now." Vantric answered, "Too stubborn to relent an inch. I needed to wait until you were...ready to accept a bargain like this."

Dosin's eyes narrowed, "What do you mean by 'waiting'?"

"Waiting, Dosin," Vantric said, as if explaining to a small child, "It's the action of biding one's time. I wait fairly often for things I want. And act when the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes I have to makes those opportunities appear."

"And did you do that with me?"

Vantric looked shocked, "Are you suggesting that I planned this? That I manipulated you away from your home? That I sent you across the world where you could find a war to fight? That I moved you so carefully that I sent you to a battle that would press you to your limits, not so that you would die, but just enough to almost kill you? And that I enacted this elaborate plot just advance my own plans?"

"Are you trying to say you didn't?" Dosin asked.

"I'm saying its irrelevant. Whether I did or did not move you into this position doesn't matter at the moment. What matters is that you are dying, and I can solve that problem. Now, you've had time to think about my offer. What's your answer?"

Dosin leaned forward a bit. His vision was starting to blur. He didn't know how much time he had left. "I guess I don't have a choice, do I?"

"No, you do." Vantric corrected, "You can be smart and accept my deal, or you can be stupid and die at my feet."

"I...accept your offer." Dosin said grudgingly. "I swear myself to you. Now and for all time."

Vantric smiled, "Good, now, what that so hard?"

"More than you know."

Nivix - 26, 2

"So, this is Eld?" the chemister mused to himself as he alighted upon a tree branch. The scents of a thousand different flowers, blending into one harmonic aroma, surrounded him, and the far-away cries of unknown animals filled his ears. The tree he stood on, its wooden limbs long and mighty, was a veritable tower, stretching thousands of yards into the air, like a great finger pointing towards the sky far above. Below him lay a grand, sprawling landscape, crawling with wildlife and all sorts of plants. It was a natural paradise, a place bursting with life and song.

"Eh. I could have done it better," he remarked as he leaped forward, his icy-blue eyes scanning the ground far below him.

Had time allowed, he probably would have stopped to make a few changes to the landscape, anything to give the place a less boring atmosphere. As it was, he was here on strict business; there was no time to stop and play around with things, no regardless of how much fun it would have afforded him.

No, right now he had to check up on a very important experiment.

"Now where the hell did I leave those bastards?"

Assuming he could find it, anyway.

Cursing, Nivix soared here and there, scouring the landscape below for any sign of, well, anything. The tree canopy made it hard to see anything on the ground; there was only the odd clearing here and there, and those were barren of any signs of life or movement. How the hell anyone was supposed to find anything on this forsaken planet, Nivix had no idea. "This is what happens when you let the crazy ones have their way," he muttered with complete and utter sincerity. "You get entire worlds that do nothing but just sit there and look nice."

Floating in mid-air, the god sighed. Well, if he couldn't remember where he had planted the Mizzen colony, maybe he could detect them by scrying at random or something? It certainly couldn't hurt, and who knew? Maybe he'd get lucky and-


...Or maybe he'd suddenly hear the sound of crunching metal and the shout of a few hundred warrior Ekiruru coming from somewhere to his right. That could always happen.

Wondering how he had missed such an obvious sign, Nivix descended towards the sounds of fighting. Parting any branches or vines that got in his way, the god didn't stop until he made it through the canopy and hovered a good distance above the ground, a smile spreading across his face.

The chaos that spread out before him was truly something magnificent to behold. An entire company of Ekiruru, some of them mounted on wyverns and other dinosaurs, was trying to wipe out the colony he had placed here a while back. Trying and succeeding, he noted; already most of the Mizzen had fallen to their exterminators.

It wasn't really like they'd stood much of a chance in the first place. This had been one of the smaller Mizzen groups, only numbering about 300, planted here to see if they could manage to eke out a living in an environment teeming with life and vegetation. The had only been alive for a matter of days, barely enough time to master the basics of life. Sure, they'd managed to build a few structures, master fire, and already had a rudimentary water-mill set up, but Nivix had hoped they would've gotten a bit further.

Their opponents, on the other hand, were full-blooded Ekiruru warriors. Trained to fight, burning with bloodlust, and armed with weaponry and massive mounts, they were truly a force to be reckoned with.

"Hmph. Not really much of a battle," Nivix commented dryly. It was more of a massacre then anything else, a wholesale slaughter of the Mizzen. Of the few hundred synthetics that had once lived here, barely thirty remained, all of them clustered together into one large clump of bodies and limbs. The Ekiruru, on the other hand, had barely taken any casualties; the god counted maybe five lifeless bodies, and only a handful of wounded ones. Eldarwen clearly hadn't been messing around when she made this race.

Still, this last group of Mizzen was refusing to go down easily. Though their hive-mind had been intended to mainly serve as a method to transfer information, they'd managed to find another use for it: battle strategy. With all of their eyes and limbs linked into a single network, every last one of them could see and feel the hundreds of foes that surrounded them, and react accordingly. Working as one entity, they managed to turn themselves into a wall of shields that could lash back with incredible precision and timing. Nivix couldn't help but cracke a grin as he watched his creations hold their own for a few rounds.

It didn't last long. Even alone, the Ekiruru would have undoubtedly been able to overrun the synthetics thanks to their skill and fury. With their mounts, it was even easier. There wasn't much a Mizzen could do against a wyvern five times their size, or a dinosaur large enough to swallow two of them at once. Just one of the titanic beasts would have been enough to break the formation; together, and under the Ekiruru's guidance, they crushed it.

Sighing, Nivix shook his head slowly back and forth. He'd have been a fool to expect anything different, but he was still a little saddened to see his creations destroyed so thoroughly by someone that wasn't him. Still, it wasn't like this little venture had been fruitless; he'd gotten some very valuable results about the Mizzens' structure and body composition. A few modifications here and there, and he ought to be able to improve output by-

"Hello," he said, peering down at the mass of destroyed machinery. "What have we here?"

A single Mizzen, still functioning by some miracle, was staggering from its shattered brethren. With sparks flying off of its exposed wiring and one of its limbs dragging along behind it, the synthetic stumbled forward like a drunkard, unwittingly headed straight towards a squad of Ekiruru, who, like Nivix, had only just noticed it. It didn't take an expert to see that the Mizzen was on its last legs; simply blowing on it would be enough to knock it over. The Ekiruru, however, were planning to do far more than that. One of them readied her spear, ready to lay the invader low once and for all. Shouting out some warcry, she lunged forward, her weapon aimed directly at her foe's chest... Only to have her attack suddenly deflected by the flamboyant man who had just appeared before her.

"Excuse me, ladies," Nivix said, a wolfish grin stretching across his face, "but I think I'll be stopping you there."

There was a flash of light and heat, not unlike a bolt of lightning. When their vision returned, the Ekiruru were startled to see that the interloper, and their mechanical enemy, had vanished.

"Oi, Eldar!" Nivix roared as he teleported into the goddess' throne room, a smile etched into his face and a nearly catatonic passenger in tow. "Gotta say, your plant people are really something to see! That much ferocity and skill, incredible! And those beasts! Love the design choices you've made; talk about fantastic!"

Laughing out loud, the chemister barely noticed as the sole surviving Mizzen, barely able to process this most recent of events, toppled over. "Thanks for your help with testing this guys," he said, nudging the twitching pile of scrap with one of his feet. "It really helped me find some flaws with their design. Can't believe I didn't notice that joint thing until now..."

Melanthios 18AP, 1MP

Melanthios reappeared on Salustutis. He could feel that the part of himself, that he had send to Nivix, was still busy talking to him. Melanthios looked around and felt that Akladai was gone, he was no longer on the planet. "How strange." Melanthios said as he walked towards the palace. It was one of the most impressive palaces he had made, but because there were so few Dues Filli it seemed a bit silly to use it. Still Akladai had chosen that to be the place where he would reign from, together with an yet to be found king. Melanthios walked inside to find an Dues Filli giving orders, and instructing people on their tasks. Melanthios watched from a distance, he was intrigued by this young Dues Filli. He seemed to be around 18 years old, but somehow he got everyone to listen to him. even the much older and wiser Dues Filli seemed to respect and listen to him.

Eventually all the other Dues Filli left the room, they went to their assigned tasks. The young Dues Filli sat back in his chair, he seemed a bit tired but also happy. Melanthios walked towards the young man, and he gave him an applause. The man looked up, as soon as he spotted Melanthios he looked shocked. "Greeting young one." Melanthios said looking at the man. He stood up and bowed before Melanthios. "I uhh.. This isn't what it looks like." Melanthios laughed, "Raise your head young one, you are not in trouble."

