Arcane Uprising: Setting Sun 2.0 (Dragon Age Mage RP) [Open, Started. PM GM for info on joining.]

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Anyway I'm working on the OP now. Expect it up tonight (tonight for me the American) or tomorrow.

Sorry it's taking a bit to post the OP, between the holiday travels and other things I've been busy.

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Alistair looked over the new recruits of the Gray Wardens. "I would like to congratulate you on surviving the Joining. I understand that two of you didn't survive. As you discovered not everyone survives, doesn't help the stuff you drink tastes like piss. Hmm, anyway Fen has told me of all of you, many mages, a former Templar much like myself and many others. After the events of Ostagar Ferelden has been low on Gray Wardens and worse, even with the death of the Archdemon darkspawn have been running around killing people, causing mass destruction and all while poorly dressed. My wife the queen is in Amaranthine leaving the Gray Wardens sadly in need of aid in Ferelden. Now while you all get to know each other, yes a hugging circle is fine just keep me out of it." King Alister said smirking at times as Fen shook her head.

"Oh recruits you heard the King, talk amongst yourselves but if I see any fighting I'll beat your heads in." Fen said looking at everyone.

Cass stood uneasy looking over at the Templar trying to hold back her desires to kill him. "Kill him Cass. I know you want to. He's just like the others." the demon whispered in Cass's ear.

Shortly prior

"I'll go first." Cyrus stepped up to the chalice and stared down into the horrific mixture - lyrium, darkspawn blood, and Andraste and Maker only knew what else. He grabbed the chalice and took a quick drink.

The taste was indescribable. If fear and pain and death had a taste, it would have been what was in that chalice, an icy tendril of fire and evil curling its way down his throat and into his body, spreading through his limbs, like lightning crawling across his nerves and fire under his fingers, slivers of wood under his fingernails and steel splinters driven into his flesh. Cyrus staggered back, gagging. Dropped to the ground, his body trying to retch, trying and failing. Thin liquid poured out of his mouth and nose, leaving a gray spatter on the stones, and then he slumped down to the ground in his own vomit. Then his eyes rolled into his head and the darkness overwhelmed him.

The sound of shifting and twisting meat, and wet splattering sounds. Cyrus turned his head, and if he could he would have vomited once again. A fifteen foot tall creature, wider than it was tall, with huge, swollen breasts that lay flat on its massive, rotund belly and huge, twisting wormlike things going into deep, bloody holes in its belly and plucking out squalling Hurlock, while dozens more poured out of the creature's bloody vagina, a crawling, screaming torrent, crawling over each other, driving their feet into each others eyes.

He turned to flee, only to see another, this one more horrific than the last, bent over and regurgitating dozens or hundreds of fetuses that rapidly began growing and crawling, another with its belly laid open, more crawling out five at a time. Another mother. Another, another, another. Dozens. An endless torrent of this nightmarish parody of life.

Cyrus' eyes snapped open, now lying on a bedroll, his gear stacked next to him. He rose and began to dress and armor himself, trying to blank out the images that rampaged through his mind of the million-strong army of fresh births he had seen. Real? Symbolic? Just a nightmare? He prayed to never know the truth. Andraste be merciful.

He strapped his greatsword to his back and made his journey to the meeting. He kept his face neutral, but he felt a little irritated at King Alistair's display. It wasn't that a little black comedy really bothered him, but it was unfitting for someone of his status.

He looked over his fellows, but held himself reserved from the rest of them, instead approaching the Elven warden.

"You didn't emphasize quite enough how unpleasant the potion is." He gave her the broadest smile he could manage under the circumstances, which was thin-lipped and tight. "That was the second most unpleasant thing I've ever done." From most people's mouths that would be a joke. For Cyrus it was absolutely true.

"Well then I guess I will go second." Valerian said after the Templar had fallen over at least thankful that a Templar would actually be a part of their group. He walked up and drank from the chalice. Once he had swallowed the foul liquid he felt the world begin to spin and dim, he fell forward his chest bouncing off the stone the chalice had been placed on and fell to the floor.

In his vision he was back in the circle and was talking and laughing with his friends. Then one of them started to mutate into an abomination, yet only he seemed to notice as the mutation occurred. Valerian reeled in horror as the rest of his friends begin to change into the horrible things, only for him the faces of his friends were there instead of the mutated lump of flesh that normally accompanied the beast. The walls around him began to catch flame and the floor become strewn with debris as it had on that fateful the circle was basically lost. He ran as fast as he could, following the old path of safety he remembered from his experiences. Except where there should have been Templars waiting to save him, there were only bodies.

