Insatiable (Zombie Survival RP)

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Chapter 1: St. Louis Blues

For those interested in joining...

October 18th, 201 9:38:02

The End of Days. The Apocalypse. Ragnarok. Z-Day. Armageddon. Didn't really matter what you called it, 'cause it all happened. Now, here we are. Just animals, vultures picking off the rotting carcass that we once knew as civilized living. Hell, you could hardly even call us men before the outbreak. We were all just ants, insignificant little things that crawled around in the dirt, following whichever lines we felt suited us. Ants with more technology then we knew what to do with, more food than we ever needed, and much too much time on our hands. We took too many things for granted, never having realized what we had until it was all taken from our grasp and torn apart right before our very eyes.

That bus ride you felt took too much time out of your busy schedule? That burger you felt the need to send back because it was more cooked than you'd have preferred? That half-empty can of soda you tossed simply because you thought it sat out for too long and had long since gone flat? It's funny how you don't think much of all that until you're barely scraping by with the remainder of a cold can of beans and some water that you're certain has more dirt than your fingernails can hide. Then again, when you've reached that level of desperation, few things cross your mind other than how far you'll go to ensure you'll remain among the living...

Ted Scheffield

Five months ago, Ted would never have even imagined he'd find himself sleeping in an abandoned freight car. Now, it was a Godsend that he managed to reach one to get him through the night. Darkness had fallen just before he could reach Brooklyn, and it was too much of a risk to press on alone, especially in the dark. With a light for comfort and sleeping bag for warmth, the relative safety of the train car all but made up for the fact he'd neither food nor water that day. Fortunately, he'd lasted the night without unwelcome guests and was awoken by a bright shaft of sunshine that lit his face from the hole in the heavily rusted roof. It didn't take long before he was completely awake, what with the cool air and deep growling in the pit of his stomach pulling his mind from the remnants of his dream and into the real world.

Ashlyn Tarpley

Well, there she was, leaving the ticking time bomb that was the small community of well-armed Walmartians and heading off for safer pastures. Route 231 was littered with abandoned cars, many of which were wrecked, along with assorted debris, human remains included. Visibility up the road was diminished by the low clouds that misty morning, but all appeared to be still. The silence that enveloped the surrounding area was eerie, but not entirely unwelcome. No sound meant no movement, be it the living or the undead, and either could mean bad news. She may be well armed, but could she defend herself if need be? Shooting experience only goes so far, and the noise could certainly attract the wrong attention. Without a doubt, there'd be a time she'd have to test her mettle. Though when that time would come around, no one could say for certain. Despite the danger, there was something that drove her, something other than need for safety. That was her personal quest for the savory tons of liquid gold that the Anheuser-Busch Brewery housed.

Alex Mathis

Honestly, how someone could manage to overshoot a place like St. Louis was beyond most human understanding, and yet Alex had managed to accomplish that feat. He'd trekked several miles into Illinois before coming to the conclusion that he strayed too far north before crossing the Mississippi and found himself passing right over Mound City. By the time he managed to turn off of I-270 and make his way down the aptly-named Lewis and Clark Boulevard, the skies grew dark and he sheltered himself in a storage facility just off the road. On a makeshift bed of old clothes and bedding, he slept 'til morning and continued his journey, thankfully heading in the right direction this time around.

Ryker Hampton

The former convict had been making his way through the St. Louis suburbs, traversing through the backyards so as not to leave himself out in the open. His path through the many wooden fences was made easy by the fact someone decided to take the same route earlier, though in a black Ford F-150 XLT. He knew it not by the splintered boards and thick tire treads that drew out the trail ahead, but by the fact that the truck was currently engine deep into the trunk of a tree with the driver splayed on the wrecked hood. At least the top half of him was - the bottom half was sitting in the seat, his foot was still on the gas, and a whole mess of blood and innards were being used as dashboard polish. The road had long since ended for the driver, and it seemed Ryker's path had come to a close as well. Beyond nature's road block, the yard had opened up to the narrow neighborhood road. And just beyond that road, was Lafayette Park. Not entirely concealing, but not terribly open either. Would certainly be much better for keeping a low profile than walking along the roads, that much was clear.

Naomi Blackwell

It was a good plan to stick to the woodlands, to remain hidden by the treeline, but that could only get someone so far. While closing the distance between her and Plaza Frontenac fairly well, she would have have to settle for small town roads as she drew nearer the urban wasteland that lied ahead. She left Edgar M. Queeny County Park through a small housing development that threw her right down the road from a large shopping center. Now her options were to either scrounge what houses were once homes or try the center up north.

Pvt. Jacob Robin

Survival. That's what the man was built and trained for. At the moment, that was the only thing on his mind. He'd had minor setback in a fruitless search for food and stumbled onto a horde of the undead that was ambling through the streets of Chesterfield. Making a stand there would prove to be futile - there were simply too many of them to fight. Left with the only option of running, that's just what he did. He headed southeast, keeping just beneath the I-64 the whole way. Cutting through small forests, parking lots, and neighborhoods, he had to stop immediately after entering the lot of what appeared to be a hospital, Sisters of Mercy as the name suggested. Scanning the treeline, it appeared he had lost even the most persistent of walking corpses, at least for the time being.

Dana Nakamura

As much as the drummer wished she could've been behind the wheel of something, anything, she could only walk along the barren I-270. The nearer she drew to St. Louis, the more choked the eastbound lanes became. The head of the traffic jam was an overturned freight truck with its load of heavy metal pipes creating a blockade. Dana walked along the median, scanning the wrecked vehicles and the occasional decaying corpses that were in and around them. From the looks of things, most anything that was worth scavenging had already been scavenged. There was a large break in the conga line of cars and carcasses where an overpass had completely collapsed. She stopped to look around for a moment seeing as her path was cut off momentarily and something had caught her eye. It was a brown sign with white lettering that indicated "Tri-City Speedway" was fairly near. Perhaps there were some well-kept vehicles in store, but then again, perhaps not. There was no telling for sure, but it could be worth taking a look. Either way, she certainly couldn't afford to stand at the edge of the crumbled overpass all day.

Herman Downing

The untidy IT worker had wound up sheltering himself in a smoke shop called Captain Z's. The extravagant amenities were no small thing, the most prominent of which was the fact that it kept him hidden from the flesh-eating undead throughout the night. He had some provisions, though they were nothing more than meager, and that most certainly was the case with his water supply. In the dim light of the dreary day, Herman could finally see just how messed up the place really was. The walk-in humidor across the room was obviously raided in what had to be the most uncivil manner imaginable, as there was broken glass practically covering the floor. A smoking man would be most devastated to see the condition in which many of the cigars were in, having been torn and trampled in a mad scramble to grab everything in sight. Tragic destruction of fine cigars aside, it was the start of a new day, and the new struggle for survival that comes with it.

Evelyn Lanford

The night was cold, but the little girl that was hardened by the harsh world deteriorating all around her managed to endure. It did, however, make it known to her that she couldn't sleep outside forever. She prepared to clamber down the tree when she caught movement or of the corner of her eye, something near the pond. Someone just sat down near the edge of water and just remained there completely still. The person's back was turned to her, so she couldn't get a clear view of it, which was somewhat relieving to know it couldn't see her. There was a good chance she could slip out unnoticed, though her only option if she was would be to run. After all, her arrows were useless, having the soft tips they were equipped with. Of course, she could wait around and see if the person moved away, though there was no telling how long that would take.

