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"Ah." She sure chattered a lot. "Slow down and relax. Take it easy." She held out her hand. "I'm Jia. Good to speak with someone who's able to have a conversation without declaring herself superior or punching someone in the face." She grinned. Mitsuko seemed amicable and harmless, and right now Jia had no interest in dealing with another psychotic.

Some people really didn't adjust well to gaining superhuman capabilities. Things would be so much simpler if their parents could keep their pants on, or had a basic education on the use of contraceptives. Or for that matter actually did their job as parents instead of ditching them with whatever schmuck they fucked.

"Ok I can do that." Mitsuko took a deep breath and let it out. "Nice to meet you." Mitsuko smiled and shook her hand firmly. "Seems many of us here are a bit on the crazy side." she said letting go of her hand. Her nerves had calmed down and now she was able to speak normally.

"What powers do you have Jia? I'm kind of the only Nyx here, well for now, hell I don't know what others would have power-wise." she said playing with the hilt of her daggers. "I myself am a stealth fighter. I use the shadows and the night to my advantage."

As Nina made her way into the (rather spacious) bathroom, Jess collected her coat and headed over to one of the bunks where a son of Aphrodite named Scott Bowen sat writing. She got his attention with a small 'ahem', and he looked up. "Oh, hey. What's up?"

"Hey, Scotty. Could you be a dear and get the blood out of this?" Jess asked, handing over the coat. Scott looked it over, examining the bloodstain critically. Jess thought she heard a 'tsk' from him, and stifled a chuckle. He was one of the fussiest in Cabin Ten about people and their dress sense.

"Whoever owns this has got to get a new look. I mean, gray? Seriously, in this season? And it looks stifling to say the least," he grumbled, though he passed a hand over the blood patches all the same. The dark red blood simply vanished, the slight stiffness of the fabric leaving with it. Scott passed the coat back to Jessica. "There we go. You should send the owner to me for a better outfit."

Jess had to laugh at that one. It wasn't often Nina actually spoke to her. Still, she thanked her half-brother and returned to Elizabeth's side while she waited for Nina to get back, having draped the coat over one arm. "So... what's the latest from the Hermes cabin, I wonder," she queried of Elizabeth, hoping to start some conversation.

Royce's wandering soon led him back to the camp's cabins. The courtyard was mostly deserted, save for a couple of Asian girls standing and talking. Based on the attire one of them was wearing, particularly the sword strapped to her back - which Royce thought was slightly unconventional, since a sheath attached to one's belt was far more convenient - she looked like she had come straight from a fight. The other carried what looked like a sketchbook. Based on those, Royce identified them as Jia and Mitsuko.

He gave a wave and a cordial, "Ladies," as he got closer, open to the idea of joining in on their conversation since he had nothing better to do at the time.

After about an hour, Brandon arose from his afternoon slumber, feeling refreshed. He didn't see the value of naps before going to SMU, but Coach Crouch was adamant on the practice, and it did help before games or training sessions. He yawned and stretched, cricking his back a little bit. "Right, that's better."

He got up and lifted his iPod off the dock and grabbed his trusty bat. Now that he had his rest, it was time for some training. He'd have to see if one of the Hades kids would be kicking around to summon up some foes for him. Course they never were really any kind of match, but those stick men were good to practice combos on.

"Shane! I'mma headin' out! Don't let the sibs do anything stupid, ya hear?" Brandon was sure he heard. He headed out of the Ares cabin towards the arena. Worse case scenario if none of the Devil Daughters were around, someone would probably be down there and up for a sparring session.

Freya promptly ignored what Gabe said to her, not caring in the slightest what he had to say, and continued to her cabin for a shower. Some Demigods got out of her way when they saw that she was coming, not wanting the same to happen to them as what she'd done to Nina. Her shield was firmly kept on her left arm.

She reached her cabin in no time and entered the showers, stripping down and turning the water on. While she was there, she went over her fight with Jia in her head. It had been good practice, but she was still pissed at what she'd said afterwards. How dare she tell her what to do? Who cared if she hated most everyone in the world, it didn't mean she had anger issues. She punched the wall, making a small fist shaped hole in it, then finished cleaning herself and stepped out of the showers after drying herself and putting clean clothes on.

Training time was over for today, and frankly she couldn't be bothered to do any more training. Therefor, she just stepped outside in the sun, wondering what she should do. Maybe she could bug some of the other Demigods for her amusement. Just in case, she brought her shield, but left her sword in the cabin.

Mitsuko looked over to Royce and smiled some. "Hey how are you Royce now that things have settled down?" Mitsuko said a bit better at conversation then before with Jia. "It seems nice today, I spent some time drawing but other then that. Oh hey, have you seen Colt?" Mitsuko asked kind of blushing some.

She didn't like to admit she had a small crush on Brandon. She bit her lip looking around, not really making eye contact with Jia or Royce.

"Royce." She nodded to Royce, a simple, curt gesture of respect. She had met him here and there before in the Forges when having gear modified prior to a mission, and recalled reflecting that Royce seemed like he would make a more useful comrade in arms than the Athena daughter - Athena Child - she had been obligated to babysit at the time. Ah, memories.

Colt...ah, yes. The nickname of the leader of the Ares Cabin, Brandon Robertson. She had dealt with him before, during her tenure as the Athena counselor - a tenure that had lasted about four hours before she had resigned under the weight of paperwork. Every detail, every time someone threw a spitball or put a whoopie cushion on a child of Athena's chair and she had to deal with it. She'd been considering breaking into the Dionysus cabin to put herself out of her misery.