The scene shifted to what looked like Denerim in flames with an army of Darkspawn and the abominations of his friends and teachers with their demonic masters standing right behind the things. The chantry was obviously destroyed and all the holy sisters and brothers killed. It was plainly obvious from this scene that not even the Templars could stop the Demons and their abominations.

Valerian awoke in a cold sweat almost screaming as he sat straight up.

"I never wish to have these visions again if it can at all be helped" he said obviously distressed and almost panicked. He actually clasped his hands together and said a quick prayer to the maker before standing up.

Fen turned to Cyrus and smiled some. "I wish I could of told you more but the Joining is a Warden secret we keep very closely. We don't want it to turn away potential Wardens. I am glade you survived but if the Joining was the second worst thing you've done I'd hate to see the first." Fen laughed softly.

"The only other Templar trained Warden I know of is the King and he didn't finished his training due to the Gray Wardens. Let me, however, welcome you to the Gray Wardens." she said shifting her weight. "I seems I pulled in a few mages however, will that be an issue Cyrus?" she asked wanting to make sure he was ok with the group as she looked over at Cass.

Cass stood by herself playfully making fire in her hand as it danced around her palm and she smiled. "I love doing this." she said to herself.

Nyanthe wasn't happy when she found out that there would be a templar in their group, not happy at all. However, she had volunteered to become a warden and had no intention of backing down now. Maybe he'd die in the joining and brighten her day. Unfortunately that did not happen, and she muttered about how she was displeased with having one of them around as she stepped up to drink from the chalice. She was the third one to do so. The previous two had been the templar and another mage. They clearly had a unpleasant experience after drinking it, but she hadn't really expected anything else and drank from the chalice like they had done.

She dropped the chalice, and wanted to throw up when the liquid hit her tongue and went down into her stomach. Instead, she stumbled backwards and stepped on the chalice, which rolled away under her feet and made her fall backwards. Nyanthe saw an enormous group of darkspawn marching, each one trampling her beaten body into the ground. Close to her she could see the bloody faces of friends and family, people who she had known in her life. She could do nothing but watch their faces slowly become part of the ground as she had failed to protect them.

She awoke several hours later, with the disgusting taste lingering in the back of her throat and a headache. They told her where she should go to meet the others, and she felt a bit out of it, but eventually headed over to them to listen to king Alistair. Nyanthe giggled at Alistair's sense of humor, and then took a closer look of the others. She would keep an eye on the templar, but the rest of them seemed fine.

"I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Not my worst enemy, not a Tevinter Magister or a Blood Mage." His words had a feel like a gavel being brought down, indicating he didn't desire to further explore this subject." He reached out and took Fen's hand in a firm grip.

Cyrus glanced around at the others in the group, gauging them. The hostility from two of the Mages were nearly palpable, they had and continued to regard him with barely restrained loathing. As a Grey Warden, he no longer had access to the phylacteries and the resources he once wielded, but he suspected they were likely either Apostates before joining the Wardens, or had joined the Wardens to escape the Circle and the Chantry's strictures.

"There will be no problem, Commander." His voice was level and flat, but with a guarded tone. "While I will admit to not being thrilled to working with apostates, I understand their usefulness. And while I will not agree with it, I have submitted myself to the service of the Grey Wardens. My personal feelings regarding them are moot now as long as they serve the cause. Besides, perhaps I can render my assistance to them." His fingers brushed the Chant of Light. "I preferred to deal with Apostates with words rather than swords. Perhaps some of the skills I learned there can be put to use."

Valerian overheard the Templar talking to the Warden and mentioning his not liking working with apostates.

"Well hopefully I can at least put your mind at ease to my own status Templar. I was never an apostate and remained with the Calenhad circle until receiving permission from the circle to join the wardens. Also I'm glad to have someone who was at least once a warrior of the Maker in our group." he said holding his hand out to the Templar. He knew many of the mages in the group would hate the Templars for various reasons, but Valerian was not like them. He had seen mages corrupted by demons and made abominations first hand. He knew the risk being a mage held by their mere existence, and he was glad to have someone here who would know what to do if one of them started to become one of those monsters.

