Precipice of Evolution: First Genesis [Closed;Started]

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"Fine, whatever... See you then Doc." Revis said with a shrug before slumping back down onto the bed. "Whatever it is it must be important, and I'm not going anywhere." He said sarcastically, motioning with his head toward the four wall of the cell. "So yeah, get whatever it is done with, I'll try not to let the arm eat my alive, you going gives me time to think anyway." He said apathetically, leaning against the wall closest to his cot.

David looked down at the flattened nanomachine colony, which was serving as a sort of hover-disc, and he sighed inwardly. Though his changed abilities frequently elevated him to great heights, he still found it uncomfortable to be off the ground. Every time he went somewhere with his friend, the scientific genius enthusiastically insisted that they travel using the hover-discs, and he was hard pressed to say no to Cid's enthusiasm.

So once more, Gold clambered his way onto the floating metal disc, with a distinct lack of grace, akin to a baby giraffe taking its first steps or a baby panda trying to climb up stairs. When he had finally made it onto the disc he sat with his legs crossed. He took a second or two to compose himself on the floating disk and he turned to face his good buddy Cid Kayfer. He cocked up an inquisitive eyebrow at his companion, and then threw arms up in exaggerated protest, "Oy Gevalt! Cid you know that we aren't allowed to drink during the school hours..." he said trailing off at the end. His expression was that of a man that could not have been more serious, mingled with the tiniest hint of disappointment; His students referred to it as his 'Papa Gold is disappoint face'. Seconds later he cracked a tiny smile that, spread across his face, "...but hypothetically if we were going to drink with lunch, you'd have already known that I'd not only pay for my own but also treat you to a round, because your my buddy; but that is all clearly hypothetical." he said laughing, with a good deal of gusto.

Cid Kayfer, unlike his clumsy pal, hopped onto the floating disc with ease and stabled himself quickly. He chuckled with his companion. "Ah, you're right friend, how could it have slipped my mind? It would be irresponsible for us grown adults to become inebriated during school hours when we both have afternoon classes to attend to. But, also, you know that there's no real currency here, yes? Not quite too used to this yet, are you?" Cid pats his buddy on the back. "But I still appreciate the sentiment, friend. Now let's go enjoy lunch... and let's stop talking in these silly voices. It's getting kind of grating." On that note, Cid's handy dandy flying machines carried the both of them off towards their destination.

"Oh yeah I forgot about that whole 'no money' thing how silly of me." said David and as he finished his sentence Cid's discs shot off toward the local purveyor of German cuisine. The ride was unpleasant for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the speed. The feeling of the cold winds blowing harshly across his face, despite this he remained firmly seated on the disc, which in fact said a lot about Cid's skills, but he was to focused on the fact that it was fast and hovering.

They arrived at the restaurant without incident, and David climbed off the disc, well it was less of a climb and more like he rolled of and fell onto the ground. He stood up and rubbed his arm which was sore from the fall. He was about to complain to Cid, but was interrupted by the rumbling of his stomach, and he made his way inside, "Are you coming in or not?" he called back to he compatriot.

Alice entered the library and headed for her usual spot. It was on the third floor in the quietest corner of the building. There was a table there with enough chairs for a group of four that she took for herself. On the wall closest to it was a window, which gave Alice a perfect view of the Sun outside. She liked seeing it, even if it was simulated. Just picturing that massive ball of fire and heat excited her and got the creative juices flowing. Alice opened her notebook to one of the few blank pages left. She tapped her pencil on the page absent-mindedly until words started to come together in her head. She started writing, sipping on her still hot coffee every now and then.

Jerald slowly tightened a valve, the same one that indirectly led to a man's death. He stared straight ahead, far behind the valve, off into space as he worked.

Get a hold of yourself. It's death. You know death.

He knew death, but did he like it? That was bothering him lately. He sure as hell didn't mind death. Cleaning blood out from under the fingernails was not an unfamiliar act.

You're off-kilter. It's been two months.

Maybe. Either way, he knew one thing aside from killing he was very, very good at: ignoring glaring moral issues and going on with surviving the day. It was comfortable.

He got back to work.

"...all who would like to appeal for visitation from outside in these upcoming months are to finish their paperwork and have it handed in at any of the PRACC official buildings..."

"Well I had it last week." Noah complained to the disembodied voice of the announcements lady. The young musician was freshly showered and barefoot, wearing a pair of dark jeans held up by a slightly frayed belt. His dark grey Jack Daniels t-shirt was partly hidden by a hand-towel thrown haphazardly across his shoulder because Noah was too busy rifling through paper to put it in the hamper. He dropped the papers he'd been going through and took the next batch. Last week I was workin' on The Gambler which is - here. So the forms may be - here? Nah. Noah grumbled quietly to himself.

His kitchen table and island were both normally spotless but currently covered in pages of sheet music, notebook paper, card-stock paper, printer paper, pretty much every kind of paper he owned except for the forms he needed. If he didn't turn 'em in on time his mother was going to- "Here we go!" With a triumphant flourish Noah held the paper-clipped set of pages high in the air. Shelton, Noah was printed at the top along with his apartment and phone number.