"Friend of yours?" Jia was perceptive enough to know it was a bit more than that with the way Mitsuko was blushing and failing to meet either of her eyes. "He's probably busy in the Ares Cabin, they tend to be...problematic."

Mitsuko blinked and blushed more. "Yea we're friends. I've know him for a while now. I just want to say hi. Umm I hate to cut this short but I'm going to go find him now before he starts hitting something." Mitsuko smiled wide a blush still on her cheeks before she quickly walked off.

She checked at the Ares cabin when she ran into Brandon just outside. "Oh um hi Colt. I see you're about to train." Mitsuko smiled some trying to hide her blush as she rocked on her feet nervously playing with her hands and dropped her drawing pad without noticing. It fell to the ground with a thud, not too far from her feet, when a drawing of a bird opened from the book.

A light, subtle sigh escaped Gabe's lips as the Hades child's footsteps grew increasingly distant. Once he felt it was best to move on, he did so, taking his leave from the arena. As he continued his aimless exploration of the campgrounds, he found himself backtracking through the cabin area. It felt as if the area was busier than the middle of Manhattan, with less than half the pedestrians.

He couldn't place a finger on it, but he couldn't help be bugged by all of it. In his usual fashion, he kept his head down, eyes affixed to the ground, and hands in his pockets as he continued on his way. Eventually he cleared the area, and not before long, he found himself standing before a small expanse of water.

He lingered about the lake temporarily, kneeling at the lakefront to let his mind wander as he gazed into the murky, algae filled waters. His hand hovered above the thin blades of grass that grew along the edge. As if it appeared from the æther, A small white cat meandered under his hand, seeing it as an opportunity to rub itself along his palm's surface. The company was very brief, and as it wandered along, the blades of grass absentmindedly began to grow, meeting and wrapping his fingers in some soft embrace, causing his facial features to soften a bit. It may have been a subconscious byproduct of his maternal genes, but he always felt more at peace when he was among nature.

But even then, there were some things that irked him. Like the subtle buzzing that began to play in the back of his head. It was hard to be calm when something as annoying as that always alerted him of nearby trees. He picked his head up, and from his position at the lake, he noticed the untended forest that laid before him.

Overcome with curiosity, he rose to his feet. And doing his best to ignore the buzzing, he headed towards the woods. "It shouldn't be a curious hunch. Being a Child of the Harvest, The forests are my element. Quite literally." He thought, swiftly approaching the treeline. A hand of his placed itself upon the nearest tree. With the slightest concentration, branches began to grow from the tree's surface.

He took his hand from the tree before they began to wrap around his arm. He knew he was in control of the domain, and he partially enjoyed the feeling. Entering further into the forest, he sat himself a base at one of the bigger trees. He sighed again as he looked skyward, the canopy of the forest only slightly blocking out the sun's rays. He began to think of Central Park. The memories of the dryads plagued him. He was awash with guilt, and soon he remembered why he preferred to be alone.

No one really interesting to mess with. Freya couldn't be bothered with any of them for one reason or another, although she did make a few girls jump by having her skeletons appear from under them. It was pretty funny to her, and even though someone would confront her about it, they'd get a shield to the face.

While walking around the cabin area, she noticed the guy from earlier who had been watching her and Jia fight. Perhaps she had been a little hard on him earlier, but she still didn't think it was any less weird that he had been watching them. She followed him, seeing when he petted a white cat who then ran off to somewhere else, approaching Freya as she was closer to Gabe. "Adorable." she said before having a skeleton come out of the ground behind the cat and chase it away. She chuckled before unsummoning the skeleton and heading off to where Gabe was.

She watched as he was apparently enjoying nature. She didn't actually know what his divine parent was, so her only conclusions were that he either wanted to be alone because he was some sort of loner or he just really liked nature. Whatever it was, she was going to mess with him a bit. He looked too peaceful, to start with until she noticed he seemed to be feeling sad over something. He wouldn't need to think about it for too long since she summoned two skeletons by him, one in front of him and another behind him, not staying in cover herself while she did that.

Gabe's head lowered into his hands as he brought his knees closer to his chest. He began to contemplate on what he should do next. "The great Elder Tree, in all her wisdom...I've gone outside her vocal range..." He sighed again. "She could point me in the right path... Maybe she would've liked this, me being among my own people, out of harm's way..." The sound of rattling overwhelmed the much quieter buzzing. Looking up, Gabe found himself being stared down by a eyeless skeleton.

Scrambling to his feet, he almost tripped over himself as he tried to keep a distance between him and the undead apparition, only to have another skeleton catch him from behind. This one was a little more eager to strike, only grazing the boy's tattered shirt as he managed to back out of its range in the nick of time.

"In all her wisdom...would she've been wrong?" He thought in some form of curious pessimism, a scowl beginning to form over his face. In preparation to face his adversaries, He placed his hand against the nearest tree. As one of the skeletons rushed to him, a swirling motion of branches entangled the beast, impaling its joints and immobilizing it ferociously. As the second demon prepped its attack, Gabe used his free arm to thrust out in its direction.