Cyrus lowered his voice. It generally wasn't good to let people know you thought they were walking, unstable deathtraps who might at any moment have their bodies taken and subverted by a Demon. Even when it was true - no, especially when it was true. Most people would cling to a comforting lie than accept the brutal truth of existence. "Well, it's good to know that at least someone doesn't want to slide a knife in my back for the mark on my armor." He took Valerian's hand and shook it firmly. "Cyrus Eldane. It's an honor to serve with you, brother." A brother in the faith as well - Templars tended to make people make the little shows of piety while keeping their distance, not actively approaching unless they were truly faithful.

An Elf and a Mage, and still a speaker of the Chant. This one's faith must be like a willow in storm - the oak is stricken, the ash shattered, but the willow flexes in the wind and remains firmly rooted.

Valerian smiled a bit to be called brother.There were usually two reactions people had when they learned he was a follower of the maker, insults and beatings if they were a human, and insults from elves because he did not follow the old traditions.

"Valerian, just Valerian. Not every mage hates the Templars brother, some of us are thankful for your existence. Also thank you for not reacting as most do when learning of my faith. Not all are as accepting of an elf wishing to worship the maker as you are." He replied shaking the man's hand before letting go.

His experiences in the alienage and the circle had long ago had taught him that the followers of the old elven ways would leave him to die, but followers of the maker would help and protect him. Even if they hadn't liked it in his experience followers of the maker would help or at least live up to thir word. He had been right in his mind to believe that if the maker could compel humans to save the life of an elven mage then there had to be something to it all those years ago.

"Interesting, a mage following the Chant of Light. Something I never thought I would see. It's a pleasure to fully meet you Valerian." Fen said with a soft yet harsh smile. "This seems to be an interesting group I've collected. Well, there will be no shortage of surprises I suspect." she said watching Cass carefully.

"That one I saved from a group of Templars. She was a member of the Ferelden circle, long before it came into the chaos you witnessed Valerian. Everyone here has a story I suppose, this includes me." Fen said thinking back and sighing some. "Ether way, being a Warden will bring odd things into our lives." At this point Fen had zoned out into her own tangent.

"Human kings got a sense of humor, huh?" Nemin mused to himself as he fought the bitter taste of darkspawn blood that was crawling up his throat again. He suspected it would be another day at least before the stench of death left his mouth. "My king ain't any fun." He was the last recruit to drink of the darkspawn blood, and he had perhaps been spared the worst, compared to his brethren. It had tasted foul, to be sure, but there were no dreams, just a dark haze as consciousness faded in and out.

He was nervously clutching a nearby table of heavy build as the others chatted away about magic and apostates and such. As a dwarf, Nemin cared little for the politics of magic. He was having a spell of terror at the openness of the sky. He felt as though at any moment he might fall upward and into the stars above him. He wiped his damp brow with his cloak.

It seemed he would be in the company of elves and men for a time; there were no dwarves in his company. However, other than having to crane his neck to speak to anyone, he did not mind this. He had rarely had a positive experience with a dwarf, and did not miss his people. What he missed was a damned ceiling.

"Your faith in Andraste reflects well on your people. Those who would hold it against you are ignorant fools."

He turned his attention to the mage Fen was commenting about, looking her over. It wasn't exactly a shock she was an Apostate given her dress and the way she looked at him like something she had scraped off of her boot. Always sent warmth down to his heart, seeing that look on someone's face.

"My life was plenty strange before joining." He turned back to Fen, not really enjoying the curl of the Apostate's lip. "I'd like to say I don't think it'll get any weirder, but given what I saw under the influence of that potion, I suspect even my experience only scratches the surface."

"I wish all who followed both the maker and the old gods had your tolerance for elven worship of Andraste." He would have said more but mention of the circle had him fall silent. He got lost in the memory of that day, the screams, death, and flames. Every sense was lost in the memory as he froze. Valerian had not been a particularly violent mage, and having to kill one's former friends and parent figures along with a crush or two had been traumatic for him. It had reaffirmed his belief in both the maker and the necessity of the Templars, but it had certainly left him scarred. Especially considering that it hadn't been that long, at least to him.

Fen looked at both of them plainly. "To be honest, I myself do not follow the Chant of Light but I respect any and all religions of this world. Now I hate to cut this short but I'll need to talk to the King to find out what our first mission will be. If you excuse me for a moment." Fen said walking over to the King.

"An odd bunch you've gathered Warden-Commander. I hope they won't end up killing each other by the end of the week. Other then that they seem like a lovely bunch." Alistair said smirking some. Fen just looked back at him.