Darek Mason

After having slept in the back of a cab of a freight truck, Darek wasn't particularly well-rested, but it was certainly much more comfortable than the various molded concrete structures that took up most of the square footage of the Kienstra Precast's dirt lot. The experienced climber had quite the day ahead of him, mainly scouting and scavenging - a constant task that consumed nearly every waking minute. Though given the current state of the world, calling it a job was a monumental understand. It had become a way of life - a means of living. Cold, hard facts Darek knew all too well, especially now that he was on his own.

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Kuroneko Aisha:


The young girl considered her chances of running if she were spotted by the figure by the pond. While she might be able to get away from the one, there was always the chance that she would run into more of the creatures during her retreat. If she was surrounded, it would all be over. Shaking her head, she sat back down, pulled her legs close to her for warmth and huddled closely against the trunk of her tree. Her branch was nice and thick, so it easily provided her with a secure place to rest without worry of falling. She had grown accustomed to sleeping in the trees, but she knew that it would only get colder in the weeks to come. She needed to find a secure shelter, if only until it grew warm again.

Taking in her surroundings, she could only see the natural setting of Lafayette Park. In the past it had provided her entertainment and wonder, playing Hide and Seek with her friends among the trees. Now, she was playing a more deadlier game of Hide and Seek, and it was one she couldn't afford to lose. Quietly taking an arrow out of her quiver, she pouted at the soft tip and mumbled to herself. "I knew I should have asked for real arrows..At least they would have helped me..I might have even helped mommy and daddy." The memory of her parents being overrun and killed flashed in her mind, and she huddled a little tighter for comfort. She needed to leave the tree soon, but not right now.

Sleep wasn't something Herman had really experienced since the Break. He had taken to referring to the world's current standing as "the Break" as a shorthand version of "outbreak", but more in reference to the breakdown of society, government, and just about everything else that followed the dead. Everything seemed broken, and for once he wasn't able to fix any of it. Instead he was cowering in what remained of a smoke shop, its content's tossed or looted a long time ago. despite the shelter and the relative safety of the smoke shop, Herman still hadn't managed more than an hour or two of sleep. And now with the sun coming back up, it was time to move on. You're running out of food. Take a look around, maybe there's something here you missed. Something you can use.

Herman got to his feet, picked his backpack up off the ground, and decided to start his search at the humidor. Careful not to cut himself on the shards of glass that littered the floor, Herman knelt down and began looking for anything he could possibly use. An idea struck him, and he unzipped his backpack and withdrew the cloth he'd kept there. Carefully Herman laid the cloth out and began placing shards of glass in the center. When he was satisfied with the amount, Herman folded the cloth back up and tucked it back into his pack. Lay that out in a doorway and those things will walk right over it, the noise should give you enough warning to collect yourself and get out. Good thinking

Just as Herman was about to get up and continue his search, something in the glass caught his eye. Looters must have missed it. Go on, take it. Herman reached a finger gingerly out, pushing the remaining glass aside until he could see it clearly. A cigar, laying almost untouched amongst it's ripped and ravaged brethren. Herman picked the cigar up and turned it in his fingers, examining the thing like it was some alien artifact. The label was worn, but the gold lettering on a red background could still be made out to read "Partagas" You don't speak Spanish, do you?. Herman decided to keep the cigar, packing it along with the rest of his meager supplies. He resolved to light it one day, to celebrate. Not alot worth celebrating these days.Time was being wasted, and Herman still needed to find more food and water. He got to his feet and slung the backpack over his shoulder, turning his attention to the back rooms he spotted the previous night. It had been too dark to get a proper look at them without wasting some of his flashlight's juice, and that was a risk he wasn't willing to take.

Herman stepped quickly and quietly to the back rooms, not wanting to waste any time. The doorway leading in was wide open as he'd expected it to be, probably having been smashed by the first wave of looters. Inside was nothing but disapointment. The rooms had been picked clean, though stains and footprints along the floors indicated that at some point people had used the rooms for shelter. They ran, you should too. Herman made sure to look very carefully around before resigning himself to the fact that there was nothing left in the smoke shop for him. He figured he might have better luck with the surrounding storerooms and pressed onwards towards the front door of the smoke shop, glancing out to make sure his path to the outside was clear before proceeding.

"Come on," the woman softly pleaded as she tried to make the engine turn over, but not a sound was coming out of the abandoned Kia. She tried again, flipping the key back and forth, but there was a reason why the Sedona was still sitting there. "Damn it," she cursed herself as she slunk back out of the drivers seat and onto the pavement. "How the heck am I gonna find a car in this area?"

Ashlyn continued to trudge North on Telegraph Road, hoping to find something she could use to get around easier. After five months on lockdown in that dingy Supercenter, she felt at risk being out in the open without a metal plating between her and the elements. The coin flip upon leaving Wal-Mart seemed to be a mistake. Rather than risk being out in the open on the 255 trying to get across town and get back to Enterprise, she opted for the low road along the 231, hoping to be able to snake a car along the way and find a new place to hunker down, preferably a place with beer. Shoulda known better than that.

The smell of oil and rotting flesh hung in the air around Ashlyn. Many of the cars were destroyed, and the remnants of their occupants stained the wrecks. If they were lucky, they died on impact. If not, it was the zombies that got them. The few cars that were in a drivable state were rendered unusable either due to a lack of gas or some other undistinguishable problem. However, there was little action to speak of on the Z-Front. Perhaps it was the nippy autumn weather starting to force them into a state of hibernation. Be great if I could just keep walking like this and not have to worry about no zombies or nothing coming after me. Least till I find some wheels. Her rifle back at the ready after her attempt to bring the Sedona to life failed, Ashlyn moved on down the 231.

Alex stared blankly through the windshield of his weathered Grand Prix into the parking lot of his makeshift shelter. The golden rays of the new day's sun glistened from the east almost as though they were taunting him.

Oh yes, keep coming this way today. You don't need to stop in St. Louis.

Deep down, Alex had always known that the proposition was foolhardy. Even during the best of times finding a specific person in the cities without proper communication would have been like finding a needle in a haystack. But it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack where all the hay is either trying to eat you or shoot you. Maybe missing all the exits yesterday had been a blessing in disguise? Maybe God was trying to send a warning?

He shook his head and rested it on the steering wheel. Sarah could still be in the city somewhere. Giving up now was not an option. He would dive into this hornet's nest for the off chance that there was still one person in this world that he could trust.

So what's first on the agenda then?

The wheels of Alex's mind cranked as he evaluated his situation. The exits from the interstate had claimed that he was just entering Granite City, Illinois. The highway he had left behind was probably no longer an option if the Shufflers had heard him driving by the day before. Either he would have to wait for them to disperse again or he would have to find another way to cross back over the Mississippi. He had about a quarter tank of gas left in his beaten Pontiac and enough food for two lean days.