As a result, the tree adjacent to both Gabriel and the skeleton lashed out a plethora of vines from its canopy. The skeleton was quickly disarmed and wrapped before ascending into the leaves. With a short bout of heavy rustling, the apprehended apparition fell from the tree in pieces. As the air calmed, Gabe began to catch his breath, wondering how exactly the skeletons came to be in the first place. He scanned the area briefly, his gaze eventually landing on the Hades child he had the pleasure of interacting with earlier in the day. "This chick again? The fuck's her damage?" Too determined to approach the girl, Gabe failed to notice that the treetops never ceased rustling after his attack.

Before he could reach Freya, he was tackled. Caught off guard by a blur of grey feathers as a small chorus of screeches reverberated through the canopies of the forest. "Don't tell me-" His thoughts were cut short as a lithe monstrosity landed hard on his chest, pushing the wind out of him, its talons digging into his skin. What resembled a hybrid of female human and bird, the harpy bent over him, keeping him underfoot as she screeched once more. She licked her pale lips as her beady black eyes looked into his.

"SCREEEEYou dare disturb my nest?! Your insolence will be paid in full, Harvestchild. You'll make a great meal for me and my daughteerrrrs!" She cocked her head back and let out a victorious screech, and the trees replied with joyous squawks. Gabe frowned at the escalated predicament.

"Like hell I will-" He raised his hands to attack, only to have his arms held down by two, smaller harpies. One of which took their attention off of the potential dinner to notice Freya looking on. "Look mother! A witness!" She tweeted. The Harpy elder turned her attention towards her, grinning hungrily.

"Ah! A Devilspawn. She'll make a great appetizer!" And with that, two more of the harpy daughters darted from the treetops, approaching the girl with a blinding speed.

It just started as a harmless prank. Sure, Freya had her skeletons attack Gabe, but she didn't mean to hurt him too much. However, the situation had become more serious due to an attack from a few harpies. Freya cursed having left her sword back at her cabin, though at least she had her shield with her.

"Who the fuck are you calling a Devilspawn? Just because my father is the Lord of the Underworld doesn't necessarily mean he's a devil!" She might be strong, but the speed of those harpies was too fast for her to properly counter or evade, barely able to block with her shield. She was thankful that it was made out of Stygian Iron or it would probably have broken from the power of the attack.

Freya might prefer being alone, but even she knew that there was strength in numbers. And right now, she would have to rely on Gabe for help. But first, he needed her help. She ran over to him and punched one of the smaller harpies that held his arm so hard that she slammed her head against a tree, knocking her out.

"You'll pay for that, Devilspawn!" The Harpy elder screeched and the two harpies that had attempted to attack Freya before slammed their talons hard into her back, scratching it deeply and making Freya grunt in pain. She was thrown to the ground, but quickly got up again to face the harpies. They flew fast towards her again, but she had a fist ready for one of them, punching one of them square in the face so that she landed in another tree. The other one hit her shield she had raised up and quickly made another attack that hit, digging her claws into her right arm. Different from when her back was attacked, attacking her arm made Freya let out a high pitched scream in pain, her scars from the first ever attack she'd been under from a mythological monster making the pain even worse.

"Cocksucking, oversized chicken! Motherfucking shitstained worthless excuse for a monster!" Freya was now getting seriously pissed off, which made her eyes turn black as night, although that didn't affect her vision in a bad way. The harpy was still attached to her right arm, but it didn't matter right now. Her left fist found its target at a record speed as she punched the harpy in her gut so hard you'd think she made a hole through it. The harpy let go of her arm and fell down on the ground in serious pain. That didn't change anything for Freya as she took her shield off her arm, held it with both her hands, raised it up into the air and with a great power and speed, slammed the edge of the shield onto the neck of the harpy. It was sharp enough, along with how much power she put into it, that it decapitated the harpy. Afterwards, she put her shield back onto her left arm, but her eyes still retained their black glow.

The Harpy elder was none too happy about this. She'd taken out three of her harpies, and despite having been attacked, she still stood strong. "You're next!" Freya said as she charged towards the elder, with both fists raised up, holding one inside the other, aimed towards the elder.

Brandon had just slung his bat over his shoulder to leave as he was approached. He recognized who it was pretty quickly. Mitsuko had been in the camp as long as he could remember. She was the only child of Nyx, wehich allowed her to stand out on back ground alone, but that Japanese heritage was pretty attractive as well. Is was probably that which allowed her to give most of the Aphros a run for their money.

"Oh um hi Colt. I see you're about to train."

"Well, you know how it is there, Mits'ko," Brandon said, faking humility. "You wanna keep this here body in shape, you gotta put tha work in." Apparently she was having a harder time than usual keeping her stuff together than usual. Her book went sprawling in the dirt. "You, ah, ya know you dropped your, ah," he saw the drawing of the bird fall out. "drawin' book."

Mitsuiko blinked and looked down. "Oh shit. I hate it when I drop this thing. It was a gift from my father my last birthday." she said as she bent over and scrabbled to pick it up. "So any way I can help you train today? I can't make things for you to beat up but I can help with anything involving speed." She stood up and dusted off the dirt.

"I mean even if I can't help you train I can still watch and hang out with you." She bit her lip hoping he would say yes.
"I mean I'd like that ether way. I umm well." she muttered some her blush getting worse. "I like spending time with you." At this point Mitsuko was bright red and not looking him in the eye.

"Hmp. Wasn't expecting the help." Gabe thought as Freya began working through the harpy forces. Once she managed to get the mama bird's attention, he was back in the game. Using his free hand, Gabe grabbed for the adolescent harpy and tossed it away with some force before performing a roll to his feet. Such a throw wasn't enough to take out the chick however, and once it regained it's footing, it charged towards him.

