Arcane Uprising: Setting Sun 2.0 (Dragon Age Mage RP) [Open, Started. PM GM for info on joining.]

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Fen walked out of the front gates and into the country side. "Everyone keep an eye out for anything that could attack. Not matter what it is I want to know." Fen said back to everyone then walked on. She was thinking about what Cyrus had said and sighed. I did the right thing. It's better to have to under control then running around causing problems. You know you don't think she'll do anything, after all, all she wants is freedom.

Cass walked in the back of the group wanting to watch everyone, she honestly didn't trust any of them but being a Gray Warden was better than where she was at. She couldn't be touched now by Templars, which was nice. "So Fen after we kill these darkspawn what next?" Cass asked.

Fen looked back at Cass. "I don't know. It all depends on what we find at Dragon's Peak. If this is all then we may be sent to the deep roads or to help the Warden Commander Ferelden.

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