"Maybe I'll scavenge the area today," he mumbled to himself, "see if any of the other vultures left a scrap of meat on this skeleton of a town. Then I'll start working out how to get back over the river. "

He stuck the key in the ignition. Hopefully today would be better than yesterday.

"And a map. I need to find a map."

The sound of the zombies still echoed in his mind and the screaming of Preston... It was the same nightmare as the last night and the night before. There were variations to be sure but Ted could never save his son. Sometimes he was the one chewing his sons ears off, ripping his flesh open... It served no purpose to dwell on dreams. The living nightmare was bad enough. He lay there for a second, listening to the birds outside. He rose and stretched carefully. It was important to stay limber before heading off. His throat felt dry and he shook his two canteens despite already knowing he wouldn't hear water in them. It was a ritual. Water first, food if he was lucky and moving West. West was a city. Brooklyn if he remembered rightly.

"Would Tammi go there? She did say that if The Walking Dead happened she would die in a mall..."

A pleasant memory flashed through his mind. They were sitting on the couch watching something stupid on TV and she took his face and... Ted grabbed onto it. He needed it. A memory a day kept the insanity away and it kept him focused. This American city would be full of danger. The campsite group he had been a part of only a few weeks ago made it obvious that survivors were getting almost as dangerous as the undead creatures who wandered around everywhere. No doubt there would be more there. More zombies too. Ted walked along the walls of the freight car. It was the best shelter he had run into in days. It almost seemed a waste to abandon its safety. But they would come. And they would bite. He walked over to his axe. It was a heavy wood splitter, sharpened and still almost new. He had stolen it from a half ton during the early days... When he thought there was a plan. But now there was only one plan. His plan. Get water, find food, get safe for the night.

"Tammi, god.... Tammi I need you right now!" he said, pulling out his wallet. He ran a finger over the slender figure in the picture standing beside him grinning. How could he have ever known the world was going to end? He would have spent it at home or would have fled to the farm in Paradise Hill to hold up with his father until the end...

Reality crashed in. There was the sound of a moan. Not close but... It was time to go. He rolled up his sleeping bag with his flashlight inside deftly. He patted his matches in his back pocket and picked up the axe. Sliding open the door as slowly as possible, it only gave off a small squeal. Hopefully that wasn't loud enough... He stopped. Silent as a cat. No alerted growl. He stepped off onto the railbed and slinked off into the woods, clutching the sleeping bag under is left arm and holding the axe with his right. West.

Dana decided to head for the Tri-City Speedway, where she would hopefully be able to get a real car. She backtracked her steps away from the collapsed overpass and headed down one of the roads which were usually used to get onto the I-270, but now there was no traffic, just more and more cars. While some of them might still be in working condition, she couldn't get them out of the line and didn't want to wake one of the dead. They probably wouldn't move, but why take the chance?

She got down on the road below, and continued walking towards the speedway. She reached for the baseball bat attached to her backpack, while turning on her MP3 to Grief by Dir En Grey, but made sure to not turn the volume up too much. These dead groupies weren't hard to notice, with their moaning and odd movements, but she didn't like the thought of several of them getting the jump on her either.

It had been tough ever since she lost her lorry, and slow. Her goal was to get back home to Cali and hope that their money had protected her family, but it had been months since the outbreak, and even longer since she had last spoken with them. She didn't take time to contact them while on tour, since her mother didn't really approve of her life choice, at least her father had grown to accept it with the years.

"Sousa warai kurue" She whispered, when Kyo sang it. "I'm damned."

Dana had watched enough movies to believe that her situation was not going to get any better. She kept going, because she thought it was better than giving up. The only regret she had was that she wouldn't get to perform or play drums again, since that would attract too much attention from the groupies.

She arrived at the Tri-City Speedway, after walking for a while, unsure of how long. She hoped that her days on foot had been numbered, as she began searching the area for a car that she could actually use, that wasn't just a piece of useless metal.

The sharp tapping of the rubber soles of his Converse against the concrete seemed echo into infinity as he strode ever closer towards the abandoned convenience store. Every nerve in his body stood on high alert; his every sense searched for any incongruous detail. At a glance, nothing set off the warning bells. There were clear warning bells that Alex had learned to hastily retreat from: a moan far off in the distance, a sign warning off intruders, even a simple shuffling of feet against the ground. And yet these signs seemed almost conspicuously absent as the young man approached the worn down shop.

This deafening silence only served to enhance his acute sense of cultivated paranoia.

He had left the car a few blocks back to avoid having to drive through town. Any sound could attract the Shufflers; in his experience, nothing signaled the arrival of fresh meat more clearly than the roar of an engine. It was far better to kill the noise if one planned on actually sifting through the refuse left behind by the panicked masses attempting to escape the inevitable. There was no reason to stack the odds further against yourself. The dangers of this world were far sharper than one could imagine from the movies and media of yore.

Alex found himself crouching almost unconciously as he stepped ever closer toward the potential death trap under the sign of a Route 66. If there was any food to be had, it would still be sitting on the shelves inside the building. If there was any fuel to be pumped, it would need to be turned on behind the front desk. If there were any maps of the surrounding area, they would be nestled in some dark corner of the store that no one would ever venture towards since a map had been rendered completely obsolete in a recently bygone era.

No matter how he sliced it, Alex was going to have to push through the glass doors and face whatever threat that lay poised to strike when he least expected it. These were risks that he wanted to avoid at all costs. However, if he just moved on now he knew that these potential supplies would only grow more scarce and more dangerous to obtain as he moved into the formerly densely populated zones of the world.

His eyes began to dart even more erratically behind his thick rimmed glasses with every quiet thud of his feet. Sweat began to soak his dirty white tee shirt and his dirtier brown hair despite the chilled October breeze that should have cut through his light autumn clothing. His heart was thumping vigorously as though it were trying to escape from his chest. Anymore, these signs were normal. They meant that he was on the top of his game, ready to respond to any threat that could jump from the shadows. His fingers were tightly wrapped around the steel crowbar in his fist and the tiny revolver was tucked between his fabric belt and his worn jeans.

He was ready.

There was only a moment's hesitation while he peaked through the dusty glass door. At this point, he was only trying to make sure the building wasn't filled to bursting with Shufflers. His earlier circling of the area had given no indication that any living being had bunkered down in this enclosure. So long as he was careful and quiet, Alex felt he could drop on any straggler remaining in the area, be they living or dead.

With a deep breath caught in his throat and a calculated fear of the unknown in his heart, Alex slowly and quietly opened the glass door.

Darting between the patches of trees and the clearings where more rail lines cut through the brush, Ted crept along in the brush. The fog that had formed was a concern. It wasn't very thick but anything that limited Ted's vision concerned him. The woods were full of fallen leaves making Ted move slower than he wanted to. Too slow and something would catch his scent. Too fast and the sound of rustling leaves might bring them on him. The ground was wet and frozen under his feet, melting frost from a sun still warm enough to chase away the ice. For now anyway. Eventually, after hiding around trees and moving along to the building he had spotted earlier he came upon a grassy area.

It was a recreational area and the building beyond must have been a school before the crash of civilization. He walked across a small paved parking area onto the field. It was empty and silent here.