Freya's outburst caught Gabe off guard, causing the harpy offspring to successfully ram into the Harvestchild's gut. The force of the attack caused him to tumble into the nearest tree, his back pressed up against the bark as he wrestled against the harpy's forceful talons. "Wait, the bark!" Overcome with an idea, Gabe pressed a hand against the tree, and the thick wood began sliding up his arm.

It crawled about as far as his elbow before he could detach it, and a makeshift gauntlet was formed from the bark. With a wet crunch, the arm smashed into the bird's back, enough force delivered to halt its onslaught. It writhed and screeched in pain as Gabe stood over it. With two hammer-fisted strikes to its skull, the young harpy was dispatched, albeit a bit gruesomely. Blood dripped from the gauntlet as he rose to his feet. He looked on, realizing Freya's ongoing bout with the elder demon. He figured now would be the best time to step in.

"And that leaves..." He made a mad dash towards the Mother Harpy, tackling the avian beast as she did him. "Eye for an eye, bitch." As the two fell to the ground, he took the opportunity to smash into the mother's bridge as she thrashed below him. Almost immediately after, she managed to get her powerful legs under him. And with a forceful push, Gabe was projected through the air, his arc halted by a tree's high hanging branches. As a result from Gabe's onslaught, the Harpy mother was blinded, disoriented, and couldn't seem to find her footing.

While the harpy elder had evaded her initial attack, it didn't mean that Freya was giving up any time soon. She kept swinging her fists towards her, since she wasn't about to have her get away with hurting her in such a vulnerable spot, even if she personally hadn't hurt her there.

"Stop backing away from me, you fucking bitch! You're responsible for your whore of a daughter digging her claws in my arm, and I'm going to make sure that you pay! You will not escape the wrath of a daughter of Hades!" She was furious, and it could be seen even despite her black eyes. The harpy elder could see it, which is why she kept backing away. Just because she was angry towards Freya attacking her children like that, she wasn't about to get herself killed over it. However, while backing away from Freya, she didn't notice as Gabe tackled her down and began pummeling on her. Freya saw that Gabe had taken care of the last harpy offspring, which would have impressed her if she wasn't so focused on her anger towards the harpy elder.

When Gabe was kicked away by the harpy elder, Freya saw that she was left quite vulnerable. Her eyes still glowing black, she made her way towards her. "Now, you will pay!" The harpy elder looked around to try and find her, but couldn't due to being blinded by Gabe, so she didn't know where Freya was coming from.

Freya raised her arms like she'd done in her initial attack against the harpy elder, with one fist clenched inside the other one. "This is for interrupting my little prank!" She slammed her fists onto the harpy's head, making her hit her head on the ground, but still somewhat alive. "This is for the attack on my arm!" Again she raised her fists like the first time and slammed them onto the harpy's head. She was seriously messed up now, and just barely alive. "And this!" Freya was yelling even louder by this point. She raised her fists again, but this time she raised them just clenched beside each other. "Is for your whore race making my arm as vulnerable as it is!" With an angry yell at the end of her sentence, she slammed her fists so hard down onto the harpy's head, it made a small hole in the ground and left her head nothing more than a bloody mess of skin and brain along with other facial features.

After her eyes turned back to normal, Freya found that she was breathing heavily after all that, and not just because of how much strength she had to put into her attacks. She had been bleeding a fair amount from her back and right arm, and started to feel a little dizzy now that her adrenaline levels were decreasing. Hitting the harpy hard three times probably hadn't helped with the bleeding, either. It would be difficult for her to walk back, but she had to check up on Gabe first. With a little difficulty, she asked "Are you alright? We should head back to the camp." She needed to get to the infirmary as soon as they'd be back at the main camp site. She held her right arm with her left hand so it wouldn't bleed as much.

From his tangled position up in the tree, Gabe could only watch as Freya finished off the Harpy Mother, bashing in its face with her bare hands, quite obviously infuriated by the whole predicament. Her teeth were gritted, her eyes were black. At the end of it all, the Harpy's face was reduced to mush.

Soon, Freya rose to her feet, panting as she placed hands to her wounds. By the look of things, she was gonna need help getting back to the camp. "I feel like there's some cruel karma at play here..." Limping up to the tree Gabe seemed to be struck in, she called out to him in between breaths.

"Are you alright? We should head back to the camp." She asked. Gabe replied with a simple nod, conjuring a vine from one of the tree's branches. Reaching the ground safely, he yanked on the vine, pulling it out of the tree.

"Hold on." He told her, ripping the vine into smaller portions. Using the plant as a makeshift bandage, he managed to wrap some around her right arm while tending to some of the smaller scratches he also received. Once he decided he did all he could, he took a step ahead of her. "Get on my back. You're in no real position to walk." He said simply, even offering to carry her shield. Even if he didn't like her, the least he could do was respect and help her. He wanted it to be his turn to belittle her, tell her how the whole predicament was her fault in the first place. "I'll just wait until she's in a better shape to do all that."

Freya bit her lip a little as Gabe tended to the wounds on her right arm. It hurt, but if she wasn't going to bleed much more while they got back to the camp, it needed to be done. Once he was done, he asked her to get on his back. "Bah, I don't...need to..." She was about to continue, but everything spun a little for her and she had to close her eyes and hold her hands against her head until it stopped. Once it did, she supposed that there wasn't much option for her. As much as she'd hate it, it was more important to her to get back to the camp than to act like a proud idiot.