The announcements continued while Noah began making organized stacks out of the mess he'd made. "...Please check with your sent schedules on whether you have appointments in medical this week..."

His 'medical schedule' was tacked onto a board in his bedroom so Noah was certain he had no appointments with the docs. The only appointment he may have this week would be with the barber, if he chose to use the official PRACC one. Occasionally Noah traded with one of the neighbors who knew how to handle a blade. He got a decent haircut whenever he needed it and his neighbor got first pick of songs the next time Noah played at one of the bars. Because the same people seemed to be at every show Noah liked to let the audience pick songs after his selected set. It made some nights more challenging while other nights turned into downright hi-larious sing-alongs.

When he was done cleaning Noah checked the his watch. He still had fifteen minutes left until the bus arrived at the nearest stop. He could actually walk to the nearest PRACC office in that time.

May as well. Noah decided. He found some socks, laced his boots, and grabbed the forms on his way out the door. After locking up, and waving at a neighbor who was also leaving, he began a leisurely walk towards the central district.

Eve had made her way to the library some time ago. She was reading in her usual style, walking down the long aisles of books, coming to an author that interested her, and very quickly flipping through the author's entire set of works very quickly while absorbing every last bit of information. A few things were different though, some works such as those of religious or philosophical nature had confused her. She often read through those very slowly, and she would often read and reread them. This was one such work, 'der Wille zur Macht' by Friedrich Nietzsche. She found it in it's usual spot, walked to a nearby table and began reading through it, some form of frustration growing in her after still not grasping the information present.

After a couple hours of fighting for more sleep, Darren finally gave up the ghost and arose from his bed. There was no point in fighting it any longer. He groggily dragged himself through his normal morning routine; a quick shower, a goatee trim, he was basically sleepwalking through it.

After fishing a pair of blue jeans and a "Property of Atlanta Thrashers" t-shirt out of his dresser and throwing them on, it was time for an award winning breakfast of scrambled eggs and whole-wheat toast. The BBQ sauce, as usual, couldn't compare to the stuff back home. It was weaker and lacked the bite of the Southern sauces he had grown up with. If them idiots are gettin' some groceries in they can at least get some got dang decent sauce in this time. Not this watered down junk.

He didn't have to check any schedules to know he would have to see at least one of those idiots today. His weekly visit with the psych doctor was today, and he was not looking forward to it. There was never anything to be gained from talking to Holt. The guy didn't seem to learn that his medical babble wasn't going to be able to change his mind. But the last time he skipped out on a session, he got locked down for a week. Granted he had multiple offences that may have upped the sentence, but he wasn't going to give up avoiding multiple weeks of praccing bull to avoid half an hour of it.

The clock on the wall informed Darren that he didn't have to be at the facility for another hour at least. Well dang, guess I might as well see how if the boys busted outta that slump against the Mets. Walking over and turning on his laptop, he noticed the battery power was running low. Again? Got dang piece of shit computer. I gotta get me one of them new ones with Windows 9 or somethin'. Darren placed his finger over the power port of the laptop and released a slight charge into the machine. The percentage was slowly climbing back up until it got up to 90%. "That'll work," he noted to no one as he attempted to get enough out of the limited internet connection to check and the like.

Isabella had spent the first hours of the morning in class, listening to Cid giving a lecture about quantum theory. She had decided to take the class, as part of her training, if you could call it that. She wasn't about to start running around on the track or in the woods, like some others, but she did want to improve.

While Gabriella had agreed to not start any trouble, her voice in Isabella's head distracted her by pointing out how boring the class was and that they would have more fun sleeping. At least her twin had found some amusement in what Cid did to one of the students who actually fell asleep.

After class, they went to eat in the school cafeteria. Isabella was usually left alone, as she didn't speak much and when someone did talk to her, Gabriella liked scaring them off. She didn't do the same to Gabriella's friends, but maybe it was for the best if she could keep her solitude.

She ate her sandwich, seated alone at a smaller table. The students at a nearby table was talking about Japanese cartoons, which she had little to no knowledge about. Cartoons were for children, after all. However, when she heard one of the boys mention John Titor her ears perked up. It was a name she recognized, even if the man had been wrong about his predictions, he had claimed to be a time traveler.

Isabella remained curious, and thought about asking them what they were talking about, but she hadn't finished her food yet. It was another weak excuse.

"Oh my god, you are such a coward." Gabriella spat out, and Isabella hoped no one had heard her. "Just ask them."

She shook her head, and continued eating, trying to think of another excuse to not do it. Her left index finger snapped and broke, the pain made her lose control off their shared body.

Gabriella got up, and moved over to the table of students who had interested her sister. They eyed her curiously as she sat down. They objected as the seat was already taken by someone who she knew had been sitting there, not that long ago. She didn't care.

"I overheard you mentioning John Titor, care to tell me in which cartoon he appeared?" She asked, sounding fairly nonchalant about the whole thing.

