Would people be interested in Defense of the Acients 2 inspired RP?

Hi everyone, it's me, the guy you don't know, and I've got an inquiry!

Now, I don't actually have anything set in stone at the moment, but I was wondering if people would like to have an RP set in the DotA 2 universe. Now, seeing as DotA 2 doesn't actually have established lore, I would have to come up with the stuff pretty much off the top of my head, so I'm seeing if there's any interest beforehand, so I don't just end up wasting my time on something nobody is interested in.

If you are interested, simply comment and let me know, and if you have any thoughts for how it might work, share those as well, I'm always interested in new ideas. PM's are okay as well if you want to confirm that way.

I think you hit on the main problem that there's not really established lore. Even for lol which has slightly more lore I think the main appeal of Dotas/mobas has always been the gameplay which I'm not sure you could replicate in an rp. The plots are mostly excuses and the characters don't have much depth because that's not what matters.

Maybe if it had more established/ deeper characters there'd be potential for an rp but I'm not sure how it would work. Thinking about it you'd probably need to do a lot of work bringing together the lore for people who want to play but don't know that much. You might end up doing so much creative work it would make as much sense for you to start from scratch.

Also a few questions

What about the world of Dota2 is it that interests you? Makes you think it has rp-potential.

Would the heroes from the game be playable? Or would you want players to play original characters?

What would the gameplay be like?

What about the story?

Hm, kind of tough. If anything the DOTA-verse is pretty simple story of Good Vs. Evil really. Mixed in with swords, magic, alchemy, and guns, your better off just making up some new kinda of RP rather then slapping the ye'old name, and filling in with whatever content you feel like.
Most of the questions above are well put and key to cover considering. If you find a way to play it out and it works, I'll be pleasantly surprised. That is, if it isn't just another fantasy quest adventure of simple PvP and PvE
Technically this has a pretty decent set for what the established lore gathered and compiled is from Bios and otherwise...

I'd think setting your RP in LoL might work better. It has an established lore, so there's a jumping off point for your story. The lore is also light enough that you and the players can take a lot of liberties and have a really interesting story.


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