"Not to be brash but what is the mission you have for us? I'd really like to get going soon and the darkspawn won't die on their own." Fen said getting right to business.

"Always in such a hurry to kill things. Ok since you're so keen to kill darkspawn I'm sending you to Dragon's Peak. After the Battle for Denerim the remaining darkspawn retreated to Dragon's Peak. They're been raiding caravans bringing supplies to Denerim for a while now. I've tried taking care of them before but the bastards just don't seem to want to die for some reason. That's why I need your help, well that's a start I should say. Kill any and all darkspawn you see there and bring back any supplies you find when you report back to me. I hear rumor that there's an old abandoned fortress the Tevinters left behind. If you clear out Dragon's Peak and find the fortress I'll let you and your Wardens use it. I'm sure it will need some cleaning up but hey think of it as a fixer upper." Alistair said with a smile.

"Ok so go to Dragon's Peak, kill darkspawn and look for a rumored fortress? Ok I think we can do that. How darkspawn do you think there will be your majesty?" she asked a bit uneasy about the prospect but a potential base was to be had.

"Hmm maybe a few hundred, not too hard for you right?" Alistar said casually.

Fen blinked some knowing this wasn't going to be easy but hell it was worth a try. "Ok everyone listen up. Get ready to go, we're heading to Dragon's Peak. It's not too fair from here. Any and all darkspawn we see when we get there I want to see them dead." Fen shouted so everyone could hear her. "You have 5 minutes to grab what you need for battle and to meet me in the entrance hall." she added then walked out to the entrance hall.

Cass smirked and scoffed. "About time we do something." Fen said grabbing her stave and stretched.

Well, this sounds like it will be fun for the both of us. We've been to Dragon's Peak many times. As a bonus we'll get to kill things. Doesn't that sound like fun Cass? The demon whispered to her laughing some.

Bevren looked at the Chalice. He was one of the last to go and as such he had seen the others either die or fall to the ground, unconscious. He was scared, he didn't even want to be here but it was too late to back out. He was stuck on this path now and he would have to follow it may go.

Hands shaking, Bevren took the Chalice, lifted to his lips, drank and collapsed to the ground.

Bevren was surrounded by a tower of bookshelves, going further than the eye could see. Then the fires started and books started turning to dust. Bevren raced around the bookshelves trying to put out the fires but each time he grabbed a book it crumbled at his touch. Bevren stood there helpless as everything around fell into darkness.

Bevren eyes snaped open,as the elf lay there sweating and breathing heavy. The vision had shaken Bevren and he stayed down as the King was congratulating them on living. He stayed out of the conversation on the Chantry, believing that his view that the only god was Knowledge would only serve to anger the others.

As Fen told them what they were doing, Bevren rose to his feet, using his staff as support. He checked his singular inside pocket in his robes for the two Minor Lyruim potions he was carrying and walked unsteadily to the Entrance Hall with the others.

"I I I'm ready," Bevren forced out ass he faced the, to him, imposing leader of the Grey Wardens.

Nemin grunted as he pried himself off of the table and rose. Fortunately, he had had the foresight to put on his chainmail beforehand, and merely had to grab his travel pack and axe before he was off. As he traversed the halls, he realized he hadn't really paid any attention to this alien architecture. There was much more wood than in Orzammar, the doorways were more curved and the rooms more spacious, lending to a far less intimidating appearance. He did, however, miss the glow of lava.

He stood alongside Bevren in the Entrance Hall, who seemed to be jittery with anxiety. He smacked the elf on the back. "Cheer up, boy! Need to be at your best, going to a place named 'Dragon's Peak,'" he said loudly.

Cyrus had already gathered his meager possessions, having never unpacked them. He slung his bag onto his shoulders and stood ready, waiting for the others to gather up. After a moment or so of waiting, he sighed and approached the Apostate mage who had looked at him like a particularly difficult stain.

"Serah," He began. It was as appropriate a title to refer to her as any, madam seemed inappropriate and simply referring to her as 'You' would not be starting on a wise foot. "I'm not any more pleased by this situation than you are, I suspect, but if we are to fight side by side it would be best if we could both at least be sure that neither of us will betray the other." He held his hand out to her. "I left being a Templar behind when I joined the Wardens, and as a Warden you are exempt from the Circle and the Chantry's laws in these matters. I shall not betray you to the Templars, nor to anyone or anything else." He paused for a moment. "May I have your pledge as well?"