They objected again, about how it wasn't called cartoons but anime. She rolled her eyes, and eventually they answered, by showing her a magazine with pictures and reviews of different cartoons.

"Steins gate." Isabella read aloud, when Gabriella dropped her guard and allowed her to take control again. The girl whose seat she had taken returned, and Isabella got up. "Ah, I'm sorry." She mumbled, and went back to her table blushing. She didn't want to stay any longer and picked up her lunch, to make her way out of the school.

"Thank you." She told her sister, when they got outside and she was sure no one was around. Gabriella responded by breaking her leg, and reattaching it quickly again. It did cause Isabella to fall over in the grass, dropping her books and what remained of her lunch.

"Don't mention it."

Alice was finishing her coffee and looked up from her book. She was surprised to see a familiar face there. The same one she had ran into this morning. Alice's eye narrowed. Was she being followed? She went back to writing, but kept glancing up to keep an eye on Eve and everyone else there.

Eve had set about to read through the massive, five-thousand page text. She was completely taken by the text, and all of her focus was on it. She still found the concepts and ideas behind it just out of her reach, and slightly beyond her scope. The strange ache in her head seemed to return, but she continued to ignore and displace it. This was not a new problem, all of Nietzsche's writings, along with a great deal of other philosophical works had gotten to her.

Her eyes shifted focusing back on what she was reading.

"In order to sustain the theory of a mechanistic world, therefore, we always have to stipulate to what extent we are employing two fictions: the concept of motion, taken from our sense language and the concept of the atom; unity, deriving from our psychical 'experience'. The mechanistic theory presupposes a sense prejudice and a psychological prejudice... The mechanistic world is imagined only as sight and touch imagine a world as moved --so as to be calculable-- thus causal unities are invented, 'things' or atoms whose effect remains constant --transference of the false concept of subject to the concept of the atom... If we eliminate these additions, no things remain but only dynamic quanta, in a relation of tension to all other dynamic quanta: their essence lies in their relation to all other quanta, in their "effect" upon the same. The will to power is not a being, not a becoming, but a pathos --the most elemental fact from which a becoming and effecting first emerge..."

She read the passage aloud to herself several times, she understood what was being said, but not the farther reaching meanings behind these words.

Jerald walked through the halls slowly, gathering recycling bins and emptying them into a cart. He stopped briefly by Professor Cayfer's room and stepped in, picking up the bin and walking to the bin. He tossed the trash in like one might toss a body.

The cart squeaked as it was rolled down to the drop-off. The waste container was still there. Was that rotting flesh?

Can't be rotting yet, idiot. You killed him an hour ago.

He dumped the trash into the disposal and gave the biohazard container a cursory glance, then moved on.

Hawthorne's footsteps carried off after closing and securing Revis' cell, the sound seemingly being eaten by the center, the last sound being what sounded like instructions being given to the nervous new doctor waiting at the registration desk.

For a while, the silence took over again, filling out every nook of the space aside from the occasional whirr of movement from the cameras.
It was hard to tell, but sometime later, more footsteps seemed to break through. Not the harsh, very real, clicks of Hawthorne's leisurely pace nor the sound of a heavy-footed guard or doctor, rather soft, purposeful, almost small-sounding steps. They seemed to pace back and forth between the long row of cells, stopping at each end of doors for a while before coming back.
Some cells took notice to the noise and tried to get to their windows to take a look but before that could happen an agitation towards the entrance kicked up and the steps hurried away.
"L-Let me go! No! Don'tdothis!"
"Don't do what? We're not doing anything, miss."
"Whereareyoutakingme?! I want to go home! I don't belong here! I'll never stop fighting until you let me go!"
"Look...we're a little earlier than I thought, we've contacted one of our nicest members of staff who is personally going to welcome you and help you with your little prob-"
"Don't you call it a problem! You can't even begin to understand! I-I don't even know how you people know about it! There's some mistake! Just let. me. go!"

The distinct noise of a young woman and two similar sounding men, both seemingly struggling managed to break through the suffocating silence, getting louder as they opened the door.
"I'llkillyou! I sw-swear! I'll do it! I can kill you both! J-Just...let me go! Something isn't right here!"
One of the men gave a weary sigh, while the other gave a small chuckle, likely at the fact that the woman sounded barely a 0.1% as threatening as some of the other Changed in the detention center.
"Look, lady. You've been called in. We only want to help you and in all likeliness, you're going to be put into this new special containment thing they're working on. Apparently whatever you have going for you caught the attention of-"
"That's impossible! I don't use my...whatever it is! I never do! How do you people even know about me?! This isn't right! It isn't! Mother! Help me! Mother!"

