Serial Killer Round 45: The Roaring Twenties (3: Voting Period)

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"I got bad feeling about this."

"I assume all the refreshments are kosher?"

"Anyone got a light? Nevermind, I have one."

Sheamus takes a matchbook from his pocket and strikes one against the wall.

"Where are the refreshments? I cannot see without lights"

Johnathan sighed a soft sigh in reminiscence as he recalled the evenings he'd spent eating in complete darkness, hearing how removing one's sight enhanced all the other senses, most certainly that of taste. One night in particular, he remembered the flayed and slow-roasted meat of an unfortunate and young widow's calf resting nicely of a bed of couscous. Few meats had tasted sweeter, and the wine made it a most exquisite meal to remember. "Rather curious that only after the rain has passed, do the lights go out."

"Feckin' Hell! I thought a fancy place like this would at least have a candle light!" David shouted in anger as he was about to dig in when the lights went.
"Virgin Mary above, I came here ta git away from dinin' in dark..." He sighed as he lit up a match as several others did so too.
"Ah rite, Everyone still here? Haven't lost yer to shadows have we?" He asked out loud, trying to make out the others in the dark.

Alex removed his lighter from his pocket and lit it. The faint glow added to the light the others had created to give the room an eerie glow. The smell of the lighter fuel intensified the longer he left it on.

"How many of us is there?"

"I is here," responded the towering Piotr.

Piotr never ate much, but he was always sure to never go hungry. The fear of history repeating itself haunts him nightly, especially on the coldest of nights.

"Where is damn food!?" he demanded more than a little loudly.

A deep sigh escapes Harold's lips. It's just one thing after another tonight, isn't it? He produces a pipe and fills it, listening to everyone else in the room. Harold follows suit and takes out his own match book; but, the flash of a match being struck adds only a little light to the room, and fades completely as he lights up and shakes out the flame. With a deep breath, he lets the pall of rich tobacco hang in the air.

"Calm down, big'un. I'm sure we could all use a little something to eat; but, there other, more pressing concerns right now."

"Ach Jaysus, you all looked better in the dark..." David said to himself as the crowd grew restless from the lack of light.

What am I doing here? Why am I risking myself in a situation like this? This is ridiculous. I shouldn't be here. Course I guess I shouldn't be anywhere near here.

Calvin took a spot in the back of the main hall where it seemed everyone had been gathered. He just hoped he wouldn't be noticed, and in this throng of people, it looked like he might get his wish.

No sooner had Karl stepped through the double doors of the manor than they slammed behind him - the security were likely on orders to do so - and the world plunged into darkness. A trap. But not one in which he was at a total disadvantage. He could easily move through the minimal lighting conditions, most likely without being seen, but in the interest of maintaining a public face he chose not to. Instead he cast an eye about the room, a mild frown being his expression of choice. A couple of others had produced lights from somewhere.

"Shouldn't we be investigating this power failure, rather than just sitting here and waiting for something to happen?" he queried of the room, slightly amused that no-one had thought of this before he did.

"Yes. Let's blunder about t'e old dark house, t'as a very good idea."

"Well, I'm glad someone caught on. Indeed, I can't think of a reason to gather a couple dozen strangers together and lock them in the dark just to do nice things to them. We need light, yes; but, we also need to find a way to get us all out of here. We should start with a head count. We'll know what to work with from there."

"Maybe eight voices so far, t'ough sure to be more. T'ere were more t'an a dozen cars parked out t'ere."

"Most certainly better than doing nothing," the doctor mumbled before following with a much clearer voice. "Exactly how are we to go about this, do you suppose?"

"'Ach, Sure just git up and about, if anyone asks, we were just looking for the Jax (Toilet)" David commented before he got up, taking his pint with him.
"Besides, we're guests like, wouldn't have invited us if they didn't want us." He said as he left the Dining Hall and entered a Pitch Black Hallway.
"Fecking 'Ell, this place is darker then....Ah Jayus, I'm at a lost for words..."

"It's simple, really," Karl answered the less pessimistic of the two who had responded to him. "We go through every room in the place until we find what we're looking for. Search each one carefully, use whatever light sources you have to help you look around. The electricity could be powered from anywhere. If it's a total power failure, then we may have more of an issue on our hands than a simple blown fuse," he explained.

If the fuses are fine, and the power was cut deliberately, then first on the agenda is to escape. No prison can hold me.

"As I said, use whatever light sources are available. We should focus on trying to restore power before we do anything rash." Karl was used to working in the dark: he could see at least somewhat well, compared to the complaints some others had about a lack of light. It wasn't perfect night vision: he had a general idea of where the doors and such were, but couldn't tell how many people were in the room just based on what he could and couldn't see.

"Perhaps some introductions first, before we go wandering around a pitch black mansion. Besides, I have no light source, so if someone would be kind enough to share..." Amanda said, trailing off at the end. She assumed there was a reason they were all gathered here.

Although if their riches are as vast as this mansion, I wouldn't be surprised if this was some eccentric prank. She thought to herself.

She cleared her throat, and decided to introduce herself first.

"Anyway, my name is Amanda Von Himmelsblaut. I'd say it was a 'pleasure' to meet you all, but I'm not able to see many of your faces."

"Sheamus Connolly, ma'am."

"My name is Jameson Rook, Ms Amanda," Karl promptly lied, sketching a short bow in the direction of her voice. Based on her choice of words, she seemed the type to appreciate such a gesture, though it was likely difficult to see him do so.

