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Ok...I'm here asking everyone which game or series I should make an RP out of. Anyone who follows my threads have noticed that my RPs sorta fall apart half-way through them so I might as well give this thing one more shot.

So you guys can post any series, game, comic, etc. and I will research it and if I like it I'll make an RP out of it. This is sort of an experiment to see how well this goes. If it doesn't than I'll most likely never try the "Pick your own RP" thing again, but fingers crossed this won't do too poorly.

You guys post different series and I will review it and maybe make an RP out of it if I like it.

Whats Allowed:
Video Games
TV Shows
Anything along those guidelines

I will offer 'The Walking Dead' tv series/video-game as a suggestion.

I'll second the Walking Dead idea. Errybody loves zombehs.

An RP set in the Terminator universe (post-T3) would be cool. It'd be a nice opportunity to explore a chunk of sci-fi that has gotten very little attention. Besides, who doesn't like killing robots?

XCOM RP please?

If you know the books Mortal Engines has a massive amount of potential since it's got a well-developed world and a lot of room for new stuff to be added.

These days I would like to see a Bionicle (Lego toys) RP, preferable taken place on Bota Magna . The main franchise take places on Aqua and Bara Magna while Bota is left unknown per say which is a perfer oppertunity for some rp to taken place on there.

How about a Seinfeld RP? I think that'd be pretty good.

how about you take an show/anime/series/etc. with a reasonable number of characters, and then you take those characters and tell everyone what's up for grabs. They then write up a sheet for their chosen character, using the basic character traits, history and all, but make it as fun to play as possible, comedy encouraged. You then take the mangled characters and run them through the storyline, itself also skewed of course, and let the characters run amok.

Basically this would be an Abridgment rp, I suppose.

Glasgow- Duly Noted

Sky14kemea- Also Duly Noted

TheBlueShotgun- Doesn't sound too bad

David Woon- Sorry but I didn't really like XCOM that much and it just doesn't seem good to me but you are always open to suggest something else


If you know the books Mortal Engines has a massive amount of potential since it's got a well-developed world and a lot of room for new stuff to be added.

One: Sounds Badass Two: I'll think about it Three: Where can I buy these books?

Scarim Coral- Ahhh. Bionicle that takes me back to when I was young, so much fun but so much frustration, but sorry didn't really like the series.

PrinceOfShapeir- Seinfeld? SEINFELD?! SEEEEEEIIIIIINNNNFEEEEELLLLLDDDDD! Sounds great I'll think about it.

Redryhno- Yeah but, I was goin' for a "choose your own adventure" thing.

How about...



Star Trek?



You should be able to get the Mortal Engines book (4 in the main series and 3 or 4 prequels) I've not read the prequels but I think you should be able to get them from places like Amazon. If you're curious there's a TV tropes page.
And a wiki


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