The struggles were getting more intense, the squeak of either boots or sneakers trying to cling to the polished white floor and being dragged, grunts of trying to pull away from a tight grip, noises of desperation, tears.
"We just want to help! She's going to give you a nice introduction! You're going to get the help you need! Things are going to be jus-Ow! Jesus! Frank, stick her! Don't let her see this! You read the-"
The woman's screams grew frenzied and she seemingly tried to make a run for it. The commotion had drawn the attention of a good portion of the cells who were banging on their walls and making noises, either encouraging her to run or just making noise for the sake of participating. This being probably the most exciting thing to happen in the longest time.
Quick footsteps followed after her, more sounds of struggle before-
Followed by the noticeable sound of a thud and some horrified murmurs of betrayal coming from the woman. She went quiet very soon and it was difficult to tell what exactly had happened.

"Quick. Get her, this won't last long and I need to get a bandage or we'll have even more trouble. That woman will be down here in a few minutes and she should be conscious again in about twice that time if we're lucky. Will you be alright to keep an eye on her while I go to the first aid kit?"
"Yeah. This little girl isn't anything to worry about, remember...what's his name? Incredible Exploding Boy? Or whatever he called himself?" The guard named Frank tutted with slight contempt. The other guard laughed as they both lead the disposed woman to the end of the hall.
"This is a two-man job if she wakes up, put her in the holding room next door for the minute, I'll be back in a second."
With that, Frank the guard opened a cell door and apparently put the woman in, while the other guard headed back up the row of cells towards where one of the many first aid kits were kept, all the while telling the inhabitants of said cells to "Quiet down" and "Stop staring at the poor girl".
"It's always a 50/50 chance..." The unnamed guard mumbled under his breath, "They either kick up the worst kind of fuss or they just go quietly. It's never easy to tell. Hell, most women usually go pretty quiet..."

Revis had stepped forward toward the locked door of his cell and peered out. "Looks like another one's here to stay.... Sounds like a girl too, doesn't sound too imposing either. Certainly no Frank the shank. Looks like they tried to bust her for some kind of minor BS too..." He thought to himself about the minor things people were occasionally brought in for every now and again. "Is that what happened to my sister..? If it is... I'm not letting it happen again, something isn't right here."

Revis had taken a step backwards towards the sink in his cell, he looked down at the now ruined left sleeve of his coat. "...Going to need to fix that later." He uttered out loud with a slight sigh. He then charged forward as fast as he could, and shifting his weight to his left he punched the door with his arm as hard as he could. The force behind his punch was impressive, it had the potential to punch through someone's ribs if he felt the need, but the door held fast and the force of the blow knocked him back slightly. "Open! Dammit!" Revis tried again, and again, to no use.

"Aw shit, Ross... Is this the guy who...?" Frank muttered to the other guard, going up to where they could hear the aggressive THUDs against the cell door.
"It doesn't matter, he's in there and we're out here so we should be safe, not to mention we can call in reinforcements for this guy- We're just doing our jobs, Lysander! This girl is really in no dang-" There was a beep similar to Hawthorne's on the other side of the door, "And that means that it's time to move her, that woman is here, now settle down!"
There were steps away from the area and back towards the end of the hall where presumably the girl was. The steps stopped mid-stride.
"What the- ...What are you doing?! STOP! Hnn-!"
There was a long silence. A silence that seemed to go on for centuries until finally there was a cacophony of deafening beeps. Followed by a cold voice over the speaker system. A strange echo to the voice.
Emergency Disengage. Override. Please remain close to your representative. This is not a drill. This is part of the evacuation protocol. All personnel focus on evacuating prisoners. Emergency Disengage.
Fear immediately hit the remaining guard as he stepped over the dead or at least unconscious body of his co-worker and rushed into the usually locked therapy area, to find the aforementioned woman and/or more guards for back-up.
The lights flickered for a few moments before returning to normal. That silence came back before the sounds of the doors in the cell block opening onto the deserted hallway.

"...We've lost communication with the detention facility."
"Cameras are gone."
"Everything is down."
"What's going on?"
"I don't know, but try to initiate lockdown we can't let those prisoners out."
"Communications are down, I just said that!"
"What the hell is going on?!"
"I don't know, but it can't be good."
"Are there any personnel in the building?"
"Doctor Hawthorne is on-route here, Doctor Palmer is out but two to six guards are confirmed as being inside."
"We need to prepare for the worst, get Strauss on her speakers and get PRACC out there to escort everyone back to residential for today. Or at best keep them inside at least."

"Yeah yeah, David. I'm coming, I'm coming, keep your pants on." Cid said as he stepped off the floating disk, which immediately split itself back into the undisturbed spherical shape of the colonies again. He took his strides to the door and entered behind his friend, both of whom were greeted by a woman who looked to be in her middle or late thirties with average length blonde hair and none-too-impressive facial features. Cid waved to the woman, who waved back. "Hey, Darla."

"Hiya Cid. David. You two need a seat and some menus, I presume?"

"No, we came to admire the wonderful decor this place has" Cid said, stretching his arms out in a way meant to display the entire building, which was actually kind of drab.

Darla chuckled a little. "Alright, alright. Just follow me then." She lead them to a table, handed them two menus, and then politely left them to choose their meals.