The shield she'd carry, but in her right hand. She got onto Gabe's back and held with her left arm just under his neck to support herself so she wouldn't fall off, while she held her shield in her right hand down over his chest so that the shield wouldn't hurt either of them. She'd have to remember to clean it once they got back. "Not a damn word about me being weak like this, or I will have to hurt you." This certainly wasn't an ideal position for Freya to be in, especially since she hated the weak and if she ever was weak like right now. Either way, it was good that Gabe was there or who knows what would have happened to her. She allowed her head to rest against the back of his and closed her eyes. After a moment of silence, she said. "It's only fair that I give you my name after all this. Freya Glace. Daughter of Hades."

"So any way I can help you train today? I can't make things for you to beat up but I can help with anything involving speed."

Brandon thought for a second. Wasn't plannin' on workin' on speed or nothin'... A second was all he had though.

"I mean even if I can't help you train I can still watch and hang out with you...I mean I'd like that either way. I umm, well...I like spending time with you..."

At this point, he finally looked at Mitsuko, but he wasn't getting the same treatment. She was turned away, but it didn't hide the fact that her face was tomato red. Dang. I knew the girl had it bad after wassisname stopped comin' back, but didn't know it was like that. Shoot, I weren't lookin' for a crusher or that like...

Brandon's churning stage coach of thought was disrupted by a loud screeching noise coming out of the woods. It sounded like a death cry, and there was another that followed it. "Got dang it," he cursed. "You kiddin' me? Now who the heck is in there? Don't need to be pryin' no got dang corpses outta them trees today!"

"We better go see what's going on then." Mitsuko said stashing her drawing book under her arm. "I don't want to find any dead campers today." she said looking at Brandon. While she wasn't happy the conversation was cut short she still would rather find out what was going on in the woods.

"I hope no one is hurt. We've had enough injuries to last a year today alone. I'll ran back to my cabin and drop off my drawing pad then grab the first aid kit I keep stashed away." Mitsuko said. Before Brandon could say anything she was off running. Her boots made it easy for her to run to her cabin in not time flat.

She put the book on her bed and dug around her footlocker for the first aid kit. After moving her countless games and books she found it hiding under her copy of The Hobbit. "Dammit, why can't I talk to him and why do things have to get in the way?" Mitsuko hissed to herself as she got up and ran off to meet Brandon at the place she left him.

Gabe grunted lightly as she mounted him. It was more of the shield's weight than her's that hindered him. Even so, he began to make his way back to camp, quickly taking steps out of the forest and into the much brighter sunlight. In a fit of urgency, Gabe tried his best to pick up his pace as he began to approach the lake, but the weight of Freya's shield (plus Freya herself) caused some difficulty. Freya did, however, try to uphold her honor as the two went along their merry way.

"Not a damn word about me being weak like this, or I will have to hurt you." She said to the pseudo-silent camper as he embarked on his trek, she finding rest on his shoulders. Gabe scoffed in return as the two eventually reached that small expanse of water.

"No promises." He replied plainly, in that trademark monotone voice of his. He began to ponder, maybe some humbleness would bring her down a few pegs. What really surprised him was the comment that followed soon after.

"It's only fair that I give you my name after all this. Freya Glace. Daughter of Hades." She told him sleepily. "Oh, so we're giving names now?" It was something Gabe wasn't expecting, but he appreciated nonetheless. He only felt it would've been right if he had introduced himself in the same fashion.

"Gabriel Aeckard. Child of the Harvest. Call me Gabe." He said, the two eventually making it back to the cabin area. Naturally, the sight of one person piggybacking the other would turn the heads of those unaware. Gabe didn't appreciate all the eyes that fell upon him, and decided to double his efforts in hopes to reach the infirmary. Once they actually did reach the establishment, did Gabe decide to slow the speed. He wasn't completely sure how the medical services worked around here. In compliance to his confusion, he sat Freya down in the nearest chair, before sitting down beside her. They both needed attention, it was only logical that he'd stay close. To explain things, at the least.

As Mitsuko dashed off, Brandon headed towards the entrance of the woods, but he didn't have to wait long. Someone emerged and beelined towards the Infirmary. It unfolded right in front of Brandon. As he finally caught up, he learned who was responsible for the ruckus in the woods, and while one person was not surprising, the other one was.

"Gabe?" he called out as he approached the two. "What the blind hell you doin' in there man?" Both combatants were in a beat up state, though at least Gabe looked to be awake. "Look, I know the Devil Girl is a pain in the ass, but ya can't just taker into tha woods for an old-fashioned shed-beatin'! At least not since a couple-a years ago! What were ya thinkin'?" He looked back towards the other cabins. Mitsuko said she was grabbing some bandages. It didn't look like they would be necessary, but still, backup proving that he had nothing to do with this would be nice. If Chiron comes askin', I ain't takin' no heat for this one. Blame it on Rosa. This is her sibling muckin' around like this.

As Gabe waited for any sort of assistance, a familiar face burst into the infirmary. Or in Gabe's case, the only familiar face. The one that introduced him to the camp in the first place. He seemed fairly concerned about the state his two fellow campers were in. Understandable, but Gabe thought all the panicked yelling was a little unnecessary. It also seemed that his grasp on the situation was entirely wrong.

