The Avalar Region: A Pokemon RP (AIM)

I did something like this before here and it was allowed, let me know if any rules changed.

This is an advertisement for an off-site Pokemon RP that will take place on AOL Instant Messenger. It will take place in a new region with rather a different design to the previous regions; the Avalar region.

It will typically take place at between 1am-3am GMT+0 on various days of the week, though the GM will allow individual activities throughout most of the time that he is online.

What is expected is for you to be on the program regularly, and for you to be active within group conversations. Try to take some pride in your work as well, it may be an IM system but txt spk is not appreciated.

My AIM address is The GM has a separate one, Shruigryph.

More information can be given upon request. This is mainly to see if anyone is interested.


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