Alice scowled. Eve hadn't even looked at her. It must have just been coincidental that they were both here. Annoyed at having wasted time she stared down at her book. Alice had started writing but left off on an unfinished line. For the past while she had been doodling on the edges of the page. Alice had drawn several tiny stick figures, all of them on fire. Some were running around with horrified expressions, others were lying down and had Xs for eyes. She smirked as she added a few more figures trying to escape a large fire drawn at the end of the page. Alice closed her eyes for a moment and imagined that they were real people instead of cartoon drawings. The thought inspired her to keep writing. It also made her own temperature flare up slightly.

David smiled at Darla, "Thanks we'll have our orders ready soon. You know Darla I think the only reason Cid keeps us going here is so he can admire your decor." said the history professor, making the same lame comment he did every time Cid and him got lunch here. He pulled open his menu and began to hunt for his meal, he was probably going to get some kind of schnitzel and a side of spitezal like he always did, and probably a stout frothy lager.

"You know who I've been thinking about recently Cid, Victoria Jennings. I told you about her she was the principal of the school I taught at before I moved here. Well out of nowhere I get an email from her a few days ago, and I'm thinking its damn peculiar. Not the fact that she's emailing me, but the fact that its been at least 2 years since I've heard from her." he said to his friend located across from him at there regular corner table.

The sounds of the intercom started up over the speakers of the facility (sans from Detention) and the usually calm and dulcet voice of Strauss sounded urgent and serious.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a PRACC emergency broadcast. Please remain calm. Follow these instructions while PRACC guards are on their way to escort you back to your homes until further notice. Lock all doors and remain stationary. If you are in public, head to the nearest building and remain. If possible please go directly to the hall, located across from the park. This is not a drill. Failure to comply with authority during this time will lead to serious repercussion..."
Strauss repeated the instruction, sounding dire while a deafening alarm rang from the observation tower, filling the entire dome.
Much of the Changed in town stopped what they were doing mid-action to listen to the announcement and hurriedly made their way inside, much of them talking about what the emergency could possibly be.

Within moments central was in a rush of disorder.

"Shit, oh shit, oh shit..." Ross mumbled to himself, creeping out of the room he had ran into and back into where the sedated woman was placed on a bed. He was told to grab her and bring him with her and if he didn't, she threatened to lock him in here with all these... monsters. He had three minutes.

"No way...Oh God how is this even happening? This should be impossible...What do I do? Oh God, get up you dumb bitch, she needs you apparently, wake your ass up, come on, come on, she's going to lock me in here with them-"

His thoughts were cut short as he tried to lift the unconscious woman, he could hear the distant wail of the emergency alarm.
He struggled even more, hearing the sounds of cell doors open and murmuring among the prisoners. His mind went to some of the other guards, technically he got off lightly, the more mentally disturbed and dangerous cellmates were located in the other blocks, these were just petty criminals... petty criminals who could murder him just by thinking about it. As if to answer his fears, he heard a distant yell.
He froze and hoisted the now returning-to-consciousness woman who was grunting and starting to weakly struggle.

"Oh goodie, this can't get much worse..."

She was recovering quickly and started to weakly call,
" me, someone...-"
"Shut up!" The guard hissed, trying to edge out of the room and towards the backroom. His palms drenched with sweat as he tried to grip onto her as tightly as possible.
"Help me!-"
"You'll get us both killed. Or at least me killed. So shut up." He hissed, deciding not to inch further rather ran as quickly as he could to safety.
She started to struggle and kick off again,
"I'll boil your blood if you don't put me down! I'll kill you! I me-mean it! Ugh, get off of me! I don't want to go!"

Some of the cellmates had already started to size one another up and took little attention to the calls, while some saw the guard's fatigues and smirked, knowing they would go after him next. The hall was almost full at this point, a diverse range of about 16 men and women. The atmosphere was tense in here too, some had already made a break for the entrance to freedom, while the others just waited to see who threw the first punch or used their abilities first.

Ross moved the woman to place her between him and the prisoners, similar to that of a meatshield.
"...Would they care if I had a hostage?"

Hawthorne rushed into the meeting room where the gathering of all heads of departments and the head of the facility itself were stationed. The room consisted of a large wooden desk, several assigned seats and a massive screen in a white room with blue carpet.
"What the fuck is going on, Newfort?" She exclaimed, not taking her marked seat and heading straight to the man in charge, dressed sharply and seemingly in his 50s. He had a sharp face with even sharper brown eyes. Greyson Newfort rubbed the bridge of his nose, seemingly ignoring the enraged woman at his side.
"Now, now, Ms. Hawthorne..."
"Don't 'now now' me! What kind of backwater operation are you-"
"Oh sit down Jennifer..." A frustrated voice retorted to her, the head of security, a well-built man in the standard PRACC uniform.
Hawthorne said nothing and shot a glare at Newfort before taking her seat beside the head of security and the only other woman in the room, Newfort's wife and head of research. The once rather pretty blonde had been looking sicker and sicker recently, she barely said a word and today she looked particularly out of it.
"Security has been dispatched?" Newfort said nonchalantly.
"Yes. Heading towards the detention facility and surrounding areas."
"Central is on lockdown?"
"Announcement was just made." The head of relations stated, a young, skinny man with glasses.
"Any confirmation on the location of my children?"
The room went silent.