"Brandon." He made his flat greeting. "It ain't even like that. I went into the woods out of curiosity. Little Miss Stalker followed. Sent skeletons at me for whatever reason. Got the attention of a Harpy family. We killed 'em. Got really messy." He did his best to explain the situation, the slightest tinge of emotion was emitted when he placed emphasis. He looked over to Freya, the girl fading in and out of consciousness.

"I only got some scratches on my stomach and legs. She needs more patchin' up than I do. When she comes to, maybe she'll explain why she was trailin' me in the first place." He added, thumbing in her direction with what might've resembled contempt (hard to tell when one wears such a blank expression).

Royce gave a small chuckle at Mitsuko's blushing. Once the Japanese girl headed over to the Ares cabin, he made a wry comment to Jia. "You can always tell, can't you? Once they turn that shade of red, you know something's up. But anyways. I might go for a walk, see if there's anything interesting to kill in the woods." He hadn't had a fight that wasn't just training against his peers in a while. It would be good to face something that didn't telegraph its attacks.

"If you want to tag along, I wouldn't say no to company... though from the looks of you, you've probably gotten out of the arena recently," he noted with a small shrug, thinking that it was possible that Jia might not be interested. Didn't really matter either way, though: it was good to know that someone was watching your back in a place where a fight could break out at any moment.

At the sound of voices in the infirmary, a nurse hurried out to investigate. Amanda Kensington, a daughter of Apollo who had since graduated from camp but stayed on as head of the infirmary, took in the scene as she got closer. "This is why you don't take your fighting to the woods: there could be an ambush waiting for you, or you could stumble across a nest like you said," she tutted as she hoisted the semi-conscious Freya out of her chair and deposited her, on her side, on one of the infirmary's beds.

"I'll get to you in a moment," she stated to Gabe as she drew curtains around the bed and set to work on Freya. The cuts in her back were easy enough: a small drop of Olympian nectar on each one closed it. The golden liquid was one of the divine foods of the gods: in small doses, nectar and ambrosia could heal demigods of most injuries, up to and including a broken limb, with time and patience. Amanda owned a supply of the stuff for medicinal purposes.

Next came the damage done to Freya's arm. Amanda shifted her patient onto her back, and removed the vine tourniquets from the arm before cleaning out the injuries and applying a dash more of the healing liquid. She then wrapped a length of bandage over the affected area and secured it with a clip. Another drop of nectar in Freya's slightly open mouth woke her up properly, and the child of Hades tried to get up.

"Don't move. You need to rest," Amanda immediately advised, placing a hand on Freya's shoulder and gently but forcefully pushing her back down. "Stay here until I say otherwise." With that, she pulled back the curtains and began work on Gabe's injuries... or she would have, had Dorofei not walked in with one arm encased in ice. She raised her eyebrows at the Russian, and directed him to another bed with a jerk of her head before she got to work on Gabe.

The Child of Aphrodite rushed the girl with the broken nose inside, and Dorofei was left standing out by himself. The fight between the Hades and Athena girls ended a while ago, and he was running out of things to distract him from the pain in his arm. It was throbbing like mad in spite of the thick layer of ice coating it. The pain was starting to make him sick. Sighing heavily, he made his way over to the infirmary.
He kept his head down as he walked along the row of houses. He felt too sick to talk anyways. At the infirmary, he was greeted by the camper currently running the recovery room. She took one look at the large Russian arm and made a small yelp.

"What in blazes did you do to your arm?" she shrieked.

"Uhhh training injury. I was to walk off" Dorofei responded meekly.

"Why is your arm covered in ice?"

"Not ice," Dorofei added, "Magic Ice. Is better. Won't melt and strong."

"Why is your arm covered in magic ice?" She was getting red in the face now.

"Was hurting"


"Was walking off" Dorofei started to sound like a little boy being scolded by his mother.

"If I could reach the top of your head, I'd smack you. Now, get rid of the magic ice so I can fix your arm."
With a small gesture from his good arm, he waved the Magic Ice away, evaporating into vapor, then seemingly into nothing at all.

"Good boy. Now then." She carefully measured a vile of healing liquid, and poured it onto Dorofei's arm. "You should be fine by tomorrow morning. For now, avoid doing anything strenuous"

Dorofei nodded over to Freya. "What happened to Hades Child? Was fighting Athena girl. Did lose?"
"Freya? No that's not why she's here. She was playing a prank on someone in the forest. Snuck up behind him with some of her skeletons and picked a fight. They woke a nest of harpies and had to fight them off. Nasty things, harpies." She finished in an afterthought

Dorofei seemed confused for a moment, and when he spoke again, he spoke in Ancient Greek. "Please forgive me, my English is not very good yet, and I believe I misunderstood you. Did you mean to tell me that she was dueling someone in the forest and disturbed a nest of harpies?"
The nurse blinked for a second. Most people didn't bother speaking Ancient Greek around the camp. His English must be really poor. "No. She snuck up behind him and attacked with her skeletons. The sounds of their fighting awoke the harpies."

Out of the dark. Out of the forest. Teeth like swords. Skin like bronze. Running like the wind. Running away like a helpless animal. Cornered on the cliff. Father chasing it down. Fighting. Falling. The red snow. The silence.

"Fight like monster. Hunted like monster" He spoke through gritted teeth.

