Star Wars:Outer Rim Task Force (sign up thread)

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To be fair, almost as soon as it was put up you did say you were rewriting it too. And forgive me for saying this, but I forgot about your character in the sign-up thread, so I assumed it was a case of mistaken identity of the thread. And I've got this thing in my head about the GM needing to post things that go boom on the ship, so there was the chance that it was a troll post as well. No offense.

I'd like to have Birdfalcon weigh in on this before we make another move. There is clearly a lot of confussion and honestly, I'm not really sure what to do either. I was talking to Asclepion about his Godmodding post the other day and we agreed that the RP is just going to slowly. Once again, I hope the GM is listening, cause this whole thing is a major issue.

I wanted to make things more exciting. So I tried having my character capture another player as a bounty and then destroy the ship. Somehow that's become a fiasco.

yeah, partly due to other players refusal to go along with it, partly because, at least to me, it was really vague exactly what was going on, and also because our gm just kinda ignored it, without really addressing the issue. The combination kinda made two continuities, yours and Bird's, though I'd be inclined(just slightly mind you) to think that Bird's is the one everyone's going with at this point.


You can't destroy the air supply of a capital warship just casually. Life support systems aren't centralized. Even tiny little freighters have backup scrubbers. Plus, the post where you did it included you controlling my character without my permission, so I ignored it, as is my policy.

Oh please. I made you walk outside a room. It was that or get into melee against 20 dudes with laser swords and magical powers. Let alone that I did it so you had a chance to fight back.

The issue now is my character can't progress. Her motivation for the bombing is to cause chaos during which she can get the target off ship (and give everyone something to do, to avoid 'single bounty hunter vs Jedi army') But it didn't happen, so now I'm left acting out-of-character with him and prematurely, needlessly setting things off.

My character's timeline is fucked. I can't do anything. It has to be rewritten.

Actually, you also controlled my character into setting a bounty on his head without my permission - not an unreasonable thing for him given his profession, but it's considered pretty terrible form to make up stuff about other player characters without them even being consulted. You can get away with it as a GM -kind of-, but as a player? No, sir.

Also, it didn't help that your post didn't make much sense. It kind of looked like your character was trying to carry out some kind of weird suicide bombing.

Because someone can spend 8 years as a mercenary wearing stolen stormtrooper armor, and the Empire won't put a bounty on them.

Uh... Sure

Again, it's not an unreasonable trait for my character, but you -didn't clear it with me-. You're missing the whole point - the point is that you took control of my character.

Let me make this as clear as possible.

Never control another player's character without their express permission. FOR ANYTHING.

Holy fuck. And here I thought I was going to surge excitement into the game, give you something besides eating in a mess hall. I thought you'd be getting off on the chance to match wits and be hunted by someone.

I wouldn't have done this if I'd known it was so important to you.

I'm rolling a new character.

You know, I probably would have agreed to it if you had run it past me first. But you didn't, you took control of my character without me being informed prior to then or my permission. That is probably the worst possible thing you can do in an RP. At least with someone just playing a Mary Sue or a straight up invincible character you're not having control of your character taken away. I'm honestly stunned that it's this difficult for you to understand this, it is the most basic piece of RP etiquette.

Well, he didn't take control of your character, he simply injected her into your story. When you put things like "acquired a Stormtrooper suit and is a well-known merc" in your sheet, you're just asking for the BH that was less than a dozen posts above yours to take the liberty of assuming SOMEONE wants you dead. Not everything has to be planned, but what the hell do I know? I just make a character and go the direction they'd go, unless it seriously fucks with the story.

And Asclep, keep with the girl, at least that way we've got more than just ourselves to blame when everything goes to hell, as I'm sure it will.

Actually, yes, he did take control of my character. For one, grabbing a character and dragging them along without giving them a chance to respond? That's character controlling. CC has more facets than just directly controlling character. I'm not saying that Cadius having a bounty on his head is improbable or wrong, I'm saying that if you're going to inject yourself into someone's story you should run it past them first instead of just deciding that this is the case. This is not complicated.

Ah, screw it, I'll just say what comes to mind here.

Using your logic the GM needs to run it by you, the player, if it's alright if your character feels a little queasy from something in your food not agreeing with you, not throwing up, not sick, not even the slightest bit distracted, simply a digestion problem that will have no bearing on the rp's story or how your character performs.
Or that you clip a gum and start bleeding because another player ran into you at the wrong time while eating, causing them to ask if you are alright, thereby including their character in your story, allowing you to do more than sit around and complain about the taste of the food and how you wish you were back on your ship, etc., etc.

Now I am sure that in your mind, these are not equal with her dragging you along with her for fifteen feet and placing something that should only be run by the GM, if anyone. It simply reeks of not wanting to be a part of the rp, but a player in the rp.

Asclepion isn't the GM of this thread. If a player started doing any of those things, I'd get pretty annoyed too. Because stuff like that is for -me- to decide, not for them. Because it's my character.

Prince is right. It was wrong of Asclepion to control his character and throw him into that situaltion without his permission. That being said, it was with good intent. It just needed to be carried out with a bit more grace.

I just kept going out of confusion in lack of continuity, that and I expect the GM to start the action... at least the first encounter.

Edit: Can the GM please comment on this scandal.

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