The man looked up, he still seemed a bit scared. "Now tell me what is your name?" he answered "My name is Maeglin, Melanthios." Melanthios thought about what to do with Maeglin, he suddenly had an idea and asked. "Maeglin I could see that you are a born leader, would you be interested in leading the Dues Filli?" Maeglin looked surprised, as he answered "I would want that more then anything else in the world." He spoke with passion. Melanthios replied "In that case, I offer you a change. A change to become my second son and to stand besides me, to lead the Dues Filli for ages to come." Melanthios stretched his hand out "I offer you the throne of the Dues Filli, and a change to become an demigod. What do you say Maeglin? Will you stand beside me for the rest of your life as my son?"

Maeglin grabbed Melanthios hand and shook it. "I promise to serve you, for the rest of my life! I will lead the Dues Filli to greatness! And I will always be loyal to you, no matter what happens I will always serve you. The only true god Melanthios!" Melanthios laughed surprised by the young man. "Calm down Maeglin, even if you had only said I will be loyal I would have accepted you. Now kneel before me, I will perform the ritual." Maeglin kneeled before Melanthios.

Melanthios quickly send a message to his allies before continuing. "Greeting brothers, I humbly request your help with creating my second apprentice. I would be very grateful to you if you aided me." Melanthios began to gather the magic, required to turn Maeglin into a demigod in his hand. He felt all of his knowledge being sucked into the magic, it felt as he if was being drained. He placed his hand on Maeglin head and used all the power he could gather to try and turn Maeglin into a demigod.

Eldarwen 20

The battle born had been told to leave the room for a few minutes, as she expected her guests to arrive any moment. Auctor seemed at home in the throne. She had no idea where Sonitus was, but knew that she would be helpful right about now. Eldarwen summoned her daughter to her side, when Aen and Ailish appeared in the room. She smiled and was glad that they had taken her up on her offer so soon.

Nivix teleported into the throne room shortly after, and complimented her on the Ekiruru, but the reason he knew anything about them made her furious. A fist made out of roots rose from the floor and picked up the vermin he had brought with him.

"They truly are magnificient. Which is why no more vermin is needed on this planet." The hand squeezed the Mizzen, which made loud crunching noises as it was crushed, an example of what would happen if any more were found anywhere. "Ever." The hand dropped the pieces of the last one. "If any were to be found... Well, I don't think you want to share their misery."

Sonitus walked through the tree portal with a sad face. "Mother, I was having fun with the..." She knew how her mother felt about mortals, so she didn't finish the sentence.

Eldarwen turned to Auctor. "Make sure Nivix finds his way off the planet."

She headed off into one of the corridors between the throne room, and gestured for her guests and Sonitus to come with her. Eventually they found themselves outside one of the palace's many rooms on the top floor, it didn't look much different from the rest. She had brought Sonitus with her to keep an eye out for those who were brave, or dumb enough to spy on them. Sonitus began to sing, and sat down with her back against one of the doors in the corridors.

Eldarwen opened the door and went in after the others. It was a dark room, which looked a lot like a forest and running water could be heard. There were no chairs, but the ground was covered by a very soft and thick moss.

"I think this is room is safe enough, and Sonitus is mapping the corridors on this floor with her voice. She should know if someone came up here. Her singing should prevent anyone from listening in, if we don't yell."

The queen sat down in the moss.

Nivix - 23, 2

Nivix stood still for a moment, not noticing the coil of roots that began to ensnare his passenger. "They truly are magnificient. Which is why no more vermin is needed on this planet."

Vermin? Nivix thought, raising an eyebrow.


It was only then that the chemister spotted the peril that was about to befall the unconscious Mizzen. "Haha, yeah no," he spat as he raised a palm, pointing directly at the fist that rose up from the floor. "Not gonna happen."

There was a burst of flame and pressure, and the fist was reduced to so much ash, its target untouched.

"Ya see, Eldar," Nivix muttered though gritted teeth as he slung the Mizzen over his shoulder, "I don't give a damn if you wipe out the mass-produced models. That's fine, go right ahead and knock yourself out. But," he hissed, his eyes starting to spark with rage, "if you ever, EVER try to destroy one of the ones that I've taken notice of, like this one here, your entire world is going to burn. Just thought you ought to know."

Growling at the goddess' retreating back, the madman turned to shoot a wide grin at Auctor. "Don't bother with little old me," he said, his tone rapidly shifting from enraged to cheerful. "I think I can find my own way off this hunk of dirt."

Turning about, Nivix walked out of the throne room and wandered through the twisting corridors until he managed to find an exit. Preparing a teleportation spell, the god suddenly paused, a wicked smile slowly stretching across his face. He had a wonderful idea, you see. An awful idea. Nivix had a wonderful, awful idea.

Warping back to the site of the battle, the god was happy to see that the Ekiruru warriors were still there. "Let's stir up a little conflict," he muttered, preparing a spell.

So his Mizzen were vermin, huh? Just pests and annoyances, things to despise and destroy? Hmph. Fine then.

"So what happens if I reduce your precious followers to vermin, huh Eldar?"

There was a flash of light.

Nivix, not bothering to stick around, teleported back to his lab. He had a lot of work to do, if he was going to keep this one from dying on him.

Vantric: 21, 1

He reached out and touched the soul of Dosin with his power. That, fortunately, was still anchored to the lainir's frail mortal body. Good. Vantric cracked his knuckles, it was time to get to work. As he focused his powers onto the mortal, he felt a tingle in the back of his mind. Someone was trying to contact him. He frowned. Who was it? He was a busy god and there were too many plots to be undertaken.

Power began entering into Dosin, encircling his soul while helping shed and remake his mortal frame. Dosin howled in pain. Vantric drew his focus away from the dying mortal and onto the message he was receiving.

"Greeting brothers, I humbly request your help with creating my second apprentice. I would be very grateful to you if you aided me." Melanthios's voice echoed.

Vantric smiled. It seemed that everyone was crafting their own little followers. "I'm in the process of crafting a protege of my own. Vantric telepathically replied. "I will lend you my power, if you help me in the creation of my own apprentice." He conjured up some additional energy. Melanthios would have his aid on his quest for power.

Zareth and M'endar

The doors shattered with the sheer force that the god gave it. M'endar just stood there, being battered like a leaf in a gale. Nevertheless, it was over quickly. M'endar just stood there, looking a little unamused as its eye fell on the blade pointed at it. M'endar looked down, smiling as Zareth came into sight. It brushed off the remaining splinters and said, "I never knew death gods were so jumpy."

Zareth lowered his blade, the look on his face a mixture of confusion and relief. "M'endar? What are you doing here brother?" He scanned the area, checking to see if it wasn't someone else the other gods had been talking about. "Were you listening in on us?"

It was glad to see that Zareth's anger had left him. But the cocktail of emotions was not welcome either. Why the confusion? M'endar was an ally and a brother. Best to blame that on others... Zareth had been a little.. absent in the past age that desired. The god's form dissolved and the rest of the splinters fell to the ground. Then M'endar replied, "I decided to take a little walk around the Court. I heard voices from this building and looked in to see who it was. Seeing as you were in a meeting of some sort, I chose to wait politely by this door until you were finished with your business with them."

Of course, it made perfect sense. M'endar had never been the most extroverted of the gods and it had been so long since Zareth had seen his brothers, perhaps M'endar thought he didn't want to see them.

"Well that was very polite of you brother." Zareth said, putting Midnight back in its scabbard. "But frankly I would have loved your presence in there. Things were getting... unpleasant." He grimaced.

"It's good to see you brother, it's been too long." Zareth placed an arm around M'endar's 'shoulder'. Seeing his brother again has lightened his mood. "Come, I'll join you on your walk if I may. I could do with some relaxation.

M'endar chuckled. Partly from relief, partly from joy from seeing that Zareth still was a friend. As it was laughing, M'endar responded, "I don't envy you! You could hear the shouting from the stretches of the garden!" M'endar almost collapsed into a fit of laughter, but Zareth's support made sure that didn't happen. It calmed down and afterwards, it said, "Come then, I doubt you want to go back in there again after that."

"Never, never again." M'endar's laughter was proving to be contagious. The two of them strolled through the court at a casual pace, taking in the familiar sights. "Do you remember when we first arrived here? Things seemed so much simpler then. We had a whole universe in front of us." He was starting to get wistful now. "Do you ever wish you could go back and do things differently?"

The conversation had taken a different turn. With the mention of the past, memories flooded through M'endar's head. Awakening in a corner of the new born universe... Strolling among the other gods relatively unnoticed... M'endar cleared its throat, as the thought of that one regret caused tingles that its spine. "I wish... I wish that I could have acted sooner." Leaving that in the air, he turned to Zareth, ready to hear his.

Zareth nodded in silence. He thought he might understand what M'endar meant but recent events had taught him not to presume to know the workings of his peer's minds. M'endar had shared with him; it was only fair he did the same. "I think, perhaps I should have acted slower." His mind went back to the fight with Despair, to the world Ailish had made and all she said of the things from it. He knew now that freeing Car from his form would have concequenses, violent ones probably. But that was one thing he would never call a regret.

