Serial Killer Round 45: The Roaring Twenties (3: Voting Period)

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I'm confused, so we ARE posting the secrets on this forum now?

@Redlin: Yeah, I know there's bound to be overlaps somewhere. I'll just have to accept that. But hey, since you mentioned it, we can team up and dominate a game of Spades.

War Penguin:
Can we still have our usual casual chatter in previous threads, just in character? :P

Of course. How else are you going to talk? xD

But yes, if you do have a character, please speak through them to cut down on the switching in and out of the RP a little. Since I do approve, I will also allow one sentence posts. Since we usually share videos, I'll allow black and white tv's in the mansion :D

Edit: I realize that when talking it may be out of character a few times, but whos keeping track

@Skye: We can't play YouTube in black and white... Or can we?

*one google search later*

No we can't.

Why is everyone so tall?


I never said I was tall, just average height ;)

@RaNDM: Because I feel that a tall, commanding presence fits better for an ambitious lawyer with everything at stake than something that resembles a short, pudgy toad. I could probably make short and pudgy toad work if I changed things around a little with my character sheet; buuuuut, I don't wanna.

@Twink: You know it's Prohibition, right? People weren't as healthy back then. I think the average height was 5'6". My character is a little taller than average, but I consider him to be a tank.

@Zero: You nailed it perfectly though, props for that.

@RaNDM: I feel a need to compensate for my shortcomings...

Actually, it I built mine tall to match the character background... having a little midget going berserk doesn't quite strike the same amount of terror as a 6'5" giant of a man.

@RaNDM: Yes, I am aware that people were shorter back then, but thankfully I used the generalization of "tall" instead of giving an exact number, so everyone can feel free to use their imagination. Unfortunately, I didn't think about all that when I was actually making the character, and now I realize that an age of 52 is kind of pushing the envelope, though there is still some time left for him. So in that regards: whoops, my bad.

I made my character tall 'cause when I think of a mentally disturbed doctor that hides it rather well, I imagine him to be quitetall and gaunt.

Well I hope that's alright.

@Morty: I haven't read it now, and I say it's not alright.

She's needs a dress made out of sperm whale leather studded with diamonds. And stilettos made of clubbed baby seals. And a handbag carved out of ambergris.

@CatDude: what else do you want? A mustache so she can twirl it around Saturday morning cartoon villain style? :P

@Morty: Nah... a beard, so she can stroke it chinese villain style.

@Schizzy: Are we talking Fu Manchu villain levels?

Thank goodness the round hasn't started! My computer's been fried for the last 2 weeks and I thought I'd have missed signup!
Number incoming.

@RaNDM: Probably the most evil fictional chinese character for creating a very real fear of East Asians at the time :P

I'm referring to chinese evil villain laugh prevalent in every Hong Kong period (and some non-period) movie ever made. They all share the exact same characteristic and rhythm. I'd post it up if I could only just find them.

@CatDude: Maybe you should change your character to an evil Chinese guy :P

This is suddenly becoming more relevant.

@Zero: You nailed it perfectly though, props for that.

Is this in reference to the character sheet I made or the height of the character? Thanks either way though.

@RaNDM: I bloody love that movie.


"I come to America for new life. Live like Calvin Stafford. Be rich. Have big house. But maybe not so famous like him," thought Piotr.

@Zero: Both.

@Schizzy: "Who t'e bloody 'ell is Calvin Stafford?"

The small window was high enough to see whole courtyard. Not that there was much to see. The sun was long gone, leaving only the darb rain and the flickering lights from the mansion.

The Lady in Red watched like a hawk from her tower perch as two more men entered the house. Carl Grey, a screwy old man that liked kids, and Calvin Stafford, a ritzy star. The dumb eggs didn't know what they were getting into. "Hm... well, I can't wait for them all to get here. Looks like I'll have to bump 'em off myself, later." There were seven people missing. Their loss: if they didn't arrive before Sunday, she would send out packages to the papers, and her victims would be splayed out on the front page. What, they didn't think she was serious? Getting sent to the big house would be the least of their worries.

"I'm tellin ya, if those goons aren't here by tomorrow, I'll start my game early."

Thank you for being patient, Joes and Janes. I would like to start the round on the evening of Sunday, December 9th, to give people the weekend to join. If you really want to wait to get to 26 players, that's fine, but we can start with 22 or so.

RaN: Thanks :)

Skye: 22 seems like a pretty decent load on the GM as it is. I'd be fine with who we have.

You need an even number Zero for SK other wise it messes it up.

@Liz: Unless you had two killers.

Have we started yeeeeeeeet?

@RaNDM G which we won't this time. Last round was doubles.

@Liz: So? We don't need a doubles round just to have two killers. It would make for one Hell of a twist at the end, that's for sure.

@sky: Enjoy this while we wait.

Here we go, someone to round out the numbers.

Edit: I would like to state that this is probably the shortest character sheet I've ever written.

The rain had stopped, for the moment, leaving a dense fog in its wake. The Lady in Red gave the signal to the other side, and the bridge slowly rose up in the air. Murderville Manor and the surrounding grounds were now effectively sealed off from the rest of the city. She smiled, hand on the circuit breaker. Everything was in place. The Pawn, the Knight, the Bishop... The next few days were going to see what they were made of. It would separate the criminals from the kings. Some might come out better, some worse, and some might not come out at all. We were about to see.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

All the lights in the house turned off, throwing the whole island into darkness.

Round 45 is underway, waiting on the Killer and the Physician to make their moves!

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