Chapter 1: Lockdown

Jerald was on his back, looking up into the machinery of one of the security vans. He tapped an axle lightly with his wrench, trying to hide the fact that he knew about absolutely nothing about cars and failing.

"No problems here, but-"

The announcement blared over the intercom, and Jerald jerked up reflexively, hitting his head. He swore and pulled himself out from under the car. He listened to the announcement and stood up, rubbing his head. He looked out of the window. His apartment was too far to walk to. He probably wasn't in any danger of being killed out there. Still, he shut the door to the garage and locked it. He started pacing around.

What freak got out of the center this time?

Nock the arrow, draw back the string, hold for half a second... release. Thwack. Even as the shaft sped towards the target Karen's free hand was on its way back up to her quiver to withdraw the next arrow. Four shots released so far, all of them within centimetres of the exact center of her target. There would be more of them, but the doc had suggested that she take a slower approach this time.

Before she could nock the next arrow, Doc Holt's voice came in over the stand's speaker. "Impressive, Karen. Very impressive. Although... I have another suggestion, if you're willing to hear it." Karen groaned inwardly. He was always trying to get her to do things a little differently. She'd learned that it was easier to just go with it than to argue over what was often a small thing. Giving a small sigh of annoyance at being interrupted, she pressed the button on the intercom unit and answered, "What'd you have in mind, doc?"

"Make your next shot while your feet are off the floor."

"What do you mean?" Karen knew perfectly well what he meant, but she wasn't about to go with this one. She didn't want to do it. It was entirely possible, of course; she would likely land a decent shot as usual, and she'd had a good portion of her clothing adjusted to compensate for her anatomical difference. But this was pushing her a bit too far.

"You know exactly what I mean, Karen. Take to the air for your next arrow."

"Sorry, doc, that's not gonna happen," she answered. "I prefer to have a stable footing when practising." That was the polite way to word her reasoning.

"Karen, why are you so reluctant to try this? Just once -" Doc Holt was interrupted by another voice coming through the range's speakers. The voice was that of the woman who usually read out the announcements and such.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a PRACC emergency broadcast. Please remain calm. Follow these instructions while PRACC guards are on their way to escort you back to your homes until further notice. Lock all doors and remain stationary. If you are in public, head to the nearest building and remain. If possible please go directly to the hall, located across from the park. This is not a drill. Failure to comply with authority during this time will lead to serious repercussion."

"Oh, for fuck's sake," Karen groaned, extremely annoyed now. She was of the mind that if the PRACC could find these people, they could at least keep the more dangerous ones under control. For now, she returned her arrow to its quiver and set her bow down in case she was recognised as a threat. Karen was pissed at being confined to the facility, but she wasn't stupid enough to be found holding a potentially lethal weapon in the event of a lockdown.

As David was telling Cid all about the unexpected email from an old friend, Dr. Strauss came onto the loud speakers accompanied by the blaring alarm indicating a crisis situation
"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a PRACC emergency broadcast. Please remain calm. Follow these instructions while PRACC guards are on their way to escort you back to your homes until further notice. Lock all doors and remain stationary. If you are in public, head to the nearest building and remain. If possible please go directly to the hall, located across from the park. This is not a drill. Failure to comply with authority during this time will lead to serious repercussion."

I hope its nothing too serious this time. David thought recalling all the other instances that this kind of warning had been issued, and most of them involved people in the detention center escaping. David's first thoughts were for his students at the university, he was concerned for there safety but quickly came to the conclusion that they were probably as safe as they were going to be inside the university walls. His next instinct was to figure out what exactly was going on and then figure out a way to help the PRACC contain it. He realized that as a history professor he probably wasn't the best to deal with a crisis situation, but the dome was his home, and he was going to do his damnedest to defend it.

"Cid I'm going to go scout the situation and then I'm going to see whats going on, and then I'm going to see what I can do to help." David said getting up from the table and running outside the door, of the restaurant. Once outside the restaurant he surveyed the city streets and saw a good deal of people heading inside to find shelter as he probably should be doing as well but than David Gold often made stupid choices, when it came to crisis situations.

The professor walked into the middle of the street and grew to an extraordinary size, so large in fact that his head was almost touching the dome ceiling. From this vantage point he was able to see every point in the dome. His eyes instinctively went to the detention center. and notice that something looked terribly wrong with it.

Alice sat up at the sound of the emergency broadcast. She closed her book and held it with her as she got out of her seat and walked to the window. She slid the window open and peeked out, trying to see what was going on. Alice saw people below, heading inside or back to their homes. Alice briefly considered doing just that, but was far too curious. She had to know what was happening. Alice assumed whatever it was was happening at the detention and centre and she looked in that direction. Just as she did, an extremely tall man seemed to grow out of nowhere. Most of the residents and guards were distracted by the man. Alice smirked a bit and left the window, rushing past people down the stairs and out the library, taking advantage of the distraction to try to get as close to the detention centre as she could.