Cass sneered some as that Templar approached her. "As long as you don't fuck with me I promise I won't fuck with you. I'll be a good little mage I swear. The one in my head does too." Cass said shaking his hand hard with a smirk. "By the way I was in the middle of a conversation with the other one in my head." she added deciding to torment him some with the fact that she's an abomination, she also waved with the hand that's scared up from her use of blood magic then acted innocent.

"Aww are you worried about my hand? Well I happen to also be a blood mage. I learned in while I was in the Circle, well right before I broke out. You know you Templars near the end of their lives beg for mercy like a little bitch. So yea, if you fuck with me trust me I will fuck with you more then you could ever think of." Cass said her face stone cold and harsh.
"That's right, I'm everything you've been trained to kill Templar." she said walking off to the entrance hall.

For several seconds Cyrus just stared at the door the Witch had departed from, trying to work out what she had just said in his mind.

Heartbeat. Beat. Beat.


He slapped the side of his head, running his hand down his cheek. "The...What the hell!?" He looked around for a moment. Where in Andraste's name is Fen?

Right. Entrance Hall.

He grabbed the Chant of Light off his belt and flipped it open to Trials, and began to whisper, "Though all before me is shadow, yet the Maker shall be my guide." He repeated it thrice, taking a pause between each repetition to slowly breathe. As peace and clarity of mind once again descended upon him, he closed the book and retied it to his belt, then stepped through the doorway into the entry hall, then looking for Fen and approaching her.

"Commander." As he closed to range, he addressed her properly. "If you could, would you please explain..." He lowered his voice to a whisper, and momentarily his anger and fear shown through. "Why in the name of Andraste and the Maker there is an Abomination accompanying us!?"

"Oh I um.. didn't tell you about Cass did I? Ummm well yea she is an Abomination and a blood mage that broke out of the Circle in Ferelden. If it makes you feel better I recruited you before I did her. The only reason I recruited her was because if something happened I knew she wouldn't be an issue because well I have you." Fen said keeping her arms crossed not showing any shame.

Cass was watching them with a smirk. "Don't wet your pants Templar. I can smell your fear, which by the why smells worse then the darkspawn we killed." Cass said laughing her ass off. Fen just shot her a look which made her smirk more.

He kept his voice down. "Fen, I am not unstoppable. I didn't hunt Blood Mages and Abominations on my own. My abilities are considerable, yes, but I am not invincible. I don't know if I can stop her if she turns on us, and you cannot trust an abomination. Ever! They aren't like us anymore, they are Demons cloaked in flesh. At best the old person is a puppet on their strings."

Cyrus looked over his shoulder at the Witch, resisting the urge to slide his hand up to the hilt of his blade. He kept his voice low. "I'll follow your orders, Commander. But this is a bad idea. She will betray us."

"I don't trust her ether but I'd rather risk fighting her then failing our mission. I don't know what we will be given by the King but I can tell you, I've seen her fight, she's not a normal mage and she didn't tap into the demon power. Believe me, if she turns the whole party can and will kill her. She can't hold us all off but I still need her. I thank you for keeping that in mind, I honestly do." Fen said in a low voice as well. "The Crows have ways of dealing with mages. Besides, I'd rather have her on our side, kept under watch then running around." Fen smiled some.

"Don't let her get to you. I know some of her past. All I've been able to get on her is that the love of her life was accused of being a blood mage while they were both in the Circle and he was killed because of it. They didn't want to risk making him tranquil with Cass around. She made a deal with a demon and learned blood magic that way then killed her way through the Circle, this included the first enchanter at the time. She's angry more then she is a threat as far as I know but I still don't fully trust her." Fen said

Valerian watched as the Templar stormed by obviously furious, and that made him worry deeply. An angered Templar only had so long a list of causes, and absolutely none of them were good. When combined with the fact that he had said he didn't particularly mind the apostates in the group the list became one that matched his fears. He finished packing what few items he had before putting his back to a wall trying to look calm and relaxed until the Templar had finished speaking with Fen.

'Whoever it is that caused that reaction in the man is someone I need to be wary of and not get close to.' He thought as he tried to remain calm.

She had been an upstanding mage of the circle, and had not come here to get away from them. She was too old to run from a group she had been part of for the majority of her life. However, it did give her some more leeway than before.

The other elven mages, someone she thought she might have seen before certainly enjoyed bowing his head to the templars. She smirked at the thought, but at least the other mages was better than that.