"I must be in Brooklyn Tammi. Are you here?" he said quietly.

He came upon a basketball court in the fog. Hanging from the net was a corpse. It had been here for awhile Ted concluded, judging by the amount of decay. The chain around its neck was deep into the rotting flesh and there was a single bullet hole through its forehead.

At least the residents knew how to stop them from coming back.

Leaving the grisly sight, he walked along a little aimlessly. He was hoping for a discarded bottle of water or something from the day of the panic. He came upon a bleacher for a baseball diamond. There was a bag there and he opened it. Chocolate bars, an iPod, a binder full of schoolwork. Ted took the bars and ate them immediately. It wasn't much but it was something at least. The iPod he slipped into his back pocket and he grabbed a few pens and a handful of loose blank sheets of lined paper. He folded them carefully and put them into his Bunnyhug's pocket. Never know when one will want to leave a message behind... Not that it was likely anyone would find it or read it.

He went into the bench area for the players. No baseball bats. That would have been nice. He did take a helmet though, trying it on. Too small. Well, whatever. He wasn't a baseball fan anyway. He tried to gauge the fog and if it was getting thicker or dying off. It just kind of hung there, like an invisible tarp, showering the distance in white. He made it to the back wall of the school. Still no sounds of any undead. He reached for a handle and twisted.

A school has got to have some supplies. At the very least, some water maybe...

A strange calm had fallen over Ryker as he re-entered the city it was as if his attachment to here had been eaten by the zombies. He really was not sure where to go but he managed to cling to the roof tops for most of the time and avoided almost all confrontation with zombies. He knew that he could not afford to waste a bolt as they were not common around these parts. Ryker stopped and removed the canteen from his back, taking a sip he decided where to go.

He ran across the roof tops slipping between antennas and chimneys as the green jungle in the centre of the city approached. The main park was almost completely unaffected by the apocalypse, the trees still rustled in the wind and Ryker could still hear the faint sound of the children playing, a happy time one of peace but that was not something to reminisce about now. Without the roof tops he could not be able to remain out of the zombie's path for long, most of the trees branches were frail.

Ryker made his way between a few trees keeping quit and out of sight, he stopped at a large oak breathing heavily. He did not notice the other figure in the tree above.

Evelyn's main focus had been on the creature at the lake, but that didn't mean she wasn't paying attention to the rest of her surroundings. Movement in the corner of her eye caused her to turn away from the lake to see another figure moving through the trees. This one was walking quietly, seemed healthy, and most importantly, wasn't growling. Excitement and relief filled her mind while she thought about how she could approach the person. Staying in the trees was definitely the safest route to take, so that much was a given. Sending him a silent message to alert him to her presence was also a given, since she didn't know if the creature by the lake had good hearing.

Deciding on a plan of action, she nodded her head and silently adjusted herself so that she was facing in the man's direction. Next, she took an arrow from her quiver and, after checking her surroundings, gently tossed it so that it would land harmlessly near him. If the man were to notice her from just that, she would bring her finger to her lips in a 'shush' motion before pointing out the creature by the lake. She would then suggest that he climb a tree to be safe by making an 'up' movement with her hands.

Something fell next to Ryker, almost instinctively he pulled his crossbows out and snapped around firing at the tree and nearly hitting the figure in it. He quickly realized that the human was not undead.

"Crap" he whispered

"You're lucky my shot was off"

He re-sheathed his crossbow and was now one bolt down luckily the cross bow was silent and the shot had not alerted any off the undead .He made quick work of climbing up the tree, latching onto branches and twisting himself up silently as the zombie near the lake still sat oblivious to his actions. It was not until a single twig crack on the branch did the zombie turn around, Ryker was not sure he had noticed him but if he did he would make quick work of it. His real concern was with the Women in the tree. Giving away her location could have been a deadly decision but Ryker had no intention of killing her.

Darek woke up stiff and bleary eyed. The cab wasn't most comfortable bed he ever had. He opened the cab door and tossed his pack out. As he exited the cab he stood still for a few moments and just listened. He didn't hear any of the warning sounds; no moaning or growling. Deciding it was safe enough he started to stretch the stiffness out of his limbs. After he finished stretching he climbed back into the truck and began to search inside of it. He had been so tired last night when he found this place to sleep he had just crawled in, and passed out.

The only things he found were some old water bottles rolling around on the floor that were full of old piss. Before he gave up and left he checked the glove compartment. He found a bag of beef jerky. "At least I have something to eat this morning." He said as he pulled the bag out. Once he had the bag out he spotted a pair of leather work gloves that were underneath it. After that it was time to go he needed to find some more food, and water. He didn't want to start in on his back up supply yet. He left the Kienstra Precast, and went west on bend road. He remembered seeing a sign last night that said Brooklyn was pretty close.

A small squeak escaped the small nine year old's mouth when she heard, and saw, the crossbow bolt lodged into the trunk just next to her. Her heart racing from the shock of how quickly he had determined her location, she waited until he was up in the tree with her before whispering. "I-I'm sorry if I scared you or made you angry, I-I was just trying to get your attention." While saying this, she tried to pull the bolt out of the tree, but found it was lodged in pretty deep. Giving up on that, she looked back to the zombie, which had left the lake in search of a noise, but it seemed it couldn't tell where it came from, so it simply ambled about.

She wanted to get off on a better start with the man in the tree, so she whispered to him, while keeping a close eye on the zombie. "My name's Evelyn. I was just thinking about leaving the area in search of a building that can at least keep me from freezing during the winter. Can you think of any place like that, mister? It would really help me." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a snack bar, granola with chocolate chips, before continuing. "Are you hungry? It's only a snack bar, but it's better than nothing, right?"

Jake sat against a car and tried to catch his breath. Stupid, stupid, stupid. he thought to himself. I knew I should have stayed hidden. I keep this up, I'll get myself killed.

Brushing such thoughts aside, Jake took in his surroundings. He was in the parking lot of a hospital next to the highway. All he remembered was running, he wasn't really sure which direction he had come from. He looked up towards the roof of the building. If he could get up there, he should be able to get his bearings. But getting up there would require going through the hospital itself, and Jake knew from experience how formidable zombies were in close quarters. He gripped his M4A1 carbine in his hands. Then again, I'm not exactly helpless either. With the gun reassuring him, Jake got up and walked up to the door. It was locked, but a quick strike with the butt of his gun changed that. He proceeded into the building, mind alert and gun ready.

Ryker only just realized that the person in the tree was a little girl she was very young only 10 at most. A pang of sympathy enveloped Ryker it I didn't seem fair that such a young girl had to see all this happen and the fact that he just scared her half to death made it even worse

"I-I'm sorry if I scared you or made you angry, I-I was just trying to get your attention." She whimpered

"I'm so sorry I didn't realize" Ryker put on his most sympathetic voice
"I'm not angry at you nor am I scared what I did was stupid"

Ryker was watching the zombie idling away from the lake when he heard the girl speak again

"My name's Evelyn. I was just thinking about leaving the area in search of a building that can at least keep me from freezing during the winter. Can you think of any place like that, mister? It would really help me."