Bringing that line of conversation to a close, M'endar replied, "But those are acts that are in the past." It stopped walking for a bit to stretch, giving off a casual air. Much had happened, and that was that. What was much interesting was seeing what would happen in the future. Vantric was the god with the plans, in contrast, M'endar itself held the opinion that chaos would endeavour to interfere, and besides, planning around the other god's plan sounded like a headache anyway. M'endar then enquired, "But what of the future, I wonder?"

"Interesting. The future will be interesting I have no doubt." Zareth chuckled. Things were heating up among the gods and he had no doubt that someone was going to pay for it. The mortals had an expression. 'You've got to laugh or you'll cry.' Well Zareth was determined to laugh. What better way to honour Tsuronte's memory?

M'endar didn't exactly know what the chuckling was about, maybe a scheme or just simply laughing at the infinite possibilities that lay ahead. Then a familiar voice rang through its head. It was Melanthios, asking for assistance for another apprentice. A scowl appeared on M'endar's face, it would have to think of getting one for itself soon. But at almost every minute there was a rumble as more and more demigods were created. M'endar's mood had shifted with that thought. It was time to leave. It bid Zareth farewell, "Yesss... Now I go off into it. Thank you for your time. You have helped me think about things. Even though it is totally unknown, another meeting between us will be a certainty, no doubt."

"I should hope so." Zareth said, waving his brother goodbye. By the looks of things M'endar had heard the same message. Melanthios was always busy with some project. Zareth sent a wave of age defying energy through space to help his brother out. With everything done there Zareth made his way back to Evermoor, a place where people were always pleased to see him. He spent a while conversing with some of the livelier dead in by the seaside at Nos when he realised he'd forgotten something.

Aen, I trust you're well wherever you are. Don't worry about the situation at the hall, just a misunderstanding.

He had hit a rough patch but Zareth was sure things were on the up.

Eldarwen 13

As they walked, Aen kept thinking about that strange god they'd seen, and how Zareth might be doing. He was worried about the death god, though he knew he could handle himself. If he was needed, Zareth would call. The other one though, what was his name again? Nivix, right. He was... eccentric to say the least, and probably unstable, but interesting. He made a mental note of him. He had so many gods left to meet.

Of course. Meeting gods. He should focus on one at a time, meaning the one before him right now. The room was strange, but looked soft and safe, so Aen set down Ailish down gently on the moss before sitting down himself. He could still hear the demi-god singing outside. She was definitely beautiful, and from what he could tell her looks were only bested by her voice, which was prettier still. He wondered if she had any other talents.

Distracted, again. There was too much on his mind for this meeting, but he'd have to push through it. He turned his focus to Eldarwen. She'd hit him before leaving, yet invited him to treat with her. Whatever she'd have to say would be interesting enough to hold his attention, he hoped.

"Alright Eldarwen, you've called us here and we've come. You want something from Ailish, clearly, but you also must want something from me. I'd like to hear it, rather than play the game of words. I hope you are of the same mind, since you went through all of this trouble to make sure what you said would go unheard and unknown.

Visions blurred again, and the goddess found herself back on Eld. Aen had placed her down somewhere, but her gaze was intently focused on the direction of the green goddess, the jar of honey, and most importantly the 'daughter' who ingested of it. If anything could've been gleamed about the woman in question from Eldarwen, it was that she had a low opinion of her. Please don't turn this into a fight.

"Where is she? Where's the one who tasted the honey?" Her voice rasped at Eldarwen.

Eldarwen nodded at Aen. "Yes, let's not mince words but get straight to the heart of the matter instead." Ailish asked her about Sonitus, and she wondered why as they should all still be able to hear outside in the corridor. "She is just outside, doing what she was always the best at." She paused and hoped that they would not turn down her offer, especially after what Nivix had done she needed more allies.

"We had to leave because someone was spying on us, and there are several gods who has already forged allegiances which they swear to uphold. I think it would benefit us to do the same. Aen, you are new and might not be welcomed among the others like you would if you had been there at the beginning. Ailish, I can't imagine that the others are happy what with you've done. You saw and heard how Zareth reacted, who I'd still like to think of as good, but he associates himself with shady individuals. It was probably one of those listening outside the hall before. I would be willing to help each of you with your goals, if you do the same for me. What do you say?"

Eldarwen put the jar down between her and Ailish, to show that she was serious, but not too far away so she could still snatch it back before the godess.

Her hand made no move towards the jar that was before her. Eldarwen's words were replayed over and over in the goddess' head, trying to understand what she was being asked; sentences formed, and promptly erased inside as she tried to find something to say.

"I will help you regardless, but as I had said to Seith, we would be fighting over purgatory." She fought her hand trying to grasp the jar, wanting to hear more of what the green goddess' wanted to say to her. Her gaze went towards the exit where the daughter was.

"Could I speak with her? She needs to be safe from herself."

Aen looked away from Eldarwen, away from Ailish. He stared off into space and listened to the flowing water. He thought about what he knew of Eldarwen. She was... morally ambigioius, yet fierce, strong, and proud. He certainly respected her, and admittedly found himself enjoying her company, though much of it had been spent talking business or yelling. But did he want to swear himself to someone's aid so surely? It was dangerous. It wasn't betrayal he was worried about. At least, not from someone else. Aen took a deep breath before speaking.

"... an alliance sounds helpful. Compelling, even. However, as interesting as you are Eldarwen, a few things you've said worry me. You speak of Zareth as if he wouldn't be a part of it. If I've developed a fondness for anyone so far, it would be him. You're also violent and forceful, which while I don't necessarily look down on, I'm a little worried about. I can't promise you aid in everything you do, because frankly I'm not sure what your limits. That being said, I don't mind your friendship, and I will spring to your aid asked for or not, if I believe your cause is right. I'd really hate to see your soul ripped from this world, truth be told, and I'd like to see you kept alive. I just can't swear myself to your service in all things you do. To do so would be foolish." Aen frowned. He really didn't want to upset the goddess, but he felt his answer would not be something she would be happy to hear.

Eldarwen turned to Ailish first. "The fight for your broken heavens will surely come too, but you are right. We would be fighting over this hellish plane." Aen was worried about Zareth not being part of the alliance, and she shook her head, but smiled at the rest of his words. "Zareth has been able to get into many alliances I'm sure, his friendly nature makes him wanted by many. He is my friend as well, and the father of two of my children. He doesn't need to be part of any alliance, as no one wants to see him gone. Your words are wise, Aen and I can understand if you only want to help me in actions that you believe just. Though I will in turn do the same. Then I suggest, that at the very least we come to the protection of each other, should the others wish to harm us with words or action."

Aen half smiled. She'd said she'd get right to the chase, and he trusted her, but a few words said here might mean a lot later on. "I would expect nothing more of your help than only aiding me where you felt it right. And I will do my best to make sure you do not die again."

"Could I speak to her?" she repeated again, her voice now insistent. "Things may be changing for her very soon, and it's important that she does not go mad from the rapture."

"I hope that this alliance will be the greatest then and wish you well my friends." She didn't mention how she thought she'd eventually die anyway. "Of course, Ailish, but first I ask both of you for help with creating a shield. I can't create it myself, due to its size."

Eldarwen proceeded to raise a blackened tree in the middle of the room, and in the same moment a purple aura began to spread around the planet. It was meant to warn her and stop intruders from entering the planet, for the rest of the future. The only way in and out undetected would be through the tree portal and it was on constant guard.

A hand reached for the tree, and she recalled the old one she met when she first came to the planet. There used to have been a deep fear of himself before she convinced him otherwise. Whe had wondered if that was what all trees like him felt - that for their growth they are choking their charges' life. She had saw a bit of the old tree, what it could be, an its anxieties.

If this was meant to be a shield, the tree's lot would be the loneliest one. With one touch, she imparted her words.

She has chosen you to protect Eld, but this burden is not yours alone. Feel out your kin, each have felt a void in their hearts, but you can now fill it. You and your people deserve to feel.

Eldarwen wanted protection for her planet and her people. That was to be expected, really, and it was her duty as a ruler. Aen saw no harm in it, and the cause certainly seemed just. Besides, it would be sour to promise help and not give it the first time it was asked of him. So conjured a knife into his hands and sliced into his right hand, over the mark from making Zareth's blade. It was a new mark this time, and would help shield her planet as she asked. It would also let him act as her shield, for if someone tried to breakthrough with significant force, it would alert him so he could help defend it. The magic of the rune filled him as he decided what he wanted to do with it. He concentrated the power into his right hand and pressed it into the bark. The wood smoked as the rune was burned into the tree.

The queen grinned as they helped her. This would benefit her and make sure no one entered her planet again. "Thank you friends. You are free to stay here. Ailish, you can have the jar back as a show of good faith. Sonitus waiting outside." Eldarwen wanted to see the shield from the ground.