Given the circumstances, he had no reason to trust any of these people with anything even remotely correct about himself, so he simply invented an alias off the top of his head, complete with non-specific background information. "I have a modest, private income... truth be told, though, this isn't usually my kind of place. I travelled a fairly long way to get here." The key, in Karl's mind, was to provide details that intrigued the listener, but without revealing anything meaningful about oneself.

Although alarmed by the sudden darkness, Henry found solace in being in a crowd. He was only a musician, and no one thought twice about a musician. Soon enough the hall lit up, presumably by their own match-sticks. Better than nothing I suppose. They began to introduce themselves, but Henry didn't want to introduce himself just yet; it'd be fishy to jump in outta nowhere. Henry decided to wait it out until more people followed suit.

A spark of light quickly illuminated the group as Sylvia lit a cigarette, already placed in it's holder, and took a long, deep drag. She was curious who it was that had invited her here, judging by the estate whoever it was wealthy. That was always a promising sign. But why to lengths to pull such a mean spirited prank? Dumping them in the dark with only lighters and matches as light sources was hardly fair.

Oh well

It was time for her to introduce herself first before pondering about future husbands.

"I'm Sylvia Forsythe" She said as the smoke escaped her mouth and took another drag as she waited for a reply.

All Emile could see was the barely illuminated silhouettes lit by matches or lighters. From his point of view it looked like stars in the dark sky or tracers in the deep night. All it needed was the mud and blood and he could have mistaken it for his post. Still, the benefits of the dark was not being seen and that was what he wanted to keep to seeing as everybody was already introducing themselves like whoever put them there wanted. The darkness gave him another cloak to hide behind for the time being until someone bumped into him or something else mysteriously happens.

"I'm terribly sorry to intrude, I thought I should introduce myself, Richard. A pleasure to meet you all, I don't suppose anyone would be kind enough to offer me a light?"

speech marks for speech, herp derp

OOC: I'm really sorry for this but I'm quite new to this kind of role playing, so if anyone could give me any general advice I'd really appreciate it.

But as a general question, is it relevent to post your character's thoughts about a situation? Again, sorry for being such a noob

EDIT Hindsight tells me it would have been expedient to ask this BEFORE the round started, but you know how that goes. Again, my apologies.

OOC: @Sanguine: Just copy what most people are doing. Speech in "quotations" and all that. S'what I do. =P

Geez that didn't take very long.

"I'm Henry Goodman, musician," he announced. Short and simple, no more details were needed.

OOC: @Sanguine: Just copy what most people are doing. Speech in "quotations" and all that. S'what I do. =P

OOC: Cheers, again sorry for breaking the good flow so far

Wise, wise words. Though now that someone's said it, I feel so stupid that I didn't realize that I should have done it in the first place, damn you hindsight.


Harold listened patiently, letting the guests introduce themselves before revealing himself. He considered for a moment whether to give an alias, as these people were certainly not to be trusted. What is it that brought them all together in the first place? And, more importantly, for what purpose? He cursed inwardly at the very real possibility that his fame and political campaign were known to all the guests here. Honesty was the safest route. For now.

"Some of you may have heard of me. My name is Harold Blake. I, too, would claim the pleasure of meeting you all, if it weren't for the circumstance. About the lack of lights...I believe I saw some candles in the foyer. Please excuse me a moment."

Harold lights a match before leaving the room, his footsteps echoing as he moves further away from the "party".

OOC: @Sanguine: Is it relevant to post your character's thoughts? In a word: potentially. In more words: I'd say it depends mostly on how much you want to flesh out your character. And hell, just for paranoia purposes, it could be used as a check to make sure that character knowledge and player knowledge remain separate.

On the hand, I'm just as new to this; so, don't just take my word for it.

OOC: @Sanguine: Is it relevant to post your character's thoughts? In a word: potentially. In more words: I'd say it depends mostly on how much you want to flesh out your character. And hell, just for paranoia purposes, it could be used as a check to make sure that character knowledge and player knowledge remain separate.

On the hand, I'm just as new to this; so, don't just take my word for it.

OOC: again, thanks for the response.

Without wishing to be cynical, I'm probably going to try as hard as I can to create a character before I die again (first round last game) So any criticism of writing/character development is in all honesty really appreciated. That said, do feel free to tell me to tone it down a notch, I'm desperately trying to get practice in as its part of my assessed university course to write creatively (I need all the practice I can get) and I fully understand it may get annoying at some point.

TLDR: Tell me that I suck, and why, if you have the time :)

The sound of a door creaking open hushed the supposed habitants of the manor. They all stared at the doorway to find a skinny man, buckling his belt and exhaling a sigh of relief.

"Ahh..." He said. However, his relief ended quickly as he had found the place hauntingly dark and dreary.

"Uh... Hello?" He called. No one seemed to be home. Or, at least, that's what he assumed. It was too dark to tell.

OOC: Damn it! I'm always late to this shit! xD

OOC: @WarP: Wish I'd thought of a bathroom entrance... xD

OOC: @Sky: That's the beauty of giving all of your characters an element of yourself! :D

When the lights turned off Ray spilled his beer on the counter.

"Aw hell, how am I supposed to set up in this light? Someone better fix that."

He lit his lighter, looking around. Just a bunch of nobodies. Well, too bad. This was where he was hired to sing and by god, he was going to sing. If only the band would show up on time for once...

He reached behind the counter and pulled a new bottle from the bar.

This gig is off to a rousing start...

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