This poor girl was all alone and Ryker was glad to help her
"My old house is very easily barricaded and it only a short walk from here we can stay there the night and find more food tomorrow" He said and put his hand up when she offered him her small amount of food

"You look thirsty would you like a drink" Ryker took out his water bottle which was nearly empty his own needs seemed rather trivial now that there was this little girl here.

Evelyn was a little surprised by how quickly the man seemed to change after realizing that she had made an honest mistake. He even sounded concerned for her, which was nice to hear since she would be relying on him for support for a while, it seemed. He was recommending that they go to his house and take shelter there for a while. She knew how hard it was to fortify a single house, so she said. "That sounds like a good idea. As soon as it's safe, we should make our way over there, right?"

Seeing him offering her some water, she shook her head and said. "It looks like you're the one in need of water, mister. Your bottle's almost empty." She giggled a little bit before reaching into her cargo pocket and pulling out a fresh bottle of water. Holding it out for him, she said with a smile. "Here, let's trade. Don't worry, I have another full bottle in my other pocket. Ever since the monsters started appearing, mommy and daddy always made sure that I have plenty to eat and drink with me at all times." Having supplies didn't help them against the zombies though.

For a split second, her eyes showed sadness before returning to normal. Not thinking about it anymore, she said. "Say, I gave you my name, so what's your name mister? I'm usually not allowed to talk to strangers but..I think I need to make an exception for a little while."

Herman Downing

Outside, the only bodies in sight were the charred piles of burned corpses in the dusty clearing across the street. As for the buildings around him, if the sign in the lot proved to be true, the only once-operational establishment in the elongated complex other than the smoke shop was a nail salon two leasing spaces down. As far as scavenging prospects went, the immediate area seemed to be fairly sparse.

Ashlyn Tarpley

With not a single functioning vehicle in sight, she pressed onward on foot, the current leading mode of transportation in the US. There was an RV sales lot approaching on her right, an auto parts store further down the road with an auto sales lot right across, it was easy to believe someone with the right knowledge and skills could make at least one vehicle function right.

Dana Nakamura

Few things in the dust lot appeared to be in any decent condition, let alone operational. In fact, many of the vehicles were the unfortunate victims of a rather intense demolition derby. There were, however, a few rather large garages occupying space aside the tracks. There was no telling if she'd find anything of use, though. Not without taking a look for herself.

Alex Mathis

Inside the store, the air was stale and smelled of rot, though if exactly what, the man couldn't be sure. Trash littered nearly every inch of the floor he could see in the dim room, and if he looked closely he could see no one had been inside for weeks. There were blood spatters on some of the shelves and floor, though they had dried long before he arrived. If there were any chance of locating supplies, it would take more than just a peek inside to really know for sure.

Ted Sheffield

The door creaked much louder than he would've liked as he slowly pushed it open. What lied behind it was the school's auditorium which, by the looks of it, was set up for students' lunches at the time of abandonment. Most of the food that was once on the tables had already been eaten by maggots or was taken by the desperate few who had the fortune to find packaged goods that had yet to spoil. On the floors of the lunch hall, tables and chairs were overturned, backpacks lay torn and forgotten, and the corpses of few that were now dried, withered husks.

Darek Mason

Small town houses entered the man's view as he walked into the Brooklyn area. One of the homes was unfortunate enough to be drastically renovated by an SUV that somehow plowed its way through the front wall. Neither time nor nature had been very kind to the homes, as most were in shambles or had tree branches thrown onto, or sometimes even through them by the powerful gusts of the early autumn.

Jacob Robin

The former soldier was met with a very dim waiting room, barely brightened by the soft light that shone through the open door. Makeshift cots had taken place of the normal furnishings, and as haunting a sight it was, the fact that no bodies remained was quite worrisome. It was likely that most of the undead occupants had left, but there was no reason to take that as a given fact.

Ryker & Evelyn

The sound was faint, but it was present. Footsteps sloshing through mud, the heavy, ragged breathing of a man who didn't have much run left in him, and the loud crack of the occasional pistol shot. A man in a flannel shirt with an old Colt was now backpedaling through the park, fumbling with a full magazine, trying to keep the group of the undead following him in sight. The man very nearly managed to slide in another set of .45's before he was caught off guard by the walker that migrated from the pond to fetch a meal. The walker's arms, with surprising speed and strength, pulled the man's head back and bit hard into his face, tearing the flesh of his cheek back. He screamed loud and cried out in protest, but that did little to sway his attacker. It didn't take long for the group he had originally been running from to choose in on their prey and join in the consumption. Ryker and Evelyn were helpless, there just simply wasn't anything they could do to help the poor man.

All clear, but you should hurry. Herman looked over his surroundings just once more before heading out of Captain Z's and heading southeast down Telegraph Road. There was a small animal hospital just across the street, and he wanted to check for medical supplies before trying to find some more food. One of his coworkers, Sherri, used to tell him about her little corgi and how the animal hospital took care of him. Do you think Sherri made it? She was pretty. You should have asked her out before the Break. Quickly and quietly Herman moved across the street, constantly checking for any signs of life Or would that be signs of death? From there, it was a straight dash down the street to reach Binder Animal Hospital. The street and sidewalk were littered with garbage, some of it bloodstained, so Herman was careful to avoid touching anything but pavement. He reached the Church first, and tucked himself into the collection of trees that separated the church from the animal hospital, to avoid being detected. Good, you made it this far, now comes the hard part.

Herman pushed through the trees careful not to cut or scratch himself on any branches, and mindful of the leaves on the ground. As silent as possible, he pushed left into the hospitals parking lot, still apparently clear of any of those creatures. Herman took a running start towards the large white fence that separated the back lot with the front of the building and leaped up, grabbing onto the fence and pulling himself over. That made alot of noise, you better hope there aren't that many here. Once he was over, Herman took a good look at the hospital itself. It was an "L" shaped building, with the entrance on the shorter end: a set of stairs with a red railing leading to a glass door. Should be easy to get in, and when you're done there's the gas station just across the way, and there are plenty of auto shops around, surely you can scrape enough together to get a car working and get moving. There's food nearby too, remember? Sherri always used to say she'd wait in the Waffle House for the doctors to call about her dog.

The idea of waffles made Herman's mouth water, but he had to keep focused. reaching into his pack with his let hand, he took out his trusty pipe. With his right, he checked the condition of the door. The glass itself wasn't shattered, but the door wasn't locked either. Herman pushed in and checked the building. Still nothing, how much longer can your luck keep up? Herman set about moving through the animal hospital in search of anything useful.

The sound of the door surprised him. No doubt this fire exit had been unlocked during some emergency gathering in the building and it sounded like it was never used.

"Damn it." he said softly, leaving the door part way open behind him as he entered.

The auditorium stank. There were tables set up around with decomposing food and drinks laying about. What's more there where bodies. Danger. Ted pulled out his flashlight from within his rolled up sleeping bag. Clicking it on, he wandered towards the first corpse. Something had severed the head completely from the torso and flies kicked up, buzzing around his light. He backed off. It was not going to rise but the dead still had a long reach after they stopped moving. One bit of foul blood and it would start with Ted.