Revis had charged at the door one last time ready to give it a final go, and as he leaned in.... His door slid open and he fell into the hallway where some of the other prisoners were shifting about. Some had looked uncertain about whether or not they should be running, rioting, or staying, and Revis could understand that. This was the 'petty offences' block, their stay wasn't too long, and jeopardizing the situation could get them transferred to the more unstable blocks when this blew over.

Revis shook his head at such gross stagnation and listened closely. " me, someone...-" It was coming from THAT corridor, and it sounded like she was being used as some sort of hostage. "Well... I was headed there anyway...." Revis sighed slightly and made his way out through the small crowd towards the end of the hallway, and went towards the young woman and the guard. "Oi. You there. Let the girl go and maybe I won't show you how I handle those who shield themselves with others."

He shot the man a glare and the red markings on his blackened arm began to glow slightly, providing a faint scarlet tint to the space between them. "I'm not having a very good day, y'see... I'd hate for your day to have to get as shitty as mine is." He shrugged as a smirk etched itself across his face. "Then again.... I wouldn't risk harming the girl to kill you, so maybe taking a hostage was a good idea... I'm the worst here on this block, and if I won't risk hurting her, none of those chumps will. Your call. But then again... Do anything to the girl, and I'll have to give your last minute excruciatingly.... Morose."

Eve had noticed the blaring alarms and and looked up from her book. "Already inside. Minimum compliance status accomplished." She went back to reading, but there was something she couldn't ignore. The blare of the alarms and the commotion on the street was stirring something up inside her. The pain in her head came back and her vision started to blur slightly. 'Anti changed counter measures loading... 34% completion rate, engaging lethality parameters. No threat expected to exceed B class. Commenci-' Eve's focus shifted back for a second. 'Need to access a secluded location.' She burst from the library's nearest window and spotted the forrested area leading towards the detention center. She nodded to her self, deeming this the most adequately isolated area around, despite the commotion she detected nearby.

She landed in the woods, and felt herself slowly slip from her own control. Her fingers revealed the ten gun barrels hidden in them, and she felt her body slowly materialize something onto her back.

Ross' eyes widened as he was running out of options, the Changed in the hallway were starting to make a bigger commotion though seemingly not paying much attention to the stare-down that was happening between him and the prisoner with the horrifying arm.
He tightened his grip on the woman who dug her nails into his arm, trying to break skin.
He considered his choices, between going back in there with the girl, but likely being chased down and...well, he had heard about what this prisoner had done to several people when he broke in, nothing but Y shapes left behind. If he let her go, he'd either be locked out or if he came back to that woman empty-handed, something much worse would happen.

"L-Look... I don't want to do this, but I need to-"
A fist fight had broken out among two of the changed, one with the ability to turn his hands into heavy weights and a woman (who threw the first punch) with force-field manipulation. A small group formed around them, while a semi-clear path was made between Revis and the nervous guard.

"...If you knew what was good for you, you'd go back to your cell! This woman is sick and needs immediat-"
"I'm not sick!" With that the hostage took her chance at the upper hand and bit down into his hand, drawing blood, with that, she seemingly tried to throw him off causing him to hit the wall behind them. The woman looked severe and her pupils dilated but it was quickly dropped and she returned to looking bewildered. As she tried to run, the guard grabbed onto her leg while reaching for another means to "stick her".
"Get off of me!" She struggled, kicking her leg. A few of the inmates broke from watching the brawl between the man and the woman (with whom both were looking worse for wear but it seemed to be a tie) and watched the scene, some sniggering.

Off into the distance, David Gold could see something not easily explained. The detention facility, a large seven story hexagonal shaped building with pillars at the sides. The building slate grey and dreary to look at with high, reinforced gates and checkpoints surrounding it.
The building had a bizarre white and blue aura around it, similar to a thick mist, almost making it impossible to see.

Cid Had heard the alarms and closed his eyes as they began to blare, a small smile across his face. He sighed and nodded to what David had said to him. "Seems like it's one of those days, huh David?" But as he opened his eyes, David Gold wasn't there. It wasn't hard to find him, though. He was impossible to miss outside. Cid had already assessed that the students would be safest where they were and took minimal thought to their safety, though he was indeed worried. He walked out with his friend and had already decided on his course of action. Cid Kayfer, knowing how this song and dance went, decided he'd view the Containment Center from a distance before heading on home. He had his colonies give David a sharp pinch on the legs, calling for his attention, and knowing that no blow that Cid could deliver from his own self would be noticed by the colossus right now.

Revis sighed again. "Giving this guy the consistency of a chunky soup isn't the best option right now.... Feh." With a severely annoyed look on his face he plunged his left arm straight into the floor and manoeuvred it where he wanted it. "Even if I did go back to my cell, I wouldn't get any sleep with this commotion, and you and her bickering. It's simple really." He said shrugging his free arm.

