Serial Killer Round 45: The Roaring Twenties (3: Voting Period)

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Emile jumped as he heard the sound akin to a bomb going off in the distance. He heard it in the direction he came from. Emile calculated that it was probably the best case scenario for him to get as far away from the sound as possible as it probably was bad news to be there. There were three doors leading out of the dining room, one to the left and right of him with the one he just came from, behind him. After a bit of thinking he chose the door leading to the left.

The hallway was this time a different design than the last. There were more paintings adorned on the walls and several marble busts of people he didn't know of. At least these paintings weren't that of the Lady in Red who was burned into his head. She's probably the woman who owns the mansion and the one keeping him and everybody else inside. If he ever caught her then he would give her something more than words.

After a bit of walking he saw a flickering light from a fire. Emile followed it to a Billiard room. On the walls were heads of various animals ranging from Elks to Rhinos. In the middle of the room there was predictably the Billiard table surrounded by seats and on the wall near it was the sticks. On the other side of the room was a fire place with seats near the flickering flames. Emile crept closer to the dying fire to warm up but at the bottom of the fire was smoldering papers, likely documents needing to be disposed of. Emile crouched and grabbed a few that were only partially burned. On the papers were nothing but numbers and lists of furniture or clothing, no names as he hoped for. The papers were receipts and nothing more much to Emile's disappointment.


Sheamus shudders at the shrill sound of glass. They had fucked up, and royally so.

"Aye, everyone's going to hear t'at."


The sounds of something shattering sent a shiver up Stafford's spine. It was much too loud to be a simple drop of a glass.

"Aye, everyone's going to hear t'at."

"Everyone's who's still alive anyway," Calvin remarked.

"Tonight, death rides quickly, and there is no one to stay his hand..." The Lady in Red watched them quietly from a small hole in the ceiling. Of course, they had no idea who was going to die next, but she did. What interested her more, tonight, was the silence. There was almost no one hindering the slow slaughter. They would all pay for what they did.

As Emile poked through the dying embers he noticed a piece of metal buried underneath all the papers. It was an old and heavy key, to hot to handle.

Calvin, Piotr, and Sheamus were now close by two dead bodies, that of the late Monte and Amanda. While they might have been sure that Monte had been killed, Amanda might have been the killer. The room she had fallen into was a bedroom, and she had fallen at the foot of the bed. The moonlight was complimented by a few candles here and there. It was hard to see the blood, everything in the room was dark colored. This room did not have any coverings to protect it from the dust, and cobwebs had settled everywhere. Underneath it all, however, were a few pieces of gold jewelry and a few pictures and documents.

The Killer has struck! Is there no end to the madness?

Moments pass like days. Sheamus wrings his hands.


Mr. Richard Westleigh was the killer's third victim! It's time to vote again!

They hear a scrap from the house.

"Dammit! I knew it was too quiet!"

"This no good. Like more than one killer with us."

The mob has finally chosen their victim!

Alas, the murderer has become the murdered.

"Hell of a night."

As the final blows rained down on Alex's head, it felt as though a dark cloud has been lifted off of the mansion. The doors unlocked, the windows opened, the remaining 14 people in the house that didn't meet an unfortunate end had a much more favorable one. Their freedom.

As Calvin stepped out into the cool night air and took a deep breath, he felt renewed passion inside of him. After dancing with Death and making it off the floor in one piece, there was no time to waste. Tomorrow he throw himself back into his life's work with new vigor. I vil do my best to spread Comrade Stalin's glorious vision to Amerika. The populace vil know de true path and ze power of ze hammer and sickle. I swear on my homeland that Dmitri Alexander Mironov vil not fail his mission.

He turned around to the other guests and gave a small wave. "All right, well I'll be heading back to my home now. Take care, everyone." With that, he went to find his car and head back to Hollywood.

"That is nice lamp. Clean blood off and it good as new to take home, yes?"

Yay, new round! :D

This one was fun though, if a little harder to keep up with. =P

Wait. Am I right in thinking the Killer get's first dibs on being the next GM?

@razer: Yep. You get first dibs. If you don't want it, I'm sure there's someone out there on a list or something.

Awwww, its over? I was a useless medic. :/

@CounterAttack: I thought as much. Cool, I'll do it, I'll try and set it up after work tomorrow. Can't be too hard, right?

@Razer: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact one of the veterans around here.

@NeoAC: I will do, thanks. I'll probably check in with Sky on Skype or Twitter, see what advice she has.

It's... It's over? Oh thank god, it's over! I had so much trouble keeping up in this one and placing my character in situations that I just decided to keep my yap shut! I don't know about you guys, but I suck at RPing! :S

@Sky: Best. Avatar. Ever.

The main problem I found with the RP'ing is that it just doesn't sync too well with the game itself.

Take Link and I for example, as soon as we started to RP together and to try to create a mine story separate from the rest, BANG! He was dead. I tried to of where to take my character, but I just simply didn't know what to play off of. Oh no! Person is dead. Horror! again.

Admittedly I found RPing this round was tough. But I suspect it was due to inexperience with forum RPing (or ANY RPing for that matter!).

Perhaps would have helped to take off on my own and write my own narrative that is less dependent on character interactions.

Yes, indeedy, razer was your killer! Congratulations!

Off topic, no one played this the way I had planned them to, also :/ I intended it to be more of a normal round with everyone playing as a persona, not as an RP, so to speak. By the time I could say anything, everyone launched into RP mode. Either way, the round is over, and I relinquish my throne! See you next round!

@Skye: To be fair, the second character sheets got involved in an RP forum, you gotta know that's where it's going to end up. =P

@WarP: Thanks :D

@Razer: Sure bud, I'll leave my tweetdeck open in the evenings for ya =P

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