He stopped and listened for a good long while. No sounds except a little bit of wind and blowing leaves from the door he had entered.

Time to get to it.

He looked through the mess left behind in the auditorium. No food. This place had no doubt already been scavenged through before the residents fled. The zombies liked to move in great numbers randomly across the area, chasing survivors out of one stronghold and catching them tired and weak in the open. Did they have any intelligence? Ted doubted it, they kind of reminded him of the cattle back home. Once enough started moving, they all started moving.

The only thing he found of use was a rather large backpack. Must have been worn by a huge Basketball player or something. Dumping out the contents of the bag, he found another iPod and a charger to go with it. Adjusting the straps of the backpack, he put his rolled up sleeping bag inside and placed the iPods in a side pocket. The matches he kept in his pants. He wouldn't lose those if he lost the bag. Pleased with his new bag, he wandered on. It was good that he didn't have to drop his sleeping bag in order to wield his axe.

Walking into the cafeteria, he looked at the devastation of the kitchens. Drawers were pulled out, silverware was everywhere, the fridges were overturned. Once inhabited, now empty. He went among the mess, trying not to step on the forks and spoons lying everywhere and made it to the sink.

Oh please, work.

He twisted the knob slowly.

Jake scanned the room with both eyes and gun, the suppressor on the end of the barrel looking almost obtrusive. Patches of dried blood were scattered about, but there were no bodies to be seen. Hope they're not still hangin' around. Jake thought as he took a few paces forward, tan camouflage looking almost grey in the dim light. He listened for any threats that might be lurking out of sight. He could heard scuffling from the next floor up, though it could have just been a rat. Or one of the bodies that shed that blood. Jake thought with a shiver. He took a deep breath and shook his head. No. Getting worried is only gonna get me killed. Stay calm, stay cool.

Jake walked behind the reception desk and searched for a map. The one he found was old, it was wrinkled and was starting to turn yellow. But it was all Jake had to go on. He looked for the nearest stairwell and found it to be down an adjacent hall. He stuffed the map into his pack and opened the door that allegedly lead to the stairs.

The first thing that hit him was the stench.

Alex winced as the stagnant air rushed into his face in an effort to escape the abandoned shop. A sickly sweet scent wafted along with it, stinging Alex's eyes and nose. He felt his stomach convulse instinctively and for a mere fraction of a second he fought to keep yesterday's lunch from joining the festivities. His head shook and he leaned against the frame of the door for a few moments; he just needed the time to adjust to a shock that, in retrospect, shouldn't have been all that shocking. The smell emitted from the poorly ventilated store was one that was growing frustratingly common in this bold new world: decay.

This gave Alex a moment of pause. He wasn't able to identify if the odor stomping on his nose came from the rotting of flesh or if it was simply the scent of neglected perishables. Either way, it didn't bode well for whatever could be left inside the building. Still, he was this far. He needed to at least take a cursory look.

Crouching as low to the ground as he possibly could, Alex moved silently into the deserted service station. His footsteps were chosen carefully to avoid stepping on any piece of garbage that would cause too much of a racket. In his own overactive mind, even the slightest sound could be enough to wake the dead or, perhaps more frighteningly, the living.

His silence was broken by an audible gasp when he laid eyes on the dried blood.

It was everywhere in the room. A splatter or two over the shelves. Deep stains on the linoleum floor. His eyes darted around the store, desperately searching in vain for a body.

But there was no body to be seen. again.

Blood but no body was a bad sign. Perhaps a small altercation over supplies had happened here during the waning days. Perhaps everyone just walked away mostly unscathed. Perhaps there weren't Shufflers sitting just out of sight, resting until their next meal unsuspectingly waltzed into their domain.

But in all of his travels, Alex had learned never to linger where there was blood but no bodies. It was just another of his unspoken rules of survival in this forsaken wasteland.

Alex stood tall and canvased the shelves of the store thoroughly. His entire body was coiled like a spring, ready to pounce out the door at the slightest provocation or to swing the steel bar in his hand at any unexpected suitors. He knew that if there was nothing to be found without further inspection then it wasn't worth the risk. There had to be other prospective shopping sprees in town that would be safer than in a place with blood but no body.

It appeared that the girl was already well stocked up and when she offered him a bottle he took it politely shortly afterwards the duo set off under the shroud of night. It appeared that their where more than just the 2 of them as survivors, but the one they had met one along the way but he hadn't been surviving for long. Ryker still hadn't gotten the image out of his head when they arrived at his old home. The house was well built, 1 story brick, the windows are barred up. His parents never told him why but it was home and he had missed it.

The door creaked slightly as they walked through the entrance into the lounge room, the place was exactly how it had been when he left a year ago. He checked the kitchen and it had appeared that his undead parents had left through the open back door which he shut and locked up. He checked the lights as he waked back to where Evelyn.

"all windows are barred up so none of the zombie can get in"

He down into the basement and activated the generator for the house. The generator sound was muffled by it being underground so the sound didn't lure any zombies. Within a few seconds the lights in the house flicked back on. He grabbed some pillow and some blankets and placed them on the floor

"you should get some rest I'll keep watch" he said sitting down on a nearby couch"

"Oh my god." said Ted reverently as water trickled out for a split second before he instantly turned the knob off. He fumbled for his canteens, pulling them off in a hurry and setting beside the sink. He closed his eyes and licked the little bit of water that had trickled onto his left palm.

Water. There is still a god. I found water!

Putting a canteen under the tap, he turned on the water to a very slow stream, careful not to miss any. In the end the faucet started to shudder violently and no more water came up. His canteen was only a third of the way full but this was significantly more water than he had found in a long while.

That was just whatever was left in the system I guess...

He sniffed the inside of his canteen. It smelled like nothing but the stainless steel body. He involuntarily put it to his lips, only catching himself just in time to stop it from vanishing down his scratchy throat. Ration this. Ration this well. He took a small sip, his reward for now.

"Today is better than the day I found those unopened water bottles, in that van." he said quietly to the darkness around him. The flashlight lay on the counter, facing the kitchen door. He was entirely alone yet he was compelled to say... something...

I remember...

"No. Stop it. You said you wouldn't talk to me anymore. Tammi. Find Tammi. Get home."

But it's a fools errand.

"Better than dying without a reason."

He looked around for anything else he might use. He found a stack of folded, clean, dishcloths. He stashed all but one into his new backpack. The last rag he had used to cover his face while fighting had gotten so soiled he knew he would get the sickness if he continued to wrap it on his face. These could work. He wrapped the partially filled canteen around his neck. The sound of water sloshing inside sounded beautiful to his ears. He wanted more. The school was large. More taps in washrooms and staff rooms. Maybe they'd have water left in their pipes too... It was worth it to find out. Stepping around the broken glass and fallen silverware, he made it back out into the auditorium.

I found water!

Nothing had changed although the door he had used swung open a little and some trash blew in. Holding the flashlight with one hand and the axe with the other, he turned into a hallway. It was empty but there had definitely been some walkers here in the past. The blood on the lockers and on the floor stained the tiles a royal crimson. The bodies, presumably, had been disposed of. He came to a fire exit and saw a map of the school. Ripping it off, he tried to discern the location of the staff lounge. It wasn't labeled very well, just using room numbers. Making his best guess based off of the shape of one larger room, he plotted a path and kept the map in his bunnyhood's pocket.