Auctor had done as her mother asked of her and made sure that Nivix left the planet, though he had sworn to affect her fellow Ekiruru in some way. She knew that she couldn't stop it, and that telling Eldarwen would only end in a war or worse.

She didn't want the destruction of her planet, but she didn't want the Ekiruru to be cursed to torment in a second form. Not after they already had the wildlings.

Auctor summoned a scroll, as she felt his powers begin to take form on them. She thought that she could prevent the worst from happening, but maybe that was just foolish. Only time could tell. She opened up her veins and began writing on the scroll.

Not what nature would want.
Not what technology needs.
What you deserve.

The last word felt very foreign to her, though something told her she would hear it many times in the coming ages of mortals and gods.

Melanthios 18AP, 1MP

Melanthios could feel his allies aiding him, a smile appeared on his face. Suddenly a voice spoke in Melanthios head, it was Vantric's. "I'm in the process of crafting a protege of my own. I will lend you my power, if you help me in the creation of my own apprentice."

Melanthios smiled and replied with. "Of course I will help you my friend. I would have helped you even if you hadn't helped me. That is what friends are for." Melanthios focused his magic into an orb, he then teleported that orb to Vantric. It would serve as starting point, from which an demigod could be created.

M'endaxius - 14/30 AP, 1/2 MP

It stood on the moon again. It felt thunderclaps through the universe as more and more demigods were created. Melanthios's message was clear and so with a simple flick of the fingers, it send chaotic energy to assist. Two burst for two demigods. Both Vantric's and Melanthios's. Afterwards, M'endar sat down on the barren ground and thought for a while. What would it choose a champion for itself? Others had wasted no time, giving their power freely to their favoured mortals.

M'endar sighed, it could wait. This over saturation of champion and the recent increase in hostility between the other gods might led to all-out war. Let them have it, for M'endar will be but a shadow on the sidelines. Watching and waiting for the right moment to seize power while the others dished it on their rivals. M'endar smirked. Seith would have a fit if that happened. For once, it was glad that it knew so few of the gods. Even the new voice it heard in the Hall of Joy was filled with rage.

A thought occurred. It would need a safe place to be, but the surface of the moon was open to others. How about underneath? The train of though suddenly sped up and went on overdrive. A network of tunnels would led to a sanctuary inside the core of the moon. For all its beauty, it was just an oversized, barren rock that orbited around Evalon. This would change that. However, it would be a risky venture. But the other gods would be happy to help, as M'endar had aided them in the past, or so it hoped.

Regardless, M'endar started the process creating this new nexus, sending a message to Zareth, Melanthios and Vantric at the same time,

"Brothers, I beseech you now to assist with my endeavour, as this will be a proper venue for our meetings, and more..."

The surface of Oculus Obscuritatis cracked as tunnels carved out the inside of the moon. It shook as a great cavity was formed in the core and a building took form.

As it would be a place of safety and peace, it was named as such: Umbraculum - the shady retreat.

Melanthios 18AP, 1MP

Melanthios felt the magic around Oculus Obscuritatis changing. He then heard a message from M'endar "Brothers, I beseech you now to assist with my endeavour, as this will be a proper venue for our meetings, and more..." That sounded interesting, but regardless of M'endar was doing he would have helped. Melanthios focused some of his magic into his left hand, another orb was created. He focused and send the orb to M'endar, the orb had enough power to dig deep into the moon.

Vantric: 21, 1

Vantric finished his response to Melanthios only to have another voice enter his mind. A surge of power from a different source entered his creation, followed swiftly by another. Melanthios, He thought, And someone else. He didn't need much else to go on to know that M'endar was reaching out to him.

"Brothers, I beseech you now to assist with my endeavour, as this will be a proper venue for our meetings, and more..."

He turned the words over in his mind. A proper venue for meetings? That was certainly good, there could never be too much security, especially where secret meetings and plots were concerned. The 'and more' gave him pause though. 'And more' what, exactly? Obviously M'endar had his own plans, but how would opening a new meeting venue fit into them? Vantric puzzled over the thought for a few moments more. Ultimately, he decided that M'endar's plans were irrelevant, for the moment. Not helping, or even worse, hindering M'endar would do nothing but work against him. He had pledged his support to his allies, now he had to provide it.

"M'endar, you will have my aid in your creation, just as you have given your aid to mine." Vantric replied, as he sent another part of his power to M'endar to help him as he could.

Roe - 21, 2

Meanwhile on Coelus, Roe and Petal stood in a playhouse by a gleaming crystal school, watching the doors carefully.They had to flee the temple quickly once the news of the miraculous statue got out and Grigori from all over had poured into the scene to see for themselves what had happened.

"When are we going to meet Ette?" Petal whined, "We've been waiting here for ages,"

"Shhhhh!" Roe replied, "I told you, if you want to meet an angel you have to wait until it's playtime. We can't go in the school, there's too many teachers."

At that moment a gong rang out from somewhere deep inside the school and within seconds hundreds of Grigori children burst out into the playground, jumping around and playing games as they always did. Few noticed one in particular walking inconspicuously over to the playhouse, ducking under the shade with a backwards glance.

"Hey Roe," Ette beamed when she entered, "I got your note in my desk, you have a friend who wants to meet me?" She was pale with long blond hair and like most angels she was tall and slender for her nine years of age.

"Her name is Fallen Petal, she's just here," Roe replied and moved aside so Petal couldn't hide shyly behind him for any longer. After a moment she stammered out a few words.

"Can... can I touch your wings... please,"

Ette took Petal by the hand and lead her over to a seat, soon the two girls were chatting happily with each other. Roe smiled, he knew a number of Grigori children but had picked Ette in particular because of her kind older sisterly attitude. He decided to leave them alone for a while and transformed into his fox form before hopping out of the hiding place and slinking around the edge of the playground, causing a ball or two to pop in mid air to his amusement.

Suddenly Roe heard a scream he recognised instantly coming from around the playhouse. He dashed back and threw himself through into the door paws first. Ette and Petal were backed up against a wall facing a group of older angel children, the human girl in particular trembling in fright.

"What's that?" one of them asked dumbly, pointing at Petal. It was then that they noticed Roe standing besides them, still in the form of a fox. One of them lunged for him and grabbed onto his tail, yanking it down. Roe yelped and instinctively turned to bite the boy's arm, his mind screaming a curse of red hot anger as he did. It would not be for a while that he'd learn the ultimate result of this curse.

The child let go with a cry and Roe leapt for Petal, scooping her up from under her legs so she was riding on his back and then dashed towards the exit, vanishing into thin air as the pair left the playhouse. Shocked silence filled the small room until a breathless teacher jogged up.

"I heard from Finn... was there a wild animal in here?"

"There were two and one bit Daom!" a boy piped up.

"Are you alright? We should take you to a nurse," the teacher said in concern.

Daom looked slowly up at him, an odd smile on his face despite his bleeding hand.

"I'm fine, sir..."

The Storyteller

"When Erik had gathered enough followers to become king of the dwarves, Pentar gave him his hammer to prove that he was the righful king. It was an item of power, and so far a rare gift for a mortal to receive. Vantric gave Dison a choice between becoming a demigod or dieing. Dison chose the former, but would become very stubborn, never backing down when he'd set his mind on something, not even if it ended up a failure. Melanthios made a demigod as well. Maeglin, who was meant to lead the Deus Filli for ages to come, but his obedience to his father made it hard for him to make choices of his own or even listen to his people."

He noticed that a couple more of the younger children had fallen asleep next to their older siblings, and figured that he would need to end the story soon and continue tomorrow.

"Eldarwen enraged Nivix, after calling his creations vermin. In return, he decided to curse the battle born who had exterminated the Mizzen on Eld, and had it not been for Auctor's interference it may have ended much worse than it did. The battle born were merged with the Mizzen, and became synthetics with a shared hivemind. They became extremely efficient and coordinated in battle."

He was kind of glad the younger had fallen asleep, there was enough anger and spite in the world without them hearing his story about it.

"The queen of nature made a shield around her planet, to stop mortals from entering through the atmosphere and warn her of intruders on the ground. Ailish and Aen, who had agreed to help each other out, aided her. M'endar hollowed out the moon and created Umbraculum, where he and others could meet without anyone finding out about it. Roe bit a child who had pulled on his tail when he was a fox, the child would become the first Kinderven, an immortal with a poisonous bite. Seith and Pentar made a grand meeting hall."

The storyteller got up from where he was sitting.

"I think that's enough for today, let's continue our story tomorrow." He smiled at the gathered children, who all appeared tired, even if some objected to him calling it a night.