The others left, as she stood and contemplated the group. She was glad to have another warrior with them in the dwarf. Nyanthe picked up her bag, and followed behind them.

"How long do you think this trip will take?" Nyanthe asked, and used her staff as a walking stick.

Fen looked around and noticed everyone had followed her out. "Ok, as I have said before we're heading to Dragon's Peak, it's about a days travel from here so I hope you're ready. There has been a rash of darkspawn attacking caravans that have supplies for Denerim. It's out job to put a stop to this but I warn you there will be more then just a small handful of the bastards. If we stick together as a group and we should be fine. I want the mages in the back and everyone else will be upfront with me." Fen said clearly and with a bit of authority behind her words.

Cass sighed. "Just darkspawn, oh how boring. Oh well if I get to kill something I'm happy." Cass said to herself and the demon.

Prove to these weaklings who it the power of the group. Hell, I bet you can kill them all on your own. Show them what my Cass can do.

Cass smirked more as the demon spoke to her. "That's right, I will show them what I can do."

"Ok let's move. Don't act like I just sent you to your death." Fen barked opening the door and marched out of the gate into Denerim.

Valerian waited for Cyrus to walk away from Fen to approach him.

"What's wrong? I have an inkling as to what, but I'd rather at least know." He asked the Templar. Somewhere deep down he knew it was either a blood mage or somebody here was an abomination. There was nothing else that he could think of that would cause a Templar relatively ok with apostates into such a fury.

"A handful of people to stop a Darkspawn horde?" Nemin muttered, "Not how the Legion would have done it."

It seemed as though Denerim still hadn't quite recovered from the fifth blight. Although the majority of the buildings were still standing, haphazardly constructed as they were, there was still the occasional mountain of rubble dotting the streets. It reminded him a bit of the Deep Roads; after all, those had been his ancestors' homes, ravaged by Blights of their own. The Dwarves had not been on the receiving end of the sort of luck that had graced the humans, though. This amount of damage seemed like nothing to him.

He noticed Cass seemingly talking to herself: "That's right, I will show them what I can do."

"Odd," Nemin thought, "But these mages all seem crazy to me, anyways." He decided it was probably nothing.

Nyanthe followed them into Denerim, she hadn't been to the city since the battle where she had gotten struck down. It didn't look much better than it had then. The main improvement was that there were no darkspawn littering the streets. She walked in the back as she had been told too, wondering how many darkspawn they would find at this place they were going too.

Well, at the very least she would get a chance to fight again and see if there had been any changes to her abilites, since she became a warden. It was odd to think of herself as a warden and not a mage of the circle now. If she didn't die on this mission, then she may get used to it in time.

Bevren, just looked at the ground as they walked through Denerim. The destruction around him made him sick. Even the Battle at Neverra City circle, looked nothing like this. The Alienage there was still in better shape than this City. There was something else bothering him though.

"Why haven't the Darkspawn gone back underground?" Bevren asked. "According to past records of Blights they almost always go away once the archdemon is dead. I can understand a few stranglers but the numbers King Allister told us seems like a lot."

Cyrus kept his voice low, and inclined his head towards Cass. "See that one, the Apostate dressed like she's right out of an Orleisian brothel? She's an Abomination, has some kind of familiar Demon shackled up in her mind. Apparently our fearless leader thinks I can deal with her if she becomes a problem." He said the last sentence with the kind of anger and scorn one usually reserved for scraping something that shouldn't be moving but was off their boots. "I was not consulted before she was brought into our merry band."

One of the other mages spoke, voicing a concern. "The Darkspawn remaining on the surface and continuing to cause trouble isn't unheard of. The true advantage we gain once the Archdemon is dealt with is that they lose a will guiding them as a cohesive whole, along with the Blight itself retreating. The Darkspawn in general are no longer an army and are merely a troublesome infestation that will take some time to properly cleanse. Ten years from now they'll still be finding the odd Genlock in the wastes, I suspect."

Valerian looked in the direction of Cass and his eyes went wide as Cyrus told him she was possessed.

"Maker preserve us." He said lowly as he immediately began to move as far away from the woman as possible. He didn't care how conspicuous he was, he really couldn't care about anything at the moment beyond getting as far away as allowed from the abomination in their midst.

'A demon in our group. I have to be around the most dangerous and evil thing in existence. That which destroyed everything I hold dear. I may be forced to work with it, but I will never like it or socialize with it.'

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