Alert. Calm. Find more water. Maybe food. Find shelter. Sleep.

The features of the areas he moved through were never the same but his plan of attack on the day was constant. He knew he had been very lucky to be alone so far. If anyone or anything was here, it wouldn't find Ted unprepared.

"God I miss it when this shit was fiction."

It appeared that the girl was already well stocked up and when she offered him a bottle he took it politely shortly afterwards the duo set off under the shroud of night. It appeared that their where more than just the 2 of them as survivors, but the one they had met one along the way but he hadn't been surviving for long. Ryker still hadn't gotten the image out of his head when they arrived at his old home. The house was well built, 1 story brick, the windows are barred up. His parents never told him why but it was home and he had missed it.

The door creaked slightly as they walked through the entrance into the lounge room, the place was exactly how it had been when he left a year ago. He checked the kitchen and it had appeared that his undead parents had left through the open back door which he shut and locked up. He checked the lights as he waked back to where Evelyn.

"all windows are barred up so none of the zombie can get in"

He down into the basement and activated the generator for the house. The generator sound was muffled by it being underground so the sound didn't lure any zombies. Within a few seconds the lights in the house flicked back on. He grabbed some pillows and some blankets and placed them on the floor

"you should get some rest I'll keep watch" he said sitting down on a nearby couch

Evelyn had been shaken pretty bad by the attack that happened nearby, but she mustered just enough of herself to be able to follow her new companion to his house. Like he had said, it really was going to be easily fortified, but she knew that it would take a lot more than barred windows to keep the zombies out of the home. As she was appraising the strength of one of the doors (ie: kicking it a little}, she heard Ryker telling her that she could get some rest. Shaking her head, she said. "It's still pretty early, so I'm going to explore the house a little bit. If you don't mind of course." It was his house of course, so she felt it was polite to ask for his permission before rummaging around his house. She also wanted to see if there were any emergency exits that they could use, just in case things got bad.

She sighed loudly when she saw that there was nothing here. The cars were wrecked, and even if she checked out the garages she doubted she'd have much better luck. Dana turned off her music and removed the headphones from her ears. Well, even if she had come this way for what appeared to be nothing, she might as well check out the rest of the area.

If she had bothered to learn how to repair a car, then she wouldn't have been in this situation to begin with. It was the main problem she had these days, a lot of the things she had been able to do before was because of money, but money didn't matter to anyone now. She could have bought a new lorry before the outbreak. Hell, if she had known this would have happened she would have paid extra for some modifications.

Dana hurried across the track towards the garages and began searching them for a working car.

Herman made his way past reception and down into a narrow hallway of veterinary offices. The lights were all out, probably for some time, and blood smeared the walls. Not a good sign, find what you need and go. There are more valuable supplies to be had elsewhere. After some careful deliberation, Herman picked the office he felt the most comfortable with and pushed the door open, leaving it open as he'd grown accustomed to doing. Running from those things is hard enough, but the last thing you need is a closed door blocking your way out. The office was empty, so Herman felt comfortable setting up his new found glass alarm along the door's frame. Once that was done he got a good look around. The office was small, as one might expect. There were cabinets on three of the four walls, a desk and chair in the corner, and a table for the pets to lay on in the center of the room.

Herman set about looking through the cabinets and quickly realized almost all of them had been looted already. Can't hurt to keep looking. Maybe they left something for you. Herman frantically opened and closed the cabinets along each wall, checking the drawers underneath as well until he found one that wasn't empty. Inside there were some bandages, clean and untouched. Bingo! Herman scooped the bandages into his pack and turned on his heels to exit when he heard something that made his heart skip a beat: cracking glass. Without hesitation Herman ducked behind the table in the center of the room, bracing himself on the side facing away from the door. Whatever tripped the alarm won't be able to see you, get the pipe.

Reaching into his pack, Herman withdrew the pipe he'd kept to defend himself and took one quick peek over the table. A dark, drooling figure stared blankly back at him and let out a quiet groan. Oh good, so it's just one of them. COuld be worse, it could have been a living person.

On the radio, you'll hear November Rain: that solo's awful long, but it's a pretty song. You listen to it twice, 'cause the DJ is asle-ep
Naomi hummed to herself as she walked cautiously along the sidewalk. It was hard to sing a nice song to keep the spirits up when you had to listen to everything, and try not to attract any attention yourself. Humming kept her calm, and you needed to be calm to survive.

Most of the houses on this street were open. Inside a few, it looked like there were still zombies. It's dangerous... there's not a lot of space in there... She cautiously took out one of her ice tools, locking the blade up. She had to try, right? She needed all the supplies she could get. I need to check all of these places for water. I need to stay hydrated. I'll find something useful. The shopping center was probably already looted, more likely than a row of houses.

She decided to go into a house that had been partially boarded up. It looked like there was a walker trapped inside, but that was good. It meant no one else had, most likely, been inside yet. She could handle one walker. Naomi went around to the back of the house, stopping for a second to fill her soap bottle with stagnant pool water. The back was boarded up too, but the only the screen was closed, like whoever was inside decided to air out the place. She pried the boards off the door with the tool, taking a break every once in a while to reassess her surroundings and make sure she didn't overexert herself. After a few minutes of work and rest, the door was unbarred. She cut the screen, reaching inside to unlock it, and then silently creeping inside. The walker was standing at the front door, probably ruining it's brain trying to find a way to unlock it. Quietly, slowly, carefully, Naomi crept up, looking into the hallways and rooms on the way to make sure she wouldn't be blindsided. It turned at the last minute, but she was already there. The ice pick buried itself in his forehead with a squish-y sound, groaning only briefly before she drew it back and hit him again. It collapsed with a dull thud against the door. A few more hits made sure he wouldn't get up and disturb her. She took a nearby vase and put it on the body. If it got up, she'd come back and hit it a few more times, no biggie.

Now to properly examine the house... it was silent, but that didn't mean anything. "Hello? Is there anyone else here?" Stupid, yeah, but any remaining zombies in the house would come running out when they heard her. ... ... ... ... This is how it works, you're young until you're not, you love until you can't, you try until you can't, you laugh until you cry, you cry until you laugh... She started humming again anxiously, her ice tool out in front of her. Silence, save her nervous humming. Right, I can do this.

She started in the kitchen, rooting through the rotting contents of the fridge and the sparse cabinets. He probably stayed here for a while, holed up... not much left for me :( Alright, if I barricaded myself in a house, where would I keep my supplies... The basement? Sounded logical. She ran into the bathroom, the garage, and a bedroom before she found the basement. It smelled damp and rotted, but not in the zombie way. In the wet wood way. It was nice, almost like petrichor, and it was a nice change from the smell of blood.

With not a single functioning vehicle in sight, she pressed onward on foot, the current leading mode of transportation in the US. There was an RV sales lot approaching on her right, an auto parts store further down the road with an auto sales lot right across, it was easy to believe someone with the right knowledge and skills could make at least one vehicle function right.