Ailish? - 2, 28

She stared at the ebony goblet of golden-green liquid before, her hand shakily holding it without it falling. She recalled one of the many plant-like folk refer to it as mead. Its sickly sweet pungence could reach her nostrils - wherever they are, but lacking a proper mouth found no real way to properly ingest it. A thought had occurred in her head, and tried to drink the liquid throug her nostrils... She promptly started coughing violently as her hands were covering around those holes. How is it I can cough by have no mouth?

She was grateful for Eldarwen's hospitality; it was going to take a long time for her to move. But she did wish that she could partake of the food and drink offered by these people; as it is, it served nothing more than a focusing point and the minute sense of comfort. For all that had happened, Eld was not a terrible place; it was not the heavens by any means, but the world was liveable. She did hope that the trees could finally find solace with one another by the black tree. Much still needs to be done for Sonitunes, Carnivox, and the others... Wait! Why am I thinking this!? I'm only a visitor!

Her head shook to eschew the thoughts in her head. She needed something to focus on besides Eld... The other four!

"I request your help with finding the remaining four creatures." She hissed out. "The seven I had mentioned were fragments of people who can help us. They may have scattered to the far corners of the realm, and I worry that they may cause harm if we don't find them." She hoped that the green goddess and Aen would be kind to help her again.

Nivix - 18, 2

"Tch," Nivix muttered under his breath. Something was... wrong. Yes, his spell had worked, that much was clear. The Ekiruru soldiers were all sproting some form of mechanical limb or organ, and, judging by the way some of them were clutching at their heads, screaming out in agony, they were hearing their sisters' thoughts for the first time. Having your mind opened to all around you was a traumatic and hellish experience if you weren't prepared for it; it'd be a few days before most of them recovered from the shock, assuming they recovered at all.

But there was no denying that there had been something else influencing the transformation. Even now, he could feel it: a trace of order and kindness that had sneaked into his magic, subtly shifting his raw power, guiding and herding it into unexpected shape and forms. He knew his magic inside and out, in all of its chaotic, ever-changing glory, and there was no way he had caused that. Outside interference was the only explanation.

Jerking his head around, the god scanned his surroundings. Where his eyes were blocked by branches and foliage, he extended his arcane senses, seeking out the one who had dared to step into his work. He would have to do... something to them; such arrogance could not be allowed to go unanswered.

There was a flicker on the edge of his senses, and Nivix snapped his eyes towards it. A feral grin stole across his features as he studied the anomaly. It was the only thing besides him in the area with divine power; either it was the source of the interference or he was going sane.

Breaking his body and his unconscious passenger into a few packets of protons, the god flashed towards the interloper. Clearing the distance between them and his target in less than a nanosecond, Nivix brought himself and the Mizzen, still slung over his shoulder, back into blessed solidarity just in front of Auctor, his mouth tightening into a hard line. "Well well well," he growled through clenched teeth, "what do we have here?"

To the demigod's credit, she found the courage and strength to stand strong before Nivix. There was not a hint of fear or worry in her stature as she weathered his fury; she had done what needed to be done. No matter the consequences, no matter what happened to her, she knew that-

"Heh. Gotta admit, that took guts," Nivix chuckled as he patted Auctor on the head, perhaps a bit harder than was absolutely necessary. "Mind you, still a bit annoyed. But it's not like it really matters, right? They'll all be dead in a few centuries anyways."

Noticing the demigod's startled look, the god gave a shrug, not minding the metal clang that accompanied the gesture. "What? It's not like I'm pissed at you; it's Eldar that I'm mad at. Arrogant, stuck-up..." Nivix's words soon trailed off into mumbles and grunts, the god getting lost in his own little world. It took a few seconds for him to snap back to reality, shaking his head as he attempted to get back on track.

"So yeah," he continued, jerking a thumb in the direction of the recently transformed Ekiruru. "That's a thing now. Vermin and whatnot. Tell Eldar about it, don't tell her, whatever. We're even in my book.

"Anyway, probably about time I got out of here. Need to make sure that this guy-" Nivix took a second to jangle the Mizzen. "-doesn't break permanently. Because I seriously give him about five minutes before his body just fails completely." As if to punctuate the point, one of the synthetic's arms detached completely, clattering to the ground far below.

"Sooooo... Bye!"

With a flash as bright and hot as Niv itself, Nivix disappeared, leaving Eld far behind. There was work to be done.

Nivix reappeared inside one of his various storerooms, his listless cargo showing considerable signs of wear and tear at this point. Constantly being broken down to mere atoms and being thrown across space really couldn't be good for the poor thing. Ah well, if things went according to plan then that wouldn't be a problem anymore.

Tossing the Mizzen onto a nearby workbench, the god rummaged around the room for a few seconds, sorting through mountainous piles of gear, tools, and spare parts. For anyone else, it would have been impossible to navigate the mess. For Nivix... Well, it was still insanely difficult, but at least he managed it in the end.

"Right then!" he exclaimed with a clap of his hands. "Let's get started, eh?"

First things first: before the Mizzen's current shell could falter entirely, Nivix reached into the synthetic, probing its metal frame until he found the tiny bit of energy that still powered it. Grasping hold of the Spark, the god pulled, wrenching the electricity from the now lifeless husk. Working quickly, the chemister forged a temporary vessel for the Mizzen's soul. Nothing fancy, just a cube of metal and wires. It certainly wouldn't be running any marathons, but it'd serve its purpose.

Without further ado, Nivix shoved the Spark into the new body, unable to repress a grin as the Mizzen slowly activated.

"Where... What... Who..."

The Mizzen, confused, disoriented, and completely lost, reached out with its mind, looking for anything or anyone familiar. It was (un?)lucky enough to find Nivix.

"Ah, good. You're still functioning." The god may not have been a synthetic, but he had no trouble communing with his creation. It was a simple matter to alter the frequency his brainwaves fluctuated at, matching them to the Mizzen's own. He could talk with it as though he were a Mizzen himself.

"I don't... Where am I?" the synthetic asked. Though its body was unable to move or emote, it was clear from its tone that the Mizzen was panicking.

"The heart of Niv, in my personal workshop," Nivix shot back in reply, turning his attention to the workbench before him. The conversation would only take up about 3% of his thought processes; he could focus the rest on his current project. "What's your name?"

"Name?" the Mizzen ventured, unsure of what was happening. "...Ven-192. Did you say the heart of-"

"Yep, the heart of Niv," Nivix interjected as he rolled his eyes. "Come on, put it together. I'm pretty sure I gave you guys at least a bit of information about me; you'd think you could put it to good use."

It took a few milliseconds for Ven to make the connection. "Wait, you're not saying that you're-"

"Yes on both accounts. That's what I'm saying and that's who I am. Any problems with that?"

The silence that followed was broken only by the sounds of Nivix's work, the clanging metal and sparking wires providing some nice background noise as both Mizzen and god found themselves lost in thought. "So... what exactly am I doing here?"

"Oh, right, that." Nivix found himself unable to repress a sheepish grin. "Heh, it certainly makes sense that you'd be suffering from some memory problems. There's no way your body could have handled that much damage without shorting out at least a bit. What's the last thing you remember?"

"Er..." Ven paused briefly as he scoured through his most recent memories. "I was... We were trying to determine how long it took certain types of plants to burn when exposed to high temperatures. I had been sent out to gather more samples, when... when we were attacked?"

"Mmmmhmmm," came the god's reply. "And what happened next?"

"There were... The attackers had enormous mounts, fauna that they'd somehow managed to tame. They had spears mostly, with some bows and arrows. Their attacks didn't do much damage, but their sheer numbers and the size of the beasts... We tried to fight back, but it was pointless."

"Yeah, that happens sometimes. So what'd you do?"

"We... We did what we could. Formed a phalanx in a last ditch attempt at holding them off. It should've worked; we had defense and offense balanced, we could see them coming, we... we... we... we..."

Pausing in his work for a second, Nivix took the opportunity to smack Ven's temporary body. "Hey now," he said, his tone authoritative. "Don't worry about why something doesn't work. Sometimes it's just too hard to account for every variable and error, and you just need to start over. It's part of living and studying; sometimes you just find problems that don't have answers."

"I... see." Ven answered, unsure about his savior's words. "After that... nothing. I was here."

"Hmm," Nivix mused. "So I guess you don't know why I brought you here?"


"Well, it's actually pretty simple. You're impossible."

It was obvious that the Mizzen didn't understand. "I'm... impossible?"

"Aye," the god muttered in reply. "That problem that you couldn't account for? It was a dinosaur about twenty times your size that charged through your little phalanx like it was nothing. Crushed pretty much every last one of you bastards into scrap, all except for you.

"For the life of me, I can't understand why you were able to pull through. By the looks of things, your body took just as much damage as the rest of them, if not even more. I watched as you were mercilessly pounded into the ground, without quarter or pity, and watched as you, alone, stood back up. I can't explain why or how you did, you just... did. That's all there really is to it.

