Serial Killer Round 45: The Roaring Twenties (3: Voting Period)

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Serial Killer Round 45

Murderville Manor

It's a dark and stormy night. The lights and music in the city aren't dampened, if you know where to look, but we are far away from the cities and their charm at the moment.

You are here because of a mysterious invitation. An envelope with no stamp, no sender, and no recipient has arrived at your doorsteps, cordially requesting your presence at the Murderville Manor. Also included, are proof of your dark secrets. What is it? Murder? Smuggling? Bribery? The sender knows what you've done, and they're threatening to expose you unless you accept their little invitation.

Rumors are, the manor is haunted. Rumors are, the manor has priceless heirlooms concealed in its secret rooms. You'll have to see for yourself. The only way off of the island where the mansion stands is a bridge that connects it to the mainland. It creaks ominously as you travel over it, and you realize this might not have been the best idea. But you're here now, might as well make the best of it as you see more automobiles pulling into the lot.

Inside, you are only greeted by candles and dust. In the dining room, however, everything is clean, and set for 26. Small cards on the plates indicate your places. Please, have a seat.

Instead of the customary post announcing that you have sent in your number, please post a small sheet for the persona you will be playing as. It's not mandatory, but it would be nice if you play along.

1. Alex Renee
2. Monte Belmont - Second Murder
3. Darby Mintley
4. Amanda Von Himmelsblaut - Second Executed
5. Alex Schroder
6. David West - First Executed
7. Dr. Johnathan Hope - First Murder
8. Richard Westleigh - Third Victim
9. Phillip Hemsworth
10. Ray Hastings
11. Henry Goodman
12. Harold Blake
13. Emile de Mariavaux
14. Sheamus Connolly
15. Bobby O'Neil
16. Piotr Chomski
17. Sylvia Forsythe
18. Carl Grey
19. Calvin Stafford
20. Karl Cavotta

This should be fun. ^_^

Ohh, I wonder how this will turn out.

@Link: @Nick: Aren't we meant to PM the sheets? :0 Edit: Or at least PM the secret. o_O

I'm not great with the 20's, so I'm just gonna talk posh. =P sending stuff now!

Edit again:

I do believe that this will be my sixth round of serial killer. Whoo? Anyway, this round seems like fun. The last couple have been a little quiet.

@sky: In all honesty, does it matter that much? I mean, OOC knowledge shouldn't effect character interaction in the long run anyway if proper separation between character knowledge and player knowledge is maintained. Also, this is Serial Killer. I'm probably going to spend all my time trying to reconcile a change in setting with my personal theme. :/

I'm not changing it.

@Link: I dunno, maybe Skye has a plan for them? xD

I'm gonna wait till she tells me anyway >_>

You had me at Murder(ville). Count me in!

Number sent, ready to go.

I'll reserve myself a spot, I'll have something up later.

If the Gods of fate will be kinder to me this round than the last, count me in.

(Edited for secret)

Oh ho ho! I like where this is going! :D

Can we still have our usual casual chatter in previous threads, just in character? :P

@Sky: You need to watch more Boardwalk Empire. God knows that's gonna help me here. xD

@WarP: Never heard of it. >.>

@Sky: You poor girl...

The 1920s! :D

I suppose I shall take a hand in this round. Character sheet shall be edited into this post, though I will forewarn that I don't know much about the time period.

Edit: Plans have changed. I may or may not be a part of this round.

RP round... Okay then.

Okay, I dunno if it's just me, but why is everyone elses secret so... tame? D:

@sky: I don't see you with one, Himmelsblaut.

@RaN: 'Cause I'm not sure if we're meant to be posting them or not. xD I sent mine to Skye, but if she says it's okay I'll edit it in.

And it's up.

For the record, I'll be using Snip Quotes for the RPing sections.
It'll be done with invisible snips which are done like this.

Looking forward to the Rping :D

For the record, I'll be using Snip Quotes for the RPing sections.
It'll be done with invisible snips which are done like this.
[Quote=Diablo1099][/ quote]

I have to ask: What purpose does this serve? Is it to indicate who you're responding to?

I have to ask: What purpose does this serve? Is it to indicate who you're responding to?

Well, Yeah, as well as letting people know I've responded.
Why? you don't want me to?

Well, Yeah, as well as letting people know I've responded.
Why? you don't want me to?

The rules-nazi in me wants me to say, 'yes, I don't want that.' Copying a line of another character's speech and using the bold tag would do the same job, remaining in-character instead of breaking the natural flow by using a quote. However, since I am aware that not everyone adheres to the same standards of writing that I do, I shall refrain from enforcing said standards (especially since I'm technically not a part of this round yet).

Ah, right, just when you quote someone, if you leave nothing in the quote tags, it doesn't show the quote marks but the site still sends the alert, like in this case.
It was just something I picked up in Avatar Adventure and at the very least, other people know how to use it :P

I see... the thing is, I thought the quote actually showed up in the post. That would shatter the flow of posts, in my opinion.

As a side note, I keep all my notifications turned off. The Escapist's messaging service takes forever to load.

Eh, Comes in handy when Rping with people in different time zones, then you know if they reacted or not and can skip straight to their post.
I find it useful as many of my RP buddies are State-side or Aussies while I'm in Ireland.
Neat little skill.

I like the idea of putting characters into SK. :D

Huh. Well this is...huh.

Please excuse me. I haven't really done anything in the way of actual RP, so there's going to be a bit of a learning curve on my end.

"Oh, hey. Someone else posted a character sheet. Ray Hastings. And his secret is...? Fuck."

@Redlin: All my hate.
@Sky: If our benevolent GM did have a plan for the secrets, I'm pretty sure it's blown to hell by now.

@Sky: I think the reason why people's secrets are so tame is because they don't really want to look like a really bad guy. They always see the story from their point of view and having a character that's done a really bad thing makes them less easy to sympathize with. And since these characters are extensions of themselves for the most part (I know mine is), I can't say I blame them. Though I won't admit how bad my secret is, considering how I too am unsure how SkyeNeko want's to handle these. :P

@xTwinkiesx: Don't worry about it. I'm sort of new to this, too, and I'm a regular! It shouldn't be too hard, though.

EDIT: Also, the flying monkeys were generous this season and have holiday'ed up my lack of avatar. But I can't see it. How about anyone else? <_<

@War: It's been taking a while for avatars to upload. Give it a few more hours and you should see it.

Also... Not bad.

The secrets don't have to be bad, but they do have to be something that you absolutely would not want getting out because of your reputation, your life, whatever...

Secrets dont have to be PMed, but yes please keep player and character knowledge separate. If you really REALLY want to, I guess you can PM them...

@Twinkies: Don't hate me! D:

Besides, gambling debts were probably quite prevalent during the era. Maybe our characters will bond over a card game!


Please don't kill me. ._.

Haven't been in one of these in a while and the RP part greatly interests :)

Tell if anything is off

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