As she walked along the the road, Ashlyn stared at the forest on the right, obscuring the Jefferson Barracks off by the river Man, if I could get me one a them tanks or something, then I'd be kicking some zombie ass out here...ah hell, the army probably scooped 'em all anyway. Shoot. She pressed on.

After another minute or so, passing by the abandoned Waffle House, she saw the RV lot up ahead, and it still had some stock up there. Shoot! RV might be just as good as a tank out here! She hurried up ahead, running similarly to the little army dude from the few drunken instances she played Call of Duty at a party. There were a fair amount of vans still scattered in the front, but Ashlyn had no interest in them. If she was going to be jacking an RV, she wanted one of the big boys.

Dashing out back, she found one, and it was a beauty. If one of the salesmen were still around and still interested in selling instead of accepting a direct payment of brains, he'd be trying to hook the young girl on the Triple E GT24 but it wouldn't be necessary. She was having that RV. "Right on! OK, gotta be some keys or something inside that building there," she reasoned as she looked towards the office/garage. Momentarily distracted from her newfound love, she readied her rifle and moved towards the building.

Darek stopped the moment he saw the SUV wedged into the front wall of the house. He slipped his crowbar out of his pack, and made sure his pistol was easy to pull out. A SUV in the wall of a residential building always meant trouble. Heavy bludgeon in hand he started to scout the area. Though he stayed away from the house with the broken wall. "Best not tempt fate." He mumbled to himself as he walked past. He checked the area around a cluster of six buildings.

"Great this entire area is out in the open. No concealment at all. Gotta make this quick."

He walked up to the first and turned the knob slowly so as not to make noise; it was locked. He decided there was no reason trying to pry the door open, and make a bunch of noise in the process. Cursing his luck he went on to the next house. He hurried across the street, and approached the front door of the next house. The door was open; immediately put on the defensive. He hunched over, bent his knees and took a wider stance. He crept in through the door, and hugged the walls. HE wasn't hearing any noise which was always a good sign. He found his way to the kitchen. He looked in and was immediately reminded of his first encounter with the undead. There was a huge bloodstain all over the floor. The cabinets had what looked to be arterial spray on them.

"Definitely not a good sign."

He decided to make this fast didn't wanna waste too much time and there was no telling how many deadheads were in this house. So instead of being cautious and clearing the rest of the building he went to searching the kitchen. The cabinets were all empty except for dishes. He walked over to the pantry; most of it was already gone. He did find a can of re fried beans and a couple of potatoes in the bottom of the pantry. Deciding to push his luck he thought he would hit the bathroom next maybe he could find some medicine or a first aid kit. This was already a better haul than he expected.

He had made his way to the bathroom, and not a single deadhead to be seen. He slowly pushed the bathroom door open, and that is where his luck ran out. It was just standing in the middle of the bathroom looking at the shower. IT hadn't noticed him yet so he decided to capitalize on the things oblivious nature. He took three fast steps and threw a stiff leg kick that caught the deadhead on the ass, and pitched onto it's face. On the way down the thing cracked its head on the edge of the tub, but it wasn't dead yet. Darek walked up and slammed his crowbar into the back of the things head twice before it stopped moving; he added one last swing just to make sure. Wondering what the deadhead was looking at he pulled back the shower curtain. There was a body of a young boy in the shower, at least he thought it was a boy. "Better safe than sorry" he said. He pulled out his knife and stabbed it into the corpses brain. He then started to loot the bathroom. He was lucky enough to find a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and a fairly large bottle of tincture of iodine.

After having checked the rest of the houses which were all either stuck or locked, and one of which was neither but when he opened the door the door hit something, and it starting growling at him. He decided it was time to move on. While he was coming in town he spotted what looked like it might be a school, or a large civic center or something. "Definitely a school" he said to himself as he got closer. The deadheads were more prevalent closer to the school. So instead of going in through the front he went to a side door. The side door was unlocked. He entered what looked to be a classroom of some sort. He blocked the door behind him with a large filing cabinet, and started to explore the school.

There had definitely been serious survivor activity in the school at one point, Ted decided. He had shuffled through a few of the classrooms and saw sleeping gear tosses about as if the residents had left in a hurry. He compared some of the warmer looking ones with his current sleeping bag but deemed them inferior.

Going to need all the warmth I can get in the coming months.

There had been a walker, not unexpected. He heard it well in advance around a corner of in the hallways. Safely covering his mouth with a dishcloth wrapped around his face, he managed to catch it from behind with the axe. It had been a cleaner kill, not so rotting. This worried him. The fresher the zombie, the sooner it had turned. A straggler who had bad luck? Or were there more fresh zombies around, forming a new horde... He tried to follow the map as best he could but the feeling of the school's walls closing in on him never really went away. There were fire exits everywhere, to be sure, but he didn't know if there would be emergency power for the alarms... If there was and he bolted out of a triggered door... Well, every zombie in the town would be there soon enough.

"I hated Highschool." muttered Ted, shining the lights over room numbers. He came upon some washrooms but the insides of those rooms stank so much he didn't want to investigate further. Definitely survivor activity there! The water there had probably already been used.

He heard a nose. No moaning, just a brief dull *thunk* sound. The wind brushing a tree against the wall? Assumptions like that could get you killed... Forging on, he came upon the room he was looking for. 491, Staff Lounge. He entered carefully. Definitely signs of survivors here. The refrigerators had been pulled down their sides, rotten food lying there all in a heap. He went over to the tap. Nothing. Perhaps he had just struck gold in the kitchen. Flashing the light around the dark staff room, he started getting a little nervous. Another *thunk* hit entirely too close for comfort. Ted froze. Nothing but silence.

Linger too long and you'll be stuck in school forever, Ted.

"A new plan. Come on. Where can't walkers get you?" he whispered.

Roof access. Most schools had a roof access somewhere in it. Whipping out the map yielded no answers. He went into a small office, aside the staff room. A map.... a map...


Screw the map. Ted turned, stepping back into the staff room quickly. He heard the moaning. Turning off the light, he jumped behind an overturned couch. He would be out of the line of sight of anything looking through the open door to the room. He heard a second, differently pitched gasping shriek. Two walkers. One could be dealt with, a second might get you while your weapon was stuck.

If only I still had a good knife...

Peeking around the side of the couch for but an instant, he could see the two of them in the dark, just standing by the door.


He looked behind him. There were nice, big glass panels there. He could smash through and try to escape. That would bring more on him but at least he would be in the open... He waited to see if they would wander off.

The Girl asked if she could look around Ryker shrugged and spoke

"If you want you can explore around, oh and we don't need to really barricade for you see the glass is, well, umm ill just show you" Ryker stood up and walked to the nearest window he swung his foot back. His foot struck the Glass and it wobbled slightly, there was no cracks or dents and he stood back to admire.

"4 inch bullet proof flexi Glass, I doubt any zombie will get in but as a precaution". Ryker pushed the couch he was sitting in front of the door and wiped his hands. Tell me if you find anything of interest.
Ryker sat down on the floor and pulled out his crossbow checking the parts and making sure everything was in place, this would occupy him for a few minutes as the girl explored around the house.

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