Conflict: An open ended, comedic RP

Hey! So, you may recognize me from Mall Fights 3-4. Well, I've decided to start a new RP, that is a kind if spiritual successor to the very first Mall Fights.

*Anyone can do anything with the story
*Anyone can come in at anytime
*Anyone who dies will respawn
*Anyone can have a stable of NPCs

Conflict should be a great way to have fun, like the old Mall Fights were. The only rule is no god moding, or anything else that would fuck up the fun for everyone else.


You awaken on a small, very rocky island. In the center is a large lighthouse that is built into a huge library.

A zombie approaches, scowling and moaning for brains.

I smother the zombie with a nearby rock.

I smother Knife-28 with a nearby seaweed.

Unfortulenty I was not finished smothering the zombie, which stands back up and attacks drmigit.

I smother Knife-28 with the zombie.

I take an oyster, toss out the priceless pearl, and fill it with sand to create an oyster filled with sand. I walk over to drmigit and toss it in his general direction.

"No one is a match for my brilliant engineering." I say to myself, quite proudly.

I smother drmigit's face with my fist.

I throw Knife-28 off the island, he lands on a sharp rock and bleeds to death.

I construct a gun using some string, an oyster, and a gun.

I throw Herzog off the cliff, he tries to shoot me but the oyster and string is jammed in the gun's barrel and it refused to fire. He hits the ocean head first, slamming directly onto a rock.

I boot drmigit off the cliff, 300 style.

I laugh at Knife-28 kicking at the air. He is still impaled on a giant rock spike and is now hallucinating.

I respawn in the library and find a book of magic spells.

"Hmm..." I say as I flip through the pages. "Ahaha!"

Using a spell, I summon Nrub'yiglith to attack my killer.

I respawn, then boot Drmigit off the cliff, 300 style.

I pick Knife-28 up and slam him over my knee breaking his back Bane style.

Nrub'yiglith crawls onto CrazyBlaze and begins to eat him. I look from inside the window and cackle.


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