"Sorry, what was that? Are you ok?" The nurse looked up at Dorofei's face. It didn't seem like he was looking at anything in the room. He suddenly sprang forward, as though powered by an engine.
Dorofei was running out the door, red faced and cursing in Russian.
"Грязная шлюха бесполезны"

He marched outside of the infirmary and threw his celestial bronze shaft flat onto the ground.
"Come fight, Corpse-Fucker!" he screamed in Greek. "Fight me, weakling child! See if you handle something stronger than birds! Fight me so that I can send you to your father!"

Freya just kept her head down as Gabe walked with her to the infirmary. Once they were there, he put her down in a chair and she stayed there, not really sure what was going on. Someone yelled at them, it seemed, and she didn't hear much of what they said, although she could hear when Gabe explained what happened. If she'd been more conscious, she would have responded to it.

The nurse came and healed her, and when she wanted to go, the nurse pushed her down again, ordering her to stay. She blew some air through her nose in frustration and lied back down. I'm perfectly fine. She already healed me, why do I need to stay here? She knew that her arm needed time to heal properly, but she could do it in her own time, and not while lying down on a bed inside the infirmary.

And she got an excuse to not lie anymore, as someone seemed to be insulting her outside. She would have dismissed it if it wasn't for the fact that there wasn't just one, but two insults aimed towards her. She wouldn't stand for that and stood up off the bed, grabbing her shield that had been put by her bed, then headed outside. She found the one who seemed to be insulting her.

"How dare you call me those things? If you have any idea of what I'm capable of, you'd best take that back!" If there was any way to get Freya mad, calling her a necrophiliac and a weakling at the same time was one of the best ways. While she wasn't as mad as when she was up against the harpies just earlier, she was plenty mad towards this guy as she rushed towards him, left arm with her shield on it held in front of her.

Brandon sighed as Gabe told his side of the story too him, and it was an honest story from the sounds of it. "I shoulda figured she'd be going off doin' somethin' that stupid. Thought she'da learned herself better than that by now. I don't think there's nothin' she could be explainin' from the sounda that."

He looked off in the distance, not noticing the lumbering Russian behind him. "Well, least it ain't like you'd be tryin' to lie 'gainst an angel. Pretty sure Chiron's gonna know who started what stackin' you two side by side." The Russian lumbered back out as he tried to assure Gabe he was going to be fine in this instance.

Then there was yelling, lots of yelling. "What the hell?" He turned around and saw the Devil Girl leaping out from behidn the curtains towards the big foreigner standing outside like Mike Tyson. They both looked ready to fight, and fight hard "Fuckin'..." Brandon got to the doorway first, picking up the charging Hades camper with his left hand. "Hey! You want to do what you're got dang supposed to do for one damn second and lie your ass back in bed there? Some sumbitch counsellor Nicky is, can't even control his kin from doin' the stupidest fuckin' things I ever hear tell of. You don't need to be fightin' nothin' after the shit you got yourself into." He turned to Dorofei while still holding Freya. "An you! Fuck you doin' tryin' to pick fights in front of a got dang healin' center? Yeah, I fuckin' heard ya before, ya big idiot. Everyone fuckin' heard ya. Now get the fuck back to your cabin or I'll smash ya damn shins in 'n you can crawl your ass back to your cabin! Now both of ya quit actin' like damn five year olds, get ya heads outta your asses and shut the fuck up! Save it for the got dang arena! Not here!"

He walked back behind the curtains and tossed Freya back into her bed. "Amanda! You get a chance, you wanna toss me a couple of aspirin? I'm gettin' a got dang migraine dealin' with other cabin's problem children."

Mitsuko passed the infirmary and blinked hearing some yelling, it sounded like Brandon and a few other campers. She ran in and stopped just in time to see Brandon fighting to hold on to Freya and the verb spat that started before that. "Oh god I don't want to know what happened. Anyway I brought my first aid kit but it seems it won't be needed now that we're in the infirmary. What the hell happened? What happened to Freya? Dammit, why do I even need to ask that question? What did she do now?" Mitsuko sighed and put her hand on her forehead.

"God maybe I should of taken a nap." she said as she dug out some aspirin and handed it to Brandon rubbing her own head. "Here I got some aspirin for you." Mitsuko looked at Dorofei and started yelling from inside. "What the hell is your problem? If you want to pick a fight take it to the ring but not here." at this point Mitsuko had lost some of her temper. She didn't like fighting and this had pushed her too fair.

Freya wouldn't be smashing Dorofei's face in any time soon since Brandon, the Ares councilor, managed to grab her before she got far. He carried her back to her bed and tossed her onto it. "Djöfulsins skíthæll! Why did you stop me from smashing his face in?! That fuckface called me a corpse fucker and a weakling child!" She wasn't happy about it, but fine, she would stay in bed, if it meant not getting carried like a child. Dorofei would get what he deserved for calling her that when she got out of the infirmary. She lied onto her side, facing away from Brandon.

Dorofei had everything prepared. Freya's charge was lined up perfectly with the shaft of celestial bronze he had thrown on the floor. Then a cowboy had to pick Freya up and ruin everything. Typical Americans.

"An you! Fuck you doin' tryin' to pick fights in front of a got dang healin' center? Yeah, I fuckin' heard ya before, ya big idiot. Everyone fuckin' heard ya. Now get the fuck back to your cabin or I'll smash ya damn shins in 'n you can crawl your ass back to your cabin! Now both of ya quit actin' like damn five year olds, get ya heads outta your asses and shut the fuck up! Save it for the got dang arena! Not here!"

Dorofei spat on the ground. "This not done now, cowboy. I show little girl what happens when you fight like monster." He called out to the building. "You won't have cowboys or little shadow girls to carry you aways next time!"