"So, what was I, a curious investigator, to do? Clearly I had to figure out what made you so special, what kept you alive when none of the others did. And, after a cursory investigation..." The god took a moment to pause for effect. "I still have no idea. You don't strike me as particularly strong or special, and you certainly don't have any bugs or flaws that would've saved you. Yeah, I got nothing."

Ven's reply was quite succinct. "...Oh."

"Yep. So, here I am, wondering what I'm gonna do with you, when I get this, admittedly kind of stupid idea. Ya see, some of the other gods, especially Eldar and Seith, have been spawning all of these little annoyances that flock around and do their bidding. Making them half-divine and all that; I personally don't see the appeal. What, they need to get help from a mortal because they can't do something on their own? How pathetic is that?"

"So..." Ven ventured. "You're planning to turn me into a demigod?"

"What?!" Nivix roared out, unable to hold back his laughter. "Weren't you just listening? No way in hell I'm gonna do something like that!"

"...So your plan is to...?"

"Let's just say I'm gonna build you one kick-ass new body. I figure that you deserve a reward, after all."

With perfect timing, Nivix admired his (almost) finished work. Though it was clearly based off a typical Mizzen body, the shell that lay on the workbench was so much more. Forged with far more attention and the utmost care and precision, it was nothing short of a mechanical marvel. Made of all-but-indestructible metal, capable of withstanding even Niv's extreme temperatures, and loaded with all kinds of hidden surprises and toys, it was truly something to behold.

"Now, unfortunately, your Spark alone isn't going to be enough to power this thing," Nivix advised, dropping his tools and focusing on his palm. "So we're going to need..." Concentrating, the god smiled as a miniature star, no more than a few inches across, blossomed into existence.

"One HELL of a battery!" he roared as he slammed the ball of light into the machine's chest.

Zareth 24 , 2

The dragons were an interesting creation to say the least. Not much time had passed since their creation but the fledgling reptiles were quickly finding their way in the world. Evalon was quickly proving to be a very popular planet. Zareth had to wonder how the races living on its surface would react to this new addition. From the way the dragons were establishing themselves as powerful hunters, ones that could easily best the other creatures that lives on the planet surface in a physical confrontation.

Zareth had taken the form of a black feathered bird again and was flying through the quiet forest lands that dotted parts of the Chama Peninsula. The dragons were spreading out rapidly and the death god was curious as to how the various mortal cultures would react to them. They hardly had the technology to defend themselves if the dragons decided they looked like a good snack.

His flight path crossed that of a red scaled dragon. Zareth perched in a nearby tree, taking the chance to observe one of them up close. The beast seemed on edge. It was circling the forest, its emerald eyes scanning the tree line. Now and then it would let out a short, sharp snarl. it was looking for something, but what? Perhaps it had found a tribesman from one of the villages, at least the thick canopy of the trees here gave the humans some kind of defense.

Aen had created a marvelous thing in these creatures he had to admit. The dragon moved with a speed and grace that belied its great mass. The little black bird was in the middle of admiring the intricacy of the scales on the predator's muzzle when something broke from the cover of the trees... but not on the ground. A human looking figure sprang from the tree tops and collided with the dragon's head. The beast thrashed in panic as it was dragged, head first into the forest and crashed to the ground with a mighty roar.

What followed was the sound of trees and flesh being torn apart as the two hunters fought with bestial fury. Their fight was so loud, Zareth was sure everyone within ten miles could hear them. It only lasted a few seconds and then; silence. The whole forest fell still until finally... the low howl of a lone wolf.

There's another line of defense I suppose.

Zareth took off and flew to the clearing where the two had landed. Carnivox was gone and so was the dragon's head. What remained was a surprisingly intact corpse. His son knew his trade. No doubt he had taken the head back to one of his dens. Zareth just kept flying.

His small wings had carried him to the tip of Loth Ringard when a thought struck him. The skies here were terribly empty. Sure there were angles and dragons but they were lacking any real population. Not just Evalon but all the planets. Their skies were, rather dull to look at. Well he could fix that, Zareth had being saying he wanted to add to the creations of this universe and it was about time he made one of his own instead of simply aiding the other gods.

He took flight, straight up to the heavens until he hovered above Niv itself. He flapped his wings, once, twice, breathing deep, getting a good build up. And then he was off, soaring through the cosmos, winding through the stars and passing over the night sides of each of the planets. Zareth scattered his feathers over each world he passed, letting them speed towards the planet surfaces and plant themselves where they fell. From them would come new creatures, ones to fill the sky and if they proved smart enough they could help guide some of the more frightened souls to Evermoor.

Zareth may have had an easier time adding to the world of the dead than the living but there was no reason he couldn't make a creature with a foot in each, one which Car would have a tougher time killing. After he was done making a circuit of the cosmos he came to the Hallowed Court. There was something new there, a meeting room? He flew through the doors to find Seith and Pentar standing what he assumed was the main hall. Flapping his wings in a flurry Zareth came to purch on what looked like a golden statue of himself.

"Mheeeh!" He cawed at the two gods.

Eldarwen 13

She was sitting at the dining table with Ailish and Aen, the shield was barely visible from the ground, which was good since the Ekiruru wouldn't start asking questions about it anytime soon. It was beautiful from up close though, and she had already found out it worked when one of the other gods came to her planet uninvited, but he left soon again.

"I request your help with finding the remaining four creatures. The seven I had mentioned were fragments of people who can help us. They may have scattered to the far corners of the realm, and I worry that they may cause harm if we don't find them."

Eldarwen put her steak down, and thought about it. She knew were one of them were, if it hadn't escaped and she hoped that Ailish wouldn't try to free it either. She had agreed to help them though, so at best she could only offer her advice if Ailish wanted to set it free again.

"Alright, I'll help you. Madness should still be with Maskelyne in his dove prison though." She sighed. "I've no idea where the rest are, or if they're the only ones either."


She wouldn't tell Eldarwen. The Ekiruru didn't look different on the outside, even if they had been acting like they were in pain during the days since they had been merged. She hadn't left them for even a second. Nivix had talked with her, but she had chosen not to answer as she didn't want to fight. She didn't think that anything she would tell him at that moment would have lead to anything else.

Instead, Auctor had stayed by their side and written down everything of interest. The first day had gone by without much change from the initial reaction. On the second day, they appeared to have gained some sort of knowledge about what had happened. She understood it as they had gained a shared mind, which must be hard to accept if you weren't born with it. The machines had been created with it, but the Ekiruru had been individuals once. Well, not that long ago.

The third day was strange. They had gained knowledge of each other from before the merging. If someone hated you or had killed one of your friends, they found out about it. Three were killed on this day, since some of the others wanted revenge. They killed them swiftly, and even then they reacted to it, but not with pain. They almost seemed to regret doing it. It wasn't the weirdest thing that happened on the third day. Just like they found out about others hatred or previous killings, they found out about their positive feelings. Those who had admired someone from afar and had deeper feelings for them, soon found themselves closer to the target of their affection. She was glad that the merging didn't only bring death.

The fourth day, they tried out their new bodies. They still had the abilities to shapeshift parts of their bodies, but now they could make swords out of gleaming metal. The tree swords the normal battle born had was probably not much weaker, as it was made of the strongest trees, but now they couldn't burn as easily. Some had other parts improved, like their vision, smell or hearing.

The fifth day, she appeared before them and they all turned towards her at the same time. It was a creepy display of coordination. Auctor told them to return to Ayamine, to become the elite warriors of their race. The Ekiruru already had better fighters than all the other races, so she hoped and believed that Eldarwen would grow to appreciate the new additions with time. It would make it easier for Auctor to eventually explain to her what had happened. The synthetics bowed down to her, as they had apparently mistaken her as the source of their new abilities. The irony of elite warriors worshipping a pacifist demigod of words wasn't lost on her, but she didn't try to explain the truth to them either. It was probably better this way, in the end.

Auctor lead them back to the city, after they had given her a wyvern of her own. She told them to try and blend into their society, at least for now and then she retreated to her chambers in the palace. All of the knowledge she had gathered on the synthetics were hidden in her room. She rarely got visitors, so when Sonitus knocked she freaked out, but opened the door somewhat nervous. Fortunately it turned out that she only wanted to welcome her sister back, in her own special way.

Ailish? 2, 28

"Alright, I'll help you. Madness should still be with Maskelyne in his dove prison though... I've no idea where the rest are, or if they're the only ones either."

Well we have one of them... But what about the others.

She looked to the goblet of mead, and an idea came to her.

Looking to her staff, she saw the one amethyst tear she saved since the first time she arrived in Purgatory. With only a single shake, she jostled the tear into the goblet. The goblet was then placed on the table, and she began staring intently at the swirling of gold and pink.

"We could use this to scry for them." she gestured to the goblet. "I'll need your help to make the vision clearer."