His arm had burst up from the ground behind the guard and sprouted several tendril like appendages, each with their own little 'Hands'. Revis concentrated and attempted to grab and restrain the man in several places. He wasn't used to using his arm for things like this, but this wasn't a necessarily difficult shift. "Hopefully, this'll work...."

Jerald remained pacing around the garage, all alone. He picked up a phone and dialed the information center.

"Hello, PRACC information center."

"Yes, this is-"

"We cannot answer your call at the moment. Please leave a message at the tone. Para instructiones en espaņol-"

Jerald set the phone back on its base, slamming down loudly and cracking the plastic. He realizes his raincoat was still in the mudroom - if anyone found the mask inside and identified it as The Mask's mask, he'd have the police at his door in no time.

He walked out to the door and opened it a crack, checking for any people. Everyone must have been inside. He set off at a quick jog, towards the room. When he got there, he grabbed his coat and slipped it on, then closed the door and sat down.

Lisbeth had finished eating her breakfast and head out to do some shopping when the announcement was made. "Dammit, who fucked up now? I'm low on coffee and I will not be a pleasant person without it. Well, looks like I'm working today after all." Lizbeth sighed and looked back at Ajani.

"Don't give me that smug look mister. I may give you a bath for that." Lizbeth said walking to her couch. "But before work, I feel like some Persona 4. A bit of an old game but my god is it a good one." she said turning on her PS2 and relaxed, Ajani jumping up and curled up next to her purring.

"Why did I even name you Ajani? Yea you look like the planswalker from Magic the Gathering but you sure as hell don't act like him. You don't even rip shit up. You just beg for food and purr then sleeps after." she laughed some then looked back at her TV.

"Let's see if I can save Naoto." she said to herself and sighed.

Alice gazed for a moment at the aura around the detention facility. She kept moving towards it, blending in with the crowd that was rushing in many directions. No one had time to stop her or even paid attention as she got closer. Another resident, a young man, bumped into her as she walked, causing them both to fall.

"Watch where you're going!" the young man said as he got up. Alice glared at him as she stood. She flicked her fingers at him and a small flame sprung from them to the man's shirt. He panicked and tried to put it out. Alice grinned evilly and considered burning him entirely, but curiosity made her keep going. She left the man to deal with his new mess. On her way, she passed below the man who had grown to a giant size earlier and vaguely recognized him from the university. Alice continued heading towards the strange aura.

David saw the "HannukAura", as he had already dubbed the blue and white aura in his mind, encasing the D.C. He had no idea what it was, but looking at it brought only one thought to his mind. That the people inside the facility were most likely in some sort of danger. So against all better judgement he was going to run head first into that danger and hopefully he would be able to help.

David Gold felt something pinch his ankle and looked down, it was Cid's colonies. On most occasions this would be David's hint that he was about to do something stupid, and should probably think about it. Something was different about this time though, he needed to help here and now.

So using his years of experience with his changed abilities David Gold, used his enormous size to run to the Detention Center while avoiding the people in the streets, as well as helping crowds to safety along the way. In very little time he had traversed the considerable distance from the German restaurant he was at to the PRACC detention facility. Once he was at the Detention facility he found a guard and said, "I'm David Gold I'm a teacher at the university and I'm here to offer my assistance." said David, already he had a plan on how to get in if they did not accept his offer.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a PRACC emergency broadcast. Please remain calm. Follow these instructions while PRACC guards are on their way to escort you back to your homes until further notice. Lock all doors and remain stationary. If you are in public, head to the nearest building and remain. If possible please go directly to the hall, located across from the park. This is not a drill. Failure to comply with authority during this time will lead to serious repercussion..."

"What?" Darren looked up from his Twitter page and glanced over to the door. "You gotta be kiddin' me?" He got up from his computer and went for the door. A couple of twists confirmed that it had been locked back in place. "Got dang it!" Stuck in here, s'more like prison. Awe-fuckin-some. Darren let a few sparks fly, to see where his power levels were at. The lock should be no problem to blast open. They can't keep me caged in'ere.

As he thought about it though, Darren saw the benefits to being kept inside. For one, it was clear his weekly appointment would be cancelled. For two, it meant that someone was mucking up stuff pretty well in the heart of these buggers' lair. Maybe I will just sit tight, root for whoever's at it. Take some of them praccing bastards down. For now, Darren decided to be a good little captive, and remain in his apartment, idling by on the computer as he waited for the lockdown to end.

Alice walked quickly, but didn't break into a run. That would've drawn far too much attention. Above her, she saw the giant professor reach the detention centre.

"If he's getting am I," Alice thought. By now her thoughts had shifted slightly from curiosity. The facility was probably chaos on the inside, with Changed rioting and fighting each other. It would be the perfect environment to cut loose. Besides, if she got caught she wouldn't have far to go. Alice's body started to heat up at the thought of going into the facility. It wouldn't be her first time, but certainly the first time she went willingly. She couldn't wait to see what she could do.

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