He picked up his celestial bronze shaft and walked back to the cabins. There, in front of the Hades cabin, he set his new trap. He laid his enchanted shaft on the ground and covered it with a thin layer of Magic Ice. He grew the ice out further and further until he made a square, about a meter on each side. He laid it down opposite the front of the Hades Cabin's door, far back enough to be away from foot traffic. From this angle, he would have line of sight and Freya would have only one way to run at him when he steps out to confront her. He then covered the patch in grass and waited nearby in the shadows, keeping the infirmary in his line of sight.

"Thanks Mitsuko," he said, taking the offered drugs. He quickly popped them into his mouth and forced them down his throat. "Didn't think I'd be dealin' with this kinda crap today."

"Djöfulsins skíthæll! Why did you stop me from smashing his face in?! That fuckface called me a corpse fucker and a weakling child!"

Brandon didn't know what the hell the first part of Devil girl's line of questioning was, but he'd sworn enough in Spanish to know it was probably a couple of choice curse words. "I stopped ya because this ain't no place to be wreckin' shit up. You wanna start fuckin' with people, you take that shit to the arena, or beach or somethin'. Some place that ain't here where other folks gotta pay for your shit, perra pendeja."

The Russian was still shouting outside until it died down and he appeared to take off. Good. Brandon turned to Gabe, "Right," he said quietly, "So just let Amanda get to ya and you'll be all right. Dependin' who comes across your work in the woods or how Manda's feelin', Chiron might be payin' ya a little visit. So just tell him what ya told me, and you should be fine."

He turned back to Mitsuko. "C'mon Mitsuko, let's git outta here." He turned to head out of the infirmary. All this BS was cutting into his training time.

Mitsko was red in the face from yelling and took a deep breath. "Yea you're right. Let's get the hell out of here. Mitsuko was muttering Japanese under her breath. "Baka o tsuishimatsu." (Fucking idiots) "I swear to god sometimes the campers here make me want to keep even more away from every one.. well not everyone." she said shaking her head blushing softly but still in a huff.

"So where do you want to go Colt? Training or has this crap ruled that out for the moment?" she asked her first aid kit thumping against her tight, the content rattling inside. "I hope the pills help you." she said.

Elizabeth was smiling as she responded to Jess, thankful for the attempt at a normal conversation.

"Same old same old Jess. Practice for the children of Hermes and trying to find out the power set of everyone else. Although I've made some progress with one of my campers, boy by the name of John. Haven't found out what he's best at but the boy likes swimming and training in the arena. I'm thinking he may be a child of Poseidon, but so far nothing particularly magical has manifested in him yet." She responded, thinking she may have bored Jess a little bit with what little she had said she was almost thankful to hear the shouting.

"And another normal day here at camp. Fighting and screaming, wouldn't be morning a normal day without it." She joked.

Ugh. Too much yelling. Gabe couldn't help but grimace at all the exasperated loudness. Tensions were high for absolutely no reason, and everyone was angry for petty reasons. And Gabe had the pleasure of being gently placed smack dab in the middle of things. He opted to just quietly take his leave, but by the way the nurse persisted, it seemed that he couldn't just do that. So he stayed seated, and sighed in annoyance.

It might've been the russian camper that baffled him the most. "W-what? Is he...mad at the Harpies? Is he mad at Freya for pulling that dumbass prank? Whatever, it must be something out of my jurisdiction..." He looked on quietly, a fairly oblivious look on his face as the scene unfolded. Russian guy storms in, then storms out, yelling. Freya hops up from bed, now she's yelling. Brandon's having none of that shit, and now he's yelling. And now, " Some Asian chick? Comes in out of the blue, and now she's yelling? The fuck's wrong with these people?" At least Brandon's yelling was justified in some way, everyone else was just raising their voices for the sake of it.

"Like spoiled kids, I swear..." Granted, the commotion died down as quick as it arose. The Asian girl prepared to leave-Mitsuko was her name, apparently-and after Brandon gave Gabe some words of confidence, he followed her out. He rose to his feet after awhile, and made his way to the resting area of the infirmary. Figured he'd save the time of having the nurse come out to fetch him. As anticipated, Freya laid on one of the beds, lying on her side, arms crossed, and fuming like a brat. Gabe sat on the nearest bed facing her.

"Don't know if I said it earlier, but thanks for the assist. I mean, it was assistance for a problem you caused, but still, thanks. I'll accept your apology whenever you're ready to deliver it." He told her.

Freya mumbled after Brandon left, something about how she could take him on and that it was her business who she punched when and where and for what reason. She didn't much care for it when others got in her way, but for now, she'd have to wait until she could mess the Russian guy's face up.

For now, she had Gabe approach her. She didn't see him come due to facing away from the entrance, but she heard him walk in and stop somewhere close to her.

"Don't know if I said it earlier, but thanks for the assist. It was assistance for a problem you caused, but I still thank you. I'll accept your apology whenever you're ready to deliver it."

As if. She turned towards him, lying onto her other side, though careful because of her right shoulder and arm and saw that he sat on a bed near her.

"Why should I apologize? It was a small prank that escalated into a fight with harpies. Doesn't make it my fault that they appeared. I didn't summon them. However, I will say that...reluctantly...I'm glad you were there. As strong as I am...I couldn't have taken them on alone." It was hard for her to admit to needing help. "Don't think I'll make a habit out of saying things like that, though."

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