Roe - 16, 2

Somewhere upon the north-eastern continent of Evalon, not far to the west of the great canyon, a flash of light suddenly lit up the grassy plains and through ran a fox, carrying a small girl on his back. The creature skidded to a halt and she slid off, it then changed into a boy as suddenly as it had appeared.

"You okay Petal?" Roe asked, brushing himself off.

She shrugged, her eyes fixed on the ground. "Where are we?" she asked quietly.

"Looks like we're somewhere in the middle of Almia I think," the young god replied, scanning the horizon. There wasn't much to see other than the sporadic clumps of trees and a huge grey mountain in the distance.

"Are there people here?"

"Yeah, though not as many as Chama... there's more Verr around these parts"

"Ugh, they're gross. Why are we here then?"

"I don't know, I just went to the first place I could think of..." Roe looked back around and saw that Petal was still hunched over, avoiding his gaze. He walked over and put his hand on her shoulder. "Are you sure you're okay Petal?"

"You left me alone again, I was scared, I thought those angels were going to hurt me," she replied sulkily.

"Oh..." Roe said simply, it was easy to forget that she was just a vulnerable mortal, "I've got an idea," he told Petal and he bent down to pick up a small stick from the ground. He closed his eyes and concentrated his power onto the stick, a few moments later he opened his eyes again and presented newly forged possession to his friend. She held it up to the sunlight to see it better.

"A whistle!" she cooed, "but what does it do?"

"Blow on this and wherever I am in the world, I'll hear it," Roe replied, "if you're ever in trouble again, use it and I'll be there as quick as lightning,"


"I promise,"

"Thanks Roe," Petal said as a smile returned to her face and she reached forward to gently kiss him on the cheek. Her aim was slightly off and she ended up pecking him on the nose but he didn't really mind, he hugged her back and then the pair departed to explore the land further.

Aen 23, 1

Aen may have been physically with Eldarwen and Ailish, in whatever sense physical meant for them, but his mind was elsewhere. He wasn't eating, not that he'd felt hungry, and he wasn't listening. Ailish wanted his help for something and he signed a symbol to help with the seeking, but his heart was not in it. He excused himself from their presence, not waiting to see if it had worked. He began to walk away and as he did he shifted to Evalon and continued walking there. He was not far from where he had created dragons and he watched a few fly overhead. Good. They lived on. But they still had a great purpose to serve. But how would he shape what he needed? His powers were not much for sentient life, and he did not want simple battle slaves. He wanted people: real people, diverse and flawed and weak. But also stronger than any god he'd ever met, more perfect, more unified. His own people that he could watch over. But how... how?

Perhaps he didn't have to do it alone. Maybe it was his, but he didn't have to hold the burden to himself. Yes, that sounded nice, actually. And that was how he decided what he wanted to do.

Aen removed his glove and stared at the mark he had to hide from everyone but Grix. It was pretty, in a way, burned nicely into his skin. Underneath that his blood flowed, and a little of Grix's too. That was what he needed. For this, Aen drew his sword, and neatly cut into his palm across his mark, and let his blood flow. It pooled in mid air until it filled an invisible basin. Aen sheated his sword and healed the cut, then shaped the pool into a sphere. His mind reached out for Grix, who awoke from his slumber and set into the air. He would be here soon. Then he let his mind wander to reach all the other gods at once. He did not touch upon them the way he did Grix: that was too intimate, too invading, and offensive. But as he had done with Zareth, he sent them the understanding of what he intended, and the way they could help should they wish to help him. Then he waited.

Eldarwen 13

Aen seemed a bit out of it momentarily. He had been at the palace for a few days now, like Ailish. He teleported before anyone got a chance to ask him about it.

Ailish dropped something into the goblet in front of her and gestured towards it.

"We could use this to scry for them. I'll need your help to make the vision clearer."

Eldarwen got up from where she was sitting and walked over to Ailish. She took a leaf from her own body and dropped it into the mead that was in the goblet, while channeling a bit of her own magic. "That should do it."

The queen walked over to one of the windows in the dining hall, to look out on her city. It had been a calm week, almost too calm considering what had happened with Nivix and that she now had two daughters. At least one of them should have made some noise, but Eldarwen really hadn't heard much from Sonitus. Auctor had disappeared after she had told her to keep an eye on the madman who put vermin on her planet. She knew that they were both well, and currently in the palace, even if none of them had been there yesterday.

"Isn't it eerily quiet..." She voiced her thoughts. Eldarwen turned away from the window, feeling like she had everything she needed and wanted for the moment. It bored her.

The doors of the dining hall were thrown open, and her daughters entered.

"Mother! I've missed you so." Sonitus was as loud as usual, and was probably not going to say where she had been either. Auctor followed behind her, straightening her clothes to look more respectable and not like she had just woken up. Eldarwen shook her head and the white one blushed.

"Mothers." Auctor bowed, before sitting down at the table. She didn't say much, and when she did it was somewhat hard to understand.

Sonitus was coming towards Eldarwen with open arms, expecting a hug. The queen saw no harm in it, but the godess would rather teleport. The moment was interrupted however, by a resounding explosion. Eldarwen turned back to the window, and saw smoke coming from the school district. A second explosion followed shortly after, but from behind her.

She turned around, to see Sonitus grinning at her.

"That was you, wasn't it..." The queen grunted and decided to check out whatever the hell had caused an explosion in her city. She hadn't noticed any intruders, and she should have.

"The second one was me." Sonitus answered and threw her arms around her mother.

Aen called out for her, and she figured it was as good an excuse to get rid of Sonitus as any. Actually, now that she needed to be in two places at once it would give the singer a chance to prove herself.

"Sonitus, my precious daughter, I have a task for you."

She could see her daughter's eyes sparkle at those words. Maybe she had been to kind.

"Anything for you, mother."

"Great, go see what Aen wants and bring Auctor with you. I'm sure at least you've been on Evalon before." Sonitus nodded enthusiastically. Auctor had been looking over Ailish shoulder down into her goblet, but now she turned with a puzzled expression to her other mother, as if she wanted to ask if Eldarwen was serious.

Auctor didn't get much of a chance to ask though, as Sonitus was dragging her out of the dining hall towards the portal tree.

"I need to check on something." Eldarwen excused herself to Ailish, and teleported to the school district and the smoke. They may need help to stop the fire, but she hoped not. The water elementals had never failed to put out a fire before.

Sonitus and Auctor appeared behind Aen. "Eldarwen is busy, so she sent me." Sonitus sang and then pointed to her sister. "And her. What do you need?"

Ailish? - 2, 28

Her gaze was firmly on the goblet focusing on the reflection, finding some image within the diluted pink swirls. Despite her efforts, so far she found little sights. Eldarwen's gaze was neutral, either deliberating what the goddess said or quietly dismissing the attempt as whimsy. Ailish felt Aen's presence but the reflection was still cloudy.

From the corner she felt something whisper. It sounded wordless. Voiceless. Origin-less. Yet it came from Aen. He spoke of creating something with all our help. To create something special. A people? Something that was each its own individual? Needing only a drop of blood? Her head shook at what she felt was a vague idea, but she was willing to help. But why couldn't he tell us personally? Is he busy handling some great force? Have the others taken up his time?

The hard part was of course procuring the essence for what he planned. With her body as this organic-looking mannequin, all the 'blood' seemed bottled up in her with no means to get out. She stuck a butter-knife to her hand and saw the edge deflect off the appendage each time. Maybe there's a gap in my chest. Her stomach churned as the thought left her, and her hand followed. After seconds of prying the knife in her torso, she found the desired outcome... Then she immediately clutched her chest in pain. Red liquid seeped out through her hands, and a searing pain was felt from the back of her eyes. With all her focus, she sent what blood that came out to wherever Aen wanted it, and closed the wound. Exhausted, the goddess collapsed in the chair; her thoughts thrown into an abyss.

"You're hiding something from me... I WILL find it..."

Vantric: 21, 1

Slowly, the screaming stopped, and Dosin remained very still. Vantric got back up and waited. There was no movement from the body. He waited further, still no movement. Mortals, far too fragile, He thought and sighed. It was too bad, Dosin would have made a great apprentice.

Just as he turned away, the body let out a tiny groan. Vantric looked back at the body as Dosin slowly twitched, then flexed his fingers and eventually began pushing himself up, forcing all his limbs into motion. Dosin got back to his feet, but not without stumbling a little. He felt as though he had been torn apart and raked through hot coals and somehow still been alive through it all. Not a thing in his body didn't hurt, but the pain was accompanied with a mingling of something more. He focused his mind away from his pain and onto something he felt deep in his bones.

There was a power within him, he perceived, not the magical power inherent in all lainir, this something new. Dosin attempted to tap it, as he did his own magic, but nothing happened. Instead, the strange power slowly began coursing throughout his body, permeating his being. The surprise was plain on his face. "It seems you've survived Dosin. Well done." Vantric said, looking proudly at his new apprentice. In truth, it sounded like he was complimenting himself, Dosin thought.

"I feel like hell." Dosin replied, steadying himself. He felt that at any moment he would collapse on the ground again.

Vantric brushed the comment off. "No doubt that's your body rejecting the last of your mortality. It's probably normal."

"Probably?" He asked, "Haven't you done this before?"

"Well, no, not as such. You're the first apprentice I've decided to take." Dosin couldn't help but look somewhat nervous, "Oh, get over it. Who's the proper god here? Look, you've recovered from your wounds and survived the transformation process. Overall, I'd say this was a success all around."

Dosin looked back over his body. He had been in so much pain he hadn't thought about his wounds. Checking his side, he could see that Vantric was right, the bloody gash that was killing him earlier had healed over. The break in his armor that had allowed the injury had been repaired as well. "Well," Dosin responded, "I guess you're right." Vantric looked him over, seeming pleased with the work. "What exactly am I now?"

"You're a demigod, Dosin." Vantric replied, circling him, "And my new apprentice." He furrowed his brow for a moment, puzzling something over. "No, that's not quite right, is it." He muttered, Dosin cocked his head in confusion. "Dosin was a mortal, and a dead one at that. You aren't Dosin any longer." There was a pause as Vantric mulled something over, "Aha! I dub you Isond, the Warmaker."


"Yes," He answered, "It's an anagram for Dosin." The demigod stared at his creator for a moment, "You're my creation Isond, you are named whatever I deem."

Isond shrugged. "Whatever. What happens now?"

Vantric touched Isond's head, transmitting knowledge of the Court's location. "Now, you will need to go the the Heavan's Court, our realm apart from this world." He explained, "I have a residence there. A grand fortress. Go there and wait for me. I will return shortly with new orders for you. And clean yourself up. You're a mess."

Isond looked himself over. Despite his body and armor being mended, they still bore the distinct marks of his near-death. The armor was covered in dried blood and caked in mud and dirt. He looked toward the god, "Couldn't you have cleaned me up when you were turning me into a demigod?"

There was a pause. "For your benefit, Isond," Vantric replied, "I'll pretend you didn't ask that."

Suddenly both gods perked up and turned, in time, to an unseen point in the distance. "What was that?" Isond asked, reaching for his blade, and being surprised to find one materialize in his hands.

"A telepathic call." Vantric answered, "From no one I know." He let his own hands rest on his blade and dagger.

"An enemy then?"

"Perhaps." Isond took a step toward the source of the call, but Vantric grabbed his arm, holding him back.

"You need to go to the Court."

"You just said there may be an enemy there." Isond countered, "You might need my help."

Vantric shook his head, "I can handle myself. I'll be fine. But if it comes to a fight, you won't." Isond started to protest, but Vantric cut him off. "You have your orders."

Isond tensed for a moment, then stopped, and sheathed his blade. "As you command." He teleported away.

Vantric mentally traced the message back to its source and teleported there. At the origin point of the call, he found another being, practicing some magic foreign to him. Blood was levitating in the air, and the figure seemed to stare intently at it. A new god? Vantric thought. That could change things dramatically. What were his plans, what were his intentions, who were his allies? The thoughts ran through his mind rapidly. The new god seemed to be a warrior, or so the sword on his back indicated, more than that, Vantric couldn't say.

After a moment, he took a step forward "Who are you?" He demanded, letting his hand drop to his blade. If this new god intended to fight, Vantric would be happy to oblige.

Aen 19, 1

They had come. He hadn't expected anyone to come really, maybe just send the blood he required. Ailish's blood came too. He actually hadn't expected that, and was a little worried about her, but he pulled some of the blood away and mixed it into a sphere of it's own. He would wait for more, but it was time he began with this at least. The blood in the sphere turned a cheery crimson with darkness swirling about. Well, that was... interesting at least. He wondered what that said about Ailish, and himself. He didn't really have time to think about that now. He had guests.

Aen turned his head slightly. "Ah. You again, the one with the pretty voice. And I don't think I've met the other. A shame Eldarwen doesn't have time but no matter. I need blood, should you wish to help me make some mortals. That's about it, honestly. The rest will sort itself out."

There was another deity here, this ones power eclipsing the two demi-gods. He didn't recognize him, but that mattered little. He watched the stranger's hand drop enough to be in reach of his blade. It didn't take being god of combat to figure out what that meant. "I'm Aen, and if you intend to fight me, I'd be happy to oblige. Only not now, if you don't mind. I'd really hate to have to drop all this blood before I finished." To be honest, he wasn't really in the mood for conversation. He was more focused on what he was working on than the others. It was rude, though, so he scolded himself and tried again. "My apologies for my attitude and lack of attention, making sentient mortals isn't quite as simple as making beasts. And truly, I'd rather not fight you now if that's what you're looking for, though I wouldn't mind doing it later." Aen grinned sincerely. He still hadn't gotten a chance to test himself out in a sparring match.

M'endaxius - 10/30 AP, 1/2 MP

The moon cracked and heaved as room was made for the meeting chamber. Then it stopped, and the feeling of peace that came with a barren place resumed. M'endar decided to wander around its new creation, taking in the new sight. Melanthios and Vantric would be proud to see this hidden hall. It was somewhat amusing as well. Here M'endar was, walking in a creation born from its own eye, and now it was walking through the lumen of the blood vessels to the heart...

A quick word of thanks needed to be said,

"My deepest thanks, brothers. May this hall be of use to us all. I am sure that it will pay dividends soon..."

Now to the matter of that strangle feeling.

It was pure intent. And it washed over M'endar's mind, like a wave. It was not a violent tsunami, no, but a simple proposal. Nevertheless, there was one thing that puzzled M'endar. This voice, this being didn't seem like the rest. That could mean only one thing - a new god. A new god that spoke of making a new sentient species by mixing the essences of all of the god. A giant melting pot. Well, if M'endar could leave its mark on this, well it wasted no time seizing the chance.

It teleport to the source of the voice. Somewhere on Evalon, and now there black birds in the sky. Undoubtedly Zareth's.

"Are you the one that called us here?" M'endar asked, ignoring the recent exchange between Vantric and the newcomer, "I'm M'endar, by the way. And there is my welcoming gift."

M'endar turned away from the two other gods. A great claw slit its palm. Black ooze bleed out, joining the bloody mixture.

...Yess. There was one thing that it had forgotten. These would need something, something that would become part of the new race's lives, that made the newborn race stand out. M'endar felt silly for not just communicating feelings rather than words. For one, the latter was a much more effective tactic. It would have to make a mental note of that. Soon dark energy began to gather around M'endar as it directed it to the sky. Those birds and dragons wouldn't be lonely for long...

Roe - 16, 2

Roe and Petal sat on a rock, enjoying the silence of the barren landscape after their adventure on Coelus. Suddenly the child god stood up and put his hand to head.

"What is it?" Petal asked anxiously.

"It's a message from another god, something is happening near here,"

Roe took Petal's hand and in a single bound leapt over the giant mountain in the distance and to the plains beyond. The two children landed with a thud next to Aen and a number of other individuals, some of whom Roe recognised, others which he didn't.

"What'cha doing?" Roe asked as he bounced up to the sphere of blood, admiring it's pretty colours.

Carnivox 8 AP

Yeah that was it, that'll do good right there. Carnivox was done adding the final touches to his den on the peninsula, he just nudged the dragon skull a little to the left aaaand..... done! Yeah that'll make a sweet entrance right there. Skinning the head was tough work but more than tasty enough to make it worth while. He stood there for a moment admiring his handy work and loving the way the light caught the bone.

That was another one to cross off the list, soon he'd have hunted one of every species on Evalon... hmm, that thought wasn't as fun as he thought it would be. Maybe he needed a change of scenery? He still hadn't gotten any of those angel feathers and the thought of sneaking through a see through world did sound pretty good.

When a sudden wave of... intention? passed over him. That Aen was a talkative one. But it did sound cool, getting his own slice of a race. And of course his part would be the best part of the whole bunch. "What is it with him and blood?" Carnivox muttered to himself, digging an arrow into his palm.

Jumping into the trees he leveled his bow and took aim. Aen was miles away, maybe a continent away but what was shot like that to him? The hunter took a breath, relaxed and let his arrow fly.


Zareth AP 21 MP 2

A black phoenix flew over the heads of the party of gods before coming to land in their midst and changing into the more familiar form of Zareth.

"What's going on, we having a blood party?" He looked around at the other gods with a grin.

He drew Midnight from its scabbard and griped the blade tight, letting his blood run slowly down the blade. He was always a sucker for symbolism. Hopefully his own contribution to Aen's people would be one of note. A culture that respected their fallen and the elderly. And if they lost their way then the birds he had made could always help guide them, after all the dragons didn't need to be the only animals of note on Evalon.

He held the sword up, presenting it to Aen. "It's your lead."

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